June 2017 Google Classroom Student Survey (Responses)
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TimestampDid your teacher(s) use Google Classroom?What grade are you in?What do you like about Google Classroom?What do you not like about Google Classroom?What advice would you like to tell teachers learning about or starting to use Google Classroom?Now that you have been using Google Classroom, what do you wish you had known earlier about it?Other comments
5/31/2017 13:18:28Yes9that when i was absent i wouldn't miss any worki had no problems with itmake sure to keep it always updated. we had some teachers that were super good about keeping it updated then some that were not. that we could get the app on our phonesi strongly recommend it to all teachers.
5/31/2017 13:20:59YesIt shows when things are due.It doesn't notify you when something is late.Put the time on things that are due.It schedules your homework.
5/31/2017 13:23:34Yes7all my assignments are in one placeto put every assignments in so we can work on them at home
5/31/2017 13:42:10Yes10Although there are many things to love, I personally like how if you missed a day of school, or have extracurricular activities and can't get your class work done at school you have it easily accessible on your phone. Honestly I haven't had any difficulties with it, it's super simple and easy to cooperate.Personally my teacher always had clear directions on what our assignment was and how we were to complete it, and this really helped keep me on track with what I was suppose to do and how to complete the assignment. To always make sure you don't submit your assignment until you are done. I always used google docs or slides and if you submit it you can't make changed on your docs or slides.
5/31/2017 14:06:13Yes9The system nothingnothingnohi
5/31/2017 14:06:17Yes9its easy to usesometimes it doesn't workyou can do things real easy
5/31/2017 14:06:31Yes9I like that it's easy to access.There's nothing I don't like about.You should only put some assignments on Google Classroom.That it had an app.
5/31/2017 14:08:00Yes9its easy to get onHow annoying it is to turn things ini dont knowhow annoying it is to turn in things
5/31/2017 14:08:32Yes9its okthat it loads slowi dont knowi dont knowno
5/31/2017 14:08:51Yes9It's online better than paper.nothing?Nothing nothing no
5/31/2017 14:08:52Yes9easy to turn in worknothingto make sure the work showsnothing
5/31/2017 14:08:57Yes9Its helps out the teacher a lot when assigning hwsometimes is glitches outmake sure everything is right before assigningn/an/a
5/31/2017 14:08:58Yes9its easy to usethere is nothing i don't like a bout it nothing much its just easy to use for the class..........
5/31/2017 14:09:11Yes9It's easy to do assignments.I don't have anything to say bad about it. I would like to say for them to give the assignments more ahead of time so we can finish earlier. I wish I knew how to add pictures onto the projects to add more information.It was good.
5/31/2017 14:09:33Yes9its easiernothingits coolnothingnope
5/31/2017 14:09:59Yes9i like that you can keep up with work online nothing reallydont post too much assignments no im good with the knowledge i already have
5/31/2017 14:10:07No9easy to do you can do it at home
get our own laptops
to put picsi aint even coming to this school next year but add me on snap Lil_naynayy
5/31/2017 14:11:13Yes9It's very simple to get a hang of.There isn't anything specific I dislike about Google Classroom.Do not rely on it too much.I don't know.
5/31/2017 14:11:20Yes9easy to turn in worknothingdont assign too much worknothing
5/31/2017 14:11:33Yes9what i like about google classroom is that you can easily get assessments and other to keep track on what your missing and not. what i don't like about google classroom is how it doesn't have a student page. if we would of had that us classmates could of helped each other out when we need it.nothingnothing
5/31/2017 14:11:37Yes9I like how easy it is to find instructions and how easy it is to turn it inI do not like how you aren't able to contact other studentsPut necessary study guides on your classroomwhere to find my teachers email
5/31/2017 14:11:41Kinda9its not paper worki like it nothing wrong with itnothing i dont give advicenothingnothing
5/31/2017 14:11:54Yes9I like that I can work on assignments from my house.There isn't anything that I don't like about Google Classroom.I would tell the teachers to just post assignments so they can get used to Google Classroom.There isn't anything new that I wish I knew about Google Classroom.
5/31/2017 14:11:59Yes9It's easy to give assignments to all the students, even those who are absent.N/AN/AN/A
5/31/2017 14:12:03Yes9t tells us what our assignments areits onlineits complicatedthe video viewer
5/31/2017 14:12:10Yes9Google classroom helps teachers stay organized.I don't like how the assignments aren't deleted after the due date passed. It is very helpful and it keeps you organized. I wish I knew how easy it is to turn in assignments on it.I don't know...
