Georgia State Convention History
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YearVenueCityCountyChairmanVice ChairmanSecretary TreasurerChaplainAssistant Vice ChairmanAssistant Secretary TreasurerArranging CommitteeMemorial CommitteeResolutions CommitteeFinance CommitteeLocating CommitteeNotes
1962Oak Grove Primitive Baptist ChurchBowdenCarrollHoyt CagleA. M. Cagle?L. L. Rogers
1963New Hope Primitive Baptist ChurchVilla RicaDouglasA. M. CagleW. B. MatthewsL. L. RogersJane CagleHugh McGraw, Preston Warren, Buford KingGeorge Phillips?, Buford King?, H. M. Blackmon?M. F. McWhorter (Chairman), Henry Kerr, Buford McGrawHugh McGraw, Buford King, W. B. Matthews
1964New Hope Primitive Baptist ChurchVilla RicaDouglasW. B. MatthewsHugh McGrawA. M. CagleCarl HughesMary Lou CagleLoyd Redding (Chairman), Hoyt Cagle, E. G. Akin, Elder J. J. AderholdElder J. J. AderholdM. F. McWhorter (Chairman), H. M. Blackmon, Elder J. J. AderholdBuford King (Chairman), L. L. Rogers, Buford McGraw
1965Cold Springs Primitive Baptist ChurchCarroll?Tom McGrawLoyd ReddingMary Lou CagleR. E. DensonBuford McGraw (Chairman), Hoyt Cagle, Preston WarrenRuth Denson Edwards, Elder J. J. Aderhold, Ellis Brittian (sp?)Hugh McGraw, Millard McWhorter, Arthur WindomBuford King, Jim Ayers, Arnold RobinsonW. B. Matthews, E. G. Akin, L. G. Denney
1966Emmaus Primitive Baptist ChurchCarrolltonCarrollH. N. McGrawLoyd ReddingCharlene WallaceR. E. DensonE. G. Akin (Chairman), M. F. McWhorter, L. G. DenneyRuth Denson Edwards (Chairman), Hoyt Cagle, Preston WarrenR. E. Denson (Chairman), Inez Bentley, R.V. MoonJim Ayers (Chairman), Buford King, Mrs. Inez Bentley
1967Emmaus Primitive Baptist ChurchCarrolltonCarrollLoyd ReddingZ. L. HardinCharlene WallaceCarl HughesE. G. Akin (Chairman), Hoyt Cagle, Leman BrownM. F. McWhorter (Chairman), Lonnie Rogers, L. G. DenneyW. A. Parker (Chairman), Foy Frederick, Inez BentleyJim Ayers (Chairman), Buford McGraw, Preston WarrenLloyd Redding, Z. L. Hardin, Charlene Wallace, Carl HughesMemorial lesson held after lunch on Sunday after passage of a resolution affecting this year of the convention only. Officers served as locating committee.
1968Antioch Baptist ChurchCordeleCrispZ. L. HardinE. G. AkinCharlene WallaceElder J. J. AderholdBuford McGraw (Chairman), Raymond Hamrick, Hoyt CagleW. A. Parker, Hugh McGrawM. F. McWhorter, Carlene Griffin, J. L. EdgeJim Ayers, Lloyd Redding, Harry Dumas
1969Emmaus Primitive Baptist ChurchCarrolltonCarrollE. G. AkinTom McGrawCharlene WallaceCarl HughesBuford McGraw (Chairman), Hoyt Cagle, L. G. DenneyHugh McGraw, Carlene Griffin, W. A. ParkerRuth Denson Edwards, Judy Henry, Earlis McGrawJim Ayers, Lloyd Redding
1970Poplar Springs Primitive Baptist ChurchTallapoosaHaralsonTom McGrawLoyd ReddingCharlene WallaceE. G. AkinHoyt Cagle (Chairman), Preston Warren, Kenneth MizeE. G. Akin (Chairman), Mrs. Ayers, Carlene GriffinBuell Cobb Jr., Henry Kerr, George JonesBill Avery, Virgin Moon, Jim AyersHugh McGraw, Earlis McGraw, Grady AderholdAttended by "Carol McCormick and Richard Reifsnyder (Yale University, Conn)" who led 268, 49b, 277
