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NameMaster Pack QtyColor & Qty in Master PackPictureSummaryDimensionWeightMRPEAN CodesMOQ
Munchkin Feeding Accessoriesin cms
10062 Soft Tip Infant Spoons 6 Pack36 piecesPack of 6 Assorted Colors Pack of 6 spoons
Ideal for 3+ months
43.2*31.1*25.74.91 kg29973528210062836 pieces
10121 Snack Catcher12 pieces3 Orange Blue / 3 Blue Yellow /
3 Green Purple / 3 Green Blue
Domed container holds 9 oz. of dry snacks
Protective bottom keeps tabletops scratch-free
A place to write child's name on the bottom
Pack of 1 or 2 Snack Catchers
26.7*26*25.41.5 kg29973528210121212 pieces
10265 Multi Bowls 5 Pack24 piecesPack of 5 Assorted Colors Comes 5 to a package
Non-toxic plastic is safe for baby
Top rack dishwasher safe
Perfect feeding bowl for babies 6+ months
61*41.28*19.57.23 kg39973528210265324 pieces
10280 Multi Plates 5 Pack24 piecesPack of 5 Assorted Colors Comes 5 to a package
Safe, non-toxic plastic
Top rack dishwasher safe
Ideal plates for babies 6+ months
41.91*40.64*22.78.28 kg34973528210280624 pieces
43101 Fresh Food Feeder24 piecesComes with Blue, Pink, Green
and Orange Color Nets Assorted
Textured handle easy to grasp
Pack of 1 or 2 feeders
Ideal for 6+ months
Patent pending
36.2*20.8*21.31.72 kg29973528243101224 pieces
49003 Stay Put Suction Bowls 3 Pack6 piecesSame Color Set in all 3 C onvenient sizes for infant and toddler feeding
Permanently attached suction bases help pr event spills
Top rack dishwasher safe
BPA Free
40*26.7*22.92.41 kg7497352824900336 pieces
80101 Powdered Formula Dispenser24 pieces12 Pink Green / 12 Blue Pink
/ 12 Blue Green
po wdered formula or cereal
Snap -tight lid and easy -pour spout
Removable lid makes cleaning and filling easy
Available in assor ted colors.
BPA Free
59.7*34*29.55.07 kg19973528280101324 pieces
12501 The Medicator36 pieces9 Pink / 9 Blue / 9 Purple /
9 Green
Easy, safe and accurate way to get medicine into your baby
Ideal for 0+ months
40.6*30.5*17.11.85 kg19973528212501036 pieces
42405 Easy Squeezy Spoon12 pieces6 Blue / 3 Pink / 3 Green4+ Months
Holds a 4 o z. jar of bab y food
Spoon locks t o prevent food from spilling
Cap keeps spoon clean when on-the -go
Odor resistant and top rack dishwasher safe
Ships in assor tment
29.2*18.4*24.11.43 kg59973528242405212 pieces
27106 2 Silicone Spoons24 pieces16 Green Blue / 8 Green Pink 4+ Months
Soft silicone tips are gentle on gums
Odor resistant and top rack dishwasher safe
Ships in assortment
22.9*22.9*15.21.55 kg44973528227106924 pieces
27107 Silicone Feeding Set12 pieces4 Blue / 4 green / 4 Pink4+ Months
Set includes 1 bowl and 1 spoon
Soft silicone tip is gentle on gums
Microwave safe bowl
Odor resistant and top rack dishwasher safe
Ships in assortment
39.9*30.5*16.52.10 kg74973528227107612 pieces
80103 Powdered Formula
Dispenser Combo pack
24 pieces12 Blue Pink / 6 Blue Green
/ 6 Green Pink
Soap dispensing button makes cleaning easy and convenient
Ideal for use with all bottle and/or formula brands
Single serve holds 8 o z., ideal for quick outings