5/31/2017 14:12:14Yes9I like google classroom, because I like how I turn in my assignments on here N/AMake sure you teach the assignment on what is it instead of just saying "go on google classroom the assignment is there."N/A
5/31/2017 14:12:49Yes9I like that i can turn in my room through here and also it makes it easy to access the links my teachers want us to go on.There isn't anything that I don't like about google classroom.Google Classroom is helpful.Nothing
5/31/2017 14:13:03Yes9It is very organizedIt does not show the grade you got on an assigmentTo keep everything organized.That you can unsubmit an assigment.
5/31/2017 14:13:12Yes9it is easier to do our work and keep up with assignments. its hard to reachto update it everydaythat their is an app that notifies you of assignments
5/31/2017 14:14:04Yes9how organized it is with assignments. you can easily check what you have done and what you haven't in google classroom.how there is not a classmate conversation or helping area. us classmates need a little help sometimes and since we are all a classroom we can help each other out.nothingnothing
5/31/2017 14:14:22Yes9it is an easy way for you to do/make-up your assignments.if your internet server goes down you can not do your assignment(s).print out some copies just in case the internet server crashes.you can add assignment and do assignments on kami or dochub.
5/31/2017 14:14:27Yes9its easy to find work.sometimes google classroom doesn't work righti have no advice to tell themnothing because i knew everything already
5/31/2017 14:15:12Yes9i like that we can do our work online and not have to write a lot on paper and we use less hand strength.i didn't like that when the internet is down then we can't use google classroom.i had to get used to it but then i began to use it more and more due to the assignments that our teacher gave us.i wish i knew how to take screenshots and then attach them to my assignment.i liked using google classroom and i liked how it made my work easier for me.
5/31/2017 14:15:199i like that we can do our work online and not have to write a lot on paper and we use less hand strength.i didn't like that when the internet is down then we can't use google classroom.i had to get used to it but then i began to use it more and more due to the assignments that our teacher gave us.i wish i knew how to take screenshots and then attach them to my assignment.i liked using google classroom and i liked how it made my work easier for me.
5/31/2017 14:16:22Yes9its a good page for your classroom to do work onthere is no fun in google classroomyou could do your work on google classroom and students could help each other on google classroomi wish we could write a comment so you can ask the teacher anything for the homeworkgoogle classroom is for your classrooms so you and your classmates to do your work
5/31/2017 14:17:54Kinda9It is easy to turn in things like google docs,slides,ect.It sometimes doesn't save everything Its very easy simple stepsxv
5/31/2017 14:17:55Yes9i liked how it had linked to everythingthat it was kinda hard use in a way that it is very good way to help the students that you can use google for mostly everything
5/31/2017 14:18:47Yes9I like how i can access it at home.I don't like how i need internet for it.nothingnothing
5/31/2017 14:20:54Yes9It's easier to send to your teacher.It's on a computer It's more organized and you can't lose papers.You can add your power points to which ever classroom you're in.
5/31/2017 14:21:24Yes9assignments don't get lostnothingposting assignments are easier than passing them outyou can add multiple classroomsno
5/31/2017 14:21:36Yes9It helps when you need to do an assignment and turn it in.i don't dislike anything about it.NothingYou can add a private comment
5/31/2017 14:22:07Yes9Having access when I was gone, or when my teacher was gone. Getting grades back instantly. Having access to getting a hold of my teacher if I want to do something early. Our internet in my class period would always crash, so it made it difficult to get a lot done some days. Definitely number your assignments on the stream, and hold your students to a higher responsibility of getting things done. There isnt an excuse when they have access. It is to our benefit. Some days, I hated it because I don't like technolongy but it is a lot easier to get through. I would recommend to your students, to download classroom on their phones. Along with, slides and docs. You cannot edit a document on classroom it has to be accessed from the source. AKA usually docs or slides.
5/31/2017 14:22:51Yes9How you could get to work and do no have to writenothing Repeat the process because I like it the way it is and how we learn new stuff.that can do your work anywhere or anytimeIt was a great learning experience using google classroom.
5/31/2017 14:26:299Its helps out the teacher a lot when assigning hwsometimes is glitches outmake sure everything is right before assigningn/an/a
5/31/2017 14:27:14Yes9its a easy access to assignments nothingf nonenonenone
5/31/2017 14:27:22Yes9It helps with assignments i missed out on the day i was absent and all of the work is there.there is an actual time limit on when things are due.post the assignments at least 3 days before due, give a reminder to the students, and put a time limit.there is a time limit for when things are due.
