Lesson 1 Activity 4: Characterisation
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TimestampUsernameFull NameIndex NumberClassThe character I have chosen is In the animated film, 'One Man Band', the characters’ actions and physical appearances tell us about their personalities in the story. Describe in detail (50 to 60 words) :1st Adjective2nd Adjective3rd Adjective4th Adjective5th Adjective
20/03/2012 10:54:47cheong_ching_yong_timothy@s2012.sst.edu.sgCheong Ching Yong Timothy7S1-01Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)He was a hard working Character , even though it was just one coin , he still competed relentlessly with the Treble to get it from the Tippy.HardworkingclumsyaggressiveHilariousConfident
20/03/2012 11:06:14nurul_hannah@s2012.sst.edu.sgNurul Hannah Binte Azman5S1-01Tippy (The humble peasant girl)She is a poor, yet humble young girl. Although she may seem shy in the beginning, she is a smart and determined girl who usually achieves her goals. She is also kind, as she had considered giving her coin to either of the performers.AdorableKindHumbleDeterminedShort
20/03/2012 11:17:36chiam_jing_han@s2012.sst.edu.sgChiam Jing Han2S1-01Tippy (The humble peasant girl)She thinks before she acts as she listened to both of the street performer's music before deciding who to give the money to. She is also curious when she looked at the different types of music the street performers can play. I also think she is quite thoughtful because even though the performers made her lose her coin. she still thought of giving them 2 coins [after she earned the money] .pleasantintelligentcuriousfairthoughtful
20/03/2012 11:18:33yeo_jun_yang@s2012.sst.edu.sgYeo Jun Yang24S1-01Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)He is rather large sized.He is poor as he has to be a street performer and at the time does not have money with him.He is rather determined as seen challenging the other street performer for Tibby's coin.To be able to play so many instruments at once he is rather talented.FatPoorTalentedDeterminedCompetitive
20/03/2012 11:24:45hong_yi_en_ian@s2012.sst.edu.sgIan Hong Yi En 8S1-01Tippy (The humble peasant girl)She is Kind.[she gives money to people who need it.]She is poor.[She is dressed shabbily.]She is short.[Most people look down upon her.]She believes in luck.[Initially she wanted to toss her one and only coin into the fountain.]She is indecisive.[She kept going to and from the Bass and Treble.]IndecisiveEasily ScaredGenerousSkilledBlames other people
20/03/2012 11:29:37muhammad_danish@s2012.sst.edu.sgMuhammad Danish M17S1-01Tippy (The humble peasant girl)She is indecisive but also kind as she cannot decide and also wants to donate money to one of the street performer even though she looks poor. She also can play instruments well and is smart as she is able to teach them a lesson.IndecisiveKindWiseTalentedPoor
20/03/2012 11:33:18siao_boon_kiat@s2012.sst.edu.sgSiao Boon Kiat21S1-01Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)He is a greedy man as he only wants Tippy's money. He is dirt poor and will do anything for some money. GreedyImpulsiveThriftyAdaptableEnergetic
20/03/2012 11:46:49jericho_fiesta_manguan@s2012.sst.edu.sgJericho Manguan10S1-01Tippy (The humble peasant girl)She could not decide on who she wanted to give her coin to. She got frightened when she saw the two street performers fight.She then demanded one of the men's violin. She could play the violin very well. She threw the coins she held in front of the two men into the fountain even though the two men wanted the coins.IndecisiveTimidDemandingTalentedMean
20/03/2012 12:58:27lim_chin_yong@s2012.sst.edu.sgLim Chin Yong13S1-01Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)Bass is a persistent person and I feel so as he is someone who does not give up to get that particular thing which he likes or wants despite the tough competition.He is also a very hardworking person as he puts in a lot of effort into doing something.persistenthardworkinglargedeterminedtall
20/03/2012 13:35:30pang_cheng_feng@s2012.sst.edu.sgPang Cheng Feng20S1-01Tippy (The humble peasant girl)Her coin fell into the deep drain. She immediately got furious and demanded a small violin. She played the violin like a professional, attracting a passer's-by attraction immediately, and got herself a bag of coins.SmartPettyMusicalCarelessShort
20/03/2012 14:03:22ivey_erika_armani@s2012.sst.edu.sgIvey Erika Armani3S1-01Treble ( Second street performer to appear in the movie)His actions show me that he is sly but talented in music. His physical appearance makes him look sly and devious. His pointy hat and shoes make him look like a joker that can make people laugh. Even though bass is good at playing music, he was adamant on making Tippy give the coin to him.SlyTalentedTenaciousSkinny.Devious
20/03/2012 14:08:14jeremiah_ong_ray@s2012.sst.edu.sgJeremiah Ong9S1-01Tippy (The humble peasant girl)I can infer that Tippy is quite poor and easily frightened. However, she is also quick-witted and smart.ShyPoorQuick-wittedEasily frightenedTimid
