PortConMaine 2014 Event Descriptions
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$1.99 Kids Crafting WorkshopThis event is for kids of all ages to come and play with fabric, beads, flowers, whatever we have on hand for them to get creative with!

Make a cape and be a super hero!
Make a tutu and be a princess!

All that matters is you have fun. ^__^

A $1.99 donation is requested at the time of event for replenishment of supplies for next year.
30 Minutes to VaudevilleVaudeville. The word brings to mind romantic images of steamer trunk toting performers travelling from city to city and stage to stage by train, hoping that the next show might be the one to make them a star. Would you have had what it takes to make it vaudeville? Is there a Mae West, Groucho Marx, Fanny Brice or Buster Keaton living deep inside of you waiting to come out?

In a special PortCon workshop, 30 Minutes to Vaudeville, Dark Follies will help you tap into your inner vaudevillian. After a brief introduction on the history of vaudeville, you will be partnered with a Dark Follies performer and together you will create a short, but sure to be entertaining, act with you in the leading role. At the end of the workshop a 15 minute short variety show will be presented for all to see.

Just bring yourself, your sense of humor and a willingness to give it your all…you never know, this could be the one that makes you a star!!

Abridging 101Abridging has become quite a phenomenon for the past several years. Since 2006, parodies from Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, Sailor Moon and even DragonBall Z have taken the internet by storm; bringing laughter to millions of people world wide. At the end of the day, Abridging is about poking fun at show while paying homage to what made it great in the first place. Join Corinne Sudberg aka Megami33 to hear her history and experience in the abridging world and how you can join it. There may even be some previews only shown at this panel so check it out!
All About Magical GirlsA brief history on the magical girl genre and what influenced it; Covering everything from girls that ride brooms to jet engines and beyond.
AMV ContestPortConMaine's 2014 AMV Contest. Enter into one of 5 categories from Drama, Romance, Action, Upbeat/Other, and Comedy. Details on how to enter will be posted soon both here and on the AMV Forum Page on the PortConMaine Forums. If you do not wish to enter, then come in and enjoy the blood, sweat, and tears of your local editors. Winners will be determined Sunday morning of the convention and prizes will be provided to the Top 3 overall AMVs which will be available to pick up at the Information Desk.

(Note to Julie: I don't think this will be an issue. If it is, let me know so I can set up other means of getting some prize support to the participants)
Anime UnscriptedAnime Unscripted is the hit improv comedy event seen at Anime Boston, ConnectiCon, Animaritime, AnimeIowa, and elsewhere. Watch as quick-witted contestants take on the challenging games provided by your host, PatrickD of TWiT.tv. Of course, there's audience participation too, so everyone gets to be a part of the show!
Annual Portcon Boffer TournamentThink you have what it takes to be the Boffer Champion of Portcon? Test your skills against the best fighters Portcon has to offer. Open to all skill levels. Spectators welcome!
Apples2Apples: You Can't Handle the Fruit!The popular party game returns to PortConMaine once again! Come one, come all, because if you're in the room you are automatically playing! You'll make new friends, learn the difference between an adjective and a noun, and you will have fun. It's like a guarantee.
Ask a Homestuck: Part threeAn ask a character panel with the cast of Andrew Hussie's Homestuck.
Attack on Ask PanelGet ready to shout "Sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Jäger!" as you join in on the fun with the cast of Attack On Titan in this ask panel. The Scouting Legion and a few others will be here to protect and humor you by answering any question you have. We look forward to eating, er, meeting you!
Auction (18+)The charity auction with a lot of heart- and weird. Adult only due to language and content, this is the place to spend money for a good cause! Who knows what you'll end up with!
Basic Improv for the Table Top GamerHave you ever ripped off an idea from your favorite book or film but struggled to make it exciting at the game table? Have you ever been overwhelmed by the unexpected actions of other players? Have you ever felt like role playing is impossible unless you have a degree in theater?

