Instagram Redesign UX Research
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3/28 5:28PM Hi everyone 👋🏼 Thanks for taking the time to look at this! :)3/1 4:51PM Hi everyone 👋🏼 Thanks for taking the time to look at this! :)
Katherine WangJoanna MaGiselle CardinalNatalie PanMimosa SayasethaKristiana SimonYnhi LeBobbie LeClaire CampbellNicole WebbBianca J-BaptisteElaine KhooHeather JaoReena AngelaBrianna AlexTami NguyenJenn VergaraJennifer Tran NgoVicky LiaoRuchao ShangTiki DangBonnie KohAndrea EspulgarNina TruongMelinda HuaJamie SanchezKatherine ChengArienne ValenciaDaniella GraubardSamantha Chiok
Story Sophomore at UF, marketing major, loves fashion and makeup. Wanna be a buyer for a mjor retail company. Also minoring in retail.3rd year health science major, pre-pharmacy, enjoy outdoor adventures and going hiking/canoeing, likes to go to Lake Wauburg, likes to go to new restaurants and take pictures of her food, takes alot of pictures of her dogMajoring in media and communications/statistics, and music minor, currently institute for public accuracy as an intern, love music/hike, recently learned and certified in scuba, really interest in sailing, likes outdoorsy activities and photographyCollege student, pre-dental track, 3rd year. Nutrition major. Likes doing random things for fun like learning new things such as learning chinese on her ipad. Alot of time spent on school work.Sociology major at UF, potentially do HR with it, likes to watch tv shows and catch up on comic book series, dancestudying biology and sociology at the university of florida, really into exercising and taking pictures of her friends (archiving it), photojournaling, just started a youtube channel (videojournal the last college years) Studying pre-vet, likes to play videogame, reading, drawing, anything aesthetic and artsy, likes relaxing outdoor activities (i.e. hiking/camping)Just graduated college with biochem degree, going to go back to school for pharmacy, enjoy eating alot, loves taking pictures of food before eating them, likes traveling, likes dollar movie Really loves art, photography, specifically drawing and sketching. Loves animal and animals video. Start a new job in the communication fields.Intern for a social media and marketing agency, likes to random stuff and go to the bar, getting her business degree Broke, waiting to start nursing schoolCurrently working at UF Transportation Institute, plan to work there for a couple years max and then look for other opportunities, anything related to communications/events Live in long island her whole life, x-ray school to become an x-ray tech, recently started photography as a hobby, likes baking, comes from a big familyNursing student but doesn't like limiting herself to just that, likes to work out and lift, side dream of owning a coffee shop, a goal for this year is to learn more about the coffee industry, wants to read more this year (nursing, investing, more about her faith— catholicism)Currently working in InMar (North Carolina) as a research analyst and project coordinator for government channel, interests in exploring/brewery/hiking/concerts, engaged, go on roadtrip and music festivals every summer, and taking her dog to the dog parkBachelor in Biology, going to Nova University for pharmacy, vietnamese, likes to go kayaking and traveling on her free timeWork part-time and go to grad school part-time; lives in Tampa, most of the friends are in Orlando and West PalmWorking professional in New York City from Boston, went to school in Columbia in economics, work at Ralph Laurence, interested in fashion/community service/yogaGraduate student of public health/biostatistics, likes to watch dramas and look at her friends live through social media, getting into exercising and eating healthier food, interests in foodGraduated from her masters in Spring 16, started working at a public accounting firm in Miami, biggest interest is traveling, enjoy hanging out with friends, reading a book, playing the piano, have 3 large goals in life (travel to most continents, build her own house (likes real estate and interior design), have a family) College pharmacy student at UF, loves dog and cooking, traveling, interior design, gardening, foodIn school doing graphic design, minoring in web design, working two jobs (Launchable and Currency Exchange), likes to binge watch shows, likes the beach more, likes her catMoved to Silicon Valley, like the environment, graduted in economics, moved to california for ambition, financial service partners/ running business on the side, applying to business on the side (start-ups), taking advantage of exploring and finding new opportunities in a new cityBorn and raise in Daytona Beach, Community college in town 2 year, 2 years in Orlando at UCF degree PR & communications, Working at non-profit end goal, love singing dancing, sharing good in world than the bad, tries to be more realistic in lifeRecent graduate masters in clinitcal mental health counseling, trying to find a job in mental health, interests in nutrition and fitness/traveling/craftsBorn on November 