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1Whomp 'EmAbelscoldsweatDefeat Final Guardian (World 8)n/a75/28/20142:11:23YesYesYes67.548Whomp 'EmOne thing I can complain about is changing the special powers. You need to press select button going one by one but if you barely pass the power you need to go all the way again pressing select, the music was OK until the last stage which had a terrible final stage music and that last stage was definitely harder than the previous ones.Whomp 'EmFALSE
Defeat Dark Queen (Lv. 12)n/a105/28/20140:26:42NoYesYes1010210BattletoadsWhat can I say? This is a Masterpiece for the NES. Extremely difficult but rewarding, the only thing i would change from it would be the ending.BattletoadsFALSE
3Mega Man 37uanDefeat Dr. Willyn/a95/28/20141:15:08NoNoYes101039Mega Man 3My only issue to don't rate it 10 was a shooting problem while facing left/right and changing quick + shooting to the opposite direction is still shooting the first direction he was facing :(Mega Man 3FALSE
4The Battle of OlympusTerribleHumanGo to Tartarus and defeat Hadesn/a95/31/201411:59:58YesNoYes997.59Battle of Olympus (2 Parts)Beautiful game very similar to Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. The reason for not a perfect 10 is that many times you need to be attacking with the sword around to discover the exact hidden location of certain items.
The Battle of Olympus
5AstyanaxAl0nditeDefeat Black Dragon (Round 6-2)n/a6.56/1/20141:25:13YesYesYes5838AstyanaxThe main reason of the rate is because of very slow character movement and slow text, the music is great and also the graphics are good. The story is really touching.AstyanaxFALSE
6The Legend of Zeldaecho_nekoDefeat Ganon (First Quest)n/a86/1/20146:05:23NoNoYes97.559The Legend of ZeldaThe game is amazing but the problem is the lack of a overall map and real hint of where the cave/temples are hidden. This game is nearly impossible to beat without hints or spoils.
The Legend of Zelda
7Legacy of the WizardStoxenbawnsDefeat Keelan/a96/3/201414:40:30YesNoYes108910Legacy of the Wizard (3 Parts)Another master piece of guess where to jump or what to do. But since the game was made in 1987 I was really impressed of how well the characters are and also the game mechanics overall. Also the music is great, definitely recommended to play.
Legacy of the Wizard
8The Last NinjaJeannotbdfBeat the ninja ghost Kunitoki (The Mansion)n/a56/3/20141:49:53NoYesYes65.53.57.5The Last NinjaThe music gets to monotonus with a lack of good sound FX. Hit boxes are terrible. Still the game is playable if you get overcome the frustration of the hitboxes.The Last NinjaFALSE
9A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on BloboloniaHomelessbrianDefeat the Evil Kingn/a36/3/20144:16:40YesYesYes3457A Boy and His BlobI was reserving myself to give any comment on this game, because I didn't know what to write, I can say only one thing: "I am happy i didn't play this game as a kid". The game is really strange and definitely not my kind of game, i know there have been remakes of this title but this one for the NES is BAD. Remember: coconut = coconut
A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia
10Batman: Return of the Joker
Defeat Joker (Stage 7-2)n/a96/4/20140:41:20NoYesYes1010210Batman: Return of the JokerDefinitely recommended to play, very fun, awesome music and entertaining. Not a perfect 10 score just because of the difficulty, it's really easy because of unlimited continues.
Batman: Return of the Joker
11Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of ChaosDuckfistDefeat Demon (Stage 7-2)n/a106/4/20141:03:30NoYesYes109310Ninja Gaiden IIThis was the only Ninja Gaiden game I played as a kid but my brother and I loved it so much that we started playing by ear on flute and guitar the intro song. I did manage to beat the game as a kid but definitely was very challenging.
Good graphics and story, outstanding music, awesome gameplay, cool cinematics, i love it.
P.S. "What the ...?"
Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos
12Vice: Project DoomeJeenBeat Skeleton Boss (Stage 11-4)n/a76/4/20141:11:52YesYesYes810310Vice: Project DoomIn my opinion this game mix some of the good features of Batman (Weapon Switching) and Ninja Gaiden (Mechanichs in general). The movement is really fluid and if you play this for the second time you can go really quick through the stages. The dificylty is average since it has easy boss patterns. I liked the variety of the stages, in some you can even drive a car.
Vice: Project Doom
*TACO BREAKTMR StomachEat 'em all1006/4/2014??????TACO BREAKNothing better to eat than some proper "Tacos al Pastor"#N/AFALSE
13Adventures of LoloLeucivineRescue Lala (Stage 10-5)n/a96/5/20144:26:48YesNo79710Adventures of LoloThe Music is great, the problem is that only has three tracks: password, levels & ending. And doing some research i heard the main level music around 630 times (25 seconds per loop) so I am not lying saying this "I still have the music in my head". Anyway loved the puzzles, great mind game.