20/03/2012 16:49:39ng_tze_wei_bruce_mitchell@s2012.sst.edu.sgBruce Ng19S1-01Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)He is a confident street performer who chooses to play multiple instruments at a time to impress his audience. He is also quite persistent in getting his audience (in this case the little girl) to have a good impression of him and give money to him. He chose to fight for the little girl's coin against the other street performer, which shows the he is very eager to get the coin.ConfidentClumsyPersistentEagerUndaunted
20/03/2012 17:01:48puteri_nur_huda@s2012.sst.edu.sgPuteri Nur Huda6S1-01Tippy (The humble peasant girl)Tippy is a warm hearted girl who at first intended to throw her gold coin into a wishing fountain. She has chubby cheeks and wears a purple gown and scarf. She appears to be indecisive and is easily distracted. She appears to be a sweet girl but takes revenge on people who does harm to her.industriousgood naturedpleasanteasily amazedindecisive
20/03/2012 18:35:32marco_ajay_gerard_obe@s2012.sst.edu.sgMarco Ajay Gerard Obé15S1-01Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)He is poor as he has to sing for money on the street and has no place to call home. He is wearing relatively simple clothes. He is in urgent need of money as shown by his actions when he sees the opportunity to make money. He is very competitive and does not give up, however his competitiveness eventually went too far and he scares Tippy into dropping her coin. However he played with enthusiasm, only when he got angry did he begin to play out of anger, resulting in Tippy dropping the coin.Competitiveenthusiastictalentedmoney-mindeddetermined
20/03/2012 19:25:32tan_zhi_en@s2012.sst.edu.sgTan Zhi En23S1-01Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)He is greedy and competitive.He is also huge.He is also very desperate for money.He carries alot of instruments with him,including a drum,probably to perform for money.He is also very poor.Although he is talented,he didn't manage to get money.He can see a 'income opportunity' just by looking at someone.thriftypoorhugetalentedtall
22/03/2012 08:28:53lim_wei_feng@s2012.sst.edu.sgLim Wei Feng14S1-01Tippy (The humble peasant girl)Tippy looked innocent at first when the performers, Bass and Treble, started to compete with each other for the coin Tippy was holding. But when the coin fell into the drain, Tippy looked very demanding, because she brought up her hand, asking the performers for a coin to compensate. She was also deceptive, because she threw the coins into the fountain after she tricked Bass and Treble into thinking she would give the coin.PitifulDeceptiveDemandingHumbleSkilful
20/03/2012 09:40:41rachel_mark_yuen_yee@s2012.sst.edu.sgRachel Mark Yuen Yee4S1-02Tippy (The humble peasant girl)Out of her anger in losing her coin , she demands for a violin from Treble.She tunes the violin and plays it , getting a bag of coins by herself. She tempts the men by holding out two coins , only to throw it into the fountain.SmartCuriousTalentedWittystrong
20/03/2012 10:04:08chee_en_cheston@s2012.sst.edu.sgCheston Chee En5S1-02Tippy (The humble peasant girl)The humble peasant girl changes emotion fairly quick due to the two musicians competing against each other to get her to donate a gold coin for them. In the end she became mad and selfish. She ended up throwing the coins into the wishing well.JubilantKindCalmLovableJoyful
20/03/2012 11:22:26muhammad_daniel@s2012.sst.edu.sgMd Daniel Rosli13S1-02Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)He is wiling to play his instruments everyday for money. He will try to persuade people to give him money. He is talented as he can play more than two musical instruments at once. If a must, he will compete for the money.TalentedDaringFunnyCreativeCompetetive
20/03/2012 11:33:12francis_yeo@s2012.sst.edu.sgFrancis Yeo7S1-02Treble ( Second street performer to appear in the movie)Treble loves to play high pitched instruments and he is very thin. He is a kind of jester? and make his audiences happy so that they will be giving hime moneycompetetivesheertalentednicecreative
20/03/2012 12:17:52tan_hiang_khai_joshua@s2012.sst.edu.sgJoshua Tan 18S1-02Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)he was always smiling, even when there were no people he did not put on a disappointed face.he kept coming up with iterating ideas to out wit the other performer and gain the interest of the girl. cheerfulcreativetalentedlivelycompetitive
20/03/2012 12:51:29oliver_tan@s2012.sst.edu.sgOliver Tan15S1-02Tippy (The humble peasant girl)She is a very smart girl with a special talent of playing the violin.
she may look very small and have no talent but she is the opposite of it.
I can tell that she loves music and she can be angry easily.
She gets frightened when people get into fight around her.