5/31/2017 14:27:51Yes9teachers can return assignments.sometimes it complicated to turn in assignments.They should post one assignment at a time. N/A
5/31/2017 14:28:22Yes9its easy to work with everything is right there when it comes to assignments i don't like that you have to sign in at home you should already be able to sign in you should be able to use it at home anything
5/31/2017 14:31:26Yes9You can add a lot of google docs, slides, files, etc.I don't like how there are classroom comments, because then you get confused with the private comments.You"ll get the hang of how to use it quickly.How to paste a lot of screen shots at the same time to an assignment
5/31/2017 14:37:00Yes9I like how you can add things on to your assignment.I do not really like it because somethings are kind of confusing.That it is not easy to use but it is good if you want to write about things like essays.For what are certain tools used for.
5/31/2017 14:37:149I like how you can add things on to your assignment.I do not really like it because somethings are kind of confusing.That it is not easy to use but it is good if you want to write about things like essays.For what are certain tools used for.
5/31/2017 14:44:18Yes
5/31/2017 14:44:59Yes7There's all you needUses internet conection
5/31/2017 14:45:17Yes11AllAnythingAnything
5/31/2017 14:45:43Yes12NotificationsMessinessTo know how to classify different notificationsIt can be useful
5/31/2017 14:46:28Yes12Lots of things you can do withI think it is pretty fineDo not worry about it is easy to use it and usefulI don't know...
5/31/2017 14:47:25Kinda2
5/31/2017 14:49:45Yes12It's very easy to use-To make their students see how useful it is, because it does and everything we do in class it's there if you wanna check it outHow useful it is and how convinient it is also to work, do homework, search for the information that your teacher uploads, and do activities that our teacher prepares.
5/31/2017 14:50:53Kinda11You can acces from all places with internetNothing
5/31/2017 14:50:54Yes12It makes homework easier to access and provides a lot of help.Nothing.Use it for when the students are home and can easily access google docs, which most people don't have on their phones.That you have to press the Hand In button for it to register the homework as finished.
5/31/2017 14:53:00Yes12It's utility-To show their students all the diferents aplications it has and how to use it correctlyThat it is very useful for you and that in determinate moments it perfect because it keeps you in touch with your teacher and all the activities you have done with him/her
5/31/2017 14:55:47Yes9We can easily turn in stuffit's onlineDon't add many assignments because you're gonna get a lot turned in to you.That you can add many stuff to it. Overall it's a pretty good app.
5/31/2017 14:55:57Yes9I really liked that it told me all of my assignments and what I was missing. I like that i could go directly from google classroom to google docs and slides without much hassle.
5/31/2017 14:57:30Yes9its easy to use wont load sometimesonly use it alittlehow to copy and paste
5/31/2017 14:58:52Kinda9That you don't have to use paper and pencil.That it some times gets boring.Please make it fun and don't make us type essays.How easy it was to use it.
5/31/2017 15:01:25Yes9It was easy to useI Don't Know.To use it more often because it makes grading / making assignments easier.Nothing
5/31/2017 15:02:16Yes9the assignment will have to do i don't know everything is good find games that go with the agssigment how to started onw no
5/31/2017 15:02:36Yes11Everything Nothing Having everything tidyNothing Very practical
5/31/2017 15:04:26Yes12Being able to get work when absent from schoolWhen the teacher tries to teach the subject thru it instead of teaching it in classDon't use it to teach or go over stuff just use it to post assignments/slideshows
5/31/2017 15:04:42Yes9It shows you if you are done or, not.You can't see your grades.To not give hard story assignmentsHow to add a screen shot
5/31/2017 15:05:44Yes9its easy to useits hard to usedont make us write big essayshow to access it
5/31/2017 15:06:04Yes9it's easy user interface nothing.have funnothing newsoooop
5/31/2017 15:07:47Yes9you can do work on any device and its easy to stay organizednothing, its a good websiteAll the tools for typing
5/31/2017 15:12:30Yes11The interactionNothing, I like itBecause its a tool that helps you to organizeThat is easy to use and easy to search thingsIts very useful tool
5/31/2017 15:12:44Yes9It lets me get easy access to my assignments and easy to turn things in.Once you click on something it's hard to get out.It's really useful for students.I wish I knew about it earlier.
