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A repository of open channels about emerging practices in public sector & civil society
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URLNameTypeSelf-DescriptionPurposeSome Associated ProjectsDistrictCountryLanguageTopicTopicTopicTopicTopicNotes
6 for workers coop education, events and cultureWorker Co-Op manuals
7 Open AccessWikiprojectEnglish
8 Pupil Database Research GroupWiki These wiki pages provide information on the National Pupil Database in England for end-users of the data in the research community. The pages have been developed and maintained on a voluntary basis by PLUG, the PLASC/NPD users' group. Dr Rebecca Allen at the Institute of Education, University of London, is currently responsible for overseeing this wiki. You can learn more abut how to contribute to the wiki on this page. The site will never be a complete and comprehensive guide to the data because NPD changes as each new sweep of data is released. So, new contributors are always most welcome and should email Rebecca Allen to ask for an invitation to register.Information site about the National Pupil Database, for end users of the data.UKEnglishEducationContinuing Professional Development
9 News Community CallWeekly TeleconferenceThe Source community calls are a community check-in every other Thursday at 12pm ET for anyone in or near the journalism-code world who wants to announce new projects, events, grants, and job openings, and solicit contributors.Network Mozillians working on the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews projectUSAEnglishJournalismPublishing
10 International Journalists NetworkWebsite with newsletter
www.enspiral.comEnspiralWebpageMore people working on stuff that matters - a DIY freelancer collective practising new ways of working and combining forces for social good. Many software developers in the community.
12 Tech Meetup ListUser Portal
13 for Science and SocietyUser PortalSupporting public data and technology through software development, education and outreach.Access to tools, information and networking for USA based professionals utitlising code for science and societyUSAEnglishAcademiaPublic Engagement
14 Science LabUser PortalMozilla Science Lab is a community of researchers, developers, and librarians making research open and accessible. We’re empowering open science leaders through fellowships, mentorship, and project-based learning.To connect and support Mozillians working on the Science Lab projectinternationalEnglishAcademiaPublic Engagement
15 tankDoteveryone is a think tank which champions responsible technology for the good of everyone in society.
16 Rationalish SubredditSubreddit
17 Tech SubredditSubreddit
18 SubredditSubredditThis sub is for all things transparency and open government related.Transparency at all levels of government, the political process and campaign finance is needed now more than ever.
19 - Spectrum chatSpectrum chat
20 UKSlack Team - email for accessWe bring together top data scientists with leading social change organizations to collaborate on cutting-edge analytics and advanced algorithms to maximize social impact.Community building website and data tools for social organizationsUKEnglishAdvocacyGovernance
21 CharitiesSlack Team Digital Charities is a group of people working together to share web knowledge and help each other deliver compelling web campaigns and content for our supporters. New members and ideas for sessions are always welcome.Networking and support for those working on digital campaigns in UK charities.UKEnglishThird SectorActivism
agamedevchat.slack.comAGameDevChatSlack TeamSlack full of game developers. Email to get an invite.Community connection, code review, collaborationEnglishGamesEmail to get an invite
coeusai.slack.comCoeus AISlack Teama group of volunteers collaboratively building AI political tools, to be delivered via an engagement app alongside the launch of a new political party
24 Innovation SlackSlack Team
http://join.g0v.todayg0vSlack Team
26 SlackNews NerderySlack TeamAn international meta organization to foster news nerd collaboration and knowledge sharingPeer learning for technical journalistsOiler podcastworldwideEnglishNewsTechnologyData/Hacking
27 Innovation NetworkSlack Team
28 Slack ChannelSlack Teama quick and easy way to get in touch with the OpenCorporates helpdesk
29 Data CommunitySlack TeamOpen Data Community on Slackproduction networking for Open Data related projectsEnglishOpen Data
30 For CorbynSlack TeamCoders For CorbynBuilding code-based and digital assets in support of CorbynUKEnglishProgressive
