Scionwood Swap Master Sheet
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Persimmon scion from trees that drop in August, Sept, Oct, Nov/Decseedlings- chestnut, purdue walnut, burr oak, tree protectors, weed
Amarena Cherry budsSyrah grape clone 877 buds or Gravenstein apple budsRobert /
AMERICAN ELDERBERRY:cultivars, or cuttings from promising wild selections
CASTANEA Pumila var. Ozarkensis: Seeds
CORYLUS Americana:Cultivars or promising wild selections
AMERICAN ELDERBERRY: cuttings, various wild selections from Missouri
PAWPAW: seeds - selected from wild Missouri trees
All from Zone 6a
Aaron /
American Persimmon cultivars: szukis, mohler, garretson, yates Mulberry: Wellington, Illinois Everbearing, Collier Fig: Any short season hardy cultivars suitable for container growingApples: dozens of varieties including caville blanc, northern spy, reinette zabergau Jostaberry cuttings, Hybrid chestnut seedlings, American persimmon seedlings, hybrid hazel seed, cornelian cherry seedlingsAkiva /
American Persimmon scionwood (any selected varieties), Heirloom Apple (any) scionwood (z4-5), Carpathian/Italian/Persian Walnut (regia z5)Qing and Colossal Chinese Chestnut bareroot seedlings (18-30") (Castanea mollisima), 2-yr Seaberry (Sea Buckthorn) 18-36" bare root (Hippophae rhamnoides).Grant /
Any variety of peachGrimes Golden Apple, Rome Apple, Bluejay Blueberry, Unidentifed New York dark and light figs (From collector in NY and very sweet)Doug Martin /
Apple (USDA zone 5b/6a):(Only two sticks per variety) Abram (father abraham), allington pippin, ananas reinette, aromatic russet, black limbertwig, blenheim orange, brushy mountain limbertwig, bullet, caney fork limbertwig, cannon pearmain, caville blanc, celestia, chisel jersey, claygate pearmain, court pendu plat, Cranberry pippin, duke of Devonshire, egremont russet, fall limbertwig, Gilpin, grey pearmain, hallApple (USDA zone 5b/6a): Albemarle pippin, arkansas black, ashmeads kernal, baldwin, black oxford, black twig, campfield, cox orange pippin, golden pearmain, golden russet, graniwinkle, gravenstein, grimes golden, halls, harrison, hewes crab, kingston black, kinnairds choice, margil, michelin, morgan sweet, northern spy, pitmaston pineapple, pomme gris, Rhode Island greening, ribston pippin, rome beauty, Roxbury russet, Smith's cider, spice of old VA, winesap, yarlington mill, yatesDan /

I also Need these APPLES:
hunt russet, junaluska, kentucky limbertwig, knobbed russet, levering limbertwig, missouri pippin, muscadet bernay, myer's royal limbertwig, old fashioned limbertwig, parks pippin, parmar, perry russet, pilot, plum cider, priestly, ralls janet, ramsey limbertwig, red limbertwig, red rebel, ruby limbertwig, scott's winter, smoky mountain limbertwig, sops of wine, swaar, swiss limbertwig, terry winter, tolman sweet, victoria limbertwig, virginia beauty, willow twig, Winston, winter jon, york
Apple Cultivars: Rhode Island Greening, Grimes Golden, Black ArkansasApple Cultivars: St. Edmunds Russett, Egremont Russett, Winter BananaRichard rutschman /
Apple-Golden Delicious,Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith, Braeburn, Pink Lady, Red DeliciousMethley PlumPhillip /
