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7/31/2017 10:50:18TESTtest@gulfcouncil.orgTampaOtherAllTEST
8/4/2017 8:43:40Darin GrantDarin.Grant@gmail.comMobile AL 36608Private Recreational Angler, OtherAllI demand that any final actions be moved to the Biloxi meeting in October because the new council members will not be able to vote at the august meeting and they need to have their say, that is why they were appointed to the council so please let them weigh in!
8/4/2017 9:31:18Warren KampeFredkampe5656@gmail.comInterlachen, Fl. 32148Private Recreational AnglerAllWould like to see meeting held in Biloxi in October so new council can be involved .
8/4/2017 9:46:27Jonathan armstrong Armstronghunts@yahoo.comSpanish fort Al 36518Private Recreational AnglerAlabamaThe States should control the fishery out to 40 NM and use Federal funds and state colleges to implement a sound system to develop season and catch limits on all species of fish in the Gulf.
8/4/2017 10:35:58Michael McDuffMikemcduff@gmail.comPensacola, FL 32504Private Recreational AnglerAllI demand that any final actions be moved to the Biloxi meeting in October because the new council members will not be able to vote at the august meeting and they need to have their say, that is why they were appointed to the council so please let them weigh in
8/4/2017 10:50:23Jonathan armstrong Armstronghunts@yahoo.comSpanish fort Al 36518Private Recreational AnglerAlabamaThe States should control the fishery out to 40 NM and use Federal funds and state colleges to implement a sound system to develop season and catch limits on all species of fish in the Gulf.
8/4/2017 11:29:15mitch colemanmcoleman54@yahoo.commexico beach fl 32456Private Recreational Angler, Charter/Headboat For-HireAllplease delay vote to Fall to allow new members to have a say
8/4/2017 16:50:16Joseph Matthew Rainesheadfirstfishin@gmail.comSaint Petersburg, FloridaPrivate Recreational Angler, Charter/Headboat For-HireAllI demand that any final actions be moved to the Biloxi meeting in October because the new council members will not be able to vote at the august meeting and they need to have their say, that is why they were appointed to the council so please let them weigh in!
8/4/2017 17:15:35Joey HornJoeyhorn18@gmail.comDurant, Fl 33530Private Recreational AnglerAllI demand that any final actions be moved to the Biloxi meeting in October because the new council members will not be able to vote at the august meeting and they need to have their say, that is why they were appointed to the council so please let them weigh in!
8/7/2017 18:00:15Matt Manning
Valrico, FL 33596
Private Recreational Angler
AllI demand that any final actions be moved to the Biloxi meeting in October because the new council members will not be able to vote at the august meeting and they need to have their say, that is why they were appointed to the council so please let them weigh in!
8/7/2017 19:31:03Joseph John Dietrich Jr.
Spring Hill, Fl 34609
Private Recreational Angler
AllMy name is Joe Dietrich and I was raised in Florida fishing my whole life. As I became of age I joined the military and got to travel the world fishing the entire way. I have seen how many states and countries actually regulate certain species and keep the populace accountable. I recently wrote an Open Source Paper on the Red Snapper and how sector separation is having anglers at each other's throats. During this I came up with 4 things we could do to help boost the Red Snapper population and it may even be helpful for other species. 1. In Alaska they have cards for charter boats that have to be purchased and filled in for their catch. (we could use this for our recreational sector). This would give us better catch data, release data, and unintentional death due to hooks or hungry predators. 2. Slot limits for Red Snapper, based on the science behind their breeding, harvesting them in the 16-22" range would significantly increase the population, as the larger ones produce more spawn. 3. Reintegrate the quotas so there is a single poundage limit for all anglers. (Commercial guys won't like this as much, but there is plenty of other snapper to target). 4. Stop relying on scientists to give you accurate data when anglers can be charged with that as a mandatory requirement to fish. Not only does this give the gulf council and NMFS another source of revenue, it also provides FWC and each states equivalent a source of revenue as well with the fines that would impact anglers if they so choose to break the rules. Thank you for you time.

Joe Dietrich
Tight Lines.
10/2/2017 9:39:39Jim Clements
Carrabelle, FLCommercial FishermanAllDear council members,

My name is Jim Clements and I'm a commercial fisherman from Carrabelle, Florida. I couldn't be at this month's meeting so please accept this letter in lieu of my public testimony.