The cast of Dorks in Dungeons is here to help! Role play games may draw a lot of inspiration from film and literature, but they have a lot more in common with improvisation than you may have realized! Learning the basics of improvised theater is easy and the Dorks will discuss and demonstrate the useful tidbits every table top gamer should know.
Beat Hazard TournamentCompete for high score in this fast paced high octane space shooter. Take home the title of best space pilot.
Boff GamesA change from the 1v1 fights. Join us for team battles in various styles like Necromancer and Kill the Monarch.
Boffer by MoonlightEven before the eve of great battle there is no rest for the noblest of warriors. Test your steel against worthy competitors by the light of the waning moon and see if you are up to the challenges that lie ahead.
BootlegsSupport the actual creators of the shows and comics you love! This panel will teach you how to spot bootleg merchandise both in dealer's rooms and online.
Brawl: For Glory!! 2014It is once again time to compete in the biggest tourneys of the year! Don’t miss out on all of the excitement and amazing plays in Super Smash Brother Brawl.
Bullyproofing for the CosplayerSensei Nicky will show you some simple ways to reduce the impact of bullying. With a different way of thinking, we can turn ourselves from bullying victims into survivors, empowered by our individualism. Learn how a few simple changes can improve things.
Call to Arms!Heroes of Azeroth! Are you a new recruit, or are you a seasoned Veteran? Do you fight for the Horde? The Alliance? Have you acquainted yourself with being a Double Agent? Oooooor has it been awhile since you've run around the world of Azeroth, or have been thinking about joining, and would like to be brought up to speed with recent events? Regardless of your standing, come join us for tips, tricks, stories, lore delving, and answer the age-old question: Where's Mankirk's wife?
Cards Against Humanity (18+)Returning this year, the game that filled the room, made someone laugh so hard she sobbed, and broke a little bit of Jekka's mind, possibly forever. Come early, prepare to be horrified, appalled, and ceaselessly entertained. This is 18+ and it ought to be. Come and see why.
Chat with Christine Marie Cabanos!Come and meet voice actress, Christine Marie Cabanos, for a candid Q & A about anime, video games, voice over and whatever else you’d like! Everything goes! Well, almost everything.
Controller Throwers (18+)From worth-it gems like Ninja Gaiden and Persona to not-so-worth-it flops like Fester's Quest and E.T. for the Atari 2600, we'll examine some of the more frustratingly difficult video games in the history of the medium. Newer gamers who didn't grow up with the Atari and NES/SNES may wish to attend to learn about difficult but outstanding older games. Oldschool gaming fans will want to attend in order to relate to the pain, so the healing can begin. Crude language and controller throwing go hand-in-hand so adults only, please.
Convention Closing and FeedbackConvention news and official closing followed by feedback from the community on the event as well as suggestions for next year.
Cortney Vamvakias PhotographyProfessional quality cosplay and group photography for people that want a memorable keepsake for the costuming they've created for Portcon 2014, and the friendships that have formed during the Con. Cortney Vamvakias will be available with a backdrop and professional lighting in short studio-style sessions.
Cosplay 201: Arming yourself for ArmorSo you've got the basics of sewing down. And can make basic costumes and can follow a pattern! Great! But what's all this armor stuff? I wanna make that!?
We'll give a brief over view on supplies and what it takes to build armor. What to build it out of and the supplies needed for creating it.
Cosplay ClueSix brave volunteers will be drafted to navigate a twisted murder, most foul, as they use their deductive reasoning to identify the murderer. Played on a large walk-around-style game board, participants will physically move around as they inspect rooms, objects, and other players for the viewing pleasure of a live audience. Game play follows standard clue rules and will be explained before the game begins.
Cosplay ContestCome show us your stuff! Portcon's cosplay contest is back again and we want to see your amazing work. Sign up for walk on or skits.
Cosplay Court CaseYou! Yes, you! The con-goer reading this right now! We need you! The fate of your favorite characters lie in your hands! Join us, as our "professional" lawyers try to prove their clients innocence! The audience is the jury, and it's your job to determine who is guilty, and who is just a poor victim of circumstance.
Cosplay Craftsmanship JudgingWorkmanship judging for cosplayers. If you (or a friend) made your costume or props, you can compete in craft judging. Strut your stuff!
Cosplay Dating GameEver see a Dating Game at an anime convention or on Whose Line is it Anyways and wanted to jump in on the action? With our helpful cast of cosplayers, now you can! Come join us for multiple rounds of the dating game with prepared questions to help you get into character and have the spotlight shine on you. Audience participation is the key in this event, so raise your hand up high for the chance to play! Feeling nervous? Never fear for we'll be there to support you as much as you need! Remember: Let's keep it PG, people!
