Here is my everything list for pregnancy. Every pregnancy is unique so take what is helpful and leave the rest. When you shop via the links below, I sometimes receive compensation in return. For more, subscribe to my weekly newsletter on motherhood, growth, style and more:
CategoryItemItemDiscount CodesOlivia's Notes
VitaminsRitual Essential PrenatalRitual Essential PrenatalA great, easy prenatal option without artificial colorants or synthetic fillers. You can take anytime of day and on an empty stomach. Check with your own doctor, but you may want to be on a prenatal when TTC and/or for as long as you're breastfeeding (or see postnatal vitamin option in the next tab).
VitaminsSakara Daily Prenatal Sakara Daily Prenatal XORALLIER for 20% offA 2nd option if you're interested in more supplements than a traditional prenatal. Super clean, food based ingredients. Note: you take several pills with this pack with food, which can be tough if you have nausea + it is more expensive than the above. I went on these for a few months to fill some nutritional gaps but otherwise was on Ritual.
VitaminsThorne Fertility BundleThorne Fertility BundleUse our link for 10% off automatically applied at checkoutOne more option from a great, clean vitamin company.
AppPregnancy AppPregnancy AppThese are all pretty cheesy but here's the one I used.
BooksNurture by Erica Chidi Cohen Nurture by Erica Chidi Cohen There are endless pregnancy books so only including my favorites here and below. They each provide something different. This one is a calm guide that walks you through each stage of your pregnancy with practices and guidance. It almost reminded me of therapy in the best way. Consider ordering books from Bookshop as opposed to Amazon to support independent bookstores <3
BooksExpecting Better by Emily OsterExpecting Better by Emily OsterGreat data-driven approach to lessen the anxiety around all kinds of decision making where you may be getting conflicting advice (ie. how much coffee, wine etc.) Consider ordering books from Bookshop as opposed to Amazon to support independent bookstores <3
BooksThe First Forty Days by Heng Ou The First Forty Days by Heng Ou My favorite 3rd trimester read to prepare for recovery and postpartum. Consider ordering books from Bookshop as opposed to Amazon to support independent bookstores <3
Herbs/TeaMotherlove Morning Sickness BlendMotherlove Morning Sickness BlendRALLIER15 for 15% offI had terrible nausea with both of my pregnancies and have tried everything. Nothing made it go away but these seemed to take the edge off.
Herbs/TeaEarth Mama Organics Morning Wellness TeaEarth Mama Organics Morning Wellness TeaRALLIERSHOP for 10% offI liked this tea during the first trimester. Was one of the few tastes I could tolerate while nauseous.
Herbs/TeaEarth Mama Organics Rasberry Leaf TeaEarth Mama Organics Rasberry Leaf TeaRALLIERSHOP for 10% offOne of the herbs recommended in the Nurture book above to support your uterus for birth later in your pregnancy.
Herbs/TeaEarth Mama Organics Third Trimester TeaEarth Mama Organics Third Trimester TeaRALLIERSHOP for 10% offI'm a big tea drinker so loved drinking this and the above as a ritual leading up to birth.
Maternity ClothesKindred Bravely Maternity LeggingsKindred Bravely Maternity LeggingsMaternity leggings are one of those items you'll inevitably live in once your belly starts to grow (happens at different times for everyone). Have tried a bunch and this brand was my favorite. I wore them at least 4x a week.
Maternity ClothesKindred Bravely Classic Long Sleeve Sleep ShirtKindred Bravely Classic Long Sleeve Sleep ShirtOne of my favorite things to sleep in when pregnant. Also translates well for breastfeeding once the baby is born.
Maternity ClothesKindred Bravely Classic Short Sleeve PJ SetKindred Bravely Classic Short Sleeve PJ SetAnother go to.
Maternity ClothesBeyond Yoga Maternity Biker ShortBeyond Yoga Maternity Biker ShortGreat for hot weather.
Maternity ClothesStorqStorqRALLIER10 for 10% offGreat brand for casual, cozy lounge and basics. Highly recommend the easy button down.
Maternity ClothesHatchHatchA great brand for workwear and special occasions. I was a bridesmaid at the end of my 2nd pregnancy and found the dress here.
Maternity ClothesKindred Bravely BrasKindred Bravely BrasYour boobs will change sizes several times during pregnancy, postpartum and if/when you're breastfeeding. Tons of brands out there but Kindred Bravely has been my favorite for bras for both pregnancy and breastfeeding. I wore this style in particular almost everyday for about a year including postpartum.
