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2/7/2014 11:51:06Alison MastersThis is a wonderful web-site that you created for your daughter and I am os glad to see what a beautiful, happy girl she has become!!!Dixon, IL, USA
11/16/2013 17:44:44Wendy

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9/2/2013 21:46:44Tricia Munsontriciamunson@Hotmail.comHi,

I happened to find your website my accident (maybe God's timing) as I was searching for more on my daughter's portal vein thrombosis. She's three now, but also had BA and a liver transplant (at 18 months). We just recently found out that her portal vein has "clotted off." She has had banding for varices too. It was nice to read your Q and A (from your March entry) about what the next steps are as far as dealing with the portal vein blockage. We will find out more on Wednesday, hopefully, on what her future looks like.
Minnesota, U.S.A.
6/14/2013 19:10:15Louvera WaldenWhat a wonderful story....Moultrie, Ga
4/9/2013 19:40:48Bonnie KetterAnd who knew she'd become such a beautiful, intelligent, tall girl. She'll be taller than Bridget soon!
3/8/2013 23:39:33The Gerdes FamThinking of you guys and praying for Natalie! Love and hugs to you all! XoxoxoxoxoSycamore, IL
3/7/2013 16:10:14Jennifer WelkerI will keep you all in my prayers! Springfield, IL
3/7/2013 6:41:09Bonnie KetterBreathe in breathe out.
I will dedicate my next Rosary Prayers to Natalie.
2/15/2013 21:30:28John connellyChecking in to give Louisiana coverageCovington, la usa
10/31/2012 18:47:08Deb BonneLove all the photos! So happy for your miracle girl!Stillman Valley, IL
9/30/2012 19:17:16bjpSto Lat! That's a Polish birthday greeting that means 'may you live a hundred years'. You're an amazing young lady, Natalie. So many of us love you even if we've never met you. We're so blessed to watch you grow and prosper. So, dear Bear, may you live a hundred years!!! Happy Birthday.Madison WI
9/6/2012 7:03:18Bonnie3rd grade, my personal favorite!Plainfield, IL
8/22/2012 19:31:37TruffleHoney, those of us coming to this blog really DO read what you post.
So those pictures better be up soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love and ((hugs))

8/22/2012 17:51:44Gigi RebackLove watching Natalie grow up into a beautiful, confident young lady.
8/22/2012 11:48:11Coralee HardwickThat's a like!!! Great to see you last Saturday!!
7/25/2012 9:27:54Mary PearsonJust want you Letters to know 1) you are awesome friends, and 2) we keep you in our prayers always :)
7/24/2012 17:06:48Megan CytrychSending prayers to you.
7/24/2012 16:10:39Trina MilesGreat to hear you have been having a wonderful summer Natalie!! Thanks for being so sweet to Sophia and showing her all of your swim skills at Dempsey's Fourth of July party. Good luck at the start of your new school year - you will be great :)

Lots of love,
Trina, Stiffy, and Sophia
Dixon, IL
3/11/2011 14:18:08Momwww.nataliebear.comThis is a test.Here
3/17/2008 10:40:00ChrisI am so glad of the progress Natalie has made. God is good ALL THE TIME, even if it's not in our time frame or to our understanding. Have a blessed Easter season.
And no Natalie, the spammer definitely does not have Jesus in his/her heart.
3/15/2008 20:04:00Jen HaysTo all of those people who don't havve Jesus in their heart--just remember--what comes around goes around. They will get theirs soon enough.
<br>Have a GLORIOUS EASTER! We are thinking of you.
3/9/2008 12:05:00Coralee HardwickI'm so sorry you are having spammers! I just reread your entries since the first of the year. I hope Natalie's ear infection is better. She is a beautiful miracle. I also am writing to thank you for your prayers for Shelby. We are hopeful. She goes to Chicago on Tuesday. We'll see what they have to say. Keep praying!
<br>Shelby's Grammie Cori
Machesney Park
3/3/2008 14:03:00Andrea WilliamsNatalie is proof of miracles and the power of prayer! We think about you guys all the time!
<br>Andrea, Aaron, Hope & Hanna
2/18/2008 22:14:00Kayla GallagherI am so happy for all of you! I got tears in my eyes when I read that she has been taken off the list! You've been truly blessed! Congratulations Nalatlie!Harrisburg (originally Dixon)
2/18/2008 15:51:00Coralee HardwickI hadn't checked in for a week or so and Jenn told me the good new!!! I am SO HAPPY for you and most of all, for Natalie!! You have a beautiful child! God's blessings and continued good health for Natalie. Way to go, Natalie!!!!
