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NameLocationAmenitiesCommute to CampusNumber of Guests I have space forNumber of Guests I currently haveContact InfoOther notes
CareyPoint Breeze3 spare bedrooms and finished basement with pullout couch.15 minute bus ride from corner5 easily.  More with floor space.0Check Pitt directory for email and phone numberI am on the faculty at GSPIA.  My daughter is in college and I am worried about all of you in the dorms.  My son is in high school and home, but there are lots of available rooms.  I also have a dog, if you have allergies.
Aaron GDawson (By Dan Marino)2 couches, floor space15 minute walk, shuttle stops right outside1 to 20awg@pitt.edu
Adam and Ann Watern245 Summit Ave Bellevue20 minute drive near busline as well20412.761.2326
Adam J.South Oaklandspare bedroom with futon mattress, 2 couches, and floor space.20 min walk/10 min bus. 30A, 30B, 30C50814-403-6226
Afton KirkMcKee Pl above louisa step40203.856.2419
Alan and RachelNorth Oakland, near 10ACouch with pull-out bed, love seat, big comfy chair and ottoman. Pillows enough for 3, lots of sheets and blankets.10A stop outside building or about 10 minute walk to Cathedral1-2 comfortably, more if you wanna get to know each other well. 0rac68@pitt.edu, afm11@pitt.eduWe're pitt alumni (2010, and 2011 grads) with 9-5 jobs, so you would need to be prepared to leave around 8:30am on a weekday, but we could keep you through the night or as long as needed on a weekend. We're not neat freaks, so be prepared for a little mess. LGBTQ Friendly, but NO SMOKERS PLEASE.
Ali O.N. Oakland/BloomfieldFuton and couch, cable TV and Wifi5 minutes from the 20A stop or a 10 minute PAT bus ride, very close to Center Plaza apartments30<3Call or text, I'm usually awake until 1:30 or 2:00.
Alice HaasRuskin HallI have a sleeping bag and a bathroom with a shower.On campus, near the Cathedral1 or 2 guests0amf88@pitt.eduYou of course need student ID to get in.
Allison W.Spahr St. in Shadyside2 sleeping options -- couch in a private extra room, or futon in my room. I live in a big 4 bdrm house w 3 other grad/med students. 2 baths, kitchen, free laundry, etc. all open to you. 15-20 min by bus (75, 71B, P3)20amw155@pitt.eduWe don't have any pets and we don't smoke. We do have a nice backyard and front porch :) I've got blankets and things; probably whatever you'd need we have it.
Amanda H.South Oakland, across BoulevardLarge off-campus house with 4 couch spaces, 2 giant beanbag chairs, ample floor space, and plenty of pillows and blankets. Shower and other things also available :)10-15 minute walk6+ comfortably0724-562-8211 or arhoey0924@gmail.comSmall friendly dog, Wireless internet if needed, two showers, etc. No problem with calling in the middle of the night!
Amber B.Holmes St, Lawrencevillepull out sofa in a one bedroom apt. I have a Wii and netflix (no cable) lots of pillow and blankets.30 min bus ride on the 93. 10ulaan76@gmail.com female preferred
Amber S. Eckstein Place A lot of floor space5-10 min walk to campus20als205@pitt.edu or call 717-368-2544It's located just a street away from Trees Hall. We have two cats. If you are Evacuated you can call late at night and we can come get you.
Amy LongworthShadyside20412-706-1206
Andy and Emily Moore1104 Portland St2 must share beds3.5 miles20412.952.3229
Anthony McIntyreBaum Blvdcable, xbox 360, wifi, gas station across the street, extra bed, futon, air mattress short scenic bus ride on the 71a or 71c1 to 80914-443-1537 anm42@pitt.eduUsually up real late so feel free to call anytime, occasionally have access to a car and would be willing to pick you up.
APSquirrel HillBedroom and private bath in house of a Pitt family.10 min bus2, more possible0alp30@pitt.edu
Ashley & ToniCentre Ave. (by GetGo)1 couch, 1 lounge, plenty of floor space15 min walk to campus, 2 min walk to 71A and 71C stop2. More if willing to sleep on floor0witt.ashleym@gmail.com (Ashley) 412-9534645 (Toni) 814-441-2269We have plenty of blankets and pillow if you don't have them packed in your evacuation bag.