20/03/2012 12:54:52kabir_krishaan_bhugtiar@s2012.sst.edu.sgKabir Bhugtiar9S1-02Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)He is a poor man who earns money by playing on his drums but has not been successful. His skin tone is very fair. He is extremely clumsy and keeps on knocking into things and falling down. He looks very dirty as his cloths do not look clean at all.ClumsySelfishChubbyFairPoor
20/03/2012 14:05:12low_jiacheng_pides@s2012.sst.edu.sgPides12S1-02Tippy (The humble peasant girl)She was innocent as she did not know what was happening as the 2 musicians were fighting over earning her coin which eventually had dropped into the drain.She was angry and wanted them to feel how was it like to have pressure on her which she throw the coins she 'wanted to give them' into the fountain.KindInnocentHumbleConfusedAngry
20/03/2012 15:16:37justyn_lim_ding_sheng@s2012.sst.edu.sgJustyn Lim Ding Sheng8S1-02Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)Eager and kind.EagerPassionateKindCompetitiveTalented
20/03/2012 15:17:58ryan_goh_kai_en@s2012.sst.edu.sgRyan Goh16S1-02Tippy (The humble peasant girl)From her appearance, I can tell that Tippy is a very poor girl and her single gold coin is very precious to her.She is very young as her physical body structure is very small and tiny.smallyoungtalentedintelligent poor
20/03/2012 16:34:36lee_ning_beatrys@s2012.sst.edu.sgLee Ning, Beatrys1S1-02Tippy (The humble peasant girl)She could be poor judging from her clothes. Since she also had only one coin to choose who to give the coin to, that could be the other point why she is poor. She probably has a talent for playing the violin that's why she could earn a bag of gold from a passer-by.ExcitedCheerfulSmallYoungPoor
20/03/2012 16:34:44lim_guan_qun@s2012.sst.edu.sgLim Guan Qun11S1-02Treble ( Second street performer to appear in the movie)Tremble is More Polite Than Bass as he will not go around running on a drum and he is skilled as he can play multiple instruments at the same time and he is smarter as he can think of using a toy of himself so that he could get the little girls attention rather than to collect the coins himself.PoliteSkilledSmartLankyEccentric
20/03/2012 17:09:29lek_jan_yee_lois@s2012.sst.edu.sgLek Jan Yee Lois2S1-02Tippy (The humble peasant girl)She is a poor girl but she can play the violin extremely well because once she played , she got a whole bag full of money but the two men could not even get her to give them one coin. She has a bad temper and can be quite naughty at times. She was short.shortbad temperloves musicbossynot very compassionate when she is angry
20/03/2012 19:27:47kenneth_he_zhi_jing@s2012.sst.edu.sgKenneth He Zhi Jing10S1-02Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)I like the Bass because he is very funny at one part he was on his drums trying to impress the girl but he fell down and he is very creative because he keeps thinking of ways to try to get the gold coin and he is a resilient person if he fails at getting the gold coin he will always try to look more interesting than the violinist and at the end he was still trying to get the gold coin and working with the violinist to get the gold coinsFunnyCreativeInterestingResilientTeamwork
22/03/2012 00:05:50tng_renjie@s2012.sst.edu.sgTng Renjie19S1-02Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)From Bass's action and physical appearances i think he is a clever, competitive and proud person. He could play several instrument at one go without anyone's help. He also will not give up the little girl's money just because of competition and will fight to the endCleverPerseverance ProudCompetitivehappy
20/03/2012 10:53:44berwyn_low_zong_xun@s2012.sst.edu.sgBerwyn Low Zong Xun6S1-03Tippy (The humble peasant girl)Tippy was a humble girl,she also quite skillful with the violin.She is small,short and has big eye.She is a little indecisive.CunningHumblesmartshortkind
20/03/2012 11:16:29muhammad_ikmal_hakeem@s2012.sst.edu.sgMuhd Ikmal Hakeem12S1-03Tippy (The humble peasant girl)From her clothes, I can determine that she is a peasant girl because she wears a worn robe and a scarf. She is a humble person because she approaches the street performer with her head facing down and she is polite when she listens to the street performer's music. When the two street performers made her angry, she did not throw a tantrum.PolitePoorCuriousTalentedHumble
20/03/2012 11:19:07tan_ek_hern@s2012.sst.edu.sgTan Ek Hern18S1-03Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)He would always act first and will do anything to earn money even if it meant that he would have to get himself injured. He is the type that is not very advanced and somewhat an old timer type of person. His drums and trumpets band would suggest that he is a loud and noisy person (like me lol) and the fact that he tried to do a balancing on a drum performance shows that he might be desperate. not advancedloudnoisydesperatebasic
20/03/2012 11:37:15yeo_tzun_kai@s2012.sst.edu.sgyeotzunkai21S1-03Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)He is fat and funny.he is very poor as he has to play his one man band to get people to pay money.hilarioushappyjoyfulcompetingnever give up
20/03/2012 12:13:55muhammad_ibrahim@s2012.sst.edu.sgMuhammad Ibrahim Bin Azmansah11S1-03Tippy (The humble peasant girl)She is a kind hearted girl as she is willing to donate her coin to one of those men who were trying to earn money. She is a poor girl as her clothes were not new. The girl is also very brave as she dared to demand a replacement from the men. CuteHumbleBraveIndecisiveShort
20/03/2012 12:14:25ain_nuha@s2012.sst.edu.sgAin Nuha Hazlan1S1-03Tippy (The humble peasant girl)In the animated film, Tippy is somewhat a young girl as she is easily enthusiastic of the performances put up by the 2 street performers, she may not have watched a street performance because of her young age. She also looks young because of her cute face. She does not seem to be poor or rich as she is very clothes that are clean but are not of expensive-looking.youngadorableshortsmalltalented
20/03/2012 12:31:23goh_soong_wen_ryan@s2012.sst.edu.sgGoh Soong Wen Ryan8S1-03Tippy (The humble peasant girl)She is a innocent girl that may like music and knows how to play the violin really well. She may be a orphan or a monk-to-be as she is wearing a hood. KindCuriousHesitantSkilledIrritated
20/03/2012 13:38:38nur_afif_azfar@s2012.sst.edu.sgNur 'Afif Azfar bin Noor Izwar14S1-03Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)Bass is a very determined person because even though he lost the attention of Tippy to Treble, he did not give up and tried again to attract her but to no avail. He is also a very brave person because he tried to balance on a drum while playing even though he does not look trainedambitiouscourageousdeterminedconfidentbright
20/03/2012 14:04:17ui_wun_juan@s2012.sst.edu.sgUi Wun Juan20S1-03Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)Bass is a very greedy street performer as when he saw Tippy almost going to throw the coin to the fountain, he immediately played his instruments to attract her in giving the coin to him. Tremble, another street performer, then also played his instruments to attract Tippy to give him the coin. As Bass saw Tremble playing his instruments, Bass quickly played his instruments to attract Tippy back. GreedySelfishPoorTalented Annoyed
20/03/2012 14:51:54irfan_izzuddin@s2012.sst.edu.sgIrfan Izzuddin Bin Yusman9S1-03Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)Bass is poor as he can only use a pot to collect money. He also is scruffy looking. He is careless because he tried to balance on the drum but he knocked down all his stuff. He is also very competitive because when Treble came, he wanted the girl to give him the money.

