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3D[3D] Dream Draw Design is a club to promote and teach drawing and designing graphic arts. Such include logos, posters, hoodie designs, and more! No prior knowledge needed, join the club to learn and start your own graphic art portfolio.Mr. JaishankarSeungjung (Joseph) Hansjhan123@gmail.comWoo Kyung
AntaresANTARES is the official Science Fiction / Fantasy magazine of Stuyvesant High School. AkhmedovSarah Yoonsarah.yoon123@gmail.comStephanie
Artistic Beads Club (ABC)In the Stuy Artistic Beads Club (Stuy ABC), we teach students that enjoy arts and crafts how to make beaded art creations. We hope that this club will enrich the lives of students by providing a fun and creative extracurricular activity where members can make friends and become involved in the Stuyvesant community. No experience is necessary and everyone is welcome!James CocorosJessica Ngjessica.hl.ng5@gmail.comDiana
Beatbox for All Stuy Students (B.A.S.S)This club is meant to establish and promote a Beatbox community within Stuyvesant. No experience necessary, you will be taught techniques of vocal percussion no matter your skill level. All students are welcome to join but respect is expected. We're all here just to have fun and Beatbox.Ray WheelerAlbert OhAlbertodoh61@gmail.comDaniel
Buisness Leader's SocietyBusiness Leader's Society teaches you how to become a true business leader for tomorrow's society. We teach you the skills you really need to succeed, like negotiating skills, marketing, and so on. Anyone can join!Christopher BowlinAlex SerbanescuAlexserbanescu8@gmail.comStiven
BuildOnBuildOn is a community service club. We hold fundraisers inside Stuyvesant where proceeds go towards countries and people in need. Our noteable in-house events are Pie-a-teacher and the Basketball 3-on-3 tournament. Angel ColonDaniel KanterDanielaesop8@gmail.comMing
CaliperCaliper is Stuy's literary magazine entering its 110th year. During meetings, we usually respond to a prompt on the board and share and critique our work. We have meetings every Tuesday in room 615E and publish twice per year. To submit, send an email to with your name, grade, style, (poetry, prose, or art) and work.Christopher BowlinEda Tse/Lola Makombo/Brian / /
Charity A La ModeWe are a tight knit community that crochets, sews, knits, and makes jewelry to sell at our school sales. All profits raised are then donated to charities of the member's choosing. No skills are necessary because we will teach you everything you need to know!Ms. GuanTina Zhengtz.booklover@gmail.comFanny
Competitive Computing ClubAlgorithmic problem solving is fun, challenging, and important. This club will teach you how to design and implement efficient algorithms, and prepare you to succeed at the national level, in the USA Computing Olympiad.Peter BrooksCalvin LeeCalvinleenyc@gmail.comGideon
Drama ClubThe Drama Club hopes to focus on improving the individual talents and teamwork skills, as well as knowledge on how to criticize another’s work, through numerous activities. The club will have a lot of fun playing out scenes from a kinds of works. No experience necessary, as it will be a learning experience for everyone.Di WuJeremy / stuyhs.dramaclub@gmail.comMark
EdFanEdFAN is a club for students who care about English education in disadvantaged regions of the world. Through this organization, regular students are given the opporunity to have the reqarding experience of teaching English to kids their age who need it. Dr. GreenwaldJoyce LeeJoyceheejunglee@gmail.comLouisa
Eidos!Eidos! is Stuy's first and very own anthropology club. We welcome you to learn more about this interesting field involving the study of us, humans! (No prior knowledge is necessary.)Lisa BrandoJessica Yujessica.yu.814@gmail.comHilary
Experimental NeuroStuyenceThe club is centered around experimental lab work held at school. We will use real lab equipment and engage in experiments dealing with neuroscience and behavioral studies.Hemal PathakPhillip HuynhPhilliphuynh97@gmail.comAaron
FC Club"We are a soccer club that aims to help willing students improve their skills in soccer."Mr. Simone / Di WuRedwan Rafidredwanrafid@gmail.comNikolas
Filipino Culture ClubThe club’s goal is to immerse students in FIlipino culture. This goal will be achieved by meetings that involve learning about Filipino history, eating Filipino foods, learning Filipino dances, and learning Tagalog. Jie ZhangAdriel Mendoza / Geraldine /
Frugal LivingCasey J. PedrickJan LiJli760@gmail.comLe Si