4 1991 Miami, like to read and listen to music, likes to hang out with the homies and trying new food, working at a company call DayPaper and a student (UF-distance learning)Graduated from UCF in degree in digtial media webdesign, currently freelance graphic design and front-end web, likes to netflix/diy projects (house stuff/decore), likes to make thing, graphic design is a hobby, likes to stay involve in politics, likes to look through fashion bloggers/diy/makeup/minimalism thingsCurrently a law student, trying to practice elder law, likes to play video games, watching anime and reading mangaLive in Forth Worth TX, account executive for a tech company in Arlington, in the process of starting her own side business, interests includes working out (i.e. boxing), likes to read alot, and travelingFull-time student interested in the health care field, likes to go outdoor and try new things/dancing/trying new food/finding new hiking trails around town/playing with her dogs/ and going to the farmers market. Favorite food is taco and sushi
Evaluative Q's
1. What do you use Instagram for?To follow celeb and bloggers, like newsfeed to be strictly blogger/celebs to keep up with trends, only keep up with close friendsa way to connect with her friends, alot of friends she follow on instagram that she doesn't talk personally, instagram is a way to keep up with her friends through pictures (vacation, etc.)Just to keep up with friends, doesnt post as much since more private personLike to see what other people are up to and staying connected.For leisure, to pass timemostly for uploading photos of herself, send photos of animals to her friend through direct message, follow alot of animal accountsMainly for browing, not much of a poster but likes to look at instagram for inspirations (beauty blogger, makeup artists, painters (speed painting videos, digital art), and animal videosBrowse around to see what is trending and what her friends are up to(Procrastinating), Has two account (one for friends, one for art/interests (i.e. fashion/tattoo designer)To post things (look for memes and sometimes at work)Entertainment, connecting with people she wants to connect with (classmates, childhood friends, old coworkers)Casually for entertainment; friends/fashion/personal interests/food/dogsShare moments and picturs, things she find that are prettySharing pictures and moments (what she did that day), sharing a part of her life with the rest of the worldCreative outlet and expression (instagram has a theme), and to keep up with people to see what they're up toMainly social media and for research projectsUpload one picture that she doesn't want to put in an album, capture a single momentShare photos and get inspirations for activities (things to do, fashion inspo, memes)To creep on her friend's lives, get motivation for exercising, and to find good food places/ or food pictures, and to share her life through pictures/videos with her friends, and entertainmentKeep up with her friends livesJust to look at pictures and see how everyone's doing, posting her pictures to update people, also use it for an organization for advertisement (fshp)See what everyone else is doing and where they are at the moment, what their highlights are, check for aesthetics and share experiencesShare moments of her life just for fun whether significant or notHeavily involved in powerlifing and going to the gym, keeping track of the progress, filters and editing and then publishing it on facebookTo look up motivational quotes, inspirations and come up with ideas (like if she was working out her abs, use instagram to find videos), and check up with friendsLikes to post pictures and is on the explore page alot, like to look at food and etsy/disney storesMostly keeping up with friends, do follow influencers, and keep up with news (activism group)Post random pictures (like when traveling, concert, seeing new places)Primarily to post photos and to look at dogsUse it to see what everyone's up to (Friends and family), follow accounts that she's interested in like fitness and nutrition
2. How often do you use Instagram in a given week? (*Define "use" as simply opening the app and commiting to simplest action such as looking at newsfeed or checking notifications)EverydayEverydayEverydayEverydayEverydayEverydayEverydayEveryday3-5 times a weekEverydayEverydayEverydayEverydayEverydayEverydayEverydayA couple of timesEverydayEverydayA couple times a weekEverydayEverydayEverydayOnce a weekEverydayEverydayEverydayEverydayA couple times a weekEveryday