poorcompetitive carelessunprofessional helpful
20/03/2012 15:19:16michael_chun_kai_peng@s2012.sst.edu.sgMichael Chun 10S1-03Tippy (The humble peasant girl)I can infer that she is very cheeky as at the end of the show, instead of giving the money to the men, she threw the coins into the water fountain.
Also, she is very talented in playing the violin as a short while of playing the violin can earn her a bag of coins.
20/03/2012 17:13:15tan_ming_chuan@s2012.sst.edu.sgTan Ming Chuan19S1-03Tippy (The humble peasant girl)I chose tippy. I can infer from her actions that she is quite indecisive. instead of dropping the coin directly into the well, she listened to bass's music first. When she decided to give the coin to bass, she heard music coming from Treble. After thinking again, Tippy decided to give the coin to Treble.HumblePoliteSmallCuteIndecisive
20/03/2012 20:14:20shaun_neo_kay_hean@s2012.sst.edu.sgShaun Neo Kay Hean17S1-03Tippy (The humble peasant girl)She was just a young, little peasant girl, and all she wanted to do was toss her coin into the fountain. But she was distracted by two men desperate to earn her coin and fought over it, both trying to outdo each other. So I can say her character is shy just little but can be bold and brave when she has to.SimplePlainPeasantYoungHumble
21/03/2012 12:38:29muhammad_nurshaquille@s2012.sst.edu.sgMuhammad NurShaquille Bin Shazahri13S1-03Tippy (The humble peasant girl)I can infer that she is kind, joyful and wants the best. I think that the wants the best as she went to and fro when choosing the person she should give the coin to. She is also adorable from her looks. I also think that she like to take revenge as the two street performers made her coin fall into the drain and after she got the bag of coins, she showed the performers two coins but then flung them into the fountain.SweetCuteHumbleJoyfulAdorable
21/03/2012 17:30:19ong_zhi_kai_douglas@s2012.sst.edu.sgOng Zhi Kai, Douglas16S1-03Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)Bass has a face that boasts two vibrant red cheeks. Bass wears a drum, cymbals, trampolines ,accordion , bass trumpets, and a piano. He plays a good tempo and tune. When Bass plays, he shuffles back and forth and sways his hands. When Treble comes, he becomes very competitive and plays faster and nicer tunes to impress Tippy. ProfessionalOrganisedSmart-lookingSteadyConfident
22/03/2012 17:14:07zhou_li_ying@s2012.sst.edu.sgZhou Li ying4S1-03Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)1) She is very kind-hearted.
She actually wanted to put her only coin in the wishing well at first, but when she saw the beggar, she went to him and wanted to give the only coin to him even though she actually wanted to make a wish using the coin as she pitied him. She gave up her wish to give the beggar a coin.
2) She is very determined to get her money back.
When she lost her only money, and the beggars could not give her back, she did not cry neither did she throw a tantrum, instead she took one of the beggar's violin and started playing it like a beggar to earn back her money.