http://techvscorruption.slack.comTech vs CorruptionSlack TeamGroup at the intersection of anti-corruption and civic tech, here for generating new partnerships, growing existing networks, and empowering civic tech initiatives to increase accountability and fight corruption. Discuss/problem-solve/knowledge share re: corruption-fighting Tech
32 Builders SlackSlack TeamMomentum Builders slack group
33 Coders NetworkSlack TeamWe are change makers with diverse skillsets removing the influence of money in politics by empowering the grassroots through open-source/low-cost tools.Network of programmers
34 For DemocracySlack TeamLike-minded people from around the world gathered to work on technology that has an impact. No structure. No rules. Just code commits and lots of Slack messagesMake digital tools for democracyEnglishDigital DemocracyOpen DataDemocracy
35 CharitiesSlack TeamLet us know who you are, what you do and what charity you work for. That last bit is obligatory.Developer networking and support, for those working on digital campaigns within UK charitiesUKEnglishThird SectorActivism
36 for Hong KongSlack TeamEnglish
37 platform experimentersSlack Teammeta-polis - Slack group for platform experimentersdiscussion route for those working on/with the systemsEnglishDigital DemocracyDemocracy
38 Democracy Bites SlackSlack TeamLocal Democracy Bytes is a workstream of LocalGov Digital and is a network for councillors, council officers, researchers, providers and citizens that aims to provoke new thinking, share good examples and work on projects and events.Connect and support Digital practitoners in UK local governmentUKEnglishGovernment
39 MediaSlack Team
40 CommunitySlack TeamCommunity Channel for those building on represent.mediscussion route for those working on/with represent.meRepresent.meUKEnglishOpen DataDigital DemocracyDemocracy
41 ClubSlack TeamDemocracy Club aims to make the process of democracy better for everyone. We believe that there is a lot of work needed to be done to bring the UK political system in the to digital age, and our tools are a start.Crowdsource UK Election DataWhereDoIVote, WhoCanIVoteFor, Candidates, ElectionIDs, ElectionLeaflets, ElectionMentions, CandidateCVs, MeetYourNextMPSouth EastUKEnglishCivic TechElectionsDemocracy
notwestminster.slack.comNot WestminsterSlack TeamIf we want a stronger local democracy, we all need to get involved in making it happen – wherever we are.Activism towards local democracy.UKEnglishGovernmentService Design
43 | Gov CampSlack Teamthe free, annual ‘unconference’ for people interested in how the public sector does digital stuff.Furthering the digital public sector transformation missionUKEnglishPublic sectorDigital
44 LondonSlack ChannelLocal Gov Digital London Peer Group SlackLondonUKEnglishLocal GovernmentService Design
45 South Slack ChannelLocal Gov Digital South Peer Group SlackSouth UKEnglishLocal GovernmentService Design
46 South WestSlack ChannelLocal Gov Digital South-West Peer Group SlackSouth WestUKEnglishLocal GovernmentService Design
47 ChannelThe core idea is that we, you and I, should have an easy way to see where data about us goes, specify who can use it, and alter these decisions over time.
48 Lab SlackSlack Slack team for Campaign Lab, a group building the case for evidence based approach to electoral campaigning focused on the Labour PartyUnited KingdomEnglishPoliticsDatascienceCampaign Strategy
49 for PakistanSlackWe’re a non-profit building a non-partisan civic innovation ecosystem to improve quality of life across Pakistan. We believe that digital technology, when used correctly, can both improve governance and open new channels for citizens to more meaningfully engage in the public sphere and have a positive impact on their communities.official partner of Code for allPakistanCivic TechCode for All
50 For AllSlack
51 subA place to share, find, and discuss DatasetsRedidt sub for datasetsEnglishService DesignTransformation
52 subReddit sub for discussion of open data projectsEnglishAdvocacyGovernmentTransformation
https://outlandish.comOutlandishPhysical group
54 weekly newsletterNewsletter
55 Inclusion NetworkMember-only forum (open to read)Join over 470 members from dozens of countries exchanging knowledge on digital inclusion strategies to close the many digital divides. Forum for discussing digital inclusion strategiesEnglishService DesignGovernment
56 and Ireland E-Democracy ExchangeMember-only forum
57 ExchangeMember-only forum
58 CivTech ForumMember-only forumWe are a community for CivTech startups.
59 that UXMeetup Group a mix of user-led talks, panel discussions, lightning talks and the good old fashioned pub meetup.
