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Tell us about why you would make a great Teen Ambassador
Tell us about your favorite experience with the performing arts (ie seeing a show, performing)
Have you ever seen a performance at The Z? If so, tell us about your experience. TEST
What do you love most about the arts?
What kinds of extra curricular activities do you currently participate in?
I have read and understand the commitments required in participating as part of The Z’s Teen Ambassador Program (available at Zeiterion.org/teen-ambassador-program) and agree to meet them to the best of my ability. Further, I understand that if I fail to meet these requirements throughout the course of the year, my participation in the program may be terminated
5/29/2018 16:41:38test13 4thtest 123test academy test@ tayoo.com 777-555-999nonmom777-888-99testtesttesttesttestYES
6/1/2018 19:54:37Gabriel Guzman16 and 10th80 County St.
City on a Hill:New Bedford
7742253910Asthma Eileen Vargas7744003299NoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
To begin with I understand that ambassadors don’t mess around with getting the work done. And it’s a great opportunity for me to work with my fellow art loving peers on bringing that to New Bedford. But finally I can say with the work I do, I can leave a a lasting impression as a leader and friend.
My favorite experience with a live performance was when I watched La boheme(which I feel inspired the play RENT)with my dad in the big apple. And it was memorable for how passionate it was written.
I’ve seen the Joan Rivers show(2012) and it was the most funniest and beautiful things I remember. Especially the times I went on my school field trips to go watch the plays of Catz and A Christmas Carol.
I love how I can express my inner quirkyness through the characters I do. Especially the dramatic ones😍Since I’ve could really connect to any character I get it makes so much easier to perform.
Drama Club
Student Council
Student Ambassador
National Honors Society
6/18/2018 22:59:58Hannah Powers17, senior (next year)19 Hastings CourtDartmouth High School
832-580-3676n/aMaegan Powers508-961-7664n/a
Chad Powers713-254-7233n/a
I've done the program for two years already and enjoyed it immensely. I would love to continue.
A couple of years ago I saw Aladdin performed on Broadway with my family. It was just a really awesome experience. The characters, the sets, the lights, the costumes... it was super cool.
I have seen several performances at the Z thanks to my participation in the Teen Ambassadors program since my sophmore year. I have enjoyed every show we've watched in one way or another, some more than others. One of my favorites from last year was "The Things They Carried," a very intense one man show based on a book. While it was not technically performed at the Z - it was at the New Bedford Whaling Museum - it was part of a group of performances sponsored by the Z. It was in a smaller theatre, and that, combined with the minimalist stage and single lead actor, made the whole experience very intimate and emotional. It was a really unique performance.
I like that "the arts" can really refer to just about anything. From ceramics to singing, painting to photography, sewing to acting, the arts is a very broad umbrella, and I think that's really awesome. There is so much that a person can do under the umbrella of the arts.
I have two and a half jobs and I do National Honor Society during the school year.
6/27/2018 13:07:44Shandaliz Rivera
14 years of age and 8th grade
283 Hillman st.Keith Middle School
(508)933-6700N/AMom(508)933-6700N/ASmsskl50@gmail.comEleucipido Jerez-774N/AN/A
I feel as if i would mainly do well because this would lead me to the right path directed to success, in which would help educate me on the ropes of life.
my favorite experiment was seeing a dance recital which had led me to be more enthusiastic about creating a new goal of possibly starting a career in dance.
I have seen so many but the recent one i have seen was a ballet recital, it was amazing with a comfy and welcoming environment.
Well I upmost love everything about the arts ,especially the choreography!
I currently participate in The drama club which recently ended for summer break.
9/3/2018 22:16:27Zane Cox17 (12th Grade)
33 Arch Street, New Bedford, MA 02740
N/A (Homeschooled)
508-971-2674N/AKeri Cox508-264-8004N/A
John Cox508-264-0138508-992-8546
I've participated in the Teen Ambassador program since its first run in October 2015. I have a passion for the arts and for writing, and the Teen Ambassador Program has been one of the ways that I have been able to pursue this passion.
