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LinkUserLoan TitleAmount BTCAPR %Length (days)rating/500Date RegisteredCountrynumber of loans repaidAmount repaidamount overdueCancelled LisitngsCollections listings
Loan description
3 mLong Term Trading Loan And Re-Investment - Investment3.0060%604422015-01-19 9:46:43FL3017.427802323.5176343
I Have A Rating And Ardeva Score Currently 70/90

60 Days Trading And Re-Investment Loan

Amount 3btc fees are 0.15

1.5btc stay on pop for re-investing on the pool and investing good loans on here.

around 1.35btc goes to lbc day trading there i sell around price 285-350 eur for 1 btc, i buy bitcoins from finnish bitcoin provider called price is around 200-225eur range estimated profit is in a range of 85-130eur for one trade

target to get a least 3 trades per day.

if you had a guestions feel free to ask :)
4 Limousine LLC - another rep loan - Business5.0045%304582015-04-07 18:51:31XX282.687541
Purpose of Loan:

This P2P listing will fund a portion of EcoLux Limousine LLC (LLC in the state of Georgia of the Tesla Car Service to be launched in the summer which you can look up with the Georgia Secretary) startup costs, the first all Tesla eco-friendly Limousine service in the U.S.A. and of course the first accepting Bitcoin as payment. EcoLux Limousine will take Teslas for delivery in June. EcoLux Limousine LLC is primarily funded by my personal assets and Alliant Credit Union, with a portion coming from the Bitcoin P2P community. It's a new way to reach the Bitcoin community more directly than through my social media advocacy, and it is a way to build new relationships in the community. I wanted to add a few more details on what percentage of funding for EcoLux is coming from P2P lending for all lenders to better understand the startup costs involved in successfully launching the service full time. Total Bitcoin P2P lending between the platforms will consist of just about 8% at a Bitcoin value of currently of $235 ($490k USD in total startup funds). This gives you an idea of our startup costs. The rest of the funds are being provided by personal assets and funding through Alliant Credit Union. Additionally, I will be using my social media platforms to promote EcoLux as a clean energy Bitcoin accepting car service and hope to see many of those in the Bitcoin community coming through Atlanta using EcoLux with Bitcoin.

Who am I?

A public figure with a social media platform in electric vehicle and Bitcoin advocacy. You can find me on @AlexanderHaxton on Twitter. I have over a million followers on Twitter and over 100K followers on Instagram working on clean energy and bitcoin advocacy/lobbying along with a lot of lifestyle related topics. Feel free to reach out to me! I am a public person and I share my life with a lot of people all over the world through social media, and try and use it towards also positive movements such as Bitcoin and Clean Energy. Contact me on Twitter if you'd like!

How will the loan be repaid?

For this particular loan of 30 days, primarily payments will come from social media endorsement earnings I make as well as Bitcoin payments. Also I am testing new Bitmaintech hardware that is unreleased using clean energy, so that is an additional revenue source during these 30 days.

Why BTCpop?

BTCpop avoids going into business credit lines with traditional banks. I am a strong advocate for Bitcoin and Electric Vehicles and BTCpop allows me to LIVE and BREATHE what I preach in a manner of speaking. Obviously launching a Tesla Limousine Service costs a lot of money (a lot more money than any listing would ever pay) and that is why the business is primarily funded by Alliant Credit Union and personal assets. My loans on Bitcoin P2P lending sites are to expand my social media presence even further in the Bitcoin world and involve myself directly with the community, person to person. It is a new way to interact with the community and build it up, not just advocating Bitcoin and Clean energy to my followers on social media.
5 Loan 8% max - Other1.5096%602015-02-04 15:51:38VE165.3866811.1150000273
Hi guys, My name is Alejandro in i trade in i allways try to pay, my loans early. I'm from Venezuelan.

Thanks people :D
6 Systems - Business5.00120%904042015-02-12 19:24:03XX3634.627839297.63333349192
Dear InvestorsProject: Communication SystemsObjective: to sell systems in the area of ​​private communications (intercom)Purpose: Buy products directly from the factory in OEM form (in English: Original Equipment Manufacturer, acronym: OEM, literally "original equipment manufacturer"). Specifically targeted intercoms and private communications systems where the end customer is autonomous and select the communications solution based on the characteristics of a small town needs me yu community including homes offices directly.Prospect: We are oriented to locate small businesses I've distributors installers private communication (Intercom) to offer their customers intercom current solutions such as IP, Video, Audio, GSM, WI-FI WIRELESS

Customer: potential customers are companies that offer installation services I maintain private communication systems (intercom) which need to implement or change current technologies such as are the VOICE-IP solutions, GSM, and WI-FI VIDEO

Supplier: Our suppliers are Chinese companies with extensive experience offering security and quality in its products and also formed with long time in its history

Delivery method: FedEx Air through

Products: intercoms: Only audio, video audio, GSM, Wi-Fi, IP, ticket booths and cellular signal amplifiers

Delivery times: The maximum delivery from manufacturers is 15 days and the time is 5 days FedEx which takes us to a time of 20dias
7 MoMr Mo - Tidying Up - Other35.002.40%2701752014-12-20 16:10:17XX1145.44513518.5757600224
Dear Investors,The reason for this listing is to pull together my active loans into one payment. Currently I have 1 active loan on Jam: these loans on here: and leaves just one other loan: - which is to continue as it is, and is not part of this request.Whilst I am managing payments on all of these loans, they all have different payment dates. As you can imagine, this is somewhat of a pain!!As part of this re-structure, I plan to stop using Jam, with the exception of collecting returns from my investments there.Approximately 8.5 BTC of this loan will be used for re-investment here on pop.

For those who are unfamiliar with me, I have proved myself to be a reliable borrower both on this platform and Jam. I have repaid over 158 BTC on Jam to date, and almost 20 here. I have a steady BTC income from mining, and a good fiat income should things go wrong. Zero recorded late payments, and many early payments :) I also have the honour of being recognised as a 'Trusted Borrower' by this site.

Any questions, feel free to ask!


8 MoMr Mo - Investing - Investment3%3605002014-12-20 16:10:17XX1145.44513518.5757600224
Dear Investors,Many of you have recently helped me to re-structure my existing borrowing over the past few weeks, for which I am eternally grateful.I now come to you once again for my last loan request for some time (at least until one of my other loans is repaid). This loan is for re-investment use only, mainly here on pop, be it in the pools or custom listings, and possibly elsewhere - I've not decided if I want to go down that route again yet.Repayment of this loan will be via already existing investments on Jam (currently 6 BTC not in default or late), investment returns here on pop made with these funds, and if neccessary backed up by my own fiat income and/or my own mining activities.

Please consider this request as a 'helping hand' to get me back to where I used to be a few months ago on the investment side of things. I do not expect this loan to run to full term, my plan is to return your investments here in 6 - 9 months, 12 months has been set as a safety buffer.

Thank you in advance, and as always, any Q's feel free to give me a shout!