APPLE: Apples for zone 4, especially hard cider varieties or winesaps, galas, honeycrisp and cortlands.VARIOUS: Hickory, Oak, CrabappleLuke /
Apple: Barnack Beauty; Brownlee's Russet;
Duke of Devonshire;
Wheeler's Russet; Tupstones; St. Cecelia;
Spanish White Reinette;
Skinner's Seedling;
Canada Reinette;
Reinette Clochard
Apple: Grimes Golden; Golden Delicious;
Red Delicious; Mutsu;
Paula Red; Granny Smith;
Red Rome Beauty
Evan /
Apple: Cox's Orange Pippin, Cripps Pink, Pink Lady, Crispin, Mutsu, Gravenstein
Pear: Comice, Any Asian except Korean Giant
Apple: Fuji, Goldrush, Honeycrisp, Yellow Transparent
Cherry: Black Tartarian, Lapins
Pear: Bartlett, D'Anjou, Korean Giant
Scott /
APPLE: Crimson Crisp, Ribston Pippin, Pristine, Victoria Limbertwig, Celestia, Chinook, Crimson Gold, Evereste, Foxwhelp, Hollow Log, Ice, Jonagored, Norfolk Royal, Priddy's Pride, Scarlet Crofton, Scarlet Nonpareil, Summer Buff, Suntan, Tenderskin, Virginia Beauty, and Virginia Sweet.APPLE: Goldrush, Suncrisp, Cortland, Scarlet Gala, Suncrisp, Sweet Sixteen, Fuji (September Wonder), Fuji, Jonagold, Sundance, Pixie Crunch, Jonamac, Earliblaze, Enterprise, Golden Delicious, Queen Cox, Rubinette, and Winecrisp.Mark /
APPLE: FujiASIAN PEARS: Korean Giant
PEARS: Bartlett, D'Andour
APPLES: Red Delicious
Joe /
Apple: Sansa, Hawaii, Honeycrisp, Red Fuji, Fuji Benishogun Red Delicous Bisbee, Red Delicous Schlect

Pears: Comice
Fig: Black Jack, Green Ischia, Violette de Bordeaux

Peach: Ruby Prince, July Prince
Plums: Elephant Heart, Mariposa
Apple: Grimes Golden, Fuji, Golden Delicous, Cauley, Summer Banana, Kidd's Orange Red, Hawkeye Red Delicous

Pears: Ayers, Magness, Maxine, Moonglow, Pineapple

Peach: Harvester
Fig: Brown Turkey
Plums: AU Rubrum, Santa Rosa
Ray /
Apple: Smokehouse, Pomme Gris, Ashmead's Kernal and Albemarle PippinApple: Mattamuskeet, Smith's Cider, Vandevere and Pryor's Red apple scionsDave /
Apple: Stoke RedApple: Dabinett, Kingston Black, Chestnut Crab, Sops of WineJahil /
Apple: Suncrisp, Sweet Bough, Beni Shogun, Arkcharm, Freyberg, Blondee Apple, Nittany,Pink Princess, Hokuto, Sayaka, Pink Pearl
Apricot: Canadian White Blenheim, Montrose Apricot, Moniqui Apricot, Afghanistan apricot, Shaa-kar Pareh apricot, Zard apricot, Cot-n-Candy, Harcot
Plums: Spring Satin Plumcot & other plumcots or pluots, Santa Rosa, Ruby Queen, Golden Nectar Plum, Elephant Heart, Emerald Beaut, Toka Hybrid Plum, Pearl Citation, Rosy Gage, Howard's Miracle, DUARTE PLUM
Offering many varieties of the following fruit trees: apples, plums, apricots, pears, persimmons, sweet cherries, peach and nectarinesIrina /

I also need:
Persimmons: Nishimura Wase, Chocolate Persimmon, Tam Kan, Gwang Yang, Ichi-Ki-Kei-Jiro, Sheng, Smith's Best Persimmon, Shin Na Da, Celebrity American Persimmon, Potapsco Persimmon K, Giombo
Peaches: Nectar, Fantastic Elberta, Gloria, Winblo, Snow King, Saturn, Peregine, Sugar Giant, China Pearl, Honey Royal Nectarine Bailey, Heavenly White, White Lady, Zephir, Karla Rose Nectarine (2013), Roseprincess Nectarine (2013), Arctic Star Nectarine, Champion White Peach
