04/05/2018 Interactor Testing Questionnaires
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ParticipantsNotes during the testingHow was the experience of assembling BB-8? How was the experience of picking up BB-8? Was it clear that you had to pick up BB-8 to destroy the control panel and escape?Did you understand what BB-8 was doing after escaping the cell?What do you think about BB--8's sounds?Is it as emotive as you would like? Or is it too much?What was your initial response when the siren started to sound?Did you see the steel door coming down in the hallway?If yes, what did you expect to happen?If no, what were you noticing instead?Did you see and/or understand the presence of the escape pod?Bugs found
1. Elaine SchertzDisoriented. See robot chirping out lights,, here's the head. DOn't know how to put it down. Tried to go to the opposite. Disoriented and claustrophobic; does not see the head initially. no haptic feed back for touch. tries to pick up head. fixes robot. questions whether robot can help. accidentally shoots the mini panel and the cell disabled. carries bb8 when escaping and hit the right control panel to set off the alarm. bb8 flies off behind the escape pod but eventually explodes. fixes bb8 before leaving robot. bb8 goes into frame so she wasn't able to fix bb8 for the second time Once told, indicate damage, but not clear need to put the head.Didn't feel much haptic feedback when picking up so didn't feel the weight; Mentioned it was weird that bb8 is big but didn't feel the weightwasn't clear at first to pick up the robot Didn't understand why the robot exploded again; didn't know what the difference between the panels were; thought the door closing down was impactfulDon't remember. oo much to pay attention. Too imemersive.Just feel that he was useful.Ph there are gonna be bad guys to comming.Not obvious
2. Victoria ChaiShe doesn't know what she's supposed to do. she thinks she needs to get out. Saw the BB-8. She needed to learn how to trigger. She doesn't know what she's supposed to do after. Needed to be instructed on grabbing a body. she went to the BB-8 while it's shutting the door. reassembled the companion. Saw the chair and assumes she needs to sit there. Asks if she can walk around doesnt know what she's doing tries to grasp the laser "am i in a room and i need to escape" sees head and tries to pick up head struggled at first didn't know how to grip. tries to grab head with two hand. had to give hint to pick up the body with two hands. put bb8 down after destroying the control panel. "bb8 broke again, that's concerning." after explosion, goes for the body first to fix; ends up picking up head and fixed bb8 again. tried to pick up bb8 once more once inside the pod. Confused, smashing buttons, need to be told what buttons does work.Pretty smooth. Did not feel haptic feedback The only thing to do. So figured. Only thing that's beamming. Thought it would do its own thing.Didn't know why he broke again. He breaks into the chair. Notice the door shut down, more panic, he is not supppose to breakNatural.WIsh have more emotion. Broken -> sadI thought something was wrong, see broken, know to fix. Didn't see until after it came down.The door controller screen. Expect someone to come. from behind.Expect to sit down in the chair
3. Dor HananelHe immediately grabbed BB-8's body. Trying to grab a body to aseemble. Had a hard time picking up the object because of the sensor. Noticed that the interactions for two body parts are different. Tried to see if he can go through the wall. Try to fix the BB-8. He shooted the laser to the control panle instantly. Broke the game twice. 1. BB-8 went through the escapepod. so he escaped by himself. "IS there supposed to be sound" picks up bb8 body first then goes to pick up head. picks up the parts multiple times. had to restart experience because he couldnt pick up body. 2nd time picks up body again. restarted. 3rd time picks up head first and tried to block the laser. picks up body to try to block the laser and mentions he cannot do so. then tries to fix bb8. particle effect moves with hand instead of being independent. fixes bb8. doesn't know what bb8 is doing. tries to move bb8 but fails. and holds bb8. says it's cool that he can pick up bb8 even after. bb8 jumps behind the escape pod. put dark color emiter on body. "poor thing" bb8 explodes. fixes bb8Pretty good. Not the most intuitive. Two particle is a good clue. Got distracted by the different control scheme. Large ball is too bright, a bit hard to see the sparks. Have a dark spot to indicates where to attach. Or a indicator hovering above the attach point.Prefer use grabbing for both body and head. Differentiate the weight by larger body slip off. Use grab button inside the trigger box when grabbing the body. Like his head not moving when body movesVery clearDid not realize until his arm. Suggest, unlock escape pod firstPretty good. (did not notice the storm strooper sound, add banging sound)He spin around a bit too fast. (in the movie walking speed). "Let's go"Escape pod is obvious
4. Zheru JiangShe tried to move the body to assemble BB-8. She succeded. She figured out that BB-8 is trying to shoot the control panel. she lifted BB-8 to shoot. She saw the chair and figured out she needs to sit. She heard the voice but couldnt undertstand. She didn;t know BB-8 exploded until she saw the part. tries to pick up the body first. tries to throw the body. laces body on head and it fixed. guesses that robot is trying to help me but doesn't know how. picks up bb8 but stepped back a bit so laser oculdn't reach the panel. lets go of bb8 hears voice but can't tell what he's saying. next thing to do is sit on the chair. escaped but didn't try to fix bb8 or didn't even notice that he exploded. not easy to track where bb8 is because he moves around so much but noticed that bb8 did explode easy to assemble companion. requires you to do a little bit of thinking but it was simple. knew what the robot looked like before starting. when she tried to throw it away the first time it stuck to her hand so that failed. had a bit of difficulty to pick up the robot at first because of the location of the hands. it was weird that it stuck to the handMostly clear and it helped that bb8 was jumping didn't understand what bb8 was doing after they escaped the cell, but didn't feel hostile to it. couldn't track bb8 because it moved around too much around the feet. thought that she can escape through the hallway lighting and space was nice. red light and alarm was fearful. the voice wasn't clear. could add in sounds of other prisoners or something Didn't mention much about the bb8 sounds
thought the escape pod was a trap at first because it's too obvious
she thought the next "level" was to solve a puzzle to open the steel door rather than having the door be a bad thing This is somewhere I can escape, but it's too obvious/nice/fancy so she was skeptical of its intensions
5. Jemma YangShe picked up the head of BB-8. she thinks she nedds to fix it. she also tries to grab the body in order to fix it. She needed a hint to fix it. she observed BB-8 and grabbed to escape the cell. she didn't directly saw BB-8 exploding. she just tries to sit on the escapepod. Not sure whether she heazrd the voice. goes for the head first. picks it up. bb8 body rolls when she walks over. had to restart the game because pieces flew. picks up head again 2nd time and sees sparks. shows that she needs to fix robot. robot rolls again. had to give hint on where to place the head. knows bb8 is trying to escape. grabs body easily. destroys control panel. holds onto bb8 after escaping. didn't have difficulty trying to let go. didn't know why bb8 exploded. didn't try to save bb8 I know I need to fix it as its sparklying. But it's hard to fix the robot. Cannot grab both at the same time.Not clear that needed to pick him.Notice the panel with the lock. With the laser, then notice need to pick up the robot to aimDon't know what happened. Looked away when it exploded. Expect it to show where to escape.Didn't notice.Thought the robot is a tool.Want to escape, but not sure where to go.Notice after its closed.Think suppose to sit on the chair, will lift me up to escape. But concerned its too far away
6. Lyric LiuShe knows she's locked. she looked the front first then the bottom area, then found BB-8. she tries to kick it because it resembles the ball. she couldn't find the head until guided. expected the sound. took some time to grab the head. she was trying to figure out where to put the head. she saw BB-8 jumping. figured that there's something on the other side. she held the bb-8 first then figured out that she's supposed to shoot the panel. she thought she needed to follow BB-8 then saw bb-8 disassembled. she didn't assemble the bb-8 then just went straight to the escapepod.see there's a lighted box like i'm trapped here. can't find any door. worried to walk through the cell. see the body first. thinks it's broken. noticed the buzz logo. tried to kick the body. tries to touch it. tries to pick with two hands. sparking means hot and doesn't want to try. tried to throw the ball. expected to hear sounds from the head. didn't notice head until given a hint. bug on grabbing the head. can't find "neck" for robot. can't find it. liked the moving and sounds after assembled. doesn't know what to do. tries to pick up bb8 body. understands after that she's supposed to hit the lock. had to step forward a bit with a hint. doesn't know how to escape. walks towards bb8. notices the escape pod after bb8 explodes. doesn't try to assemble bb8. noted that bb8 saved her but he exploded so it's sad. Have sound to indicate the head. Afraid of assembling it, feels hot dangerous. Wish there is a tool. Donno where to put the head. Satisfy when using two hand, as it weights a lot. Maybe adding soundIt's clear to pick up & aim. Would espect to have a "key hole" to aim rather than a large panelDidn't realize needed to drop it. Want to hold it since it helped me. Don't notice. Add animation, blinking eyeYes. When put the head, it jumps. Like the action. Expected to have a lot more (when after breaking the lock)Feel I could escape, but didn't want to. As robot's explosion makes it seems dangerous. Maybe background musci more cheerful, heroic music.Notice after its closed.Didn't see it appear. Understand its the vehicle that can be used to escape.
7. Abby GolfoShe saw the BB-8 parts quite quickly. Saw the aparkle which amde her nervous. she found the head. she wants to pick it up. she tries to find a place to attach. She did it. she saw the laser thing. Picked it up. shot the control panel. saw the BB-8 interacting and and blowing up. assembled back. Tried to get into the escapepod. sees lasers. notes that she's trapped. sees sparks. says it's intriguing yet scary. notes buzz logo. picks up head with grip. had to restart because head fell through floor. 2nd time picks up body. had to pick up head again to fix robot. "yay" kneels when interacting with robot. picks up robot. destroys control panel. lets bb8 down. tries to fix bb8. successfully fixes bb8. "oo there's a seat" walks into pod. It's self-explainatary. I knew that I had to attach to head. The spark thing is upside down, so had to adjust that first. Feels Fun. Feel like hugging it.Once see the lock + laser doing anything, realized had to point to the lock.He is trying to find something. Not sure why he is broken again.Like the soundsIt's as emotive as I would like, movement+soundStarted chasing BB-8. He was panic so she become panic.Didn't see it coming down.
8. Philippe Kimura-ThollanderHe figured he needs to assemble BB-8. he lifted BB-8 and burned the panel. he couldn't figure out what to do the nsaw BB-8 trying the panel and saw it disassembled. He tried to aeemble BB-8 again but the body rolled to the other side of the escapepod. He didn't hear the broadcast until later moment when he was inside the escapepod.No music? goes for picking up bb8 head. tries to pick up body with other hand. said logo cool. picks up body with two hands. wants to draw on wall. destroys panel. carries bb8 with him. was told to drop bb8. notices the bb8 animation. attempts to fix bb8 but can't pick up body. body repels the head. Didn't know where to put his head. If not know the character, wouldn't know. [Sparks!]A little hard. Feel like I need to go deeper. Didn't want to ... Big enought to be two handsenough cuesHe was closing the door. Might be with context. Didn't notice.Not as emotive as in the film. And died afterDidn't feel panic. Didn't seem to be any immediate danger, not even that loud.Did notice.Expect troops to come in. Need more sense of agency.Doesn't really look like an escape pod. Looks like an elevatorNEED a scene before, stealling something-> why in the jail
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