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OrganizationTopics leader wants to see covered in pressSpeaks English?About the community leaderBackground reading
CarlosPragradarcarlimpragradar@favela.infoRocinhaSouth Zone22451-262Associação Cultural PragradarLocal culture and tourismNoI am a local cultural producer, working towards the development of this community for the common good of all of the residents.
GeizaAndrade Moura da SilvaContact press@catcomm.orgVila KennedyWest Zone21850-440Socio-environmental educationNoAs a socio-environmental educator, I work to improve the quality of life, through changing habits and raising expectations for life, through cleaning, handicrafts, and selling products.By Geiza:
Mariadas Graças Hipolito dos Santosmghipolito@favela.infoSepetibaWest Zone21530-610Neighborhood AssociationThe lack of infrastructure in the community
The lack of basic sanitation as total neglect by the government
Diversion of funds
The lack of visibility
NoI have been a representative of the community for more than 22 years. Despite the struggles and the efforts alongside the public authorities, we haven't been able to reach our goals. We don’t have visibility and we are far from the Olympic spaces. We are totally excluded from public projects to which we have a right, and we haven't been able to ensure that promised spending (for investments) was delivered. We are completely subject to the established colonialist policies which we can't change.
Heloisa Helena Costa Bertohhbertoln13@favela.infoVila AutódromoWest Zone22775-080Removals and the resulting material and psychological consequences, which are only comparable to the psychological impacts experienced in war.
Material injustices.
NoI am Yalorixá Luizinha de Nanã of Vila Autódromo. I had my house and candomblé center there for 25 years. This house of Nanâ was demolished on February 24. Since, the City has agreed to resettle some remaining residents within the community but has excluded my house. In my journey fighting for human rights in relation to religious, racial and social discrimination, I have spoken in Brasília at the Senate, to the UN in September 2015, in Washington DC at Georgetown University, and with Dr. Elizabeth Leeds of WOLA. I received the Pedro Ernesto Award from the Rio House of Representatives, and will receive the Dandara Medal from Rio’s Legislative Assembly on May 11 (2016).By Heloisa Helena:
Vila Autódromo timeline:
ElisabeteAparecida Dias da Silvabetes_aparecida@favela.infoComplexo do AlemãoNorth Zone21061-240Centro Cultural Oca dos CuruminsThe Carlos Castilho Vila Olímpica (sports venue)
Education, culture and public policy
NoI am known in the favela as Aunt Bete, due to the fact that over 38 years I’ve developed literacy activities for children and adults. I am president of the Oca dos Curumins cultural center, where we run cultural and social activities. I founded this institution and am also responsible for the existence of a daycare which serves more than 100 children today. I worked in assistance in Jacarezinho, Jacaré, Vila Cruzeiro, Nova Brasilia, and Rubens Vaz in Maré. I always lived in a favela, since I came here from the interior of São Paulo state. My background is in teaching and social assistance. I am 58 years old with three children, each of whom was born in the favela and now has a profession. I have two grandchildren but in the favela I consider everyone to be my niece or nephew.
EricaPortilhoericaportilho@favela.infoMangueira (also: Parque Arará, Tuiuti, Manguinhos, Jacarezinho, Chatuba de Mesquita, Vila Aliança, Vila Kennedy)North Zone20943-000Juventude Sem Fronteiras, Instituto HojuLocal culture
How favela social systems are different from the rest of society
Memories of resistance
Presence of the state only through the Military Police
Genocide of Black youth
The lack of public policies that address our demands
NoI was born in Morro da Mangueira. I am a militant and activist for the defense of favelas and favela dwellers. I am part of a collective of youth collectives called Youth Without Borders (Juventude Sem Fronteiras), which has young spokespeople from more than 700 favelas in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro. For almost two years we have been running open conferences to create an agenda focused exclusively on favelas and peripheries, created by favela-dwellers within the favelas themselves.On the 'genocide of black youth':
Maria JoséLopes do Espirito Santozezeegbe@favela.infoCruzada de São SebastiãoSouth Zone22430-041Egbé Omi Ewé Mimó / Sociedade das Águas e Folhas SagradasHistory of Cruzada São Sebastião housing blocks in Leblon
Contesting the idea of the Cruzada São Sebastião as “the cancer of Leblon” (
Real-estate speculation
Religious intolerance
NoI am a spiritual caretaker of the Afro-Brazilian and Yorubá tradition, and an activist in the fight against religious intolerance and other social ills such as violence, discrimination, homophobia and racism. I have participated in various seminars like the National Congress of the Orixás Tradition, in New York, Cuba, Spain among others.
