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3/8/2017 16:49:14Kristin RogersCoursera https://www.coursera.org/
Free to audit / cost per class
Training, audit only. The audit feature is tricky to get to, you have to sign up as though you are going to pay in order to get the option. The Audit feature use to be more obvious. Classes are on a schedule, typically not take at your leisure. But you can re-start a class at the next session if you don't make it all the way through.
Online Technical Training Resource. If you choose the auditing feature courses are free, but material may be limited. Courses are offered by various universities on a multitude of topics.
3/8/2017 16:55:53Kristin Rogers
Ecosystem-Based Management Tools Network
3/8/2017 16:56:35Kristin RogersDigital Coast Tool
3/8/2017 16:57:27Kristin RogersArizona Game & Fish Planning Tools
3/8/2017 17:01:53Kristin RogersAzure SQL Server
Monthly subscription / usage
Haven't tried it
I did some research, this is basically an alternative to maintaining an in-house SQL Server. So if you are a small shop and don't have the IT staff necessary to maintain the server, you can pay Microsoft to do that for you. Microsoft hosts your data. Depending on you agency policies this may or may not be an option for you. Our agency is only allowed to store data on servers maintained by the state so Azure SQL Server is not an option for us.
3/8/2017 17:06:11Kristin RogersFilemaker ProWe use to use this about 10 years ago. It's comparable to MS Access, but a bit more user friendly. The trouble is very few people still use this software. You can build stand alone windows based data entry forms with it. There may be more features but we haven't used it in so long I'm not aware of what they are. YesYes
3/8/2017 17:12:44Kristin RogersFulcrumhttp://www.fulcrumapp.com/
$22 per month, per end user
Simple mobile data collection for small groups (< 25 users). The software gets very expensive when you have a lot of end users (> 50). You can develop a deploy a mobile data collection application very rapidly. A simple excel spreadsheet can be turned into an app and deployed within a day. The software is data centric with a mapping component. You can survey along geo-referenced transects. They are rapidly building new features, its worth checking out their blog.
The company if very responsive and easy to work with. If you need a feature they are happy to built if for you or come up with a method for using what exists to meet your needs.
3/10/2017 12:46:55Kristin RogersData Carpentry Traininghttp://www.datacarpentry.org/ ~ $4500 per workshopData life cycle training for scientific data
Haven't attended on yet, would like to attend before hosting
3/13/2017 14:15:29
Rebecca Scully
MonitoringResources.org List of Protocols
Free This tool can be used to view and or document data collection and analysis protocols. YesYes8
3/13/2017 14:18:21Tyler KyddGeospatial Modelling Environment (GME)http://www.spatialecology.com/gme/FreePrimarily for habitat suitability modelling and random plot selection.
GME has tools/scripts that run in collaboration with R.
3/13/2017 14:18:59
Rebecca Scully
MonitoringResources.org Sample Designer Tool
free This tool support the user in documenting their sample design related to field samplingYesYes8
3/13/2017 14:20:22Rebecca
MonitoringResources.org APIs to share documentation
http://docs.mrv1qa.apiary.io/#freeThe Monitoring Resources API allows clients to access information about several core objects in the Monitoring Resources application, including Protocols, Methods, Sample Designs, Sites, Programs, and Projects.YesYesAPIs
3/13/2017 14:24:56
Rebecca Scully
MonitoringResources.org Monitoring Explorer
FreeOnline, searchable map viewer which allows user to see multiple programs data collection locations on one map. You can share your data collection location locations using the MMX data exchange standard and API end point. Contact PNAMP.info@gmail.com for more information. YesYesYesYes
3/13/2017 14:25:54
Rebecca Scully
Monitoring Metadata Exchange
freeIn support of improved data management and in an effort to collect and publish timely, accurate, and relevant scientific data that properly inform key management questions, partners in the Pacific Northwest drafted the Monitoring Metadata Exchange (MMX). The MMX proposes a data exchange standard for site level data collection event metadata associated with research, monitoring, and evaluation efforts.YesYesYes
3/13/2017 14:33:09
Matt Burlingame
Random integer selectorhttps://www.random.org/integersN/AFor making creel surveys or anything that requires randomization with certain parametersYesYes9
3/13/2017 14:34:34
Matt Burlingame
Random Data Selector
N/AFor making creel surveys or anything that requires randomization with certain parametersYesYes9
3/13/2017 14:35:43
Matt Burlingame
Random Time Selectorhttps://www.random.org/clock-times/N/AFor making creel surveys or anything that requires randomization with certain parametersYesYes9
3/13/2017 14:44:41Kristin RogersSiteimprove Acciessibility Checker
freeADA accessibility testing
Unlimited accessibility compliance checks directly in your browser. You can use this as you develop - it doesn't have to be a public facing site, so you can address accessibility issues as you are developing your application.