Cosplay DeathmatchLast year, an attempt at Cosplay Chess devolved into an all-out slugfest between cosplayers with My Little Pony's Derpy Hooves standing triumphant in the end. Now, due to an overwhelming positive response from those attending, Phoenix Wright will return to ensure all punches, laser beams, and muffins be delivered in a more orderly, legal, and stain-free procedure (no promises on that last bit). Any cosplayers wishing to attend are expected to have fun, soak in the moment, and fully indulge role playing your character while trying to beat down (and possibly out dance) your opponent. Last year's successful event happened on the spot, so imagine what can be done if you give us time to prepare. Applications and further rules are posted in the Cosplay forum in the PortConMaine's Forum page. Application Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1qyn9uX-g7C9ewm0VaJyShs6f23mJ5XgyEkWMrJ4UVDA/viewform
Cosplay Truth or DareEverybody knows this game, and here we are again to bring it with a twist: COSPLAY. Come bring you and your friends in cosplay and either participate or sit back and watch as the hilarity ensues. (Each truth or dare will be pulled from a hat to keep things pg-13 ;) )
Culture Shock: Gaming Through 2020We are in the midst of a gaming revolution. As social media becomes more prevalent, everything is being turned into a game. The world has changed, uniting people more than ever before even as it fuels other revolutions: of ideas, of governments, of how we perceive each other. Mike Tresca -- social media manager, gamer, and tech enthusiast -- shares how this revolution came about, where we are today, and where gamification will take us into the future.
David Vincent's Voice Acting TryoutsTotal audience participation! Show off your voice acting talent! You could win a subscription worth $300 to a professional voiceover website to launch your voice acting career! David will give insider tips and professional techniques for the world of voice acting, and will put your voice acting talent to the test! Prepare to participate in the most hilarious and informative panel of the weekend!
Disney SingalongWe know you know that you love to sing along to Disney songs whenever you hear them. Well come on down to the Disney Singalong event! This is going to be a fun filled hour of all your favorite songs from Disney, from classics to recent movies. All you need to bring is your vocal cords, we'll provide the lyrics! Leave your shame at the door folks, there's no judgment in here. This is going to be an event you won't want to miss, remember: There might be prizes involved.
Doctor Who MafiaA game where you are up against the Dalaks. See if you can exterminate them before they exterminate you. With the help from the Doctor and River.
Dungeon Crafting 101Imagine sitting around a table with some of your best friends to play a game of Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons, when suddenly you realize that you don't have anyone in the role of Dungeon/Game Master. But have no fear brave adventurer, by attending this panel you will learn everything you need to know to run a game of your own and save your party from the Knight of Extreme Boredom!
Extreme Geek (18+)EXTREEEEEEME GEEK- the most extreme of extremes. It's a game show. It's a comedy act. It's disgusting, horrible, and tasteless and for some reason people still play! Join us as we embrace the inner geek in horrible, horrible ways!
From The Lost World to Godzilla 2014: A brief history of Kaiju in cinema
Since the days of silent films the spectacle of giant monsters rampaging through our world has thrilled movie audiences. What is it about these creatures that thrills us so much? Kaiju tap into our primal fears and also thrill us with the spectacle of wanton destruction on a massive scale. Come with us as we explore what makes these films so mesmerizing and so culturally relevant throughout the history of cinema, and most of all, let's watch giant monsters smash stuff!
Geek TriviaDo you know things? Geek things? Can you outwit everyone else in the room? Prove it! In Geek Trivia, everything is worth points, but YOU determine how many points you're willing to put on a particular answer. Team up with your friends and take down the competition!
Get Art Jobs!Hey, you! GET ART JOBS in Comics, Gaming, Movies, & more!
Get Your Giant Robot On! The Plamo Panel 2.0Colin, CJ and Ryan are back again to teach you what you need to know about building your very own Giant Robot! Last year we discussed the wide world of robot model kits, but this year we focus in on our favorite line: Gundam Plastic Model kits, or Gunpla! We'll dive into everything from what's out there and where to buy them, to putting them together and making your own custom creation! And to top it off we'll be giving away sweet prizes, who doesn't love sweet prizes? So regardless of if you've never built a kit in your life or if you build em from scratch, this panel has something for you!