<br>Shelby's Grandma Cori
Machesney Park
2/18/2008 9:14:00Jennifer HaysHi Natalie! We miss you. YAHOO on the liver news! You'll have to have another sleep over soon.Byron
2/12/2008 20:52:00Kathy YI am saying a prayer of thanksgiving for all of you. I am so happy for your good news and pray that your sweet little girl continues to grow strong and healthy.Franklin Grove
2/9/2008 13:46:00Lorrain, Allen, Gavin & GriffenHappy 3rd liver birthday Natalie!Dixon
2/9/2008 10:07:00Emma Transplant Birthday, Natalie!
2/7/2008 7:11:00Jenn MartinHappy Liver Birthday Natalie!!!!!Rockford
2/1/2008 13:28:00Danielle SleighNatalie,
<br>I love all of your new phots. You are such a little princess and it looks like you have the best time at your dance class!
<br>Danielle (Ethansmum from LF)
1/27/2008 18:42:00Melissa CoyneOur thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. See you at our next soccor game.Byron
1/21/2008 11:49:00Kyra KusnierekHi Natalie,
<br>Hope you have fun in soccer! I really love gymnastics and want to play soccer like Jordan in the spring.
<br>Love, Kyra
1/19/2008 6:55:00Emma<font color="purple">Hi Natalie! Just wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you. Hope you're having lots and lots of fun!</font>
1/9/2008 23:34:00Kari WalockHope you have loads of fun in soccer, Natalie.
<br>Becca - you will love coaching all those giggly kids while they chase after the ball their first time.
12/25/2007 0:19:00Frank (Marisa's Dad)Merry Christmas!Flat Rock
12/24/2007 19:28:00Cheryl Vincent and Angel HaleyI came by to wish you many Christmas blessings!
<br>(Sorry to hear about the flu!)
<br>Hugs to you guys...
12/23/2007 12:55:00MarisaMerry Christmas
12/8/2007 17:15:00Emma & Kenzie DowdingNatalie-
<br> Wow! You are getting so big... We hope you are enjoying school.... We just wanted to sign your guestbook..!! :-)
12/3/2007 23:03:00Jennifer HaysHello Natalie & Mom & Dad!
<br>We sure are missing you. We hope you are having fun at school. Erin wishes you'd come over and visit. She said we don't make enough brownies anymore since you aren't here. Have a great Christmas!
12/3/2007 21:56:00Steve and Katrina MilesHello Becca, Jason, and Natalie!
<br>Just wanted to say happy holidays and wish you guys the best! We loved Natalie's Halloween and Thanksgiving pictures on her website, very cute. We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you have an awesome Christmas.
<br>Love you guys,
<br>Steve and Katrina Miles
11/30/2007 14:08:00Cheryl Vincent and Angel HaleyJust stopping by for a long overdue hello!
<br>Your family is never far from my thoughts.
<br>Hoping you have an amazing Christmas.....
11/30/2007 6:06:00Colleen DempseyDear Natalie,
<br>I loved your thanksgiving card! Thank you for a wonderful Thanksgiving. I had a great time playing with you. I hope you are enjoying school.
<br>All my love,
<br>Grandma Dempsey
11/27/2007 17:21:00Corky Corley (corkygirl)It just warms my heart to see the updated pictures of Natalie!! Merry Christmas to you all - yes I know it's not December yet but it's only a few days away so let me be the first to wish this special family a very Merry Christmas!!Woodridge
11/23/2007 10:48:00Shelly HarperI would love to purchase a cookbook to help out with costs....Byron
11/22/2007 7:27:00Mary M - KaitlynsMom - LFHappy Thanksgiving to you All ! - I can't believe how big and beautiful Natalie is getting!Newton
11/21/2007 20:53:00MarisaHappy Thanksgiving
11/14/2007 19:24:00Kyra KusnierekNatalie - I love the video!! I hope to see you soon!! <br>Love, KyraEagan
11/12/2007 16:29:00sarahBecca,
<br>So glad Natalie is feeling better, and her labs look great!!!!!!
<br>Sorry you had to have a root canal, I so hate those!