Each chamber of 3-section dispenser holds
formula for 8 oz serving, ideal for home or daycare
Ships in assortment
54*30.2*20.63.48 kg29973528280103724 pieces
13701 Baby Food Grinder6 pieces3 Blue / 3 GreenMake natural baby food - just fill , grind and serve
Quick, easy and compact - ideal f or travel
Top rack dishwasher safe
Instructions and recipe booklet included
Ships in assortment
37.5*23.5*26.71.97 kg7997352821370136 pieces
11349 Toddler dip dish12 pieces4 Pink / 4 Blue / 4 Green12+ Months
Stain-resistant material
Sloped interior helps toddlers self-feed
Top rack dishwasher safe
Ships in assortment
44.5*19.7*22.22.54 kg44973528211349912 pieces
27105 Suction Bowl Dining
6 pieces3 Green Cutlery /
3 Blue Cutlery
12+ Months
Set includes a Stay-Put Suction Toddler Bowl and a
Mighty Grip ®Fork & Spoon set
Ideal size, shape & design for toddlers learning to self-feed
Permanently attached suction base helps prevent spills
Top rack dishwasher safe
Ships in assortment
36.2*22.2*29.21.89 kg6997352822710526 pieces
11325 Collapsible Feeding
24 pieces12 Blue / 12 PinkCollapsible Silicone bowl that expands and collapses
0So compact and great to have on the go
Great for snack time, very convenient and easy to clean
Comes in assorted colors
27.9*24.1*13.31.97 kg49973528211325324 pieces
Munchkin Brushes and Accessories
11001 Bottle & Nipple Brush36 pieces12 Pink / 12 Blue / 12 GreenIdeal f or standard and angled bottles
Strong sponge scrubbing tip
45.1*30.5*33.44.17 kg22573528211001636 pieces
11601 Deluxe Bottle Brush24 pieces12 Blue / 6 Pink / 6 GreenNon-slip handle lets you keep your grip when wet
The durable nylon bristles won’t scratch bottles
40*35*31.83.5 kg39973528211601824 pieces
12101 The Big Brush36 pieces12 Blue / 12 Green / 12 PinkSized for wide mouth bottles and tr aining cups
Strong sponge scrubbing tip
49*31.2*354.4 kg24973528212101236 pieces
16001 Deluxe Drying Rack6 pieces6 WhiteTwo peg heights hold accessories of all sizes
Rounded tips prevent scratching
Holds many items upright for a quick dry
No assembly required
37.4*30.4*26.53.23 kg5997352821600116 pieces
11065 Microwave Steamguard
3 pieces3 WhiteSteam Guard TM Design:
Helps pr event stream burns with heat resistant handle and t ongs
One w ay latch to remind you to open the lid a way from the body
Tabs that lock upward to prevent accidental opening
Fits all standard size microwaves
Holds vir tually all bottle br ands and sizes; up to 4 bottles and 2
br eastpump shields
41.9*30.5*32.13.35 kg14997352821106583 pieces
14305 Soap Dispensing
Bottle Brush
24 pieces12 Blue / 6 Pink / 6 GreenClean bottles and sippy cups with ease
Handle is shaped for comfort
Grip is non-slip, even when wet
Nylon bristles are durable, but won’t scratch bottles
Top rack dishwasher safe
38*24.6*30.33.25 kg49973528214305224 pieces
Munchkin Toys
10262 Mini Ducks 3 pc36 pieces24 Red White Blue 3 piece pack /
12 Green White Yellow
3 piece pack
9+ Months
Collectible mini ducks that float and squirt water
Limited editions, collect them all!