9 consolidation phase - Business1.112.40%14442015-01-04 21:29:16CA1149.641306312.61009998115
Dear Investors,
For those who followed me for the past 2 years, here is what changed in my consolidation plan :
- I was able to consolidate my loans outside of POP and make it a 12 months refinancing loan
My objective was to consolidate on POP and what is left to pay on my Jam loan but this was unsuccessfull to fund. I spoke with various investors and ADMIN who told me they are working on a function to allow restructuring loans for past due accounts.
Until then, this loan is very simple : it is to allow me to make partial repayment here on my POP loans because investor have been waiting a while and it will allow me to not go overdue and probably documents release so this kind of allow me to buy some more time and begin slowly to rebuild some trust.
Now that I was able to refinance other loans I will begin making more payments beginning witht his one in 2 weeks at pay day and make some payments at JAM and to a personnal investor who helped me earlier.
Fund from this loan will be used to make emergency / pay the oldest past due payments here on POP.
This is only an attempt and would be useful to feel to have a bit more time at pop with those payments done.
Thank you very much for your trust
10 and Working Capital - Business125.0030.60%360892015-04-09 14:19:15US256.4489120.132000232
Dear Investors,
Thank you for trusting and investing in me.
My first loan at BTCPop was paid in full. I plan to pay off my remaining Jam loan if this loan is funded before my income from client payments and computer and general merchandise sales comes thru. I decided to open one big loan at BTCPop with longer loan term. I hope my investors at Jam will join here as well.
I have following plans for the loan:
a) Trade foreign currency also known as Forex - I quit trading foreign currency also known as Forex in Jan 2015 after significant losses. I have traded Bitcoins and found it is very risky as well. I have replenish my Forex account and started trading again. I plan to trade Forex but with great care and post a reminder to be extra cautious. I will continue to trade Bitcoins but I plan to spread my investments out between Bitcoins, Forex and other trading opportunities.
b) LBC Trading - I will continue to trade in small volume. LBC profile:
c) Increase mining power - I currently have 7 TH/s operating in my new office. I had planned to increase miners with my last loan but decided against it since the miners are generating enough coins for electricity and the lease. I will add more miners if Bitcoin price stabilizes around $300.
d) Additional inventory and working capital - I plan to add general household and cosmetic merchandise and hope to introduce Bitcoin to my customers by offering discounts with Bitcoin.
e) I plan to help a friend in need of RV home purchase a used one. She is going to place the RV at her friend's land for free and make a monthly payment for the RV_________________________________________________
About my ability to repay:
My husband and I own a home free of mortgage and an investment property with mortgage. I also own a lot that I can build a house on which I hope to next year. We have a SEP IRA and a 401K. I can sell my lot or cash out our IRA if I become unable to repay my loan.
Thank you for your consideration.
Jam profile -
BLC profile -
11 in Forex using a Private Bot - Investment8.5042%2704112014-12-20 21:50:39PT5716.104522918.5717789653
This private bot trades in one pair only EUR/USD with exceptional results! Been testing it for 3 months with a Demo account and now im ready to safely buy.

This loan is fully to feed the bot and let him do hes job 24h/7 on a dedicated VPS ive set just for it.

Thanks to my followers, investors and friends than know me well for your consideration and support.
12฿ 4% Rate 120 Days Loan - Business12.0048%1205002014-12-22 18:01:55IN7172.3040625121.64275056356
Hello Popper's
First of all thank you for always supporting on my every listing i had requested.
My Ardeva Score is ArdevaScore 60/80 Only Postal and Creditcard Verification got remain.
So this lisitng is for multiple trade (Arbitage + Leverage + Buy some share in pop) want to take advantage of a price
As all know that recently in the end of august the place where i stay had flood due to which many damage happened so even on this hardtime i never took that as an excuss.
Even at past when Cointellect Cloudmining got stopped paying i took 14 btc after taking loan within 15 days that site stopped but than also i had paid the all loan before the due date i might got delay 4 times in Jam. But i nenver made excuse for my issue all i had plan B thats my income to repay the loan so all invest with trust and confidence
My Gross Income is near 10797.48$ + Via my Business and Trade all profit use to be good too so Risk free loan even if i get loss dont worry will pay the loan with my pocket.
Will gonna repay this loan by max 105 Days.
Plan B i always keep before taking any loan and My other p2plending profile & Debts Information are Below :
Active Loan : 0 Bitcoin
Repaid Loan : 99.19 Bitcoin
LoanBase :
Active Loan : 5.83657410 Bitcoin
Repaid Loan : 12.14254244 Bitcoin
BTCPOP : Check My PRofile
Active Loan : 23.10045621 Bitcoin
Repaid Loan : 55.97615010 Bitcoin
Total active loans in had 5.83 ฿ in Loanbase and here ฿ 23.10045621
My total limit is 42 Btc where now 5.73btc active in loanbase n 23.1** btc in here so base upon my limit m taking this loan guys invest with trust. So all please support thank you a lot.
Iam almost 45% back to recover so need help as on flood had lots of loss also so please help me on my new listing friends even many issue occured i always tried to repay all before time a small support is require on my new loan.
You wont regret ! I count on you,
If Any Query Regard the loan feel free to Ask in Comment...
Thank you!
13 Member Loan - Business8.00240%2705002014-12-20 18:05:16US9482.9240033617.16807858579
Hello Friends,

I have 4 loans that are close to being paid in full. I am taking this loan to pay them off and combine them into one loan. I am also taking advantage of the low btc market rate. I have a perfect history on all 3 major lending sites and my username is the same on all sites (BigBertha). Any questions, feel free to ask. I am a "Trusted Member" member on Btcpop and have an "A" credit rating. Thank you for your consideration. Joel
14 CONSOLIDATION OF POP LOANS - Other4.0060.83%3602142015-06-05 19:42:30IN910.905215468.04826045104
Dear All Investors & Well Wisher ,
As suggested by my wellsihsers & the investors who trust me most , I have canceled the refinancing of my loan and lisitng it again with smaller requriment as I am already making part payments for my loan.
Today I am standing at a point where I have left with two ways to choose :
1) Run away with all BTC that I owned to all investors at POP
2) To fight back and return every single satoshi to my investors .
Well, my culture taught me always take the hard path coz shortcuts will never let you to reach your goal.
As my dad is hospitalized and few days back doctors has given the last word , today morning I shifted my dad to another hospital and after all round of test , doctors said a pacemaker will take care of everything nothing to worry about , thanks god the pacemaker is donated by Lion Clubs of India (NGO) and its insured for 5 years even they are paying for the operation charges .
Now as I have already expensed out all of my emergency funds & borrowed from relatives for the situations mentioned above for pay the hospital bills .
Now I want to refinance of all my loans at pop for a longer term so that every month I can pay with my pay checks by buying BTC from the market and from my small earning from cloud mining .I have kept the interest low so it will help me too repay dosent want to show a high rate of interest & I always updated my investors who trust me about the situations that I am going through .
I have already locked my withdrawals from POP so its is now one way traffic .
Its my earnest request to all of you , to help me in a situation like this so that I can repay all with in time period .
Thanks for reading my loan listing
Suresh Agarwal.
15 Home Rent - Other2.5023.88%2702022015-03-22 19:40:41DE1817.449138471.80658331231
Hi guys,
here I am again, I am facing strong economical difficulties in this period it seems to be a black hole. I started a new job in August for a German company and the first months are the hardest, speaking in monetary terms. So, currently I am late with my home rent, and I need to fix this issue asap. I am asking once again for your help. I almost repaid my previous loan, earlier than expected, only 1 installment left, set by December of 0.54 BTC.
Please, once again help me out!
I set 270 days as loan length just to be sure to have affordable installments, but I will manage to repay this loan earlier as always.
Thank you all!
16 BTC -- Multi-purpose - Other22.0020.08%3605002015-01-27 19:37:22US47208.781049411.5170016552
Straight BTC Loan, ฿22, 360 days @ 1.65%, paid monthly.
17 my site: - Business4.2084%2703172015-03-30 19:23:54ZA3436.4411872518.99158797124
Hi guys, I would like to finish my website called I had a lot of distractions lately trying MLM and CPA marketing in order to supplement my income. I have decided to implement what I have learnt in my marketing course in my Bitcoin site and finish it until launch.