Ana LeilaGonçalvescentrosocialfusao@favela.infoJacutinga (Mesquita)Baixada Fluminense26564-030Centro Social FusãoCentro Social Fusão's projects for 170 children and the lack of fundingNoI founded the NGO Centro Social Fusão 15 years ago and I know the importance of sharing our voluntary work. Without payment we work with HIV/AIDS and chemical dependency. We organize capoeira and talks about drugs, HIV, and tuberculosis.On the Baixada Fluminense:
AndersonGonçalves Vieira anderson_digitador@favela.infoFavela Kelson's (Penha) North ZoneVoz das Comunidades, Observatório de Favelas Casa do Marinheiro
The lack of infrastrucuture, sports and leisure spaces
Human rights
History of the community (from its fishing community roots, which have since disappeared, to the role of Mother Teresa in giving legitimacy to the neighborhood)
NoI am a community spokesperson in Complexo da Mare, a media-activist, a columnist with the Voz das Comunidades newspaper, a monitor of critical communication and affirmative publicity for the Favelas Observatory (Observatório de Favelas), and an Amnesty International activist.
Contact press@catcomm.orgRocinhaSouth Zone22451-264Câmara ComunitáriaUrbanism and basic sanitationYesI have been a Rocinha resident for 8 years. I participate in a community congress where people, including community leaders, residents, and guests like secretaries, government members etc., could discuss various themes.
PriscilaRodriguespriscila@favela.infoComplexo da MaréNorth Zone21044-251Observatório de FavelasEducation
Urban policy
Human Rights
NoI am a journalist from Observátorio de Favelas (Favela Observatory) and I can serve as a bridge between international journalists and the researchers that work in this organization. Principally the directors Jailson Silva, Jorge Barbosa, Eduardo Alves and Raquel Willadino, who all work in the topic areas listed to the left.On Observatório de Favelas:
LuizSoaresfalecomls@favela.infoManguinhosNorth Zone20911-300Instituto de Desenvolvimento e Gestão ( for citizenship and public use
NoOn Luis:
RenatoLopes de Souzarenatinho73@favela.infoTuranoCentral / North Zone20260-161União de FavelasHistory of the community (how it began, how it organized, its struggles and successes)NoMy name is Renato Lopes, I am 43 years old, I am a Social Worker, president of the Rio Comprido Community Congress, and Director of the Community Union (a union of more than 40 favelas). I am a community leader, born and raised in the community. I participated in the organization of the community so I know the background of the area’s struggles and achievements.
Maria da ConceiçãoLimacacefuturo@favela.infoMorro São CarlosCentral / North Zone20250-300Centro de Atividades Comunitárias Esperança do Futuro (CACEF)Flexible on topic but a few ideas include:
The question of the favela itself
The abandonment by public institutions
Poor living conditions
NoI am Conceição Lima, president of the Centro de Atividades Comunitárias Esperança do Futuro, an institution located in the São José Operárioa neighborhood of Morro São Carlos, in Estácio. We work with 100 children ages 2-15 through a daycare, supplementary school classes, and workshops in theater, capoeira, judo and handicrafts. I think it’s useful for us to participate in this list, because at times we seem isolated, and also because I believe the press can help denounce the things that aren’t good, in addition to highlighting our work.
Aline AparecidaMaia Oliveiraaline.alvesmaiapsi@favela.infoVila KennedyWest Zone21852-590EducafroThe inclusion of the West Zone in Rio's tourist routeNoI am Aline Maia, mother of Sarah and Maria. I'm a psychology student, currently living in the North Zone, but for five years I've worked on a project for the inclusion of youth and adults in Campo Grande, in Rio's West Zone. I think there are various potentials in our favelas and beautiful places to get to know like Mendanha Park.
AndréGosiandrebacanaa@favela.infoVidigalSouth Zone
AntoniaSoaresantonia@favela.infoPavão/Pavãozinho and CantagaloSouth Zone22071-060Museu da FavelaCulture and artesans/art
Community tourism
Casas-Tele (graffiti) tour
History of the community
NoI've lived in Pavãozinho since 1975. I've been a volunter leader for 35 years in various activities: Pavão-Pavãozinho's Neighborhood Association, Ambulatório Médico da Capela da Anunciação, and Escola Municipal São Pedro – Jardim de Infância. I've participated in various courses for community action, seminars, and community councils. Currently I'm a volunteer with the Pastoral da Catequese da Capela da Anunciação in the role of coordinator responsible for administration, I'm an artist, and I'm responsible for the Network of Female Entrepreneurs in Pavão-Pavãozinho and Cantagalo. I'm the founder and director of Museu de Favela. I believe its important to participate in this list because it's an opportunity to show and speak about the community and its qualities.On Museu de Favela:
CléberAraújocomplexoalemao.rj@favela.infoComplexo do AlemãoNorth ZoneBy Cléber:
FelipePaivapaivafotografias@favela.infoVidigalSouth ZoneTourism
Gringo (foreigner) parties
Police violence
Belonging and memory
On Felipe:
FlavioW. Laralarafw@favela.infoComplexo do AlemãoNorth Zone22031-012Sociedade de Amigos do Parque Ary BarrosoRevitalization of the 5-hectare Ary Barroso Park in the Penha Circular neighborhood, at the edge of Complexo do Alemão, and the challenges facing residents who want to enjoy this socializing and leisure space.YesI am a volunteer working towards the improvement of shared public spaces. For this, I've created websites and pages ( e ) and Facebook / Whatsapp groups in order to share and mobilize around recuperating abandoned or poorly-cared-for urban spaces to the advantage of communities.
