DVD and Video Inventory 2014
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Environmental Center
Audio-Visual Library
Located in University Memorial Center room 355
University of Colorado Boulder campus
Items may be checked out for 48 hours, longer if prior arrangement is approved.
A $25 deposit in the form of a check made payable to the Univ. of Colorado may be required.
Reserve an item or check availability by calling (303)492-8308
TitleMedia typeDescriptionTopic
A Changing Landscape: Investigating a Warming ArcticVHSChange is coming to the Arctic as a warming climate alters a fragile landscape. These changes are provoking concern about the future, not just for peoples of the North, but for all of the earth's inhabitants. Total run time: 25:15. Climate Change
Adventures in RecyclingVHSSee what happens to your pop bottles, cans, office paper, newspapers and all the things you recycle! TRI-R Recycling and Denver Creative Group. Copyright 2002. Other
Amazon JournalVHSProduced and Directed by Geoffrey O'Connor. The true story of how the world got it wrong. VHS 15024.Other
American ExperienceDVDEarth Days Clip 59 minutes.Other
American Experience: "Earth Days"VHSN/AOther
American Meat: A Leave it Better StoryDVDOur Meat is Changing...For Good. Leave it Better LLC. Directed by Graham Meriwether. Copyright 2012. Run time: 85 minutes.Other
An Introduction to Ecological EconomicsVHSWith Gaylord Nelson, Herman Daly and John Cobb, Jr. Griesinger Films, Gate Mills, OH. Copyright 1991. Run time: 45 minutes. VHS 12081.Other
Ancient Forests... Vanishing Legacy of the Pacific NorthwestVHSThe Wilderness Society, Washington, DC. Run time: ~15 minutes. VHS 12070Other
Ancient Futures: Learning from LadakhVHSLadakh, or "Little Tibet", is a wildly beautiful desert land high in the western Himalayas. It is a place of few resources and an extreme climate. Yet for more than a thousand years, it has been home to a thriving culture. Run time: 60 minutes. VHS 12034Other
Animas La Plata... at what cost?VHSPerfect guide.for helping you to understand the swirling debate that has plagued the U.S. Bureau of the Southwest, the Animas La Plata. VHS 11980/Other
Architecture to ZucchiniDVD2005 Arnold Creek Productions. Run time: 2 hours. The people, companies and organizations pioneering sustainability.Agriculture & Sustainability
Arctic Refuge: Sierra ClubVHSRun time: 23 minutes. VHS 11968Other
Arithmetic, Population and EnergyDVDA presentation by Dr. Albert A. Bartlett, Professor Emeritus, Department of Physics, CU-Boulder. 2002. Run time: 74 minutes. Accompanies the book: The Essential Exponential! For the Future of Our Planet.Other
Bioneers 12-minute introDVDOverview media copy 9Bioneers
Bioneers 12-minute introDVDOverview media copy 7Bioneers
Bioneers 12-minute introDVDOverview media copy 6Bioneers
Bioneers 12-minute introDVDOverview media copy 5Bioneers
Bioneers 12-minute introDVDOverview media copy 4Bioneers
Bioneers 2006DVD2006 DVD 7 Copy 2. Scratched :( 1) Clayton Thomas-Muller: Stopping the Energy Colonization of Sacred Native Lands. 2) Paul Hawlzen: Biology, Resistance and Restoration -- sustainability as an infinite game.Bioneers
Bioneers 2007 ConferenceDVDOverview media copy 1. Opening remarks: Nina Simons, Kenny Ausubel, Clayton Thomas- Muller. Including performances by Destiny Arts and Erika LuckettBioneers
Bioneers 2014 Conference Day 1 (3 Disks)DVDDisk 1: Kenny & Nina opening, K Syers-Roods, J Campbell, P Stamets
Disk 2: Eve Ensler, Xiuhtezcatl & Itzcuauhtl Martinez, Cara Romero, Joshua Fouts
Disk 3: Travis Forgues, Severine Fleming, Performance by Java Rahm & Alixa Garcia, Owlsley Brown, Cecil WIlliams & Janic Mirikitani, Tim Merry
Bioneers2 Copies Available
Bioneers 2014 Conference Day 2 (3 Disks) DVDDisk 1: Kenny & Nina, Loui Schwartzberg presents his film, Naomi Klein, Clayton Thomas-Muller
Disk 2: Climbing Poetree, Chlow Maxmin, Paul Hawken, John Warner, Melissa Nelson, Robin Kimmerer, Distiny Arts