It is 85% complete, and I need to do some advertising and add a few features. I have found someone willing to integrate a faucet into Wordpress an need to hire them to start ASAP. Please consider funding my loan so I can finish this project. BTC will be repaid from my daytime salary and is not dependant on any other source. Regards Pierre
18 hedge and trading loan - Business12.8048%2702412015-03-10 8:46:20TW970.519903854.7360000452
Dear investors,

I have repaid all my loans at BTCpop. Total repaid: ฿50.28250559. Now, I have a 20 BTC non-USD tied loan at BTCjam (another big one is a USD-tied loan). I want to hedge the risk of BTC volatility. So I asked this this loan. Sorry for relisting my loans multiple times. It seems a USD-tied loan is not desirable for public. I will hedge the price volatility with margin trading. So. I relisted the loan with pure BTC type. Most of my income is fiat money now. It is more comfortable for me if this loan is funded. You can check my BLC profile. I have over 25 BTC investments in BLC. Adding with pending repayments of BTCjam. My investments in P2P lending platforms are over 50 BTC. My loans in BTCjam will be repaid by my income or insurance. This loan will be repaid by the return of my investment. 1.9 BTC monthly repayments are not a big deal for me.

Thanks for your consideration.
19฿13 - Convert fiat debt to BTC - Other13.0012%3602412015-07-10 17:34:47GB1140.2276542211.158496713
฿13 - Convert fiat debt to BTCIntroductionDear potential investors,This is a loan requesting 13 ฿ for a period of 360 days (12 months).The purpose of this loan is to convert an existing fiat debt of £2,000 at a ridiculous 44.22% APR into BTC here on pop.Present Payments At present I am making monthly outgoing payments of £240 (GBP) towards this debt which, at the time of writing, equates to 1.50093 BTC.According to the loan calculator here I would be expected to make payments of 1.21333333 BTC per month - a saving of 23% at current rates.When considering BTC/GBP rates I always like to subtract 20% in case of fluctuations month in month out. This means a more realistic saving of 3% per month, at the same time allowing me to improve my reputation here at pop.
Means of payment
I have multiple income streams myself personally:
Full time employment resulting in £1,600 (currently 10.0273 BTC) per month - plus bonuses for overtime.
Freelance linux systems administration bringing in a minimum of £300 (currently 1.88196 BTC) per month.
And if required I also have my partners earnings that can help with repayment:
Part time employment resulting in £700 (currently 4.40099 BTC) per month.
Worst case, still short, I have available to me:
Ability to request extra work from full time employment
0.8 BTC instant loan
Borrow up to 0.5 BTC from friends/family
Apple MacBook Pro Retina laptop that I could pawn/sell for up to £1,000 (currently 6.28 BTC).
Loan Security
I have requested this loan using shares as collateral. At the time of writing I hold 10 POP shares and 9 ARD shares however I will be ever increasing this.
I have verified all details possible for me to verify with Ardeva and will continue to do so as new methods become available to me.
My full time employer has remained the same for 4 years and has no future plans of downsizing.
If you have any queries for me then please just ask. I'm happy to answer any and all investors queries, any time, both on pop andsocial media.
20 Plan Pt2 - Expansion175.00270%1803372014-12-20 11:26:56GB67284.2960335367.87500081233
Part 2 of are going ahead with this. :DPurchase of Target Sports includes £40,000 wirth of stock (trade price) which is being retailed in their front of house shop (We will expand this to online / Ebay / Amazon retail).
We also plan to give the internals of the building a slight adjustment, making room for a knife throwing activity.A date will be announced shortly for the take over (still some last min paper work etc to go through).his expansion and move of Pop in to new offices, is also allowing us to take on 2 additional coding staff, 2 apprentice coders and a CFO.On the aquisition date, MHL shares will become TSP shares and dividends will be paid from the combined income of both activities.Our aim is for a £7-10,000 profit margin per month by the end of this coming year.Should the deal not go through for any reason, I will just pay this back in one go.Any questions, feel free to ask (As long as it's not "When will my ticket be done?" !!) :)Target Sports website :
21 Engraver Purchase - Business10.301350%2701522015-04-07 20:58:55MU2123.00654984.978333581
Hello Investors,I am back with the laser engraver loan and this time with colateral.I want to start a small side business for myself, i have been looking for a laser engraver for some time now and hopefully this one will be the good is actually what engraving looks like here: plan to offer the following services among others: specs of the laser i plan to purchase, note that there are cheaper models but to get the desired engraving quality, some upgrade should be done on the cheaper one and at the end the cost would be the same as of this one. price for the X700 is actually at $2099.aprox shipping to Mauritius will be $650.Recomended spares (laser tube etc) $650.Below the facebook profile of the sales agent for the laser engraver, if anyone else is interested, many people has bought from this company and till now only good feedback. a Laser engraver group on Facebook where lots of useful info isavailable. have been on time and most frequently early on all my loan repayments, me and my wife have full day jobs, having completed some due loans in real life, paying this loan should not be an issue, the monthly repayment is same as my previous requested loans, which will not cause any shortage to me.*** Note that this loan will not be repaid with money received from the laser works, i will repay this loan with my monthly salary like all my previous loan***As always, if any question, please feel free.Regards.Eric
22 Office and Open small Co-working - Business3.0042.58%120102015-11-20 19:55:08PT11.434941.7100000411
Hey guys!I'm hiring some interns for my ecommerce projects, and found a big office space I can turn into a co-working space right at the heart of Porto biggest shopping street "Rua Santa Catarina". So, I need to pay some rents in advance and buy some office material like desks and chairs.
Plus, the landlord has 3 more offices in the back of the building with storage that I can turn into co-working offices to expand.
Here's the renting agreement. Given the size, location, and possibility to expand in the same building complex, I think I made a great deal.
Also adding to the fact there's very few co-working space in the city (believe me, I was looking for them), and there's a higher search from Digital Nomads to work from Porto.
I created this group myself where i already have a costumer who prebooked a desk from mid march till July. The group will grow bigger, and I'll use of course other sources to promote the space. This is was quite opportunistic as no one had created such so far.
The co-working space should almost pay for it self for this loan. in adition to that, as I'm setting up and finish a couple of ecommerce stores, those will bring an aditional passive revenue. I also have some houses sublet to international students that I make some profit of, and will make much more once they leave and I'll have it on airbnb as the summer starts.
There's a good chance I pay early like I did with my first loan here on Btcpop, but i cannot garantee that. It will depend on how things go.
This is my profile on BtcJam where I have a A- credit score. I still have around 1.7Btc to pay from my last loan, and Jam isn't taking new loans while they reformulate the platform.
Just hit me with any questions you'd like me to answer.
Kind regards,
24 loan for trading # 1 - Trading0.05304.17%30402016-06-22 18:01:05US72.97323310.6475112
I am grateful to all who participated in my previous loans. I want to try to obtain additional financing on the same terms.
I have been trading in sporting events (mostly tennis) in real time.
To begin with, what is good tennis trading:
1) Tennis match has no limit in time. In basketball, football, hockey and many other popular sports game has a fixed duration - in tennis there.
This means that the losing side in the event of a change of tactics, better endurance, willpower, etc. can turn the tide of the match at any time, and never too late to fix it.
2) Tennis game has a specific scoring system, for example it may take a few minutes from the devastating loss leader to change. Suppose a case where the first set lost by 6-1, and the second is played with a break 5-3 minute zameshkannost leader (who decided that the victory in his pocket) results and a reverse break, so the score 5-5 for the game, a little bit more and former outsider in a tense struggle takes the second set. And the score 1-1 in sets, so the chances are, as it were, and even coefficients are almost equal, with rare exceptions is too much difference in the classroom.
3) Tennis trading does not require a large initial capital. In the above example, when sportsman1 wins sportsmana2 {6-1; 5-3} and feeds, bet against the leader at the exchange rates comes with a coefficient of 1.01 (in the case of approximately equal strength tennis). This means that if you bet $ 5 against the leader, you will win $ 500 if the opponent wins. That compares outsider score in sets, that in this situation you can do in a matter of minutes, and at the beginning of the third set at your disposal is already $ 500 for trading. Imagine that sportsman1 is shocked by this unexpected loss of the previous set, and further allows the opponent to make a break early in the third set. Opponent takes its filing, and make a couple of break points in the next filing sportsmana1. Sportsmana1 coefficient at 36 to become, for example. You bet $ 500, which brought your tennis trading at the moment at sportsmana1 because technically he is strong, and the shock is likely to take place soon. Sportsman1 finally taken their senses, takes the same supply, makes a break back and eventually pulling out a victory. Putting $ 5 at the beginning of the match, you will earn about $ 17,000 at the end. If you think that the case of rare, it is not - just follow the trade on the Betfair tennis, and you'll notice how often such cases occur, especially in women's tennis. Anyway, a few times a month you have the chance to receive thousands of percent profit, most importantly - learn to feel such matches and come to trade on them. It is not easy, but to make such profits%, including sports betting, is never easy.