60 TechMeetup Groupa meetup for black women and girls living in London and working in or transitioning into technology
61 GroupJournocoders is a monthly event for exchanging practical advice on coding in relation to journalism, whether that's making an incredible data visualisation, scraping gigs of data off the web or building a novelty Twitter bot.Teach journalists to codeLondonUKEnglishJournalismLearn To Code
62 Hack for Non ProfitsMeetup GroupWork on collaborative coding projects for nonprofits (ususally web dev); very keen for you to learn new things in the process and open to beginners
63 in VR UKMeetup Groupnetworking group for women working in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or other immersive technologies
64 in Tech UKMeetup Groupfocused on the broader tech and entrepreneurship scene and careers (including non-programming tech roles), with monthly events and a leadership programme
65 Hackers LondonMeetup GroupThis group aims to help members find inspiration and think in new directions, bringing together potential collaborators for projects and new ventures.Talks and creating connections between Hacks (journalists) and Hackers (technologists)LondonUKEnglishjournalismtechnologyOpen TechnologyData Technology
66 T4DMeetup GroupThe speed of technological change is rapid, opening up new opportunities and capabilities but also creating new challenges. It is important to understand the impact that such technologies can have on peoples’ lives and on the work of development for the global southUKEnglishDevelopmentSocial Justice
67 AIMeetup GroupA group designed to bring together artists, coders, designers, technologists and industry professionals to promote creative applications of artificial intelligence in art, music, film, design and beyond.Social group for creatives utiltilising art and technology to produce AI inspired workLondonUKEnglishCreative technologyArtAI
68 Health OxfordMeetup GroupDigital Health Oxford is a cross-disciplinary and cross-sector group that aims to promote all things related to digital health within Oxford. It is a place to bring together researchers, developers, clinicians, entrepreneurs, patients, engineers, designers and others interested in Digital Health. Our events are friendly and informal, with accessible talks, networking, hackathons and idea-forming opportunities.Events to support those working on producing digital health products in the oxford
69 Inclusion NetworkMeetup GroupDigital Inclusion Network- 'where everyone is included, so that no-one gets left behind'Irish Based technologists working on InclusionIrelandEnglishDiversityInclusion
70 Inclusion in TechnologyMeetup GroupWe believe that technology should be inclusive of all users. To us technology includes anything from your computer and mobile web based tools, to the digital interface on your fridge, in your home, on your wrist, in your car or where you find information or pay for your goods and services using a digital interface. All of these interfaces will be better if they are designed, created and managed with the broadest set of user needs and differences in perspective and preferences in mind. Even better, understanding users with strong, different to "centre of the normal curve" needs and preferences helps organisations make products that are fundamentally better as they provide adaptability and flexibility in use that we may all appreciate at some point. To improve the UX of Digital Interfaces. UKEnglishDiversityInclusion
71 DevelopersMeetup GroupMeet other developers building technology in the space, learn about the latest tools and sdks, discover new apps and learn about the technologies that are powering the next wave of learning, such as adaptive algorithms, learning analytics and gamification. Our members come from a wide range of leading EdTech companies, including Pearson's Future Technologies team, Zzish, Code Kingdoms, Lexicum and others.Networking for those building technology in the education space.UKEnglishEducation
72 GroupGlobalNet21 is the leading forum in the UK for discussing the major issues in the 21st Century. We share a common concern for the sustainability of both our planet and the people on it. With almost 20,000 network members in the UK and abroad, we are making the debate, and democracy, more accessible by enlarging the Public Square and using social networks.Networking for technologists with an environment and 21st century sustainability focusLondonUKEnglishSustainability Local DemocracyEconomy
73 BrexitMeetup GroupWe are calling developers, activists, product managers, data scientists, UX designers, systems architects, or anyone passionate about change, to join forces to create positive dialogue and action beyond Brexit.  Discussion group for those working to Hack BrexitUKEnglishProgressive
74 Hack Nights (Journalism & Tech)Meetup GroupA rolling hackathon for journalists, technologists and urbanists interested in Hackney happenings.The idea is that the Hackney Hackers will provide a forum for active citizens to share resources, ideas and support each other and we want to build an open source portfolio of the projects that get started, worked on or completed during our Hack Nights.Hackney Hack Night on Care, Hackney Hack Night on HousingHackneyUKEnglishCommunityApps & ToolsLocal democracyLocal RepresentationDigital Urban Planning
75 Women UKMeetup GroupOne HealthTech is a network that supports and promotes women and other underrepresented groups in health innovation. We acknowledge and champion the need and importance for better inclusion of all backgrounds, skill sets and disciplines in health and technology. We believe that different perspectives must be given a greater role in healthcare design, in order to build a health system that works for everyone.Supports minority groups working in Health InnovationUKEnglishHealthDiversity
76 of Art & Technology Meetup GroupTalks on the intersection between art and technology as well as career insight for those seeking career opportunities within the technology & creative industries.Networking for Artists and Technologists seeking creative technologist careersLondonUKEnglishCreative TechnologyContinuing professional development
77 Gov Design MeetupMeetup GroupConnecting designers working in, for or with government – to exchange knowledge, share experiences and support each other.