20/03/2012 10:21:43tan_shi_jie@s2012.sst.edu.sgTan Shi Jie21S1-04Tippy (The humble peasant girl)the character i have chosen is the little girl, tippy. She appeared to be a poor girl but after she received the bag of coins, she became arrogant. i could tell she was poor because of the clothes she wore.cuteprettyhumblekindmischievious
20/03/2012 12:10:16arjun_appavoo@s2012.sst.edu.sgArjun Appavoo9S1-04Tippy (The humble peasant girl)Tippy always had a smile on her face when she listened to street performers. She kept walking to and fro when she wanted to give the coin to one of the street performers. She became furious because she lost the coin. She really wanted to get her coin back after she lost it.cheerfulstubbornshort-temperedindecisivetalented
20/03/2012 14:10:12achutha_karuppiah@s2012.sst.edu.sgachutha karuppiah1S1-04Tippy (The humble peasant girl)I like the humble peasant girl,Tippy because she is cute and smart.From her personality,I inferred that she will be nice to people as long as you do not 'provoke' her.She has extraordinary talent in the violin that got her a sack of coins but in my opinion, she could still have given the one man bands a coin each.cutesmartpetite small in sizekind hearted
20/03/2012 14:34:30liaw_xiao_tao@s2012.sst.edu.sgLiaw Xiao Tao15S1-04Tippy (The humble peasant girl)She could not make up her mind easily and she was the 'innocent' character in the story. She was curious about things and was agreeable when each street performer asked her for the coin. She wanted to give away the coin willingly but she could not decide who to give to.Kind-heartedCuriousConfidentCheerfulSociable
20/03/2012 14:34:40chew_yun_hui@s2012.sst.edu.sgChew Yun Hui4S1-04Tippy (The humble peasant girl)Tippy, who is wearing old clothes, held a coin in her hand and walked to and fro from Bass to Tremble and had still not decided who to give the coin to.poorappreciativeindecisivefirmdetermind
20/03/2012 15:18:07koh_guo_feng@s2012.sst.edu.sgKoh Guo Feng13S1-04Treble ( Second street performer to appear in the movie)Competetive as he keeps trying to beat Bass. He is probably poor as he is very thin and does not have exquisite clothing. He also has to perform to earn money and he has no money on him. He is also well prepared as he always have something to counter Bass.CompetetivePoorWell-preparedSkilfulPersevering
20/03/2012 16:02:02angeline_yap_zhi_han@s2012.sst.edu.sgAngeline Yap 2S1-04Tippy (The humble peasant girl)The girl was kind-hearted and generous as she choose to give her coin to either Bass or Treble rather than throwing it into the fountain. She also likes playing tricks on people as she pretended that she wanted to give them her coins but threw them into the fountain instead.Kind-heartedGenerousplayfulnaivebrave
20/03/2012 16:44:04goh_qian_zhe@s2012.sst.edu.sgGoh Qian Zhe11S1-04Tippy (The humble peasant girl)Although she was a peasent girl, she actually knew how to play the violin, even better than the other characters.humbleChildishastonishingEmotionalFunny
20/03/2012 17:32:16ryan_chew@s2012.sst.edu.sgRyan Chew(20)20S1-04Tippy (The humble peasant girl)She is short and looks poor due to what she wears and how she looks like. She smiles when the two street performers play their instruments, hence depicting that she is easily impressed by other's skills. She also seems afraid of loud sounds as she covers her ears when the street performers play their music very loudly. MysteriousMischeiviousCheerfulIndecisiveTalented
20/03/2012 18:38:58liew_jia_wen@s2012.sst.edu.sgLiew Jia Wen6S1-04Treble ( Second street performer to appear in the movie)The character Treble is very skinny and tall and he mostly plays the violin so his personality would be rather quiet.tallaliveskinnyscrawnyjolly
20/03/2012 22:25:51lim_zhongzhi@s2012.sst.edu.sgLim Zhongzhi16S1-04Tippy (The humble peasant girl)She is a innocent girl that was wowed by both the musicians performance but she is also unforgiving and have determination. She also seems to have a certain talent in playing the violin.InnocentDeterminedUnforgivingTalentedAvenging
20/03/2012 23:51:46looi_chi_han@s2012.sst.edu.sgLooi Chi Han17S1-04Tippy (The humble peasant girl)Tippy, with a smile on her face, wanted to put the coin in her hand into the wishing well.This makes her a very hopeful person as she thinks that by lacing a coin in the wishing well, she would be able to get her wish granted.

When she was both attracted to boh the street basker’s performances, she did not know where to put her coin into, whether into the first street basker’s coin case, in the second street basker’s ‘hat’, or the wishing well.This makes her a very indecisive person.

When Tippy’s coin dropped into the drain, she insisted, with a frown and an outstretched hand, that she wanted one of Trebber’s violin.This shows that she is a very willful person.

After a few tweaks of the strings of the violin, she could play very well, so much so that both the street baskers were astonished and that a passer-by even gave her a whole back of coins.This makes her a very talented person.

Tippy then got her revenge by showing the two street baskers two coins, attracting them, then throwing both the coins high up on the wishing well. She then left the two street baskers struggling to get the two coins.