Top 3 most popular trading method in tennis for me:
1) Trading on break points and breaks in the first set of men's tennis.
2) Trade after a devastating first set close to the level and form of women's tennis.
3) Trade with the obvious advantage in the second set in a row of three-sets match, or on a tie-break.

Also, I give my trade statistics for the last time:

I point a month, then the percentage of profits in this month:

December 2015: + 191.83%

January 2016: + 142.05%

February 2016: + 144.27%

March 2016: + 119.47%

April 2016: + 108.7%

May 2016: + 180.87%

June 2016: + 205.41%

Thank you for attention. I can give your interest thanks to my current profitability and remain in a good plus. I hope that I have convinced you.

P.S. I want to explain to you my method of trading. I trade on the movement of odds on sports matches. 95% of them are tennis matches.

I use several programs evaluating the shape and condition of each athlete. I have a relationship with the same people as me. We communicate on the forums, with many of them I know personally. These people live in different parts of the world and have the opportunity to watch a tennis tournament, if the tournament is held close to them.
At the time of release of the initial factors I know insider information and trust the money to the athlete, which is inside. Then inside this learn a lot of other people, ordinary players. They also trust the money for this athlete.
As a result, the ratio for this athlete is greatly reduced. But I trusted the money at a high initial ratio.
Accordingly, when the coefficient on the first of the athlete decreases as it is increased by his opponent. I'm waiting for the moment, and trust the money is the second athlete on the already too high rate.
So I get a profit whatever the outcome of the match.

P.P.S. I described my trading method above. You have to understand that I'm not risking all my money. Even if the insider information is incorrect (which is rare) I very quickly understand. In this case, I'm going to the market with minimal losses. Losses in this case amount to 1-3% of trusted amount. This negative practice is about 20% of cases. The remaining 80% of the cases of successful (to varying degrees) insider information. This positive practice generates income 1-15% of trusted amount.

I understand that you are interested in what will happen in the negative case. It's hard for me to imagine this, I have described why it is impossible. In any case, I have my savings, including from successful trading.
25 Test Reputation 24 hours payment - Reputation0.07260.71%7352016-06-23 23:08:16VE20.24090.2020850943
This loan Reputaion is to be repaid in the next 24 hours
Resultado de imagen para mercadolibre
26 loan and invest in trusted members - Reputation0.25121.67%60222016-07-09 15:51:04GB30.489112330.4140000272
Hello am looking for a 0.15 btc loan to continue to build rep and make a home improvements product as my home project is almost complete now require a bit of furniture to add finishing touches and any btc remaining will b invested within pop to trusted lenders as my previous investments have all been or being paid so getting a idea of who trusted and who not also u can c I've personally had a couple of loans which have been paid in full so I hope u trust me enough to invest in me as have regular income and plenty of cash from working so repayment no issue anyway here is my listing and hope looking forward to growing within the pop community Thanks jackrusse00 :)
27 trade - Trading0.10182.50%30192016-07-09 15:51:04GB30.489112330.4140000272
Am looking for a 0.1 loan for a quick day trade which will give me a quick return so will more than likely pay bk in days so would appreciate a quick fund on this which will help the quick repayment thanks :)
28 Trading - Business20.0052.14%903402015-06-19 14:29:22US21317.054072610.11555574162
This loan will be used to immediately pay-off the remaining of my "Locked-in-POP" loan of 9.994536 Btc, the remainder will be used to trade on bittrex.

I am also responsible for the timely IPO dividend disbursements: CC@1.25/week plus 0.01 weekly increment and MGFS-B2@0.251/week plus 0.001 weekly increment, the MGFS-B dividend@3.2 plus weekly increment of 0.05 will by paid from other revenue sources.

If this loan offer expires unfunded, or is otherwise unappealing, I will re-post a loan more favorable to investors.

All my obligations are guaranteed by my personal salary, crypto wallets and if necessary the liquidation of physical assets.

I have more than a two year history of never missing a payment.
29 Loan #2 - Business0.0878.21%14152017-03-18 7:41:43DE40.085417490.0772551
Loan to build up Repuatation among this community. Thx for your trust and happy investing.
30 Bhx & Pop - Reputation0.90156.43%7642016-07-16 18:32:07ES72.451150.9076363531
Thank You for your support on my Previous loans,I want to continue investing on good shares,for now...keep getting some divs and get to know more about other shares but i want to make sure that only buy shares of trusted businesses,more secure ,while i gain more futhure loans are for a longer term,this one will be paying this one back in a term of 7 days starting with partial payments as before.
31 Loan / 50% collateral - Trading0.20130.36%142112016-07-20 12:18:24VE451.89463930.16792136152
oan Trading 50% collateral
Hi guys,
This loan is to do some trading Btc-Bs, within the platform Surbitcoin, Bitinka and Yabit.

32 from POP - Investment32.0036.50%2705002015-06-19 14:29:22US21317.054072610.11555574162
This loan will be used to immediately pay-off my "Locked-in-POP" loan of 41.6439, the remainder will be used to trade on bittrex, the remain balance will be pulled from exchange wallets and a sell-off of alt-coins.
I am also responsible for the timely IPO dividend disbursements: CC@1.22/week plus 0.01 weekly increment and MGFS-B2@0.248/week plus 0.001 weekly increment, the MGFS-B dividend@3.15 plus weekly increment of 0.05 will by paid from other revenue sources.
If this loan offer expires unfunded, or is otherwise unappealing, I will re-post a loan more favorable to investors.
All my obligations are guaranteed by my personal salary, crypto wallets and if necessary the liquidation of physical assets.
I have a long history of never missing a payment.
33 Trading - Trading0.06260.71%72102016-07-20 12:18:24VE451.89463930.16792136152
This Loan Fast Trading, pay 7 days!!
34 - Clud Mining0.05782.14%752016-07-25 1:42:12US20.164591780.11200502
Broke The Laptom I'm Using For Scrypt Mining.. :(
Going to buy another one lil short though.
All my loan will be paid off by 11/24/2016...
Try'ng to ge this one ASAP cause it's on sale right now with
$250 savings :)
Thank you and have great weekend..
GoT Question LMK.. Thank You!
35 - Clud Mining0.05260.71%1422016-07-25 1:42:12US20.164591780.11200502
Will Pay-Off 11/24/2016
Cloud-Mining short on Alt... Thank you!
Got any question, let me know. Thank you!
36 and Trading loan - Investment0.79104.29%601632016-08-10 14:46:44US115.958673791.11929168112
Asking for another loan for investing and trading. I will also be expanding my mining rig with some of the funds. I will be using the funds for both. I will also buy some shares to add to the collateral. I have posted repayment at 60 days instead of 30 for this loan. Thank you!
37 Reputation - Reputation0.10521.43%7-32016-08-16 6:14:33ES30.07750.1131
Hello, my name is Miguel
I would like to get this loan so you can increase my reputation, and while my power augmentar mined.
I dispose 7 monetized faucets and a small farm mining BTC and ETH.
Thank you very much
38 loan - Investment0.6379.08%30-62016-08-10 14:46:44US115.958673791.11929168112
Would like another investing loan, I would like to rotate loans every 30 days so I can have access to more btc for investing. Repayment will be on time or early as with all my loans. I am employed full time also so repayment will never be an issue. Your kindness is muchly appreciated.
39, short term - Investment0.08234.64%702016-03-15 20:45:53US122.616225480.8574643842
Hi all,