Future Business Leaders of AmericaFuture Business Leaders of America(FBLA): FBLA is a national vocational organizations for students who are interested in business and entrepreneurship. We engage in practical problem solving and enhance a person's ability to make decisions.Catherine McRoy-MendellYinye Zhouyinyezhou@gmail.comBenjamin
Garden ClubWe invite anyone who loves to garden, wants to learn how to garden, or just wants to come out of curiosity to join Garden Club! You can grow your own food to eat if you want or grow some flowers if you want something pretty to stare at. We have a roof garden if you prefer that over classroom spaces.Ms. HillAnjelika Amonganjelika.among@gmail.comTiffany
Global Awareness ClubThe Stuyvesant GAC is a community trying to rid ignorance among the youth population by discussing current events and prosposing solutions to global issuesJie ZhangDanyaal Aindanyain98@gmail.comTahmid
Go ClubThe Stuyvesant Go Club is dedicated to playing and promoting the ancient Chinese game of Go. We will show you why this popular game of strategy and balance has endured the test of time for more than 2,500 years. No experience is necessary, so just GO!Jim CocorosJaesung Songxfruitcakex1439@aol.comTianshi
Guitar ClubOur club provides a venue for guitarists, both beginners and experienced players, to develop our skills. We offer free guitar lessons, and we practice guitar as a community.Mark HendersonTroy RamsarranRamsarrantroy@gmail.comDavid
Harry Potter ClubLove HP but don't know where to vent your feelings? Do your friends not understand the importance of the word "Always"? Fear not, because HP fans can unite and celebrate the magical world created by JKR at Stuyvesant's very own Order of the Phoenix!Eric GrossmanTiffany Chanfany.chan615@gmail.comJessica
Hellas! Stuyvesant Greek ClubJames CocorosGeorge TriantafillouGtriantafillou97@Gmail.comGeorge
Humans of StuyMr. WinstonTerrence Koo / Pavel / paulkondratyev@hotmail.comSeung Won Chung / You Kyung /
I Am That GirlI AM THAT GIRL is a community, a support system, and a movement inspiring girls to LOVE, EXPRESS, and BE who they are. We are unstoppable, turning self-doubt into self-love and raising the standards for how we treat each other and how we treat ourselves.Katherine FletcherAnnabelle Garyagary110@gmail.comXin
Improv ClubImprov Club is a place to take a break from the sometimes stressful environment of Stuyvesant and learn how to improve critical thinking and quick response skills. We hope that we can encourage expression, fun, and improvisation by playing improv "games". Mr. MottVanessa Yan YuYu100997@gmail.comEda
InnoventionJason EconomeNamra Zulfiqar / James / Jamesyoungny@Gmail.comDaniel
Japanese Culture ClubJapanese Culture Club explores all aspects of Japanese culture, ranging from modern game shows to origami to traditional card games. All are welcome!Chie HelinskiEric ZhaoZhao.eric97@gmail.comLester
Jenga ClubJenga Club is a club where we play Jenga and host tournaments for it. We hope to create new variations of the game to be used.Edward WongAlanna WongAlannawong1@gmail.comJonathan
Jewish Cultural ClubThe Jewish Cultural Club's purpose is to foster an environment where students, both Jewish and not, will gain a better understanding of Jewish culture and religion through discussion, holiday celebrations, performances by speakers, and trips.Micheal WaxmanJason Lanzman / Jonathan / jonathan.mikhaylov@gmail.comAnna Usvitsky / Levy /
Jubilee ProjectThe Stuyvesant Chapter is an extension of this greater community to inspire and showcase the positive effects that Stuy has on its students and the community around us. We share similar vision and mission with the Jubilee Project - to build a community in which people engage with each other, develop leadership skills, and advocate positive change through media production and social media.Undine GuthrieShazif ShaikhShazifshaikh@gmail.comRichard
Junior State of AmericaThe Stuyvesant Junior State of America Chapter (Stuy JSA) is a debate club focused on advancing the political knowledge and public speaking skills of its members. Stuy JSA has weekly meetings that feature debate, speaking exercises and political discussion. Stuy JSA also gives students the opportunity to attend exciting Regional and State level debate events where students will be able to meet and compete against students from across the Northeast. Be the People. Join Stuyvesant High School JSA!Lisa ShumanIsaac Belenkiyibelenkiy@northeastjsa.comJake