South Oakland, Juliet St20 min walk4 to 50I'm a student as well as a pitt security guard, so I'm around all the time. Let me know if you need a place to stay!
Ashley lCentre Ave/N Dithridge3 couches, 1 with pull-out bed, tons of floor spaceShuttle stops outside, 10 minute walk otherwiseUp to 2-30atl16@pitt.edu or 610-416-1214Wifi, food, shower, and other things available!
AudiSemple (South O)2 couches, extra twin mattress, futon...wifi, cable, full kitchen & bathroom5-10 minute walk40724 600 9081pillows & blankets available, feel free to text at any time
Austin Van Horn325 N Craig10814.591.5112
Becky Ballance North Dithridge near Centre Avenue206107618962 I have a cute little puppy who loves people and will make it impossible to be scared or sad, also don't hesitate to call at any hour or set something up in advance, whatever you need
Ben Loughner344 Ophelia St.Two couches, lots of floor space, maybe 1 bed~15 min walk to cathedral2 or 30724-516-1891We have the top two floors of a building, free to use anything available. Anyone welcome
Big HSemple batesFive couches7 min walk512402855845
Blue "Andrea" M.648 Kelly Ave Apt B2 couches, LOTS of floor space, clean bathroom, lots of blankets61A 20min ride right to front doorAs many for couches or floor04126577743text anytime!
Brit and Gina3237 Dawson StCouch, lots of floor space, twin bed15 min walk, Pitt Shuttle drives right passed our house. 4? 0Gina: 412-812-2341 or Brit: 216-346-7399Text either one of us. There's 4 girls here, all CMU students, but the shuttle passes our house, so it'd be easy. Also we have internet.
Cat HoelClyde StreetFuton, blankets10 minutes to campus walkingAs many as are willing to bunk on the futon together or sleep on the floor04123351363Women preferred since it is a studio apartment. I have a car and will gladly pick you up. Very clean apartment with full bathroom and kitchen at your disposal. Call regardless of the hour! Stay safe!
Charlene S.Fifth AvenueOne comfy couch, air mattress, plenty of blankets and pillows, Wifi, and all the basic household amenities3 Blocks from Towers1 or 20cps15@pitt.edu (610)-698-2141Send me a text message if you need a place to stay; ladies only please
Charlotte TrittoSemple St.We have a couch, and an empty room downstairs that has a bunch of blankets i think someone possibly has an air mattress?12 minutes to the cathedral1 on the couch, 2 or 3 in the extra room07168687002 or cht50@pitt.edu7 messy girls live here
ChelseaSemple StLiving room with futon15 min walk, 30A/B bus stop near by1 or 20crf17@pitt.edu
Cheryl DEdgewoodspare queen, couch, cotlong walk to bus line1-2, 4 if nec0412-371-5511women preferred
CheyenneNorth OaklandStudio apartment with a decent couch. Sheets, blankets, and pillows available.About a 20 min walk to Cathedral(about 1 mile) Or can catch a bus a block away1 on couch, more if willing to sleep on carpeted floor.0734-777-0824Student ID needed to get in.
Chris and Sarah ASwissvaleHouse. 1 couch, 3 air mattresses, and floor space. Sleeping bags and blankets too. WiFi, Xbox, streaming netflix, home cooked meal. What more could you want? :) 61 B or we can pick upup to 40412-651-4741we have dogs, so might not be a good fit if you are allergic!
Chris White3227 Joe Hammer2 couches, floor space10-15 min. walk1 - 30845-554-4019I'm a pitt grad from 2010. Just trying to help out. Oh, I also have a cat. hope that's not a problem, haha
Chrissy and Briee Hostutler2936 Espy Ave. 1 bed 1 couchDormont20412.527.8407
Christian Cole40 Pius Streettransportation may be availablemany0717-476-4529
Christina KellerN Craig561-281-9257
Christina McGuire, Ellen May415 McKee Place10 min walk from campus41602.295.7195 Christina 717.606.3729 Ellen
Cole, Jake, Jake, Adam and NickSouth Oakland, Dawson St.2/4/20120rca11@pitt.edu
easy to get along with, down with kegs
CourtneySquirrel Hill1 bed, 1 sleeping bag, floor space10-15 ride by bus1 - 30loprestique@gmail.comwomen preferred, wifi access, next to Murray shops
Courtney Buchanon3201 Parkview Ave
Dan Carmen534 Robinson
Dave SzuminskySutherland Hall futon, single air mattress, and roommates bed In sutherland2 or 30742-809-0660don't be afraid to call at anytime i will come and meet you wherever!