1971New Hope Primitive Baptist ChurchVilla RicaDouglasLoyd ReddingHugh McGrawCharlene WallaceE. G. AkinHoyt Cagle (Chairman), Buell Cobb, Preston WarrenRuth Denson Edwards (Chairman), Carlene Griffin, L. L. RogersMillard McWhorter (Chairman), Leman Brown, Eula JohnsonJimmy Arthur (Chairman), Z. L. Hardin, Dan BrittainBuford McGraw (Chairman), C. W. Haley, Lloyd Redding, Hugh McGraw
1972Old Valley Grove Primitive Baptist ChurchOcillaIrwinHarry DumasHugh McGrawCharlene WallaceZ. L. HardinJ. C. Kendrick (Chairman), Otis Hester, Buford McGrawLouie Pate, Eugene Shelley, Millard McWhorterLloyd Redding, Willie Mae Latham, Gertrude BatemanZ. L. Hardin (Chairman), Dan Brittain, Richard JohnsonHoyt Cagle, Arlin Webb, Fred Robinson, Harry Dumas, Hugh McGraw
1973New Hope Primitive Baptist ChurchVilla RicaDouglasHugh McGrawDan BrittainCharlene WallaceR. E. DensonBuford McGraw, E. C. Bowen, J. C. KendrickRuth Denson Edwards, Carlene Griffin, Grady AderholdLloyd Redding, Willie Mae Latham, Gertrude BatemanZ. L. Hardin, E. G. Akin, Elder J. J. AderholdOtis Hester, Buell Cobb, Raymond Hamrick, Hugh McGraw, Dan Brittain
1974Old Valley Grove Primitive Baptist ChurchOcillaIrwinHugh McGrawBuell CobbCharlene WallaceJ. C. KendrickBuford McGraw, J. C. Kendrick, E. C. BowenMillard McWhorter, Mary Lou CagleGertrude Bateman, Carlene Griffin, Mildred DumasZ. L. Hardin, E. G. Akin, Otis HesterHugh McGraw, Buell Cobb, Lloyd Redding, Jim Ayers, Lonnie Rogers
1975West Georgia CollegeCarrolltonCarrollBuell CobbJ. C. KendrickCharlene WallaceWalter ParkerGarfield Rainwater, Oscar McGuire, Preston WarrenCarlene Griffin, Mae SeymourMillard McWhorter, Willie Mae LathamHugh McGraw, Leman Brown, Lonnie RogersBuell Cobb, J. C. Kendrick, Hoyt Cagle, Z. L. Hardin, E. G. Akin
1976Oak Grove Primitive Baptist ChurchRoswellN. FultonJ. C. KendrickKenneth DeLongCharlene WallaceWalter ParkerHugh McGraw, E. G. Akin, Preston WarrenEula Johnson, M. F. McWhorter, Hoyt CagleBuell Cobb, Willie Mae Latham, Kelly BeardZ. L. Hardin, Loy Garrison, Carl HughesJ. C. Kendrick, Kenneth DeLong, Oscar McGuire, Buford McGrawWord of Mouth Chorus present, sang songs for the Convention both days.
1977Nidrah PlantationLeslieSumterRaymond HamrickBuford McGrawCharlene WallaceElder Ricky HarcrowCarlene GriffinHugh McGraw, Harry DumasCarlton Hitchcock, Carlene Griffin, Willie Mae LathamMillard McWhorter, T. H. Ross, E. G. AkinPlez Hardin, Otis Hester, Buell CobbRaymond Hamrick, Buford McGraw, Loyd Redding, Eugene Shelley, Mildred DumasWord of Mouth Chorus present, sang songs for the Convention both days.
1978New Hope Primitive Baptist ChurchVilla RicaDouglasBuford McGrawClewis HardinCharlene WallaceElder Ricky HarcrowCarlene GriffinHugh McGraw, D. T. WhiteWillie Mae Latham, Kelly Beard, Eula JohnsonMillard McWhorter, Virginia Albright, David GrantElder J. J. Aderhold, Hoyt Cagle, Delores McGrawRaymond Hamrick, E. G. Akin, Wesley Haley, Buford McGraw, Clewis Hardin
1979Nidrah PlantationLeslieSumterClewis HardinDavid GrantCharlene WallaceR. E. DensonCarlene GriffinHugh McGraw, Oscar McGuire Raymond Hamrick, Loyd Redding, Joyce WaltonOtis Hester, Coy Ivey, T. H. RossKelly Morris, E. G. Akin, Nick GriffinAlmond Tree Chorus, from Minneapolis, MN, present, sang songs for the Convention on Saturday.