The only comment I'd like to make at this time is in regards to the state management plans being developed by the five Gulf states for red snapper. First off, I really wish the states luck on this. Their private angler fishermen deserve a chance to have a meaningful red snapper season that's based on science, not the stroke of a pen in Washington DC. Science - not politics - should run the show. As long as each state lives within its quota, they should be given the chance to develop a plan that meets the interests of their fishermen. So with that said, whether the council decides to delegate authority or require each gulf state to produce a conservation equivalency plan (CEP), we need strong assurances that the states will remain within their quota. A "reasonable expectation" as required by a CEP is not enough - managers have relied on a "reasonable expectation" that the recreational sector would stay within its historical quotas and how well has that worked? Overages in 22 of the last 26 years shows that the bar must be set higher than a "reasonable expectation." We need to see - with near certainty - that whatever they come up with has true in-season accountability built in.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide these comments.
Jim Clements
10/2/2017 9:43:59Chad Courville
NGOAllDear Ms. Bosarge:
In anticipation of this week’s Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council (GMFMC) meeting in Biloxi, Mississippi, Ocean Conservancy1 would like to provide comments on the following two issues: Reef Fish: Consider National Allocation Policy while working on State Management of Recreational Red Snapper
Ocean Conservancy supports the individual states’ will to manage recreational red snapper in their portions of the exclusive economic zone, and we urge the Council to give full consideration to the National Allocation Policy set out by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) earlier this year. The previous iteration of regional management was tabled before the National Allocation Policy came into place, so the allocation discussions that will come about in the new round of state management proposals will benefit from NMFS’ guidance on the issue. Reef Fish Committee: Consider National Allocation Policy while working on State Management of Recreational Red Snapper
Ocean Conservancy encourages the individual states to continue to develop management plans that will give them the authority to manage recreational red snapper in accordance with the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act in their portion of the exclusive economic zone.
State management, or any alternative method of regional management, provides a real and meaningful chance for private recreational fishermen from throughout the five Gulf states to fish under regulatory conditions that cater directly to their local needs. Fishermen from each state fish at different times of the year, with different techniques and different local knowledge, out of ports that range in character and culture from Naples to Venice to Brownsville. Allowing the states to develop individual conservation equivalent plans that are customized to the unique fishing traits of private fishermen in their waters could ultimate result in more days on the water for anglers, greater accountability from the private recreational component, and decreased likelihood that the recreational component will exceed its share of the overall red snapper quota season after season. Fewer quota overruns and greater stability in the fishery means rebuilding stays on track and catch limits can increase as the stock rebounds.
We urge the Council to consider alternatives that will apply state management of the recreational red snapper fishery exclusively to the private recreational red snapper component; it is the private recreational anglers, those who own their own boats to go fishing for red snapper, that stand to benefit the most from state management.
Sector Separation, which has prevailed against three legal challenges, has provided significant improvements in conservation and economic performance of the charter for-hire fishery via development of new management approaches. In each of the legal challenges, fishermen and conservation groups have highlighted the successes of Sector Separation in facilitating access while achieving conservation goals.345 After many years of developing solutions for their fishery, and after successfully defending their achievements in court, charter fishermen should be allowed to continue to develop strategies for their portion of the recreational fishery. Exempting them from a state management strategy will allow them to continue to remain accountable, as they have done since the inception of Sector Separation, while providing their important services to their recreational fishing clients from across the country.
Ocean Conservancy also encourages the Council to consider utilizing an overarching regional management amendment6 as opposed to five individual amendments. From a workload perspective, a single amendment will streamline the process for Council staff without losing any of the state specific regulatory requirements. A single amendment may also facilitate allocation decision-making by the Council.
10/2/2017 10:06:23Chad Courville]
2000 Quail Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70808
OtherLouisianaDear Ms. Bosarge:
The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission is charged with overseeing policy decisions governing the
Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF). During our August meeting, the Commission received a
presentation regarding the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council's amendment for Louisiana Management
for Recreational Red Snapper. We agree with the preferred alternatives chosen to date and overwhelmingly
support the amendment.
We have recommended to LDWF staff to continue to work toward completing this amendment. We urge members
of the Gulf Council to support LDWF's fishery managers, as well as managers from other Gulf states, to implement
options for state-based management of the recreational red snapper fishery. We ask that Gulf Council members
seek fair and equitable solutions for distributing red snapper among the individual states and consider historical
landings along with fishery biomass.
Louisiana has the infrastructure in place utilizing La Creel for weekly monitoring of recreational landings. Our
Commission has the capacity to dose the season when appropriate and has granted the Secretary similar authority
in the past. We have shown we have the capacity to manage red snapper accurately and responsibly. We hope
that this process will move forward in a timely manner and would like to see this document approved and
forwarded to the Secretary of Commerce for implementation prior to June 1, 2018, in order to open red snapper
fishing in Louisiana's state waters and federal waters on that date.
We are eager for a flexible management framework that maximizes our recreational anglers' opportunities to fish
red snapper and sustains the economic infrastructure associated with recreational fishing while preserving the
current operation and viability of the commercial sector.
The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission remains committed to engaging productively in the Gulf Council
process and looks forward to continued interaction.
Chad Courville
Chairman, Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission
2000 Quail Drive
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808
10/3/2017 22:00:41Jason Mikeljason.mikel@yahoo.comDestin, Fl 32541
Charter/Headboat For-Hire
AllI own and operate the charter boat Finest Kind in Destin, Fl. I am speaking for myself along with the 1434 recreational fisherman that accessed the gulf fishery aboard my vessel this year. Most american anglers are not privileged to live along the coast and therefore access the gulf fishery aboard charter vessels once per year. WE WANT NO WEEKEND FISHERIES PERIOD! We also want to keep the American anglers access to the gulf fisheries by keeping Amendment 40. We would like to see Amendment 41 & 42 move forward, as well.

Please remember, if you go to regional management then only the privileged anglers who own their own vessels and fish multiple weekends per year will have access to these fisheries. This is not what America is about, everyone deserves equal access to a public resource and by eliminating CFH sector you are eliminating the majority of American anglers.

May the lord guide you in making the right decisions.

