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A repository of open channels containing people working on political, civic and humanitarian technology.
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URLNameTypeSelf-DescriptionPurposeSome Associated ProjectsDistrictCountryLanguageTopicTopicTopicTopicTopicNotes
http://techvscorruption.slack.comTech vs CorruptionSlack TeamGroup at the intersection of anti-corruption and civic tech, here for generating new partnerships, growing existing networks, and empowering civic tech initiatives to increase accountability and fight corruption. Discuss/problem-solve/knowledge share re: corruption-fighting Tech
7!forum/democracy-clubDemocracy ClubMailing ListDemocracy Club aims to make the process of democracy better for everyone. We believe that there is a lot of work needed to be done to bring the UK political system in the to digital age, and our tools are a start.Crowdsource UK Election DataWhereDoIVote, WhoCanIVoteFor, Candidates, ElectionIDs, ElectionLeaflets, ElectionMentions, CandidateCVs, MeetYourNextMPSouth EastUKEnglishCivic TechElectionsDemocracy
8 ClubSlack TeamDemocracy Club aims to make the process of democracy better for everyone. We believe that there is a lot of work needed to be done to bring the UK political system in the to digital age, and our tools are a start.Crowdsource UK Election DataWhereDoIVote, WhoCanIVoteFor, Candidates, ElectionIDs, ElectionLeaflets, ElectionMentions, CandidateCVs, MeetYourNextMPSouth EastUKEnglishCivic TechElectionsDemocracy
9!forum/poplusPoplusMailing ListA global federation for civic tech, sharing technology to help civic and democratic projects… everywhereCreate open source civic tech components(WriteIt, Write and send messages to public figures) (MapIt, Map geographic points to administrative boundaries) (BillIt, Record, search and track bills as they change) (SayIt, Search, browse and share your transcripts) (Represent Boundaries, Match your users with location-based information) (Cuttlefish, A lovely, easy-to-set-up transactional email server)GlobalGlobalEnglishCivic Tech
10 GroupJournocoders is a monthly event for exchanging practical advice on coding in relation to journalism, whether that's making an incredible data visualisation, scraping gigs of data off the web or building a novelty Twitter bot.Teach journalists to codeLondonUKEnglishJournalismLearn To CodeIn Person Event
11 ListWe build and share digital technologies that give people the power to get things changed, across the three areas of Democracy, Freedom of Information, and Better Cities.Civic EngagementFixMyStreet, WhatDoTheyKnow (freedom of information), TheyWorkForYou (parlimentary monitoring), Alaveteli users/discussion groupUKEnglishDemocracyCivic TechFOI
12 Online ExchangeForumJoin over 750 members on the two-way Democracies Online Exchange ... a global who's who of experts, practitioners, and researchers on open government, civic technology, participation, transparency and all things e-democracy.Announce, source/make & discuss, democratic structure tools (Civic Engagement)UKEnglishCampaigningDemocracyAnnouncmentsAcademiaInternationalism
13 Fourth GroupFacebook GroupWe are a group of people working together to create a new politics for the fourth industrial revolution.Civic Engagement, CampaigningUKEnglishNewPoliticsDemocracyCommunity OrganisingTechnology
14 For DemocracySlack TeamLike-minded people from around the world gathered to work on technology that has an impact. No structure. No rules. Just code commits and lots of Slack messagesMake digital tools for democracyEnglishDigital DemocracyOpen DataDemocracy
15 For DemocracyGithub RepositoryLike-minded people from around the world gathered to work on technology that has an impact. No structure. No rules. Just code commits and lots of Slack messagesMake digital tools for democracyunderstanding the behavior of online communities, election transparency, a USA dashboard (like KPIs for America), analysis on the extreme right, Medicare drug spending, and campaign spendingUSEnglishData collection/InterpretationDemocracyCommunity OrgTechnologyInternatlonalism
