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The Dynamixyz Live Link Plugin provides realtime facial animation for characters using the Unreal Live Link protocol combined with Dynamixyz's Real-Time Facial Motion Capture software (Grabber).
Live Client for Unreal
Using best-in-class, markerless, facial motion capture software, Live Client for Unreal alongside Faceware Live Server, animates and tracks facial movement from any video source to CG characters, in real-time directly inside Unreal Engine.
Advanced Locomotion
An advanced bipedal locomotion and layering system focusing on high quality character animation with responsive movement.
Animation Compression Library
State of the art animation and curve compression codecs.

Animation Starter Pack
a Fantastic resource for prototyping your next project or getting your next mod up and running.

iClone Unreal Live Link
Real-time Digital Humans & Animation System for Unreal Engine

MVN Live Link
The MVN Unreal Engine live plug-in is a plug-in that can receive a stream of motion capture data in real-time from Xsens MVN Animate & Analyze. MVN Animate & Analyze is the main software tool for interfacing with the Xsens MVN inertial motion capture suit for the purpose of human body motion capture.

The Animation and Rigging Toolkit (ART) has shipped with Unreal Engine from the beginning. We are now making it available on the marketplace so we can more quickly roll out updates and have a centralized place to get the latest version.

MCO Mocap Basics
20 Mocap Animations - Variety of Idles and Movement from MCO

Shadow Mocap Plugin
This plugin enables live-streaming of character animation from the Shadow motion capture system directly into UE4.
Rokoko Studio Live
Now you can use your Smartsuit Pro with Unreal! With Smartsuit Live you are able to stream and visualize Smartsuit Pro data inside Unreal Engine.

Custom Speed & Orientation
Custom Anim Graph Node for Animation Artist

Creature 2D Skeletal and Mesh Animation
This project contains the Creature Animation Tool's Runtime plugin for Unreal Engine. It has a user controllable Fire Breathing Dragon as an example of how to use the plugin.

Prototype Characters
Set of male and female prototype character models.

Military Character
Set of male and female characters in dark camo gear, ready for your next game project. These Military-themed characters are ready to be used with Epic's Animation Starter pack.
21 Platformer
Included in this package is everything required to create a platformer. You'll find tiles, UI items, enemies and characters in various poses. Tiles vary from grass, sand and snow to dirt and stone. Doors, switches, chains, folliage, boxes and signs are just some of the other items
Mixamo Animation Pack
Mixamo brings you a free character and animation pack for use in your project. Containing 15 high-quality characters with animations, prototyping your game has never been easier!
Infinity Blade
Infinity Blade: Adversaries includes the formidable rivals of the Infinity Blade Collection, a massive suite of content designed for high-quality mobile experiences, released to the Unreal Engine community for free!
The minions pack includes the character models, animations, and FX released to the Unreal Engine community for free to use as you like in your Unreal Engine 4 projects!
“The most feared bounty hunter on Omeda, Jedidiah Sparks chased one of his targets to Letha, where he was possessed by an ancient spirit. After struggling for control of their body, Jedidiah and the spirit reached an uneasy truce, and now exist as a single entity called Revenant.”
“Originally designed to be a medic, Zinx escaped from the Tryon Industries laboratory where she was created and found a new purpose for herself. She went to Agora to compete for the power of the gods, so she could fix the labyrinth of disorder that was Omeda City.”
“Yin grew up on the streets of Changdi with her best friend, Aurora, and was trained in wind magic by a gangster sorceress named Mother Magus. Partway through her most important assassination mission, Yin changed loyalties and led a raid on her former neighborhood, eliminating her past for good.”
“Raised on the streets of Kilgar, Terra grew up on stories of great heroes, and set out to become one herself. She gathered the best armor and weapon from across the land, and now seeks revenge on Countess for killing her adoptive father.”
“Once human, Kallari was repurposed by the Echelon Program to be the perfect synthetic assassin. When the program was shut down, Kallari was ordered to clean up all the scientists involved, and she did her job almost flawlessly—only the lead scientist, Emeritus, escaped.”
“After losing everything, Lord Greystone traveled across Letha, seeking out ever more dangerous quests. Seeing that his strength of will proved stronger than his sorrow, the Order of the Vigilant abducted him and used him in a dangerous rite. Now, Greystone is eternal.”
“A legend from another universe, Wukong transcended time and space to land in Letha, where he found Feng Mao, an old man and former First Guardian of Changdi, to be a delightful candidate for mischief. After Feng Mao managed to trap Wukong in a cave, Wukong decided to follow him around for a bit longer.”
“Raised by bandits in the Wastelands, Drongo is the sole proprietor of Drongo’s Quality Goods, a scrapyard full of precious junk that everyone else is too afraid to scavenge from the Chem Wastes. The chemicals and radiation of the Chem Wastes have driven Drongo insane.”
“The collective consciousness of the Amyyrn Forest, The Fey cares only for expanding the forest’s borders, consuming all other life. After warring with Morigesh, the spirit of a neighboring forest, for centuries, The Fey traveled to Agora to secure the power of the gods.”
“Aurora is a thief and pirate who grew up with her best friend, Yin, on the streets of Changdi. While sailing the Frozen North, Aurora caught the Freezing Sickness, Everfrost, and miraculously survived. Her ordeal left her with ice powers.”
“Boris is a friendly cybernetic bear who fell into a life of crime after escaping the Tryon Industries laboratory where he was created, but wishes to remake himself. He fled Omeda City with his friend, Phase, and now dreams of having a family with a female cybernetic bear, and eating a lot of jam.”
“As the heir to Tryon Industries, Gideon always believed in his own destiny. After funding Dr. Dekker’s research into the Ashur’s ancient civilization, Gideon broke into an Ashurite temple, unsealed the first portal to Agora, and was granted the power of the stars.”
Iggy & Scorch
“After he was cast out of his goblin tribe for being a runt, Iggy caught Scorch, another runt, in a trap. Instead of eating him, Iggy adopted him, and now the two of them are inseparable. Together they enjoy taking things from Drongo’s scrapyard.”
“Steel is a cyborg created for the Omeda City military. After Steel raised his shield to defend a Wasteland settlement instead of destroying it as he had been ordered, he became a rogue soldier without a cause or a home. His self-directed mission is to protect as many people as he can.”