Not much to this, is a small short term loan, this will actually be paid in full with other weekly active 2/28, same as I did with last weeks 3 actives. Planning to purchase alt coin and few shares with this loan to start some investing.

Thanks everyone
40 Fund Needs Data Collection - Start Up Capital0.3091.25%30-82016-09-06 8:33:32US40.452850.3180509961
My program is a success, I worked out all the bugs, and I'm no longer relying on broker ineffencies.
I went back to trading forex, this time with bitcoin. I have been trading forex on and off since 2002. My program trades the GBPJPY - a wild pair with a lot of money to be made and volume isn't an issue.
I'm trading based on Item number 2 on this page
My last loans were about getting the program to work, this loan is about comming up with historical figures as to daily, weekly and monthly ROI to put on the website Before I can attract new customers
I'm waiting on my website guy, who is supposed to be finished by March 15, and then It should take me a week to integrate it into my trading program
Thanks to all my previous supporters
41 for Investment in My Business 02 - Business1.1034.07%120142016-08-03 1:45:15BR103.703452090.6033500431
Dear sirs (as), because of the great development of the T-shirt market and increased demand for our products, we are unable to meet all requests, since our stock is still small.
So that we can increase our inventory and satisfy all buyers, we must expand our structure in general.
Therefore, we need financing, so we can cover the costs to be assumed with the purchase of new products.
Looking forward to a favorable response,
Best Regards,
The loan will be paid before the deadline!
Will be used to increase insurance 0.10
42 Terms-Webpage Development - Other0.78208.57%742016-03-15 20:45:53US122.616225480.857464384
Got some feedback from investors and made some adjustments to this listing! Thanks everyone!

Hey all,
Many of you know my goal on this platform, if not I encourage you to look at previous loans/profile.
This listing is for the development of which thanks to your all help is officially my domain! Phase 2 of this project is the development of the page itself, and I'm also working with who already works for my company. What they bring to the table is the actual pay per lead portal that will be on the webpage. appreciate all the support from everyone. Look forward to completing this project with all of you.
in additional there will be roughly another 10% alt moved over for collatwithin 24 hours on this
Thanks all!!
43 loan to increase reputation - Reputation0.50260.71%7-112016-03-26 0:24:14CA84.064105530.51000002131
Hello all im still trying to increase my rep on this site i have never been late on any of my loans and have over 40 loans paid, this loan will be paid within a weeks time.
44 for Payment - Other0.3260.83%30-212016-10-06 13:14:55BR70.184679440.62682535102
Hello investors, unfortunately I have my bitcoins stuck on Bittrex, I tried to withdraw them today to make my payment here and the value was stuck with the message "transfer to cold storage", I sent a message to the support and they told me that there was An attempt to fraud in my account and for this reason the values are blocked until finalizing the investigation by the support.

I am requesting this amount exclusively to pay the installment that expires today, I do not want to damage my reputation or my investors, I have payments made in BtcJam and I have always complied with my commitments and commitments made with investors, I ask for help here to solve this momentary problem.

Thanks, I'll be happy to answer your questions.
45 Loan 6 + Trades - Business - Trading - Business0.53104.29%30822015-04-20 19:43:37AL70.687337170.5618000631
Reputation loan, again i will for sure repay this loan less time frame + i will do some trades on different exchanges as before.

Thanks to all investors.
46 Flow # 2 - Business2.6079.08%302912016-05-06 3:08:05US3246.085533432.5090000521
Hello again! We hope all are doing well and are great having success with their investments. It’s the middle of the month and we would like assistance to make sure some commitments are made in a timely manner. We look forward to continuing our win-win relationship and want to thank everyone for considering this opportunity.
47 Rep Loan - Fast Repayment - Reputation0.25521.43%7522016-08-18 14:20:04CA61.252852430.267531
Hey gang
Looking for anothe rep loan here... so far so good!
As before this is a quick repayment loan - depending when it's approved, I will try to get it paid back as fast as possible. Still working the same job which is what I will use to pay back the loan.
Eventually I want to start trading on LBC and other similar websites so looking to build towards that.
Thanks! I won't let you down :)

48 personal loan #4 - Other0.26521.43%7132016-08-18 20:06:24US30.34069780.282701
Hello again,
I'm looking for a small loan of $165. I need to purchase a new laptop and I'm hoping to get a loan to fund half of it. If funded, I will pay it off early like my other loans. Repayment will be on Friday, October 21st with 10% interest. Thanks!
49 - Business1.3048.67%60322017-01-22 5:36:29GB51.68920.6890000241
I will be purchasing 0.4 in shares pushing my total up to 0.8 btc in shares/collateral which of course will always be locked in. Main goal at the moment for me is putting a lot of my coins into savings over the long term. I may be inclined to buy more shares i am undecided on that yet.
I use what i hold in assets for cash tradesor trading through bittylicious as well. Most of my liquidity will either go into shares or partial repayments.
I will have around 60% collateral after i buy the shares as well.
Any questions leave a comment below, I don't ever plan on the full duration of the loan. It will depend on how many shares i buy really. I should have the collateral at over 100% within thin week.
- Lewis (Mebyon Kernow)
50 Credit - Reputation0.101303.57%3-32016-08-22 22:35:51US10.003815440.147510111
Looking to build credit. Pretty simple.
51 Trading / Rep #3 - Business0.50182.50%30-112016-08-23 9:00:03IE20.6240.5761
Hey guys.
Back once again with another trading loan.
Paxful trading is coming along excellent so i'm increasing loan amount by a small bit. I'm currently trading 100 euro+ a day with a 20%-55% profit.
As with my previous two loans, I will most likely be paying this back early. I've increased payment window to 30 days with 1 payment as it's easier for me to pay back all at once when I reach i interest amount.
Pax Profile:
Thanks for the support so far guys, much appreciated! :)
52 COIN TRADING LOAN ADJUSTED - Business0.5073%30492017-01-07 15:50:58US50.610167280.5199999931
Cancelled other loan and decided to go for a smaller amount, felt like maybe i over reached a bit. Same deal will use funds to buy pop shares and trade alt coins. Payments will be made in the same way and loan will be paid off early
53 Loan Short Term - Other3.5045.63%305002015-11-17 3:31:25US2587.8319927416.7818324582
This a personal loan and will be treated separate from my current trading loan. The funds will be withdrawn from POP for personal use.
Please be aware that I have two current active loans and they are currently tied up in longer trades.
Thank you for considering an investment in this loan.