David DSouth Oakland (Right by Bootleggers)Futon pulls out to full size bed, blanket, and pillow.5 minute walk10davidfd@gmail.comI am a Senior at Pitt so is my room mate. We keep the place clean and have no pets. If you're living in the dorms and looking for an alternative email me for number. Unfortunately we only got booze in the fridge.
Delta Tau Delta FraternityAcross from Pennsylvania HallSeveral couches/futons in people's rooms and chapter room10 minutesVaries4724-244-4735
Diana and MattCopeland street in Shadyside Full 2br houseTons of bus lines, 20 min2/4/20120diw14@pitt.eduI'm a grad student with two cats. Im happy to have anyone who needs a place stay.
Diane Barry Balliet213 St Charles Place10 miles20412.418.6091
Dominika O.Bouquet Gardens2 couches+ epic floor space, pillows, and blankets5 min walk1 to 30(412)657-4321
DominoNorthside near North HillsHouse. Couches, crash-pads, all kinds of Polish food, 2 small dogs and 3 cats1 hour on bus, 20 minutes by car1 to 30(412)606-2496
Eleanorcenter of Sq. Hill2 br, 2 ba apartment all for guests.any 61 bus - 15 min.up to 4?0feingold@pitt.eduPitt faculty. My house is a duplex and the whole first floor apartment is semi-private and available. We'd be happy to have a few guests for the rest of the semester.
Em & EmilyCraig St by Starbucks1 couch, 1 sleeping bag 5 min from Cathedral 2 or 3 0703 - 217 - 7509
EmilySouth OaklandEmpty Bedroom with Bathroom attached. bring a sleeping bag and supplies. Also extra couches.7-10 min walk to center campus1 to 6 people0emilys9876@yahoo.com
Emily Horstman and Em Maierforbes and craig1 large couch, lots of floor space, comfy floor pillows and warm fuzzy blankets! Plus bathroom with shower, full kitchen, TV with cable, DVD player and HDMI (netflix!), internet, and I'll make y'all pancakes :)3 minute walk from the Cathedral1 on the couch, 3+ on the floor0952 406 0919...call me maybecall me anytime!!! we have cookie baking supplies, too :)
EvelynShadyside1 couch, 1 mattress, floor space, blankets, pillows5-10 minute bus ride on 71B or 71D50412-965-8773
Geoff JEn Moak1624 Duffield St4 mile to campus 1 mile to 71a bus line20412.362.6216
Geoff LandryPA Hall2 couches, 2 chairs, plenty of floor space, mad pillows and mad blanketsTop of the Hill by the Pete40GKL4@pitt.eduUp late and were fun
Greg/Jenna Burdette705 Ivy St Apt 2 (shadyside)couch2 miles106107511967
Gregory Bartolomei3597 Cable Place2 Couches, Airmatteress10 min walk to campus404126898060We have everything you need for whatever. Also, I have a car so I can pick you up if its late at night. Please call - my roommates and I want to help as best we can!
Gwen Pribish, Katie Marcovich333 Meyran22901.488.9928 412.977.6240
Harrison K. and Sarah T.325 Atwood St.Sectional couch, floor space(w/sleeping bags) and maybe a spare bedroom<5 mins walk30412/513.6040
HeatherCraig St. by Baum2 couches, 1 recliner, several sleeping bags, and TONS of floor space; women preferred.15 min walk5+3hal37@pitt.edu; 814.470.2642marybeth kellet 6109526572
Helena Likaj356 Atwood St3 Air Matresses, 2 Couches, and plenty of floor space5 min walk211Knock on the door!awwww yeahhh
Hilary SShadysideCouch45 min walk, 10 min bus ride10hps4@pitt.eduI'm a pitt graduate student
Isaac D., Kevin K., Ross C., Gary Z., Matt D.12 Boundary St.2 Couches, 1 love-seat, floor space, large tv w/cable/PS35-10 from towers5 Guests0ijd2@pitt.edu
all welcome.