Personal CareMutha Body Oil (for stretch marks)Mutha Body Oil (for stretch marks)Used and loved this during my second pregnancy. This is what I used and loved during my first (I had more time for a 2-step). Mederma is another brand that other moms I know love.
Personal CareEu'genia Shea ButterEu'genia Shea ButterCLEAN10 for 10% offI always incorporate this one too. It's pure and great.
Personal CareHatch Belly Fix Sheet MasksHatch Belly Fix Sheet MasksStarted using these in the 3rd trimester of my 2nd pregnancy and actually loved. Felt like a nice, more relaxing ritual compared to applying the oil and butters when I became more tired and uncomfortable.
Personal CareOsea Ocean Cleansing MilkOsea Ocean Cleansing MilkSuper gentle and non-toxic but still feels really cleansing.
Personal CareRahua Shampoo Rahua Shampoo A clean shampoo I've used for a decade. Happy I didn't have to switch while pregnant/breastfeeding.
Personal CareRahua ConditionerRahua ConditionerA clean conditioner I've used for a decade. Happy I didn't have to switch while pregnant/breastfeeding.
Personal CareCeremonia ShampooCeremonia ShampooAnother option with pregnancy safe ingredients I've heard great things about.
Personal CareCeremonia ConditionerCeremonia ConditionerAnother option with pregnancy safe ingredients I've heard great things about.
Personal CareVintner's Daughter Active Botanical SerumVintner's Daughter Active Botanical SerumMy biggest splurge but I still use and love everyday. A product I feel totally comfortable using also when breastfeeding and when your baby starts inevitably licking your face :)
Personal CareTrue Botanicals Vitamin C BoosterTrue Botanicals Vitamin C BoosterRALLIER15 for 15% offYou need to mix this with some kind of oil or liquid to apply. I use this with the serum above.
Personal CareMarie Veronique Probiotic Exfoliation MaskMarie Veronique Probiotic Exfoliation MaskCLEAN10 for 10% offGreat replacement for chemical based versions I used pre-pregnancy. This is a once a week type thing to exfoliate.
Personal CareIliaIliaFavorite overall brand for non-toxic, super clean makeup.
RegistryBabylistBabylistFound this registry site to be the most flexible.
SleepSnoogleSnoogleMust have when you start to feel uncomfortable while sleeping.
SleepTums NaturalsTums NaturalsFor heartburn. There is also a sugarfree version if you have gestational diabetes.
Prenatal ClassBend and Bloom Prenatal YogaBend and Bloom Prenatal YogaBrooklyn based + online prenatal yoga classes. Really enjoyed this especially in 3rd trimester. Tina Goldstein was my favorite teacher but all are great. They also teach birth and newborn classes.
Prenatal ClassLoom Pregnancy & Postpartum ProgramLoom Pregnancy & Postpartum ProgramThe founder of Loom is the author of one of my favorite books I listed above. I love her philosophy and approach.
Prenatal ClassAviva Romm Mama Pathway CoursesAviva Romm Mama Pathway CoursesAnother person I love to learn from.
Hospital Bag Checklist
Birth PlanOur hospital provided and required this form. It was actually a helpful excersise to understand our rights and options.
Wallet, ID, Insurance Card
Contraction TimerI just wrote this down in notes on my phone but I know other people prefer an app or system with their partner.
Breastfeeding Friendly PajamasKindred Bravely Long Sleeve Classic Sleep ShirtKindred Bravely Long Sleeve Classic Sleep ShirtI packed 5 breastfeeding friendly sleep outfits for the hospital because I also wore them during the day. It felt good to change into fresh, clean clothes in the am even if back into pajamas.
Breastfeeding Friendly PajamasKindred Bravely Bamboo Short Sleeve Classic Pajama SetKindred Bravely Bamboo Short Sleeve Classic Pajama SetAnother classic one I love and live in that makes breastfeeding easy.
Breastfeeding Friendly PajamasLake Maternity SetsLake Maternity SetsAnother great brand option. I like to size up in these for breastfeeding.
Breastfeeding Friendly PajamasMaternity and Nursing 3-Piece Lounge SetMaternity and Nursing 3-Piece Lounge SetRALLIER10 for 10% offLove this for wanting to be in pajamas during the day + also allows for both breastfeeding and coverage for when you have visitors.