11/6/2007 14:32:00Sam MI LOVE the new halloween photo, Nataliebear, you are such a cutie!
<br>Sam (fairenuff)
10/27/2007 10:23:00Kim StahlFine is such a cool thing. I read your posts often. So fine to hear that all is well!!Oregon
10/26/2007 13:01:00Truffle Royale/ Barb JPSo glad things are going well for you all. Natalie's 'fine', mama's 'fine' and hopefully, Daddy's all 'fine' now too. Someday, I'll get to meet this 'fine' family. ((hugs)) to all and prayers that life continues 'normally'.Verona
10/25/2007 18:44:00Lisa and <a href=>her buddy Aiden</a>YAY!! I can sign your guestbook!!!
<br>FINALLY I can say this... THAT photo of Natalie at the Rodeo... Oh... Becca. Becca. No words. It just brings me to tears. It is one of those pictures is a thousand words. That my darling is the face of a miracle, the face of the love you and Jason share, the face or survivor, and the face of innocence. I love that photo and I am so glad to be able to tell you.
<br>we love you guys.
10/19/2007 15:43:00Bill Radovich, OSF St. Anthony, pilotDear Nataliebear, Glory to Jesus Christ, now and forever and thankful for His Eucharistic presence. His kingdom is at hand for everyone. You have a heavy cross to carry. (Rev.3, 19-20). My prayers and love go out to you especially at the Mass.Rockford
10/19/2007 15:07:00LaurieBecca,
<br>It's good to hear that things are "normal" in your house. It's wonderful to hear that Miss Nataliebear is "fine". It's truly amazing to read stories like Natalies and Annika's, I find myself admiring them for more than just their "cuteness."
<br>With Love,
10/17/2007 13:16:00Gerilyn KusnierekYeah, I get to be first signing the newly enabled guest book :)
<br>We're sorry that we couldn't visit last weekend, but look forward to a 2008 trip to the Dells!
6/28/2007 17:58:00Diana KarbsHello Miss Natalie and Family from Okie Banker and her pups - Corky, Koda, Kira and Patches and the horses - Jackson and Rooster, from the farm in Oklahoma. I just wanted to say Hi and tell you that the pictures of you and your doll are wonderful. You both look so pretty. Take care and know that lots of prayers are with you and your mom and dad!Okeene
6/20/2007 16:51:00Trudi BorneHi Becca! My son also has a bile tube. His dx was hepatoblastoma and his transplant was from his dad in August 2006. We are on a major roller coaster with this bile tube and IR procedures and it was just about to come down to surgery when they decided they want to try again in IR after 4th of July. I read your 6-9-07 entry at liverfamilies and Natalie seemed so similar to my son Boo as far as how well they seem and their activity level. Do you still have a date for pulling the tube? I will be following your story.....................Trudi
<br>Boo's mom
<br>Belle Chasse, LA
<br> cp: booborne
<br>LRLT August 2006
Belle Chasse
6/8/2007 7:48:00Lisa DyerNatalie, hope your appointment at Children's went well! I'm patiently awaiting mommy to update us with more pictures from your first dance recital! I don't remember my first, but I know there are lots of pictures. Have a wonderful weekend!Rochelle
6/5/2007 15:07:00Sheila HuntI visit your site everyday, well almost everyday for two years now. I used to go to BOL and that's how I learned about the Ketter Family. Natalie, you are beautiful and strong young lady.
<br>Oh and by the way I love my cookbook!
6/5/2007 14:13:00SvenSorry you lost at least a year of guestbook entries from the look of it - that's so nasty!
<br>All the best for Natalie's recital; I guess we can rely on you posting some of the appr. 1500 pictures of the rehearsal ;)?