Apple( Williams Pride, Freedom, Spartan, Nova Easygro), Pear( Moonglow, Warren, Honey Sweet, Shinko), Plum( Jubileum, Stanley), z6 Asian Persimmon, Almond, late bloom Apricot, Peach( Contender), sweet Mulberry, Cherry( Vandalay, Stella), Grape, Chez6 hardy Pecan, Pear (old farm, Bartlett, Orient), Cherry, Rose hip, Gooseberry, Native Plum, Muscadine. Seedlings also:( Peach, Russian Mulberry, Sand H Plum, Raintree, Locust). Maybe z9: Fig, z9 Citrus, G. Del. Apple, Kieffer Pear.Paul /
Harry Master's Jersey,
Yarlington Mill,
Newtown Pippin,

CUTTINGS: Ribes cuttings
APPLE: Liberty; William's Pride; Honeycrisp; Mother; Kidd's Orange-Red; Ellison's Orange; Alkmene; Belle de Boskoop; Golden Russet; Hudson's Golden Gem; Bramley's Seedling; Topaz; Karmijn de Sonneville; Jonagold De Coster ; Suncrisp
PEAR:Bosc; Conference; Dr. Jules Guyot; Orca; Tyson; Seckle; Flemish Beauty; Abbe Fetel; Comice
PLUMS: Franklin; Reine de Mirabelle; Schoolhouse; Toka
Cherry: Surefire; Kristen; Glacier; Montmorency; Skeena; Vandalay; Lapins; Sweatheart; Compact Stella
Gil /
Hoople's Antique Gold
Hidden Rose (Airlie Red Flesh)
Hudson's Golden Gem
Newell's Orange Winter
APPLE: Keepsake, Black Ben Davis (Gano), Cortland, Golden Russet, Northern Spy, Pomme Gris, Chenango Strawberry, Kingston Black (Cider), Dabinett (Cider), Muscadette de Dieppe (Cider)
PEAR:Patten, Karl's Favorite, Normanischer Ciderbirne (Perry), Winnal's Longdon (Perry), Summercrisp,
Jessie /
Black Oxford,
Hagloe Crab,
Ralls Janet,
Rhode Island Greening,
Rose Limbertwig,
Swayze (aka “Swazie”),
“Tickled Pink” (Baya® Marisa),
Or tell me your favorite!

APPLES: Akane, Ashmead's Kernel, Belle de Boskoop, Bramley's Seedling, Chestnut Crab, Dolgo Crab, Gravenstein (green), Hudson's Golden Gem, Jonagold, Karmijn de Sonnaville, MaCoun, Queen Cox, Spartan, Hewes Crab
PEARS: Orcas, Rescue, Chojuro, Kosui, Shinseiki, Mishirasu
PLUMS: Shiro, Methley, Beauty, Satsuma
GRAPES: Canadice, Jupiter, Venus
PEACH: Frost
FIGS: Desert King, Gillette (aka Croisic) Note: our springs are quite early compared to interior continent, despite our latitude (Puget Sound, WA, USA)
Dan Vorhis /
APPLES: airlie's red flesh,almata, american pippin, baldwin, belle-de-boskoop, black oxford, bramley's seedling, burford's red flesh, cliffordcampfield, count pendu plat, d'arcy spice, discovery, egremont russett

PEARS: aurora, atlantic queen, ayers, bartlett-nye russett, belle angevine, bella de giugno, belle lucrative, buere superfin, butirra rosatta moretini, catillac, dana hovey, devoe, duchess de angloume, doyenne de juliet, easter burre, johantorp, klementika, leopardo moretinni,nova, orcas, rousellet de reims, seckel, summer blood birne, wilder early, pound pear, savignaac, spartlett, summercrisp, Rotkottig Frau Ostergotland,, ubileen, 20th century, korean giant, shinko, hosui, chojuro, shinseiki
APPLE: red astrachan, early cortland, earligold, golden russett, carroll, westfield seek-no-further old original striped delicious

PEARS: lincoln, turnbull giant
Jerry /

