Counterexamples to Hurford's Constraint
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Get a plastic pop bottle and punch holes on either side so a stick or twig can go all the way through.sticktwig>NYT_ENG_20020414.0071
``An optometrist or ophthalmologist giving eye exams to children is a good thing,'' said Sen. Austin Allran, a Catawba Republican.optometristophthalmologist>NYT_ENG_20060623.0051
``As an actor or performer, you are always worried about what the next job's going to be,'' Hensley says.actorperformer<NYT_ENG_20020308.0303
``Even FEMA people say they 've never seen a situation like this where a county or parish is so completely obliterated that we don't even have a safe base of operation to start a recovery,'' said Gary Huettmann, the parish's economic development director, who is working at a borrowed desk in a building across the street from the state Capitol.countyparish>NYT_ENG_20051021.0200
``He 'd find a university or college that would employ somebody past 70 and start building on his record,'' said Dan Issel, Rupp's last All-American.universitycollege<NYT_ENG_19970312.0748
``Heroic is not a word one uses often without embarrassment to describe a writer or playwright, but the diligence and ferocity of effort behind the creation of his body of work is really an epic story.writerplaywright>NYT_ENG_20051002.0284
``If your task is a worker in a plant or facility, be a better worker,'' Ridge urged Americans Tuesday, at a press conference here to support the president's war on terrorism.plantfacility<NYT_ENG_20010921.0151
``No person shall play ball or any game of sport with a ball or football or throw, cast, shoot or discharge any stone, pellet, bullet, arrow or any other missile, in, over, across, along or upon any street or sidewalk or in any public park, except on those portions of said park set apart for such purposes,'' section 56.16 of the municipal code states.ballfootball>NYT_ENG_20060728.0238
``The investigator misled our representative into confirming information the Navy already possessed about Senior Chief McVeigh, both by failing to disclose his identity and purpose and by portraying himself as a friend or acquaintance of Senior Chief McVeigh's,'' America Online said.friendacquaintance<NYT_ENG_19980121.0961
``The investigator must recognize that in some situations management may have failed to comply with a duty or responsibility, which may result in clear liability on the part of the company,'' the manual states.dutyresponsibility<NYT_ENG_20040710.0073
``There's never been any evidence to suggest or support a theft or diversion of these segments,'' Lewis said.theftdiversion<NYT_ENG_20041229.0026
``They sat down last season and decided they wouldn't let it be a distraction or problem for the team.distractionproblem<NYT_ENG_19990902.0033
``We 're always asking ourselves if a flower or plant will make it in our gardens.''flowerplant<NYT_ENG_19990225.0219
``You 're encouraging readers to map your fiction onto the real world in a specific way, while not writing a history or memoir.historymemoir>NYT_ENG_20060711.0092
``You don't know who is going to start a conflict or riot,'' said Taylor, who attends the University of Texas at Arlington.conflictriot>NYT_ENG_20021118.0177
A debenture trader at New Japan Securities Co. said there hasn't been a bid or offer on Nippon Credit's most-recently sold five-year debentures in almost two months.bidoffer<NYT_ENG_19970321.0066
A motion to alter or amend a judgment shall be filed no later than ten days after the entry of the judgment.alteramend>Web
A space heater placed in front of an open vanity might thaw pipes under a sink, but never use a torch or flame to try to melt an ice clog.torchflame<NYT_ENG_19991123.0061
A university partnership that would link Dwight Morrow's curriculum with that of a college or university, enabling students to obtain college credits.collegeuniversity>NYT_ENG_19980113.0910
About 49 percent said they frequently act as a friend or companion to their grandchildren, and a third said they normally assume the role of adviser and confidant.friendcompanion<NYT_ENG_20000105.0176
Additionally, if you want to accompany the finished ribs with a marinade or sauce, be sure it has never come in contact with the raw meat.marinadesauce<NYT_ENG_19990701.0152
Additionally, the anxiety or worry is not about having a Panic Attack,anxietyworry<Web
After the loss of the animal or pet, there are further coping strategies available for the grieving individualanimalpet>Web
Also, a softening or decline in housing prices will make it harder for homeowners to take cash out of their houses.softeningdecline<NYT_ENG_20060422.0132
Alternatively, take a piece of the molding to a millworker or woodworker who can make a set of knives to duplicate your molding.millworkerwoodworker<NYT_ENG_20021017.0139
Although the first table of the Decalogue is a good way to run a synagogue or church, it is a bad way to run a pluralistic democracy.synagoguechurch<NYT_ENG_19970414.0211
An ongoing question in artificial intelligence is whether or not a computer or machine can think.computermachine<Web
And 19 percent of employees reported they had dated a boss or supervisor.bosssupervisor<NYT_ENG_20050715.0103
And while there are dozens of professional jazz big bands working around the country, they have fewer opportunities to record and play than a trio or combo because, with more musicians to pay, they are more expensive to book and transport.triocombo<NYT_ENG_20050308.0132
Another negative thing is that you have to have a lake or body of water screened off, or they will migrate to places you do not want them.''lakebody of water<NYT_ENG_19970520.0738