<br>Sven (from LF)
6/3/2007 7:41:00AmyAs always I am here everyday. I just do not sign the guest book. We are very excited about dance recital today. I can not wait to Natalie! Love Always,
<br>Amy, Brian, Ava and Callie
5/31/2007 21:04:00GerilynYahoo? who you calling a yahoo, hahahaEagan
7/13/2006 17:56:00Diana MeierA brownie! After a day that had to be no fun at all for her, all it takes to bring a smile to her beautiful little face is a brownie! What a delight she is, if I'd had a day like that I'm afraid it would take much more than a brownie! It was wonderful to see Natalie in person at the bridal shower, I've seen her many times on the website and she's even more precious (if that's possible) in the flesh! She is an absolutely precious little girl - her personality is beautiful. You and Jason are doing an amazing job - it's great to see that you are able to cut through the junk and take each day and get the most from it. Kudos, mom and dad!Milledgeville
7/13/2006 17:09:00CorkygirlYou amaze me, you are such a wonderful mom and have such a wonderful ability to not let the "icky" stuff get in the way of just enjoying your daughter. Natalie is in my thoughts and prayers often, as are her Mom and Dad. Keep taking those pictures and writing down the adorable, wonder things she says and does. What a treasure she is for you.Woodridge
7/12/2006 14:39:00moreenaSooooo sorry to hear the news. You are right. Stupid tubey.
7/10/2006 21:06:00moreenahooray for the rides! Bring that little sweetie on down this way and my girls will share their love of adrenaline, oh so happily!
<br>I'm glad to hear she (and you) have been enjoying yourselves this summer. It's hard to let go of the worry sometimes, but you all are doing summer up right.
7/10/2006 19:55:00Dale CapanI want to say thank you for maintaining such a detailed journal! Today was my first time visiting Natalie's website, and it is very well done. I am a mother of 3 and my youngest, Chloe, had BA, and she just had her second transplant on May 23rd. She will be 3 in October. We are very worried about PTLD as well, and I like all the information you provided. Chloe was positive for EBV before her 2nd transplant, and we think it is from the 1st liver. Her tonsils are enlarged, and the virus has been very active in her system. Her tonsils will be removed soon so they can check for PTLD. She had a major rejection only 2 days post-op, and she is currently rejecting again, so we haven't been able to start lowering the immuno-suppression yet. Anyway - I will be checking in at your website regularly now, and I wish you all the best. I love your list of 100 things - it was so similar to the way I feel.
<br>Sincerely, Dale
7/10/2006 17:13:00ChristiBecca,
<br> ahhh normal....what a feeling..I have to say I took Caden swimming with his brovac in but haven't braved it with his drain...I felt a little guilty and like I was a bad mom at first but I soon loosened up when I watched the look on his face when he was splashing water everywhere..priceless!
<br> You guy's are alway's in my prayers I have a good feeling about Natalie I think she going to do great and keep getting better and better!
<br>Hugs to you guy's
<br>Christ & Caden
7/10/2006 16:07:00Michelle & AveryIt was sooo great to see you guys at Byronfest. Can you believe our girls are going to be three years old? Natalie is a doll!Rockford
7/10/2006 14:27:00Angie - Emma's momTo feel normal for a day...or even a such a wonderful feeling! I'm praying hard that the liver Natalie has now begins to be "happy" and it stays there...and healthy...for a long long time:).cody
7/4/2006 22:27:00Lisa (Aiden's mom)I totally get what you are saying.. I just want so bad for the normal that I take it to the limit sometimes. SOmetimes it fails and he get sick.. but the times where it doesn't are so worth yet another try. We just have to do the best we can. And I think you are doing an amazing job..
<br>Ps/ the pics are breathtaking.. She is growing up to be so beautiful.
7/4/2006 20:49:00Gerilyn KusnierekHope you had a wonderful 4th of July. I remember how much fun we all had last year!!Eagan
6/30/2006 15:49:00pgaleWe pray for you and think kindly of you each and every day! There are miracles and this little girl is going to have a very bright and happy future because there are many Angels watching over her.
<br>She is truly blessed with such graceful parents and support from friends, family, medical experts and anyone who has looked at her bright little face! What a dollie! Enjoy each and everyday and keep praying cause we are all for you!
6/30/2006 10:01:00Michelle, Dave, Davin & AveryThings are looking good!! I love how she loves dolphins and whales...that's my girl! I hope things continue to look up. Wish we were coming this weekend but Davin has a game!Rockford
6/29/2006 22:46:00Jen HaysYEAH!!! No more prednisone! I am so thrilled how well you are doing. Just so you know-- Natalie sure brightens our days. Have a great 4th of July!Byron
6/28/2006 9:12:00angieAWWWW! She looks SO grown up with the pigtails. She is SUCH a beautiful little girl. I'm glad that she is doing well right now. You are always in my prayers.cody
6/27/2006 23:37:00LynneWhat a beautiful little girl. Another strong and resilient child. Great writing! All the very best to all of you.Melbourne
6/24/2006 23:21:00Amanda ThomasI hope angels always watch over you and your family. My prayers are with you.
