Please review the FAQs below. If your question has not been addressed, you can submit a questions here: REGISTRATION QUESTIONS GOOGLE FORM (FORM IS CURRENTLY CLOSED) This FAQ page is updated on a regular basis during registration.
Registration/Infinite Campus
How do I know when my registration materials are due?See the timeline on the Irvington Registration website:
What if I have issues with the Infinite Campus portal or my parent's don't have an account or access code?Directions for Infinite Campus Registration If you have questions regarding Infinite Campus or Campus Portal (including obtaining a parent access code), please contact your attendance clerk, or email for assistance. *Parents of current 8th grade students will need to contact the district for their access code. Parent portal: coming soon
Are my chances better for getting a class if I register as soon as possible?Course requests are NOT prioritized by submission date for any of our courses (including AP courses), but must be submitted by the grade level deadline. Failure to complete both the Google Form AND Infinite Campus registration by grade level deadline may result in alternative course choices.
Can I edit my course plan in Infinite Campus if I have already saved it?You can add classes, save your course plan, make edits, and save your new course plan until the registration window closes for your grade level. You CANNOT make edits to the Google Registration Form once you have submitted it.
Where can I find the Google Registration Form?The Google Registration form can be found in your google classroom. The link to the form can also be found in the registration directions that were sent to students through School Loop. Students may need to copy and paste the link from the directions as opposed to clicking on the link directly.
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Where do I turn in my proof of residency and when is it due?Parents need to upload documents in the parent portal: If an Irvington parent has not created their account, they can obtain an access code from their student's attendance clerk. Parents will be uploading docs to the 2020-21 school year. IHS will not have access codes for Horner parents. Parents of IHS and/or Horner students need to complete this step by April 30th.
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I am getting an alert in Infinite Campus that I do not have enough credits in a subject. What should I do?Only complete the course selections for your grade level for 2022-2023. (Example: If you'll be in 9th grade next year, add requests in that column). If you get a notice that appears stating that you have not earned enough credits in a content area, that’s ok. Just be sure that it states “Course Requests Saved”. Click SAVE.
I am getting an alert in Infinite Campus that I have not met the Algebra requirement, but I have. What should I do?At this time, Infinite Campus recognizes Algebra 1 at IHS as fulfilling the Algebra graduation requirement. If you have completed Algebra 2/trig or Alg 2/Pre Calc Accelerated, you have met the FUSD Algebra requirement and can ignore the Infinite Campus alert.
When I register for classes will that be my schedule?NO. Registration is for students to REQUEST classes they would like to take the following year. Students will receive their actual schedules during Maze Days in August.
If a class is listed on the options form, will it definitely be offered next year?Courses that are planned for next year can be found in the "useful tools" on the registration website: Each course needs enough eligible students to request the course in order for it to be offered. If there are not enough students, the course may not be offered.
Where can I see my grades?You can see your transcript on your Infinite Campus Portal.
Where can I get a copy of my transcript?You can view or order transcripts on Parchment:
What is the GAFE Account?This is each student's FUSD google account that ends in
What if I don't know what the prerequisite is?Please check the online FUSD Course Catalog for prerequisites for each class:
I do not see a submit button on Infinite Campus. Do I just save my plan?Yes. There is not a submit button on Infinite Campus. Click the save button to save your course requests.
Do I need to select both Government and Econ in 12th grade?Yes. Students need to select both Government and Economics in Infinite Campus when completing registration.
Do I fill in the entire course plan, or just my courses for next year?Only complete the course selections for your grade level for 2021-2022. Just be sure that it states “Course Requests Saved”. Click SAVE.
Do I put in both my 1st option and alternate choices on Infinite Campus?No. When registering for classes on Infinite Campus only put your 1st choice classes in. You will list your alternate choices on the google form.
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Classes Outside of IHS
Can a student take a class like math or language class during the summer to skip to the next level at Irvington?No. Courses taken outside of FUSD are for enrichment purposes only and cannot be used to “skip” classes at Irvington, do not count toward graduation, and are not added to the Irvington transcript.
Can a student take a class during IHS summer school like Spanish 2 or Geometry to skip the class at Irvington?No. FUSD summer school is for remediation only. Only students who have failed a course are able to take courses through FUSD summer school.