ANSWER: The worst accident involving a ship or boat in the New York City area -- also the mostly costly disaster in lives there until Sept. 11, 2001, and the nation's worst peacetime marine catastrophe -- occurred June 15, 1904.shipboat<NYT_ENG_20031016.0084
Art includes a 2-column color photo of colorful irons, a 2-column color photo of an iron and a 2-column color illustration showing how to iron a shirt or blouse.shirtblouse>NYT_ENG_20001020.0107
As with many of the post-punk subcultures, one of the prime ideas was, and remains, to define yourself as an outsider or outcast, yet bond with others who felt similarly.outsideroutcast>NYT_ENG_19990423.0150
Asked whether Law plans to discipline any local priests or theologians for speaking out, Coyne, Law's spokesman, said, ``The bishop of a diocese is always responsible for the teaching of Catholic doctrine in his own diocese, so he continues to put forward the church's teaching, and, if necessary, to engage in a corrective if a priest or theologian of the faith is misstating the teaching of the church.priesttheologian<NYT_ENG_20020915.0146
At her hearing, Yellen echoed the views of Clinton and other administration officials that a balanced budget constitutional amendment could precipitate a recession or depression by eliminating the government's ability to cut taxes or increase spending during economic downturns.recessiondepression>NYT_ENG_19970212.0182
Be prepared to adapt or change!adaptchange<Web
Behavior that causes anxiety or concern for the affected individual may be considered to be personally distressing.anxietyconcern<Web
Being a captain or officer is a privilege, and with that privilege comes great responsibility.captainofficer<Web
Besides promising to offer parents more details about the ratings, the studios said they would not precede a G-rated film with a preview for an R-rated one, would try to keep those under 17 out of test screenings for R-rated films -LRB- unless they were accompanied by an adult or guardian -RRB- and would come up with in-house systems to make sure all those rules were followed.adultguardian>NYT_ENG_20001031.0279
Both carcinogens and viruses turned out to produce cancer genes called oncogenes, echoing ``the term oncology, which refers to the specialty of treating tumors, and the Greek word onkos, meaning a lump or mass.'' Weinberg concludes, ``The cell, responding to the orders issued by the oncogene, began a program of unconstrained proliferation.''lumpmass<NYT_ENG_19981118.0252
But he never attended school during his senior year, never attended a party or prom.partyprom>NYT_ENG_19980518.0347
But this particular controversy about whether I have a secret life as a terrorist or extremist is so old that, frankly, it's -- what's the word?terroristextremist<NYT_ENG_20041005.0248
Clients paid Marsh a fee or commission for unbiased recommendations and, according to the lawsuit, were often unaware of the incentive payments.feecommission>NYT_ENG_20050121.0133
Collision or Accident Insurance Coverage is coverage that pays to repair or replace your car after a car accident or collision.accidentcollision>Web
Complete medical description regarding abdominal or stomach painabdominalstomach<Web
Composition is a way of unifying the basic elements which a work of art or sculpture consists of.artsculpture>Web
Copyrights protect only the specific expression of an idea or information, as in a song or a book.ideainformation<NYT_ENG_20030928.0015
Cunningham said the effort to prevent scandal is ``built into the ethos of being a priest or bishop.''priestbishop>NYT_ENG_20020824.0149
Did he make a promise or commitment to you that he would make sure you came back to work at the White House?promisecommitment<NYT_ENG_19990205.0454
Do you know of a child or teen-ager who has had a fainting spell when he or she was startled or while experiencing a strong emotional response of some kind, anger, crying, etc., or when he was participating in a physical activity?childteen-ager>NYT_ENG_20010308.0128
Does she have a interest or passion -LRB- Scottish terriers, seashells, lighthouses -RRB-?interestpassion>NYT_ENG_20041202.0121
Drugs Which Could Alter or Affect A Test Result.alteraffect<Web
Early in the day, as cameras began taping the two presidents ' remarks after two hours of talks, Bush was captured slyly removing a candy or gum from his mouth.candygum>NYT_ENG_20020524.0320
EIM is unusual in that it is much less of a middleman or agent than are many other firms.middlemanagent<NYT_ENG_19980623.0368
Even the most liberal theologian or scholar would have trouble saying ``yes'' to that question.theologianscholar<Web
Example of a large scale audio system for a cathedral or church.cathedralchurch<Web
Faster connections make it more feasible for companies to use videoconferencing, electronic commerce, telecommuting and links to other branches of a company or agency.companyagency>NYT_ENG_19990729.0306
Feel free to adapt or change this order of service as seems appropriate for you, or for the day.adaptchange<Web
FINANCIAL-AID -LRB- Undated -RRB-, Other than selecting a college or university, the biggest decision facing many families is how to pay the tuition.collegeuniversity>NYT_ENG_20020925.0079
For decades, home buyers had to go to a broker or agent to gain access to listings.brokeragent<NYT_ENG_20020126.0041
Fowler, a phrenologist who deciphered the contors and bumps on the human skull, advocated octagonal-shaped buildings because the walls of an octagon enclose more area than a square or rectangle with equal wall space.squarerectangle<NYT_ENG_20050304.0233