<br>Natalie is so cute.
6/23/2006 11:53:00ChristiBecca,
<br> I actually started to dial the number..then about the time i punched it in..i started to crack watch way to much tv...glad you all had fun on your vacation....HUGS Christi & Caden
6/22/2006 13:05:00angieThat movie is priceless!! Van Gogh......move over!! I'm so glad that you were able to go on vacation and enjoy yourselves. Being able to relax for awhile makes the world a much more colorful and cheery place!cody
6/22/2006 9:33:00Cheryl and Angel Haley ( bear family,
<br>SOOO glad you had a nice family vacation. That is exactly what this life is all about!, great I sound like a hallmark card!
<br>So, at the risk of being completely uncool....Who is Ausin Powres??
6/20/2006 15:38:00The Kusnierek'sWe had so much fun while you were here! Hope you made it back safe & sound. Talk to you soon. (((hugs)))Eagan
6/19/2006 23:02:00Tammy & JannaI hope you are all having a BLAST on your vacation. We are keeping all of you in our prayers.Wichita
6/18/2006 22:32:00The Walock'sThanks for a fun evening and for the chance to meet your amazing family. Have a safe trip home!!!Faribault
6/15/2006 19:57:00MoreenaHooray! Enjoy that vacation! You all certainly need and deserve it.
6/15/2006 19:34:00Jen HaysYEAH!!!
<br>You get to go on vacation & possibly get some new carpet! We are glad you are feeling better. Please have a very safe and uneventful trip! We will hold down the fort in Byron.
<br>Jenfun & Kids
6/15/2006 17:36:00Stacy - Mom to Tanner & MorganHave a wonderful, safe, & uneventful family weekend. We're still praying for you guys!De Soto
6/15/2006 17:02:00Paula KCGeoQueenBecca,
<br>Sorry to hear Nat Bear is back in the hospital but glad you still get to take your vacation.
<br>So did Jason buy you new carpet (he did make the call) :-)
6/15/2006 15:26:00KristiYEAH!!!! Have fun in Minnesota!!!
6/15/2006 15:25:00Carrie/That GirlWhat a beautiful, darling little bear you have! Hope she gets well very soon. My thoughts and prayers are with Natalie and your family. This is a wonderful website and to see such a precious gift you have. It has truly touched my heart. God bless!White Oak
6/15/2006 14:40:00JimGlad you're getting released and hope you enjoy your vacation although working with me is like a year round vacation. See you when you get back and tell Jason to stop by and visit Ryan while you are up northSV
6/15/2006 13:46:00Barb/Truffle Royaledamn, damn and blast! There. I said it for you because you can't say it in front of the Bear. :)
<br>No we are not used to this in any way, shape or form. Praying for a speedy return home.
6/15/2006 13:25:00The GinnsWe hate to see that Natalie is back at CMH. Know you are in our thoughts and prayers always.Dixon
6/15/2006 10:42:00CatI'm very sorry to read you are back at the hospital, Natalie! I hope you are feeling better soon and I will say extra prayers for you.
<br>God bless,
6/15/2006 7:53:00Kathy & Megan YocumSorry to hear you are back in - hope you are out soon. We will keep praying for you guys.Franklin Grove
6/14/2006 21:22:00Amy Natalie, I'm so sorry that you are in the hospital again. You and Mommy hug each other and I will pray that you are feeling better and able to go home real soon. Thinking of you, sweetie.
6/14/2006 20:21:00Jennifer HaysHi!
<br> No, we are not immune to you going in the hospital. Every time that Natalie is not here is a sad day. Nannie--we promise to have a fresh baked pan of brownies waiting for you when you get home. We hope you feel better soon and get to come home. Our prayers are with you! Ben says HI Natalie! Love, Jenfun
6/14/2006 18:56:00Coralee HardwickOh, Becca..........I want Natalie to have a "normal" life too. I'm so glad I checked your post yesterday and got word to Jenn so she could see you as they were at CMH too. I am grateful everyday for the "normal" Shelby has now. So many say "oh wouldn't she be better with the liver transplant?" I always tell them about Annika and Natalie. I pray for all of you all the time. Shelby's Grandma CoriMachesney Park
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