Name LinkDescription
The dungeon - Adventure pack
A Dungeon pack full of multiple 2D assets from backgrounds and decorations.
Amplify Color
Amplify Color is the lightest, most flexible, Unity Extension for Industry Level Color Grading. Easy to use and to integrate into your project, no coding required and works well for both 3D and 2D games.
Rain Drop Effect 2
The asset enriches your game at low cost with not only rain effect but water splash, blood, and freezing effects. All sources are written in C# and really easy to use.
Procedural fire
All effects are drag and drop ready. Some effects comes with lighting. Also all effects were created without the help of scripts.
Responsive Energy Shield
Responsive Energy Shield is a shader for achieving fancy energy bounces and correct visualization of hits. Blaster lazers hit your shield with impact and you can see where you hit immediately.
Animated Leaves Particle's
Ready to use Prefabs (Particles systems , a tree and ui ready and fully animated sprite's)
Laser beam shader pack
5 in 1 laser beam pack for LWRP.
*Ready to use laser beams in your project/game, just drag and drop the prefabs*.
Dynamic Soft Shadows Based on Local Cubemaps
This new shadow rendering technique allows high quality shadows to be rendered very efficiently which makes it ideally suited to mobile devices.
Special FX Shaders
This package is perfect for creating different effects and spells. Each texture in the shader has many different settings, such as enabling and disabling alpha channel, invert textures and alpha channel, animation.
Detonator Explosion Framework
The Detonator Explosion Framework makes it easy to incorporate high quality explosions into your games.
GI Light System
This package contains a simple way to configure Emissive Lightning for realtime modifications (enable/disable, change color and change intensity).
Rain Maker - 2D and 3D Rain
Rain Maker is a highly tuned set of particle systems, sounds and scripts to make great rain for your game or app. Rain Maker will save you many hours of time and is a great value.
Censor Effect
Some of your content might not be suitable for all audience. This package allows you to add a censoring effect to your scene.
Wraith Field
Create Wrap Field that turn you stuff into ghost
Water Ripple for Screens
Water Ripple for Screens is a highly customizable full-screen image effect that creates water ripple effects on top of your final scene rendering, it adds a relaxing and interesting feeling to any scene.
Ultra Skybox Fog
Ultra Skybox Fog is a simple yet extremely powerful skybox shader which is a must for when creating atmospheric realistic scenes.
Deferred Night Vision
Deferred Night Vision takes advantage of Deferred Rendering in Unity 5 to simulate a physically accurate night vision effect on a camera.
Jiggly Bubble Free
This is a free particle effect for generating blown soap bubbles and they burst upon collision with other objects.
Fake Interiors FREE
Fake Interiors shader provides a way to render simple interior areas without the use of additional geometry using a set of floor, ceiling, props, and wall textures.
Water Shader
Supported rendering path deferred and forward. It works on all platforms.
This shader is suitable for scenes where water is not a key element of the scene, but a decorative element.
Skybox Extended Shader
The Skybox Cubemap Extended shader, built with Amplify Shader Editor, allows you to add height based fog and rotation animation to your cubemap skies.
MK Glass Free
Create awsome real time refracted glass with just a few clicks.
Toony Colors Free
4 stylized shaders for FREE!
Get a nice stylized effect on your game in just a few clicks!
Automapping Enviroment Shader
Automapping shader + rocks and sand + correct collision model + sample scene + prefabs + textures and materials.
LightRays 2D effect
A simple effect that imitates rays of light on a 2D surface. Note that it's not projecting any real light that interacts with objects or casts shadows - it's just an animated texture based on Perlin noise shader.
Low-Poly Particle Pack
It contains 30* different particle effects with High Performance and Mobile versions which can be used in every low-poly environment imaginable.
Customizable Planet Shaders
The Customizable Planet Shaders allows you to have control over how your planets look and gives out fast, high quality results!
Snapshot Shader Collection
A collection of image effect shaders to style your scene in a variety of ways! From blur filters to retro console shaders and neon filters, there are plenty of effects here to build an effective camera filter mode for your game.
Color Grading LUTs Library
Cinema Themes is a collection of LUTs (Look Up Textures) that create a cinematic look and feel. Capture that perfect mood for your environment as you tell your story.
Camera Fade
Simple class to fade camera view to a color.

Only one script, no shader needed!
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