Adventures of Lolo
14Dr. MarioPop_emBeat Lv. 1-20 (any speed)n/a76/6/20146:41:35NoYes99710Dr. MarioDr. Mario Replay!Goal: Beat Level 20. Trying to beat Lv19 MED the first time playing the game is nearly impossible, that is why i changed the speed to SLOW after trying really hard. Dr. Mario is a good tetris inspired game (imo) and those virus are worse than antrax.Dr. MarioFALSE
15Monster PartyPeRFeCKDefeat Dark World Master (World 9)n/a76/6/20141:54:20YesYes76.539Monster PartyAt the begining is quite confusing what to do to finish the levels but once you learn what to do, the game becomes easier. There is a troll maze stage that is a real pain but with a little luck you can beat it. The real difficulty starts when you reach the last boss, if you die there is taking you back to the previous level and that one is not that easy to beat. Luckly i notice a certain enemy who ave me the necesary health to be able to fight against the last bos and beat him. About the story: "I understand this is a game but story is really bizarre". The music was decent.Monster PartyFALSE
16DuckTalesPld90xDefeat Dracula Duck and Collect Final Treasure (any difficulty)n/a96/7/20140:37:24NoYes99210DuckTalesNot a big fan of the game itself, but the music is one of the best out there.DuckTalesFALSE
17Ultima III: ExodusScizyrSeal Exodus and Escape the Castlen/a46/11/201439:04:17YesNo34.5108Ultima III: Exodus (5 Parts)Run son, RUN!I remember when I started this game, I was young and my channel had about 11,5k followers. Now, at the age of 91, I finally finished and can move on with Silver Surfer. KappaUltima III: ExodusFALSE
18Silver SurferGab_mDefeat Giant Purple Monster (Stage 6)n/a106/11/20142:52:33NoYes8.594.59Silver SurferThe Music is outstanding and the gameplay is good, only 3 continues which makes this game a challenge. The "Bad side?" the board hitbox is huge, but that adds more dificulty on beating this game.Silver SurferFALSE
19HydlideBlue_BoltDefeat Varalysn/a26/13/20145:21:46YesNo235.59HydlideHydlide Without Hints?Dispite of the horrible 5 seconds loop music the game is not that bad itself, it has like weird mechanics but once you grasp the idea it is playable. The fight can be really tough if you encounter an enemy head to head.HydlideFALSE
20Batman: The Video GameL71983Deafeat Joker (Stage 5-3)n/a96/13/20140:32:38NoYes109.5310BatmanThe game and music are great, the reason for a 9 rate is because of unlimited continues, but even with that advantage the joker fight is still a good challenge.
Batman: The Video Game
21Super Mario Bros.Coin_OperatedDefeat Bowser (World 8-4) [Warpless/Continueless]n/a106/13/20140:43:56NoYes107310Super Mario Bros.Classic epic NES plataformer, good music, i like it. Nice and simple. If you haven't play this one before then you aren't my friend.
Super Mario Bros.
22Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade GameZzeekeyDefeat Shredder (Scene 7)n/a106/15/20141:05:38NoYes1010310TMNT 2: The Arcade GameVery good game specially because it can be played in 2p-coop, the dificulty is good and definitely this is one of my favorites old ones. Jewel for NES, there is nothing i can change from this game is just awesome.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game
23Metal GearKaos788Defeat Big Boss and escapen/a86/15/20143:28:04YesYes57.55.59Metal GearTeleport GlitchThe game itself is good, but it gives me a feel like the main character moves are slow. The reason for the "8" while rating is because It is not as entertaining or enjoyable while playing. THE BAD: having to enter into the menu to change and try every single card on a door is really painful.Metal GearFALSE
24RygarjimmycoloradoDefeat Ligar in Sky Castlen/a76/16/20142:33:48YesYes46.54.510RygarMusic good, and good gameplay. the problem comes when we talk about the hit boxes, they are really awkward sometimes. I liked the difficulty of the last boss it is really challenging. The game is enjoyable and not too long.RygarFALSE
25JackalOwensirDefeat the Tank (Level 6)n/a106/16/20140:58:38NoYes99310JackalI wanted to say something about the controller direction of the jeep, but when i second thought about it i think it is really good. The game has great music, sound FX and it is fun as hell, definitely recomended to play coop or solo. Toadally TMR aproved.JackalFALSE
26MetroidgasperstickDefeat Mother Brain and escape planet Zebesn/a66/17/20147:24:47YesYes747.510MetroidI was only able to beat this game thanks to my Super Metroid experience but i have to say it is really tough with no spoilers. Kraid fight is probabbly one of the hardest fights, but I have to be honest I enjoyed the game after i crossed the bridge to go to the last part of the game. Music is OK but you spend too much time listening to it that becomes annoying.MetroidFALSE
27Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of DemnosBadmilooDefeat Morbius (Collect 6 pieces of Staff of Demnos)n/a106/19/20146:24:13YesYes8779SolsticeTim Follin is the composser of the music in this game and I have to say this is by far the best NES Music in a game I have ever heard (Intro Music), Tim is genuine genius for NES Music. About the game: puzzles in almost every room but thankfully you have some potions and you can manage your way through all the rooms to rescue your lovely princess. The credit/continue system is good but sometimes it trolls you taking away pieces of your staff and keys. The speed of the game and controllers are good and the map comes really handy to know where to go or where to explore.
Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of Demnos
28CrystalisHotdogStormDefeat DYNAn/a106/19/201411:16:19YesNo1097.510CrystalisI beat the game in one sitting playing it for the very first time in +11 hours. I am really happy for the achivement. The game itself is not too hard but since is an RPG you need to solve puzzles and talk to people in towns to know where to go and that takes time. Also finding out what every item does is time consuming as well. When you think you already beat the game, guees what? There is always someting else to be done. The Game is a 10/10, the menu sistem is amazing, the music, gameplay, story, graphics all are at top level for NES in fact this doesn't feel like an NES game. Is so advance this game for NES Standard. SNK did a good job with this one.CrystalisFALSE
29Nintendo World CupclairebeareWin Championships (Tournament Mode)n/a106/20/20143:18:16NoNo10104.510Nintendo World CupIs TMR a wimp, or a survivor?Maybe this will be the only time in my life that I will see Mexico win a World Cup. This game is really amazing, but is even more that you can play it with 4 players simultaniusly, this is definitely a really fun game to play with your buddies, really well programed with the original design of Technos. I had lot of fun playing it and i have to confese the music is so fucking good. P.S. Double high Five!
Nintendo World Cup
30The Trolls in Crazyland (PAL)jaye13Defeat the Wizard after creditsn/a66/20/20141:22:17YesYes9.58.549The Trolls in CrazylandHave you seen a troll naked? This is clearly the publicity of this game, but despite of the game hitboxes being wird and a troll ending the music is really great. I didn't like the jump feature at all it was like a slow motion jump, in the other hand what I really liked was the HP . Every single time the troll was hit, the power was increasing like a king of rage so it was really fun. The mine car stages were fun and made the game more interesting.