54 Reputation - Reputation0.25521.43%30-12016-09-01 2:40:07CA10.180.3449999631
Hi again
This will be my second loan here. I would like to get this loan so that I can raise my reputation, not only that but also so that I can buy and sell cryptocurrency with more capital same as last time. The first loan I had was for 0.15 btc and I had no problem paying that back. I had the loan repayed a little over 3 weeks early. I look forward to making some money with you all again. Thank you very much for helping me out once again.
55 loan - Reputation0.05391.07%702016-09-04 6:44:14US000.0532501
Really just a small business test loan.
56 building Loan - Reputation1042.86%7-32016-09-07 17:46:39US000.01201
Hi. Please help me build reputation here.

57 Loan #11 Revised - Business12.5091.25%305002015-11-17 3:31:25US2587.8319927416.7818324582
I have some longer trades in progress at the moment with my Instant Loan.
I will be using these funds for trading on a different site.
I have no other debts in bitcoin or altcoins on any other sites.
My repaid total is over 85btc.
58 short loan - Reputation0.68182.50%7672016-09-07 22:55:37CO82.565352460.6870889621
i had received all your help and advices provided with the shares here on Pop,i bought more eth and xmr that went down over this weekend,waiting to buy more pops but i will wait for a good price thanks for all previous investments and all my loans
i been working in a call center bilingual for almost 14 months and im getting pay every 15 days too
i know about bitcoin,year and a have ,i been looking and invested on eth,etc and monero almost a year now and having excellent profits
i also have the back-up plans will be my savings account and investments on poloniex,one credit card and money i lend my brother to fix his car
59 and Happy Holidays - Other1.5024.33%901162016-02-15 13:23:19US1511.250869721.5241
Please Watch Video
The loan is for 1.5 btc... it's collateral tied as I will be adding some alt coin purchases and buying pop shares in the near future.
As always, I will keep you updated with any news regarding this loan and I look to pay off early as usual.
I will make bi-weekly partials until paid off in full. This loan will be paid in full in less then 3 months, guarantee
I understand it's a pretty steep one with no collateral to back it up, at the moment but I promise you it WILL change.
Thank you for the investments and business in general.
Feel free to contact me via email, chat, steemit, discord or however you necessary with any feedback, comments or concerns.
I will respond accordingly
Once again, thank you and Merry Xmas
60 in trading/Reputation builder - Trading0.151042.34%3002016-09-07 23:46:18US000.2684399601
My wife and I are frequent buyers on LocalBitcoins and Paxful and have interest in the potential of the trading market. We have connected with several larger volume traders and consider them regular contacts. Given that we have opposite work hours, one of us is always home and readily able to take advantage of applying a consistent trading strategy.
I am a high school math instructor, my wife works growing a customer base for her fledging car detailing business as well as a pet care service. This summer break we worked for a marketing/advertising distribution company.
As a public school teacher, the level of pay has not increased to match cost of living and we are exploring ways to continue in our current professions while using our home time to generate a supplemental income that can be used for savings and further investment. I also have an established math tutoring business that always has high demand, an area that I can take a total break from, work on a part-time level, or schedule enough clients to work full time.
61 Loan - Other0.6012.17%903102014-12-20 17:25:46US1014.761707670.3473333652
Just a small loan to get me through the holidays.
62 Loan/Trading - Trading0.25260.71%15302016-09-09 19:49:07US50.054192620.2975000811
Would like to use this loan to invest/trade on Paxful, as I have done in the past to make sales and earn/profit from such sales. although I have gained "some traction" on paxful with a rep of +14 I would like to gain more, should this venture fail I am able to pay back the loan by purchasing Bitcoins with no struggle or hassles. I believe this way to be easier as I can "trade well" on Paxful with contacts I have made there. I thank you for your confidence and help!
63 LBC Vendor, Seeking Investment - Business1.00177.29%3052016-04-09 5:12:47US10.16960.7005000202
Hi there, I'm a pretty well known, fully verified vendor on Localbitcoins (the_source), and I've been running into some issues of not being able to keep enough BTC in stock for the customers I sell to (I accept mainly Serve and cash bank transfers, both of which i've never received a fraud order in the 1+ years I've beeen doing this). Lately, the issue has gotten worse as I have to rely on customers selling to me as well as limits that I continously hit on services such as Circle. With this being said, I'm looking for investors seeking to essentially split the extra profits with me that have been made with their funds. My rep/storefront, your funds. Speaking of rep, I have a 100% feedback rating over the span of a year and in the past 6 months time have transacted approx $60,000 in BTC. I also purchase BTC on Lbc, and recently obtained the green thumb next to my name as a buyer. I buy that much and still cannot keep btc in stock!
I would have requested more for the loan, but considering this is my first loan here, all things considered I figured 1btc was appropriate, mainly due to my reputation at LBC. As you can see the bracket of how much I've transacted, the chances of me defaulting on this is little to none. Solid investment for you, and although I may not make much off the profits due to the interest given on the loan here, it will help me achieve top rated status and slightly help with my issue of not having enough btc to sell. For 1btc you make $100 in a month if you bankroll 100%, pretty substantial of a profit if you ask me.
I will be putting aside the first 0.284btc weekly from profits to the side for your loan payments, so rest assured I'll be able to pay you with btc :)
Overall, this 1btc doesn't solve my issue however it will help with sales that I normally would not have received, resulting in me being that much closer to top rated. Essentially, any extra btc injected into the lifecycle of my LBC trading account will help one way or another as I have too much fiat and not enough BTC! Yes, I could do bank transfers and wait days to purchase as much as I want, but as a vendor, incremental changes in the price of BTC can be substantial in terms of profits (or possibly loss if I purchased that way). So far, no losses as I only purchase instantly and I always get rid of any coins I have purchased that same day. Ultimately, I'm hoping that this all goes well so that my rep here increases so that I can eventually request a much larger loan that will profit both parties that much more.
Thanks for your consideration, and hopefully this loan gets fulfilled! Really itching to find bigger investments as I have the reputation and the means to move them for a profit. Btw, on avg I make about $50/btc buying and $60/btc selling. Combined, thats a profit of $110/btc when I buy btc and turn around to sell. Essentially meaning if I flip the 1btc twice, I'll have already made enough to pay back the loan. However, obviously I'd like to profit some too, hence the reason for a one month loan length. In the rare chance that I'm scammed out of the funds, I will pay out of pocket of course. Note that I haven't been scammed once in the whole length of time I've been a vendor on LBC :) If you're on LBC and buy using Serve, bank transfer, or Bluebird, you've most likely traded with me as Im always at the top of the list. That is, when I have BTC in stock!
64 & Jam Payoff - Other10.0020.31%1804882015-07-26 16:44:13US1683.052880943.53465478171
I will pay off my active loan before i move any funds then i will use the rest of this to make a couple of trades then pay a payment on Jam then i will rinse and repeat. I plan on having this paid off within 3 months but obviously you should always have a back up plan.
This is a 10% interest for 6 months but plan is to have it paid in 3 months with a big dent on Jam as well in that time frame. I will also be doing some small ALT trades and such here and on Polo, Yobit etc.
Any questions please ask i will answer them.
PS, I also hope dbn, approves the interest.. :)
65 BTCPOP Loan - Reputation0.50104.29%14-32016-09-18 3:23:44US10.05250.5201
This is my first loan here and looking to raise my reputation with funded and paid back loans. I selected a 2 week term since its a small loan and also that is manageable wih my payperiod and my payperiod is every 2 weeks
66 LBC - Trading0.15260.71%702016-09-24 12:36:18VE000.1575000221
My name is Jose am from Venezuela, I come here to apply for this loan to increase my capacity trading in Localbitcon I appreciate your support this loan will be paid in a week
Link LBC
67 Replacement - Car Repairs0.6059.96%120612015-11-26 4:39:20US51.093282210.6126000421
Hello again poppers,
Round 2 and hopefully the lowered ammount will help me towards my goal this is for a persoanal loan for car repairs, also lowered the length by 2 months so itll be 4 months instead of 6 months.
the tiny little engine that could finaly gave out on my 05 lancer. the timing belt decided to break on me and being this is an interference engine valve damage was caused and i found it cheaper to just get a used motor and replce its timing belt before installing the engine VS. replacing valves, springs, retainers and head work along with a new timing belt and tensioner pully just over all cheaper if i do the work myself as well.
As usual thanks for looking and hope to continue my reputation as a good borrower. thanks again guys.
68 for trading Altcoins - Trading0.53182.50%30232016-10-06 13:14:55BR71.954869930.62682535102
I request this loan to invest in bitcoins and altcoins, I already do trading in Bittrex and Poloniex, I have the cadastre in BTCJam, I have own investments in BTCJam and BTCPOP lending some bitcoins.