Nebraska Theatre Caravan's annual performance of A Christmas Carol at the Zeiterion has been one of my favorite holiday traditions for over 10 years. Their ability to consistently run a great performance is something to be admired, especially considering their constantly-shifting group of actors and a script that never changes yet always brings something a little bit different to the table every year.
I've seen many performances at the Zeiterion over a period of approximately 12 years. Each one has been highly entertaining and enjoyable, with performances such as the yearly tradition of One Night of Queen sticking out in my mind. Gary Mullen's work as Freddie Mercury is a spot-on impersonation, and the rest of the band has learned to effectively blend into each other's melodies, making for a touching tribute to the music of Queen that can't be forgotten.
The arts, especially the performing arts, are something that can be beneficial to all parties involved in their existence. Not only do they allow creators and playwrights to express a message or idea which may be too difficult to put into words alone, but the audience to these pieces are able to let themselves be transported into a world where anything is possible through the magic of performance. In this way, the performing arts can be considered a bridge between creator and consumer, a way to connect with one another that, in truth, is a rare opportunity in the art world.
I currently volunteer at the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park Visitor Center, as well as YMCA Southcoast's corporate offices, both located in downtown New Bedford.
9/6/2018 11:32:28Gia ChessaIm 16 and in grade 11386 maple st
Bishop Stang High School
7743576950seasonal allergies, catsMairy Chessa50829174967742021460
Pietro Chessa50886324355088632435chessa9@icloud.com
I believe i would make a great Teen Ambassador because of my true love of performing and supporting performers. I love writing reviews and am very honest. I also have a strong love for the Z because i grew up going to field trips there and its near my home. I am a performer born and raised and hope to continue doing it for the rest of my live. I enjoy all types of performances from musicals to dance shows.
My favorite experience of watching a live performance was when i saw "My Fair Lady". It took me back and reminded me of the legend Julie Andrews and inspired me to learn the music because of the beautiful show. "My Fair Lady" also sparked my interest in costume and set design. I remember sitting in the audience feeling completely in awe of her total conversion and change of mind and heart. The performance truly amazed me.
I have gone to festival theatre every year since "singing in the rain". My elementary middle school Saint Josephs in Fairhaven. Ive always thought of the Z as a magical place. The ceiling and stage itself are very historical and beautiful. My experience at the Z has always been positive and fun. The ushers have always been kind and it is always very clean.
The thing i love most about the arts is performing and watching performances. I have been on stage dancing since i was 3 and continue to do it today. I love singing and acting and watching a show come together and feeling proud of it. I also love going to see show and jamming to my favorite musicals or watching emotional or funny performances.
I am currently a member of the BSHS theatre company where i participate in a fall play and a spring musical every year. I also started a dance club at my school and am currently captain. I also am in student council and participate in multi cultural club.
9/6/2018 11:47:49Emma Pimentel16, Grade 11
176 Pine Grove Street, New Bedford, MA, 02745
Bishop Stang
7743055679AnxietyKaren Pimentel50897114415089711441
Tony Pimentel50895143515089514351
Theater has been a great passion of mine since kindergarten when I made my debut as a scarecrow in the ensemble of a cabaret and since then, the art has stolen my heart. I do theater at Bishop Stang as well as local community theaters. I have great time management skills and I’m an honors English and music student.
My favorite live show that I have ever experienced was the American Tour of Les Miserables at the Providence Performing Art Center. Les Mis, being my favorite show has been a large part of my life and has effected me greatly so seeing it live, was absolutely amazing. Not to mention, the actors and actresses as well as the stage design and costumes, were done spectacularly.