16 Parliament Data mailing listMailing ListMailing list to discuss UK parliament's dataConnecting groups, building connections.UKEnglishOpen DataUK ParliamentDemocracyDigital Democracy
17 platform experimentersSlack Teammeta-polis - Slack group for platform experimentersdiscussion route for those working on/with the systemsEnglishDigital DemocracyDemocracy
18 CommunitySlack TeamCommunity Channel for those building on represent.mediscussion route for those working on/with represent.meRepresent.meUKEnglishOpen DataDigital DemocracyDemocracy
19 Hack Nights (Journalism & Tech)Meetup GroupA rolling hackathon for journalists, technologists and urbanists interested in Hackney happenings.The idea is that the Hackney Hackers will provide a forum for active citizens to share resources, ideas and support each other and we want to build an open source portfolio of the projects that get started, worked on or completed during our Hack Nights.Hackney Hack Night on Care, Hackney Hack Night on HousingHackneyUKEnglishCommunityApps & ToolsLocal democracyLocal RepresentationDigital Urban PlanningIn Person Event
20 Hackers LondonMeetup GroupThis group aims to help members find inspiration and think in new directions, bringing together potential collaborators for projects and new ventures.Talks and creating connections between Hacks (journalists) and Hackers (technologists)LondonUKEnglishjournalismtechnologyOpen TechnologyData TechnologyIn Person Event
21!forum/influencemappingInfluence MappingMailing ListOur goal is to share data-driven methods to map out political and economic influence. We're a network of political scientists, technologists, journalists and designers who work to break down the complexities of lobbying, conflicts of interest, corporate structures and many related fields.Community announcements and networking those working in and alongside lobbying, corporate structures and related fields; specifically focused on political and economic matters.UKUKEnglishEconomicsPoliticsCorporatesJournalism
22 ListInvestigative Reporters and Editors, Inc. is a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of investigative reporting. IRE was formed in 1975 to create a forum in which journalists throughout the world could help each other by sharing story ideas, newsgathering techniques and news sources.Mailing list and online resource centre for Investigative Reporters and Editors USAUSAEnglishJournalismPoliticsInvestigation
23 SlackNews NerderySlack TeamAn international meta organization to foster news nerd collaboration and knowledge sharingPeer learning for technical journalistsOiler podcastworldwideEnglishNewsTechnologyData/Hacking
24 Civil Society HubMailing ListWelcome to the OGP civil society mailing list on Dgroups! This space is managed by the OGP Civil Society Engagement Team. You can post all OGP relevant news you want to share with the community here. You can contribute to existing discussions or start a new discussion yourself. All email will be sent to the (growing amount of) people registered on this mailing list.List and archive access point for the OGP civil society mailing listOGP Civil Society. UKUKEnglishPublic EngagementCivil SocietyDemocracyEconomics
25!forum/pmo-networkPMO NetworkMailing ListAn international network of civil society organizations and individuals that monitor the work of parliaments.Mailing list and archive for the PMO networkworldwideEnglishParliamentary processesWorldwide in this case is very focused on the USA and UK, with reference to projects run in those areas, and by those areas in other parts of the global south
26 pressForumTinfoil press; for journalism, media activism, and information securityDiscussion space for journalism, activism, and information securityEnglishCrypto educationData PrivacyJournalismMedia ActivismCompletely open list - advocates for encryption, but has no protections in place.
