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Monday - March, 19th9h00 - 10h30Official Opening Ceremony of the 8th World Water Forum-Broadcasting of the Opening Ceremony--------------------------
11h00 - 12h30------------[PP-NG-11] Heads of State - Meeting-----------
14h30 - 16h00[SS-TP-07] Opening Session of the Thematic Process-[PP-NG-02] Ministerial Meeting - Opening Ceremony[HLP 1] Water and Disasters[HLP 3] Revitalising IWRM for the 2030 Agenda[PP-JP-01] Opening of the Judges and Prosecutors Sub-Process & Keynote Adressess[HLP 5] Bridging Water and Climate[HLP 15] Water related SDGs in crises prone regions: turning reconstruction into sustainable development[SS-TP-03] SPECIAL SESSION - Water Security and SDGs---[HLP 18] Sanitation and Urban Mobility[HLP 17] Blue Peace: From Recommendations to Action[HLP 13] Science-Policy dialogue: key to solve global water challenges and support decision making[PP-NG-04] Ministerial Roundtable - Climate[PP-NG-05] Ministerial Roundtable - People[PP- NG -06] Ministerial Roundtable - Development[PP-NG-07] Ministerial Roundtable - Urban[PP-NG-08] Ministerial Roundtable - Ecosystems[PP-NG-09] Ministerial Roundtable - Finance[SS-RP-01] SPECIAL SESSION - Opening Session of the Regional Process----
16h30 - 18h00[SS-PT-01] Global launch of the United Nations World Water Development Report 2018 on ‘Nature-based Solutions for Water’[PP-NG-03] Ministerial Meeting - Keynote Speeches[HLP 16] River Basin Water Transfer: Management Challenges[HLP 6] Inclusive Multistakeholder Partneships and Participatory Governance[HLP 14] Water and Migration [OS-TP-22] Session 3.a.1 - Soil and Water Conservation Practices for Improved Food Production[OS-TP-13] Session 2.a.1 - SDG6 - Source of Life! Helping Governments to implement the Water Targets[OS-TP-76] Session 8.a.1 - Information and training for decision makers[OS-TP-58] Session 6.a.1 - Financing the ecosystems services dynamics[OS-TP-67] Session 7.a.1 - Multi-stakeholder platforms and practices as a solution to SDG 6’ shared challenges[OS-TP-37] Session 4.a.1 - Design for water - wise cities[OS-TP-87] Session 9.a.1 - Transformational IWRM for the 2030 Agenda[OS-TP-01] Session 1.a.1 - Uncertainty, vulnerabilities and resilience[OS-TP-46] Session 5.a.1 - Balancing water needs for humans and nature[OS-RP-39] REGIONAL - 1. Climate - Moving from climate vulnerability maps to policy action in adaptation to climate change in the Arab Region[OS-RP-48] REGIONAL - 2. People - Towards Improving Sanitation and Wastewater Management: Challenges and Good Practices in the Asia-Pacific Region[OS-RP-55] REGIONAL - 4. Urban - European Cities: why waste water and energy?[OS-RP-57] REGIONAL - 5. Ecosystems - Managing and restoring Mediterranean ecoystems for water services and biodiversity[SS-RP-02] SPECIAL SESSION - Opening Session - The Process of the Americas[SS-RP-07] SPECIAL SESSION - 6. Finance - Africa Investment programme on Water Infrastructure, Job creation and SDG implementation (WAJIP)[SS-J-CF+RP 02] AcquAwareness
Tuesday, March 20th9h00 - 10h30-[PP-PAR-01] Parliamentary Meeting [PP-NG-10] Ministerial Meeting - Adoption of the "Urgent call for Decisive Action on Water"[HLP 4] Water Crisis in Brazil[HLP 7] Business, Water and Sustainable Development[PP-JP-02] Judges and Prosecutors - Presentation and Discussion of Draft “Brasilia Declaration of Judges on Water Justice” and Panels 1 and 2[OS-TP-23] Session 3.a.2 - Water for food processing: waste reduction, optimization and reuse[OS-TP-14] Session 2.a.2 - Water as a human right: Implementing sustainable financing and institutional tools and strategies[OS-TP-77] Session 8.a.2 - Education and training on water are not costs but investments[OS-TP-59] Session 6.a.2 - Broadening the access to financial resources to periurban low-income areas and small scale water services[OS-TP-68] Session 7.a.2 - Sharing technological, social and financial innovations[OS-TP-38] Session 4.a.2 - Connecting Cities with their Basins for a Water Secure Future[OS-TP-88] Session 9.a.2 - Operationalising IWRM Adaptively Across the SDGs[OS-TP-02] Session 1.a.2 - Hydro-climatic risk in land planning and management[OS-TP-47] Session 5.a.2 - Water basin revitalization for supporting water quantity and quality and human well-being[PP-LRA-01] 5th International Conference of Local and Regional Authorities Opening Ceremony