I also Need these APPLES: father abraham, geneva crab, glori mundi, hooples antique gold, hawaii, holstein, hudsons golden gem, hooples antique gold, hunt russett, idared, karmige de sonneville, kerr apple-crab, mantet, melrose, nelson county crab, november peach, pink pearl, pink princess,pink sparkle, pomme gris, prarie spy, raven, razor russet, redfield, redford, reinnette gris, roxbury russet, russett baldwin, sandow, smokehouse, sops of wine, st. edmunds russett, swaar, sweet 16, tolman sweet, uralian butter, virginia (hewe's) crab, washed russett, wagener, winekist, wickson, winter red flesh, yarwood crab
APPLES: Allum/Rockingham Red, Bramley's Seedling, Grimes Golden, Golden Russet, (VA) Hughes Crab, Limbertwig (Old Fashioned/Black and Virginia), Minnesota 1734, Roxbury Russet, Northern Spy, Spartan, Spigold, Virginia Beauty, Virginia Winesap, and Yates.APPLES: Black Oxford. Cox' Orange Pippin, Enterprise, Freedom, Liberty, Honeycrisp, Prarie Spy, Red Baron, and Wolf River. Also, Anotovka seedling rootstock - 1 year.Stuart /
APPLES: Atha, Coble's Wilder, Idagold, Red Reese, Red Indiana Sweet, Red Detroit, Red Potts, Yellow Potts, Buttermilk, July Sweet many Limbertwig varietiesAPPLES: Calvin, Devine, Freyburg, Gano, Hawaii, Lowry, Ralls Janet, Husk Sweet, Oriole, OliverDave /
APPLES: BraeburnGranny Smith, macintosh, Sweet 16, yellow delicious, Keepsake, northern spy, CortlandLonnie /
APPLES: English walnut scion, pecan scion and Golden Hurt Cherry Scion.Gala Apple , European Macedonian AppleRefet /
APPLES: Goldrush scionAPPLES: Macintosh , red delicious, northern spyPeter /
APPLES: Pomme Grise, Golden Harvey, Howgate Wonder, Hewe's Crab, DabinettAPPLES: Summer Rambo, Sturmer Pippin, D'Arcy SpiceDave /
APPLES: Williams pride, crimson gold apple, wickson crab,


APPLES: Sansa, Yellow transparent, Honey crisp, Jonagold, Wine sap, Granny Smith, Fuji, Gravenstein, Winter banana, Wolf river
PEAR: European pear, Bartlett, Bosc, Wilders early, Summercrisp
ASIAN PEAR: Tsu li, Ya li, Shin li, Olympic, Ichiban, Housi, Shenko, Shinseiki
PLUM: Santa Rosa, Burbank, Au rosa, Marabella, Italian plum, Shiro plum, Ozark premier
PLOUT, PLUMCOT:Spring satin, Dapple dandy, Flavorrich plout
PEACH: Loring, Evans, Elberta
NECTARINE: Arctic glo
APRICOT: Moore park, Goldcot, Early gold
CHERRY: Tartanian, Lapins, Bing, Jubileum, Stella, Rainer, White gold, Black gold, Unknown tart cherry
Garrett /
Aronia, Goumis, Goji, Serviceberries, Sea BuckthornsPeach, plum, pear, cherry, apple and mulberry scions; Dragon fruit cuttings; raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, hardy kiwi--inquire about varieties.Keely /
(zone 5B)
Asian pear varieties and apple varietiesGoumi and yellow magnoliaChris /
Bell-de-Boskoop, Golden Spice(Dyer), Grimes Golden, Jonathan, Tolman Sweet, Westfield Seek No FurtherBaldwin, Calville, Ashmeades, Bramleys, Dabinett, Michelin, Newton Pippin.Spencer /
CHERRY: Ranier, Royal
APPLE: Liberty, Fuji, Honeycrisp
PEACHES: Haven variety
WALNUT: English
CHERRY: Montmorency
PEACH: Belle of Georgia
PERSIMMON: Wild American (scion wood or bareroot)
BLACK WALNUT: Wild American (bareroot)
PLUM: Stanley
RASPBERRY: Wild black raspberry canes
Sutton /
CHERRY: Scions of Black Tartarian; Sweetheart & Engl. Morello cherry
APRICOT: Autumn Glow apricot
PLUM: Methley & Emerald Beaut plum
APPLE: MYellow Transparent apple
BUFFALOBERRY:Shepherdia argentea
Click HERE for a list.