agamedevchat.slack.comAGameDevChatSlack TeamSlack full of game developers. Email to get an invite.Community connection, code review, collaborationEnglishGamesEmail to get an invite
28*ediaMailing ListThese are the mailing lists hosted by Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization in the state of California which operates Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikibooks, Wikidata, Wikiquote, Wikisource, Wikimedia Commons, Wikispecies, Wikinews, and Wikiversity, as well as many Wikimedia movement affiliates wikis, and a few other MediaWiki-based connection, discussion, management,Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikibooks, Wikidata, Wikiquote, Wikisource, Wikimedia Commons, Wikispecies, Wikinews, and Wikiversitybased in USAUSAEnglishWikimediaJournalismPublishing
29 ListThis is a public mailing list for Wikimedians in the UK. It covers UK-specific subjects and events, including but not only work by the chapter, Wikimedia UK.Support those working on wiki*dia in the UKUKEnglishJournalismPublishing
30 News ListMailing List This list is intended for discussion of the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews project (formerly "MoJo" for Mozilla+Journalism)Network Mozillians working on the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews projectInternationalEnglishJournalismPublishing
31 News Community CallWeekly TeleconferenceThe Source community calls are a community check-in every other Thursday at 12pm ET for anyone in or near the journalism-code world who wants to announce new projects, events, grants, and job openings, and solicit contributors.Network Mozillians working on the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews projectUSAEnglishJournalismPublishing
32!forum/wikicite-discussWikiCiteMailing ListWikimedia list for the open citations communityEnglishJournalismPublishing
33 public facebook groupFacebook GroupWe are among the biggest and best-established journalists' unions in the world, with 35,000 members. These members cover the whole range of editorial work – staff and freelance, writers and reporters, editors and sub-editors, photographers and illustrators, working in broadcasting, newspapers, magazines, books, on the internet and in public relations.Public facing facebook group to connect members of the NUJ there, and to encourage non-member journalists, to become members.UKEnglishJournalismTrade UnionPublishing
34 of the world, swipe left! Using tech to put a fist on the scales for workers. London, Dublin & an internet near you!Community engagement and recruitment for DotComradesUKEnglishUnionsCo-opsFuture of Work
35 co-operativesFacebook GroupA public UK and international group connecting worker co-operators and people with an interest in industrial democracy and collective ownership.Network supporting recruitment to worker cooperatives and unionismUKEnglishUnionsCo-opsFuture of Work
36 & PoliticsFacebook GroupExploring the intersection of AI & politicsDiscussion page for the AI & Politics community, Include the audience unable to make meetupsUKEnglishUnionsCo-opsFuture of Work
37 LabourFacebook GroupNetworked Labour ( was an outcome of an international seminar held in Amsterdam between 7-9 May 2013. The seminar was initially supported by Networked Politics, transform! europe, Transnational Institute and IGOPNET (Institut de Govern the Polítiques Públiques). At the end of the seminar several ideas have emerged one of which was to improve this web space and try to transform it into a transnational and distributed network space, through which all of us could build new ties and expand our nets of collaboration. This Facebook group was then built to expand and strengthen the ties among the nodes involved, by allowing a continuous exchange and debate, so chance produce and sharing information around the clock. Between 2015 and 2017 project is rebuilt as an independent Online Worker's University Campus, which gained political and financial autonomous from any groups and organizations, state, corporate or NGO kind, including the institutions mentioned as initial supporters.Further Discussion around the topics explored at the 2013 seminar.EUEnglishUnionsCo-opsFuture of Work
38 Digital Labour MeetupMailing ListIf you are interested in scholarship or activism on the topic of digital labour and the future of work, then consider joining our regular meet-up series that will be held in London. We aim to meet on Thursday nights at 7pm, have a few drinks, and talk about topics related to digital labour, the platform economy, digital gig work, and online freelancing.Social Networking of London based professionals around collective and new media working, with a focus on collectivising freelancers and zero hours workers in DigitalLondonUKEnglishUnionsCo-opsFuture of Work
39 KnowledgeMailing ListA listing of all the public mailing lists on lists.okfn.orgsupport and information for those interested in Open Knowledge and the Open Knowledge FoundationEnglishOpen Data
40 Data CommunitySlack TeamOpen Data Community on Slackproduction networking for Open Data related projectsEnglishOpen Data
41 Government Community GroupMailing ListThis is the public mailing list for the Open Government Community Group. Anyone may read or write to this list.Mailing lists on topics around the Open Government Community Group in the USAUSAEnglishGovernmentService Design