+ From local water governance to the international agendas
[OS-CF-9] Citizenship Education for Water: Worldwide experiences[OS-CF-3] Urban Rivers: Citizen as transformers of this environment[OS-RP-30] REGIONAL - 1. Climate - How to build resilience and risk reduction through green infrastructure in the Americas?[OS-RP-54] REGIONAL - 2. People - Water services in Europe: long-term sustainability at what price? [OS-RP-26] REGIONAL - 3. Development - Water-Energy-Food Security (WEF) Nexus: potential applications and lessons from Africa[OS-RP-46] REGIONAL - 5. Ecosystems - Enhancing Freshwater Ecosystems for Integrated Water Resources Management: Mobilizing Ecohydrology Science for the SDGs in Asia and the Pacific[OS-RP-42] REGIONAL - 6. Finance - Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) dilemma in the Arab Region, what makes private sector operation optimal and cost effective in PPPs - Public Private Partnership[OS-RP-53] REGIONAL - 9. Governance - Water governance in Europe: how to add value block by block?[SS-RP-05] SPECIAL SESSION - 7. Sharing - National hydrological networks in continental sized countries – past, present and future, problems and perspectives.[OS-RP-32] Water for food security and rural development in the Americas – current issues and opportunities
11h00 - 12h30-[HLP 9] Water for Food/Agriculture[HLP 12] Perspectives in financing water investments in America[OS-TP-24] Session 3.a.3 - Floods, Droughts, Wind, Fire: Building Resilient Agricultural Systems[OS-TP-15] Session 2.a.3 - The Invisible Realities: Safe Water in Slums, Post-Conflict and Post-Disaster Situations, and Other Communities[PP-LRA-02] Allowing investment for the future: Urban Water Finance[OS-TP-60] Session 6.a.3 - Sustainable market-based mechanisms and national-regional economics and financing[OS-TP-69] Session 7.a.3 - Empowering people, developing capacities and sharing information[OS-TP-39] Session 4.a.3 - Water Governance and communication in Cities[OS-TP-89] Session 9.a.3 - The New Policy Agenda for IWRM[OS-TP-03] Session 1.a.3 - Addressing hydro-climatic risk of vulnerable communities on a sub-national level.[OS-TP-48] Session 5.a.3 - Sharing information with transparency for better and more effective decisions on management and restoration of water ecosystems[PP-LRA-03] Starts with water: Making equitable access to water a priority[PP-LRA-04] Fostering strong local governance on water[PP-LRA-05] Reinforcing local governments' capacities on water provision[OS-CF-11] Diversity and inclusion in power relations and decision-making processes in water management[OS-CF-15] Civil Society and Social Capital[OS-RP-44] REGIONAL - 1. Climate - Cimate Change effects from perspective of the glaciers of the Hindu Kush Himalayas[OS-RP-37] REGIONAL - 2. People - Progress in efficient Water and Sanitation Services in the Americas[OS-RP-33] REGIONAL - 3. Development - Food, Energy, and Water Conservation as a Strategy for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in the Americas: cases and experiences[OS-RP-43] REGIONAL - 4. Urban - Will the future wastewater treatment plant be water and energy suppliers to the Arab Region[OS-RP-41] REGIONAL - 5. Ecosystems - Wetlands for mitigation, adaptation, nature and livelihoods in the Arab region[OS-RP-27] REGIONAL - 6. Finance - Enhancing Africa's Capacity for Financing water security in Africa-[SS-RP-08] SPECIAL SESSION - 7. Sharing - Transboundary water: Turning potential tensions into partnerships for regional development