3. When do you usually go on Instagram?morning when she wakes up, a couple times in the afternoon, before she goes to sleep around 12AMduring free time (get to class early, on the bus, before you go sleep)During class, in the morningNothing to do (i.e. on the bus/bathroom)Late afternoon, late at nightIn the evening before she goes to bed (when she should be sleeping), when she's bored (like on the bus)in between free time (on the bus/waiting)At night when she's relaxing, downtime, when she's off workwaiting for something or bored10am, when she gets in the office and lunchWhen she wakes up, on breaks whether at work or school, when she has a minute to spareConsistently throughout the day In the morning, at lunch, at nightIn the morning and before going to sleep (when she really can't sleep), lunch breaksIn the morning, mid-day during lunch break, and before bedWhen she wakes up in the morning, anytime when she has free time, and at nightDuring the day, like if she's bored and there's nothing on facebook/twitter/snapchatIn the morning on the commute to work, at night on her commute back, and right before bedin the morning and when she's on the bus, every 1/2 an hour (on average)When in the restroom, anytime she's sitting around and not doing anything (i.e. waiting)In the car when she's not driving, before bedwhen she wakes up in the morning Every few hours, usually twice a day, morning and night just to checkupNight-time, getting into bedFirst thing in the morning, before she goes to bed, lunch breaks, or break from workSporadically throughout the dayRight when she wakes up, before going to sleep, and on the toiletIn the morning to help wake upWhen she wants to post a photo Lunch breaks, when she's at a traffic stop, or if she's posting something
4. Would you rank Instagram in your top 3 most used app?YesYesNoYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNoNoYesYesNoYesYesNoNoYesYesYesNoYesYes
5. What do you like about Instagram?She's a visual person so she likes to see the trends (i.e. makeup), and the explore page to find people, and is more convenientDon't really need to write alot when you post things theres always a picture that go with itEasy to scroll through (doesn't have to press anything)It's just solely photos Like looking at other people's pictures/post just to pass timehow people can showcase the different kinds of art (i.e nature, college experience, professional photography), very diverse range of interests and talents, use it as inspiration for her photojournaling escapade, alot of different perspective, and able to showcase personality (themes of what they want to post)Like how organized it is, everyone's profile has the same format, easy to look for things by utilizing hashtags, focus on only photo/videosFormat is very clean and is user-friendlyJust added the multiple account option, likes the search option because it gives suggestioneasier layout to look at (unlike fb, no random junk)easy past-time, mobile friendly because its in your pocket (not like fb where you have to be on the computer to use it)The feed is continous and can just scroll through itCan see what other people think are important (a different perspective on how people view the world), can be used to tell storiesIt's like her public diary (for herself/ and other people)It's cool since it's a window into other people's life, get to see what people are up to and their interets, likes to follow IG with similiar interests, cool place to visit her friend and her hobbiesPeople can just post what they're doing in their life without having to talk to them (Very shortly)That when you upload something, it stays there forever; you don't have to upload a whole album-- just one upload; seeing social media updates from friends that is just one photoEasy to use and is widespread, easy to look at because its image-driven (not alot of reading) Likes their filter because it's convenient (all in one app), likes seeing pictures from her friends and funny pictures, likes that she can tag people underneath pictures (it's not like fb where you get notifications from other people who comments), better control of what you want to seefilters to make things look pretty, the like function is pretty easy to use, really enjoy how they're similar to snapchatSimple to use and alot of people have itshe can see what people are up to and what people are advertising, able to get inspiration and visual referencesIts lasting content (contrary to Snapchat), less likely to be diluted/doesnt get lost/solid platform to post something (Facebook)Pretty simple (having an image and putting text), tells you what people are expressing, less craziness (ads), know its purposeYou can look up stuff, have suggestions, explore, being able to see her friends through pictures rather than reading postsEasy to use and likes to look at the pictures, its a simple concept that works (look at picture, caption, like it move on)Photo-based so its enforcing people to post more than just (more interesting since she's more visual), and less spam interface/cleanEasy to post pictures, and can make it like a separate album (pictures on instagram that's not on facebook— more personable/only certain people see her pictures)Don't have to worry about a thousand articles, more personable because people have to figure out how to identify themselves using a photo and words rather than links/videos, tends to be more about the personal life It's just pictures, more to the point, and you get to see stuff that's more pleasing
6. On a scale of 1-5, how familiar would you say you are with navigating around Instagram?
(If below 3, why?)