I have seen multiple shows at the Zieterion throughout the years. Seeing Zieterion shows has been a tradition in my life, as the Z is one of the best and quite honestly, the center of the arts in New Bedford. My first professional show that I ever had the honor to see was in fact, the Christmas Carol at the Z! Since then I have seen too many shows at the Zieterion to count on my fingers, but by far, my favorites have been my annual trip to Rocky Horror on Halloween and Grease.
The arts, quite honestly, have been one of the most prevalent parts of my life for as long as I can remember. My life as a performer has shaped me into the passionate, responsible and kind person I am today. Being around the theater my whole life has shown me the importance of effective communication and kindness, in general. The arts have always been a very important part of my life and have introduced me to more unique and amazing people than I could’ve ever met on my own.
I currently am the secretary of Bishop Stang’s Student Government, a Varsity Cheerleader, a member of the A Capella Choir and a Student Ambassador. Though these activities can be strenuous on me, I have found a schedule that would give me plenty of time to be able to focus on this program and still stay ahead in my school work.
9/7/2018 15:30:15Makayla Oliveira17, Grade 1134 Rock Hill Drive
Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational-Technical Highschool
Scoliosis/Slight Hearing Deficit
Susan Oliveira50899741215085425607staao34@gmail.comAmy Oliveira7744006705n/a
I really enjoy the arts and Working with others.
I was able to be picked from a large audience to participate in the show
I have seen a performance at The Z and I enjoyed it a lot.
I love that you can freely express your thoughts and ideas. I also love the creativity and love that goes into the arts.
I Volunteer at gifts to give
9/10/2018 18:37:55Christopher Conde18m, Grade 12380 Walnut Plain Road
Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School
5082097359N/AMario Conde61768069036176806903
I am able to write and return requested reviews in a timely manner.
My favorite experience with a live performance would have to be seeing Avenue Q in NYC. Seeing just about any arts in the heart of entertainment is a great experience.
I've seen multiple performances before and during my time volunteering at the Z.
I love how one's artistic vision can influence or change the opinions or thoughts of others.
The closest thing I do to extra curricular activities is that I work during school sometimes as part of my school's co-op program.
9/11/2018 20:43:06Phoenix Carreiro16, grade 11
1157 Phillips Road New Bedford, MA 02745
Bishop Stang High School
Allergies: Cipro, codine, pineapple, and horseflies.
Jamie Tavares508-951-8594508-973-7535
Mariana Botelho508-990-1262508-207-6281
I feel that I would make a great Teen Ambassador because I not only love the arts, but I love writing about and sharing the experiences I receive from them. I myself have always loved acting in school productions and singing in choir as well as a cappella. Performing gives me a rush and sense of importance that I cannot get anywhere else. I just feel like I belong there, whether on stage or in the audience taking in the whole explosion of senses. I also have a love, and dare I even say, talent for creative writing. I hate to say it as though I am bragging, but I do believe I can create fantastic pieces when given the freedom to be creative. I feel that I know I a good amount about theatre as well as musical technicalities, which could be useful when doing reviews and understanding the process of putting on a show. Lastly, I want to perform for the rest of my life. I hope to be a comedian, or a writer for comedy television and movies. Any learning experience as well as opportunity this program could provide, would mean I am one step closer to my dream. Of course this just seems like I am expressing how much I want to be an ambassador. Quite honestly I only say this because I would make this ambassador program a priority. I would give my one hundred and ten percent to every task. I am organized, dedicated, and hardworking. That is why I think I would be great addition to the Teen Ambassador Program.
My favorite experience was most definitely going to see Britney Spears in at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Britney Spears has been an idol of mine since I was very young, and to be quite honest I could not tell you why a child would obsessively listen to "Circus" for entertainment. She gets a lot of negative commentary about her public image and her lip-syncing, but her show was truly fantastic. Being a "theatre kid", one would think I would hate the lip-syncing, but the experience was so riveting that it was the least of my concerns. The dancers all in dark, uniform outfits danced across the stage accompanied by the one and only Britney Spears in a glittering, green, commander's outfit. There was fire and lights and things fell from the ceiling all in larger than life fashion. The music jumped over the intricate dance routines and a synthetic bass radiated throughout the entirety of Axis Theatre. All of my nerves stood on end as Ms. Spears made her way through over twenty years her music catalog. It was just so mesmerizing that I was sure I had not blinked since her show began. That is by far my favorite experience with a live performance.