14h30 - 16h00-[PP-JP-03] Closed Session for Prosecutors - “Water Justice and the Global Institute of Prosecutors for the Environment” (by invitation only)[HLP 2] Source-to-Sea Management: Towards joint action by the freshwater and ocean communities[HLP 8] Financing Water Infrastructure (Roundtable on Financing Water)[PP-JP-04] Closed Session for Judges - “Water Justice and the Global Judicial Institute on the Environment” (by invitation only)[OS-TP-25] Session 3.b.1 - Optimizing the water-energy production value chain[OS-TP-16] Session 2.b.1 - Realizing the human right to sanitation[PP-LRA-06] Planning for Water-friendly Cities[OS-TP-61] Session 6.b.1 - Financing Water Governance[OS-TP-79] Session 8.b.1 - Enhanced capacity building to align Policy with up-to-date Science and Technology[OS-TP-40] Session 4.b.1 - Reuse and recover resources in urban water management[OS-TP-90] Session 9.b.1 - Managing water across sectors and borders: Institutional frameworks and approaches for efficient transboundary basin organizations[OS-TP-04] Session 1.b.1 - How climate change affects all the different water users: The need for cross-sectoral approaches for adaptation[OS-TP-49] Session 5.b.1 - Wastewater management and multiple benefits arising from nature-based solutions[PP-LRA-07] Preparing cities for water-related risks[PP-LRA-08] Addressing the gap of Sanitation[PP-LRA-09] Fighting Scarcity with Efficiency: Making every drop of water work for cities[OS-CF-8] Community based management for water and sanitation: how to ensure participatory approaches?[OS-CF-2] Challenges facing family agriculture (small farmers) in water use[OS-RP-01] REGIONAL - 1. Climate - Water Security and Climate Resilience for Africa’s Sustainable Development[OS-RP-34] REGIONAL - 3. Development - Lessons in Sustainable Groundwater Management from the Mid and West U.S.[OS-RP-59] REGIONAL - 4. Urban - Circular Economy: Reuse in the Mediterranean and its impact on territories[OS-RP-47] REGIONAL - 6. Finance - Financing implementation of water-related SDGs at the Asia-Pacific region[OS-RP-29] REGIONAL - 8. Capacity - Hydrological monitoring network of Latin American & Caribbean countries[SS-RP-11] SPECIAL SESSION - 6. Finance - Water Funds in the Americas-
16h30 - 18h00[SS-PT-06] YOUR VOICE - Wrap Up[HLP 11] Business Commitment to Water Security[HLP 10] Increasing Financial Flows for Sanitation and wastewater management[PP-JP-05] 1st International Water Justice Moot Court [OS-TP-26] Session 3.b.2 - Securing water for energy through resilience to global change[OS-TP-17] Session 2.b.2 - Whole sanitation approach, sanitation chain, innovation[OS-TP-80] Session 8.b.2 - Preparing policies that release the S&T potential to (better) solve the water crisis[OS-TP-62] Session 6.b.2 - Optimizing existing financial resources to enhance Water Services Sustainability[OS-TP-71] Session 7.b.2 - Implementation of Inclusive Policies with the Participation of All Stakeholders[OS-TP-41] Session 4.b.2 - "Recycling" waters[OS-TP-91] Session 9.b.2 - Monitoring, assessment, data and knowledge sharing in transboundary basins[OS-TP-05] Session 1.b.2 - Innovative financial mechanisms for adaptation to climate change [OS-TP-50] Session 5.b.2 - Implementing natural and engineered solutions – the need for innovative financing[PP-LRA-10] Sharing water: Cooperation at all levels[OS-CF-12] Political Governance versus Sustainable Governance: financial resources, interests and power[OS-CF-10] Scale Up and Impact for a Global Water Agreement[OS-RP-56] REGIONAL - 1. Climate - Water Security and Climate Change Adaptation at the Mediterranean[OS-RP-36] REGIONAL - 2. People - Have the Americas reached the conditions to guarantee the implementation of the human rights to water and sanitation?[OS-RP-45] REGIONAL - 3. Development - Contributing to the development of the agricultural sector in the Asia-Pacific region, improving the efficiency of all water uses[OS-RP-51] REGIONAL - 5. Ecosystems - European Ecosystems: how to bridge systems and services?[OS-RP-35] REGIONAL - 6. Finance - The cost of no action in Climate Change in the Americas-[SS-RP-09] SPECIAL SESSION - 9. Governance - Regulatory services and the promotion of water related SDGs