The Trolls in Crazyland (PAL)
31RoboWarriorgtxtitan_Defeat Xur (Stage 8-5)n/a56/23/201410:22:32YesYes7.577.510RoboWarriorRoboDeforestation (proposed title) is a game that you better read the manuel before playing it otherwise you will end up looping for +2 hours like it happen to me. The music is epic but what is really annoying is that the levels are so long and boring, there is no changes in the levels, all of them is the same "Bomberman Idea". From time to time you have boss fights which makes all the journey more enjoyable but the dificulty of the bosses is easy, at least the developer tought that it will be so annoying having to bomb all the way back to make it again to the boss. Definitely not recomended for a first playthrough.RobowarriorFALSE
32Castle of DragondigitalpaletteDefeat Darklarza (stage 8)n/a66/23/20143:39:43YesYes7.574.57Castle of DragonThis game reminds me Dragons Lair, where you get lag and not a good response on the controllers, but despite of those cons the pros are that the music is OK, the level design is not bad, but the enemies logic is really poor. The game is fairly easy to get to the last boss (excluding deadly jumps in two levels). One thing certainly annoying is when you die, you have to go all the way from the begining again, definitely this game will test your patience. But beating it feels so good.Castle of DragonFALSE
33Pro Wrestling2stackzDefeat Puma (Match 16)n/a36/24/20145:10:41YesNo4358Pro WrestlingThis game is impossible to beat with a character other than the Mongolian one, the music isn't good, at least I am happy it had an ending.Pro WrestlingFALSE
34Magicianwillson50Defeat Abadonn/a106/24/20144:38:42NoYes8.594.510MagicianI know this game isn't really fun to watch but if you ever play it is like a magic fairy tale. The Music: +10. Game Design: Amazing. Game Play: Sofisticated. I have to say that due to the lack of buttons in NES they manage really well the menu to give this game a really good feel. Maybe a Health and Water/Food meter on screen would have been really handy but still the game is awesome and every NES lover should play it.MagicianFALSE
35Little League Baseball: Championship SeriesgreatwighthopeWin Finals (Little League Championship)n/a86/25/20144:56:20YesYes8959Little League Baseball: Championship SeriesI am not a big fan of baseball, but definitely this game done by SNK was very well made. It follows probably all the baseball rules, it is hard and challenging to play but thankfully has a password system so you can resume exactly where you were. The menu is really friendly as you can access it any time you want to replace your players, change pitcher, etc. also you can manage the way you want the inner garden and the outside garden to behave. Very complete the game but lack of a good music tune, the one in the game isn't as bad but could've been better. At the point when you do a "homerun" you can say you've mastered the game. P.S. It has lovely cheerleaders after you get a "Homerun".
Little League Baseball: Championship Series
36New Ghostbusters II (PAL)JackdillioDefeat Vigo (Round 6)n/a8.56/27/20141:43:21YesYes99.5310New Ghostbusters IIPAL Game. Everyone knows the Ghostbusters movies and that is why making a fun game based in a comedy film is hard. The game was lack of an important feature, and that would have been making a coop mode. In the other hand maybe it doesn't has an inspirational game story but it has a kickass music. The game is easy and fun to play and I have to say it "I fall in love with this game music".
New Ghostbusters II (PAL)
37Blades of SteelmarvincanWin Tournament (any difficulty)n/a4.56/27/20140:50:43YesYes2529Blades of SteelThis is the very first time I have seen real "ads" within a game. Definitely I am looking forward to play Gradius and Contra after paying this game. The game music is within the Konami standars and the gameplay is good, I really don't like the design of the players, specially after playing games like Little League Baseball and Nintendo World Cup where every single character was unique and special. I liked the fighting mode definitely kept the game moving on, but the game gets boring after a little while.Blades of SteelFALSE
38The Goonies IItrevofourRescue 6 Goonies and Annie the Mermaidn/a66/30/20147:00:59YesNo6.54.57.59The Goonies IIWhat are the odds of hitting and old man to get an Item? Well, I think it was a lucky rage attack guess. This game music is OK, but the rooms in the game are not, and the main problem is switching between the actions inside the rooms, it takes so long. You have to spend a lot of time, punching, hammering, using glasses, and many more actions in every single room to be able to get some items (if any). A compass with the item location would have been great for the game, but still is a playable game.The Goonies IIFALSE
39City Connectionberndlauert8Beat course 6 "Tokio" (loops after)n/a56/30/20141:07:28NoNo633.510City ConnectionAll you need is a car to drive out from the Police, is this GTA? No is not, but you go all around the world starting from New York and finishing again in New York? Ohh yeah I forgot this game loops till the end of times. The controls of the car are good and from time to time you get some troll cats in the middle of the road that can easily kill you. The music has nice beat just enough to enjoy your drive away from the police.City ConnectionFALSE
40Back to the Future Part II & IIIclownshoes82Part II: Find 30 puzzle pieces and return them to their rooms
Part III: Find 10 puzzle pieces and return them to their rooms
4.357/2/201432:22:00YesNo459.510Back to the Future Part II & III (3 Parts)Emulator Fail (Not a Crash)Back to the Future Part II & III Replay (2 Parts)It is so fun how the game designers never tought of doing passwords and definitely they wanted the players to only play this game the entire NES era. The game is really difficult to understand but thanks to the "Manuel" I knew what was going on. Nothing more punishing than being a foreingner and not knowing the words in English for the items because during the puzzles if you fail guessing your item gets destroyed and you need to travel in time one more time to recover it. There is one thing that i completely loved in the game that was the Arcade mini games to get the items, they were nice and challenging. But in general the game was unforgiving, long, with bad music, lots of no mames and lack of a map (they put a radar with coordinates, but isn't the same)
Back to the Future Part II & III
41Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!nickownsyouBeat Mike Tyson (No Tyson password)n/a107/3/20149:10:12NoYes1010710Mike Tyson's Punch Out!I personally don't like box but this game makes it so fun an amazing, I love the after punch animations and also the secret technics of the boxers. If that is not enough to love the game you have Mario as a referee. The music is great and the game has a password system so you can get back to any circuit you have reached, the big plus is that after beating all the boxers you get to a dream fight against Mike Tyson. Thankfully i was wearing a "Luchador Mask" so he couldn't bite my ears.