I have seen quite a few performances at the Z, but my most recent viewing experience was of the tragically beautiful classic, "West Side Story". I have seen the show on more than one occasion, but I suppose it is safe it say that this performance was my favorite. The show opens with a fantastic and haunting dance number from the Jets. We slowly meet the talented and colorful cast of the production whose entrancing vocals are matched with equally astounding dancing. Tony and Maria's performance of "tonight" was by far one of my favorite scenes in the show. Watching the production was as if I was seeing the show again for the first time. I hung on every word and my mouth gaped at every beautifully renditioned song. I wiped away tears on more than a few occasions, although it is known that "West Side Story" is not for the faint of heart. The death scene of Bernardo was eerily revisited in a dream sequence which sent a chill up my spine. Not to mention the violation of Anita and the death of Tony being among the shows darker scenes. The balance of the youthful star-crossed love combined with the gritty racism and gang culture of the 1950s makes for a deliciously toxic story for the ages. This of course was greatly heightened by the historically diplomatic charm of the Z and the unmatched talent of the show's cast. Overall a fantastic viewing experience, but nothing less is to be expected from the Zeiterion Theater.
My favorite thing about the arts is that they truly are an escape. The arts represent a whole other world that is in the hands of the viewer and the performer. Every time I watch, hear, or enjoy a piece of art I am taken to a new place. Through every hardship in my life, art has always been there to put my troubles in perspective and allow me to find joy even if only for a short while.
I serve as a student ambassador for my High School. I am the parliamentarian of the Bishop Stang's National Honor Society Chapter. I also am a member of various Bishop Stang extra circulars such as: the Bishop Stang Theatre Company, improv troupe, A cappella group, peer mentor group, poetry club, campus ministry, and open-mic night committee.
9/20/2018 9:54:25Julia Bauer16/ Junior
739 High st, Fall River, MA
Durfee High School
774-400-4337NoneCatarina Bauer508-837-1224N/A
Ronald Bauer508-837-1841N/ABauers12812@aol.com
I would make a great ambassador because I love being able to talk about how amazing theater is. I have been doing theater for almost 6 years now, and it is something I am very passionate about. I am also involved in the Miss America's Outstanding Teen program where my platform is to strengthen music and arts programs in schools.
My favorite experience was when I saw Matilda on Broadway. This was my first Broadway show so just being in NYC, so close to the stage, with the people who I know will always support my dreams, was an amazing experience. Also they surprised me with the trip, but I didn't believe them because it was my sister's homecoming.
Since I was little The Z is where I would go to watch shows. I remember watching Arthur on stage when I was little, with the good, and bad tooth fairy, and just recently I saw West Side Story. It was so good that it felt like a real broadway show. The sets, costumes , and actors were all amazing, and whenever I walk into the theater, it's beauty still amazes me.
What I love the most is putting on a show and connecting to the audience. When you look out into the audience, you hope you are touching someone's heart, and when you do that it is so something special, because you know that what you're doing is impactful. When I am in the audience and cry or smile it's because I can relate, I can imagine the show and it's conflicts as a real story.
Aside from theater, I also participate in softball. I have done many different sports in my life, and I was a competitive figure skater for almost 11 years. I still love to go skating when I have free time to try not to lose my skills, but with theater rehearsals there's not much time. I also am involved in the Miss America's Outstanding Teen program where I get to share my talent and personal platform, and also gain scholarships.