Wednesday - March 21st9h00 - 10h30[PP-JP-06] Judges and Prosecutors - Panels 3 and 4[SS-PT-10] Asia to World Water Solutions through multi-stakeholder partnerships[SS-TP-04] SPECIAL SESSION - Urban Poverty and Water[SS-J-CF+TP 05] Payment for environmental services (connected to water) at the local scale, and community-based[OS-TP-27] Session 3.b.3 - Promoting good water governance for sustainable energy production[OS-TP-07] Session 1.c.1 - Water and land management contributing to Climate Mitigation targets[OS-TP-81] Session 8.b.3 - Adapting institutional policies to collaborative water governance: the path to enable S&T and policy dialogue[OS-TP-55] Session 5.d.1 - Understanding Water Quality from Ridge to Reef[OS-TP-72] Session 7.b.3 - Involving All Through a Stakeholder Driven Process[OS-TP-28] Session 3.c.1 - From water use efficiency to stewardship: Is industry aware of its water-related risks and opportunities?[OS-TP-92] Session 9.b.3 - Successful negotiation and implementation of global, regional and bilateral transboundary cooperation agreements[OS-TP-06] Session 1.b.3 - Do not reinvent the wheel: Making the most of no-regret adaptation measures[OS-TP-51] Session 5.b.3 - Grey or/and green – Can integrated solutions help to avoid conflicts and facilitate cooperation among users?[PP-LRA-11] Opening of Day 2 and reflection of Day 1 +
Showcase time : How can water and Mayors work together ?
[OS-CF-18] Community-based action on water management and watershed governance[SS-CF-3] SPECIAL SESSION - Strengthening citizens participation: policy, representativeness and challenges[OS-RP-31] REGIONAL - 1. Climate - Experiences in facing droughts in the Americas[OS-RP-28] REGIONAL - 2. People - Building Climate Resilient Water, Sanitation and Hygiene-WASH Services in Africa[OS-RP-40] REGIONAL - 3. Development - Sustainability challenges need integrated solutions in the Arab Region: Is Water, Energy Food the answer?[OS-RP-49] REGIONAL - 4. Urban - Circular Economy, Reduce, Reuse, recycle: promising experiences in Asia[OS-RP-08] INTERREGIONAL - 3. Development - Water-Food-Energy Nexus in large infrastructures (Americas, Asia-Pacific)[OS-RP-52] REGIONAL - 6. Finance - Water services financing in Europe: how to bank it and blend it?[SS-RP-06] SPECIAL SESSION - 7. Sharing - National water quality networks in continental sized countries - past, present and future, problems and perspectivas.-
11h00 - 12h30[PP-JP-07] Judges and Prosecutors - Closing High-Level Panel - Water Justice: Roadmap for Action[SS-TP-02] SPECIAL SESSION - Global Monitoring and Reporting of SDG 6[SS-J-CF+TP 04] Ensuring funds for community based projects and social organizations for improving resilience in climate change. + 3.a.1 Soil and Water Conservation Practices for Improved Food Production[SS-PT-02] Continued funding of water research[OS-TP-29] Session 3.c.2 - International water stewardship standard[OS-TP-18] Session 2.b.3 - Putting in place the necessary building blocks to reach Sanitation for All[OS-TP-82] Session 8.c.1 - Use of mobile phone technology, sensor technology, remote sensing, drones and modelling in water monitoring and management[OS-TP-63] Session 6.b.3 - Exploring synergies between water-related SDGs and the UNFCC Adaptation Agenda.[OS-TP-73] Session 7.c.1 - Fostering new cultures of participation[OS-TP-42] Session 4.b.3 - Promoting circular economy by building an enabling environment[OS-TP-31] Session 3.d.1 - Efficient use of water through Governance[OS-TP-08] Session 1.c.2 - Low carbon water services to achieve climate mitigation[OS-TP-52] Session 5.c.1 - Urban land and water use: can natural systems thrive in unnatural environments?[PP- LRA- 12] Adoption of the Call for Action +
Closing Ceremony