Thank You,

Jason Mikel
Finest Kind charters
10/4/2017 11:17:03Cliff Cox
Destin, FL
Charter/Headboat For-Hire
AllGulf Council Members,

I am Capt. Cliff Cox, owner/operator of the Sweet Jody, a headboat operating out of Destin, Fl.
I was unable to get to Biloxi to make the public comment today so I am emailing instead. I do not support state management of any kind in federal waters. I prefer to stay under Magnuson and NMFS. I also do not want to remove amendment 30b. I encourage this council to please move forward to a referendum vote Amendments 41 and 42. I sit on the headboat AP for
42 and I along with others of us in the industry have been working toward the goal of a better management system since 2010. We need your support to finish the job and move forward. Our livelihoods depend on it. Also there is a push toward weekend management of amberjacks, I strongly disagree with any weekend management of any species. We don't execute our businesses that way. Who can make a living fishing or any other job on weekends only? There has to be a better way. That is the whole point of Am 41 and 42. Quota style management would resolve those issues for the charter and headboats.

Capt Cliff Cox
Sent from my iPhone
10/4/2017 16:43:30Capt. Curt GwinGofishdestin@gmail.conDestin,FL, 32541
Charter/Headboat For-Hire, Commercial Fisherman
AllI DO NOT support amendment 39- I DO NOT believe regional state management will be the best thing for the federal fishery - obviously the state of Florida doesn’t care or is oblivious to the effects the longer state snapper season has had on the inshore fishery along the Florida gulf coast- having private rec’s and state guide boats confined to fishing inside 9 miles for such a long period has taken a toll on the inshore snapper stock- this is not acceptable management and I don’t want to see this happen to our federal fishery.
1/23/2018 10:13:04Joseph Nashcaptjoenash@gmail.comOrange Beach, AL
Private Recreational Angler, Charter/Headboat For-Hire
AllWhy are we letting even the possibility of State Management. The past has showed a total disregard for federal laws and seasons in all the gulf states.. This would show that the interest in the states is not in the fishery but pleasing its people without regards to the long term effects on the fish. Yes I understand snapper are relatively easy to catch but there is a reason for this, all the pain and suffering we went thru trying to bring a fishery to a level we can all enjoy and yes profit from( not just charter boats but all boat manufacturers, tackle, hotels, gas,the list is endless) The ones wanting instant gratification either weren't around during the lean times or just don't remember just how hard it was for a private boat owner to catch a red snapper. Charter boats caught the majority of them during those times. Yes I am a charter for hire(30 plus years) and rec angler at times. I would like to see the for hire sector with a quota that will not be taken away so we can manage our catch as we see fit. Thank you for your time
1/23/2018 12:21:52Capt. Chad Haggert
Clearwater, FL 33767
Private Recreational Angler, Charter/Headboat For-Hire
AllIf the council is seriously entertaining the though of a "State Management" EFP, I would ask to refrain from including the CFH fleet. We have worked under and have protections under current federal law. My state has not shown me that it is concerned with the well being of the CFH fleet. I can support this type of management alternative for the Private Sector, if that is what they would like to pursue, but please keep CFH as a federally managed user group.
1/25/2018 9:35:33Tommy Elkinstelkinsbsl@gmail.comMS
Private Recreational Angler
MississippiI want to address the Council as both a recreational angler, business owner and President of CCA MS.

I strongly support State Management of Red Snapper!

1. Mississippi's "Tails n Scales" program has proven successful in gathering data needed to manage this resource.
2. Mississippi has a long history of management of other species with success.
3. Mississippi is committed to responsible management.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.


Tommy Elkins
1/30/2018 18:31:25Michael B. Regan, Sr.
Destin Fl. 32541
Charter/Headboat For-Hire
AllIf recreational fisherman overfish their quota three years in a row. How is that being responsible . The Charter for Hire section is using, for the most part ,
electronic log books. This is accountability. The Charter for Hire has not overfished our Quota. Please do not Punish us by using option 2b. We prefer to keep AM40 and be separate from the recreational sector . I believe the states will yield to political pressure and not use scientific data to sustain, let alone rebuild the Red Snapper. Just look at Florida ,Extending the Federal season on weekends. When they knew the allocation would be overfished. I ask you to use reason in this matter. Let the people that dont have boats, But love to fish have access to our Red Snapper.
Sincerely Michael Regan Mgr.
Cutting Edge Charters
3/7/2018 14:37:30Warner
Panama City, Florida 32405
Private Recreational Angler
AllThe vast majority of Charter And Commercial entity will oppose any change to the regulation of Red Snapper or any other fish in the Gulf. Their interest or stickler self interest also called GREED. For example when the Commercial guys locate a place where fish have congregated, for spawning or a gathering place, they will do their best to clean the place out. Where as the recreational anglers are limited to two. It is rare it hear a Charter or Commercial person mention conservation. What they talk about is how to get more fish and being hindered by regulations. Commercial guys should not be allowed to fish for Red Snapper during their spawning season. Charter Captains should continue to be allowed to fish during the spawning season
Encourage you to allow States to manage all fishing out to 200 miles.
Thank You,
Warner Foster
4/20/2018 7:26:41Dylan Hubbard
Charter/Headboat For-Hire
AllHello, my name is Captain Dylan Hubbard and my family business has been fishing central west coast of Florida for nearly 90 years and four generations. We operate 6 federally permitted vessels both charter and head boats, and I am here today representing my family business and my family’s business history alone. It’s not easy loosing time away from work, my family, and my dog to follow this council around the gulf but my family’s long history fishing the Gulf is worth protecting to me and makes me more driven to get through these meetings and stand up here today. I have recently completed part of the MREP program this past fall and will be attending the science portion of the program this coming week. If you haven’t had a chance to join the program, I would strongly encourage you to do so and I hope it continues to grow and flourish.