1980Holly Springs Primitive Baptist ChurchBremenCarrollDavid GrantKelly BeardCharlene WallaceE. C. BowenCarlene GriffinHugh McGraw, Oscar McGuireRuth Brown, Willie Mae Latham, Martha WoodardCarlton Hitchcock, Delores McGraw, Preston WarrenE. G. Akin, Coy Ivey, D. T. WhiteLoyd Redding, Earlis McGraw, Seab Hardin
1981Holly Springs Primitive Baptist ChurchBremenCarrollKelly BeardW. L. GreenCharlene WallaceE. C. BowenCarlene GriffinHugh McGraw, Coy IveyMildred Dumas, Mae Seymour, T. H. RossDavid Grant, Daphene Causey, E. W. WoodleyDon Clark, Virginia Dyer, Loyd ReddingE. G. Akin, Clewis Hardin, Hoyt CagleSchola Cantorum present, sang "Lake Clair and January" for the Convention on Saturday morning.
1982New Hope Primitive Baptist ChurchVilla RicaDouglasTony SmithRichard DeLongCharlene WallaceE. C. BowenCarlene GriffinHugh McGraw, D. T. WhiteMary Lou Cagle, Delores McGraw, Hilda MorrisonHester Edwards, Jeff Sheppard, T. H. RossLonnie Rogers, Leonard Lacy, Jim AyersLoyd Redding, E. G. Akin, Clewis Hardin
1983Holly Springs Primitive Baptist ChurchBremenCarrollRichard DeLongDan BrittainCharlene WallaceE. C. BowenCarlene GriffinHugh McGraw, Bobby RiversFlorice Akin, Geneva Prichard, Mozell SmithEverette Denney, Delores McGraw, I. V. McWhorterClewis Hardin, William Headrix, Hoyt CagleLoyd Redding, E. G. Akin, Kelly Morris
1984Emmaus Primitive Baptist ChurchCarrolltonCarrollDan BrittainRobert E. RiversCharlene WallaceE. C. BowenCarlene GriffinHugh McGraw, Matt DeLongVivian Rogers, Geneva Prichard, Margie SmithFelton Denney, Lloyd Redding, Henry WilsonLonnie Rogers, E. G. Akin, B. M. SmithClewis Hardin, Richard DeLong, Hoyt Cagle, Dan Brittain, Robert E. Rivers
1985Ebenezer Primitive Baptist ChurchDunwoodyN. DeKalbPhil SummerlinB. M. SmithCharlene WallaceClarence DeLongCarlene GriffinHugh McGraw, Richard DeLong, Matt DeLongRuth Brown, Shelbie Sheppard, Horace DeLongHoyt Cagle, Kenneth DeLong, Kelly BeardLoy Garrison, Wilson Headrick, Delores McGrawFelton Denney, Clewis Hardin, E. C. Bowen
1986West Georgia CollegeCarrolltonCarrollB. M. SmithMyron HouseCharlene WallaceWilliam HeadrickCarlene GriffinRichard DeLong, D. T. WhiteEdith Tate, Lonnie Rogers, Shelbie SheppardHoyt Cagle, Penny Bosarge, Kelly BeardJudy Henry, Jeff Sheppard, Felton DenneyOscar McGuire, Sheri Web, E. G. Akin
1987West Georgia CollegeCarrolltonCarrollMyron HouseTed MercerCharlene WallaceWilliam HeadrickCarlene GriffinD. T. White, Matt DeLongKathy Phillips, Connie Rogers, Judy HenryMartha Ann Stegar, Oscar McGuire, E. C. BownDelores McGraw, Sheri Webb, B. M. SmithRichard DeLong, Felton Denney, Florice Akin
1988Big Creek Primitive Baptist ChurchAlpharettaN. FultonTed MercerRichard DeLongCharlene WallaceWilliam HeadrickHugh McGraw, Oscar McGuireKathy Phillips, Mary Lou Cagle, Helen BrysonFaye Pettis, B. M. Smith, Kenneth DeLongMatt DeLong, Henry Zittrouer, Loy GarrisonMyron House, Felton Denney, Carlene Griffin
1989Emmaus Primitive Baptist ChurchCarrolltonCarrollFelton DenneyRichard DeLongCharlene WallaceWilliam HeadrickKathy Williams, Delores McGrawHelen Bryson, Everette Denney, Carlene GriffinLonnie Rogers, Jimmie Denney, Geneva PrichardB. M. Smith, Jeff Sheppard, Sheri Webb