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
42Prince of PersiaezorkBeat Jaffar (Level 13)n/a3.57/7/20144:42:59YesYes3346Prince of PersiaShall we call this one Aladdin? I have to say probably the graphics aren't that bad for being NES, but since I had previously played the SNES version of this game i was expecting this one to be equal in lenght but definitely was shorter. The music is bad and loops over and over all the time, so the playing experience gets a little bit lower.Prince of PersiaFALSE
43Ultima IV: Quest of the AvatarjazzworthyRecover the Codex of Ultimate Wisdomn/a97/18/201430:57:21YesYes7.59910Ultima IV (3 Parts)
Twitch Part 1:
Twitch Part 2:
Twitch Part 3:
Twitch Part 4:
Twitch Part 5:
I know RPGs first playthroughs are not a very enjoyable experience for you "viewer" and me "broadcaster", but taking out all the trial and error related of the nature of RPG's this game is really advance for it's time. The game kept me thinking of which actions do I do in every single dialogue. Trying to be worthy of Avatarhood in every virtue was a good challenge. The first 10 hours were really hard and i loose my soul but after that I started to understand what was going on in the game. Near the end I was missing one item and I wasn't able to continue but with a small hint a got the push I needed to become the true Avatar of Britania Kingdom. The music was not that bad, but too repetitive that I got sick and tired of it. But definitely recomended for a retro RPG "must to play".
Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar
44The Guardian Legendeagle5001Defeat Final Boss (after stage 21)n/a9.57/23/20145:25:57YesYes88.5510The Guardian LegendI liked this game, it's challenging, it has good music, it has both shooting and RPG action. Definitely a good obscure game from the NES.
The Guardian Legend
45Maniac MansionMaxczHandle the Meteor problem and see an endingn/a87/25/201412:31:00YesNo7107.510Maniac Mansion (2 Parts)Very good PC game adapted to the NES port The story feels so Steven Spielberg, the graphics are outstanding and the music is great. The Menu feels a little bit akward because there are many actions to choose. You are able to cook the hamster alive and some other weird stuff. There is a mixup with the saves which makes dissapear quarters. I liked the feature of being able to control three different characters in the same time being story.Maniac MansionFALSE
46ShatterhandTokabioraDefeat General Gus Grover (Area 7)n/a97/25/20141:13:17YesYes1010310ShatterhandSince the intro music i felt this was a good game and I was right. This is another game that "rock my world", the controllers are really simple but the music, graphics and fun are amazing so that is what makes this game very good.ShatterhandFALSE
47Ice HockeyKindahlBeat each Teamn/a7.57/25/20141:34:31YesYes68310Ice HockeySomebody in chat told me "You normally don't play sport games but you seem to have lots of fun with them" and yeah that it's true but I believe the magic comes when they are being play live and with a goal. If that would have been a casual play I believe my mood will have been so differently. Anyway let's talk about the game: "CANADIAN FATTYS" the crowd was yelling, six teams were selected to play against each other but at the end only one team conquered the other 5 you already know which one "Canadian Fattys". The game has a really good music, good player change system, good controllers and good speed. Definitely i believe this is the best Hockey game on the NES (still haven't play them all). The fat characters are very OP, but i believe that for experience players a more balanced team should be better than my "Canadians Fattys". I cannot wait to play this coop one day.Ice HockeyFALSE
48Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesKerikxiDefeat Shredder (Stage 6)n/a107/25/20142:38:44NoYes994.59TMNTTMNT for being the first realese in the NES is awesome, I like the designers didn't follow the Arcade beat 'em up path. As a result they created a real jewel. The game rocks for the story plot, difficulty, game play, music and the variety of scenarios. Even you get a kiss from April in the middle of the game to get some extra motivation.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
49Trog!CubicalsucroseBeat Stage 50n/a87/27/20142:17:19YesYes37.53.58Trog!Is this Pacman? Everybody asked me many times, and the answer is not. This game dispite of having a pacman feel it is more complex than just eating some dots. In this one you can shot fireballs, become "Godzilla" to have some cavemans for meal, you can also punch them and many other features. The game at the begining is so easy but the farther you reach the harder it get. At the end my conclusion is that this game is really fun, I should play it one day in coop mode and try out diferent dificulties. The music is good that get's you into the game and makes you don't wanna stop.Trog!FALSE
50PaperboySharif162Make it through every day of the weekn/a27/27/20141:30:07YesNo233.55PaperboyThe bright thing to say about this game is that the designers tried really hard to let know people to study so they don't become a Paperboy ever in their life, so guys please get those books out and go to the University. I had one week of suffering through this game, but at the end it had an ending and a lifetime lesson "dont ever attempt even to think of being a Paperboy".PaperboyFALSE
51Rockin' KatsYure62Beat Mugsy (Stage 5)n/a87/27/20141:01:19YesYes88.539Rockin' KatsEasy game to beat, I love how many times you need to rescue Jill (the kitty) from the evil Dog gang leader. Is amazing the variety of the weapons ant the uses of them, definitely this game had a lot of creativity with the movement of the cat combined with the weapons. The minigames were realy good and the game itself a very enjoyable experience.Rockin' KatsFALSE
52Target: RenegadeHilqnatorDefeat Mr. Big (Stage 7)n/a6.57/27/20143:17:40YesYes108.55.58Target: RenegadeIs this Double Dragon? No, is not but clearly they borrowed the sprite to make this a game alike, the game is fairly shorter if you play around with the buttons trying to do some killing combos. You can be killed if you ran out of time like I did in one attempt when I was fighting the last boss. The music is great. But the game itself doesn't feel too good and the AI of the CPU is really bad that you can pretty much every enemy just by punching while going up.