State management
I feel the state management under any EFP or amendment should be private rec focused and leave the federal permitted for hire vessels out of any form of state management.
4/20/2018 7:42:50Greg Ballinfo@joinGPBA.orgGalveston, TXNGOAllThank you for the opportunity to introduce the Galveston Professional Boatmen’s Association to the Gulf Council; we look forward to working constructively towards solutions for fishermen while providing the often overlooked or underrepresented perspective from professional fishermen in Texas. This association is dedicated to growing Galveston fishing opportunities, ensuring conservation and sustainability of our fishery resources, and enhancing the cultural heritage of our fishing communities. Our broad-based, growing membership represents a range of fishery stakeholder groups and interests. We appreciate the opportunity to formally address the Gulf Council.

We applaud the decisions by the agency and Gulf States to move forward with approval of the Exempted Fishing Permits for private anglers only. This is a huge opportunity to explore state management for the private angling subcomponent. Moving forward, this seems to be a huge opportunity to serve as the foundation for long awaited private angler solutions. In an effort to streamline and clarify state management amendments, the best opportunity would be proceeding as private angler only amendments.
4/20/2018 7:54:48Scott Hickmanlistodos@gmail.comGalveston, TX
Charter/Headboat For-Hire
AllI Support and applaud the agency for the recreational EFPs and the states hard work in developing accountability systems.
4/20/2018 8:02:14Tom Ard
Orange Beach, AL
Charter/Headboat For-Hire
AllI am the owner of 4 federally permitted charter boats, 2 six passenger and 2 multi-passenger vessels. I was unable to make the meeting public comment in Mississippi today so I wanted to express some of my concerns.
State EFPs, I am in full support of the state EFPs. I believe and have always believed that the States should regulate the private recreational angler.
10/24/2018 10:52:55Greg Ballinfo@joinGPBA.orgGalveston, TX
Charter/Headboat For-Hire
AllDear Chairman Frazer,

The Galveston Professional Boatmen’s Association (GPBA) is dedicated to growing Galveston fishing opportunities, ensuring conservation and sustainability of our fishery resources, and enhancing the cultural heritage of our fishing communities. Our broad- based, growing membership represents a range of fishery stakeholder groups and interests. We appreciate the opportunity to formally address the Gulf Council and provide the often overlooked or underrepresented perspective from professional fishermen in Texas.

The Gulf Council seems to be making progress towards long-term solutions for private recreational anglers. GPBA applauds and strongly supports the Gulf Council preferred alternative in Amendment 50 to exclude the federally-permitted for-hire sector. This decision represents a true willingness to work towards solutions for private anglers,
while also respecting the continued stakeholder input from the for-hire sector. Continued efforts to include the for-hire sector will further complicate and delay the progress
offered by this amendment. The council should maintain Action1-alternative 2 and send
Amendment 50 out to public hearings.
10/24/2018 14:59:58Dylan Hubbard
Madeira Beach, FL
Charter/Headboat For-Hire
AllHello, my name is Captain Dylan Hubbard and my family business has been fishing central west Florida for over 90 years and four generations. We operate 6 federally permitted vessels both charter and head boats, and I am here today representing my family business alone. I am also a graduate of the marine resource education program and I now hold a spot on the reef fish AP.