54 (knows it pretty well, not too familiar with editing/filters)553.5 (don't know all the features)5553 (theres part of instgram that she hasn't full used or explore such as messaging)54 (somethings she doesn't know to do or use)4 (not a 5 because business)53.5 (there are times where she doesn't understand the new features i.e. bookmark/stories)5444444543 (not sure about new updates)3 (don't user certain features like DM)4543 (only use it to post and scroll through, doesn't know the other features (i.e. direct message))4
7. Which of these features on Instagram do you use?
8. Describe Instagram using 3 adjectives. (How does it make you feel? What do you feel when you think of Instagram as an application?)Trendy, Aesthetic, MultifacetedArtistic, Expressive, CreativeConvenient, Fun, UsefulConnected, Creative, InspirationQuick, Simple, EntertainingInnovative, Bright, ExcitingClean, useful, creativeFun, User-friendly, trendyColorful, Useful, ConnectingFresh, Modern, Excitinghip, connecting, eye-openerEntertaining, Inspiring, MotivatingArtistic, Interesting, EnjoyableLiberating, Confined, DiscoverInteresting, Fanatic, SocialFun, Quick, PrettyQuick, Easy, PermanentFun, Creative, PopularConvenient, Easy-to-use, Feature-loadedLively, Engaging, PhotogenicSimple, Nostalgic, AestheticEnjoyable, Useful, AestheticNostalgic, Connected, EnjoyableSimple, Vibrant, StorytellingClustered, Limited, PicturesqueTime-consuming, Creative, FunClean, interactive, trendy Simple, artsy, convenientPersonable, Stylish, FunSimple, Short, Colorful
Technical Q's PRIME
9. Without looking, describe the layout of a typical profile page. Starting from top to bottom.Upper left (circle icon), follower/following, blue bar for follow, bio, 4 columns (posts, photos of them)Username, gear bar on the top right, left hand side is profile picture (story is circle in pink), description bar for name/info, #posts, followers/following, 4 tabs under description bar (Grid view/ long view/ tagged pictures/ something else), bottom menuPicture top left, #posts/followers/following, below is your posts/pictures, pictures you've been tagged inCircle profile picture, name, # followers/following, arrow, suggested people, four white boxes (picture (grid or list view), tagged photos, bookmark)Icon picture, #posts/followers/following, follow button, bio, option to view pictures in icons/lists/location?/tagged photosCircle profile photo, name underneath with bio, #posts/followers/following, 3 tabs (square picture layout, expand one photo at a time, tagged photos), bottom bar (with camera to upload photo), and edit your profile (if your own)profile picture (circle), #posts/followers/following, edit your profile, blank area for name and about me, organize sections of infinite rows of 3 of photos, navigation area at the bottomProfile picture, name, description, how many people following/followers, tabs to see the viewing formats, and your photosTop left profile picture, name, bio, bar (grid/list/tagged pictures), photos, top right DM optionProfile picture, #posts/followers/following, username, description, different tabs to see the photosprofile picture, followers/following, # of posts, bio, pictures, bar: (layouts to see pictures in different ways), bookmarkProfile picture, name, description, bar (different ways to look at content), 3 pictures across and you go down, bar at the bottom for navigation, Direct message, followers/#posts/following, drop down menuLeft profile picture, to the right (#posts, followers/following), brief bio/statement, grid/list view, and photos, take a picture option at the bottom Profile picture circle, how many post you made, how many followers/following, follow button, about me, posts/tagged pictures/bookmarkTop left circular profile picture, followers/following/#photos, personal information (i.e. quote), grid/list layout, photos tagged, 3 rows of photos going downIcon profile picture, #followers/following, description, squares of pictures postedtop left: circle profile picture, followers/following, follow button, tidbit about yourself, buttons to view as grid/ each single picture, if grid you see a ton of picture and if you click on the picture and see the captions/comments/likes/share, if its not the grid then its just everything without clicking in Top left corner is profile picture, username above that, under is #posts/following/followers, bio, two different ways to post the instagram, and underneath is photos of row of 3susername, picture in a circle, #posts/following/followers, description, bar to choose the layout of how you want to view the pictures (grid/list/tagged), and photos underneath, bottom bar with (newsfeed, search/explore, button to upload picture, notifications, profile)Picture on upper left, #followers/following/posts, people can choose to follow you, short description about self, below is all the pictures and pictures you're tagged inProfile picture, name is bolded, description, post amount, followers/following, view all (3 blocks going down)/one at a time, tagged photos, settingBanner instagram, upper left corner profile picture (circle), #posts/followers/following, description, 3 or 4 tabs (photos, photos you've liked/bookmark, grid), 5 navigation feature (home, search, post photo, likes/following, settings), setting gear on upper rightProfile picture, basic about me, 9x9 grid squares of the last posts, #posts, followers/following, Your name, bottom navigation barProfile picture on the left side, content below that of your photos (squares), following/followers, something related to liking, top right has notificationsTop left (profile icon), name in bold, bio, Top right # of posts, followers, following, underneath is photos/video in chronological orderProfile picture on left in a circle, name, about me, tabs to view as grid/list, and pictures on bottomLeft is avatar, right is #posts/followers/following, follow button, contact button if busienss, name, bio, link, grid/linear way of looking at the photos option follow by photos Top left is profile picture, name, description, posts/followers/following, suggest new friends underneath, main menu (bookmark, tagged, posts)Top corner profile picture, instagram name, #followers/following, paragraph to talk about yourself, 4 bar (see all the photos, line list of photos one by one, tagged photos, ?), photos at the bottomUsername on the top, circle profile picture, full name, description about self, #followers/following/posts, grid of pictures posted
10. Without looking, describe the home page starting from top to bottomStories on the top, Upper right (DM), upper left (add a story), feed (little squares with username/icon), bottom of the page is the camera upload icon, "like" tab, explore tab, profile tabinstagram logo, right hand side for notifications for DM, posts (picture/video) username/profile picture, username/caption with comments/likesTop has all the stories in circles, the feed consists of the people you follow (username/picture/descriptions/heart for liking/comments)Instagram header, title of the people posting and time, who liked it/number of likes, comments, a heart, an arrow to message, bookmark optioninstagram logo, top right is DM, people's instagram stories, and the newsfeedtop right corner is notification for messaging, bottom bar for posting, heart icon to see notifications to see recent activity on feed, newsfeed in the middle of the people you're followingSquares of people whose posting stories, top right is DM, follow by recent posts of photos/videos, same bottom navusername, location, photo, heart, picture where you send it to someone, views/likes, commentsstories, follow by Profile picture icon, name, picture, view more comments, and then repeatUsername, most recent post of that person, logo, stories, same navigation bar at the bottompicture and name of the people posting, home tab, magnifying glass (Search), Person's name, giant picture, description, heart for like, bookmark tab, comment, DM at the topUsername/time stamp (bottom right)/photo/caption/heart/comment, blue camera on the bottom of the pageInstagram on top, top right airplane for DM, little row for instagram stories, newsfeed scroll through peoples pictures (left)/username/captionSee if someone sent you a message, instagram stories, photos scrolling underneath that (with heart for likes/comments)stories at the top from other people follow by the following's post, and then posting option at the bottomtop is everyone's stories, instagram handle follow by photo post follow by username and caption/likes or views, double click photo or heart button if you like it, click on text box to comment, most recent to oldest post of your followingsYour story in a bubble, other bubbles of people's stories, underneath row of stories is the post, profile pic follow by instagram name/location/3 dots on the side to alert notifcations/report/and photo/heart to like/comment/sharing option/captioninbox button on the right hand side, stories below (your icon first follow by other people), pictures of people she follows (not chronologically ordered), occasionally ad, occasionally suggested people, same navigation barlist of pictures/videos, stories on the top, shows numbers of likes/comments, and namespost picture and caption, heart, comment button, dot dot dot thingy to reportInstagram