Are classes taken at a community college like Ohlone or other institutions added to the Irvington transcript?Classes taken at a community college or other institution are for enrichment only so are not added to the Irvington transcript. Similar to how Ohlone would not add an Irvington class to their transcript, Irvington/FUSD classes will be the only classes included on the Irvington transcript.
What does it mean if a class has (Ohlone) next to it? Is that a dual enrollment class?Yes. Dual enrollment classes are classes taught on Irvington's campus where students can also receive Ohlone College credit. These classes will be placed on the FUSD transcript as well as the Ohlone transcript. Dual enrollment classes are listed on the Course Options form with (Ohlone) next to them and are also listed in the Course Catalog.
Academies (Families)
How can I get more information on the families (academies) that are offered at Irvington?Information on academies can be found here: You can also contact the coordinator. SHAPE: Ms. Tebow - CCA: Mr. Mintey - & Ms. Avon -
When are Academy applications like SHAPE and CCA due and where?Students should check individual academy websites for additional information:
How can I apply for the Information Technology Academy (ITA)?The ITA has been discontinued for the 2022-23 school year. Elective classes that were previously available only to ITA students will be available to all students pending space.
Can students in CCA take AP English 11 and/or AP US History? CCA courses in 11th grade are American Studies English and American Studies US History. They must be taken as a pair. If a CCA student it requesting AP English OR AP US History, they would not take either of the American Studies courses.
What if I pick an academy and do not end up liking it?In most instances, students are committing to the academy (CCA or SHAPE) for the remainder of their high school years. Students can apply for an academy during any year in high school. If a student registers for an academy and they are not happy with their choice, they will need to get special permission from the academy’s coordinator to drop. Requests to leave an academy are not guaranteed.
Is Kinesiology part of the SHAPE Academy?Kinesiology is open to 11th and 12th grade students but SHAPE students do have priority since they have to take Kinesiology or a CTE class in 12th grade.
Graduation/a-g Requirements
What are the requirements for high school graduation and college entrance?Graduation requirements: Counselor's Graduation Reqs Webpage College entrance requirements: Counselor's UC/CSU Reqs webpage
How do I know if a class that I want to take is a-g approved and meets the requirements for CSU/UC admission?See Irvington's a-g course list at:
Can I take two math or two science courses next year?9th-11th grade students are limited to one math and one science course due to space limitations. It is unlikely that requests for two math and/or two science courses by 12th grade students will be accommodated for the 21-22 school year due to space limitations. Requests for two math/two science courses could not be accommodated for the 20-21 school year.
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Is Government and Econ the same class?Gov/Econ is a yearlong course where Government is taught sem 1 and Econ is taught sem 2. The period and teacher remain the same. Current 11th grade students need to select both Government and Economics in Infinite Campus when completing registration.
PE/Marching Band/Color Guard
I'm a band student. Does it count for physical education credit?A band class does not count for PE credit, but students who take Marching Band all 4 years will have fulfilled their 2-year (20 credit) PE requirement. Each fall semester of Marching band (Student must also be enrolled in a full year of band during the school year) earns students 5 credits of PE. Therefore, all four years of the marching band program are required to earn the entire 20 credit PE requirement. If, for example, students drop out of marching band during any particular year, those students must complete the balance of the PE credit during the school day. One year of marching band= 5 credits Two years of marching band = 10 credits Three years of marching band = 15 credits Four years of marching band = 20 credits
If I take band, can I choose a second elective?Yes, IF you are also taking Marching Band. Your band class takes the place of PE. Remember that you must request the 7th period Marching Band course (Fall Semester only). This means that students can take band AND one elective, such as a world language or additional fine arts course, etc.
Do you offer 0 period PE?Zero period PE is available to 11th and 12th graders that need PE credits for graduation. It is also available to 10th graders who are taking a World Language (on campus) and are in CCA or have applied/auditioned for certain courses at Irvington such as Journalism, Publications, or Leadership. Zero period PE is not available for any 9th grade student.
Can a student earn physical education credits during the summer?Only students who failed PE during the school year are eligible for summer school.