Girl Power! Madoka Magica and K-ON! PanelChristine Marie Cabanos, the voice of Madoka Kaname from Madoka Magica and Azusa Nakano from K-ON! Discuss what it’s like to be in a show with mostly female casts and it’s relevance in the big wide world of Anime!
Guess that Anime Tune!What's that song from again? OH YEAH! Well, if you know your anime music, this is the place to be. Prizes will be given and there will be on champion crowned at the end of the event!
Hearthstone! Well Met!Remember when you first heard Blizzard was making an online card game? Pffft. What? That sounds dumb. Then Hearthstone came out in beta and flooded Twitch & YouTube, and we were hooked. Open Beta came out in January, but there are still many people frustrated with the simply yet deep mechanics. Still going 0-3 in Arena? Wondering why everyone says Chillwind Yeti is a great card? Simply want to join a bunch of players in sharing your information or stories over the past few months? Come join us in the Hearthstone panel. One part tips and tricks, one part storytelling. Keep up your feet, pay your gold, and draft your Arena deck!
Hentai After PartyNoun, verb or whatever you want to think of it. There will be plenty to go around. Join our group shenanigans. A couple hours of riffing, laughing and being horrified can be the perfect end to your Saturday. Then again those things could be start to a great Saturday night. How you spend your time is your decision.
Hentai Origins (18+)The history of Hentai! As only Portcon can do it! This presentation will start out serious, speaking of Hentai's humble beginnings and overall evolution, but will quickly degrade into a sea of naughty tentacles, exposed undergarments and high-pitched squeals of delight. Bring your artistic friends for The Future Hentai Challenge and leave knowing more than you never wanted to know about Hentai!
Hetalia: Ask a NationArms tired from drawing circles? Then come, sit down over here with us! You must have some burning questions for the countries of the world; and this is what this event is all about! Ever wondered why no one else can see the flying mint bunny? Or why Japan loves kitties? Maybe you just want to know where they like to eat, whatever your question is, don't be shy! Step right up~!
How to be a great RPG player?New to tabletop RPGs and a little nervous about sitting down to play with friends or here at the con? Played a few sessions but not sure what you are doing? Played for years but feel like it is not quite fitting now? Let's get together and talk about what it means to be a great player in an RPG. It is not a passive entertainment but its also not just your story. The challenge is great but the reward is wonderful.
How to Craft and Paint an Army and Crush Your Enemies in Style!
Do your friends laugh at your feeble attempts to make your hordes of greenskins look fearsome and intimidating? Or, perhaps, they shudder in horror and revulsion at your "lovely" elven armada? Have no fear brave warlords, here we will teach you everything you need to know to make your army look its very best as it slaughters your foes!
How to Run a Meet UpEver want to learn how to run a cosplay or other geek offline meetup? Curious about tales of success and woe from those who've run successful and unsuccessful meetups in the past? It's not as simple as simply setting up a Facebook event or Tumblr post, so come and learn how to do it without getting in trouble with authorities or agitating the people you want to see show up.
Intro to LARPIntro to LARP is an event focused on introducing the hobby of Live Action Role-Playing (LARP). In recent years there have been several movies and even television shows referencing this unique hobby, and it has been picking up a lot of momentum in recent years. This event, which is sponsored by Mystwood, Maine's premier medieval LARP, and The Bonaparte Company, a LARP oriented costume and supply shop will give the audience an introduction to the many styles of LARP games that take place right here in Maine. In addition there will be plenty of time to ask questions of several seasoned LARPers. All are invited. Welcome to the Adventure!
Introduction to Belly DanceJoin Mistress Selcouth (a.k.a. Joie Grandbois) and Stephen Carpenter of Dark Follies for an introduction to the art of belly dance. Learn a bit about the history of the dance, some common Middle Eastern rhythms and basic belly dance movements. This workshop is open to all ages and genders. No prior dance experience required.
Karaoke ContestPortcon's annual Karaoke Contest is back again! Do you have what it takes to beat out the rest for the top prizes? Can you bring it? As a competitor you get to showcase your talent in front of a crowd, as well as a panel of judges! This is an event you wont want to miss folks, come on down and participate or just watch the show. Sign ups/more information can be found at any Karaoke/Singalong event. We hope to see you here!
Kickstarter Tips!How to design and launch a successful Kickstarter campaign and what difficulties to look out for. How to make a good campaign great! Advice from one of the most successful comics Kickstarter creators, Renae De Liz (Womanthology - $109,000+ on Kickstarter, Peter Pan: The Graphic Novel - $64,000 on Kickstarter).
Kids Costume and Cosplay ContestCome show off your favorite costume or cosplay!