State management Amendment
Please continue to leave federal for hire out of this amendment
11/17/2018 0:09:11David Shormanndrshormann@gmail.comHaleiwa, Hawaii 96712
Private Recreational Angler
AllYES to state control of red snapper! I no longer live on the Gulf Coast, but I have a master's in marine chemistry from UT-Port Aransas, and a PhD in wildlife and fisheries from TAMU. I've been following this for a very long time, and I believe a state-run red snapper management strategy is the way to go.
11/28/2018 12:46:33Virginia Lange Rookvmlange@comcast.netSarasota Florida 34233
Private Recreational Angler
AllControl of the Red Snapper resource should be in the hands of the Gulf
States , NOT some Washington beurocracy. Thank you
11/29/2018 9:51:50Howard Kempton Howardr85@aol.com33712
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaThe management of red snapper fishing has been very unacceptable to recreational anglers. There are more red snapper in Gulf waters than are being told about by fishery managers. There is no reason for such restrictive regulations on recreational fishermen & spearfishermen. The gulf population off the west coast exists mostly in federally controlled waters. The management policies for west gulf coast populations needs to be given to the state of Florida.
11/30/2018 15:35:51james mark dunning
dothan al 36305
Private Recreational Angler
Floridathe red snapper season should be longer with boat limits and not person limits. there should be a provision for a boat limit after season for accidental kills so that fisherman aren't just letting dead fish float off.
11/30/2018 15:41:36Charlie Gray
Dauphin Island Alabama 36528
Private Recreational Angler, Charter/Headboat For-Hire, Commercial Fisherman
AllThe Federal Government has NO BUSINESS in regulating State fisheries in States with waters bordering the Gulf of Mexico; their governance of our State resources is fundamentally wrong and flawed and should end IMMEDIATELY; the Feds do not manage our deer herds and they should not manage (mismanage) our fisheries; Red snapper are NOT pelagic or migratory and are resident fish and should be treated as such
11/30/2018 15:48:15Harry Walker GarberHgarber@garbercc.comHuntsville
Private Recreational Angler
AllI am very much in support of state management of Red Snapper and all reef fish. The individual states have the most to gain (or lose) for proper management of reef fish. It only make sense to give the states control of the seasons and control of the quota so each state can manage for their particular ecosystem. Alabama waters are not the same as Mississippi, Florida or Louisiana waters and should not be managed as if they are. Please let the state fisheries departments do what they do best, manage fish.
Thank You
11/30/2018 15:53:25Kenneth Kallestadperdidokk@gmail.comPensacola
Private Recreational Angler
AllState Management Only..
11/30/2018 16:13:52JD Jamesjd@naturebridges.comMonticello FL. 32344
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaI support gulf states regulating their own red snapper seasons. The recreational fishing in the summer months is not the problem. The average recreational fishermen may get 2-3 opportunities to fish a summer. Where commercial fishing is an all year activity. Let the common guy get the chance to teach his kids to fish and enjoy some good memories with friends in his local area
11/30/2018 16:21:28David Gooderum
Santa Rosa Beach, FL, 32459
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaPlease do whatever is needed to expand red snapper seasons for private anglers in the Florida Gulf waters.
11/30/2018 16:41:54Alexander key daugherty
Mary Esther florida 32569
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaThey season is ridiculously regulated,way to short
How many snappers or any species can one man take in a season or year it’s not like people go every day or weekend to fish
Then catching them isn’t a given as well, that’s why it’s called fishing and not catching
11/30/2018 17:31:27Billy
Panama City Beach Florida 32408
Private Recreational Angler, Charter/Headboat For-Hire, Commercial Fisherman
AllI totally support amendment 50 for the private angler fishing in the gulf of Mexico. Just leave the federally permitted charter/head boats out of this much needed program.
Thank you!
Capt Billy Archer
11/30/2018 17:34:07Braxton Wilson
Tallahassee, FL 32309
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaI appreciate the council agreeing to allow states to manage the red snapper fishery. I believe that the amendment should be approved and the State Management continue permanently.
11/30/2018 19:54:45William Kingwildking@bellsouth.netEufaula, Al 36027
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaPlease make the State Management of Recreational Red Snapper Draft Amendment 50
11/30/2018 20:12:36john schaeffjohngwen@cox.netPENSACOLA
Private Recreational Angler
AllI believe the affected states can better manage and respond to fisheries science than any elected Federal Bureaucrat.
11/30/2018 21:26:47Howard Skinnerihlee2@hughes.netLillian Alabama 36549
Private Recreational Angler
AllIt is long overdue for the states to control their own seasons. It was such a pleasure to be able to go fishing for bottom fish and have a red snapper included in my catch.I even bought a new rod and and reel for the occasion.
11/30/2018 22:31:20Sam V
Huntsville, Alabama, 35803
Private Recreational Angler
Alabamain support of state management
11/30/2018 23:52:05Gary K Wormanwormang@bellsouth.netPace,Fl 32571
Private Recreational Angler
AllLet each state continue to set its red snapper quoata and other quotas
12/1/2018 9:15:16Phil HayesCphayesiv@gmail.comPike Road al 36064
Private Recreational Angler
AlabamaI support state management of Red Snapper. Keep states managing their fishing seasons.
12/1/2018 9:53:13Davis W Ryalsdavis.ryals.jr@gmail.comHuntsville, AL 35802
Private Recreational Angler
AlabamaI'm 100% in favor of state management.
12/1/2018 10:52:26James Rolandjr_roland@hotmail.comHavana, FL, 32333
Private Recreational Angler
AllSeason should be extended
12/1/2018 12:55:20Gary M Salowmikesalow@gmail.comPanama City, Fl 32444
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaBased on fishing the local offshore waters for the last 20 years, I have never seen such a screwed up ecosystem. If someone does not believe that the lionfish overtaking our reefs is not a result of the ridiculous attempt to control certain species, they have lost their minds. I cannot get a hook down to the grouper because there are so many snapper. Sometimes I cant get a hook past the triggerfish to get to snapper. 1 Trigger per person really? I don't know who are more ignorant the people coming up with the limits or the people doing the "research". Twenty years ago we could take 4 snapper, 5 grouper, 10 triggerfish, and never had a problem catching what we wanted. It was never a problem until the limits and the seasons got smaller and smaller. Let mother nature take care of the balance of our Gulf ecosystem.
12/1/2018 14:14:51Wright Branson
Fort Walton beach FL
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaI say tags so people like me that own businesses that are busy during the summer months can fish in our off season. Working 6-7 days a week during the summer and trying to squeeze in a trip because it’s the only time we are allowed takes the enjoyment out of it
12/1/2018 21:25:22Sid Dobrin
newberry, FL 32669
Private Recreational Angler
AllI fully support localized and state-based management of red snapper fisheries. The inconsistent and ill-informed management practices of the Council need to be replaced with local management. Since 2015, I have examined the management histories in great detail and have come to see how localized, state-based management will support recreational, and commercial harvesters in more feasible ways that are economically sound as well as conservation-minded. This includes the need to eliminate Individual Fishing Quota systems (catch shares) and to improve data gathering regarding red snapper populations. I urge the council to support the recommendations initially proposed regarding the Gulf States Red Snapper Management Authority.
12/2/2018 12:09:33Patrick Doyle
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaI would like to see state management become permanent. As a recreational fisherman past regulations appeared favor those with the most money to guide longer seasons for profit individuals. We all should have equitable opportunity to this natural resource. I am anti lobbyist and would like to see more data driven decisions. Decisions to increase the fish population such as donations from recreational,charter and commercial fisherman for 'blind' artificial reefs designed to help Juvenal fish in their most vulnerable stages. Analyze spawning for possible season manipulation that is equitable for all, Friday Saturday Sunday during peak periods. The very short season also put smaller boats in danger going out when they would typically stay in port to wait for better weather. The key for me is being fair to all individuals for season dates along with keeping a healthy fishery for all to use, not base on who has the most money Wins!
12/2/2018 13:05:15Samuel Brownanolis18@hotmail.comCrestview
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaAs an angler and citizen I wish for the states to have the ability to regulate the management of Red Snapper for recreational fishing in a way in which recreational anglers can enjoy fishing for Red Snapper year round with a sustainable fishery for generations to come. The last decade of closed seasons seems to be biased and too restrictive to recreational fishermen who have little to no ability to target and harvest Red Snapper. As such I feel that the states should be given the ability and responsibility to regulate their own fisheries on a state and county based level rather than on a federal level.