Disk 3: Kenny, Jeffery Bronfman, Tim Merry, Maria
Bioneers2 Copies Available
Bioneers 2014 Conference Day 3 (3 Disks)DVDDisk 1: Rachel Bagby, Alisa Gravitz, Atossa Soltani & Patricia Gualinga, Indigenous Honoring w/ leaders
Disk 2: Connie Heller, John Powell, Arielle Klagsburn, Rachel Morello-Frosh, Manual Pastor, Alixa Garcia
Disk 3: Terry Williams, Josh Fouts, Wallace J Nichols, Tim Merry, closing with Consuelo Luz
Bioneers2 Copies Available
Bioneers By The BayDVDSunday, October 22, 2006. Speaker: Jeremy Narby. www.connectingforchange.orgBioneers
Bioneers VidcastDVDVidcastBioneers
Bioneers Weaving the World 3DVDCopy 2Bioneers
Bioneers Weaving the World 3DVDCopy 1Bioneers
Bioneers: 2013 Keynote Talks and PerformancesDVDThe future we want is here now, as reflected in the inspiring models, practices and stories of the Bioneers community of leadership. Collective DVDs of 2013. First copy.Bioneers
Bioneers: Activism: Changing the WorldVHS2001 VHS 1. Hope's Edge: The New Diet for a Small Planet, Frances and Anna Lappe. Why I Tried to Sink My Shrimp Boat on Toxic Pollutors, Diane Wilson. Copyright 2001. VHS 15013. For display.Bioneers
Bioneers: Activism: Changing the WorldVHSDirect Action on Behalf of the Earth, Julia Butterfly Hill. Copyright 2000. VHS 15014. For display.Bioneers
Bioneers: Brilliant Innovators, Bold Ideas, Breakthrough SolutionsCDFeaturing Programs from Bioneers: Revolution from the Heart of Nature Radio Series. Program 1: Global Warming: A Climate of Peril and Promise (30:35) Bill McKibben. Program 2: Nature's Recipe Book: Life Shops at Home. (30:35). Janine BenyusBioneers
Bioneers: Farm and Farming Collection Vol.1DVDCollection of visionary eco-farming and food innovators leaders reveals the growing edges of ecological agriculture and regenerative food systems including: localized foodsheds, organic food, nutrition, seed diversity, food justice, and resisting factoring farming, GMOs and the corporation of agriculture. Bioneers
Bioneers: Feminomics: Filmed Workshop IntensiveDVDFeminomics: How Women's Leadership and Whole-Systems Approaches are Reinventing Economics That Work for AllBioneers
Bioneers: Indigenouse Essentials Collection Volume 1DVDHighlights how old-growth cultures have learned to live for the long haul in relative balance with natural systems. Bioneers
Bioneers: INdigenous Forum Volume 1DVDForum of talks that address the key solutions and resilience First Peoples are developing for cultural survival, human rights, and land and biodiversity preservation.Bioneers
Bioneers: Revolution from the Heart of NatureDVDCopy 2; 2011 Conference: Friday Plenary Disk 1; Opening Remarks: John D. Liu & Karen BrownBioneers
Bioneers: Revolution from the Heart of NatureVHSVHS 15012. Global Justice. The End of Sustainability, Paul Hawken (30:45); Peace in Urban War Zones, Aqeela Sherrils (31:15) VHS 15012Tape for display.Bioneers
Bioneers: Revolution from the Heart of Nature Radio Series 2DVDProgram 1: Re-Imagining Design: Becoming Tools of Nature (29:00); Program 2: Gaian Wonders of the Co-Evolutionary Dance (29:00) Bioneers
Bioneers: Revolution from the Heart of Nature Radio Series 6CDImproving the Environment by Changing the World. Program 1: Time is Not Money (28:30) Vicki Robin and John De Graaf. Program 2: Who's Got Next? (28:30) Rha GoddessBioneers
Bioneers: Weaving the World 5CDCopyright 2002. Produced by: Collective Heritage Institute. Editing and Mastering by: Neil Harvey. Narrated by Neil Harvey. Total Time: 71:18 CD 15318Bioneers
Bioneers: Weaving the World 6CDProduced by Bioneers/Collective Heritage Institute. Editing and Mastering by: Neil Harvey. Total Time: 72:12. Copyright 2004. Bioneers
Bioneers: Women's Leadership Collection Vol 1DVDFeatures the compelling voices of dynamic, diverse women leaders who reveal how women (and some men) and reinventing leadership worldwide.