All characters welcome! Be prepared to come up and show your costume, and tell us about it and why you love it so much. --if coming up alone is a bit scary bring a friend!

All entrants will get a prize, as well as one Best in Show for craftsmanship and over all presentation.

This event is for kids 13 and under to enter. All ages are welcome to come and watch and cheer on!
Kids Scavenger Hunt!Kids 12 and under, bring your adult and get ready to go on an all out adventure exploring the con! We'll play follow the leader, through the halls, and fill up our Scavenger Hunt cards with stickers marking off things you never knew you'd find wandering the halls!
Laser Guns and Glowing Swords: Boundaries in Speculative Fiction (And Their Discontents)
Sci-fi and fantasy may be shelved together in bookstores, but genre purists have long insisted on strict divisions between the two. Where are the borders between science fiction and fantasy, and why is gate-keeping so important?
Learn the Business of Voice ActingIt's called Show "Business" for a reason! David Vincent shares important insider tips and advice for beginning a career in entertainment and voiceover. And most importantly… how to treat your entertainment career as a business and have fun too.
Learn-To-Play-MahjongLearn how to play Japanese Reach Mahjong! Panel includes handouts, online
resources, an in-depth tutorial, and will carry into a basic and
intermediate strategy session and maybe even a few full games!
Learn-To-Play: WeiB SchwarzCome and learn how to play the excellent multi-anime collectible card game
WeiB Schwarz, from the makers of Cardfight!! Vanguard! With dozens of
different popular anime and videogame licenses, a national tournament
schedule culminating in free trips to Japan, and a completely translated
online cardsleeve insert database, even people who don't know a bit of
Japanese can play this super-popular worldwide CCG!
Let me Tell you about HomestuckMaybe you've heard mysterious chatter about Beforus and Alternia, Prospit and Derse. Maybe you've seen fanart on Tumblr. Or maybe you've just noticed the dozens of grey-skinned, orange-horned cosplayers. And you start to wonder: what exactly is Homestuck? This (relatively spoiler free) panel will introduce you to the story, the medium, and the cast of this uber-popular webcomic, and will make a case for Why You Should Read Homestuck.
Lets Make a Feel!The absolute most inspiring, moving, or saddest scenes in all of media. This panel will include massive spoilers for everything. Tissues will be provided, so come ready to feel.
Life in JapanAlways been curious about Japan? Come get tricks and tips about life and travel there from former ex-pat Liz!
Lolita Fashion 101Ever wanted to know more about that adorable poofy fashion you see in anime, manga, and other Japanese media? Well wait no more! This panel will give an overview of what Lolita fashion is, the community aspect of it, how you can start wearing it yourself, and a few demonstrations of what a great Lolita outfit looks like with specific examples! Make sure to wear your best Lolita outfit as we will present a Best Dressed prize as well as have a little game of Lolita trivia with prizes! Brought to you by Maine's Lolita community <3
Lolita Meet And GreetThis panel is will begin as an introduction to Lolita, and wind its way through the progressions of the fashion. At the end of the panel there will be a meet and greet with anyone looking to make new friends, try to join any existing Lolita communities, and even a swap meet if there is enough interest! Come enjoy a great time with some frills and bows!
Lolita PicnicBonnets and dresses and frills, oh my! Love Lolita fashion? Interested in learning more about it? Check out the Lolita Picnic for sweets and treats, and Loli talk! Lolita dress is encouraged, but not required- chat, eat, and- Where did you get that dress?!
MACE's Cosplay PanelA history of the cosplay movement in America as well as a detailed look into the wide variety of cosplays that exist. For beginners and experienced cosplayers alike, this panel also covers ways to get involved with the cosplay culture of Maine. Panel presented by the Maine Association of Cosplay Enthusiasts.
Maine State Shadowfist TournamentThe Shadowfist CCG Maine State Tournament!
Making an Online GameLooking to make your own game? Anyone can with a number of easily-learned