9/22/2018 15:39:20Abby WikstenAge 14, Grade 9
13 Highland Bay Drive Wareham MA 02571
Wareham High School
508-295-0379NoneJamie Wiksten508-295-0379508-380-0627jwiksten@verizon.netJoel Wiksten508-295-0379508-328-1121jwiksten@verizon.net
With my love for theatre, combined with my love for creative writing, I am very interested in the Teen Ambassador program. I always pay attention to the details of a production. The choreography, costuming, sets, and lighting are some of my favorite things to observe in a production. I am eager to learn and be inspired by the wonderful programming offered at The Z.
This past May, I attended the Rhode Island College performance of Beauty and the Beast. I loved watching college students, who had chosen Theatre and Performing Arts as their major, perform a professional level production. It was memorable because I was inspired by the professionalism of a production that was performed by full-time college students.
I have seen many performances at The Z, but the best Zeiterion experience for me, is taking part in the NBSO Holiday Pops Performance. For the past four years, I have had the privilege of performing on the Z stage, as well as watching parts of that performance from the wings.
I love the connection that is made between the artist and the audience. I sing with a community service singing troupe, and there is no greater feeling than connecting with an audience member while performing. Now when I am sitting in the audience, I appreciate a performance and the work involved by the actors, even more.
Cello and voice lessons, Showstoppers Performing Arts Inc, National Honor Society, Student Council, Key Club, Drama, Global Education
9/22/2018 19:06:35Riley Fortinage 15; grade 10
64 Reservoir Road, Acushnet, MA
Fairhaven High Schooltheriri410@icloud.com774-627-5862peanut allergyCarolyn Fortin508-277-9914508-277-9914shoegalcc@msn.comMichael Fortin508-493-1675508-493-1675mfortin6@icloud.com
I would make a positive addition to the Teen Ambassador team because of my commitment and strong love of the arts.
One of the first shows I remember seeing live was The Sound of Music put on by New Bedford Festival Theatre in 2014. I was about 11 years old when my grandmother purchased me tickets after watching me fall in love with the NBC televised version of the show. The performance itself was fantastic and bright, but all I can think about was how I felt after the show. I was like, "that could really be me... its like my school drama club but way more serious!". From that moment on I was completely dedicated to theatre in a whole new way.
I have seen a few shows at The Z including The Sound of Music, Hairspray, and several shows for school fieldtrips like To Kill a Mockingbird and a collection of Edgar Allen Poe stories. My experience has always been exciting and welcoming. I was also recently given the opportunity to work for a show at The Z! I was a part of the 2018 New Bedford Festival Theatre Apprentices for West Side Story, which was an incredible experience as well.
I love how it connects everyone. We are taught in history class that in order for ancient communities to be categorized as the first civilizations, they first needed to display distinct art and culture. This is true for a reason that still is relevant today. Art unifies us. Personally, I have made loving and loyal friends of whom I would have never met if it weren't for my involvement with the arts; I know for a fact that I'm not the only one who feels this way.
I am currently a part of my school's choir, orchestra, jazz band, media production program, and I am the secretary of the drama club.
9/29/2018 0:35:21Madison Correia17 Senior
65 Joseph St Dartmouth, MA, 02747
Dartmouth High School
7746444627N/ALisa Correia50899317807749304973
Al Correia50899317807749304972apcorreia1@gmail.com
I would make a great Teen Ambassador because of my passion and love for the arts, and because I was a Teen Ambassador my sophomore year and therefore have experience with the program.
While not a specific moment, my favorite experience with the performing arts was when I traveled with the DHS Orchestra to Scotland. There were musical groups from all around the globe performing alongside us, and seeing music connect us in that way was very impactful.
The Z is one of my favorite places in the Southeastern MA area. I love how it has the power to bring the world to our small city and gives a platform to endless forms of expression and ideas. One of my favorite shows that I've seen at The Z is Che Malambo. I've never been to a show so intense before, and I found the performers energy inspirational.