[OS-CF-13] Public or private provision: barriers and challenges to realizing the human rights to water and sanitation.[OS-RP-03] INTERREGIONAL - 1. Climate - Known initiatives and possible advances of countries to build resilience to climate change in a context of adaptation in Americas and Africa[OS-RP-22] INTERREGIONAL - 2. People - How regulatory South American and European authorities could promote the Human Rights to water and sanitation?[OS-RP-58] REGIONAL - 6. Finance - Finance for Sustainable Development in the Mediterranean[OS-RP-60] REGIONAL - 4. Urban - Urban Water Challenges in the Americas[OS-RP-11] INTERREGIONAL - 5. Ecosystems - Source to Sea priorities in the different regions (Americas, Asia-Pacific)[OS-RP-23] INTERREGIONAL - 7. Sharing - Transboundary Cooperation: sharing experiences in the different regions (Africa, Americas, Europe)[SS-PT-04] SPECIAL SESSION - 6. Finance - Development finance to reach the water SDG 6 - perspectives from International Development Banks
14h30 - 16h00[PP-J-01] PAR/ JP/ LRA - Joint Session [SS-TP-06] SPECIAL SESSION - Data and tools to faciltate water management and decision making[SS-J-SFG+TP 03] Facing impact of mining activities on water resources[SS-J-SFG+TP 02] Alternative energies: their potential positive and negative impacts on water resource availability[OS-TP-30] Session 3.c.3 - Water allocation: demand management and water availability[OS-TP-19] Session 2.c.1 - Safe Water: What still needs to be done for the prevention of WASH and waterborne diseases?[OS-TP-83] Session 8.c.2 - Enhancing transparency, accountability and inclusiveness by stakeholders through ICT and capacity building[OS-TP-64] Session 6.c.1 - Financing innovation for water technology and business[OS-TP-74] Session 7.c.2 - Cultures of sharing and the rights of nature[OS-TP-43] Session 4.c.1 - Reuse Technologies: Can We Handle Innovation?[OS-TP-93] Session 9.c.1 - How to Enhance Multi-Level Water Governance?[OS-TP-10] Session 1.d.1 - Science and Policy: Improving Collaboration at National and Project Scales for Climate-Informed Decision Making[OS-TP-53] Session 5.c.2 - Farming for ecosystem services: can farmers save rivers and still make a profit?---[OS-CF-7] Innovation of young Water Entrepreneurs[OS-RP-02] INTERREGIONAL - 1. Climate - Extreme Events: examples of connection between Science and Public Policies in Americas, Europe and Africa[OS-RP-19] INTERREGIONAL - 2. People - Integrated Sanitation for all - Whole sanitation approach, sanitation chain, innovation in MEDITERRANEAN and AFRICA[OS-RP-10] INTERREGIONAL - 3. Development - Food security, irrigation and dilemmas in water restriction scenarios (Americas, Asia-Pacific)[OS-RP-24] INTERREGIONAL - 4. Urban - National Strategies for the promotion of waste water treatment and reuse and its link with water resources management (Americas, Europe)[OS-RP-13] INTERREGIONAL - 9. Governance - Crisis Management: strategies for River Basins in Americas and Asia-Pacific[OS-RP-05] INTERREGIONAL - 3. Development - Nexus: water – energy – food - ecosystems in the Mediterranean and Africa[SS-RP-10] SESSÃO ESPECIAL - 3. Development - Development and safety of water infrastructure in river basins: risks, monitoring and preventive actions-
16h30 - 18h00-[SS-PT-09] Integrated Freshwater Management for Sustaining Humanity and Environment: Addressing the Socio-Economic and Scientific Challenges[SS-J-SFG+TP 05] Efficiency of indicators to foster sustainable use of water[SS-TP-01] SPECIAL SESSION - From the 7th to the 8th World Water Forum: Three years of Implementation Roadmaps[SS-J-CF+TP 06] Socio-environmental justice for water governance + 7.c Water, cultural diversity, justice and equity[OS-TP-32] Session 3.d.2 - Efficient use of water as a development inductor[OS-TP-20] Session 2.c.2 - Synergies beyond SDG 6: access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene for improved nutrition and public health[OS-TP-84] Session 8.c.3 - Open Source and big data for water use efficiency and sustainable management.