Key ClubStuyvesant Key Club is part of the oldest and largest service program for high school students, Key Club International. We focus on providing our members with opportunities to develop character and grow as leaders. We teach leadership through serving others. While we build our school and community, we are also building ourselves to become better people for the future.Gilbert PapagayoJacky LinJacky.Lin1646@gmail.comWilson
Korean Language and Culture ClubArlene UbietaJiwoo (Richard) Parkwldnwldnwldn@gmail.comHyunsung (Jason)
Lacrosse ClubLacrosse Club teachers newcomers what lacrosse is and how to play!Jie ZhangAnne Duncananneduncan11@gmail.comAngela
Mahjong ClubThe Japanese Mahjong Club provides a casual environment for an incredibly interesting game of skill and luck. Knowledge of the game is not required.Chie HelinskiJaesung Songxfruitcakex1439@aol.comAlvin
Math Olympiad ClubJames CocorosMatthew Lerner-BrecherMatthew0367@gmail.comMax
Medical EthicsThe purpose of the Medical Ethics Club is to instill a sense of morality and understanding of the complex reasons behind medical decision making. The Medical Ethics Club hopes to bring a new understanding of various controversial medical issues such as euthanasia, Neonatal ICU, and etc.Sushma AroraBrenda Lubrendalu821@gmail.comJason
National Ocean Sciences Bowl TeamOcean Bowl is a marine science-based quiz bowl that studies marine science in all aspects. Come and learn about the biology, legal policy, geography, geology, and technology of the ocean! No prior knowledge necessary (but always welcome)!Marissa MaggioMohammad ChhipaArticunogantartica@gmail.comHeebong
Nautical Nonsense Sailing ClubLearn all about sailing and boats in this new club! Discover opportunities for sailing in the city, tie intricate knots, discuss racing tactics and more. Seasoned skippers through novices welcome.Maura DwyerCharlotte Johnstoncharlottejohnston7@hotmail.comTara
Neo GokurakuA place where Stuyvesant Students can share their interest in anime and socalize.Chie HelinskiDavid Belinskybelinsky.david@gmail.comShi
Next Gen Vest StuyvesantNGV is a global network of schools from all over the world. There are clubs in London, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, etc. And what we do is make lessons of.real life skills that school doesnt teach such as budgeting, investing, etc and we make 3 minute mobile videos.Hemal PathakWon Gen HeoBrianheoxd@gmail.comPranab
Photo ClubThe photo club's mission is to provide a resource for all budding photographers through classes as well as equipment. The club is open to both amateurs and experts in the photography field. Mr. WinstonPierre Theo Klein / Edward / edantonio8@gmail.comEmmy
Problem Writing ClubIn this club, students who are interested in math can learn how to create questions of their own. Students will learn new problem solving techniques as well.Mr. JaishankarJason Leestuyjasonlee97@gmail.comNicholas
Random Acts of KindnessThe club's mission is to improve the Stuyvesant community through simple acts of kindness that can be performed by the members of the club and also by other Stuyvesant students with leadership from the members. In other words to inspire a more positive atmosphere within the students in the school. We also try to do activities that will benefit those outside of our school. Di WuRosemarie Gamarra-Munozamepoem@aol.comMikayla
Rhythm Gaming ClubFoster a love of music? Of gaming? Of competition? Join us! We aim to achieve high standards of gaming by training eye-muscle coordination and reaction timing while having fun! No experience or fitness needed. Samuel KonstantinovichEric LiaoEricliao10797@hotmail.comEric
Science OlympiadStuyvesant Science Olympiad is a large club that introduces, prepares, and trains students to compete at various levels of the nationwide Science Olympiad competition. Our captains teach classes in biology, chemistry, earth science, engineering, and physics every day of the week afterschool in a rigorous seven month period to prepare for invitationals, regionals, states, and national competitions. Ms. FongEdmond Loialoanlyshark@gmail.comTroy
Sing for SmilesSing for Smiles is a club that reaches out to hospitals, elderly homes, and places of need to spread happiness through music. We have performances several times throughout the school year, and no prior musical experience is required to join. :) Jie ZhangSamantha Wongwngsamantha2@gmail.comAmy