GizeleMartinsgizeleomartins@favela.infoComplexo da MaréNorth ZoneFavela FalaCulture of the favela
Community education
Community communication courses
Criminalization of poverty
Militarization of life by the army in Maré
Removals and gentrification
NoCommunity communicator from MaréBy Gizele:
On Maré newspaper O Cidadão:
JaymeSoares dos Santos Juniorjaymejrsoares@favela.infoNova IguaçuBaixada Fluminense26215-190Conseg - Conselho Municipal de Segurança Pública, Direitos Humanos e Cidadania.Violations of guaranteed human rights
Inequality of investments and opportunities between different regions (specifically the Baixada versus central Rio), and the Olympic legacy that will remain
NoI am a teacher and part of Nova Iguaçu's Municipal Council for public security, human rights, and citizenship.
JulianaPortellajulianaportellas@favela.infoCity of God / Cidade de Deus West Zone26291-455Poesia de Esquina - a poetry event every first Tuesday of the month
Baile do Retão / Baile do Coroado (dance parties)
Mobility problems due to the BRT
Favela performing arts group
Police and human rights violations
Inefficiency of the UPPs
YesJu, as she prefers to be called, is 25 years old, with a degree in journalism from the UFRRJ. She has written for various community news portals and also likes photography and film. From the suburbs but a citizen of the world, she is focused on constructing a more just and humane world.

By Juliana:
MariluceMaria de Souzafavelaart@favela.infoComplexo do AlemãoNorth ZoneFavela ArtSocial projects
The Vila Olímpica's abandonment by the City
Athletic potential in favelas that doesn't receive support
NoArtist and founder of community beautification projects that engage children. Responsible for Complexo Alemao Facebook page and has collected data on regularity of shootings in Alemão.On Mariluce:
Paulo Raimundo Barbosa Oliveirapauloraimundobarbosa@favela.infoParque Carlos Chagas (Varginha)21041-210Background on the community
PAC (Growth Acceleration Program) government investments
NoI have represented this community for ten years, seeking improvements for all residents throughout this period. However it's been really difficult, because for some territories the public policies don't arrive or are not implemented in their totality.
RaullSantiagosantiago.raull@favela.infoComplexo do AlemãoNorth ZoneColetivo Papo RetoInstitutional State violence through the police and the increase in the violence during the approach to the Olympics
Use of indepdnent communication and alternative technologies to fight for human rights and the narratives about the favela, highly used by local youth
NoTrained through experiences of reality, Raull Santiago is 27 years old and a resident of Complexo do Alemão, in Rio's North Zone. He is a creator, social media-user, and activist in the areas of human rights, democratization of information, and free culture. He is a media-activist who narrates and closely accompanies conflict situations in the favela where he lives, with active participation in discussions of public security in the city. Currently a member of Coletivo Papo Reto. By Raull:
On Coletivo Papo Reto:
RenanSchuindtrenanschuindt@favela.infoCosta BarrosNorth Zone21532-190Cine Costa BarrosHealth
RicardoFerreiraJrdf40@favela.infoVila Laboriaux, RocinhaSouth ZoneNeighborhood AssociationLandslide risks
Specifically: how the City created a containment wall to ensure land doesn't fall on the one side of the community where wealthy people live, but on the other side, which poorer people live, the City did not build such a wall
Robespierre Avila Azevedo robespierreavila@favela.infoSanta Marta South Zone22260-164ONG Atitude SocialSamba jazz project - every Sunday 5pm from July 17 to August 14 -
Waste and the environment
Culture, leisure, sport
NoI am the president of the Social Attitude NGO (ONG Atitude Social), which was founded in Santa Marta in 2004, and the coordinator of the "Culture Point at the Feet of Santa Marta" project. We work for the inclusion of children and youth, promoting values and identity through socialcultural projects and integrated arts workshops.