“Born an heir of the Greystone family, Sparrow abandoned noble life to seek out justice against her apathetic birth family, and gradually form a new family—a band of ragtag, like-minded women to aid her in righteous thievery and merry freedom.”
“When the spirit of the Bathuu Forest, an ancient swamp, stole the body of a young sorceress, she became Morigesh. She traveled to Agora to prevent her timeless nemesis, The Fey, from gaining the power of the gods, and to destroy The Fey once and for all.”

Lt. Belica
“After growing up in a rough neighborhood, J. Belica became a police officer to protect the innocent and mete out punishment to criminals. She is a harsh authority with a soft spot for misfits—like Sgt. Murdock, who she brought onto the force—and the Ying Mei Cartel’s prime enemy.”

“An assassin trained by the defunct Echelon Program, Wraith leads a lively social life off-duty, but will complete any mission given to him without batting an eye. Witty, charming, and sociopathic, he has ninety-nine reasons for going to Agora, and the truth isn’t one.”

“As the Chosen One of his ogre tribe, Narbash got everything he wanted, until he angered the elders by protesting war with a neighboring tribe. Through inspired drumming, he prevented the war, but was exiled. He took his music across Zechin, making friends everywhere he went.”

“Once the Chieftain of his tribe, Grux disobeyed the wishes of his gods by waging a brutal war against a neighboring tribe. Soon after, plague and pestilence hit, and Grux was cast out. Now he wanders Zechin, seeking the forgiveness of his gods.”

Due to her psychic powers, Phase was sent to Tryon Industries for special “care”. After escaping the lab with her friends, she hid out in the shadows of Omeda City and went online, becoming a prolific underground music blogger who brought Shinbi her fame.”
“A former knight, Serath was her company’s sole survivor after a battle with Sevarog, a powerful dark entity. She joined the Vigilant Order and underwent the Rite of Atonement to cleanse herself of Sevarog’s darkness, but the Rite split her soul in two.”
“Created for the Omeda City military, Crunch was sent to the junkyard when newer biotech androids took his place. After months in rest mode, Crunch followed the sounds of battle to an underground fighting ring, started punching, and became an immediate hit with the crowd.”
“A former godlike Ashur, Sevarog was cast out of Agora thousands of years ago and no longer remembers who he used to be. Now, he is gathering a team of chosen souls to replace the Ashurite pantheon and usher in an apocalypse.”