Speed CubedSpeed Cubed is a club that teaches beginners how to solve Rubik's cubes and other related puzzles, and hones the skills of students who already know how to solve these puzzles. No skill level is necessary to participate in this club.Jie ZhangBrandon LinBrandbest1@gmail.comWilliam
Spirit CouncilThe Spirit Council is a group that was established to increase the spirit at stuy in response to the C that Stuyvesant received from the DOE in Environment. We aim to increase school spirit and better the environement through events, meetings, and increased communication within the school.Harvey BlummDeanna Taylordmtaylorny@Gmail.comCharlie
Stuy "Speak Easy" Jr ToastmastersStuy Speak Easy Jr. Toastmasters is sponsored by the World Financial Center Toastmasters Club. Our mission is to empower individuals to become more effective communicators/leaders by helping them find their own voice and style. Aims to teach public speaking, and listening skills in a non-competitive environment.Kristen ChangKristenchang21@gmail.comKrzysztof
Stuy American Lung AssociationStuy American Lung Association: We partner up with the American Lung Association in 38th Street to spread awareness about lung complications. Many people overlook lung cancer, but 160,000 Americans die from it annually, a number far greater than the number of deaths from breast, colon, and pancreatic cancer combined!Jie ZhangYinye Zhouyinyezhou@gmail.comJin
Stuy American Sign Language ClubDr. O'MalleyGrace Quispequispegrace@gmail.comSunnam
Stuy Auto ClubMr. ChoubaralianRoman Bromblinrbromblin@gmail.comNeil
Stuy BirdiesIn this club, members play badminton and exercise. We will teach you the basics. (You don't need prior experience to join.) Badminton is a relaxing sport but it can also be played competitively. It's your choice if which you want to play but no matter which, have fun!Andrea FenvyesJialin Keshadowofhalloween@gmail.comSusan
StuyCycleThe purpose of StuyCycle is for students to be exposed to other bikers within our school and learn skills valuable to any cyclist. By doing this, we will also raise awareness about alternative forms of transportation in New York City.Mike ZamanskyAdam DeHovitzadam.dehovitz@gmail.comJustin Strauss
Stuy FlowAngel ColonKevin Yankevin.a.yan@gmail.comMiranda
Stuy InkAlways dreamed of writing a novel and fallen short of your goals? Or just want to give it a stab? Join the Stuy ink family! As inklings, we work in groups to write and edit our own novels and make those publishing fantasies come to life. Eric GrossmanEmily Liao / Adam / adamaharoni1@gmail.comTalia
Stuy Manga-kaStuy Manga-ka welcomes all Manga-artists and enthusiasts alike! Come by, do some casual sketching, and even start your own story. We'll help you with whatever you need. No experience nessecary!Avram JezerLaura Wanglukasveic@gmail.comBonny
Stuy PongStuy Pong provides students with convenient access to the game of table tennis. Attendance is not limited to only those on Stuy's table tennis team, but rather anyone that wants to play some casual ping pong with their friends. Beginners will be taught the basics, the experienced will be challenged by others, and all will hear the click-clack of the ball. Jie ZhangDaniel Zarotsky / Howard Wong / Terry / /
Stuy QuizBowlStuy QuizBowl is a club in which students participate in trivia competitions ("QuizBowl tournaments") as teams of four against other high school teams. Members will answer questions that range over the entire spectrum of a high school curriculum and touch upon pop culture and current events. This club will motivate its members to expand their knowledge while instilling a sense of teamwork and having fun. All are welcome!Katherine FletcherNicholas Beasley/Shelley Chen/Rebecca You/Carol / / /
Stuy Volleyball ClubStuy Volleyball is a club where students who have any interest in volleyball can come join to improve their skills and play some volleyball. Our goal is to teach fellow Stuy students about a sport that focuses on teamwork and communication, as well as to teach kids to strive to refine individual skill and play-making. Most importantly however, we aim to have fun.Marianne PrabhuJeffrey WongJeffreywong.stuy@gmail.comMichelle
Stuy-fi/Fantasy Book ClubThe Stuy-fi and Fantasy book club is dedicated to reading and discussing works of science fiction and fantasy literature. We aim to form a community of readers to fully enjoy and share books of these genres.Vito BonsignoreMargaret BurkartMargarburkart@gmail.comCatriona