Green = in stock,
Brown = not available. Some of the list is in French. Use Google Translate.
Ann & Herbert /
CHESTNUT: Any kind of nut bearing CHESTNUT scionwood - 3 piecesPERSIMMON: Fuyu, Chocolate, Saijo
APPLE: Liberty
PEAR: Ayers
PLUM: Ozark premier plum
SWEET CHERRY: Black Tartarian
Kevin /
CHESTNUT: varieties

WALNUT: varieties

PAWPAW: (cold hardy) seeds are fine
SLOE: (prunus spinosa) or blackthorn
PLUM: The High sugar content plum used for making Slivovitz
ALMONDS Cold hardy
NUT TREES: Cold hardy of any sort
PERSIMMON: (bare root)
APPLES: Cider apples
FIG Cold hardy
CHUM: (Cherry Plums)
Any good rootstock with known lineage.
APPLES: Summer crisp, Honey crisp, Gravenstein, Bulmers norman, Yellow transparent, Bramley's seedling, Cox orange pippin
GRAPES: Coronation, Himrod, Siegarriebe, Ortega, marshal foch
PEAR: Bosc, Anjou
PLUM: Damson
PEACH: Arctic
ALMOND: Halls Hardy
SHIPOVA: An unusual fruit.
MULBERRY: Black Mulberry
BUSHES: Jostaberry, Sweet delicious specimen of wild highbush Cranberry
Jedidiah /
cold -hardy apple varieties zone 2,3,4, elderberries, jostaberry, gooseberry and currents, saskatoons, haskapsantonovka seedlings, bud 118 stocks(very cold hardy), bud 9 scions for interstems on bud118, haralson apple, state fair apple, honeycrisp, cold-treated dolgo and antonovka seeds, ready for germinationBill /
Cold hardy cherry scion woodNorland, Parkland, Rescue, Dalgo, Yellow Transparant, Hopi, Battleford, Lodi, Oriole, Whitney for apple scion woodDawn /
CORYLUS AMERICANA:any selections w/esp. large nuts
HEARTNUT : Canoka, Rhodes, Frank, Stealth
PECAN: Kanza, Major, Shepherd, Norton
SHAGBARK: Grainger, Yoder #1
APPLE: Rambour d'Hiver
KAKI: Sagocki Si
PERSIMMON: Multiple cultivars
HARDY KIWI: Ana, 55, 49er, Dumbarton Oaks, MSU, Issai
JUJUBE: Li, Lang, Shanxi Li, Sugarcane, Sherwood
PEAR: Multiple cultivars
FIG: Chicago Hardy, Strawberry verte, Hollier, Marseilles, Brown Turkey
PECAN: Amling, Stuart
PAWPAW: Mango, Overleese
MEDLAR: Nottingham
Eric /
Desirable Pecan and Belle of Georgia PeachMahan PecanJoe /
Floridahome pear, Williams Pride apple, Hawaii apple, Newtown Pippin applePurple Princess plum, Hood Pear, July Burbank Elberta peach, Gala appleJohn /
Florina Apple, Holstein Apple, Hudson's Golden Gem Apple, Kidd's Orange Red Apple, Atlantic Queen Pear, El Dorado Pear, Conference Pear, Seuri Asian Pear, Lapin CherrySpartan Apple, Melrose Apple, McIntosh Apple, Mutsu Apple, Tydeman Red Apple, Red Gravenstein Apple, Chojuro Asian Pear, Shinshiki Asian Pear, Harken Peach, Avalon Pride Peach, Royal Epeniuse Plum, Italian Plum, Montmorency Cherry, Shiro PlumDave /
For Zone 4: Moorpark Apricot Red Seedless Grape Illinois Everbearing MulberryAmerican Elderberry Red Twig Dogwood Frost Peach Aronia Chokeberry Pixwell GooseberryBryan /
Grape scionsGinkgo seeds and pear pollinator/rootstock seedlings (Bradford, non-dwarf), crab apple, red bud and maple or oak seedlingJen /
