Battlesheets Game Template*
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Step #1 - Make a copy of this template
This is a READ ONLY template. To be able to play the game you will need to make a copy of this spreadsheet first. Be sure to be logged into your Google account, then click "File" in the top menu bar, and choose "Make a copy..." from the drop down menu. You can now name your copy of the spreadsheet, and will have your own copy of the game. Note: You may want to make multiple copies of the spreadsheet so you can play the game with many people.

Step #2 - Share your copy of the game with someone
To play the game with someone else, you need to share the spreadsheet with them and give them edit rights. Click the blue "Share" button in the top right corner, and enter their email address in the "Invite people" box. Make sure "Can edit" is selected in the drop down menu. Finally click "Send". That person will now have access to the spreadsheet and can play the game with you.

Step #3 - Play the game
1) Choose who will be Player #1 and Player #2. Click on the tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet for Player 1 or Player 2. From here on out stay on that tab. No cheating by peeking at the other player's tab!
2) If you need to communicate with your opponent, you can use the chat feature built into Google Sheets to type back and forth. Alternately you could connect with your opponent through a Google Hangout.
3) Place your boats in the top left grid by typing letters in the boxes. Refer to the key on the right of your sheet to see what letters to use and how many boxes each of your boats take up.
4) Take turns dropping bombs on your opponent by typing an X in a square in the bottom left grid.
5) To see if you hit your opponent, look in the grid on the bottom right. A black square means a miss, a red square means a hit, and a white square means you have not dropped a bomb on that square yet.
6) To see if your opponent hit you, look in the grid on the top right. A black square means a miss, a red square means a hit, and a white square means your opponent has not dropped a bomb on that square yet.
7) If your opponent hits all the squares for any of your boats, inform them that they have sunk that particular boat.
8) Keep taking turns until one of you has no boats left. The other person is the winner.
9) To play again, simply delete the contents of the cells in the top left and bottom left grids.
By Eric