Stuy4StudentsStuy4Students is a volunteer club dedicated to promoting education within the city and worldwide via our affiliated organizations. We tutor inner city kids, organize and hold fundraisers and collection drives, and have even set up a penpal system with kids in India to teach English. In doing so, we hope to raise awareness within our school, and benefit the education system.Micheal WaxmanAnise Rauanise0921@gmail.comRadhika
StuyRockStuyRock is a relaxed club where music fans learn about, listen to, and enjoy rock music. Members can share their favorite bands, learn some rock history, play karaoke, and even perform (if they play an instrument) in front of each other if they'd like to. We plan to go to multiple shows and other fun events throughout the year!Kerry TrainorAmir / moonmahbubar@gmail.comMahbubar
Stuyvesant A CappellaAs Stuyvesant A Cappella we practice arrangements of songs from various genres without instrumental accompaniment. Normally we perform at Open Mics, Barnes and Noble, Stuyvesant Annual Spring Feast Fundraiser, Stuy Open House, ARISTA induction ceremony,other events and fundraisers. We aim to to learn about singing/performing better as an a cappella family.Jie ZhangAndrew Guo/Alicia
Stuyvesant Autism Awareness ClubStuyvesant Autism Awareness is a branch of "Autism Youth Ambassadors" and a community at Stuy that is focused on raising awareness of the issues and prevalence of Autism. We work the organisation TACA (Talk About Curing Autism) to plan and implement strategies that help us interact with youth who have Autism in our communities. Also, we plan on holding fundraisers and volunteering at various events in order to help families affected by Autism and to raise money for Autism research.Shakira RajwantSumaiya Islamminto.islam@gmail.comNashia
Stuyvesant Bollywood ClubThe Stuyvesant Bollywood Club is a place where we can all take a break and enjoy some great Indian movies! This club welcomes and encourages everyone to come. It's absolutely fine if you don't understand Hindi because we will have subtitles for all of the movies we show! These movies all have important life lessons and watching these movies will just be a way to relax and take some time to spend with our friends. Along with watching Bollywood movies, we will have open mics and dance offs. Towards the end of the year, we also hope to have our own little Bollywood production :)Shakira RajwantJannatul Ahmedjannatulahmed@gmail.comRoadra
Stuyvesant CalligraphyVivien NgaiMiad HoqueMiadhoque@me.comBonny
Stuyvesant Chess ClubWe're a club that gathers to play chess and chess variants, and we promote chess in Stuy for teachers and students alike.William BoerickeJohn Jace ChenJohnJaceChen@gmail.comSamuel
Stuyvesant Cooking ClubThe purpose of StuyCooks is to become acquainted with the cuisines of various cultures and learn about the process and science behind food preparation. We hope to create an environment encouraging members to share their favorite dishes and recipes.Samantha DavesAriel LevyAriel.s.levy1@gmail.comSamuel
Stuyvesant Coral Reef ClubStuyvesant coral reef club is about taking care of the the various organisms (coral, fish, algae, shrimp, sea urchin) as well as learning about them. Jobs include feeding, cleaning, water changes, dosing, etc. (various jargon). Stephen McClellanNancy Shresthatejnancy@gmail.comMing
Stuyvesant CS DojoCS Dojo is a space for anyone struggling in a computer science class to find the help they need. Anyone may come simply to have a space to do their work, to ask specific questions about concepts from class that they do not understand, to have some guidance in completing homework assignments, or receive help studying for a test. Dyrland - Weaver / Brown - MykolykMiranda Chaiken / Nadia /
Stuyvesant Doctors of TomorrowStuyvesant Doctors of Tomorrow is a club made for students who are interested in the medical field, This club is going to be a strong source of information about the field, a place to discuss subjects and issues concerning medicine, and of course, to meet people with similar interests. We are planning multiple visits and talks from young medical school students, hospital trips, fun activities and medical lectures in Weill Cornell Medical College. Also, we are working to relaunch the Stuyvesant Biomedical Magazine.Deame HuaSumaiya Islam/Lawrence Yi / lawrenceyi1998@yahoo.comAlina
Stuyvesant Dragon Boat ClubDragon boat is a fun, exciting, but competitive sport that requires no previous experience. Our goal is to introduce the sport of dragon boat to beginners as well as improve on our stroke and/or technique to further enhance our experience as paddlers. This club is the perfect opportunity to meet new people, better one's physical and mental fitness, and be a part of a vast and energetic community.Mr. ChoubaralianCheryl Lau / Garcia / garciamegan1498@gmail.comShimrani