banner, top left is camera icon, right side is messaging (paper plane), recent photo posted, bottom how many likes/views, descriptions followed by comments, same navigation bottom Instagram logo at the top, right is inbox, feed under it that just scrolls, bottom is navigation barPost's image, comment button after the photo, like button, option to send/save, text below that and other people's comment, option to take a photo to make a post, search button on the bottomName of person posting, icon, the picture posted, heart to like, list of people who've liked it and commentssquares of the pictures to scroll through, search bar to type in name, navigation tabstop bar that says instagram, circles of stories, feed with picture/name/comments/tags/time posted/bookmark/likeHer story at the top along with all the other stories, people's post for the newsfeedSearch button at the top with magnifying glass, list of people with their names with photos and captions (comment option/heart to like), scroll ability, and button to upload to InstagramUsername of the people posting follow by picture/video shared, caption, heart to like, add comments or share the picture (keep scrolling for repetition)
Technical Q's TARGET
11. Now that we're at the home page, where does it take you when you swipe from LEFT to RIGHT? Right Answer: Cameraexplore pagecameradon't knowdiscovery pagecamera for the storylive stream/post photodon't knowcameradon't knowdon't knowvideo thingyTake a picture for your storyexplore pagecamera for instastoriescamera to take photosdon't knowdon't know (guess: see person's profile like tinder)turns on camera (live stories/take a pic/boomerang)camera to take picturedon't knowdon't knowenable camera to post on storiesdon't knowsearch optioncamerapost a picture camera buttonNothingdon't knowpost on instagram stories
12. From the home page, where does it take you when you swipe from RIGHT to LEFT? Right Answer: Messagesprofiledirect messagedon't knownotificationsexplore pageexplore pagenotificationsdon't knowdon't knowdon't knowmessagesMessagesdon't knowdon't knowdon't knowdon't knowdon't know (guess: profile)messagesdon't know (guess: profile)don't knowdon't knowDMdon't knowtake a photoexploredon't knowDM (keep swiping for notifications and then profile)Explore pagedon't knowexplore
13. How do you get to the message inbox?click on the icon on upper right home page (drawer like icon)notifcation tab on homepage (upper right)don't know (gets notified through notification)top right corner message icon (news feed page)home screen, right hand corner buttontop right corner home pagetop right corner (mailbox icon) home pagedon't knowtop right of home page (drawer icon)home page, top right cornerswipe rightMessaging box in the top right corner home pageenvelope on the profile pageclick around (because she doesn't use it enough), or notifications on airplane (home page)bottom and top of the home page and profile pagemain page top right cornertop right button with picture of envelope and orange bubble telling you how many messages you have of home pageswiping or profile (top right mailbox)right top hand corner on your home pageupper right corner of home pagetop left box newsfeedswipe left or personally message them top right on the feed pagelittle square box that has a folded triangle on top of it on your top right corner of home pagehome page, top righttop right corner of home pageswiping right to leftTop right corner (triangle) home pagetop right button, but don't know which pagetop right corner of the home page, or second swipe left
14. How do you get to the screen to post on instagram stories?icon on upper left home page (camera icon?)don't knowdon't knownews feed where everyone's stories isdon't knowcircle top left (plus sign) home pagedon't knowtop left on home page don't knowdon't knowswipe leftClick on your picture in the stories or swipe on the newsfeed there's a circle with a plus (top left)top left home page (profile picture with plus sign)don't knowmain page top "add story"button at the bottom like you would post a normal photoswipe from left to right, or your story bubble on home pagetop where the stories icon are, swipe left to rightdon't knowtop where all the circles of the stories areswipe right enable the cameratop left (empty circle with plus sign) of home pagebutton at the bottom profile page and click on your own icontop left corner of the home pagedon't knowTop left corner of your home page (your story option)click on her photo at the top of the home screen where all the stories areswipe left to right
*subgroup for stories
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