Thank you.
69 Here..Some There - Other0.75130.36%30402016-10-10 16:56:06US82.006402390.8129329651
This loan would be used for various ventures. I'd use a bit of it here to spread the wealth, enhance my tiny alt coin collection for future collateral, hedge my football contest picks (3 weeks left) and not sure what else, at the moment.
If funded, payments will play out every two weeks. It is listed as two months, however I did will make three payments, every two weeks. Today is the start date, no matter when or if it gets funded.
At the moment, I have no active loans.
if you do have questions, as always, shoot!
70 Loan - Trading0.012607.14%7-32016-10-10 17:00:58US000.01521
Let's start over again.

Being new in the community will be hard to get a higher loan, so just let's build some reputation.
71 Reputation Loan 4 - Reputation0.12416.62%14622016-04-07 1:07:42US50.284482780.1647060812
Btcpop Community,

I'm back once again looking for another loan for a bit more this time. I will continue to have excellent communication and timely payments. Thanks for all investments and contributions. Let's continue making coin together. Thanks again for your consideration

James A. Nicholas
72 Raheman2 BTC Bridge Loan - Business2.0017.03%1804912015-09-29 8:54:14IN726.172241.4813333931
Hey Investors,
Posting a small 2 BTC loan for keeping in touch with all of you @16.8% APR, until I prepare for my project which is still under development. Our business activities include BTC trading and software development. Our recent focus has been launch of a new product that’s been under development for some time.
I've transacted over $300,000 and maintained top notch reputation across all platforms. You guys can check out my immaculate BLC reputation (highest ever 1031) at
Across all platforms I have disclosed my real identify, and that I believe is the biggest security a borrower of top reputation can offer.
Cheers :D
73 to Btcpop - Other1.0036.50%270952016-01-07 8:24:32HR175.001320310.28222222101
I would like to pay off the dept on jam and to close acc. on jam . i put the 9 months period just in case of unpredictible things. it will be payd of beafore the 9 month period .
74 Loan To Build History - Reputation0.11182.50%60-62016-10-13 8:07:38FI000.4550000221
Hello. My name is Samson and I'm looking for a reputation loan to build up some history and practise trading. Eventully I'm more interested in mining and trading but I need to study them further. I'm a bit of a newbie with bitcoins, I've paid with bitcoins and exchanged them from euros. I have a background in international investment banking (CRM, not trader) so I'm fascinated with the whole bitcoin business. My last year's income was 27K per annum. I can offer an interest rate of 15% a month over 60 days.
75 Loan - Reputation0.31208.57%3002016-10-19 22:48:33US000.08923311
Thank you for viewing my listing! I am a noob here on BTCPOP however I have been actively trading for a while now on Poloniex. I am wanting a short term loan to build a stellar reputation here with this community. I look forward to investing in various different alt currency as well as investing in future lending for others in need to pay it forward. I am looking to repay the aforementioned loan on a weeky basis spread over a 30 day period.
A little bit about me;
I live in Southern California and I am a Executive Chef and restauranteur with an extensive background in operations, construction with a strong business acumen. I also hold a Bachelor degree in Project Management with a minor in Business.
76 Reputation Loan - Trading0.25260.71%14412016-10-26 1:08:01US50.330251020.2699999951
I'm going for more mid class customers while I'm away as my new Nexus 6 is awsome and I use the BTCpop android app or quick shortcut now....
This phone I would rank 10 out of 10....
Please Leave Feedback....
I Love Communication Between My Investors....
Hop Y'all Enjoy The Pic Of The Absolute North Pole.....
I'll try to get a Picture From Direct Above The Center To Show The Light Emiting From In It....
77 Loan - Business0.3073%601682016-05-24 15:05:16MY93.695400790.3360000811
Hey Investors,
I'm asking for 0.3 with 6% interest. This loan would used to purchase some tools need for my pasty baking lesson.
Just canceled my 0.6 request because i raised 0.3 myself and i need you guys help to fund the balace.
I would pay this back by the month end with my pay check.
I have paid several loans and hoping to improve my reputation here.
I have an active loan(instant loan) and i have invested some to active loans.
I will reverify but not just yet, I should be judge base on merit
Rep rep - Reputation
0.021303.57%702016-10-28 0:03:33US000.1207500303
Need to increase rep, payback will be Apr 20
79 loan for reputation with collat. - Reputation0.50130.36%14-42016-11-08 23:04:31GB20.53630380.5210850601
I'm looking for my second loan. I'm upping the amount a little so I can hit the lower bounds needed to list on LBC
Please check my LBC profile:
You should note the trade volume (just shy of 100BTC) relative to the age of my account is very high. I am an active member of the LBC community and have a number of unique trading tools in use that help my trading stay profitable and safe.
I'm hoping to be launching my own site: very soon with many tools to help BTC traders to succeed. Any investors of 0.05BTC or more will receive an early invite to the site to have a look around and hopefully give me some valuable feedback!
Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to do business with you in future!
All the best,
Jack (eyaka1)
80 loan - Reputation0.02938.57%7-62016-11-16 20:01:06US000.0269141
Trying to size down my loan request for reputation. This will be instantly paid off once funded.
81 to Purchase Car Accessories - Business0.10104.29%3002016-11-17 8:15:54KE10.012460430.1066876601
Hello Investors,
Besides btc trading i also run a my own personal business. I supply various Petrol Station in my country with car spares and accessories, also sell to individual car owners on a regular basis. I have been in this business since the year 2011 and for a while now its been my major source of income aside from btc trading. I would like to re-stock being a holiday season and for that i need you assistance. I will repay this loan on a weekly basis. Feel free to ask any questions.
Thanking you in advance.
82 Loan - collateral - Investment4.1030.42%302632016-02-23 20:36:45PL2348.660879425.6276362432
My name is Pawel Smichurski and I'm Polish . This is my fifteenth loan - I'm going to build investor confidence and to start in this way a long-term cooperation . This is my fifteenth loan - the first 0,25BTC second 0,40BTC third 0,30BTCfourth 0,45BTC fifth 1,00BTC and others 1,25BTC 2,00BTC 1,75BTC 3,00BTC 3,50BTC 3.00 4,00BTC and many others was repaid in full before the deadline. The fifteenth loan I intend to use my investment projects pet food that have so far bring me profit. If you have questions I will try to answer
83 - Deposit/ Uber Car Lease - Other0.33130.36%3032016-11-18 17:58:36US40.294434110.362314521
Loan Primary Use
I just cleared my background/credit to drive for Uber and be able to take advantage of their lease program. I will be using this loan for the $250 REFUNDABLE deposit and fees toward a vehicle to use while I am driving for Uber. Deposit is refunded in 30 days.
See link for details on the lease program
About Me
This will be my 5th loan with BTCPOP. With previous loans I have bought some shares to use as collateral. Lately I've been doing relatively decent trading/selling but most of you are well aware it doesn't take all day to do. With the remainder of my time I plan to be productive driving for Uber.
My profiles on other sites
I do most trading on here
Here is my localbitcoins but I have not done much here
I am also on here
1st payment is scheduled to be paid back in 14 days which allows me to adjust and get familiar with the Uber program. Uber provides weekly pay but also provides express pay which gives the option to get paid daily.
For some reason I decide driving for Uber is not for me I can return the car and get back the deposit but that will be an option that I do not plan on taking.
Feel free to ask any additional questions that you may have.
Thank you all for the help that you all have provided.
84 Trading loan for 30days at 6% - Trading0.5873.00%302432015-12-06 17:37:46IN1621.487021892.05390002112
Hi Investors,
As i had promised i am keep repaying my all loans with collateral and without collateral including instant pool loans on time period and will do the same in future.
This Loan amount am going to use for intraday trading.
Its my Promise to all investors that repayment will be made on time the same way i had repaid my previous loans.
Am going for 30days loan period again this time with 6% interest rate without collateral so hope will get the same support and will get it funded soon.