What I love most about the arts is how inclusive they are. Any person from any country, who speaks any language, and is any age can take something away from a performance, and I think that interconnectedness is a beautiful component to our world today.
I'm currently a volunteer attorney at the Fall River Youth Court, a competitive dancer at Erin Rae's School of Dance, a viola player for the DHS Orchestra, a student council member, and a writer for the school newspaper.
9/30/2018 8:50:32Connor Murphy13-8th grade22 Delano Way
Dartmouth Middle School
5089652597NoneElizabeth Murphy50849654067743054268
Keith Murphy77452664767745266476
I love to see performances at the Z or other places. I spent several months writing movie reviews for The Bridge, a local magazine in my town. I would go see a movie and then write a review on it to published the following month. I liked doing this and I feel that this experience will help me write strong reviews for shows at the Z. Also, two summers ago I had a small candy shop with my sister, out of my mom’s office. This gave me lots of experience and knowledge about dealing with and talking to people.
My favorite live performance was when I went to see Ed Sheeran perform last year at the TD Garden. At the Ed Sheeran concert, it was so cool that he played completely by himself. At the beginning of each song he set up the loop pedal by recording individual parts of the song on it and then he would get started and you wouldn't even notice he was using it. It was also incredible how whenever he broke a guitar string there was always someone there to give a new guitar. It was all so loud and exciting. I had so much fun singing along and enjoying the show.
I saw the past two shows of The Moth and those were very interesting and entertaining. I have listened to The Moth for many years now on car rides with my family, and I’ve always found their stories unique and personal, and it’s amazing that they can just go up on stage a share their own personal experiences with strangers.
I also go to the Festival Summer Theatre with my cousins every summer, and I have seen A Christmas Carol and lots of the kids’ shows too.
I like the creativity that can come out of the arts and the way that you can express yourself in different ways, without even having to say anything in some cases.
I help out in my school library in the mornings. I am in the school marching band. I play basketball, lacrosse, and golf. I am a RARE Rep and National Junior Honor Society member. I volunteer often, and I do beach cleanups and food pantry volunteering, whether with my family or the NJHS.
9/30/2018 21:18:24Ava Matos15 years old, Grade 10
13 Jillian Way Westport MA
Westport Junior Senior High School
7743090161NoneAlicia Matos50863660907746449522alpal1211@gmail.comPaul Matos50863660907746449521
In the previous year, I had participated in the Teen Ambassador program. It had been a great and nourishing experience for my interests. For practically my entire life, my interests have been aligned with theater arts, music, and dance. Within my school I participate in their performances, and band programs. Also, I take theater and writing classes in my school. I I think that these qualities portray me to be a fit Teen Ambassador. Since the program is so heavily associated with theater and writing, I believe that my previous experiences will provide some benefit to the program, and that I can contribute some great writings and reviews onto the website.
From the young age of 8, I have been involved with theater arts. I've participated in 8 performances throughout my entire life. However, even before these performances I had been associated with theater. My mother and I had always enjoyed listening to show tunes and even attending a few shows here and there. When I see a show or performance, I am submerged into a different world. In that moment I'm not thinking about anything other than the emotions the actors portray and the stories they tell. It's a unique experience unlike any other. I'd have to say my favorite experience with the theater is when I went to go see Hamilton back in 2017. Although it is a very mainstream and popular musical one could never say it's overrated. It truly lives up to it's expectations. I had been a dedicated fan to the musical and Lin Manuel Miranda's work from the start. Due to how expensive it was to purchase a ticket, i'd never had imagined that i'd ever be able to see it. But thankfully my parents were able to obtain some tickets, and when I went to see it I had no idea how to react. It was a truly flawless show. Even the simplest scenes could impress and amaze the audiences. I was overcome with emotion by the time it ended, it was an awesome performance.