UnderwearBodily Disposable Mesh UnderwearBodily Disposable Mesh UnderwearYou will wear gigantic pads postpartum for at least several weeks. They don't fit nicely in regular underwear so you'll need these. Your hospital will supply and may let you take them home but these are also great to have for recovery and once you're home. They are a similar but nicer version of what the hospital gives you.
UnderwearKindred Bravely Postpartum Recovery PantiesKindred Bravely Postpartum Recovery PantiesAnother option of the above that a close friend loved.
Labor GownKindred Bravely Labor and Delivery GownKindred Bravely Labor and Delivery GownI didn't buy this but in hindsight wish I had more pictures of my delivery without my boobs out :) You could also just wear a nursing bra? Personal preference.
Nursing BraBodily Everything BraBodily Everything BraYou may start breastfeeding immediately after your baby is born. If so, you'll want your bras to allow for this. This one became my favorite for sleep. You end up sleeping in these so that your nipple cream and breast pads can stay in place.
Nursing BraKindred Bravely Nursing and Sleep BraKindred Bravely Nursing and Sleep BraA favorite for the daytime.
Nursing BraStorq Everyday BraStorq Everyday BraRALLIER10 for 10% offAnother easy one if you're not looking for tons of support.
Nipple CreamEarth Mama Nipple ButterEarth Mama Nipple ButterRALLIERSHOP for 10% offUse whatever nipple cream you decide on from the very beginning of breastfeeding or even a week before you get to the hospital. Thank me later!
Nursing PadsOrganic Non-Slip Breast PadsOrganic Non-Slip Breast PadsThere will be a period where you are extremely sore and need a barrier between your nipple and your bra + a way for the nipple butter to stay where you want it. That's what these are for. Also great later when you're out of the house and don't want to leak.
Nursing PadsEco by Naty Nursing PadsEco by Naty Nursing PadsThis is a disposable option of the above. Totally personal preference.
Water BottleYou get very thirsty between delivery and breastfeeding. I packed this but then our hospital ended up providing something similar. Including in case your hospital does the small cups. Nice for your partner to have one too.
Lip BalmErbaviva Lip and Cheek BalmErbaviva Lip and Cheek BalmYour lips get really dry during labor. This smells like a cup of chamomile tea, which was perfect energy for what was going down. Used later on baby too.
SnacksSakara Wellness Bars and Snack PacksSakara Wellness Bars and Snack PacksXORALLIER for 20% offHospital food... nice to have your own bars or other snacks (for your partner too) to give you the energy you need to deliver.
Clear LiquidsFond Bone BrothFond Bone BrothDepending on your hospital and delivery, there may come a point where you're only allowed to have clear liquids. This happened for me with my 2nd baby right around dinner time and by midnight I was starving. Luckily, we packed bone broth which saved me and was still within the hospital guidelines.
RobeStorq Feel Good RobeStorq Feel Good RobeRALLIER10 for 10% offNice to have if you're mostly in a bra or PJs and end up having visitors.
Hair Ties etc.You'll likely want your hair out of your face during delivery.
Non Skid SocksBodily Cozy SocksBodily Cozy SocksAn upgraded version of what they will give you at the hospital.
SlippersCozy BootieCozy BootieNice to have something like this if you want a cozy walking around option other than the non-skid socks.
Pillow and TowelParachute Home Spa TowelsParachute Home Spa TowelsI was totally fine with the hospital towels but throwing in here because I know others feel differently.
IPad or BookEvery labor is different but we had 5+ hours where I was comfortable and not in active labor so it was nice to have these items.
Any personal care items you want to have with you (hairbrush, shampoo, conditioner, face cleanser, body wash, oil etc.)Loved having my own things to shower with after delivery.
Laundry Bag for Dirty ClothesNice to have a laundry bag to keep dirty clothes separate from the rest of your things when packing up to go home.
Phone and ChargersExtra Long Phone ChargerExtra Long Phone ChargerEvery hospital setup is different but it will likely be helpful to have one of these longer chargers.
Swaddle for babySleepea 5 Second Baby SwaddleSleepea 5 Second Baby SwaddleI'm sure every hospital is different but ours wanted to use a traditional swaddle method once our baby was born that required a lot of effort and learning (especially in the middle of the night after you've delivered). Nice to have one of these for ease from the start.
Carseat for babyUppababy Mesa Infant CarseatUppababy Mesa Infant CarseatThey won't let you leave the hospital without a carseat. Unbox and learn how to use before labor. This is a great one to assign to your partner. More on baby gear in the next tab.