notwestminster.slack.comNot WestminsterSlack TeamIf we want a stronger local democracy, we all need to get involved in making it happen – wherever we are.Activism towards local democracy.UKEnglishGovernmentService Design
43 Before PixelsMeetup GroupA group for people who put people first when they're designing public sector services. This group welcomes anyone who's interested in making things better.Collaborate to format the best user experience practises in the public sector.UKEnglishGovernmentService DesignIn Person Event
44 Government and Civic TechFacebook Group (Public)Global exchange on open government, civic technology, open data, and digital democracy. Over 150 nations represented.Worldwide discussions on Open Governement and Civic TechnologyWorldwideEnglishTransparencyOpen GovernmentGovernment
45 Civil Society GroupForumOGP brings together governments and civil society organizations as true partners at both the national and international level. At the national level, governments work with civil society organizations to develop and implement their OGP national action plan. Countries are encouraged to institutionalize a mechanism for ongoing dialogue and collaboration between government and civil society. Within OGP, the IndependentCivil Society Engagement team (CSE) works to broaden, strengthen and engage a strong civil society network to participate in OGP, particularly at the national level. The CSC supports national civil society actors to help them make better use of the OGP process -- including the design, implementation and monitoring of OGP action plans -- for achieving their own advocacy objectives.Dissussions for those within the OGP Civil Society GroupWorldwideEnglishTransparencyOpen GovernmentGovernmentemail: to join
46 Government ForumForumThis discussion group is the home of the UK Open Government Civil Society Network (OGN) - a coalition of individuals and organisations committed to making government work better for people through transparency, participation and accountability. You can find out more about the OGN at: for those within the UK specific OGP Civil Society GroupUKEnglishTransparencyOpen GovernmentGovernment
47 Policy NetworkMailing ListThe mission of the Open Policy Network is to foster the creation, adoption and implementation of open policies and practices that advance the public good by supporting open policy advocates, organizations and policy makers, connecting open policy opportunities with assistance, and sharing open policy information.Discussions around Open Policy, with a focus on those involved in the Open Policy NetworkEnglishTransparencyOpen GovernmentGovernment
48 WeeklyFacebook Group (public)Discussion and general gabbery about Wikipedia/Wikimedia news and community issues. Known to also house Signpost and other Wikipedia news junkies.Discussion for wikimediansPodcast (
49 Foundation Social Media HubFacebook Group (public)Group, to discuss how the Wikimedia Foundation social media can best support the movement.Discussion for wikimediansinternationalEnglishWikimediaEducation
50 Community discussionMailing ListThe OpenCon Community brings together students, early career researchers and more from across the world for discussion and action around Open Access, Open Data and Open Education. You can join the discussion regardless of if you been to OpenCon, so don't be shy and join the discussion!Networking for those who attended or are interested in the themes explored at, OpenConukEnglishEducationOpen AccessOpen Data
51 EducationMailing ListA low volume list for those interested in issues relating to open education - including educational data and educational resources.Information and Announcements for those working in and around Open Education (OKFN)internationalEnglishEducation
52 Pupil Database Research GroupWiki These wiki pages provide information on the National Pupil Database in England for end-users of the data in the research community. The pages have been developed and maintained on a voluntary basis by PLUG, the PLASC/NPD users' group. Dr Rebecca Allen at the Institute of Education, University of London, is currently responsible for overseeing this wiki. You can learn more abut how to contribute to the wiki on this page. The site will never be a complete and comprehensive guide to the data because NPD changes as each new sweep of data is released. So, new contributors are always most welcome and should email Rebecca Allen to ask for an invitation to register.Information site about the National Pupil Database, for end users of the data.UKEnglishEducationContinuing Professional Development
53 for Market and Public Organisation > NPD User GroupMailing listThe NPD User Group supports users of the National Pupil Database (NPD) through organising meetings which focus on new data developments, analysis and research findings, and provide an opportunity to meet other users. Previously (2006-2014), the group was called the PLASC/NPD Users’ Group (PLUG) where PLASC refered to the Pupil Level Annual School Census.Mailing list for those utilising the National Pupil Database for research.UKEnglishEducationContinuing Professional DevelopmentAcademia
54 Science LabUser PortalMozilla Science Lab is a community of researchers, developers, and librarians making research open and accessible. We’re empowering open science leaders through fellowships, mentorship, and project-based learning.To connect and support Mozillians working on the Science Lab projectinternationalEnglishAcademiaPublic Engagement