Target: Renegade
53Solomon's KeyNwebGet the book from Solomon's Room (after Room 48)n/a97/28/20145:53:29NoNo6669Solomon's Key1 million copies sold just in Japan. This game definitely is worth any penny you spent on it, the puzzles are a real challenge, while still is required a mint player execution. The music is good but after a while get too monotonous. There is only one bad thing in the game: Why the programmers did allow to pause the game in the level screen transition? and even worse What they didn't make an unpause sound? You can be pausing/unpausing forever without knowing if you paused or unpaused.Solomon's KeyFALSE
54Life ForceM_rivasDestroy Zelos and escape the planet (Stage 6)n/a107/28/20140:45:24NoYes109310Life ForcePerfect 10. This game has the balance between good controlls, music, fun and graphics. An just if you wanted a little bit more of the game, there is a second loop with faster enemies which makes it harder to go through it. Recommended to play it coop.Life ForceFALSE
55Bubble Bobblejc583Beat 100 levels + Final Bossn/a87/29/20141:44:19YesYes53410Bubble Bobble100 Levels of the same music? For a moment i felt like i was playing Adventures of Lolo once again. Nice levels design in terms of dificulty but the problem is the graphic part, it is completely lack of any sort of tiles to make the levels look better like in Snow Bros for example. The game is fun but I believe it could have been a master piece with only two additional things: 1. More music and 2. Better graphic design for the levels. I will define this game as "an unpolished gem for NES".Bubble BobbleFALSE
56Jackie Chan's Action Kung FuMarinokadameDefeat giant green spider (Area 5)n/a97/29/20141:07:34NoYes99.53.510Jackie Chan's Action Kung FuThis game doesn't shine for it's difficulty but it is a very fun game. The graphics are a real masterpiece of 8 bits era and the music is as good as the graphics. The story is a clasic game story "an evil guy kidnaps your girlfriend and you go all the quest to rescue her". I think the developers screw up the game with the final boss in the game, but still it is a good game to play.
Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu
57Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeGreedseverDefeat boss with Mr. Hyde and Reach the church (Stage 6)n/a37/29/20142:46:53YesYes2. Jekyll & Mr. HydeGame Fail (Crash)I gave 1 more point to the rate from what I wanted to give originally for the beautiful wedding music and because the game actually had an ending.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
58Gargoyle's Quest IIThegregtheringDefeat King Breagern/a97/30/20142:12:57YesYes893.58.5Gargoyle's Quest IICapcom is sinonimous of good games and this one is not the exemption, since the start screen music you can feel this is a good game. To me this game has RPG stuff mixed with platforming which put this into a new category "Role Platform Game". The story and journey are good. I believe they could have done a little bit more RPG quests to get the game more interesting in the RPG area, but even without that is a enjoyable game with awesome music.
Gargoyle's Quest II
59Final FantasyAmmidDefeat Chaos (Temple of Fiends)8.99.57/31/201421:21:30NoNo10889Final Fantasy (2 Parts)The House of MamesFinal Fantasy (3 Parts) Replay!Who will tought that making a Final Fantasy will be the beginning of many others. This is the first game of one of the biggest successful game franchises ever made, talking about Final Fantasy is like talking about Super Mario Bros. at least in RPG world. But let's get into the game, the music is probably one of the best NES game music in history, Nabuo Uematsu (Music composser) is a genious. The story is great and in every little quest you complete gets deeper into the adventure of reviving the power of the Orbs. The battle system used in the game isn't as good as the one in Ultima series but isn't that bad either. There is only one big problem in the game, and that is the lack of being able to buy multiple items of the same kind in the shops. But despite of that this game is great, you can even see the overworld map that you can open at will while outside of towns/caves/Palaces and if that is not good enough you even have a secret mini-game inside the ship.Final FantasyFALSE
60The Adventures of Rad GravitySacharunDefeat Kakosn/a78/2/201410:20:13YesNo2478Adventures of Rad Gravity (5 Parts)I have to say that I am really impressed with the game, it has too many good things and the dificulty is one of those, I love it. Another one is the variety of weapons you are able to use. The third one are the puzzles you need to solve in order to keep going in the game. There is only one really awefull problem with this game and that is not the momentum physics or the hit boxes (Note: they really suck). The main problem with the game is the MUSIC. What a shameful piece of crap. This game would have been a lot more enjoyable just with that simple detail, BETTER MUSIC. I know now is 2014 but I still feel sorry for those who had to listen this game music back in the days when the game was realised. This is like Antrax but for the ears or even worse is like a NO MAMES Symphony.
The Adventures of Rad Gravity
61Little Nemo: The Dream MasterMikeistheworstDefeat the Nightmare King (Dream 8)n/a108/2/20141:17:12NoYes1010310Little Nemo: The Dream MasterI love this game, is really awesome with rich level design, kick ass music and a really good game story. It is amazing that you are able to use different animals just by feeding them with candies and every animal has its own strenghts. I will say this game is pure fun from the begining till the end. Also it is very educational and extremely good at the same time. If I could compare this game rate to the rates of 10 I have given to other games, this one would have been a 10+ for sure.