See our website here:
Rosangela Freitas Santos de Freitas Costarosangelafreitas9@favela.infoAlvorada (Complexo do Alemão)North ZoneThe lack of attention given to residents who were forcibly evicted
The more than 5 years that Skol residents have waited without promised housing and now with social rent also aat risk
NoThese topics are important because I think the world needs to know the reality that we are living today in Rio de Janeiro. We are not against the Olympics—right now I am unemployed and planning to work during the Olympic days—but we are not partying either; the city is in chaos.
ThiagoFirminothiagofirmino@favela.infoSanta MartaSouth Zone22260-164Favela Tour Santa Marta: and creator of Favela Santa Marta Tour, which brings tourists from around the world to get to know the favela. He is also an Olympic torch runner, a role he accepted with the approval of Santa Marta residents in order to represent the favela, although he acknowledges and wants to highlight the Olympics-related challenges facing favela residents.
33 do Dendê21922-490Núcleo de AçãoInfrastructure improvements
How it's possible to live well in the favela
NoI am president of an NGO and I administer three community daycares because I love the favela.
JosiasInocenciojosiasinocencio@favela.infoMorro do Bumba (Niterói)Niterói24240-780Agência Esportiva Passe Certo SportNo
AltairSant Anna de Souzaaltairsouza2006@favela.infoInhoaíba23062-010Daily life: marvelous culinary recipes, irregular transport, celebrations, kites in the sky, poor quality electricity connections, busy bars, poor quality bike path, motorcycles and bikes, chuches, etcNoI am football trainor and I organize social projects with a vision for a better quality of life for citizens through commnity initiatives. I am 45 years old, married with two children (ages 4 and 9).
Wilson CesarMoraesturantour@favela.infoTuranoCentral / North Zone20261-110TurantourQuality of life (sanitation, housing and work)
Teenage pregnancy
STD prevention
Education services (daycares and schools)
Security and evaluating the UPPs
Influence of party politics
NoI have lived for 48 years in a favela in Tijuca, in Rio's North Zone, an area the foreign media doesn't know and where the national media only exposes bad things. I've worked as a state public servant for 28 years, currently as an administrator in a theater. I am a tour guide and created a tourism project in the favela that focuses on the history and culture of the place. Turano is a community of hardworking and happy people! It is not a violent favela and its residents have immense hospitality. There are problems like any other favela in the city, but also intelligent people who can give unique, relevant testimonies. We have diverse cultural activities, from samba, funk, pagode, black music, chorinho and others, such that residents don't have to leave their favela to enjoy various musical events. And we have a range of types of housing, from well-structured buildings to a few wooden shacks.
MichelSilvaMichel@favela.infoRocinhaSouth ZoneFala Roça and Viva RocinhaUrbanization
Local media vs. mainstream press
Public financing
NoMichel Silva is a co-founder of Rocinha's print and online newspaper Fala Roça and the community media site Viva Rocinha.
JefersonDiasJefer022@favela.infoCerro Corá
Central / South Zone
Community project and current crowdfunding campaign run by local youth:
DanielFerreira CamposDani.bahia10@favela.infoVila União de CuricicaWest Zone22780-640MIP-Movimento independentes popularForced removals
Lack of sanitation
Construction causing potholes in streets; City construction in leisure areas
Various other abuses
NoI am 62 years old, I've lived for 28 years in Vila União, and I'm part of the resistance movement MIP.
Thainãde Medeirosthainasfdemedeiros@favela.infoComplexo da Penha, Complexo do AlemãoNorth Zone21070-440Coletivo Papo RetoUPP
Genocide of Black people
NoAs a vehicle of communication, Coletivo Papo Reto believes that the image can trigger other human rights. Speaking about the favela to a large number of poeple has contributed to an assertion of the city in which the favela is part of the city.By Thainã:
On Coletivo Papo Reto:
Contact press@catcomm.orgAsa BrancaWest Zone22780-160Federation of Neighborhood Associations of Jacarepaguá, Barra and RecreioCommunity organizingNo
IrenaldoHonorio da Silvamoradorespicapau@favela.infoPica-PauNorth ZoneNeighborhood AssociationSevere sewage issues
Hopes for promised upgrades to be finally delivered by City
Irenaldo is the current president of Pica-Pau's Neighborhood Association.On Pica-Pau:
Contact press@catcomm.orgCanal do AnilWest Zone22765-370The pollution of rivers by waste disposal by the meat and poultry company Rica
Impacts of pollution on the favela
Abuse of money/corporate power
NoI am 62 years old and I've lived in the region for 34 years. I watched (the company) Rica grow and enrich, while taking enormous tolls on various aspects of our lives. Its power in a corrupt country, with its lack of social and environemental responsibility, contributed enormously to the pollution of the canal and the lake. It destroys eco-systems wherever its disrespect goes.