Jacob HughesI have an air-mattress and an extra room in my house.20716.378.2840
James Lomuscio916 Deely Street30215.720.6835
Jane and EricSquirrel Hill, on the other side of Schenley Park1 bedroom apartment. Living room with couch, recliner, and floor space for our queen sized air mattress and sleeping bags35 min walk; 65 and 61 busses stop nearby, 20 min ride; 5 mins by car. We'd be willing to swing over to campus to collect our adoptees.30jkf12@pitt.eduLaw student and physical therapy student.
We'd be willing to swing over to campus and pick up evacuees.
We'll feed you!
Jason C.Lawrenceville (45th Street & Butler Street)1 sofa bed/couch, 2 love seats, sleeping bag, floor space, shower, full kitchen. Have blankets and pillows. Wi-fi (Comcast), Roku with a TV for entertainment (no cable).30 minute bus ride (according to Google Maps)2 or 3 people (3rd would be on floor in sleeping bag)0412-357-2560I have no pets, usually a late owl myself but respectful of others, call at any time of the day or night, you won't anger me. Heck, I'll pick you up if I'm able to. PITT or Point Park ID (now that they're having threats too) required.
Jason F.South OaklandHouse. Couches, a whole bed, sleeping bags, some food, coffee, wifi, cable, and plenty of floor-space.20 min walk or 30A/30C1 to 3 (very well) 4 to 6 (within reason)0(215) 720 6835 jdf48@pitt.edu
Jenn M.Shadyside - by 4 bus lines to campus (10 min ride)1 guest bedroom with full size bed, 1 queen size air mattress, 2 cats (who can be kept out of guest room if allergic), free laundry, will feed you if around when we do dinner.From Shady Ave, can take 75 Ellsworth, 71B Highland Park, P3 East Busway, or 71D to campus in 10 min. Never used the bus? Visit the wonderful world outside Oakland. :)1 to 4 depending on whether you want a bed to yourself.0412-999-4536 or you can email me jennm@pitt.edu or stop by my office in 4133 Posvar to meet in person.I'm a staff and student at Pitt, you can meet me in person if you want in my office (4133 WWPH) - have 2 cute cats. If you are coming to campus in the early AM, I will walk with you to the bus if taking PAT on your own freaks you out. :)
Jennifer B.151 RobinsonApartment with extra double bed, recliner and couchCan take any bus down fifth to Robinson or walk about 10 minutes from Towers.2 in bed, 1 on chair, 1 on couch0(814) 657 8496I have cats. They'll cuddle you. I'll also make you food.
Jenny Hempen282 North Bellefielda couch, sleeping bag, yoga matt and floor space5 minute walk30724.777.4614if you have animal allergies, we have a guinea pig. His name is Bruce. He is awesome.
Jesse Wool Tyrell Cline3076 Terrace St15 min walk from campus64717.3213635 Jesse
Jessica S.Squirrel HillFull size mattress, couch, love seat, floor space.61a or b at Shady Forbes. 61c or d Murray Forbes, one block walk40Jas359@pitt.edu4 roommates, all 2nd year Pitt Graduate students, and a cat. Modern amenities ;)
Jodi Lincoln Niagara St - right by the blvd two couches and extra bed 15 min walk or 30c/d shuttle 3 more for floor space 412 3904584 i'll probably cook you breakfast
JoeShadysideCouch, plenty of floor space15 bus, 30 minute walk20jpd41@pitt.edu
Lots of space and I'm usually up pretty late so just text or call me, if it's late and the buses stop running I can come pick you up from campus
JohnParkview and Oakland2 couches 2 loveseats7-10 minute walk4 comfortably0jaj72@pitt.edu 814-207-8424 or 908-285-9362We live with 6 people so their is plenty of blankets and pillows. We tend to stay up pretty late so feel free to let us know even if its later at night.
Johnathan and Chelsey AlbertSouth Fayette TownshipHouseWill provide car transit to campus every morning and afternoon; 30-40 min with traffic1-2, up to 8 if emergency0412-290-6558; 412-537-2013All welcome
JordanRegent SquareCouch, possibly a bed, plenty of floor space in a separate, currently empty room15 min bus ride, + approx 5 minute bus ride1 or 2, possibly more after Sunday0(717) 634-1867 or jms381@pitt.eduCall or text. If it's after 11pm, just call because a my text ringtone won't wake me. I have a car and can pick people up in needed.