ROP Classes
What are ROP courses?ROP courses provide relevant career training for high tech and high demand fields. Course descriptions and course videos can be found at: On Campus ROP classes: Classes are offered on Irvington's campus and are taught by ROP certified instructors. They are one period in length, and are listed on the student's transcript as an Irvington class. Off Campus ROP classes: Classes are offered at the ROP center (Stevenson and Blacow) and are two periods in length (either 1st and 2nd periods or 5th and 6th periods). Students can provide their own transportation or can take the bus that is provided by ROP (does not apply during distance learning).
How many ROP classes can I take? Students can take up to 2 periods of ROP per year. Courses taken at MVROP (2 periods) are for 11th and 12th grade students.
Is Anatomy and Physiology offered in Irvington? If it is, is it considered a science or elective class? Anatomy/Physiology is a 1 period ROP class taught at Irvington. It does receive lab science "d" credit.
What is PLTW?Project Lead the Way are pathways in specific industry areas (Engineering, Biomedical, Computers). They each have specific courses students take each year along the pathway that incorporate hands-on experience in an engaging classroom.
Are there prerequisites for ROP classes?Check the FUSD Course Catalog: or the MVROP site:
How do I sign up for an ROP class?ROP classes are on the Infinite Campus Academic Planner under the "WL/FA/CTE" box.
Update coming soon
World Language
Do I need to take 4 years of a World Language to apply to private universities? How many years of World Language do the CSU and UC systems require?Sometimes. It is your responsibility to research if the university that you are applying to requires 4 years of a world language, and you must plan your schedule accordingly.
How many years are needed for UC/CSU's?The UC system requires 2 years (level 2) of a world language and recommend a 3 years (level 3).. CSU's require 2 years (level 2).
Do I have to be in a language for 2 years to meet the requirement?
No. 2 years of a language is equivalent to Level 2 of a language so if you take Chinese 2 in 9th grade, you have met the requirement.
Can I take Multivariable Calculus at a community college since it is not offered at Irvington?Multivariable Calculus will not be offered at IHS for the 2021-22 school year. Students can request the class through a community college (follow registration directions from the institution) and take FIVE classes at IHS. Ohlone's information can be found here: Students should select OC Math (86002) as one of their requests when completing Infinite Campus registration. This will be a placeholder class to ensure the student is scheduled into a 5 period day (either 1-5 or 2-6) at IHS. Students need to make sure that the community college class does not conflict with their IHS schedule. Students will be contacted by administration after Infinite Campus registration has been completed with additional information. Community college classes are not listed on the IHS transcript, but do need to be reported by the student on college applications.
Update coming soon
Can I take accelerated math next year if I am not in accelerated math this year?Current 9th grade students may have the option to take Accelerated Geometry/Algebra 2/Trig if space allows for their 10th grade year if they earn a grade of "A-" in both semesters of Common Core Algebra 1 with an average of 90% or better on the district benchmarks. At this time, 9th grade students that are passing Algebra 1 should register for Geometry or Discovering Geometry. Students that qualify for accelerated math will be contacted in May. Current 10th and 11th grade students are not eligible to request Accelerated Geometry/Algebra 2/Trig. The prerequisite for Accelerated Algebra 2/Trig/PreCalculus is a grade of "B" or higher in both semesters of Accelerated Geometry/Algebra 2. There are no exceptions. This information does not apply to current 8th and 9th grade students that are continuing on the accelerated math pathway. Students that are continuing should ensure they are meeting course prerequisites.
How can I take the 2nd accelerated math class Alg 2/Trig/Pre Calculus?Only students who receive a "B" or higher in Geometry/Alg 2/Trig can request the 2nd accelerated math class.
Fine Art/Performing Art
What is the difference between the high school Fine Arts requirements and the college entrance Fine Arts requirements?For a high school diploma, a student must complete: one year of a world language or one year of a fine art or one year of a CTE (Career Technical Education/ROP) course. For example, if a student completes the first year of Spanish, then this requirement has been met for high school graduation; if a student chooses to fulfill the requirement by taking one year of an art class such as Photography, then they have met the one year requirement for graduation purposes. The one year of fine art/world language requirement is two semesters, or a total of 10 credits. The college entrance requirement requires one year of a visual or performing art. The world language requirement for the CSUs/UCs is a separate level 2 minimum requirement. Students should follow our UC a-g list, which is posted on our website, to make sure that the fine art class they have chosen has been UC approved. Some examples of how to fulfill the one year art requirement include: Art 1, Sculpture, Drama, Choir, Band, etc.