skills, and you can turn the idea in your head into an actual career. This
panel will focus on the skills you need to create your own browser game!
Making Fun with Games by Play DateGames by Play Date founders Glenn Given and Meg McGinley-Crowe walk you through the steps of designing, developing, funding and releasing an analog game of your own. Along the way they will share stories of self-publishing, wrestling with playtesters and how sometimes, if you don't put your family and security on the line, you'll find ways to fail. Plus by the time the event is over Glenn will have designed a game with the audience for you to take home.
Mandalorian Mercs Q&AMeet and learn about the Mandalorian Mercs! Maine's local chapter, Wampa Clan, will answer your questions on how to make your own set of custom Mandalorian armor (or most any kind of armor for that matter), and about our club and charity efforts. If you have a question about any of that, or Star Wars in general, this is the time for you.
Mario Kart 8 TournamentIt’s time to shift gear and race against friends for a chance at prizes. Mario Kart 8 is the newest title in the collection. Don’t miss your chance to play!!
Mary Bichner and Planetary Quartet Musical Performance
Join composer Mary Bichner and Planetary Quartet for a musical set celebrating everyone's favorite magical girls, the Bishoujo Senshi of Sailor Moon! The ensemble will perform the contents of Mary's forthcoming Sailor Moon-inspired EP (due out in early August 2014), as well as theme songs, image songs and instrumental pieces from the Sailormoon anime specially arranged for double-viola string quartet. (Moonlight Densetsu singlalong, anyone? :)) In the name of the moon, they will rock you!
Memes Across the AgesThe Return of Memes Across the ages! Let us review the best memes of 2013-14 and hearken back upon somewhat timeless classics. Guaranteed to feature Doge.
MEST Up and Kick Start: Maine's only locally produced TV game shows
Local filmmaker and author George Dalphin is the new writer and producer of the local CW's Maine-made game shows for kids, MEST Up and Kick Start, and he will show episodes and talk and answer questions about the experience of making the locally-produced Science- and Slime- based quiz shows for teenagers.
Musical SingalongFrom Wicked to Repo, and even Phantom of the Opera, you'll find all your favorites here. Join us as we sing along to songs from various musicals past and present. The lyrics will be displayed, so don't worry about knowing the words. Musical lovers, this is an event you won't want to miss!
Must-See Web Videos 6: Adorable DevastationIts the return of the panel that just won't go away! Join us as we watch some wacky, weird and cute web-video favorites...and as always, have some candy!
My Little Pony SingalongDo you, like Pinkie Pie, have a song in your heart bursting to be free? Do you uncontrollably burst into song during each and every episode of MLP? If the answer to both those questions is yes, then this is the panel for you! Join us in a room full of MLP fans as we spend the hour singing along to the best songs from the series. We'll bring the lyrics, you bring your enthusiasm. Remember: There might be prizes in store.
New Works by Vivid MotionVivid Motion presents a one-act performance filled with fun new dance pieces. The audience can expect numbers from some of Vivid Motion's seasoned choreographers as well as some brand-new creative minds! The dances are sure to be as entertaining as always and family-friendly. Can you catch some of our "geek culture" references in the show?
Open BofferTest your mettle in one vs. one combat.
Open KaraokeThis is Portcon's traditional open karaoke block. Open Karaoke is a great place to hang out and listen to people sing, or demonstrate your own talent. There are some rules though: We only permit songs pertaining to geek culture and anime/video games, with the staffers getting the final say. If you have your own music, bring it! We will have the audio cords: ipods, phones, mp3 players etc. welcome. The wifi is unpredictable so try to have a back up. We look forward to seeing you here!
Opening CeremoniesWelcome to PortConMaine 2014! Join us at opening ceremonies as we celebrate the beginning of a great convention, introduce you to the guests, highlight scheduled events, and talk about the awesome that has just begun!
ParanoiaFriend Computer Wants You!