21/03/2012 09:45:22tham_chun_leong@s2012.sst.edu.sgTham Chun Leong23S1-04Tippy (The humble peasant girl)Upon seeing the fountain, Tippy wanted to throw her only coin into the fountain but when she saw the two street performers, she wanted to give them her coin instead. She could not decide who to give the coin to though. When the music got too loud, she dropped the coin into a drain to cover her ears, she got mad at the two street performers upon losing her coin.Hot-temperedUndecisiveTimidTalentedProblem-solving
21/03/2012 10:50:17poon_wai_kit@s2012.sst.edu.sgPoon Wai Kit19S1-04Treble ( Second street performer to appear in the movie)Treble is lanky and has a pointy nose, which gives me the impression that he is sly and sneaky. He also has a clown head, which springs out of his back when someone wants to give him money. The clown head makes me think he is cheeky and rather, not gentlemanly. His clothes are shiny and tight fitting, making me think that he is not a poor person. His smile is more like a smirk, giving me the impression that he is cunning. He seems calm as he does not resort to doing extreme things for the coin (Bass balanced on a drum and played his music). LankyCalmCunningCheekyUngentlemanly
21/03/2012 22:05:05kota_kiran_chand@s2012.sst.edu.sgKota Kiran Chand14S1-04Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)In the movie,Bass appearance is that he is quite plump and chubby and he is poor as he has no money in his pot.He body was equipped with drums,trumpets and keyboard ect.His character is that he does not give up easily and in the movie he tries his best to attract people to his music even though there were no one listening to him and he did the best to do his best music to get the attention of the small girl.He is very talented to play so many instruments together.He is creative and clever to use different types of way playing the instruments to attract the girl.resialanceoptimistictalentedpoorinovative
22/03/2012 11:58:59anbarasan_subramaniyan@s2012.sst.edu.sgANBARASAN SUBRAMANIYAN8S1-04Tippy (The humble peasant girl)The character is very innocent and humble. She has a very puny frame and she is very kind and has a very good knowledge on music too.She knows what to do in the right time. She is scared easily too.She is easily distracted by event the slightest thing.humbleinnocentpunylittlechubby
20/03/2012 09:07:27lee_wen_feng@s2012.sst.edu.sglee wen feng18S1-05Tippy (The humble peasant girl)She loves music and she is cute and adorablecute adorableshortsweetpleasant
20/03/2012 10:26:11lim_yan_zheng@s2012.sst.edu.sgLim Yan Zheng19S1-05Tippy (The humble peasant girl)The little peasant girl is easy to please as her eyes are filled with joy whenever one of the musicians play their music. She is also fearful as she backs away in fear when the two musicians fight with their music for the coin.SmallCuteShyTimidRevengeful
20/03/2012 11:33:58eunice_chan_pei_yee@s2012.sst.edu.sgEunice Chan Pei Yee1S1-05Treble ( Second street performer to appear in the movie)He is creative, competitive and organised. He is creative as he made his hat special that it can stretch and reveal a small clown and a small hole to put a coin in and despite Bass getting attention from Tippy, he tries harder to get attention and he is organised as he prepared the stage and performance well.charismaticcreativeself-confidentsanetwo-faced
20/03/2012 12:11:44ethan_ng_yi@s2012.sst.edu.sgEthan Ng Yi13S1-05Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)He is a little plump, he is competitive, cheerful looking, and rather strong as the instruments he carries look rather heavy. However he was clumsy as just after boldly trying to walk about on the drum while performing, he fell and made a mess out of the place. However, he got up and continued playing to try and earn the money, showing his competitivenessCheerfulPlumpClumsyCompetitiveStrong
20/03/2012 12:15:19thurga_kalaichelvan@s2012.sst.edu.sgThurga Kalaichelvan7S1-05Tippy (The humble peasant girl)Tippy was walking towards the fountain to drop a coin in. The girl might be from middle class family as her cloths are plain but they are in good condition. She might have gone to the fountain to reflect about something and wish for everything to be fine. Her family might be in distress. Small InnocentEagerChubby Confused
20/03/2012 12:19:02ong_gavin@s2012.sst.edu.sgOng Gavin22S1-05Treble ( Second street performer to appear in the movie)From Treble's clothes, I can see that he is very funky and likes to attract people with that. Also, from his musical instrument, the violin, I can see that he likes to play soft music, unlike Bass who likes to play loud music with his bass and trumpet. From his action, I can see that he is very eager to get that little girl to give him that gold coin.FunkySkinnyTallTalentedenthusiastic
20/03/2012 12:48:49marcus_chan_tuck_yan@s2012.sst.edu.sgMarcus Chan Tuck Yan10S1-05Treble ( Second street performer to appear in the movie)He is a suave street performer that does not over-react unless need be. He will not hesitate to compete for something he wants and is proud and charismatic, by looking at how he presented himself to Tippy.proudsuavecharismaticcalmcompetitive
20/03/2012 14:05:28ian_joseph_acu_kang@s2012.sst.edu.sgIan Joseph Acu Kang15S1-05Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)He is a very bold guy and always wants to win the prize or goal that he sets out to achieve. He is also very competitive and has a very strong spirit in never giving up.BoldPositiveCompetitiveStrong willedCourageous
20/03/2012 14:42:38g_k_netraa@s2012.sst.edu.sgG.K.Netraa2S1-05Tippy (The humble peasant girl)Tippy is quiet. She is confused because she does not know who to give the coin to. She gets frightened very quickly and she drops the coin when the two street performers start to play very quickly and they fight. This frightens the girl. She is humble as she does not give the coin to anyone and throws it into the water.queit frightenedhumbleadorableclever