How do I know if a class at Irvington is a fine art for the UC/CSU a-g requirements?See the Irvington a-g approved course list. Make sure you are checking the list for the year that you took/intend to take the class.;academic Year=25
Does culinary arts count as an art?No. Culinary Arts is an elective course for graduation only.
Can I take AP Art if I have not taken Art 1?Some 11th and 12th grade students may be able to take AP Art by a portfolio review. See more information here:
Can I take Art 2 if I have not taken Art 1?Students that will be entering grades 10-12 may be able to take Art 2. Interested students should contact Ms. Barrett at stating their intent to start directly in Art 2, explain their experience that qualifies them to do so, and share a digital portfolio of their work which will be reviewed to determine appropriate placement.
AP Classes
What is a weighted GPA and does it apply if I register for an AP course?A weighted grade-point-average for CSU/UC admissions is one that includes extra points for approved Advanced Placement courses, and transferable college courses. For AP classes, a student will receive an extra point (with a maximum of 8 points [4 AP classes]) in the grade-point-average, so that for every A, a student receives 5 points, for every B a student receives 4 points, and for every C a student receives 3 points. Our high school transcript does not weight grades, so the GPA listed on the transcript is unweighted, and students must calculate their weighted GPA on their own. UC GPA information
What are college admissions officers looking for with my course requests? Are honors courses required?College admissions officers are seeking the best prepared students for their particular programs. In general, they look at courses taken and grades earned. Honors/AP courses are not required for admission. Admission officers look to see that students have take a rigorous course load that matches the student's ability level. This will vary by student, and is often determined by the GPA that the student earned. They look for candidates who will be successful at their institution, who can bring something of value to the student body. Evidence of special talents, interests, activities, athletic ability, leadership or public service may help a candidate get into their school of choice. Read the college’s catalog or admissions information pamphlets or check college web sites. Colleges may need or want different talents or students with various backgrounds.
Which AP classes can I request and is there a limit?Students can request the AP courses(es) they meet prerequisites for. Check the course catalog for prerequisites: If more students sign up for a course than available spots, additional criteria is considered. Students that are requesting one AP course, and meet prerequisites for that course, would be prioritized. Some classes, like AP Psychology, AP Environmental Science, AP Statistics and AP Computer Science are limited to 12th grade students due to space limitations. Check your grade level course options form in the "Useful Tools" folder to see what classes are available for your grade level.
Are there going to be mandatory meetings for AP classes?No. This year there will be a videos for a variety of classes to help students determine if the class will be a good fit for them. Course Videos:
How important are registering for AP courses if I want to apply to a UC?AP courses (offered in 11th and 12th grade) can help enhance your academic profile if you do well in them, but overall GPA is also key. If a student takes several AP courses but does not do well in them, the GPA is affected which can negatively impact college admissions. There are many things that contribute to what colleges are looking for. Students should be aware AP test scores lower than 3 will not adversely affect their chances for admission.
I don't see an AP class on the course options form for my grade level, but I see it on the 12th grade one, can I request it?Certain AP courses are only available to 12th grade students because of space limitations. You are only eligible to request the courses that are on the course options form for your grade. This list of courses can be found in the "Useful Tools" folder on the registration website.
Does AP Computer Science count as a math class?No. AP Computer Science is an elective class.
AP Psychology is under Social Science so is it a science, history, or elective course?AP Psychology is an elective course for graduation and completes the "g" elective on the a-g list.
What AP classes are available to 9th and 10th graders?AP courses are for 11th and 12th grade students.
Current 8th grade students
Will I take a history class next year?No. Ninth grade students do not take history. Leave that section blank in Infinite Campus. Students take World History in 10th grade, US History in 11th grade, and Government/Economics in 12th grade.