State regulation would allow over-fished populations to be identified and closed to fishing while healthy populations could be opened for fishing rather than having the entire Gulf of Mexico closed for Red Snapper.
12/3/2018 2:35:16Denny Crumpler dcrumpler@msn.comValley
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaStates have proven they do a better job of managing red snapper issues for their state waters than the federal government can do. Amendment 50 should be passed.
12/3/2018 12:54:45Robin
Miramar Beach, FL. 32550
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaPlease continue to allow the Gulf States to manage the red snapper fishing to reduce or eliminate the controversy.
12/4/2018 8:33:45Ronald Musacchia
Private Recreational Angler
LouisianaThe state of Louisiana is doing a fantastic job on collecting data for managing the Red Snapper catch for recreational fishermen.
12/4/2018 8:39:01Henry Mouton
Lafayette, LA. 70504
Private Recreational Angler
AllThe Gulf Coast States should be managing Red Snapper, they can DO a MUCH BETTER job than the Gulf Council could ever do. The Gulf Council Managment plan of Red Snapper has so many holes in it, they don't know how to count the fish caught, the Council has NO clue how many Red Snapper are around oil and gas rigs and artificial reefs. Just a few years ago and maybe still today the Gulf Council did NOT count those Red Snapper around Artifical Reefs, the Red Snapper HAVE rebounded due to Fish Excluder Devices on Shrimp Boats and MANY MANY FEWER Shrimp Boats in the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Council does NOT see that.
12/4/2018 8:55:04Robert H Bradley
Orange Beach,AL 36561
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaI support state management of red snapper
12/4/2018 8:57:18BRIAN
Private Recreational Angler
12/4/2018 8:58:13F J EickeCaptEicke@AOL.comOcean Springs MS 39564
Private Recreational Angler, NGO
MississippiI support adoption of Amendment 50 to allow state management with ongoing evaluation. The EFP used by Mississippi Department of Marine Resources using Tails n' Scales worked exceptionally well in 2018 and I expect the same for 2019. As a result, the recreational fishing community is happy with the outcome and the catch was managed locally where it should be. Adopt Amendment 50 and let's get on with management of red snapper in the hands of our local agency.
12/4/2018 8:58:23Evan A. Hipsley,
Pensacola, FL, 32507-7212
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaThanks to those that held the meeting last night in Pensacola. I am not opposed to a "slot" limit; it's something very familiar to me when I lived in the Mid Atlantic area - vis-à-vis Striped Bass. Secondly, have we considered reporting landings for this species mandatory; perhaps via an App? Last, I fully support aligning state and federal seasons.
12/4/2018 9:00:07Jessie Moore
Private Recreational Angler
LouisianaI support State Management of Red Snapper Season!!!!
12/4/2018 9:10:08Michael Arceneaux
MILTON, FL 32583
Private Recreational Angler
AllWhat can we do about the Snapper that we catch in depths more than 100 feet when they are out of season? During fishing trips at the Edge we sometimes catch snapper and release them but notice a lot of them end up dying and floating on top of the water.
12/4/2018 9:19:38Loren BellLoren.Bell@bxs.comStarkville
Private Recreational Angler
AlabamaPlease look into this for the sportsman of the south.
12/4/2018 9:21:35Stephen Patrick SuggsSsoffcall@gmail.comMontgomery, AL 36116
Private Recreational Angler
AlabamaI would strongly recommend allowing state management of our offshore fisheries including red snapper and triggerfish
12/4/2018 9:55:29Karen Kuhlman
Private Recreational Angler
LouisianaOh pls. isn't obvious
12/4/2018 10:28:32CHARLES CLARKCcclark@bellsouth.netBirmingham
Private Recreational Angler
AllI keep my fishing boat at a marina on Perdido Key in Florida; however I access the Gulf via Perdido Pass (which is in AL) to red snapper fish in federal waters. When red snapper season is open in AL but not FL, I cannot land my boat in FL with my red snapper catch. When AL season is closed but FL season is open, I cannot go through AL waters (Perdido Pass) with red snapper on board en route to my marina in FL. The states need to coordinate these issues so that these problems can be resolved. Perhaps the state laws that apply should be the boat's landing place and other states should allow transportation of the catch through their waters.
12/4/2018 10:44:43Bob CastoroMarinabob@me.comBay saint louis ms 39520
Private Recreational Angler
MississippiState management is more nimble than the Fed keep states control over our fish
12/4/2018 11:23:13Howard Banks Pope
Private Recreational Angler
AllOur Southeastern Fisheries should depend on accurate State wide control, strictly run by ALL the Southeast states involved, rather than NOAA , which tends to over estimate catches tremendously !
12/4/2018 11:39:46Thomas J Dammrichtdammrich@nmma.orgSKOKIE, IL 60077
Private Recreational Angler, NGO
AllPlease support State Management of Recreational Red Snapper Draft Amendment 50
12/4/2018 12:26:39Stanley Chapman getargpower@gmail.comFoley, Alabama. 36535
Private Recreational Angler