“TwinBlast is a slick gangster on the run from the Ying Mei Cartel. He used to work for them, before being trusted with an important smuggling operation that was shut down by Lt. Belica and Sgt. Murdock. He’s talked his way out of more than a few predicaments, but not this one.”

“Muriel and her sisters were test subjects in the Echelon Program, which transformed them part-by-part from humans into synthetics. While her sister Kallari refused to leave, Muriel fled with a resistance group. She seeks to help those of her kind, and save Kallari from herself.”

“After stowing away on a ship to Omeda City, the gremlin Grim was picked up by the Ying Mei Cartel and used as a mascot. He won EXE in a bone dice game, and everything changed—he was no longer a mascot of the criminal underworld, but a killing machine.”

“A skilled and dutiful swordsman, Kwang succeeded on his quest to find the Ancestral Sword and restore honor to his village—only to find that in his absence, his younger sister Shinbi had run away. Determined to bring their grieving family back together, he chased her to Agora.”

“A lifelong outcast because of his large size and aggressive nature, Rampage was the only one of his people brave enough to leave the colony and chase his people’s runaway god. Over time, he has learned to direct the force of his anger toward finding the truth, and saving the colony.”

“Gadget is an ace mechanic who prefers robots to people. She was expelled from the Mechanica trade school when her childhood friend, TwinBlast, used her first year exam project--a record-breaking racing bike--in a robbery for the Ying Mei Cartel. Fortunately, she was already better than most of her teachers.”

“Howitzer was one of Dr. Maximov’s earliest bioweapon creations. After stealing a mech, Howitzer and his fellow lab creatures escaped from Tryon Industries’ bioweapons division. He used his mech to cause chaos in Omeda City and was eventually arrested by Murdock and Belica.”

“Shinbi is a young shaman who left her village and traveled to Omeda City to follow her dreams. Her songs summon spirit wolves. She became a pop star after a video of her fighting a Tryon Industries mech with her magical songs went viral.”

“An idealist since childhood, Murdock picked fights with bullies and criminals until Lt. Belica guided him into law enforcement. He gained fame for capturing Howitzer, a strange, mutated bioweapon creature, but lost it all when he followed his ideals and pursued a case against the all-powerful Tryon Industries.”

“When a provincial noblewoman jumped from a high bridge and hit the water far below, she was found beneath the depths by a dark spirit, and emerged the next morning with cold skin and a strange hunger. She returned to the court that had ended her life and became its sinister ruler as the Countess.”

“James Rigor was such a brutal prison warden that his inmates rioted and tortured him for two weeks. His body was salvaged by the scientist Emeritus, and Riktor emerged. He became warden of Skylock-11—a perfect stage for Riktor to show the most dangerous criminals the light.”

“Dekker was fascinated with stories of the godlike Ashur from a young age. She invented a new science—Ashurology—and excavated countless Ashurite sites in Omeda, before discovering the temple where the first portal to Agora would be opened. Her crewmate, Gideon, got to it first”

Feng Mao
“Feng Mao is the infamous First Guardian who, in his youth, risked the Emperor’s life for a chance at love. In the decades since his banishment, Feng Mao has roamed the countryside, studying philosophy and spearmanship, saving villages from bandits, and scolding Wukong.”

“At the age of thirteen, Tsutok of the Nacka Tribe entered the forest to secure his first hunt, as was the village tradition. He slew a mythical beast protected by the spirits of its ancestors, and was cursed to wear its skull forevermore, stalking the woods in eternal hunger as Khaimera.”

Stylized Character
Modular stylized male character. Contains hairstyles, accessories, and several body parts options.
Military Character
Set of male and female characters in digital camouflage, ready for your next game project. These Military-themed characters are ready to be used with Epic's Animation Starter pack.
Easily define the behavior of your non-player characters with the power of Actions, Goals & Plans!
Scanned 3D People Pack
Scanned 3D People Pack for photorealistic games and archviz scenes by Renderpeople.
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