hard cider varietyYellow Siberian crab (made excellent cider)Jeff /
Hardy pecan nuts and hicans to grow for selectionShiro plum, Golden Delicious apple, Magness pear, PurpleHeart plum, Liberty appleWill Williams /
Heartnut, hican, shellbark hickory, pawpaw, persimmon, plum, apricot, peach, cherryPecan, heartnut, hican, persimmon, pawpaw, plum, peach, apricot, cherry, apple.Danny Ganno /
HEARTNUT: Rhodes, Franks, Canoka, Fodermaier, Imshu CARPATHIAN WALNUT: Hansen HICAN: T-92, Burton, Henke MULBERRY: ILL Everbearing, Kokuso, Geraldi's Dwarf, Hunza's white seedless, Tahama PERSIMMON: Rosseyanka, Contessa, H-120, Celebrity, Wonderful, Szukis GOUMI: Red Gem or others HONEY LOCUST: Calhoun, Millwood, Hershey, Ashworth Gooseberry and Jostaberry Heritage Cider Apple VarietiesGRAPE RED: Chambourcin, Marechal Foch, Concord, Steuben, Swenson Red, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon GRAPE WHITE: Traminette, Vidal, Cayuga White, Niagara, Deleware CARPATHIAN WALNUT: Colby, Coble II BITCAN (HICAN): Abbott PERSIMMON: Prok, Geneva Long (Gordon), Golden Supreme FIG: Brown TurkeyBen /
Honeycrisp, HoneygoldDutchess of Oldenburg, Yellow Transparent, Red Braeburn scionMark /
Hybrid Japanese Persimmon scion woodOrient pear, pawnee and sumner pecan scion woodJody Kemp /
Japanese Persimmon, Pines and HollyIlex vomitoria, Acer rubrum, Diospyros virginiana, Nyssa sylvaticaMike Russum /
Jerseycot Apricot, Orangered Apricot, Afghanistan Apricot, Moniqui Apricot, Early Golden Pawpaw, Wells PawpawMericrest Nectarine, Ohenry Peach, Stark White Giant Peach, Moorpark Apricot, Flora Gold Apricot, Fuji Apple, Jonagold deCoster Apple, Honeycrisp Apple.Don Hackworth /
Johnathan AppleAPPLES: Cortland, Lodi, Macintosh, Empire, Jon-a-Gold, Hawaii, Blushing Gold, Spy-Gold, Chenango Strawberry apple, Gala, Golden Delicious
PEARS: Nijiseiki Asian, Ubileen, Seckel, Bartlet, Hardy Giant Asian Pear, Duchess, Honey Sweet, Shinseiki Asian Pear
Chuck /
Juglans regia varieties zone 6 Juglans altinifolia varieties zone 6 castania varieties zone 6 Pawpaw varietiesJuglans regia - Broadview, dionim, Belnoot, Buccaneer, nr26 Corylus avallana - Emoa1, Emoa3, Cosford nut, Gunstlebert, Hall's GiantRoderik de Vries /
Low-chill cherries of any variety that is not patented; also any fruit variety that will do well in the South.Many varieties of apple, pear, plum, peach, nectarine, pomegranate, gogi berry, persimmon, jujube, apricot, mulberry, raspberry, blackberry, kiwi hardy and fuzzy, silver fine, blueberries and grapes...getting loquats, olives and figs this year.Anne /
Montmorency Cherry, various plum varieties and persimmon varietiesChe, PecanPeter Reynolds /
MULBERRIES: il. everbearing, wellington, kokuso, hunza black, rapp romanian QUINCE: aromatraya, havran, kurps sweet, ekmek, amyrnaAPPLE: granny smith, red delicious CHERRY: stalla, black tartarian, rainier, lambert, bing, montmorency PLUM: yellow egg, shiro, italian prune, fellemberyDan /