85 | Personal Loan - Other0.15156.43%30982015-12-26 20:43:49SE75.190975880.3630000632
Hey Guys,
I urgently need the cummunity help, I found myself in a position where i need this loan really bad. I would be glad if this loan could be funded asap.
This is really an emergency guys, every help is greatly appreciated.
Note : Active loan next payment is on 23/10/2016.

86, small, emergency loan untill tomo - Business0.08651.79%7232016-11-20 23:40:50ZA51.284875250.6693751662
Hi guys
So heres briefly my situation.
After last loan ive marketed my DW shop and got some new products which i am reselling. So Its been going very well and the orders are becoming alot. Very happy about this but ive got a small cashflow issue now.
The marktplace keep the funds in escrow for 2 to 5 days before it gets released to me. Now ive got all these processed orders between t no money to buy new product for thw incoming orders. . . the next payment due to me is only tomorrow midday and I have lots of orders to be done tonight. I promise my customers that i will send their order within 6 hours. . .
0.075 will help me to process tonights orders and tomorrow when my funds gets released, I will repay.
Id really appreciate some help in this matter,
87 builder and mobile advertising - Business0.03521.43%14422015-09-24 13:41:10KE000.0360000401
I am applying for my first loan mainly to build feedback and trust on btcpop
The loan will however go to advertising apps for my mobile affiliate business
I will Invest it on my Airpush account and pay back the 2 week loan with the returns from my affiliate network
88 Building - Reputation0.40782.14%7792016-11-22 20:39:42US40.38940780.4560000361
I am trying to build rep have just enough money to cover the fees so it will be paid back within 24 hrs. I dont plan on taking it out or spending it, Its just going right back in.
89 Reputation Loan. Same day pay - Investment0.10782.14%7-62016-05-28 19:00:47US000.402521
This is a small reputation loan to increase my reputation. Will pay back today if funded today, or same day it funds. Looking to build my reputation, so after my first loan is paid off to fix my vehicle, I would like to get loans to start trading.
90 loan to build rep - Reputation0.131042.86%7-32016-12-02 14:38:20US000.1583390211
Personal loan to build reputation on btcpop
91 a higher rating - Other0.04140.00%303912/6/16US30.75990.93752
fast pay back just need rating
92 Collateral Loan for Trading - Trading1.4760.83%302382015-12-06 17:37:46IN1621.487021892.05390002112
Hi Investors,
As i had promised i am keep repaying my all loans with collateral and without collateral including instant pool loans on time period and will do the same.
From this loan amount again am going to increase my capital and capacity of buying equity for the intraday trading.
Its my Promise to all investors that repayment will be made on time the same way i had repaid my previous loans.
Am going for 30days loan period again this time with 60% collateral so hope will get the same support and will get it funded soon.

93 | Collateral (Shares) - Business1.00140.79%30102017-01-03 4:01:54RU62.750548760.83111
Hi guys!

Finally i've decided to apply new listing. Coins will be spent also on trading and investment. Collateral - shares.

Thank you.
94 BTC Loan - Reputation0.15391.07%30-62017-01-08 2:27:11US000.0967500131
Thank you all for taking a look at my request. I do apoloogize to the investers who fully funded my last loan but upon activation I clicked cancel...Anyways, I'm here writing this trying to gain reputation on BTCPOP. I made an earlier requests for a larger amount of of BTC but I received my paycheck and was able to handle my vehicle repairs. Upon activation Ill pay at least %50 of it back. Thank you all.
95 # 10 - Business0.42208.57%3062017-01-11 7:55:13US100.757012490.3654001531
I have paid back my 8th and 9th loan (early).
I am taking out loan number 10 to continue work on my animations and to re-start work on the game ( Project track and field).

Feel free to ask any and all questions
96 loan#2 - Trading0.05208.57%7152017-02-02 22:15:52GB60.471041680.3944000852
hi everyone, this loan is for paying off quickly my instant pool loan which is due tomorrow.I have a deposite pending but don't know when it will show because the confidence is still low after 16 hours although. I paid high fees which was 0.0006. I will pay back as early as possible.
97 to build reputation - Reputation0.11521.43%14622015-03-24 12:53:34KE10.531298190.0654500121
Hello investors,
I would like to gain reputation on this platform and therefore decided to start with a small. I have an instant loan pool that is expiring a few days.
My intention is to have a long-term relationship with investors on this platform. I will appreciate your investments.
Kind regards
98 loan - Business0.01521.43%7-152017-02-28 4:56:45NL000.0109839661
Just to see how it works and to make a start here
99 Loan - For Rep - Business0.05109.50%3032017-03-15 16:21:42GB000.054511
Potential Investors,

My name is Chris Dowle, I'm a Corporal in the British Army. Soon to promote to Sergeant in June. I initially took interest in earning money online about 18 months ago. I have been trading crytocurrency with some success for the last 4 months. I am a premium member at and have started my own online business called Army-Fit. I have a website at I am also a member of a Revenue Sharing program called My Payings Ads where to date I have earned over $3000 since August 2016.

I am looking to borrow 0.05 BTC to invest into My Payings Ads to further boost my account. My Payings Ads is the most stable revenue sharing program on the web and has been going since March 2015 and have paid out over $40 million since then to their members. It is run by a trusted admin named Uday Nara. The company is getting stronger and stronger and have recently created a sister company called My Paying Crypto Ads which has had massive success since launch and has paid out over 8000 BTC to members thus far.
I am very new here at BTCPOP and I intend to make this work no matter what! I have been in the Army for nearly 13 years and I'm looking for a way to get out safely and financially comfortable. Investing in MPA will eventually make me enough money to buy a new car and to have a good deposit on my own home when I leave the forces.
Thanks for your time in reading this. I hope I have enstilled your confidence in me.
Christopher Dowle
100 first loan - Other0.05521.43%7-62017-03-20 14:46:33DE000.0549999921
Hey people,
I already started a loan request today but the loan amount was to high, so I´m starting an new onewith less.
I hope you people can help me.
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