Chrome Browser Extension
3/13/2017 14:45:01
Matt Burlingame
Slackhttps://slack.com$0 - $12/monthI have not used this but comes highly recommended by a friend. Slack is an app that tracks communication by subject. All conversations are stored in order of receipt so you have an organized timeline. You can also attach files with in each subject thread. Mobile and desktop version. YesYesYes9Yes
3/13/2017 14:46:32
Matt Burlingame
Earthpointhttp://earthpoint.us/N/AUsed to plot GPS coordinates and to calculate area from Google EarthYes
3/13/2017 14:46:50Philip MarleyGooglewww.Google.comFREEI search for things i need to knowEverything10
3/13/2017 14:48:57Philip MarleyPyScripterfreeWorking with and running python codeYes10
3/13/2017 14:49:32Philip MarleyNotepad++freework with coding various languagesYes10
3/13/2017 14:50:58Philip MarleyJSFiddlewww.jsfiddle.netfreeusing to test javascript, html and css codeing.Yes10
3/13/2017 14:52:04Philip MarleySnagitunsureUsing to capture screen images etc.YesYes8
3/13/2017 14:54:13Philip Marleycamtasiawww.techsmith.comcostcreating training technical video/materialsYesYes8
3/13/2017 14:55:35Philip MarleyDarwin Corehttp://rs.tdwg.org/dwc/freedata standardsYesYesYes10
3/13/2017 14:58:07Philip MarleyBad Elf GPShttps://bad-elf.com/bluetooth connection to apple devicesYes10
3/13/2017 15:00:56Philip MarleyDNR GPSfreeProcess GPS data into GIS usable data formatsYes10
3/13/2017 15:04:15
Matt Burlingame
variety of tools from Metzger & Willard, Inc.
Useful when using Google Earth, especially the USGS Quadrangles tool and PLSS in google Earth tool setsYes
3/13/2017 15:05:31
Matt Burlingame
Minnesota's DNRGPS Application
3/15/2017 7:38:26Karl EliasonNotepad++https://notepad-plus-plus.org/FreeAny time you need a text editor to do coding, or structured data editing.
Its just an enhanced notepad text editor.
3/15/2017 7:40:47Karl EliasonPuTTYhttp://www.putty.org/FreeIts a simple terminal emulation software. I use it for a telnet connection to a unix server. communications9Yes
3/15/2017 7:42:10Karl EliasonWinSCPhttps://winscp.net/FreeIts an FTP client that support secureFTPYesYes9Yes
3/16/2017 10:31:28
Karen Horodysky
Team Foundation Serverhttps://www.visualstudio.com/tfs/One time?This is a Microsoft collaborative software tool that provides source code management, reporting, requirements management and project management (including for agile software development). Our IMS team is using this software to help share code and track work on our Coldwater Streams database. As the data owner, I use it to create backlogs and tasks so that the developers know exactly what I am looking for.YesYesYes6Yes
3/23/2017 14:51:57Jon PurvisGIMPwww.gimp.orgfree - open sourceI use it to resize, crop, and edit image files, as well as export them to new formats. Does many, many things I have never needed or tried to use. Seems to be a pretty complete replacement for Photoshop and CorelDraw.