[OS-TP-65] Session 6.c.2 - Financing multi-purpose infrastructure for sustainable growth[OS-TP-34] Session 3.e..1 - Multipurpose Water Infrastructure Planning and with Multiple Objectives in Management Units[OS-TP-44] Session 4.c.2 - Lemons to Lemonade: How Technology is Turning Sludge Management Into Opportunity![OS-TP-94] Session 9.c.2 - How is Water Governance in Your Country? Indicators to Assess Institutional Performance[OS-TP-11] Session 1.d.2 - Citizen science approach in hydro-climate services for achieving the SDGs and global goals[OS-TP-54] Session 5.c.3 - Integrated land and water management: focus on the big picture[PP-JP-08] Judges and Prosecutors - Water and the Global Pact for the Environment--[OS-CF-14] Monitoring and evaluating the social participation in water management[SS-CF-1] SPECIAL SESSION - Rights of the river: perspective of people and citizens till environmental law[OS-RP-50] REGIONAL - 1. Climate - Water and climate change in Europe: the tip of the iceberg?[OS-RP-20] INTERREGIONAL - 2. People - Sanitation and water supply in slums and the water-related SDGs (Americas e Asia-Pacific)[OS-RP-09] INTERREGIONAL - 3. Development - Water & Energy in a crisis context: Brazil, Canada and China[OS-RP-38] REGIONAL - 4. Urban - Urban water: Americas in the long road towards universal sanitation services[OS-RP-14] INTERREGIONAL - 5. Ecosystems - River Basin Recovery - Reference Cases in the regions[OS-RP-16] INTERREGIONAL - 9. Governance - Interfederative relationship in the management of river basin water transfer projects in the regions (Americas, Asia-Pacific)[SS-RP-04] SPECIAL SESSION - CLOSING - Upscale innovation for a water-secure Asia and the Pacific: Synthesis of Asia-Pacific regional process[SS-J-CF+RP 01] Water cultures of the indigenous peoples of Latin America
Thursday, March, 22nd9h00 - 10h30-[SS-PT-07] World Water Day[SS-TP-05] SPECIAL SESSION - Multi-stakeholder Dialogue: Water-Energy-Food Nexus and SDGs Implementation[SS-SFG-01] Discussion Towards the Sustentability Declaration of the 8th World Water Forum[SS-J-CF+TP 03] Social monitoring of water: instruments and mechanisms for participatory water quality monitoring in rural and peri-urban areas[OS-TP-33] Session 3.d.3 - Water-use efficiency and sustainable withdrawals: coping with water scarcity[OS-TP-21] Session 2.c.3 - Risk communication related to quality of water for human consumption: seeking population’s empowerment and the minimization of health risks[OS-TP-85] Session 8.d.1 - How to expand support to international cooperation and capacity building to achieve SDG 6?[OS-TP-66] Session 6.c.3 - Financials cases for water security investments[OS-TP-09] Session 1.c.3 - Strengthening waterwise management and climate mitigation through integrated policies, regulation and financing[OS-TP-45] Session 4.c.3 - One System Does Not Fit All! Navigating the Costs for Urban Water Management[OS-TP-35] Session 3.e.2 - Improvement of Water Infrastructure Resilience and Sustainability[OS-TP-12] Session 1.d.3 - Uncertainty and limitation of science and science communication[OS-TP-56] Session 5.d.2 - Emerging Policy Solutions to Manage Water Quality from Ridge to Reef[SS-PT-11] International Cooperation in Brazil (ABC/ANA)[OS-CF-6] Women: Perspectives and challenges[SS-CF-2] SPECIAL SESSION - Culture of Peace: Cooperative approaches for water sharing through endogenous development and conflict management.[OS-RP-07] INTERREGIONAL - 3. Development - The industry's engagement on water resources management in different regions (Americas, Europe)[OS-RP-25] INTERREGIONAL - 4. Urban - REUSE in the “Africa – Mediterranean – Europe” axis: Territorial Impact and Search for a Common Strategy[OS-RP-15] INTERREGIONAL - 9. Governance - The new development agenda: the regional components for the preparation to implement SDG 6 to achieve the targets linked to this goal (Africa, Americas, Arab, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Mediterranean)[OS-RP-18] INTERREGIONAL - 2. People - Water and migration: how to face the challenge? (Africa, Europe, Mediterranean)[OS-RP-04] INTERREGIONAL - 3. Development - Freshwater Availability in Small Island Developing States-SIDS (Americas, Asia-Pacific)[SS-RP-12] SPECIAL SESSION - 8. Capacity - Navigating the Water Challenges of the 21st Century with the help of Near Real time Comprehensive Assessments[OS-RP-61] - Water-Food-Energy-Ecosystems Nexus as a Tool towards SDGs in the CACENA Countries