55 for Science and SocietyUser PortalSupporting public data and technology through software development, education and outreach.Access to tools, information and networking for USA based professionals utitlising code for science and societyUSAEnglishAcademiaPublic Engagement
56 Open Access ListMailing List GOAL is accordingly dedicated to the discussion of Open Access practice and policy-making by the worldwide research community (in no order: researchers, universities, research institutions, research funding agencies, governmental research policy-makers and commercial entities) with the aim of enabling concrete, practical steps to be taken to achieve Open Access. Chief among these goals are techniques for increasing the amount of Open Access, as well as metrics of research usage and impact.Discussion and announcements related to Global Open AccessUKEnglishAcademia
57 of Internet ResearchersMailing List Our community of Internet researchers thrives because of our flagship “air-l” mailing list. This email list is maintained by the Association of Internet Researchers for all scholars in this field, whether or not they are members. Currently, the list has over 5000 subscribers and provides an excellent environment in which to disseminate information, discuss key research concerns, and network with similarly-minded scholars.Discussion and Information for those interested in Internet ReasearchInternationalEnglishAcademia
58, networked cultures, politics, and tactics: Mailing List <nettime> is not just a mailing list but an effort to formulate an international, networked discourse that neither promotes a dominant euphoria (to sell products) nor continues the cynical pessimism, spread by journalists and intellectuals in the 'old' media who generalize about 'new' media with no clear understanding of their communication aspects. we have produced, and will continue to produce books, readers, and web sites in various languages so an 'immanent' net critique will circulate both on- and offline.Discussion and connection point for technologists, journalists, and thinkers, looking at New MediaInternationalEnglishAcademia
59 & PoliticsFacebook Group (public)Exploring the intersection of AI & politicsMeeting' point for members of the AI & Politics communityUKEnglishAIData Science
60 ForumForumThe eCampaigning Forum (ECF) community is a loose vibrant network of practitioners using digital media for campaigning (advocacy).Discussions and networking for those within the eCampaigning ForumEnglishThird SectorActivism
61 CharitiesFacebook pageThe Digital Charities Working Group includes new media representatives from many charities, and meets on the first Wednesday of most months. * Employees of charities only at the meetings I'm afraid...Promotion of, and discussion around, the Digital Charities Working GroupUKEnglishThird SectorActivism
62 CharitiesSlack TeamLet us know who you are, what you do and what charity you work for. That last bit is obligatory.Developer networking and support, for those working on digital campaigns within UK charitiesUKEnglishThird SectorActivism
63 WIthout BordersMailing List swb - publicPublic discussion of security issues affecting those working in international development.InternationalEnglishThird SectorActivismSurveillance
64 BetaFacebook Group (Public)Community for technology people working in: democracy, politics, civic infrastructure, citizen engagement and representation, government services and transformation, future cities, campaigning and influence, and all related topics!Meeting point for those involved in UKEnglishCivic Tech
65 Rights GroupMailing ListOpen Rights Group exists to preserve and promote your rights in the digital age. We are funded by thousands of people like you.Defense of open internet, monitor of proposed & actual legislation, a lobby group.UKEnglishPrivacySurveillanceActivism
66 Coders NetworkSlack TeamWe are change makers with diverse skillsets removing the influence of money in politics by empowering the grassroots through open-source/low-cost tools.Network of programmers
67 For CorbynFacebook Group (closed)Coders For CorbynDiscussion group for those supportive of Jeremy CorbynUKEnglishProgressive
68 For CorbynSlack TeamCoders For CorbynBuilding code-based and digital assets in support of CorbynUKEnglishProgressive
69 Democrat Software GroupFacebook Group (closed)For coders, designers, and anyone who wants to win by using better technology. Liberal democrat focussed software campaign.UKEnglishProgressive
70 Party CodersFacebook Group (closed)For discussing Green Party of England & Wales tech, UX and data projects.Discussion group for those working on technology within the Green Party.UKEnglishProgressive
71 Economy Organisers NetworkForumThe New Economy Organisers Network is an independent network of activists working for an economy based on social and environmental justice.Decentralised environmental and social justise group. InternationalEnglishProgressive
72 BrexitMeetup groupWe are calling developers, activists, product managers, data scientists, UX designers, systems architects, or anyone passionate about change, to join forces to create positive dialogue and action beyond Brexit.  