GIMP = Graphic Image Manipulation Program
3/23/2017 14:57:36Jon PurvisLibreOfficewww.LibreOffice.orgfree - open sourceAlmost complete replacement for Microsoft Office. I use it at home for all document and spreadsheet needs. Has presentation, drawing, and math equation portions as well. Can save either to its own format or MS-Office.
The database portion can only create front-ends (forms, reports, queries) to existing databases - it cannot create the actual database.
YesYesYesOffice software10
3/23/2017 15:06:07Jon PurvisDelphiwww.embarcadero.com/delphi
One time or subscription with maintenance
I build database applications with it - data entry screens for surveys, permitting applications, citizen science database applications, etc.
Delphi is basically Visual Pascal. It can do anything Visual Basic, C++, C#, or Java would do. I find the syntax much easier to read and understand than the C-based languages. While databases are its bread and butter, there are many that use it daily and never touch data. It can create applications for Windows, Mac, and mobile apps from a single code base.
3/23/2017 15:18:02Jon PurvisSASwww.sas.com
yearly fee, free versions for students; JMP is one-time
I do all my statistics and data analysis with SAS. It really shines at data manipulation - sorting, creating new variables, subsetting and combing datasets, etc. Can handle any size dataset, and connects to just about everything out there. By defining my datasets in SAS, I can work simultaneously on multiple db engines at the same time. Putting SQL into SAS means I can join Oracle, SQL Server, Access, and Excel tables seamlessly.
SAS desktop is strictly a programming environment. However, the programming is closer to scripting, and far easier to learn than something like C#. SAS JMP is a data exploration and visualization tool and is strictly point and click. It's aimed at casual users, not hard-core statisticians. SAS Enterprise Guide does both point and click and programming.
3/23/2017 15:22:19Jon PurvisNotepad ++https://notepad-plus-plus.org/free - open sourceText editor that does everything Notepad does, plus a lot more. I use it for all my simple text editing jobs.
Knows syntax highlighting for most major programming and scripting languages.
3/23/2017 15:44:27Jon PurvisSelectSurvey.net
one time, can host on your server, or theirs
Online harvest and opinion surveys; internal business surveys. Seems aimed at internal surveys, but it really is just an online data gathering tool. Could easily be used by field staff to forward data to HQ as well, but I haven't done this yet. Can place text and images into survey, but not interactive matter.
Exports data as csv file, but it is likely that you'll need to do data parsing and manipulation in order to get it into the format needed for proper analysis. The reporting functions are not even at the basic level. Can skip pages based on previous answers and pipe an answer in one question into the wording for another question. Allows unlimited number of responses. It can handle the sending of emails to people, but I believe they must be entered into the system as users, and the number of users is limited in some licenses.
3/23/2017 15:52:35Jon PurvisGovDelivery
subscription I thinkSends mass emails. Upload emails in csv file or copy/paste into window. Can incorporate other fields in what is effectively a mail merge. Graphics and links in the email is normal. I only use for sending emails requesting a survey be done, but others here use it to send newsletters, updates, and bulletins.
Can create templates so that there is a standardized branding of emails. Will give report of the number sent, bounced, opened, clicked, etc. Will tell you just which ones bounced. Has an unsubscribe function and will remember those people if a different email is sent to them. Can keep many different subscriber lists.
3/28/2017 11:48:34Kristin RogersCanvas
subscription, $40/month unlimited users
I have not used the tool, appear to be another rapid development mobile form creator tool
used to track sea turtle nests, not sure who is using/developing the tool.