You are a Troubleshooter, one of Friend Computer's loyal clones sent out into Alpha Complex to find and/or make trouble, then shoot it! You will be expected to root out Commies, Mutants and Traitors and punish them appropriately while also completing the routine and simple task(s) granted to you by Friend Computer. Join and enjoy!

Remember Happiness is Mandatory.

Up to 10 slots available.
Parents' Guide to YaoiAre those two beautiful young men embracing? How do you tell a seme from an uke? Whether you're here of your own free will, or your teenager dragged you in, whether you self-identify as FUJOSHI or have never even heard of The Wallflower, this panel will provide a good 101 on what exactly "yaoi" is - including the stuff that's actually considered "BL"! This is an all-ages panel, but recommended 13+ for mild allusion to inappropriate content.
Peggle TournamentTake on our staff and other attendees as we wind down the convention with an awesome game of peggle. Top score wins.
Picking the Perfect Board Game for your PartyPicking a board game to play with friends can be intimidating, especially to those who don't already game extensively. There are thousands of them; how could someone know what game to choose for laughter, tension, thought, or conspiracy? Fear not! Learn how to pick a game for any crowd, mood, and budget.
Pokemon Gym Leader Battle EncounterDo you think you're the region's best Pokemon Trainer? Prove yourself at the Gym Leader Battle Encounter! Prepare your Pokemon X/Y team for a real life face-off against Gym Leaders of all types and win small prizes!

Requires a 3DS and your own copy of Pokemon X or Y.
Pokemon SingalongPokefans, come on down! Spend an hour with us singing all of your favorite songs from the series, its something you don't want to miss! The lyrics will be displayed so you don't need to remember the words. All ages are welcome, and remember that you don't need to worry about how you sound. There is no judgement at this event. We hope to see this weekend, and remember: There might be prizes involved.
Port Prom!Portcon's howeverth annual semi-formal dance! Dress to the nines (or at least to the sevens) and enjoy classic hits and softer dance music. Your cute apparel is strongly encouraged, but not required.
Portal Custom Map ChallengeA custom map made for Portcon in portal 2. Complete the course as fast as you can for a chance to win! Who knows what traps await through the next portal.
Portcon's Best Dance Duo: ROUND 2!Are you ready to show your stuff and dance like a maniac?!

Well here comes Portcon's Best Dance Duo, ROUND 2!

Pairs of dancers will show their best moves, but will they have what it takes to impress our judges? Compete for points, glory, and PRIZES!
PortconMaine's The Price is RightBased on the popular gameshow of the same name! While the original game might have you pricing various foods and products, we'll see how good your knowledge is about various prices from gaming and anime! Do you know how much a shield and a few bundles of arrows cost in Zelda? You may have a chance to play a game and get yourself a fabulous prize! (Note: Prizes may not be so fabulous!)
Raising Otakus: A Parents ForumFamily's come in all shapes and types! Virginia Mujica is a licensed speech-language pathologist who has over 30 years experience working with adult and children with special needs, and runs a habilitation program. She is the proud mother of two anime fans, one graduating college and one still in high school. She and her husband, Mark Mujica, who co-runs her business, talk about the family dynamics of being anime, comic, literary, and gaming fans, and how it has brought their family closer together. Parents and kids alike are welcome to discuss how to make the most of their relationships together.
Rule 34 Panel: Why.jpgYes, this is a panel that Portcon has decided is worthy of displaying. Join Calvin "DJ Calcos" Cyr as we take some time to show off and discuss the biggest Catch 22 the Internet has to offer! There will be games, prizes, and an absurd amount of vulgarity, so be sure to come on by for a good time!
Shadowfist DemosLearn how to play Shadowfist the CCG!
Shonen ai, Part Five!You wanted it. You got all blushy and muttered, "b-baka..." about it. And it's coming back! PortCon regular Gabriel is bringing it back for the biggest chunk of BL action yet, with more hot dudes than you can cover with your yaoi hands! (You should probably get those checked out.)
Shoot-A-MercEver looked at Boba Fett and say "I could shoot the helmet off his face"? Now's your chance to shoot people dressed up like him! Simply exchange a small donation to the Little Warrior Fund for a loaded NERF gun and start blasting away at members of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club!
Skills for GMingA presentation and dialog on what it means to be a game master and the strongest skills and rules needed to make it hum for everyone at your table. GMing is a challenging craft but with some simple skills to fall back on it makes the process smooth and satisfying.
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