Release Milestones/Level of Effort
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Hello, Release Squad!

You're looking at a Focus Lead task list. It is broken down by Teams and Timeframes. These are guidelines and you are free to tailor timelines to your release's specific needs. There are a few things that will help you read this document.

- The darker the color, the more time the Team will likely spend during that Timeframe.
- Not all Teams are required. Smaller releases may need fewer volunteers.
Pre-planning phase (dreams and things)Kick Off phase (discuss, scope, plan)Development Phase (design, develop, document, beta)Final Phase (translate, harden, release candidate, final, promote)
Month 6Month 5Month 4Month 3Week 8T-7wksT-6wksT-5wks -- BetasT-4wks -- RCs3 Weeks Away1 Week AwayDay BeforeRelease DayPost-Release
Talk to leads, committers, and component maintainers.
Pick release deputies. Pre Merge WindowMerge WindowBeta 1Pre-RCRelease Candidate
Release checklist:
Post-release checklist:
Kick off the next cycle with the next lead.
Coordinator (PM: Ops)
Post a call for ideas.
Set a schedule.
Compile and Publish Devnotes
Translation kick off
Publish Field Guide
Notify Plugin Authors
Notify Akismet team
Notify Hosts
Email plugins
Notify hosts that a release is coming.
Notify the polyglots team of string changes.
Notify the systems team so they can have someone available during release.
Prep the HelpHub page
Publish a retrospective post if desired.
PM: Tech
Feature projects should prepare for merge consideration in the beginning of a release cycle.
Merge proposals should be created and reviewed during this time.
Security checksScope == bug fixes and polish
Announce the string freeze
Announce RC commit policy
Pre-release checklist:
Dry Run
Check in with the Support Team for any notable issues.
PM: Design
Check to see if a new bundled theme will be included in this release.
PM: TriageNo tkts in milestone
PM: ProgramsKick off release video (optional)About Page
HelpHub Version Page
Check in with the Community Team for any community feedback.
Focus Leads: Tech
Focus Leads: Design