I've seen a variety of shows at The Z thanks to my previous experiences with this program. But, ever since I was little my mother has taken me to their performances of A Christmas Carol. A Christmas Carol has to be one of my favorite Christmas stories and musicals. We've gone to see the performance at other theaters, but there will never be a show quite like The Z's version. The actors are all amazing and put so much effort into their performances, and make the audience feel as if they are being submerged into 19th century London. When I had gone to see it I had been entranced by all the music and dancing within the performance. It was an awing experience. I had especially been impressed with the Scrooge. We had discovered that he had only been a man in his 30s, yet he was playing elderly man. Due to his acting abilities we had no idea how youthful he was, which is pretty impressive to pull of. Overall, the performance The Z had put on was just as good as any Broadway show, and I will continue to see the show for years to come.
The theater arts are a craft unlike any other. There are many components that go into assembling a performance. You need set designers, music composers, costume designers, actors, and many more. Yet, when you see the performance, it all falls together in place, and one would never assume how much work had gone into making this performance happen. I suppose that's what I love about theater arts. You take this simple concept, and broaden it into something complex, yet beautiful. No matter what your interests are, no matter how much you may say you detest the arts, someone could always find their place within this community. It's appealing to the masses, almost anyone could get involved if they truly wanted to. It's such a diverse and amazing community full of experiences that I can't help but love and always want to be apart of.
I currently participate in a variety of extra curricular activites at my school. I participate in field hockey, drama club, concert band, chorus, pep band, DECCA, SADD, student council, international exchange club, yearbook club and STEEL. I enjoy keeping myself occupied in all parts of the year, and I personally believe that signing yourself up for a variety of activities is the best way to train your time management and productivity skills.
10/1/2018 15:05:58Antoinette StLaurent15
61 Rose Way Holbrook, Ma 02344
Blue Hills Regional Technical High School
Anibelle33@gmail.com774-955-4700NoneAnn StLaurent774-955-4700774-955-4700Anibelle33@gmail.comDavid StLaurent774-328-0853774-328-0853
I study design visual communications in high school currently and have a love for the arts in all aspects
I will never forget going to see the nutcracker at the Boston opera house
Between the details in the costumes, the choreography in the dance, and the visual imagery of the set it was amazing to see it all come together as well of course with the music of the orchestra
When I was in Elementary School in Freetown I attended A Christmas Carrol
I remember loving the set and how the ghosts where represented
How your creativity can be expressed wether it be in art music or dance etc
Ballet, High School Swim team, MIT splash program
10/1/2018 18:12:11Deanna-bela Correia 14 years old grade 9 21 Seth Davis wayDartmouth High School
7749928584NoneGenevieve Correia 50850912565085091256Vievef@comcast.netMichael Correia50896291335089629133Vievef@comcast.net
I have been interested in performing and viewing theater all of my life . I am driven and follow instructions well .
Doing the play Lion King Junior.
Yes I have seen many .... my experiences are always great I love all of the performances , dancing, and love the back drops .
I love listening to the music and how all the actors recite their lines.
I do dance which includes tap ,ballet, jazz and lyrical .I also play piano, and am involved community service club,. I am part of a best buddies club that is involved with special needs children .
10/15/2018 21:24:14Ashton Perry14 (9th grade)10 Spyglass LaneDartmouth Highschoolamp2k3@gmail.com774-992-9075
slight heart murmur (means nothing in the situation but just an answer)
Shannon McGuire978-604-0158508-916-2080
Chad508-789-2809IDENTICAL TO ABOVEsee above
I not only have a passion for writing and the arts but i have done this before in the past and it was a good fit.
Hamilton (on Broadway) a honestly magical experience I will never forget. It changed my life for the better in my opinion and has further inspired my love for the arts.
yes! several! (as I did this program last year) All of the performances where overall positive. Even the shows I went into thinking I wouldn't enjoy I ended having a better outlook on and an overall enjoyable time
The aura. (if that makes sense) by this I mean the atmosphere the show or performances brings to a stage that make you feel in a different place.
marching bandYES