Little Nemo: The Dream Master
62Ghosts'n GoblinsSemen_SatanDefeat Satan (Level 7) (Beat the game Twice) n/a78/3/20141:14:43NoYes2537Ghosts 'N GoblinsThis game is definitely tough when you play it for the very first time, but since I did beat this game before it was a lot easier. A lot of people wanted me to play the famous "Makaimura" which is the japanesse version of this game, and the main difference is that Makaimura doesn't let you continue so the game becomes nearly unbeatable. Back to the game, I don't like at all the two sound tracks that the game has, they become really annoying. The game concept it is cool but the character control is bad and what to say about the troll "pseudo ending"? AVGN explains that a lot better than me.Ghosts'n GoblinsFALSE
63Blaster MasterOmnigrabDestroy the Plutonium Boss (Area 8)n/a9.58/4/20148:38:06YesYes10969Blaster Master (2 Parts)Rage Combo #34 - No MamesFor one year my friend BigJon wanted me to play this game but the first time I tried I got lost after beating level 3, so I didn't like it but as part of NESMania I had only one option "Beat it". So my biggest surprise was that actually I enjoyed the game a lot, even when I got killed by the last boss I was enjoying the game. The Music is great and amazing game mechanics. Playing the whole game changed my opinion about it, and make me realize that you cannot judge a game by it's first glanze.Blaster MasterFALSE
64Yo! NoidTem_poDefeat Mr. Green (Stage 14)n/a9.58/4/20140:45:09NoYes109.53.59Yo! Noid"What is a Noid? A little miserable pile of free pizzas". The Noid is an advertising character for Domino's Pizza created in the 1980s, meaning a physical manifestation of all the challenges (becoming annoyed—"a noid") inherent in getting a pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less. So this game was created as an advertising for Domino's Pizza, but fortunately unlike (Alien 3) this game was a complete success from my point of view. The music is great, the weapons you can get are cool, every stage is so different with new positions for the Noid, there are warp mini-games and more. The graphics are as enjoyable to see as the game to play, really amazing job for NES.Yo! NoidFALSE
65Tecmo Cup Soccer GameKillbjork Win the TECMO CUP (16 games)n/a88/6/201410:43:59YesYes7.57.5710Tecmo Cup Soccer Game (2 Parts)Definitely this game wasn't the classic Football (soccer) style game I had in mind. It also took me longer to beat than I expected for a sports game. Some of the features suggest this to be a kind of RPG Sport Game, RPG or not I had some fun playing it, but I have to say Tecmo knows better than anyone how to troll you. I tought I had beaten the game and right when I got some tears of joy a whole new tournament started right in front of my eyes breaking my heart. The music is good specially when you have hard matches. The real bad thing is the 32 characters pasword system which includes Symbols, Numbers, Letters (Uppercase/Lowercase) and Arrows. Really crazy but i guess they had a lot of variables in the game to have to go that far.
Tecmo Cup Soccer Game
66Golf Grand SlamAfewgoodtatersWin the Master's Tournament (18 Holes)n/a48/6/20142:14:31YesYes24.5510Golf Grand SlamI know the rate is a little bit harsh given the rich controls you have while setting up your strokes, but the music and the game colors itself made me feel like i was playing some kind of crap instead of a good golf game. The password system is great and let's you retry keeping low your score to win the Grand Slam. I definitely enjoyed this game but the music kind of killed it.Golf Grand SlamFALSE
67Dance AerobicsJamellanBeat "Dance Aerobics" mode (Level 8)n/a98/6/20141:28:40YesYes88710Dance AerobicsPower Pad Game. I swear I never expected to be swimming in my own sweating after playing this game. I have tried the Wii Fit for the Nintendo Wii before but Dance Aerobics is a game that should be respected as a good cardio-vascular way of exercising. All you need is go trough level 1-8 with the best aerobics instructor and after that you will be as healthy as me (Kappa).Dance AerobicsFALSE
68GumshoeMomagognonusosDefeat Zulie (Stage 4)n/a88/7/20142:25:32YesYes77.57.510Gumshoe (Re-Record)Zapper Game. I was really impressed with the difficulty of the game, but after playing for a while I start to figure out how the hitboxes worked and how to jump. The background music is so enjoyable and the level design is quite good. If I put myself back when this game was released this is a zapper jewel.GumshoeFALSE
69Tecmo Super BowlKrazie_x360aWin the Super Bowl (Season + Playoffs)n/a88/11/201412:25:24YesNo6.557.510Tecmo Super Bowl
Tecmo Super Bowl Replay!
Maybe the game field graphics were not as good as the little animations but for not being a fan of american football I had some fun with this one, the programmers did a great job bringing this sport into a game. I have to say that back in the day this was like the actual FIFA but for american football.
Tecmo Super Bowl
70Mr. Gimmick! (PAL)ArqtiqDefeat Cloak (Stage 6)n/a108/12/20141:03:16NoYes109.5310Mr. GimmickIt is a shame this game was never released in America, it has great music, good controls, good graphics, amazing level design and if that is not enough the difficulty is great. I had the oportunity to play the japannese version which i believe it runs faster and makes this game a delightful experience.
Mr. Gimmick! (PAL)
71Castlevania III: Dracula's CurseEmelikDefeat Draculan/a9.58/12/20144:58:23NoYes108.55.58.5Castlevania III: Dracula's CurseKONAMI is a great company and one of their best games for the NES was this one. A real master piece where they not only gave you the best of the best music, they also give you the opportunity to play different routes and team up with different characters (including Alucard). The game has great difficulty and you need to be careful choosing your route because you can end up waiting for falling blocks for awhile like I did in my playthrough.
Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
72Zelda II: The Adventure of LinkBelthegorDefeat Dark Link (Great Palace)n/a108/13/20144:29:09NoNo109.54.510Zelda II: The Adventure of LinkI beat this game for the first time when i was 9 years old, with a help of my friend. But to be honest I didn't see the greatness of this game back then until now, that I beat it again as an adult. I had some good old memories while playing and also I was really afraid of getting stack somewhere. The music is marvelous and sound FX are good specially the hospital beeping sound when you are low in health and the ganon laugh when you die. The ending also gives you something to talk about or shall i say to think about? I don't know but everybody love Zelda games and I not the exemption I love them too.