MULBERRY: Any fruiting Mulberry cultivarsGRAPE CUTTINGS:Black Spanish, Tempranillo, Carmenere, Pinot noir, Niagara, Pinotage, Petite Syrah, Syrah, Victoria Red, Blanc du Bois, GrenacheJonny Wyall /
non-astringent persimmon scion like: Chocolate cake, Giant Hana Fuyu, Ichi-Ki-Kei-Jiro, Izu, Maekawa-Jiro, Tam Kam astringent persimmon: Hachyia1. Scion of sweet nice producing Apricot 2. Scions of giant black currant (Russian variety) very productive and excellent flavor 3. Russian Gooseberry (sweet, pinkish-yellowish) 4. Fig scions in March 5. Raspberry from Ukraine (big and sweet) 6. A lot of different varieties of tomatoes seeds (black, red, dark pink, big yellow, cherries, and more)Elena /
Other Asian Pears besides Hosui, Margil, Chestnut Crab, Roxbury Russet, Hudson's Golden Gem. I also need any kind of rootstock.Kingston Black, Nehou, Cox's Orange pippin apples, Mutsu, Somerset Redstreak, Foxwelp, Michelin, Hosui Asian pear, and mumerous wild seedling disease resistant apples collected around central NY--some for fresh eating, most for cider.Eric Shatt /
Pawpaw: any selected variety except PA Golden and Mango
Amer. Persimmon: any selected variety except Prok
Mulberry: Ill everbearing
Pear: Moonglow, Tyson Antique
Persimmon: Prok
2 kinds of Black currant
3 kinds of American black currant
White imperial currant
Dog Berry (native spiky gooseberry)
Invictus Gooseberry
Isaac /
Peach and apricot scionwoodlocal pear scionwoodRon Eckert /
Peach: any peach variety that is resistant to peach curl diseasePomegranate:Salavatski cold hardy
Persimmon: Prok
Fig: ronde de bordeaux fig cuttings
Apple: King David
Peaches: Saturn, Autumn Rose, Any Late Season Variety
Quince: Any Variety
Plums: Elephant Heart, Yellow Egg, Green Gage
Apple: Wolf River, Snow, Spitzenburg, Almata, Caville Blanc
Pears: Blakes Pride, Moonglow
Blueberries: Duke, Jersey, Northland
Elderberries: York
Mulberry: Everbearing
Gabriel /
Pear (Pyrus Communis), Pear/Asian and PersimmonChoice of 150 varieties of old Southern applesDave /
PEAR: Any disease-resistant pear varieties
APPLES: Any disease-resistant apple varieties
PEARS: Kieffer, Mishirasu, Shinsui, Chojuro
APPLES: Winesap, Jonafree, Enterprise, Goldrush, Yellow Delicious, Red Delicious
I live in Raleigh, NC, USDA Zone 7a.
Rahakim /
PEAR: any type of pear scionsPEAR: scion wood of Bartlett, Clapps favorite, DUCHESSE D'ANGOULEME, KiefferClark /
PEARS: pears; Asian pear scions, any kindAPPLES: Jonathan, Mutsu, Kid's orange red, Golden Delicious, Aidared, Semerenko, Antonovka
Sergei Moroz /
Pecan cultivars of Pawnee, Cape Fear and SumnerAsian persimmon wood, hosui asian pear woodJody Kemp /
pecan scionwood, not from TX; male and female kiwigolden del apple, apricot(s), plum, peach, pear(s) scionwoodAnn /
PECAN: Pecan scion woodHICKORY: Hickory Zone 8a/b AL.Cheryl /
PERSIMMON: Any Hybrid Japanese Persimmon scion wood
APPLE: "OPAL" yellow apple.