20/03/2012 14:48:36htet_wai_yan_linn@s2012.sst.edu.sgHtet Wai Yan Linn14S1-05Tippy (The humble peasant girl)She is a very cute and plump girl. Her cheeks dominated most of the face area and very less area was left for the eyes to be open. She was a quiet and a timid girl at first but she became fierce when something bad happened. This shows that her feelings can become mixed and her actions would depend on her feelings.Indecisive Humble SweetPlumpFierce
20/03/2012 16:02:36lim_ming_hui@s2012.sst.edu.sgLim Ming Hui4S1-05Tippy (The humble peasant girl)Her physical appearance show that she is kind, curious and a cheerful girl. Her actions show that she is indecisive as to whether she should give the coin to either of the street performers or the well. As she puts her coin into Bass or Treple's coin bowl, her willingness is also conveyed into the action. As a petite, young little girl, she fears being cornered by the street performers, shown in her actions as shock before she dropped her coin into the drain. Sadness was written on her face upon realizing that it cannot be returned, an idea runs though her mind as she ordered Treple to pass her the violin. She plays it swiftly, until a passerby drops a bag of coins for her. IndecisiveWillingFearfulTalentedCurious
20/03/2012 16:36:52lim_jia_yi@s2012.sst.edu.sgLim Jia Yi3S1-05Tippy (The humble peasant girl)Tippy is shy but she is a pleasant little girl. She got scared when Bass and Treble were fighting to earn the coin. When Bass and Treble started playing their music faster and faster and they were fighting, Tippy started walking backwards as she was scared.YoungPoorPrettyShyCaring
20/03/2012 16:54:28ng_yun_shu@s2012.sst.edu.sgNg Yun Shu5S1-05Tippy (The humble peasant girl)She is innocent, charitable and indecisive. I can tell that she is innocent from her big round eyes, and indecisive from her not being able to decide who to donate the coin to. I think she is charitable as she is wearing simple clothes, suggesting that she may not be rich, but she wants to donate that gold coin.petiteinnocenthumblecutegenerous
20/03/2012 21:30:38koh_zhen_haw@s2012.sst.edu.sgKoh Zhen Haw17S1-05Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)He plays very well, although he is the type of person who does not like competition.KindLonerHappyTalentedBurly
20/03/2012 22:55:27ang_kai_wei_reuben@s2012.sst.edu.sgAng Kai Wei Reuben9S1-05Tippy (The humble peasant girl)Tippy is a very humble and straight-forward peasant girl. She seems quite poor as her face was full of dirt and her clothes were very simple. She is straight-forward because she only seem impressed by the better one and does not know that both are equally good. She is also very sly as she threw the two coins in to the fountain.HumbleStraight-ForwardPoorSlySimple
20/03/2012 11:05:22markus_chin_jun_han@s2012.sst.edu.sgMarkus Chin Jun Han18S1-06Tippy (The humble peasant girl)She was a small peasant who had one gold coin which she wanted to throw into the fountain. When her coin was loss she was frustrated so she used her musical talent and earned a bag full of coins.humblesmallquietcomposedtalented
20/03/2012 11:15:41ancel_chong_fu_shea@s2012.sst.edu.sgAncel Chong7S1-06Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)He is a strong built man with drums at his front and a trumpet on the top.He is a poor man trying to look for money by performing as a living but there was still no business.Soon he meets his rival, a scrawny, funnily dressed man but they must work together to make a living and o do that they must be cooperative.BuiltStrongpoorscrawnyfunnily dressed
20/03/2012 11:38:10chong_xu_wei@s2012.sst.edu.sgChong Xu Wei9S1-06Tippy (The humble peasant girl)She was very indecisive, and could not decide who to give her coin to. She came from a poor family, by her looks. She was persistent, when her coin dropped into the drain, she demanded something in return for her loss of coin. As a fast learner, she played the violin very well although it was the first time she took the violin.poverty-strickenindecisivefast-learnerdemandingPlayful
20/03/2012 12:08:54nah_jie_han@s2012.sst.edu.sgNah Jie Han5S1-06Tippy (The humble peasant girl)1) This little girl is not very rich. She had come to the well to make a wish. When the performance took place, she was fascinated by it and she did not know who to give the coin to. When she had lost her coin and demanded the violin, her personality is that she would teach other people a lesson on what they had done wrong. She taught them that they should not be fighting over that one coin but sharing it instead. fascinateddeterminedshortproudhumble
20/03/2012 12:16:06daniel_gabe_ibeas@s2012.sst.edu.sgDaniel Gabe Saynes Ibeas10S1-06Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)Bass keeps on continuously playing his instruments just for Tippy to give him the coin makes me suggests that he is incredibly poor and is penniless. He could have been a spend thrift before as he could have bought large amounts of food which could made him big and fat. brainlesschubbypennilessirrepressible wonderful
20/03/2012 12:33:11leong_ko_rixie_tiffany@s2012.sst.edu.sgLeong Ko Rixie Tiffany4S1-06Tippy (The humble peasant girl)The girl is poor as she only has one coin and she holds it as if it is very precious.PoorIndecisiveEasily distractedQuick-wittedMusically Talented
20/03/2012 14:18:44athiyah_tamanna_azeem@s2012.sst.edu.sgAthiyah Tamanna Azeem1S1-06Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)He is a street performer that is not that clever. He will do anything for money as he has not even enough to last him for the day. His music is good, but can cause catastrophe if played with Treble. When enemy is associated with money, he will do the best he can to win over the competition. Not very cleverMoneymindedCompetitiveTrouble MakerGood Musician