OtávioBarrosotavioabarros@favela.infoVale EncantadoTijuca ForestNeighborhood Association: AMATA - Associação de Moradores e Amigos da Taquara do Alto da Boa VistaCommunity sewerage system, which is now operational and serves five houses, and ready to be scaled to serve all 27 houses in the community.On Vale Encantado:
AlanBrum Pinheiroabpinheiro@favela.infoComplexo do AlemãoNorth ZoneRaízes em MovimentoOn Alan and Instituto Raízes em Movimento:
BárbaraNascimentoContact press@catcomm.orgVidigalSouth Zone"Vidigalizado" art, media, and representation project: Bárbara:
SauloNicolaiContact press@catcomm.orgPrazeres, FogueteiroSouth Zone20241-410, 20251-250art.nicLocal population's opinions in relation to the Olympic Games and related themesNoTrained in cinematographic directing at the Escola de Cinema Darcy Ribeiro, Saulo is a photographer and filmmaker who has participated in films and art projects such as "Morro dos Prazeres" by Maria Ramos, "Batalha do Passinho" and "Deixa na Régua" by Emilio Domingos, "Olympic Favela" by Marc Leclef, "Campo de Jogo" by Eryk Rocha among other works involving the favela. Being part of this list is useful to give voice to and an intimate view of the favela.
HugoCostahugo.costa.carioca@gmail.comRamosNorth Zone21032-025Ramos (and Leopoldina zone) as neglected areas
Olympics and destruction in poor areas of the city
Depollution of Guanabara Bay
Unfinished construction work
Abandonment of the city
Environmental destruction
Rio de Janeiro, first impression
BRT Transcarioca and public transport
Urban violence
YesUniversidade Federal Fluminense geographer and resident of North Zone suburbs that have been excluded from the "Olympic Legacy." Frustrated by the destruction of poor neighborhoods of the city caused by Olympic construction to benefit Rio's rich area.By Hugo: [In English shortly]
Williamde Oliveira da Rocinhawilliamdarocinha@favela.infoRocinhaSouth Zone22451-530Movimento Popular de FavelasBasic sanitation
Favela culture
Lack of infrastructure for people with disabilities
NoWilliam de Oliveira or William da Rocinha is currently a correspondent for the site Viva Favela, a volunteer in the Associação Luz da Liberdade. He has served as the Coordinator-President for the Movimento Popular de Favelas; councilor and memor of the Conselho Estadual de Direitos Humanos (CEDH-RJ); councilor and membor of the Conselho de Prevenção as Drogas Conselheiro; member of the Conselho de Segurança Pública do Estado do Rio de Janeiro - Consperj; member of the Comitê Estadual de Prevenção e Combate à Tortura; director of human rights for the Neighborhood Association of Laboriaux and Vila Cruzado in Rocinha; director of human rights foro the Federation of Neighborhood Associations of Jacarepaguá, Barra, Recreio and neighboring communities; among other positions.By William:
On William and water rationalization:
AndréConstantineAndrekilombola@favela.infoBabilôniaSouth ZoneNeighborhood AssociationRealities of Morar Carioca legacy promise
NoCurrent president of Babilônia's Neighborhood Association and established anti-evictions activistOn André:
On Morar Carioca and evictions in Babilônia:
AdilsonAlmeidacamorim@favela.infoCamorimWest ZoneQuilombo do CamorimCamorim history and ecological preservation
Need for community center
Olympics media housing built on slave burial ground without community consultation by Cyrela, which should at least now provide the land for a community center
NoOn Adilson and Camorim:;
On Olympic media housing on slave burial site at Camorim:
Luiz ClaudioSilvavila@favela.infoVila AutódromoWest ZoneRemoval of Vila Autódromo, next to Olympic Park
Rights violations
City's promise to urbanize Vila Autódromo for those who want to stay and what that looks like today
Ongoing resistance
NoHome was demolished March 8, 2016. With wife and activist Maria da Penha, Luiz's family is one of the 20 families who have been allowed to remain in new City-built homes.
On the demolition of Luiz' home:
On the current situation in Vila Autódromo:
Vila Autódromo timeline:
JoséMartinsrocinhasemfronteiras@favela.infoRocinhaSouth ZoneRocinha Sem FronteirasSewage and sanitation
PAC investments and promises
NoOn PAC investments in Rocinha:;
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