PERSIMMON: American Proc
OTHER: Wild Elderberry, American Beauty Bush
Karl /
Persimmon: Golden Gem, Hicks, and/or BlaggPersimmon: Garretson, Meader; Apple: various; Plum: Seneca, Kirke's BlueJohn /
PERSIMMON: Tecumseh MULBERRY: Silk Hope, Collier WALNUT: Neel#1 PECAN: Syrup Mill, Major, Amling, Gafford BLUEBERRY: Reka PAWPAW: Halvin, any extra early varietiesnative and Asian persimmons, pawpaws, fire blight resistant pears and Asian pears, rabbiteye blueberries, pomegranates, jujubes, kiwis, apples, mayhawsEric /
PERSIMMON: Yates American, Prok American, Saijo Asian, Ich-Kei-Jiro Asian
PECAN: Pawnee, Kanza, Lakota
PAWPAW: Mango, Overleese, Sunflower
CHESTNUT: Collossal, Qing
HICKORY: MammothMULBERRY: Illinois Everbearing
FIGS: Chicago Hardy, Brown Turkey
APPLE: Golden Delicious
PLUM: Santa Rosa
Bill /
PLUM: Elephant Heart scions, Vampire Plum scions
PEACH: Champion white peach
MULBERRY: White Mulberry
PEACH: Belle of Georgia white peach
PERSIMMON: Wild Persimmon
GRAPE: Cioncord Seedless, Reliance Seedless, Niagra Seedless
Ed /
PLUM: Stanley, Valerie, Vanette, Vibrant, Violette, Vampire, Damson, Santa Rosa, Burbank, Au rosa, Marabella, Italian plum, Shiro, Ozark premier,Franklin; Reine de Mirabelle; Schoolhouse; Toka
PEACH: Arctic Ohenry Peach, Stark White Giant Peach, Frost, any kind Peach: Harvester
PLOUT, PLUMCOT: Spring satin, Dapple dandy, Flavor rich plot
CHERRY: Surefire; Kristen; Glacier; Montmorency; Skeena; Vandalay; Lapins; Sweatheart; Compact Stella
NECTARINE: Mericrest
APRICOT: Moorpark, Flora Gold
CHERRY: MontgomeryJosh /
PLUMS: any varieties
PLUOTS: any varieties
PLUMCOTS: any varieties
APRIUMS: any varieties
APPLE: Shamrock (green Granny Smith type), Ginger Gold (yellow)
PLUMS: Valerie, Vanette, Vibrant, Violette, Vampire (dark red skin with dark red flesh)
Collin /
PLUMS: Shiro, Ozark Premier
FIG: Brown Turkey
GRAPE: Concord
PECAN: Standard Southern
PLUMS: Any Type
FIG: Any Type
PECAN: Any Type
Ben /
Roxbury Russet, Arkansas Black, Sheepnose/Black Gilliflower, Sops of Wine, St. Edmond's Pippin/Russet, Pink Princess, Smokehouse. Any European Pear that is resistant to fireblight. Methley, Shiro, and other varieties of delicious, golden delicious, Parmer yellow flat (all three are apple cultivars). Can also give Elberta peach, bing cherry, and black tartarian cherry.Shane /
Scion wood for Evans CherriesCold hardy apple scion - Norland, Parkland, Rescue, Dolgo, Battleford, Whitney, and several othersDawn /
Shagbark and shellbark hickories of all cultivars26 pecan cultivars; persimmon and pawpawHoward/
Shinko asian pear,
Korean giant asian pear,
Or hardy asian pear variety
Clear moon asian pear,
Larger pieces of Korean giant,
Illinois everbearing mulberry
Jason /
shiro plum and blenheim apricotyellow freestone peach and Italian plumDavid /
shiro plum, blenheim apricot, honeycrisp apple, red anjou pearyellow freestone peach, Chinese apricot, white freestone nectarineDavid /
Stayman winesap, issai kiwi, che, plums, hybrid persimmonGrape: worden, prarie star, cayuga, frontenac, ives, canadice, reliance, edelweiss, others. Goumi.Karl /
Van cherry, pink lady and gala apples, and yellow Asian pearMacintosh and yellow delicious apples, brown Asian pear, Bing Cherry, Warren Pear (resistant to fireblight), Hachiya and fuyu persimmons, standard apple root stock and semi dwarf pear rootstockJim Freeman /
walnut, pear, apples, peachmulberry, peach, apple, grapeMike /
Williams Pride Apple, Honey Sweet Pear, Flordahome Pear, Pineapple Pear, Sweetheart Apricot, Midpride Peach, August Pride PeachFlordaking Peach, Blienhiem Apricot, Eim Shemer Apple, Snow Queen Necterine, Satin Plumcot, Hood Pear, Various Plum TreesBill /
Peach, Plum, Cherry, Apricot, Nectarine, or Grape.Burbank July Elberta Peach, Methley Plum, and Superior PlumAJ Carter /