AlabamaJust moved here. Not use to these regulations and the way you restrict recreational fishing. Only fishing Friday to Sunday putting that many more boats on water during those days , the length of season seems too short for recreational fishing. Especially the distance have to travel to get them.
I really don’t know how charter for hire are able to survive with these restrictions as well. I understand that there has to be some control. Hopefully you will review and come up with more flexible limits and lengthy season legislation.
Have a great day!
12/4/2018 16:49:08Charles L
301 edgewater dr Dothan Ala 36301
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaYes I Am in favor of the AMENDMENT
12/4/2018 18:08:33Ward S Taylorsuperlotcars@gmail.comAndalusia Al 36420
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaI have fished in the Florida waters off Destin/FT Walton Beach for 66 years. We have private reefs which we guard and tend like the farmers of the sea that we are. Never take more than is needed , guard our numbers and only keep a few larger snappers. Since 2008 the fish are larger and more numerous . In fact I have spots where you can not catch anything but a snapper even though there are jacks, triggers and groupers on those spot. Here's the deal: if you fish off the public numbers and the charters do, there are no snappers, but the secret numbers are loaded. We have bad science running this allocation system. Let the States make the choice and determine for their recreational fishermen what the season can be. Let them adjust it for storms and special events like the Destin Fishing Rodeo which was shamefully missing any snappers this year. Let the States compete with each other to attract the fishermen. Alabama had a better season than Fl this year and we went. Most everything can be done better and more efficiently by government that is closer to the resource, so let the States do this on a permanent basis. Reef building is the key to having great fishing or no fishing at all. If you are willing to invest in private reefs, you will have lots of fish.
12/4/2018 21:25:45Dave Melvindjm3031@gmail.comVestavia, AL 35216
Private Recreational Angler
AlabamaWhat I've been reading all along is that the States manage better. Keep State control !
12/4/2018 22:18:01Robin Jacobsrkjatbeach@cox.netMiramar Beach, FL.32550
Private Recreational Angler
Florida1-There needs to be a provision for all recreational license holders to know about I angler.
2- I angler needs to be simpler to make entrees.
3- The Federal for hire permit holders should not get a 10 day head start over the recreational anglers.
Thank You.
12/5/2018 20:07:19ken kirchler
AUBURN, Al. 36830
Private Recreational Angler
Alabamathis year was by far the least stressful in years since there was no urgency due to the extended fishing period. It has been dangerous the previous years due to the derby style of fishing (and having to go on days when the seas might be a bit angry).
State regulation is by far the best measure. I always use the SnapperChek and encourage others to do the same. I do think the quotas are a bit skewed as there are acres of snapper on some of the wrecks. Its unbelievable how many there are now
I'm still upset that the commercial guys get such a large percentage of the snapper.
12/6/2018 17:05:43Eddie Kelly
Private Recreational Angler
12/7/2018 15:44:03Trent Hattaway
Private Recreational Angler
LouisianaI support State Management of Red Snapper with managed boundaries for federal waters preventing states from over fishing with varying limits. I would like to see the state have the control of Private, for hire, and commercial as well.
12/7/2018 21:52:14Joe PUENTEfishhunter100@aol.comKenner
Private Recreational Angler
LouisianaI think the individual gulf states can do a better job of managing the red snapper fisheries the the federal government.
Please allow them to do so.
12/9/2018 21:56:21Stanley Chapman getargpower@gmail.comFoley , Alabama. 36535
Private Recreational Angler
AlabamaNew to area & season lengths & limits . Would like to see season a little longer. Limits could be larger to give the recreational fishing move flexibility.
Hope these thoughts are truly heard. Have a great day!
12/10/2018 11:03:22Dustin Reiddmreid2010@gmail.com70769
Private Recreational Angler
LouisianaI fully support Amendment 50 the way it is currently written. I do not believe it should be changed to include for-hire charters. This amendment should only pertain to recreational anglers. We deserve all the help and support we can get. Commercial and for-hire charters have too much control as it is.
12/10/2018 11:06:08William Austin Langley
Thibodaux, la, 70301
Private Recreational Angler
LouisianaI am a recreational fisherman in Louisiana and I support amendment 50
12/26/2018 9:26:32Capt George P Ballardcaptgeo5555@aol.comPensacola, FL 32503
Private Recreational Angler, Charter/Headboat For-Hire
FloridaPlease continue to let states manage their local resources, especially Red Snapper
1/2/2019 8:32:18Barry Rosebarry@abc-controls.comPinellas Park
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaYes please for better management
1/2/2019 8:27:34Sajid Yussufsajidyss@gmail.comtampa
Private Recreational Angler
Florida100% for support for Draft Amendment 50. so our future generations can enjoy fishing as well
1/2/2019 8:56:20John Russell Cobb111jrejc1974@yahoo.com34209