Ships in assortment
40*35.6*27.65.28 kg49973528210262236 pieces
23209 Baby bath ball12 pieces6 Pink Purple combination /
6 Blue Green combination
6+ Months
A colorful ball that shakes, strains, rattles,
rolls and stimulates baby’s senses
Floats on water, rolls on land
Soft, holed top is easy to grasp
Ships in assortment
33.9*20.3*23.81.57 kg39973528223209112 pieces
32201 White Hot Inflatable
safety tub-duck
6 pieces6 Yellow 6-24 M onths
Padded, inflatable tub makes big comfy for kids
Ideal for travel; deflates and folds easily
White Hot® Safety Disc
40*25.4*26.034 kg9997352823220136 pieces
Munchkin Sippers and Accessories
40026 Mighty Grip 10oz Straw Cup24 pieces12 Blue Green Combi /
12 Pink Green Combi
Holds 10 oz. of liquid
Top rack dishwasher safe
For kids 12+ months
45.7*31.1*22.92.44 kg29973528240026124 pieces
40027 Mighty Grip 8oz Trainer Cup24 pieces8 Green Pink combi /
8 Purple Greeb Combi /
8 Orange Blue Combi
Holds 8 oz. of liquid
Top rack dishwasher safe
Ideal for babies 6+ months
47*34.3*21.62.77 kg34973528240027824 pieces
40028 Mighty Grip 10oz Spill-Proof Cup24 pieces8 Pink Blue Combi /
8 Blue Green Combi /
8 Purple Green Combi
Holds 10 oz. of liquid
Top rack dishwasher safe
Perfect for kids 12+ months
45.7*31.1*22.92.45 kg29973528240028524 pieces
40200 Insulated 10oz Straw Cup24 pieces12 Pink Yellow combination /
12 Green Blue combination
Holds 10 oz. of liquid
Replacement straws sold separately
Top rack dishwasher safe
Ideal for kids 2+
54*44.4*27.66.09 kg39973528240200524 pieces
40523 Mighty Grip 10oz Flip Straw Cup24 pieces8 Orange Purple Combi /
8 Blue Green Combi /
8 Green Pink Combi
Holds 10 oz. of liquid
Put it in the top rack of the dishwasher
Replacement straws sold separately
Ideal for kids 12+ months
45.7*31.1*23.52.75 kg32573528240523524 pieces
48002 Replacement Straws24 pieces8 Blue Green / 8 Pink Green /
8 Purple Orange
Patent pending, soft, flexible spill- proof straw
Fits all munchkin flip-top straw cups
Available in bright, fun colors
Ships in assorted colors
35*21.3*12.41 kg19973528248002724 pieces
Munchkin Teethers
75101 Twisty Figure 8 Teether Toy24 pieces12 Purple Curves with multi colors
/ 12 Blue Curves with multi colors
(6+ mon ths)
Helps develop better motor and cognitive skills
It twists and bends and offers 6 different teething
textures to provide just the right soothing surface for any teething problem.
It's perfect for developing teeth and developing your child's motor and
sensory skills.
Easy to grasp and chew
30.2*25.8*23.92.95 kg29973528275101124 pieces
75201 Twisty Barbell Teether Toy24 piecesAll the same(6+ mon ths)
Helps develop better motor and cognitive skills
I t twists and bends and offers 6 different teething
textures to provide just the right soothing surface for any teething problem.
It's perfect for developing teeth and developing your child's motor and
sensory skills.
Easy to grasp and chew
36.2*27.3*23.53.15 kg34973528275201824 pieces
75401 Twisty Teether Ball24 pieces12 Green Blue Combi /
12 Pink Yellow Combi
6+ Months
Shake, twist and roll for fun sounds
10 different textured surfaces
Develops motor and sensor y skills
42.5*36.8*26.74.72 kg34973528275401224 pieces
Munchkin Travel & Safety Range
26701 Whitehot Safety Sunblock Shade24 pieces24 BlackLarge 14” size gives lots of sun protection
White Hot® disc feature helps keep baby safer
51.1*27*32.18.45 kg49973528226701724 pieces
27102 Safe View Mirror24 pieces24 BlackMirror views baby at any angle
Fits all cars
Can be removed at any time
34.3*26.7*19.12.53 kg39973528227102124 pieces
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