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
*TMR Room TourTMR-8/14/2014??????TMR Room TourWell, this started because when I entered my streaming room I was not happy with mess I had, so I decided to spend the morning cleaning and thinking about a new setup. By the mid day I was ready again to stream and since I was so happy of the end result I wanted to share it with you.#N/AFALSE
73Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament FightersKingbrolyDefeat Shredder (6th opponent)4.58/14/20140:29:41YesYes10728TMNT: Tournament FightersI don't know why the creators couldn't think about some cool original movements for the characters, I was feeling the whole time that this was nothing else than a crappy copy version of Street Fighter. The music was good but the game was not. I wish this game never existed because this is like a dark page for TMNT for NES.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters
74Jeopardy!Cogdill1Win a single game68/14/20141:01:45YesYes2.52.5310Jeopardy! (2 Parts)I know the way I beat this game wasn't the manly way but you have to understand that I was born in 1987 and in a country that wasn't U.S.A. Having said that the game is really even if you are not familiarized with the TV program, you can feel the emotion of being in a live show. It is also a good game to test your knowledge and learn always something new.Jeopardy!FALSE
75Dragon's LairRdannylor2Defeat Singe (Level 4)38/17/20143:39:22NoYes384.53Dragon's LairToo many things comes to my mind trying to review this game, the first one is that that the game runs really slow, second one is that nearly every single enemy kills you in one touch, at least they give you 5 lives and the third one is that there is an input delay really awefull that make the game experience 0% enjoyable. The music at least is not annoying but either isn't great.Dragon's LairFALSE
76Wizards & Warriors III: Kuros: Visions of PowerDragoonheadDestroy Malkil8.58/17/20145:15:44YesNo98.558.5Wizards & Warriors IIIThis is the game that made me open an English dictionary when i was a kid, back then i couldn't beat this game and even now it was a real challenge to beat it because of the hitbox in the dungeon door. Despite of that and other programation errors this game is really amazing, maybe not as challenging as a normal platafformer but still you need to think where you are sopposed to go next and keep your lives and health. The Music is amazing specially the intro song.
Wizards & Warriors III: Kuros: Visions of Power
77Journey to SiliusDownfall20Defeat the Human Metallic Skeleton (Stage 5)98/17/20141:07:29NoYes109310Journey to SiliusI loved the controllers in this game because you are able to jump forward while turning backwards to shoot. The music is good and the game concept (level designs, story) is ok. There is only 3 continues, so you better don't waste any lives.Journey to SiliusFALSE
78Who Framed Roger Rabbit?GreengaustoDefeat Judge Doom3.58/17/20146:06:50YesNo5.56.568Who Framed Roger RabbitThe Infamous 'Use Pipe on Doom' SpoilerI was going to rate "5" this game but the last boss fight make me change my decision, how is possible to give nearly infinite HP to the final boss? Is like the game designers didn't want you to beat the game saying "well, you have made it to the end, now screw you". Being detective in the game is cool but finding out what you have to do is a challenge. The trivias are a really cool feature.
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
79Sesame Street: Big Bird's Hide & SpeakIamnotbradBeat all 6 modes28/19/20140:29:38YesYes55110Sesame Strret: Big Bird's Hide and SpeakI know this is a game designed for kids less than 5 years old, but playing it now that I am almost 27 makes me laugh. The game is good to learn a few names and letters. But I just played this game 23 years late. The reason for giving this game a "2" is because the characters have some funny animations after you beat a mini-game.
Sesame Street: Big Bird's Hide & Speak
80WillowZimmycakesrtgDefeat Bavmorda108/19/20146:53:29YesNo10105.510WillowAction RPG or not, the game is amazing with good music and story, the only problem I found is that you never know how to save your game, but don't worry the game is saving for you normally when you enter a town. Never watched the movie of this game but for being a movie based game is really good. Lots of trial and error specially in the last castle and the boss fights, but once you discover the pattern the fights become fairly easier.WillowFALSE
81Felix the CatBd00Defeat the Professor (Round 9-3)98/20/20140:45:08NoYes99.5310Felix the CatI used to love the cartoon as a kid but this game got me really amazed. The graphics and smooth character movement makes this game really enjoyable to play. You can skip as many enemies as you want and the game is really generous with coins which makes you get a lot of lives (like a cat). The boss fights aren't that hard so I assume that the designers wanted to keep a fair difficulty between levels and bosses. Really fun game to play, totally recomended.Felix the CatFALSE
82BeetlejuiceAngara844157Finish Stage 84.58/20/20141:51:31YesYes74.53.55Beetlejuice"Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, is show time". I will never forget those lines. The game is not that bad at all but the level and sprite designs are awful and that is a shame because the game is quite cool but the music doesn't help it as well. It was a little hard to find out what you are supposed to do without reading the instructional booklet (Manuel) of the game but once you know what to do, the rest is just pure execution. The game is challenging and even fun to play but the bad design i mention earlier made this game to be in the recycle bin instead of shinning at the top.BeetlejuiceFALSE
83XexyzBalsagna6Destroy Goruza's fortress (Area 12)88/21/20142:41:41YesYes8.594.59XexyzGood plataforming game with shops, gamble and even shooter sections. You get nice weapon powerups and some magic upgrades as well. The game is hard to beat specially for the boss fights but if you do find a working strat, with a little patience you can beat it. Also i loved how I tought I beat the game but then I get a dialog saying: "no, wait your quest isn't over ..."XexyzFALSE
84Star VoyagerAacv_mc7Defeat the Molok Wardrivers48/24/20142:17:58NoYes23.549Star VoyagerHard game to understand and figure out how to use warp travelling, the enemy fights are tough but with a little bit of luck and keeping yourself in constant movement they are doable. The game basically has not to much to say about the music because there is nearly "none". Bad game to watch but it is still playable.Star VoyagerFALSE
85Shadow of the NinjaTenebrae101Defeat the Emperor Garuda (Level 5-2)98/24/20141:39:08YesYes993.59Shadow of the NinjaI did not use the female ninja. But i think the game is really awesome, the music is one of the best of the NES and that is because it is so linked to what is going on in the game. The controllers are good, the powerups I didn't fully understood them but they help a lot. The game can be a little rough but once you figure out the levels and boss patterns it is really easy.
Shadow of the Ninja
86Deadly TowersPavoldemitraKill Rubas (8 Towers)48/27/201417:13:36YesNo3394Deadly Towers (5 Parts)Rage Combo #35Nothing personal against the game with the score I gave, is just that I really don't think this is a cool game, the movement is so restricted, you can also get stuck to the floor. The money and items are gone every single time you game over, the dungeons are a nightmare to explore them, the music restarts every single screen transition. There is almost nothing I can say in favor of this game ohh yeah i forgot you have passwords that is the only good thing about the game.Deadly TowersFALSE
87Double Dragon III: The Sacred StonesFrenziedpotatoDefeat Princess Noiram (Mission 5: Egypt)108/27/20140:27:55NoYes10102.59Double Dragon IIII loved so much this game when i was a kid but unfortunately never beated it. I was so impresed of how quickly i beat the game despite of loosing Chin and Ranso early in the last stage. The game is great and a classic of NES so fun in two players and gives you the option to play A or B mode which means you can hit each other or not. The last boss is really hard if you don't know the strat but because i play the game recently with my brother we find out that awesome strat that i use to kill the queen. The music is like a symphony that I could listen over and over again.
Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones
88Cobra TriangleLegopowaFinish Stage 2578/28/201411:35:55YesYes541010Cobra Triangle (3 Parts)Epic Shark Fights (5 Episodes)Well this game was a tough one to beat, RARE definitely knew how to make good-difficult-beatable games more than any other company. I like this game a lot because it has good level designs, increasing the difficulty step by step,but the last boss is really tough, I was loosing my hopes of beating the game but at the end i did it. You only have 2 continues and many times you need to try different stuff to be able to proceed certain sections, including using death strats.Cobra TriangleFALSE
89Back to the FutureBirubotoGet back to the Future (Stage 20)28/28/20141:27:08YesNo13.53.55Back to the Future game gave me a lesson why is important to consult Manuel (Manual), the is that i didn't have a clue I could use the skateboard and what is even worse I couldn't figure out that the things i was hitting they were skateboards. Despite of that i did manage to get the top speed in the delorian car and beated the game. The game is bad in terms of music which is nearly always the same. Also the levels design is awful. Changing to what is good in the game I have to say that I was really impressed with Marty guitar mini-game the make a difference between the "b" and the "#" like in music. Also the other mini-games are fun to play them.
Back to the Future
90ExcitebikeNeustriaBeat each track in Grand Prix (Selection B)48/28/20141:55:11NoYes534.510ExcitebikeI never expected to beat this game in 1:55:11, the reason is because i never played through all the tracks before and I had no clue that track 4 and 5 in game B are tough to get at least 3rd place. So since the game doesn't have a real ending I normally play the game until it starts to loop. I really like the starting music of the game and the only one it has, the controllers are good, you can press left in the ramps to go highher and right to go lower, also you need to watch out how you land because you can gain some speed. Until you don't master the controllers there is no way you can beat track 5 even if you are the luckiest person in the world.ExcitebikeFALSE
91StarTropicsXNESticleDefeat Zoda (Chapter 8)108/30/20146:04:14YesNo9.5969StarTropics (4 Parts)First i was really esceptic of how good could this game be? the story didn't look promising but later on started to be interesting and all the quest I had to do to rescue the dolphin, give the medicine, getting out of the whale made that i got so into the game. The controlls in the caves and dungeons are weird but the overall game experience made up for that bad controlls design, the main problem is that when you jump it doesn't jump forward unless there is a gap or edge then it jumps forward otherwise jumps in place and that is really annoying. The music is very good and the ending .... well I don't want to spoil it but it is worth playing this game.StarTropicsFALSE
92JawsSiemrngDefeat Jaws48/31/20142:12:57YesYes35.54.510JawsIf I only knew that is possible to kill a shark just with one lucky stab this game will have been a lot faster, but instead we see the whole game how it supposed to be. Get the radar, level up, buy some strobes and then get Jaws life to zero and stab him. That is the resume of the game, pretty short but hard if you don't know how to kill Jaws. Not bad graphics for being an LJN game and even has an ending screen with good music.JawsFALSE
93Gun.SmokeNiklariousDefeat Wingate (Stage 6)88/31/20141:08:58YesYes66310Gun SmokeGreat and fun game. The hero even has a pony, i mean a horse. The only concept that didn't fit on the time the story was reffering (18XX's) was the "Ninjas" what do a Ninja has to do in the Wild Wild West? Anyway, I like the bullet hell you have to dodge in the last stage because it makes you look in every direction of the screen, thankfully the controllers are user friendly. With some good reflexes you can dodge properly.Gun.SmokeFALSE
94Golgo 13: Top Secret EpisodeSyvarDefeat Smirk (Act 13)59/1/20145:58:38YesYes5669Golgo 13I never read the anime, so I really don't have a clue what is the story behind I can only speak for this game. The music is good but later on gets monotonous, the story is quite good but i really didn't like the game that much. It makes me feel like they borrowed some ideas of James Bond movies (Specially the Hotel nights with the ladies). The maze levels are really annoying but thankfully the game Manual has maps, but they still annoying to get through them. Finally the last boss is a troll at the beginning but with a little effort you can beat it.
Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode
95Lethal WeaponKillaman100Defeat Giant Guy (Level 3-3)79/1/20141:51:08YesYes7.57.53.58Lethal WeaponThe game doesn't state who made the music but i believe it was Tim Follin. It feels so like him which is always a sinonim of greatness. This is another movies based game and this one is pretty enyoable, the enemies are always the same but with more health in the later levels. The game can be pretty tough to beat since you only have one continue but if you take advantage of Rig's kick attack hit box you can beat the game easily.Lethal WeaponFALSE
96AthenaFenrir_1986Defeat Dante (World of Worlds)39/3/201417:08:52YesNo55106Athena (2 Parts)The game is lack of text and boss life meters, with those two things explaining why you cannot hit the enemies and also being able to see how good damage or not this game would have been beatable for first time player and more enjoyable. The mechanics aren't bad neither the graphics but I still feel upset of playing over and over again without knowing how to make damage to the bosses and everything because of a bad game design. That is my opinion of how a game that could be better was destroyed thanks to the programmers (game designers).AthenaFALSE
97Kid IcarusMistercimbaDefeat Medusa (after Stage 3-4)8.59/3/20145:33:09YesYes8769Kid IcarusUnusual Final Boss StratReally nice challenging game, in my opinion this game would have been better with only plattaforming levels, rather than having some maze stages in between. At the beginning it takes a while to get use to the controller but once you figure out how it works you start enjoying the game a lot. The music is great.Kid IcarusFALSE