11h00 - 12h30-[SS-SFG-02] Business Day Main Message and Results[SS-J-SFG+TP 04] Mariana Disaster - sustainable solutions to restore land and riverine ecosystems[OS-TP-36] Session 3.e.3 - Universalization of Environmental Sanitation and Urban Drainage Master Plans[OS-TP-75] Session 7.c.3 - From water heritage and to water consciousness[OS-TP-86] Session 8.d.2 - International Cooperation as key factor to address the Water and Climate Relationship[OS-TP-78] Session 8.a.3 - Wanted – skilled labour: The urgency to develop water training-[OS-TP-70] Session 7.b.1 - Participatory Platforms during the Decision Making Process within the Water Sector[OS-TP-95] Session 9.c.3 - What's Your Water Governance Story? Identifying and scaling-up best practice across cities, basins and countries[SS-PT-08] International Mechanisms and Procedures to realize the Human Rights to Water and Sanitation[OS-TP-57] Session 5.d.3 - Implementing Technical Solutions to Improve Water Quality at Medium, Small and Micro-scales---[OS-CF-16] Low cost, environmentally based water purification technologies.[OS-RP-21] INTERREGIONAL - 2. People - Sanitation at the rain forest: challenges and good practices (Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific)[OS-RP-06] INTERREGIONAL - 3. Development - Strategies to exploit and protect groundwater: regional case studies and challenges (Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific)[OS-RP-12] INTERREGIONAL - 5. Ecosystems - Wetlands - Sustainable Development and Conservation Plans (Americas, Asia Pacific, Mediterranean)[OS-RP-17] INTERREGIONAL - 9. Governance - Public Policies for Water in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions (Americas, Arab, Mediterranean)----
14h30 - 16h00-[SS-PT-05] Water and Spirituality[SS-SFG-03] Sustainability at the 8th World Water Forum[SS-J-SFG+TP 01] Challenges to protect specific biomes reinforcing the sustainable use of water (Amazon / Pantanal / Caatinga / Atlantic Forest)[SS-PT-03] Get the Grade Game: Interactive Session for Better Basin Management[SS-TP-10] Closing Session on DEVELOPMENT[SS-TP-09] Closing Session on PEOPLE[SS-TP-13] Closing Session on FINANCE---[SS-TP-11] Closing Session on URBAN[SS-TP-08] Closing Session on CLIMATE[SS-TP-12] Closing Session on ECOSYSTEMS---[OS-CF-4] Relations between nature and local people for water security[OS-CF-1] Stories of success or failure considering minorities and indigenous considering their access and rights to water[SS-RP-03] SPECIAL SESSION - Closing Session of the
Regional Process
16h30 - 18h00-[SS-J-CF+TP 01] How traditional and rural communities are adapting to climate change? + 3.a.1 Soil and Water Conservation Practices for Improved Food Production[SS-J-CF+TP 02] Communication strategies for adaptation of vulnerable urban and rural communities to Climate Change + 1.a.1 Uncertainty, vulnerabilities and resilience[SS-TP-15] Closing Session on CAPACITY------[SS-TP-14] Closing Session on SHARING[SS-TP-16] Closing Session on GOVERNANCE---[OS-CF-17] Youth participation in decision making processes.[OS-CF-5] Liability, Justice, and Compensation for Environmental Crimes and Rights Violations-----
Sunday, March 18th9h00 - 10h30-------------------
11h00 - 12h30-------------------
14h30 - 16h00-----[PP-NG-01] Ministerial Meeting - Preparation of the Political Declaration--------------
16h30 - 18h00-------------------
Friday, March 23rd9h00 - 10h30Official Closing Ceremony of the 8th World Water Forum-------------------
11h00 - 12h30-------------------
14h30 - 16h00-------------------
16h30 - 18h00-------------------
Regional Process [RP]High Level Panel [HLP]Political Process [PP]Thematic Process [TP]
Special Session [SS]Citizens Forum [CF]Sustainability Focus Group[SFG]