3/29/2017 10:13:46Reconyxhttp://www.reconyx.com/
monthly fee for cellular model $5-20/mo
Rating based on shorebird observer views. In Florida this is the brand of camera used by all shorebird biologist, they feel it's the best. I personally have never used the camera. They like the control, photo quality, cellular upload option.
Setting the photos on a timer will save your battery. Battery life reported from 7 - 60 days, likely depends on model and photo timer. Solar battery charging options.
4/7/2017 13:06:25
Julie Defilippi Simpson
Flowchart Maker & Online Diagram Software
https://draw.ioFreeI have used the tools to create documents for SWOT analyses and lean mapping.
Available diagram categories include: business, charts, engineering, flowcharts, mindmaps, mockups, network diagrams, other, software design, venn diagrams and wireframes. There is also a blank diagram option.
4/7/2017 13:11:10
Julie Defilippi Simpson
Free; Private ($39/year); Business ($69/year)
Everyone in our office uses this to poll meeting participants to determine availability.
It is free to use unlimited. Private access adds some technical features. Business access adds the extra features and allows custom designs and subdomain. Ads-free is in both paid options.
4/7/2017 13:20:49
Julie Defilippi Simpson
Free; Professional $9.99/mo; Team $34.99/mo; Business $99.99/mo; Enterprise
I have used the tool to manage Facebook and Twitter feeds for OFWIM, AFS FITS and a personal business.YesSocial Media9Yes
4/7/2017 13:24:22
Julie Defilippi Simpson
Free; Growing Business ($10/mo+); Pro Marketer ($199/mo additional)
I currently use this to distribute newsletters and announcements to AFS FITS members. Previously, I used the service to distribute announcements for a personal business.Yes8
4/10/2017 12:39:59Amy EwingVirginia Fish and Wildlife Information Servicehttp://vafwis.org/fwis/not any longerI use it many times per day to search for wildlife data in VAYesYesYesYes6Yes
4/10/2017 12:41:28Amy EwingNatural Heritage Data Explorerhttps://vanhde.org/certain users must payI use it daily to search for wildlife data and also to submit agency projects for reviewYesYesYesYesYesYes8Yes
4/10/2017 12:43:39Amy Ewing2015 Virginia WAP interactive toolhttp://vafwis.dgif.virginia.gov/WAP2/none, freeuse it to understand data presented to publicYesYesYesYes7Yes
4/10/2017 13:50:23
Michael Barbour
IrfanViewhttp://www.irfanview.com/FreeView, resize, crop, and minor editing of image files. Can be used to scroll through a folder of image files
Plug-ins available to extend capabilities.
4/10/2017 13:53:35
Michael Barbour
Paint.Nethttps://www.getpaint.net/FreeImage and photo editing softwareWindows onlyYes
4/10/2017 14:47:59
Michael Barbour
GIMPhttps://www.gimp.org/free - open sourceOpen source alternative to Photoshop. I have used it for photo editing and manipulation.Yes9
4/10/2017 14:54:49
Michael Barbour
PSPadhttp://www.pspad.com/en/FreeFreeware text and code editor.
Highlights syntax for most major scripting and programming languages.
4/15/2017 14:04:04
Michael Barbour
one time - $79.95 for single user, $399.95 for 10-user license
I use it to georeference or geocode digital photos. You can save or export the location data in a number of formats, including writing to the EXIF header, stamping on the image, kml or kmz file, google map, or shapefile.YesGPS9
4/15/2017 14:06:40
Michael Barbour
GeoSetterhttp://www.geosetter.de/en/freeI use it to edit EXIF/IPTC metadata of photos and to geotag photos.YesYesGPS8
6/12/2017 10:40:44Tyler KyddX Tools Pro V.16https://xtools.pro/en/overview/
14 day free trial or $250USD
using XTools Pro for powerful vector spatial analysis, shape conversion
and table management features
user friendlyYesYesYes9
6/12/2017 11:05:19Tyler KyddET Geowizards V.12
$265USD per license; many free functions that can be used without purchasing a license
spatial data conversion, analysis, sampling, extensive data processing features
Other ET products include ET Geotools for editing within ArcMap and ET Surface for creating TIN and Raster surfaces, Extracting Profiles, Derive Line of Sight, Calculate Volume, Cut/Fill, Visibility, Hydrology and more.