5/31/2017 15:13:10Yes9you can have it on any device nothing really it's a really easy thing to do it saves your progress by itself
5/31/2017 15:14:10Yes9It's available anywhere at anytime.NothingIts simple & easy. That it saves by itself.
5/31/2017 15:14:43Yes12I like the simplicity of turning in assignments. how we have to mark as done even when we finish somethingDon't make it harder than it actually is that in the about tab there are resources your teacher provides for you about the class
5/31/2017 15:15:12Yes9It is organized. It makes some things easy. Only that teachers should post updates there more. You should definitely use it. It is helpful and helps organizationally.I wish I knew how useful it was.google classroom is good.
5/31/2017 15:15:24Yes9it organizes the classrooms and assignmentstheres nothing that i dont likethe teachers already know what to doi know everything that there is to know
5/31/2017 15:15:26Yes9I like that I can accesses it on any smart phone device and use it to keep track when I am not at school. I don't like that google classroom is not linked to google drive on smartphones. I would like to tell the teachers that google classroom can be helpful for students who might be absent and can get the work online. I wish I knew how to use for other things other than school work.
5/31/2017 15:15:27Yes9that it lists all my assignments and gives me updates. theres nothing that i dont like that its a great tool to use for classi dont know
5/31/2017 15:15:44Yes9its an easy way to find your assignments and it helps with being organizedtheres nothing i dont like about google classroomi would tell them how to find assignments i wish i knew how to share documents before
5/31/2017 15:16:34Yes9yeahnothingI don't have any advice to tell the teachersI wish i would of known that you have to press mark as done
5/31/2017 15:16:48Yes9I like how a teacher can gives us assignments the quickest way possible there is really nothing that I don't like about google classroom that its a really easy way to give out work that you can put private comments
5/31/2017 15:17:02Yes9I like how it's organized and tells when you have to turn in the work so that you don't forget.There's nothing that I don't like.That you can put multiple assignments in one.That we can have our own copy.
5/31/2017 15:17:30Yes9instead of having so many handwork assignments and you forget about them , they are always uploaded on gc.when teachers dont put the correct date they want the assignment due and then it automatically sets as late put the correct date you would want the assignment due .i wish it notifyed me when assignments were up loaded
5/31/2017 15:17:37Yes9Everything is easy to turn in.Attach all documents that are needed to the assignment. I didn't know that you could see your score on the assignment.
5/31/2017 15:17:44No9its easy to useit doesn't turn in automatically its easy to use and simple that it doesn't turn in things automatically no, but have a good day :)
5/31/2017 15:18:05Yes9Google Classroom helps me keep track of any due or missing assignments. I also find it super convenient. There's nothing that I dislike about Google Classroom, but it can be hard to log-in while you're at home.I'd tell them to remember their log-in.I wish I would've known how to share documents and log-in while I'm at home.No other comments.
5/31/2017 15:19:53Yes9All the different types of documents.The different optionsStart with the basic assignment and slowly try different type like turning stuff in the private commentslLink different sites of files on the assignmentsI enjoyed working on Google classroom
5/31/2017 15:22:01Yes9we can turn in work from the computer i like google classroomI have no advice for the teachernothing
5/31/2017 15:22:04Yes9It's a easy way to do & turn in work.nothing, everything is good in my opinion.To play around and browse on the website, there's many interesting things on there.that we can log in from our phone and add contents from our gallery to post like in case of a project, etc.no comments.
5/31/2017 15:22:49Yes9I can find the assignments easyWhen you turn in work late and its say "done late".Tell them to post homework and assignments consistently. That we can turn in late work.Its pretty useful
5/31/2017 15:23:09Yes9its easy to turn in work and contact your teachertheres nothing that i dont dislikeThat its a good way to help kids do there work and turn it in and talk to the teacherwho made it
5/31/2017 15:23:18Yes9It's a good way to check your assignments onlineI don't have any negative opinions on real areas, but it is kind of a nitpick, I don't like that anytime I use the extension it starts it up in a new tab.it's a much easier way for teachers to receive work from students that it still opens through a new tabno comment
5/31/2017 15:23:19Yes9it tells you when things are due and what the assignment isi don't dislike anything its fine the way it isIt is really easy to work with and to find thingsI wish I knew how to find things as easy as i do now
5/31/2017 15:23:20Yes9I liked how its an easy access and its much more easier. I did not like how it was confusing about screenshoting and then trying to put it on the link.I did really like "Google a day" i learn many new things that i did not know about.I wish I knew how to unsubmit but now i know how to do that.I really like google classroom it made things easier and not boring .
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