Stuyvesant Environmental ClubWe're a group of students who are committed to making Stuy greener and better. We organize events and volunteer opportunities to raise environmental awareness all around NYC and within Stuy (including but not limited to the terracycling program, the Annual Earth Day Fair, park maintenance events, and environmental lectures).Ms. MaggioSidney Loklok.sidney@gmail.comSunny
Stuyvesant Fashion ClubStuyvesant Fashion Club brings togetherer students who are interested in fashion and designing. At SFC, you are able to bring your creative ideas to the table and actually create it. One of the highlights of the year will be planning Stuy's first ever fashion show. We will also have information for NYC events that deal with fashion and designing for all of whom interested to participate. Also we will write and create mini fashion magazines to expose different styles to the Stuyvesant community. If you are interested in clothes, or want to dress better, definitely check us out!Jie ZhangTae Kyung Kongtkong98@gmail.comJiwoo
Stuyvesant Feminist SocietyStuyvesant Feminist Society is an education/volunteering club focused on educating the community about the issues prevalent, while empowering youth to get involved in their communities with specific attention to gender equality and issues of women. Angel
Stuyvesant Filmmakers' ClubThe Stuyvesant Filmmakers' Club is dedicated to producing completely original short films, from screenplay writing to acting to editing, and then showing said films at an event later on in the year. All levels of filmmaking experience are welcome.Joseph SternFish Milnikiewiczfmilniki@gmail.comJames
Stuyvesant Finance OrganizationStuyvesant Finance Organization looks to promote business and the financial industry at Stuyvesant High School. We will strive to teach students professional skills to take to the workplace and will educate students on the financial market.Christopher Brown-MykolykLarisa JiaoLarisajiao@gmail.comKaran
Stuyvesant Fitness ClubStuyvesant Fitness Club strives to encourage people who have always wanted to get started with fitness but never found the motivation to do so. We believe it's very important for everyone to feel comfortable in their own body and eating healthy and exercising are two prime factors to have a healthy lifestyle. The main goal of this club is to introduce people to fitness and motivate them to eat healthy and exercise frequently by making it fun to do!Kristlyn PluchinoRachel Dalalaquamarine52210@gmail.comAlice
Stuyvesant Global Citizens CorporationStuy GCC (Global Citizens Corp) is a volunteer group that works to improve our community at Stuyvesant and NYC. Our motto is Awareness, Action, Impact and our small community is a family where everyone is welcomed.Brenda GarciaKimberly Choi / Eric Wong / wonggeric@gmail.comShamay
Stuyvesant Hip Hop ClubStuyvesant Hip Hop Club is a club that teaches its members how to dance in an urban dance style. The club relieves stress, allows for creativity, and introduces members to school events such as Stuy' Squad and Sing!Julie SheinmanSeung Won Chung /Brian / Brian.Tran.1114@gmail.comSadman
Stuyvesant Heart AssociationSHA is a club to raise awareness for heart disease, the leading cause of death in America.Jeffery KiviKuntal Senkuntalsen99@gmail.comArya
Stuyvesant Indian Dance ClubStuyvesant Indian Dance Club is a community where members can express themselves and embrace their identity while sharing and learning about the rich culture South Asia has to offer. Our club members will learn various dance moves and styles including Bharathanatyam, Bollywood, Bhangra, Dandiaya Raas, Garba, and much more! Using what we learn, the club will perform in school events such Stuy Squad, SING! and Culture Fest! Ms. ParrisVyshnavi Parthipanvyshnavi.parthipan@gmail.comDristi
Stuyvesant K-pop ClubStuyvesant K-pop Club strives to provide a community where Stuyvesant students can share and develop their passion for K-pop. Whether students have listened to K-pop for many years or have just discovered the genre, the club welcomes anyone who loves listening to and learning about K-pop music.Jessica QuenzerAlexander Gabrielalexander.gabriel@aol.comTyler Ishikawa / David /
Stuyvesant League CircuitStuy League Circuit is a community of League of Legends players . This includes tournaments and discussions.Jessica QuenzerFabien CaFabienFabienca@gmail.comFelicity