1990Big Creek Primitive Baptist ChurchAlpharettaN. FultonRichard DeLongB. M. SmithCharlene WallaceElder Roy DavisMary F. Smith, Margie SmithBonnie Flowers, Kathy Williams, Janice PaulkLonnie Rogers, Faye Pettis, Laurie AllisonKenneth DeLong, Jeff Sheppard, Don BowenHugh McGraw, Doug Allison, Henry Zittrouer
1991Holly Springs Primitive Baptist ChurchBremenCarrollElder Homer BenefieldJerry SheppardCharlene WallaceLonnie RogersRichard DeLong, Mozelle Sheppard, Otis HesterConnie Karduck, Margie SmithMary F. Smith, Felton Denney, Delores McGrawHugh McGraw, Judy HenryB. M. Smith, Jimmy Denney, Revy Williamson
1992Emmaus Primitive Baptist ChurchCarrolltonCarrollEverette DenneyB. M. SmithCharlene WallaceLonnie RogersRichard DeLong, Helen BrysonConnie Karduck, Shelbie Sheppard, Hazel CagleKathy Williams, Mae Seymour, Judy MinceyDelores McGraw, Felton Denney, Carlene GriffinHugh McGraw, Kenneth DeLong, Harry Dumas
1993Big Creek Primitive Baptist ChurchAlpharettaN. FultonHelen BrysonRichard WhatleyCharlene WallaceE. C. BowenLee Rogers, Richard DeLong, B. M. SmithJudy Mincey, Ruth Brown, Lora CargoFaye Pettis, Dollie Hudgins, Kathy WilliamsKim Cagle, Jimmy Denney, Jesse RobertsDoug Allison, Kenneth DeLong, Kelly Morris
1994Old Decatur CourthouseDecaturDeKalbDoug AllisonRichard WhatleyCharlene WallaceElder Jesse RobertsRichard DeLong, David McGukin, Kelly MorrisHelen Bryson, Faye Pettis, Dollie HudginsJudy Mincey, Elene Stovall, Laura AkermanDelores McGraw, Laurie Allison, Dan BaileyB. M. Smith, Jimmy Denney, Kenneth DeLong
1995Old DeKalb CourthouseDecaturDeKalbDoug AllisonRichard WhatleyCharlene WallaceJack SmithRichard DeLong, Chris CarnellHelen Bryson, Jeannette DePoy, Janice PaulkLiz Bryant, Frances Mary D’Andrea, Kelly MorrisLaurie Allison, Dan Bailey, Don BowenDavid McGukin, Judy Mincey, Kenneth DeLong
1996Old DeKalb CourthouseDecaturDeKalbElder Jesse RobertsTed MercerCharlene WallaceJack SmithRichard DeLong, Doug AllisonG. C. Waldrep, Jeannette DePoyJudy Mincey, Kelly Morris, Helen BrysonLaurie Allison, Dan Bailey, Don BowenKenneth DeLong, Felton Denney, Liz Bryant
1997Big Creek Primitive Baptist ChurchAlpharettaN. FultonJeannette DePoyKenneth DeLongCharlene WallaceElder Jesse RobertsRichard DeLong, Faye PettisFrances Mary D’Andrea, Cathy White, Jessica RobertsLee Rogers, Helen Bryson, Louis Hughes, Jr.Laurie Allison, Don Bowen, Phillip LangleyFelton Denney, Kelly Morris, Judy Mincey
1998Old DeKalb CourthouseDecaturDeKalbHelen BrysonLouis Hughes, Sr.Charlene WallaceElder Jesse RobertsRichard DeLong, Faye Pettis, Doug AllisonCathy White, Lee Rogers, Judy MinceyJohn Plunkett, Frances Mary D’Andrea, Tim CookKelly Morris, Don BowenFelton Denney, Kenneth DeLong, John Hollingsworth
1999Big Creek Primitive Baptist ChurchAlpharettaN. FultonLouis Hughes, Sr.Jeannette DePoyCharlene WallaceElder Jesse RobertsRichard DeLong, Laura AllisonLee Rogers, Kelly MorrisConnie Karduck, Janice Paulk, John PlunkettFaye Pettis, Don BowenDoug Allison, Jimmie Denney, Kenneth DeLong
2000Old DeKalb CourthouseDecaturDeKalbJeannette DePoyFelton DenneyCharlene WallaceElder Jesse RobertsRichard DeLong, Eric Tweedy, Scott DePoyKelly Morris, John PlunkettJohn Hollingsworth, Lee RogersHelen Bryson, Don BowenFaye Pettis, Jimmie Denney, Louis Hughes, Sr.