What Honors classes are paired for the benchmarks?9th: English 9 and Physics in the Universe or English 9 Honors and Living Earth. 10th: English 10 and World History or English 10 Honors and World History Honors.
How do I get more information on a program like Journalism, Yearbook, or Leadership (ASG)?Information was sent to students through School Loop. Students should visit program websites and/or contact the advisor for additional information. Leadership: (advisor contact: Journalism: (advisor contact: Yearbook: advisor contact: (
I want to take 0 period Photo so do I put that in Infinite Campus?For 0 and 7th period classes please list them on the google form.
What are the requirements to get into English Honors?Teacher recommendation letters are not accepted. Placement is based on grades and assessments, and the FUSD honors policy which includes earning an A grade in all four semesters of 7th and 8th grade English OR earning a C- or higher in 8th grade honors English.
What honors science is offered in 9th grade?There are no honors science classes in 9th grade. Students who take English 9 Honors will also take College Prep (CP) Living Earth.
Can I take Honors English with Physics in the Universe?No. Due to the 9th grade benchmark, English 9 Honors is paired with Living Earth.
What math do I need for Living Earth?Students need to be in Algebra 1 or higher to be in Living Earth due to the following year when these students will move to Chemistry of Earth Systems and the prerequisite is completion of Algebra 1.
Can a student opt for the College Prep Family or CCA College Prep and then in 10th grade switch to the Honors Family or CCA Honors and/or Vice Versa?Yes.
What is the elective that I will have opposite Health?Health is a mandatory graduation requirement and is one semester in length. Students that are in the Honors 9 Family or in the College Prep 9 family do not choose the elective that is opposite health. The elective is determined by the period of their health class and cannot be changed. The elective that is opposite health for the CCA is Art Spectrum and for ITA is Introduction to Computer Science. These cannot be changed. IHS will add the course request for Arts Spectrum or Intro to Computer Science if the student is accepted into the academy.
What is CC Skills?This is a 1 semester class opposite Health that will teach students skills to use in their core classes.
Can I take Health online or opt out of the class?Students MAY NOT take Health online, per school board policy. Students MAY NOT opt out of Health (per Education Code). Every 9th grade student must be enrolled in an Irvington Health class. Alternate assignments can be given to students whose personal/religious beliefs conflict with certain course material.
Can I opt out of the "sexual health education" part of Health?Yes. Information on this will be given by the Health teacher.
World Language
If I speak spanish at home and take the spanish placement test but do not like the results, can I not take the class?Native speaking students that take the language placement exam (incoming 9th grade students only) will receive notification of their level placement when they get their schedule in August. Taking the placement test is a commitment to take that language in 9th grade.
Can I take the language placement test if I am taking Spanish 2 right now at Horner?No. Language placement exams are only for current 8th grade students that have NOT taken an FUSD approved language class and are Native Speakers. If a student has successfully completed an FUSD language class, the student would proceed to the next level of the course if requested.
Where can I find more information about the language placement test?
If I take the placement test, when will I know my level?Students should request the course in Infinite Campus that they are eligible for. Once the results of the tests are available, IHS will adjust the Infinite Campus course request for the student. The student will see their language level when they get their schedule in August.
If I am taking Spanish 2 at Horner, do I need to take language in high school for UC/CSU admissions?No. The UCs recommend taking a level 3 language course, but it is not required. Students can report middle school language courses on their CSU and UC applications.
Do I have to take a language in 9th grade?No. World language is not a graduation requirement. FUSD requires students to take one year of a world language OR fine art OR CTE course for a diploma. The CSUs and UCs require students to complete a level 2 world language course (UCs recommend level 3) for admission. Students can start/continue world language during 9th grade, or start/continue during 10th or 11th grade if they are planning to apply to the CSUs/UCs.
If I am in Spanish 1 now can I skip language in 9th grade and take Spanish 2 in 10th?Students are most successful in language classes if they continue each level yearly.
Can I sign up for ASL in 9th grade?No. ASL is for 11th and 12th grade students who have not taken a World Language.
Colleges require 2 years of world language so does that mean I need to be in a language class for 2 years?No. the level of the class is the number of years: Chinese 2=2 years; Spanish 3= 3 years.