Discussion group for those working to Hack BrexitUKEnglishProgressiveIn Person Event
73 Group (public)"Techfugees is a social enterprise coordinating the international tech community response to the needs of Refugees & the displaced"Co-ordinates hack events and those otherwise making technology to InternationalEnglishRefugees
74 and Jams UKMeetup GroupFor those of us that enjoy participating in hackathons and jams - where we create and compete to produce the next big thing that will change the world... even if it's just a little bit at a time.To co-ordinate and network those organising Hackathons and Jams in the UKUKEnglishHackathonsIn Person Event
75 Without BordersMailing ListWe use engineering as a catalyst to transform our world.Promote the idea of, and support those working in, engineering in a development or global south environment, and in other regions at times of stress.UKEnglishEngineeringTechnologyRelief WorkIntermediate Technology
76 UniversityMailing ListSingularity University (SU) is a global community using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.Diseminate information about the programmes offered by the think tank. USAEnglishEducationTechnologyFuturist
77 SalonFacebook Group (Closed)Two visions of the future continue to play out. Orwell's 'Nineteen Eighty Four' featured a society under a 'telescreen' dictatorship, where 'Victory Coffee' was served in cafés to people who yearned for free expression outside of the watchful eye of the state. It's a world in which the more extreme elements of the NSA, GCHQ and the FSB might well feel at home. In Huxley's 'Brave New World' the drug Soma is served to pacify the population - perhaps the 'dopamine effect' that commercial social networks have on us today. In both cases the new industrial revolution of technology is aiding and abetting both the powers that be, whoever they are, and those interested in freedom. As technologists what future do we choose to make? Let's discuss these and other questions in this new Salon of ideas, which will be international in nature.Discussion group on futurism, security, and the political state.InternationalEnglishFuturistSocietyTechnologyIn Person Event
78 for GoodCommunity WebsiteTech with humankind in mindPromote the development of human centred projectsUKEnglishTechnology
79 for Good SheffieldEvent pageA meet up for people interested in using technology to positively change the worldPromote the development of human centred projectsSheffieldUKEnglishTechnology
80 for Good LondonMeetup GroupTech with humankind in mindPromote the development of human centred projectsLondonUKEnglishTechnology
81 BristolMeetup GroupTech with humankind in mindPromote the development of human centred projectsBristolUKEnglishTechnology
82 BathMeetup GroupTech with humankind in mindPromote the development of human centred projectsBathUKEnglishTechnology
83 for Good DublinMeetup GroupTech with humankind in mindPromote the development of human centred projectsDublinUKEnglishTechnology
84 for Good LiveMeetup GroupTech with humankind in mindPromote the development of human centred projectsManchesterUKEnglishTechnology
85 Autonomous SocietyFacebook Group (public)The revolution will not be centralized.Support Activists working to decentralise government activitiesUSAEnglishFuturismGlobalismTechnology
86 Open Coffee MeetupMeetup GroupOpencoffee is not your ordinary meetup. There are far too many of them. There is a very active mailing list - please do join, I challenge you to ask a question which doesn't receive an answer. Unlike other meetups, there are NO agendas, and NO presentations. It is pure networking.Real life connection between technologists.LondonUKEnglishIntermediate TechnologyTechnology
87 TechMailing ListThe mailing list for the Program on Liberation Technology "Liberationtech" at Stanford University serves as an information hub for those interested in how technology can be used to promote democracy, development, freedom, and human rights around the world. Please note that the mailing list is not an official communication channel of Stanford University.Information and discussion for those around and interested in Stanford's LiberationtechUSAEnglish