Stuyvesant Muslim Students AssociationOur goal is to provide an Islamic atmosphere for our club members in which they can talk freely about their religion and discuss issues affecting us today. We strive to promote understanding and tolerance, and to seek knowledge in order to better ourselves and also inform others. We want to do away with the many misconceptions regarding Islam and make people more aware of the true aspects of the religion. We teach any interested individuals about the basics of Islam.Angel ColonArmani Khan / Ali / alisaad012@gmail.comRazwan
Stuyvesant Project Love ClubStuy Project Love is a family of students who spread awareness about social and mental health issues to better the emotional, mental, and social health of the student body as a community. The club's members act as peers and friends in order to welcome, educate, and help those who need it, coming together to not only learn and spread awareness about these issues, but to help others with their own personal problems as well.Angel ColonNicole Livitskynlitvitskiy@gmail.comRegina
Stuyvesant Red Cross ClubThe Stuyvesant Red Cross Club is a community service club where members participate in volunteering events all over the city, such as walks, fairs, and carnivals and strive to help out both our community and school in any way. We also host the annual Health Fair in the school cafeteria and help out with various SPARK initiatives. Angel ColonAndrew Lee / Alyson . Chang / Shan /
Stuyvesant Relay for LifeStuyvesant Relay for Life is a club that focuses on raising money for cancer. Our purpose is to create fundraising events for Stuy and later on outside of Stuy to raise money in Stuy's name. We will send all the money to Relay for Life: An American Cancer Society.Harvey BlummDanielle SegallDanielles1998@gmail.comMargaret
Stuyvesant Road RunnersAnna MarkovaAnnique Wongwong.annique@gmail.comNicolette
Stuyvesant Science DebateThe goal of Stuyvesant Science Debate club is to create a friendly, yet intellectually - stimulating environment where students can sharpen their oral/persuasion skills, analytical skills, and problem solving skills.Jeffery HorensteinZhi LinZhi.Lin396@gmail.comJames
Stuyvesant Seekers Christian FellowshipOur mission is to invite and gather those of the Stuyvesant community who are Christians or are interested in Christianity and to build relationships with them, to grow in our faith in Christ and to encourage each other. On a regular basis, our meetings include worship (time of connection with God through music), icebreakers, Bible studies, prayers, etc, but towards the end of the school year we host an outreach event called Jesus Day (J-Day).Vivien NgaiSharon ChoSharon.f.cho@gmail.comAlbert
Stuyvesant South Asian Youth AssociationStuyvesant High School’s South Asian Youth Association (SAYA) is a cultured club which targets not only the Desi community at Stuy, but also encourages students of all ethnic backgrounds to join. We will discuss our roles as South Asians in society, as well as how society views us. We will also have cultural events such as celebrating holidays, as well as movie days to watch cultural/Bollywood films and recognize common themes that are emphasized.Angel ColonFatin Ishraqfatinishraq27@gmail.comKaran
Stuyvesant Young Democrats ClubAs the official New York State High School Democrats Chapter for Stuyvesant, we strive to counter political apathy by creating an open environment where students can learn how to participate in the local political process. In addition, we will be hosting special guests throughout the school year, with previous speakers including Mayoral Candidates, City Council Candidates and high-ranking members of the Manhattan Young Democrats.Kerry TrainorGabriel Rosengmr376@gmail.comSalman
Super Stuy Bros. ClubWe are an open community dedicated to discussing and playing Smash Bros, whether it be Brawl, Melee, Project M, or even the 3DS version. No experience is needed to attend, and in the words of Captain Falcon: "Show us your moves!Mr. OrlandoBrian Lee / Matthew Cook / Emile Jean - / / milojb@earthlink.netAbraham Diaz / Tanjeel Murad / Kevin Mejia / Bhawanjot / / /
Taekwondo ClubWe do taekwondo and watch Anohana. No experience in taekwondo or Anohana necesarry. Come learn how to spar and other martial arts.Mrs. GuanKyle LaiKyleLai2016@gmail.comAndrew Lin/Joseph
TVB ClubMay WongDorothy YuenYuen8.d@gmail.comCui Ying
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