Jordi SilverstinePanther Hallone bed and floor space and chair.1 or 2 or 30
Joseph Blair222 Coltart Ave1 bed10 min walk near forbes hall10443.204.2228
Josh S. and Lissa G.Darlington Rd. Squirrel HillFuton, Air mattress, Blankets, pillows, shower, kitchen access, wifi, pillow forts?15 min. bus ride (61 A/B/C/D)20jas135@pitt.eduWe're both Pitt grads and wanted to help out. We've got an awesome house and we're right off the bus line on Forbes. We don't have any pets if allergies are an issue. Need Pitt ID.
Joy & David G.Brookline1 queen bed, 2 couches, 1 air mattress, floor space. 45 min. by bus (transfer dahntahn) or ~15 by car (we have a driveway, and we also drive in some mornings)1 - 50joy.eilene@gmail.comWe are both grad students at Pitt, and we have a large friendly dog! We can also provide breakfast and dinner (most nights)
Julia and AliMckee near Forbes2 couches and plenty of floor space with blankets and pillows5-7 minute walk to the Cathedral area2 comfortably, but if you dont mind the floor about 4 people0jmg156@pitt.edu or (717)645-4116Feel free to contact at any point of the day or night (if you need it in an emergency and its past 1am, just call instead of text or email!) Also, in case anyone is Jewish, we do have kosher for Passover food (like Matzah and other other small items) for the week.
JulieHighland ParkFuton, floor space, 2nd full bath, wifi, kitchen, two rarely-used rooms71A or 71B2 if willing to share futon or OK with floor. More if you have an air mattress.0jac64@pitt.edumarried grad students w/ 2 homeschooled kids. We also have pets. Upside: yummy homecooked dinner almost every day. Downside: very active household. not a lot of quiet time.
Kate CSouth Oakland- SempleCouch, floor space (sleeping bags!) I have a cat so if you're allergic stay away!8-15 min walk1/3/201207177813629
Kate KMcKee Pl next to louisa steps4 bedrooms, couch, and futon. 10 min walk30484-832-2167
KatherineN. Dithridge St.Futon, chair, floor space, wifi, tv10-15 min walk1-2people0724-875-4050Apt is quiet and clean, you're welcome to stay until finals are over if
this continues. Call/text whenever, I can come pick you up.
Katie A.Lawrenceville4bdrm house. Kitchen. Living room. Full bath.Wifi&Cable. Area to sleep is a spare room on the 2nd floor. Sleeping bags.10min bus ride on 93 or 541-4 people.0kwa3@pitt.edu, 5707687407
Katie B.Oakland, Past BlvdTwo couches and floor space in living room. Have blankets & pillows. No cable though..15 min walk 21keb119@pitt.edu 215.622.4450We have a cat!
Katie SemmlerEllsworth near Aiken1 couch and 2 airmattressesOn busline, less than 5min to campus by bus, 20min walk1/2/20120kas311@pitt.edu, or 704-737-4753I work for Pitt but I am still young (I graduated from college in 2010). I know how valuable sleep is, so I am opening my home for students so they can get some sleep and study for exams.
Katy Brauckman310 Amber Street Apt 215-20 by bus 71a/71c20443.904.7174
Kayla Near MageeFuton Couch15 minute walk, several buses available20musicspreadsjoy@gmail.comI'm a staff member at Pitt. Pitt ID please. 2 men or 2 women will be fine. It's a small space with one couch, so you'll have to share, but my husband and I want to help any way we can.
Kellie Patchen250 Atwood Street40484.550.8122
KellySouth Oakland, Oakland AveStudio apartment with combined bedroom/living room, one hideous floral couch, decent amount of floor space. Blankets/sheets available5 min walk1 if just considering couch, probably 3 with the floor space0kep46@pitt.edu
Kelly3208 Dawson StTwo couches20 min. walk and 5 min.by shuttle2484-832-5225House of two girls and five guys. Keep my phone on during the night if you guys need a place to stay.
Kelly t.MckeeCouches ,floor, can fit air mattresses if you have them10-20 minutes for on campus buildings2/3/20120Ket37@pitt