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaI live in manatee county and fish offshore and in recent years have experienced red snapper fishing to be outstanding.Also try to catch other fish while in that depth but there are so many snapper you have no chance to catch grouper or any other species.So instead of a shortage of RED SNAPPER there is a surplus.Has been this way for years.
1/2/2019 9:20:59Stephen Bouwer
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaIndividual state management of red snapper stocks is absolutely the best approach for management for the Gulf in general. I strongly support stock management by the individual states.
1/2/2019 9:54:19Karen Murray-Parkerdolphinwahini@aol.comSarasota, FL 34243
Private Recreational Angler, Charter/Headboat For-Hire
FloridaI feel that conflict of interests may occur if leaving choices to individual states or regions. An area that is heavily dependent on commercial and/or recreational fishing for income is more likely to take a short sighted view when it comes to restrictions that will allow any over fished species to rebound. I have been a longline Captain, a charter boat captain and of course recreational fisherwoman. I have seen abuse of stocks over and over again, whether it is snapper, grouper, mullet etc. it always seems to be about the money. Not the future. I have been on commercial boats and seen the huge waste of marine life as by catch, much less the fish until the holds are full mentality, even though the catch and size of fish being caught continue to shrink because sites are being fished out. For a lot of fishermen the solution is to just go further off shore until that next fishing spot is picked clean. Unless an entity strong enough to resist the pull of the almighty dollar is in place to enforce conservation for the long sighted future, it isn’t going to happen. Locally elected or appointed officials are going to pander to whichever group in their area has the most connections or influence. Eliminate these gray areas. Keep catch restrictions in place with one large strong official group. More headache for that one group but better conservation for all fish stocks
1/2/2019 10:08:29private fisherman
Niceville, fl 32578
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaCant keep them off the hook. What is the next species to replace them when the bubble finally bursts?
1/2/2019 10:47:03dana olayer
Private Recreational Angler
Allwe need to continue to keep the management to state instead of federal.
1/2/2019 11:35:25Rod L Rogersrodrogers69@gmail.comMarco Island
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaLet the state control our snapper season. No more Federal intevention.
1/2/2019 12:08:12Abraham Bobobbobo15@gmail.comTampa
Private Recreational Angler
Louisianaplease don't keep it a federal decision
1/2/2019 13:09:35Steve klottsklott58@gmail.comLargo florida 33774
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaI'm really encouraged by the great job the state of Florida does with fish management and hope they will be able to continue to do so!
1/2/2019 13:41:49john cadwell
panama city fl 32408
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaWhy wouldn't you spread the season out on weekends like a couple of years ago. Many people can't fish during the week so this severely limits the number of times most people can go fishing. Also if you are wanting people to come to Florida from nearby states to fish, the weekends would certainly bring in more tourist dollars to the state. I think a 3 week season, then some weekends spread out would generate more interest, revenue for the entire gulf region, and give everyone more chances to enjoy fishing.
1/2/2019 14:12:06Randy Powell
Sarasota Florida 34231
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaAn annual season of 2 Red Snapper per vessel would be my recommendation. That way each boat can get a nice fish dinner year round but nothing more than that. No fish need to be frozen and wasted. It would also be safer for the anglers. It would allow people to pick the best weather days of the year; instead of risking it in 5 foot seas to catch a snapper because season is about to be over.
1/2/2019 14:51:32Michael Dennis Morrisoncrashpadd@hotmail.comFort Myers
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaAllow State management of Red Snapper fishing. Federal management is a disaster.
1/2/2019 19:23:47william henrybfmaddog@hotmail.compinellas park
Private Recreational Angler
Floridabag and size limits lets get real so many fish u cant get ur bait down to anything under them max size to preserve the spawning fish
1/3/2019 13:12:12Jimmy l Ratliffratsbmw@yahoo.comLeesburg Georgia 31763
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaYes the state should manage their water. Also they should open red snapper early April and for many months. There are so many snapper you can't get down to catch many other spicies, and for the last four years we have killed more snapper trying to catch grouper and seabass than we could have kept and gone in. It just doesn't make sense . thanks Jimmy
1/3/2019 18:41:04Ty Thomasty.thomas.fl@gmail.comClearwater
Private Recreational Angler
FloridaSelect weekends spread out though so that the season can be extended would avoid "derby" trips that many anglers make in rough weather. It would also be much more acceptable than a single block of allowable fishing dates.