2001Carrollton Community Activities CenterCarrolltonCarrollFelton DenneyJohn PlunkettCharlene WallaceLonnie RogersRichard DeLong, Scott DePoy, Judy MinceyElder Jesse Roberts, Lee Rogers, Josephine DenneyHelen Bryson, Laura Akerman, Teenie MoodyJimmie Denney, Don Bowen, Louis Hughes, Sr.Andy Anderson, Kenneth DeLong, Eric Tweedy
2002Old DeKalb CourthouseDecaturDeKalbJohn PlunkettRichard DeLongCharlene WallaceLouis Hughes Sr.Scott DePoy, Helen BrysonJeannette DePoy, Judy Mincey, Eric TweedyLee Rogers, David YeagerLela Crowder, Andy Anderson, Don BowenKenneth DeLong, Philip Denney, John Hollingsworth
2003Big Creek Primitive Baptist ChurchAlpharettaN. FultonRichard DeLongCharles WoodsCharlene WallaceJohn HollingsworthJesse Roberts, Andy Morse, Louis Hughes, Jr.Jeannette DePoy, Lee Rogers, David LeeHelen Bryson, Sandra WilkinsonLela Crowder, Andy Anderson, Don BowenPhilip Denney, Faye Holbrook, Louis Hughes, Sr.John Plunkett continued to serve as Chairman due to the illness of Richard DeLong.
2004Emmaus Primitive Baptist ChurchCarrolltonCarrollCharles WoodsOscar McGuireCharlene WallaceLonnie RogersJesse Roberts, John HollingsworthScott DePoy, Richard DeLongDavid Yeager, Lee RogersLela Crowder, Don BowenGayle Denney, Andy Anderson, Harry Eskew
2005Emmaus Primitive Baptist ChurchCarrolltonCarrollOscar McGuireJeannette DePoyCharlene WallaceLonnie RogersScott DePoy, Helen Bryson, Cecil RobertsKaren Rollins, Kathy WilliamsLela Crowder, Phillip LangleyDon Bowen, Philip DenneyLouis Hughes, Sr., John Plunkett, B.M. Smith
2006Sweet Water ChapelLawrencevilleGwinnettJohn PlunkettJeannette DePoyCharlene WallaceElder Jesse Roberts, David LeeLela Crowder, Richard DeLong, Scott DePoyJudy Mincey, Kathy WilliamsHelen Bryson, David YeagerPhillip Langley, Charles Woods, Andy Morse
2007Big Creek Primitive Baptist ChurchAlpharettaN. FultonJeannette DePoyRichard DeLongCharlene WallaceJohn HollingsworthJohn Plunkett, Lela Crowder, Michael HavertyMatt Hinton, Faye HolbrookHelen Bryson, Sandra WilkinsonPhillip Langley, Karen Rollins
2008Emmaus Primitive Baptist ChurchCarrolltonCarrollRichard DeLongPhillip LangleyCharlene WallaceLonnie RogersSarah HarcrowLela CrowderScott DePoy, Mike Thompson, Nathan ReesJeannette DePoy, Karen Rollins John Plunkett, David McGukinLouis Hughes, Tony Hammock, Cecil Roberts
2009Walker County Civic Center Complex Rock SpringsWalkerSarah JenkinsMichael ThompsonCharlene WallaceJoel JenkinsLela CrowderRichard DeLong, Nathan ReesJonathon Smith, Jenna StrizakBen Bath, Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg, Kelsey SunderlandStanley Edwards, Bentley McGuirePhillip Langley, Oscar McGuire, John Plunkett
2010Sweetwater ChapelLawrencevilleGwinnettMichael ThompsonRichard DeLongCharlene WallaceHenry Johnson, David LeeLela CrowderHelen Bryson, Judy MinceyKathy Williams, Sharona NelsonJoanna Lampert, Julian DamashekLaurie Allison, Justin LeviJohn Plunkett, B.M. Smith, Jeannette DePoy
2011Emmaus Primitive Baptist ChurchCarrolltonCarrollJesse Pearlman KarlsbergJohn KelsoCharlene WallaceBlake SisemoreLela CrowderRichard DeLong, Lauren Bock, Anna HintonKathy Williams, Helen Brown, Michael ThompsonJohn Plunkett, Michael Walker, Kelsey SunderlandShannon Primm, Mike Spencer, B. M. SmithHugh McGraw, Jeannette DePoy, Buck Lea, Karen RollinsCharlene Wallace honored with a plaque for her long service to the Convention.