Burning IceDVDN/AOther
Burning in the SunDVDConnecting People Through Movies. A Film By Cambria Matlow, Morgan Robinson. Run time: 82 minutes.Other
Campus Ecology: Higher Learning for a Higher PurposeVHSNational Wildlife Federation. August 28, 2001. Total run time: 20 min, 43 seconds. VHS 12812Other
Capt. Paul Watson: Sea Shepherd Conservation SocietyDVDBoulder, 1996.Other
Climate Change Presentation KitCDEPA/NASA/NOAA Partnership. CDROM 15315. Other
Colorado Bioneers 2010DVDHansen, Loorz, WarshallBioneers
Colorado Sustainability Summit 2003 VHSHunter Lovins Keynote Speech 4/24/03. OtherSee also "Hunter Lovins"
CONVENIENCE: A young man's fancy turns to love on the busDVDN/AOther
Conversation for a Sustainable Society VHSWith Amory and Hunter Lovins, Dennis Meadows, Dana Jackson, Thomas Michael Power, Robert Gilman, David Orr and Claudine Schneider. Brings humor and joviality to energy efficiency and economic renewal by bringing together some excellent speakers who contribute to a one day panel discussion convened in Aspen, CO, to celebrate Rocky Mountain Institute's 10th anniversary in 1992. Run time: 43 minutes. VHS 12030.Sustainability
COST: The true story of the Colorado windshield massacreDVDN/AOther
Counting Sheep: Returning the Bighorn to YosemiteDVDGreen TV, Inc. 2004. Run time: 60 minutes.Other
CU Recycling Training 2003VHSCU Recycling Training Video 2003. Run time: 18 minutes.Other
Culture and Rebuilding... Re-membering New Orleans/ Re-Weaving its Social and Cultural Fabric; Carol BebelleDVD2007 Conference DVD 12, Copy 2. Run time 30 minutesBioneers
Curing the Auto Mobile BluesVHSPractical, market-based solutions for traffic jams, polluted air, and dependence on foreign oil. 1993 Union of Concerned Scientists. Run time: 13 minutes. VHS 12018Other
CURITBA, Integrated Transportation NetworkCDVOLVOOther
Curitiba, Brazil: A Sustainable City. VHSDateline video. Run time: 10 minutes. VHS 12019Other
Dave Foreman 23 Feb 1989VHSFebruary 23, 1989. CU Boulder - Duane Physics 6030 shot by EPA. VHS 12058.Other
Death of a TreeVHSA short documentary about old growth forest destruction in Colorado on the boundary of Rocky Mountain Natl. Park featuring an Earth First Protest of October 1989. Run time: 12:55. VHS 12069Other
Diet For A New America: Your Health, Your PlanetVHSHosted by John Robbins. How your food choices affect your health, happiness and the future of life on Earth. VHS 12011. Other
Downwind, Downstream. VHSRun time: 60 minutes. VHS 11933Other
E-Center Orientation 2011. DVDGreen on the Screen, CU Without a Car, RecyclingOther
Effects of Pesticide Use: Nature of Things, Playing with Poison AND City of Boulder Integrated Pest & Management Efforts: The Green Report, Lani Lamming and Tim SeastedtVHSTwo videos in one.Other
Electronic Recyclers International, Inc.DVD"ERI Video" Other
End Logging on Public LandsVHSThe recent vote by the Sierra Club to support ending commercial logging on America's public forests signals a new era of environmental awareness. More than the last Ancient Forests of the Pacific Northwest are at stake. Intact forests are the vital link to clean air and water, stable soils and climate and abundant wildlife and fisheries. Sierra Club and Many Rivers Group. Run time: 15:27. VHS 12796.Other
Environmentalists Under Fire: 10 Urgent Cases of Human Rights AbusesVHSAmnesty International and Sierra Club have come together in a one-of-a-kind collaboration on the behalf of environmental defenders. Run time: 20 minutes, 45 seconds. VHS 12007Other
Environmentally Preferable PurchasingVHSEnvironmentally preferable purchasing (EPP) is an innovative market-based strategy that is saving money, protecting human health, creating jobs and reducing adverse environmental impacts.Other
Farming our SeasCDFilmed, Produced, Edited by Sarah Curry 2009.Other