Clothes for BabyStorq First Days Home SetStorq First Days Home SetRALLIER10 for 10% offOur hospital provided some baby clothes but you may want your own for newborn photos or for going home. More on newborn clothes in the next tab.
Blanket for babyLewis Home 100% Organic Muslin Swaddle BlanketsLewis Home 100% Organic Muslin Swaddle BlanketsRALLIER15 for 15% offSame note as above. Have a big soft spot for these because I brought both of my babies home from the hospital in them. Blankets/swaddles are much easier to keep a newborn warm over a carseat etc vs. any kind of outerwear.
Extra Bag Bring an extra bag or leave room in your hospital bag to take home supplies from the hospital. More on this below.
Postpartum Recovery
Recovery BundleBodily Care For Birth BoxBodily Care For Birth BoxIf you'd rather order one big bundle this is a great option. Also itemizing the important things below.
C-Section Recovery BundleBodily C-Section Recovery KitBodily C-Section Recovery KitIf you are having a planned C-section, this is a great option.
Disposable Mesh UnderwearBodily Mesh Disposable UnderwearBodily Mesh Disposable UnderwearYou may be able to take these home from the hospital but linking in case you'd like extra supply at home. These are also much nicer than the hospital version.
Maternity PadsNatracare Organic Cotton Maternity PadsNatracare Organic Cotton Maternity PadsYou may be able to take these home from the hospital but linking in case you'd like extra supply at home.
Pads with IcepacksFrida Mom Instant Ice Postpartum Maxi PadsFrida Mom Instant Ice Postpartum Maxi PadsYou may be able to take these home from the hospital but linking in case you'd like extra supply at home.
Medicated PadsTucks Medicated Cooling PadsTucks Medicated Cooling PadsYou may be able to take these home from the hospital but linking in case you'd like extra supply at home.
Peri BottleBodily Postpartum Peri Wash BottleBodily Postpartum Peri Wash Bottle10x better than hospital version.
Sitz BathEarth Mama Organic Herbal Sitz BathEarth Mama Organic Herbal Sitz BathRALLIERSHOP for 10% offThis can be really soothing but also requires some effort. You can use this to make padsicles and other healing things. Great one to assign to your partner or other adult providing care.
SprayEarth Mama Perineal SprayEarth Mama Perineal SprayRALLIERSHOP for 10% offYour hospital may provide something similar but I liked this one much better.
DonutFrida Mom Perineal Comfort DonutFrida Mom Perineal Comfort DonutThis will make it less painful to sit.
Pain Meds* Ask hospital or OBGYN for brands and regimen* Ask hospital or OBGYN for brands and regimenYou will likely be prescribed pain meds to take when you get home from the hospital. Putting this in here because picking anything up is much easier before delivery than after.
Sleeping SheetsHospital BrandHospital BrandTake home from hospital. These are huge cotton disposable sheets you can sleep on to spare your sheets at home the first few nights.
Belly BandBodily Belly BandBodily Belly BandProvides support for core recovery. Especially helpful for C-section recovery.
BookThe First Forty Days by Heng Ou The First Forty Days by Heng Ou Putting this book here too because I loved it for recovery. Consider ordering books from Bookshop as opposed to Amazon to support independent bookstores <3
Other To-Do's
LegalWillWillMany items listed below can't be executed until the baby is born but you can work with a lawyer and your partner to have the documents ready to sign so you don't have to deal with it when you're recovering. Surprisingly, a lot of the below was covered by our employee benefits - worth checking with your benefits provider.
LegalLiving WillLiving Will
LegalPower of AttorneyPower of Attorney
LegalHealth DirectiveHealth Directive
LegalLife InsuranceLife Insurance
LegalApply for Birth CertificateApply for Birth CertificateThis is done at the hospital after the baby is born. Great item to assign your partner.
LegalApply for Social Security NumberApply for Social Security NumberThis is done at the hospital after the baby is born. Great item to assign your partner.
FinancialEducation Fund (529 plan etc)Education Fund (529 plan etc)Speak with your accountant to see what makes sense for your family.
HealthSelect PediatricianSelect PediatricianMany offer the option to interview/tour before deciding. For most hospitals, you need to make this decision before the baby is born as you list your pediatrician before leaving. Worth noting that you are at the pediatrician about 10 times in the first year so proximity to your home helps. We chose one that was walking distance, which eliminated so much logistical stress in the early months.