20/03/2012 15:09:04kow_jun_wen_jarrett@s2012.sst.edu.sgJarrett Kow14S1-06Tippy (The humble peasant girl)Tippy, in the beginning, was depicted as an innocent girl. She eventually showed her true colours: Being able to play the violin with skill. She was a little girl so she was slightly short. She also had dimples on her cheeks.InnocentCheekyCuteIndecisiveTempremental
20/03/2012 15:23:53tan_yan_sheng_shawnn@s2012.sst.edu.sgTanYanShengShawnn21S1-06Treble ( Second street performer to appear in the movie)I feel that Treble is a very cool and calm guy. He plays the violin and the other instruments with style and grace. I can see that he is innovative in a way as his instruments and clothes were modified to suit him. An example would be like his hat. A robotic face wearing a hat came out from Treble's hat, and when the hat came down from the robot head, it was actually a place to store the coins he receive from busking.CoolFasionableInovativeCalmAgile
20/03/2012 16:04:22sean_lim_zie@s2012.sst.edu.sgSean Lim Zie20S1-06Tippy (The humble peasant girl)Tippy is a small girl but she is strong. She wouldn't let both the bass and treble to get way when they made her lost her coin. She is willing to make the decision whether who should have the coin. Normally a girl like her would probably walk away and ignore both the men or just simply give the coin away. But she listen to both and really consider which one to give. kindcleverdeterminelovelystong
20/03/2012 16:30:09cheng_jun_yue_jedidiah@s2012.sst.edu.sgCheng Jun Yue Jedidiah 8S1-06Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)He wants to get rid of anything that may rival him and won't give up easily. He is very greedy and will stay up until night in an attempt to retrieve two gold coins. He is very proud and is attention-seeking. He is very artistic and is able to play very grand music.proudgreedypoorartisticdetermined
20/03/2012 17:39:35lim_yi_chong_markus@s2012.sst.edu.sgLim Yi Chong Markus17S1-06Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)I think that he is an optimist as he is happy despite the fact that he is penniless. His facial expression and the way he moves marks him as a jovial and friendly person. He has a wide grin on his face, meaning that he is a sociable person, although he does not have any friends.charismaticjovialindustriousaffablebonhomous
20/03/2012 18:51:10ng_yu_yang@s2012.sst.edu.sgDing ruoqian11S1-06Tippy (The humble peasant girl)The little humble peasant girl Tippy was pretty cute and was wearing a dress like the malay "baju melayu" she is very humble and kind to not throw the coin into the wishing fountain to make a wish but to wanting to give one of the musicians the coin. She was humble as she did not show off her skillful violin playing but to show it at the last.ArtisticHumbleSkillfulinnocentgraceful
20/03/2012 19:02:30ng_yu_yang@s2012.sst.edu.sgNg Yu Yang19S1-06Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)Bass look like a strong man with muscles and he seems to be quite poor as he needs to fight with Treble just to earn one coin. Bass is also a good drummer as he can use a lot of drums at once to play music.Bass is also desperate for money so he fight as much as he can to get one coin.StrongDesperateMagnificentClumsyProud
22/03/2012 10:42:58lam_cher_wei_nicholas@s2012.sst.edu.sgNicholas Lam15S1-06Treble ( Second street performer to appear in the movie)Treble, he is more modest and as compared to Bass who is too 'boastful'. Thinking that he could play his instruments whilst on a tiny drum. Treble is more of a tall and lanky figure. He has a cute little Jester's hat and inside it, is a head wearing a Jester's hat.ModestComplacentSuaveFlamboyantQuaint
22/03/2012 17:04:02odelia_goh@s2012.sst.edu.sgOdelia Goh 6S1-06Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)He is loud and energetic.He is also clumsy and is competitive. LoudCompetitiveClumsyTalentedEnergetic
20/03/2012 11:24:44chua_tuan_jin@s2012.sst.edu.sgChua Tuan Jin12S1-07Tippy (The humble peasant girl)She is talented as she could play the violin well enough to get a huge sack of coins. She is also humble as a fact that she did not boast to the street performers that she earn a huge sack of coins. She is also a fair person as the two men caused her to lose her first coin, she did not give any coins to them.HumbleFairTalentedSmartRich
20/03/2012 11:55:52teo_ji_hao@s2012.sst.edu.sgTeo Ji Hao22S1-07Bass (First street performer to appear in the movie)Bass was rude as he snatched the little violin from Treble without asking him. Bass was also poor as he had to be a street performer to earn a living and there are not many people in the town. However, Bass was confident and proud of his job as a street performer and was an optimistic as he smiles while performing.chubby ConfidentClumsyproudpersistent
20/03/2012 12:58:47yasha_lai_zhi_hui@s2012.sst.edu.sgYasha Lai Zhi Hui7S1-07Tippy (The humble peasant girl)She enjoys listening to and playing music, to the point that she will give what little money she has to a street performer whose music she likes. She is quite good at playing the violin too. She is also quite witty, and is able to tease the two performers as revenge for making her lose her coin.CleverGenerousTalentedCuteCapable
20/03/2012 13:17:12khin_sann_tun_claudia@s2012.sst.edu.sgKhin Sann Tun Claudia5S1-07Tippy (The humble peasant girl)She is shy and meek. But if she loses something and she wants to get it back again, she will lose her humble character and turn fierce, with all the pouty face and she will do what it takes to get it back. ShyMeekHumbleFierceStraight-foward