7/27/2017 11:43:58
Karen Horodysky
?used by IMS staff, no detailsYes
7/27/2017 11:52:05William FallingOmnipage (Pro 18) software from Nuance
$250 - $5000 depending on version
Based on our internal tests, Omnipage character recognition (OCR) was more accurate compared to Adobe's native OCR. I have not used Omnipage during the last 3 years so there might be a better product by now
7/27/2017 11:56:27Joel SartwellOmniPage
$150 - $5000+
Here of some things to keep in mind: 1) When recovering content from documents OCR still requires some amount of human clean-up - we have dedicated personnel just for this purpose. The software provides a work-flow process for this. 2) Typed or printed documents with classic or more common fonts will provide the best "capture" of content with a smallest amount of human clean-up. 3) Hand-writing on documents will always require a lot of clean-up - in some cases up 100% of the document (people can write so very un-intelligibly) 4) Documents that are hard to read by eye will equally be hard to capture content with OCR. Low quality means more work. 5) If we have very old documents on onion skin paper or fragile, etc we scan these by hand on a copier first and adjust contrast to improve legibility and then scan. 6) Figures and graphs are also problematic and usually remain as embedded images without content recognition. 7) We use high speed scanners with auto document feeders so anything in book or pamphlet form must be hand scanned first. 8) Be sure to scan multi-page documents into just 1 image file (i.e. multi-page tif, pdf, etc...).
We've used OmniPage and about 10 years and psiCapture for about 8 years for OCR capture and CaptivaSoftware for 10 years before that. We've scanned millions of documents with high speed scanners. That said though, OCR capture of the data is still not without problems.
10/2/2017 10:40:55Kristin RogersColor brewerhttp://colorbrewer2.orgFreeColor schemes for mapping including color blind compatible schemes
Also handy for application color schemes
YesYesData visualization 10YesFL Fish & Wildlife
10/2/2017 10:52:58Kristin RogersGar in GLO
$99 one timeBluetooth GPS pairing for mobile devices, iOS and Android. Haven't tried it.
From website: GLO can receive position information from both the GPS and GLONASS satellite constellations, allowing it to connect to up to 24 more satellites than devices that rely on GPS alone. This allows GLO to lock on to satellites approximately 20 percent faster and remain connected even at high speed. What’s more, GLO updates its position information at 10 times per second — that’s up to 10 times more often than the GPS receivers in many mobile devices.
YesYesYesFL Fish & Wildlife
10/4/2017 10:00:41
Julie Prior-Magee
U.S. Geological Survey Science Data Catalog
https://data.usgs.govFreeThe USGS Science Data Catalog (SDC) is used to provide access to USGS research and monitoring data. Users can search, browse, or use a map-based interface to discover data.
Users can also search SDC holding via a REST based web service. For more information: https://data.usgs.gov/datacatalog/SDCServices.html#web_services
Data catalog; metadata catalog
9YesU.S. Geological Survey
10/11/2017 12:23:22
Julie Prior-Magee
Metadata Wizard
FreeThis tool is designed as a resource to help geospatial data users with the creation and editing of metadata compliant with the Federal Geographic Data Committee's 'Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata' (FGDC-CSDGM). Best for geospatial data (e.g. raster and shapefiles) and tabular data (e.g. Esri geodatabase or database file). Comma separated value files can be used but must first be converted into Esri formats.
A Python toolbox in Esri ArcGIS Desktop for creating FGDC-CSDGM metadata for geospatial datasets. The tool ingests geospatial files and through a semi-automated workflow, creates and updates metadata records in Esri’s 10.x software.