Food, Inc. and Notes on MilkVHSN/AOtherSee also "Notes on Milk"
French Fries... To GoDVDA film by Howard Donner. An award winning film that documents the origins of Telluride Colorado's Biodiesel project, which resulted in the launching of the first city bus in the nation to operate on 100% Biodiesel.Renewable Energy
Friday ExtrasDVDN/AOther
Garbage Gurus "Out of the Dumps"TAPEGarbage Gurus, "Out of the Dumps" Cassette TapeOther
Garbage Gurus "Out of the Dumps"TAPEGarbage Gurus, "Out of the Dumps" Cassette TapeOther
George Brady Interface Corp. presentationVHSGeorge Brady Interface Corp. 4/17/02. Presentation, Q&A, Interview. VHS 15026Other
Get Smart about Energy?CDOver 250 inquiry and noninquiry energy activities aligned with Natural Science Education Standards. US Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Washington, D.C. CDROM 15313Other
Good Food, Good BusinessDVD2006 Arnold Creek Productions. Run time: 26 minutes. A collection of insights from growers, a grocer, a restauranteur and experts on the innovative connections being used to open new markets and increase profits. Agriculture & Sustainability
Green Careers Conference 10/04VHSN/A. VHS 15285Other
Green Rolling HillsVHSDocumenting Industrial Pulp and Paper. Development in Central Appalachia. Videography by Eric Gravley; Music by Ned Mudd and the Swampdogs. Run time: 29 minutes. VHS 12000.Other
Growing Greener DaysVHSN/AOther
Habitat Media: Empty Oceans, Empty NetsVHSThroughout the ages, the world has enjoyed a vast and unlimited ocean, yielding abundant seafood. But increasing demand, new technologies, and burgeoning coastal populations are straining the limits of the ocean's ability to sustain healthy fish populations. VHS 12899.Other
Hunter LovinsVHSColorado Sustainability Summit Keynote Speech 4/24/2003 OtherSee also "Colorado Sustainability Summit"
Incredible Journey of the Greenback CutthroatsVHSColorado's native trout brought back from extinction. Colorado Wildlife Heritage Foundation. Producer/Writer: Hugh Gardner. Run time: 30 minutes. VHS 12279Other
Independent Lens: "Dirt! The Movie"VHSN/AOther
Intermediate Processing Facility (IPF) Training VideoDVDN/ARecycling
Keeping the Earth: Religious and Scientific Perspectives on the EnvironmentVHSThis inspirational video calls on all Americans to serve as good stewards of the natural world. Prominent scientists and religious leaders offer their perspectives on the need to protect our environment and the diverse species that share it. Narrated by James Earl Jones. Copyright 1996 Union of Concerned Scientists. Run time: 27 minutes. VHS 12242Other
Kevin LyonsVHSN/AOther
Kevin Lyons 4/17/02VHSCOPY. Kevin Lyons at University of Colorado. Run time: 60 mins. VHS 15021Other
Landscape: A new story of possibility in the changing American WestVHSFeaturing western artist Larry Zabel. Distributed by: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Missoula, Montana. Run time: 28 minutes. VHS 12280.Other
Legacy: Killing a Temperate Rainforest (British Columbia) VHSAcross Borders Productions. Legacy: Killing a Temperate Rainforest. Length: 9:45 Stereo Mix. VHS 11949Other
Lester Brown CU- Boulder 2/22/06DVDDVD 15309. 2/22/06Other
Lester Brown: From Marny Walters to E- Center VHS2/22/06. VHS 15307Other
Lou Gold; Lessons from the Ancient Forest: Earth Wisdom & Political Activism.VHSSiskiyou Regional Education Project; Cave Junction, OR. VHS 12065Other
Marta Carrillo Interview 9/26/06VHSN/A -- No case for video tape.Other
Meet the BioneersDVDOverview media copy 8; 1) It's All Connected (4:30) (Hip Hop Remix) 2006. 2) Meet the Bioneers (11 min) 2004 short version. 3) Meet the Bioneers (54 min) 2006 long versionBioneers
Megan Cal. LectureDVDN/AOther
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