78 ICT4DMeetup GroupAn informal networking opportunity for people with an interest in the use of Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D).Social group for those using IT in the global southLondonUKEnglishIntermediate TechnologyTechnologyDevelopment
79 Open Data MeetupMeetup GroupCalling all open data and transparency activists to join us every last Wednesday of the month for liberating data and lightening talks. Whether you can write a few lines of code to write a bot, or a journalist who is interested in covering stories on transparency, or a campaigner who champions an open and free world - come along to meet like-minded people and use open data to change the world.Supports technologists using Open Data, Connects them with media professionals who work on transparencyLondonUKEnglishOpen DataData JournalismJournalism
80 Social Enterprise Entrepreneurs Charities ImpactMeetup GroupThis Meetup has the goal to become the point of reference for charities,social businesses, SMEs and corporates using this pull of resources to support the 3rd and 4th Sectors development enabling a sharing of skills, expertise and strengths among each other and maximize the impact and social benefit to the wider community.Networking for those working in Social EnterpriseLondonUKEnglishSocial EnterpriseCharities
81 Open Coffee MeetupMeetup GroupOpencoffee is not your ordinary meetup. There are far too many of them. There is a very active mailing list - please do join, I challenge you to ask a question which doesn't receive an answer. Unlike other meetups, there are NO agendas, and NO presentations. It is pure networking.Real life connection between technologists.LondonUKEnglishIntermediate TechnologyTechnology
82 LondonMeetup GroupFor anyone interested in the future of health, in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, digital health or related fields.Social support for London based MedTechLondonUKEnglishHealthMedtech
83 Health MeetupMeetup GroupThis meetup is co-organized by Ctrl Group ( and Open mHealth ( and and hosted at Ctrl Group's London office. The goal for this meetup is to share stories about real problems health care practitioners face and the technology being developed to improve healthcare and clinical research.Provide information, support and training to developers working in the mobile health space.LondonUKEnglishHealthResearch
84 CambridgeMeetup GroupNet2Camb is a free monthly event for people in and around the Cambridge area interested in using web or mobile technology for social good. Whether you are a nonprofit organization in the traditional sense, a venture capitalist, a programmer, an individual with a great idea, or a social changemaker, Net2Camb is here to help you make connections and create a community around innovating for good in Cambridge. These events are great opportunities to learn what others are trying, see successful projects and platforms, hear about developing technologies, make new friends and collaborate on new projects.Networking for technology and mobile focussed workers in Cambridge and surrounding area. CambridgeUKEnglishTechnologyMobileSocial Entrepreneur
85 MidlandsMeetup GroupNetSquared Midlands is a regular free event for people interested in using web or mobile technology for social good. Whether you are a charity, community group or nonprofit organisation in the traditional sense, a venture capitalist, a programmer, an individual with a great idea, or a social changemaker, NetSquared Midlands is here to help you make connections and create a community around innovating for good in the Midlands. networking innovation for good in the MidlandsBirminghamUKEnglishCivic Tech
86 LondonMeetup GroupNetSquared London runs monthly meetups for local community members to come together to share ideas, ask questions, and collaborate around using technology for social benefit.Suports London based technologists working on tech for social goodLondonUKEnglishCharity technology
87 GroupThe One Digital Meetup is a regular free event for people interested in using web or mobile technology for social good. Whether you are a charity, community group or third sector organisation in the traditional sense, a venture capitalist, a programmer, an individual with a great idea or a social changemaker, One Digital Meetup is here to help you make connections and create a community around innovating for good.Networking for those working in mobile technology for social good, across scotland.ScotlandUKEnglishSocial EntrepreneursMobile Technology
88 CharityMeetup GroupSharing Ideas For CharitiesSocial support for those interested in the London Based, Open CharityLondonUKEnglishOpen Charity
89 Before PixelsMeetup GroupA group for people who put people first when they're designing public sector services. This group welcomes anyone who's interested in making things better.Collaborate to format the best user experience practises in the public sector.UKEnglishGovernmentService Design
90 for goodMeetup GroupIf you're the kind of product person who wants to focus on maximising positive social impact then this meetup is for you!
91 Enterprise JunctionMeetup GroupSE Junction is a collaboration hub for social entrepreneurs to swap stories and hatch plans in a convivial atmosphere. We will organise workshops and other events to help your social entrepreneurship journey.To support social entrepreneurs based in and working in SE London.LondonUKEnglishSocial Entrepreneurs
92 Design London MeetupMeetup GroupA place for service designers and people interested in service design to learn something new and talk to others
93 for Good LiveMeetup GroupTech with humankind in mindPromote the development of human centred projectsManchesterUKEnglishTechnology
94 BathMeetup GroupTech with humankind in mindPromote the development of human centred projectsBathUKEnglishTechnology
95 BristolMeetup GroupTech with humankind in mindPromote the development of human centred projectsBristolUKEnglishTechnology
96 for Good DublinMeetup GroupTech with humankind in mindPromote the development of human centred projectsDublinUKEnglishTechnology
97 for Good LondonMeetup GroupTech with humankind in mindPromote the development of human centred projectsLondonUKEnglishTechnology
98 and Jams UKMeetup GroupFor those of us that enjoy participating in hackathons and jams - where we create and compete to produce the next big thing that will change the world... even if it's just a little bit at a time.To co-ordinate and network those organising Hackathons and Jams in the UKUKEnglishHackathons
99 Foundation MattermostMattermost teamDemocratizing Publishing with Open Source Technologies (for Books, Journals, and Micropublications)
100 RewiredMakers communityA community for makers who want to improve and create tools to fight crime and keep people safe.Meet others, engage in voluntary projects, learn about security in tech and learn from talks, create tools to fight crimehackthepolice.comUKEnglishPolicingSafetySecurity
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