YesMetadata creation8USGS
10/11/2017 12:36:21
Julie Prior-Magee
ScienceBasehttps://www.sciencebase.gov/catalog/FreeScienceBase is a collaborative scientific data and information management platform. It provides access to aggregated information derived from many data and information domains, including feeds from existing data systems, metadata catalogs, and scientists contributing new and original content.
ScienceBase, both original software and engineered components, is released as an open source project to promote involvement from the larger scientific programming community both inside and outside the USGS. Data and metadata are served through standards-compliant Web services to enable other applications and Web sites to use information resources cataloged in ScienceBase. Communities in ScienceBase, representing scientific projects and efforts, segregate and manage information items in exclusive community spaces. Communities may use unique designs, layouts, and other features to represent their projects. https://www.sciencebase.gov/about/
YesYesYesData Catalog8YesU.S. Geological Survey
1/2/2018 12:26:36Kristin Rogers
NPS - Natural Resource Database Template
freeI have not used the tool, however it appears to be a good example of how a group might consider creating a sharable base standard across multiple end users. Also a good example case for folks to learn relations database best practices.
MS Access based template with a front-end / back-end design. Instruction and example files are available. Has not been modified since 2007.
YesData Sharing StandardYesFL Fish and Wildlife
4/20/2018 11:20:19
5/14/2018 12:40:53Kristin RogersDevice magichttps://www.devicemagic.com/$25+/moThis tool is used by our partners to collect information about sea turtle disorientation events. Has a map and sketch feature. Works offline. We have created a similar tool for a wider audience (1,000+ vs. 10) using Survey123, we have made the survey public, there is no end user licensing required. I believe Device Magic would require each user to maintain a license, similar to FulcrumYesYesYesFlorida Fish & Wildlife
6/26/2018 12:14:34Kristin RogersChrono Download Manager
freeWe receive URL links to photos from partners, needed a tool to bulk download the images from multiple links (50+) to save the images locally. The tool doesn't have much in the way of instructions so you just need to do a bit of trail and error.
This is a free Chrome extension which is nice. Also, it does not appear to be a dodgy tool, which is great. As it turns out most bulk image downloading tools are bit suspect. I didn't realize it would be such a dangerous topic to google search, so take caution if you go looking for a tool like this.
Yesbulk image dowloading8YesFlorida Fish & Wildlife
11/5/2018 16:19:48Dyan Pursell
Stream Channel and Riparian Corridor Toolkit
noneTo evaluate stream channels and riparian corridors
ArcGIS advanced license required, Spatial Analyst license required
Missouri Department of Conservation
11/7/2018 10:45:45
Gabriel Kamener
Environmental Data Initiative
FreeProvides an NSF-supported public repository for ecological and environmental data. The organization also offers resources and training for publishing data and metadata.YesYesYesData Repository8Yes
Archbold Biological Station
11/7/2018 12:43:29
Gabriel Kamener
We are using this R package to produce metadata in the Ecological Metadata Language (EML) that will meet the standards of the Environmental Data Initiative's data repository.
The package should be updated from time to time as it is being revised/improved over time.
Archbold Biological Station
11/7/2018 13:09:03Dyan Pursell
Stream Channel and Riparian Corridor Toolkit
noneTo evaluate stream channels and riparian corridors
ArcGIS Advanced License required, Spatial Analyst extension required
Missouri Department of Conservation
12/13/2018 12:14:32
Michael Barbour
Survey123 for ArcGIShttps://survey123.arcgis.com/
No cost to use the mobile app, but requires an ArcGIS Organizational account to create forms
This is a form-centric app for mobile data collection. Mobile app available for iOS, Android, and Windows. You can create simple forms using the website or the Survey123 Connect desktop app where editing is done using an XLSForm in Excel for more functionality in the form.
ArcGIS Online organizational account with publisher privileges required to create forms.
Arizona Game & Fish Department
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