Given the small circle of scholars who specialize in the history of German publishing, they speculated that the company might have recruited a journalist or author, rather than a historian.journalistauthor<NYT_ENG_20021013.0141
Government is instituted for their protection, security, and benefit, and they have the right to alter or reform it when the public good may require.alterreform>Web
Guides assigned to the mausoleum are taught that Tamerlane was a wise statesman and nation builder, and once a month a historian or researcher comes to lecture on his greatness.historianresearcher<NYT_ENG_19971109.0141
He favored locations near a college or university because he figured educated people were most likely to appreciate his merchandise.collegeuniversity>NYT_ENG_19991228.0185
He uses a hook and swivel attached to a joist or beam.joistbeam<NYT_ENG_20021201.0085
Historical references to the appearances of angels, and some modern day direct encounters with the physical presencing of an angel or Archangel is anything but a walk in the park.angelarchangel>Web
How to alter or add foreign key constr to table having child rows or dataalteradd>Web
How to be a Bikini or Swimwear Modelbikiniswimwear<Web
How to pick the right art or painting for your houseartpainting>Web
However, medicines are defined as ``any substance or preparation intended for use by external or internal application to the human body in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease and which is commonly recognized as a substance or preparation intended for that use.''substancepreparation>NYT_ENG_20051108.0353
I am looking for an angel or cherub or even just a halo vector graphic to engrave on an alder picture frame.angelcherub>Web
I believe that music can change or affect your emotions.changeaffect>Web
I like to pit myself against the clock to see how fast I can complete a task or project.taskproject<NYT_ENG_20000719.0171
I would call it a miniature sword rather than a dagger or knife.daggerknife<Web
If an infant or child has other food allergies or if allergies run in the family, experts recommend postponing feeding children peanuts until after age 3.infantchild<NYT_ENG_20000207.0260
If Congress wants to impose a ban or moratorium, it should be aimed solely at reproductive cloning.banmoratorium<NYT_ENG_20011126.0455
If the person has a violent criminal history, a judge can prohibit a parent or stepparent from having contact with the child.parentstepparent>NYT_ENG_19990117.0061
If you don't have a hobby or interest, this might be a good time to find one.hobbyinterest<NYT_ENG_20020806.0031
In 1940, 37 percent of us had gone to a church or synagogue in the last week.churchsynagogue>NYT_ENG_19970529.0150
In a case where a house or building was torn from its foundation and splintered, as is the case along many parts of the Gulf Coast, engineers still can usually figure out what was done by wind or water.housebuilding<NYT_ENG_20050907.0246
In Japan, for instance, an organization or company can register only one.organizationcompany>NYT_ENG_19991128.0105
In pointing out a misstatement or blunder to millions, a politician could highlight something that may never have been noticed.misstatementblunder<NYT_ENG_20001002.0060
Indeed, it's difficult to see how a child or teenager without an intimate working knowledge of the previous episodes will be able to make any sense at all out of it.childteenager>NYT_ENG_20020515.0166
Instead, the Fed would permit the inflation rate to remain more or less steady while the economy was growing briskly, and wait for a recession or slowdown to bring inflation down.recessionslowdown<NYT_ENG_20020802.0174
Is it possible to transform or modify an off-road motorcycle so that it meets the standards to drive it on public roads?transformmodify<Web
Is the lessee permitted to alter or improve the real estate and, if so, what conditions can be imposed on such works?alterimprove>Web
It's against the law to build a church or synagogue or Buddhist temple or Hindu shrine in public in Saudi Arabia.churchsynagogue>NYT_ENG_20020827.0266
It has been 16 years since a filly or mare was voted Horse of the Year in North America, and it has been 37 years since a female thoroughbred received the honor without having defeated males in at least one stakes-level race.fillymare<NYT_ENG_20021011.0013
It is known that Rosensteel found the mystery rifle behind a rock or boulder, a place not in plain sight, the kind of place from which a sharpshooter would snipe.rockboulder>NYT_ENG_20040927.0099
It's important to not conflate pride with arrogance or hubris.arrogancehubris>Web
James Clifford (1992, 1997) is the writer most associated with making the connection between culture and travel or movement.travelmovement<Web
Landlord and tenant remedies for abuse of access or entry.accessentry>Web
LaRouche denies he's a racist or anti-Semite.racistanti-Semite>NYT_ENG_20000612.0283
Leaders of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers said the action was not a strike or stoppage, but a slowdown.strikestoppage<NYT_ENG_19971209.0884
Learn how to become a professional artist or illustrator.artistillustrator>Web
Mackey says Nick is talented in math and computers and could thrive as a programmer or engineer.programmerengineer<NYT_ENG_20051226.0157
Many of the cancer genes discovered so far are natural tumor suppressors that are sabotaged by a change or mutation in their DNA.changemutation>NYT_ENG_20030326.0069
Many state arbitration statutes contemplate motions to correct or modify being made to the tribunal directly.correctmodify<Web
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