2012Emmaus Primitive Baptist ChurchCarrolltonCarrollMatt HintonLauren BockCharlene WallaceRiley LeeLela CrowderJohn Kelso, Mark GodfreyKaren Rollins, Kathy WilliamsMichael Walker, Jeannette DePoyB. M. Smith, Cecil RobertsJohn Plunkett, Philip Denney, Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg
2013Emmaus Primitive Baptist ChurchCarrolltonCarrollLauren BockKaren RollinsCharlene WallaceNathan ReesLela CrowderJesse Pearlman Karlsberg, Amy Armstrong, Scott DePoyMike Hinton, Riley LeeJustyna Orlikowska, Ellen Lueck, Matt HintonB. M. Smith, David BrodeurPhilip Denney, Michael Spencer, Jeannette DePoy
2014Emmaus Primitive Baptist ChurchCarrolltonCarrollKaren RollinsPhilip DenneyCharlene WallaceMatt HintonLela CrowderScott DePoy, Nathan Rees, Angela MyersHenry Johnson, Jeannette DePoyDavid Brodeur, Judy MinceyB. M. Smith, Rodney IveyJohn Plunkett, Oscar McGuire, Bill Hollingsworth
2015Emmaus Primitive Baptist ChurchCarrolltonCarrollPhilip DenneyMatt HintonCharlene WallaceMichael WalkerWyatt DenneyLela CrowderRichard Ivey, David BrodeurBridgett Hill Kennedy, David IveyMike Hinton, Eva Striebeck, Alison BrownB. M. Smith, Rodney IveyJohn Plunkett, Oscar McGuire
2016Big Creek Primitive Baptist ChurchAlpharettaN. FultonMatt HintonPhillip LangleyLela CrowderClarke Lee, Jim NealWyatt DenneyDonna BellJesse P. Karlsberg, Scott DePoy, Jeannette DePoy, Andy DitzlerJudy Caudle, Bridgett Hill KennedyDavid Smead, Sasha HsuczykJohnathon Kelso, Isaac GreenJohn Plunkett
2017Emmaus Primitive Baptist ChurchCarrolltonCarrollPhillip LangleyJason StanfordLela CrowderBill Hollingsworth, Gillian InksetterDonna BellJeannette DePoy, Andy Ditzler, Isaac Green, Anna HintonLisa Bennett, Michael ThompsonDavid Brodeur, Emma Rose, David SmeadHayden Arp, Daniel WilliamsPhilip Denney, Samuel Williams
2018Emmaus Primitive Baptist ChurchCarrolltonCarrollErica HintonMichael SpencerLela CrowderRiley LeeDavid Brodeur, Isaac Green, Anna HintonBridgett Hill Kennedy, David IveyKate Kirwan, Brenda DunlapOscar McGuire, Philip Denney, Samuel WilliamsJesse Pearlman Karlsberg, Justin Bowen, Mike Spencer
2019Lyndon House Art CenterAthensAthens-ClarkeMichael SpencerKathy WilliamsLela CrowderJohn HollingsworthDonna BellJane Cannon, Anna HintonAmy Armstrong, Helen BrownJustin Bowen, Liora O’Donnell GoldensherJohn Plunkett, Philip Denney, Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg