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AbeBooksYUsed book search. Wholly owned by Amazon. (PMaranci)
Alibris.comYYYOriginally used book search only, now includes movies, TV, & music. The book search is quite good. (PMaranci, with correction/help from Petra X @ GR)
Anobii.comYY"decent with respect to reviews and socialization" (Rose @ GR)
Can import by ISBN only. Reviews & ratings not imported. (Karina)
"Mostly Italian. Now owned by a Sainsbury's, a chain of UK supermarkets." (Petra X @ GR)
Publisher/retailer owned? (PMaranci)
"does not allow one to catalog books that have ASINs only or books that do not have an ISBN" (Monique @ GR)
Awesomebooks.comY"Book vendor (primarily English). Do not require credit card, ship free or limited-cost worldwide." (Grada van Stralen)
"just a site for shopping books and / or keeping a wish list, no social aspect at all." (Grada van Stralen)
baenebooks.comYCheap and free eBooksA large selection of golden age and newer science fiction and fantasy books available in many formats at a relatively low cost. DRM-free. Also a free ebook "library". (PMaranci)
7 for-profit shopping site which supports environmental issues & literacy. Some (but not all) user reviews on the site appear to be from Goodreads. "not associated with GoodReads", according to their customer service. (PMaranci)
biblio.comYIndependent used book shopping. (Bookwoman Reader)
bokelskere.noYYYMostly in NorwegianA Norwegian book site (bokelskere = book lovers). A very intuitive site. (Ska A.)
bolerium.comYSpecialize in political books.
Book Collector Connect - software$19.80 US per year, 30 day free trial. Apparently no social aspect beyond email. Includes non-book cataloging. (PMaranci)
"On/offline book cataloging software (recommended, but you will probably need the pro $ version)." (Petra X @ GR)
BookCrossing.comBook Exchange RingA sort of physical Napster for books - helps members swap books. (PMaranci)
BookFinder.comYBook search. Owned by ABEbooks/Amazon. (PMaranci)
BookGlutton.comYYApparently restricted to ebooks. Seems to requre Facebook login. Social network. (PMaranci)
"site for reading ebooks online and talking about them. It wants you to convert and upload ebooks" (Petra X @ GR)
Bookish.comY?Produced by three major publishing houses. Not independant. Apparently no out-of-print books. An attempt to emulate Goodreads and compete with Amazon, according to media. Social? (PMaranci)
16 on "Book Genome Project" - attempts to recommend books based on your preferences. Database seems sparse. Social aspects unknown. (PMaranci)
"Independent book recommendation site. Looks interesting if you like recommendations." (Petra X @ GR)
BookLikes.comYYYReviews. Multinational. Social network. Shopping (30 stores including Amazon), but not owned by Amazon. CSV importing possible (currently slow, but eventually successful). New. Visually appealing. Comments require either Facebook or Disqus linking. (PMaranci)
"If you are an affiliate of A or anyone else you can add it to your blog. Owner very open to new features which are released every Thursday apparently." (Petra X @ GR)
Currently cannot view all reviews of a book from one search. This may change eventually. (PMaranci)
BookRabbit.comY"UK bookselling site where they count as reviews just tagging the book." (Petra X @ GR)
19 to have much of Goodreads' review functionality, including shelves. But there doesn't seem to be a way to comment on reviews. If only it were integrated with Google Plus! Sales links to multiple vendors, including Amazon. Does Amazon own Google? Just kidding! I'll continue to investigate. (PMaranci)
20"Doesn't seem like there is anyone much there. Good reviews but of only a very few books, can't comment on them." (Petra X @ GR)
calibre-ebook.comCataloging softwareeBook library management software. Free and open-source. (PMaranci)
CoverBrowser.comArtBook and comic cover art gallery. (PMaranci)
drivethrufiction.comYYeBooksMainly fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Approx. 100 free ebooks. Multiple formats. (PMaranci, paraphrased from Matt McElroy, site representative)
24, RecommendationsImpressive shopping options, including current eBay auctions. Author information pages. Bibliographies. Book-specific recommendations (i.e. similar books by other authors). A participant in the Amazon Associates Program, but not owned by Amazon.
Fictfact.comYRatingsTrack series. Discussion groups (limited social). (PMaranci)
freebooksy.comFree ebooks from multiple sources, in multiple formats. (PMaranci)
27"Online UK charity bookshop" (Petra X @ GR)
One price for all books. Book sharing and recycling options. Used books. Forums (limited social). UK only? (PMaranci)
28 eBookseBooks in many formats. A somewhat different selection than Project Gutenberg US (.org), because of differing copyright laws - this version includes newer books. Americans should poke their eyes out before attempting to view this site. Sorry, I shouldn't write these after midnight! I'll fix it tomorrow. :D (PMaranci)
gutenberg.orgFree eBooksProject Gutenberg offers over 42,000 free (and copyright-free) ebooks in a wide variety of formats. Yes, they're mostly old. But many are surprisingly good. (PMaranci)
30 via Twitter required. "Keep track of which books you have read, which you are reading and which you would like to read. No ratings, no reviews, no trending topics. Just three shelves." (Ska A.)
31 of the Independent Online Booksellers Association. Used and new book search. A good selection. Limited social for booksellers via blogs. (PMaranci)
itrackmine.comYYOnline catalogingFree. Shopping links to Amazon, social links to Facebook, but has its own social system as well, apparently. (PMaranci, found via Tom Avery)
YYYKids & Young AdultSpecialized in juvenile and young adult literature. Visually pleasing. Site apparently allows members to write reviews and comments on-site, but also links to (and excerpts) reviews from Amazon, GoodReads,, and Barnes & Noble. (PMaranci, via Ska A.)
leafmarks.comYYAllows CSV import of GoodReads files only. Not affiliated with Amazon/Goodreads. It has a nice look and was designed by Goodreads expatriates. Allows comments on reviews. Easy to look up all reviews of a specific book. On the down side, it does seem to load slowly, and it is not very mobile-friendly. (PMaranci)
libib.comCataloging"Book, movie and game cataloging site" (Petra X @ GR)
Allows import of CSV fIles (Karina)
LibraryThing.comYYPossibly largest GR competitor. Social network, clunky interface (IMHO). CSV importing possible (currently slow, I experienced severe glitches). (PMaranci)
CSV importing much improved. On 2013/04/03 I deleted and re-imported my library. Everything seems to have come in perfectly and quickly. (PMaranci)
listal.comYY"It's book/movies/game cataloging + social but they aren't very forward going with implementing new stuff" (Karina)
38 fascinating interactive visual map of related authors. Includes discussion about authors (and books?). An AI system. Requires sign-up for full functionality. Also has sections for music, movies, and (apparently) people. Strongly tempted to sign up for this one! (PMaranci, via Ska A.)
llbean.comYYOutdoor gear, clothesThey carry very few books, though many high-quality bookbags - as well as clothes, shoes, and camping gear. Excellent customer service, and outstanding warranties. (PMaranci)
musicstack.comYMusicSearch & shopping site for rare & used CDs & vinyl. Haven't used it, but ran some searches and they had something for every search. Prices seem comparable to Amazon. (PMaranci)
oldchildrensbooks.comYBook shop specializing in old books for children. My search for four books of that type produced no results. Visually appealing site, though. (PMaranci)
42, lists(Via Ska A.)
openlibrary.orgCataloging, ebooksAn attempt to catalog every book ever published. Members can make lists (?). Apparently associated with libraries and the lending of ebooks. More information needed. (PMaranci, site discovered by Ska A.)
paperbackswap.comYYBook swapSales via Amazon. Seems to have a lot of user-created reviews. (PMaranci)
Powells.comYYWebsite of large store with six locations in Oregon. New & used books. International service. Apparently social? (PMaranci)
quicklet.coYYUses something called "knowledge compression". Sales links to Amazon. I haven't checked it out yet. (PMaranci)
Reader2.comCataloging, recommendations"Keep your booklist here, no chatting, no reviews, get recommendations. Each book you see has an Amazon link..." (Petra X @ GR)
Readernaut.comFacebook app"Facebook app." (Petra X @ GR)
"Sign Up" link does not work (on my system, anyway). "Sign Up with Facebook" link takes me to a blank page. (PMaranci)
Readerware.comCataloging softwareCatalog software, books, music, video. $75 for all three. Free trial available. Haven't tried it. (PMaranci)
50, self-publishingLooks interesting. Anyone know anything more about them? (PMaranci)
rec.arts.books -!forum/rec.arts.booksYYCore Usenet discussion group about books. The link is to the Google portal, but it is completely independent of Google. Chaotic and subject to spam, but old, enormous, and cannot be controlled or bought by any company. (PMaranci)
52 and share book lists. Visually appealing. (PMaranci)
"seems to need a facebook account" (Cheryl in CC NV @ GR)
53, listsSeems to require login with Facebook, which I won't do. Recommendations based on what your FB friends are reading, sharing (social, apparently), and lists. Cannot access without signing in! (PMaranci, via Ska A.)
54 (detailed)Limited social aspects mainly via third parties. "books are cataloged by their details". (Book @ GR)
Looks interesting. I haven't seen anything quite like this before! (PMaranci)
"has a small database of books cuz it's about the connections, but it's new and might become more complete" (Cheryl in CC NV @ GR)
55 bundled eBooks from independent authors at relatively low cost. Many formats. (Melanie Ray)
tastekid.comY?RecommendationsA recommendation system similar to literature map, although the visuals are simpler. Also covers movies, TV, music, etc. Users may comment on entries. Seems to work well; I tested some of my favorite books and movies, and its suggestions were interesting and appropriate. Apparently not just for kids, despite the name and the anime-style "recommender". Social connection via the site itself or Facebook. (PMaranci, via Ska A.)
thereadingroom.comYYY"Australia-based bookseller that sells ebooks exclusively for Baker&Taylor. Like Goodreads in some respects." (Petra X @ GR)
Can import CSV files (Karina)
thestaffrecommends.comYYPaid recommendations, commentsThe online equivalent of those bookstore "the staff recommends" cards you see in some stores. Paid recommendations, but they say they only recommend books they like. Sales links to Amazon. (PMaranci via Ska A.)
ThirdscribeYYLiving or in-print authors only (limited?). Supported by fees from authors or publishers. New. (PMaranci)
tomfolio.comYIndependent used book shopping. (Bookwoman Reader)
unz.orgFree e–magazines
vialibri.netYIndependent used book shopping. (Bookwoman Reader)
weread.comYYSeems to allow adding of books and social interaction similar to Goodreads, but I haven't tested it yet. (PMaranci)
"looks really abandoned and is full of spam" (Karina)
"I emailed Weread days ago to delete my account (as their delete link is an email address) and have had no response- so I'm thinking no option to delete account since it seems abandoned" (Karina)
whatshouldireadnext.comRecommendationsInteresting recommendation service. Links to Amazon for shopping and info, but not owned by Amazon. (PMaranci)
65"On a domain-selling site" (Petra X @ GR)
No content, just a placeholder. (PMaranci)
Worldcat.orgYWorld library search, catalogingInteresting. Apparently library-owned. Allows users to post their own reviews and correct or add factual information. (PMaranci)
worldswithoutend.comYYScience fiction/Fantasy/Horror site. Book lists, user reviews, forums. Limited social, apparently. Focuses on award-winning books. The site's a bit busy, visually, but seems well-designed. Fan-owned. (PMaranci)
68 to Goodreads and Amazon (but I repeat myself). Enter a book title, it recommends others. Haven't tried it out much. (PMaranci)