88!forum/tictecbymysocietyTICTeC by MySocietyMailing ListTo connect those working on TICTeCUKEnglishDemocracy
89 Global CommunityFacebook Group (Public)Go in-depth on Mark Zuckerberg's call for "Building Global Community."To discuss Zuckerberg's call for 'building global community'WorldwideEnglishFuturism
90 org - communities of practiseForumE-Democracy hosts online communities of practice and working groups which further online community engagement, democracy online, digital inclusion, and civic technology.Most of our communities of practice connect locally oriented people on a very global basis.Discussion of E-Democracy methods, and activism on.WorldwideEnglish
Community Engagement
Civic Technology
91 Street MapMailing Mailing ListsPropagate Open Street Map, Support those adding to it. WorldwideEnglishOpen DataInternationalismCivic Technology
92 Open Government NetworkMailing ListThe UK Open Government Network (OGN) is a coalition of active citizens and civil society organisations committed to making government work better for people through increased transparency, participation and accountability. Membership of the UK OGN is open to any UK based individuals or civil society organisations (subject to few basic conditions).Provide support and information to those working with services, in Central, regional and local government in the UK DataNetwork
93 OGN - Northern IrelandMailing ListThe Northern Ireland Open Government Network is a loose alliance of civil society in Northern Ireland campaigning for more open, transparent and accountable government that empowers citizens to shape decisions that impact on their lives. Membership of the Northern Ireland OGN is open to any Northern Ireland based individuals or civil society organisations.Provide support and information to those working with services, in Central, regional and local government in Northern IrelandNorthern IrelandUKEnglishOpen GovernmentDemocracyCivic TechOpen DataNetwork
94 OGN - ScotlandMailing ListThe Scotland Open Government Network is a network of individuals that have in interest in a more open, transparent and accountable government that empowers citizens to shape decisions that impact on their lives. Membership of the Scotland OGN is open to anyone interested in the open government movement in Scotland.Provide support and information to those working with services, in Central, regional and local government in Scotland GovernmentDemocracyCivic TechOpen DataNetwork
95 OGN - WalesMailing ListThe Wales Open Government Network is currently being established. Membership of the Wales OGN is open to any Wales based individuals or civil society organisations.Provide support and information to those working with services, in Central, regional and local government in WalesWalesUKEnglishOpen GovernmentDemocracyCivic TechOpen DataNetwork
96 Government UKForumThe UK Open Government Forum helps the open government movement in the UK to connect and collaborate. The forum was created by the UK Open Government Network (OGN) - a coalition of organisations and individuals committed to making government work better for people through transparency, participation and accountability. If you’re interested in opening up government budgets, contracts, datasets, decision making, information, policymaking or public services, we invite you to join.Provide support and information to those working with services, in Central, regional and local government in the UK GovernmentDemocracyCivic TechOpen Data
97 LondonSlack ChannelLocal Gov Digital London Peer Group SlackLondonUKEnglishLocal GovernmentService Design
98 South WestSlack ChannelLocal Gov Digital South-West Peer Group SlackSouth WestUKEnglishLocal GovernmentService Design
99 South Slack ChannelLocal Gov Digital South Peer Group SlackSouth UKEnglishLocal GovernmentService Design
100 EventsEventbrite PageLocal Gov Digital Events PageUKEnglishLocal GovernmentService Design
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