Herald of the Titans BiS
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8/7 - All classes except for Druid are updated for Legion, working on finishing up Druid and adding a Monk page.
You can see the full wowhead guide here.
What is Herald of the Titans?
Herald of the Titans is a Feat of Strength that grants the title "Herald of the Titans" to receive the feat of strength you must kill Algalon in Ulduar 10 with no one in your raid group wearing anything higher than 226 ilvl gear (232 for weapon/off hand/ranged). You personally may not be higher than lvl 80 to be awarded the Feat of Strength.
Best in Slot lists
The gear listed on the following pages are as close to Best in Slot that I have found. Keep in mind, the stat squish at the end of panda ended up messing up a lot for old raid gear. Ulduar 25m gear is nearly always better stat wise than ICC 25m. Keep this in mind when looking for gear, dont be put off of using gear even as low as 200 ilvl. Go for stats, not ilvl! You may choose to use different trinkets or rings or different mixtures of armors and set pieces. Make sure to look at the Tier 7 set bonuses for your spec. It may be more beneficial to use the 2-set bonus from both Tier 7 and 8 rather than the 4-set from Tier 8. I have also listed multiple weapons for some of the classes. Keep in mind, more gem sockets are almost always better and breaking socket bonuses for the raw stats may be more beneficial. I am always open to suggestions if anyone can think of a piece that would work better for any slot. ALSO: If you're up for the rep grind, the scales of sands (BC - Mount Hyjal) has the best gems, Sons of Hodir has the best shoulder enchant. (Sons of Hodir rep enchants at exalted are BoA, and can be farmed on a max level character)
What quest are these necklaces from?
There are 4 necklaces that are considered BiS for quite a few classes and specs. They are Nexus War Champions Beads, Wyrmrest Necklace of Power, Life-Binders Locket, and Favor of the Dragon Queen. To get them you need to do a quick and easy quest chain that starts with The Heroic Key to the Focusing Iris which can be looted once per kill from Sapphiron in Naxxramas 25m. Turn the item into Alexstraza at the top of Wyrmrest Temple which will give you a quest to go kill Malygos (Eye of Eternity 25m). Then get your necklace. IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE TO DO RAIDS ON 25M, 10m kills will give you the non-heroic version and thus the 213 necks and not the 226 necks.
A word on the Darkmoon Trinkets
The tons of herbs needed for just one Nobles Deck, certainly does not look like it's worth the efforts. If you have an inscriptionist that can make Darkmoon Card of the North OR you want to get what you can off AH you will most likely need to settle for next best for this slot. But, if you want to be 100% optimal, go for it, they are kick ass trinkets and are the hands-down BIS for almost every class and spec.
Disclaimer about Raid Composition
PLAY WHAT YOU KNOW! There are obviously some better comps and some classes and specs that stand out as performing better for this achievement, but do not go out of your way to play an "OP class" if you don't know how to play it well. It's always better to play a slightly less "OP" class and do better dps or healing because you're comfortable. Have fun with it, don't stress about perfect raid comps and getting all the buffs. We didn't have all the buffs but we still got the kill. We didn't have a shaman for lust, we used drums. Please have fun with this achievement! Don't stress about being perfect! By no means does everyone need to be BiS but you won't get by with a full raid of 80s in heirlooms and greens. (I've tried lol)
What is the boss strat?
Everyone should download the Wrath Deadly Boss Mods addon to make the fight easier!
Also watch a couple videos on the fight so you know whats going to happen. This fight is much easier in WoD and shouldnt cause any real problems. But, if mechanics aren't done right or tanks aren't comfortable with their class it can get rough. It is a healing and tank check more than anything. My first kill when I got the achievement ended with a frost mage and disc priest as the only ones alive.
The boss strat is pretty simple but the slightest mistake can cause a wipe. When you engage the boss, don't blow everything immediately, there is a short RP before he pulls. You’ll most likely have 2 tanks, 3 healers and 5 dps, but sometimes people choose to add an extra dps by dropping a healer.
Everyone will spread out around the room. The tanks will rotate every 3-4 stacks of the phase shifting debuff. When a tank takes 5 stacks he'll be phased out and shifted into the other realm. This can cause a death if he isn't ready for it.
Every 25 seconds the boss will do a Cosmic Smash. This ability puts a small spinning red graphic on the ground. Everyone who is near it needs to get away. If you're hit by the ability you'll take massive damage, be shot into the air and take additional fall damage (if you managed to survive the initial blast) you'll likely die. Don't get hit by these. You can save a person hit with it with BoP and slowfalls.
In the beginning of the fight he'll summon 3 collapsing stars. It's very important that the ranged dps kill these. They cannot be killed whenever however; it's going to require communication and paying attention. Every time a collapsing star dies it does massive raid wide aoe damage, about 16k per person. Because of your small health pools, you have to make sure everyone is topped off before killing the star, and then quickly top everyone back off before the next one. If you do not kill them, they'll die on their own, causing the massive damage, usually at an inopportune time. Every time a collapsing star dies it causes a black hole to spawn. Please avoid these! They will close when people enter them, and they're very important later in the fight. My advice - assign a single ranged dps to the stars, have them communicate to healers when a star would die. They have small health pools and can easily be handled by one dps. Everyone should be mindfull of the collapsing stars, they can be kited but do not have a true aggro table and you dont want to be standing where a black hole drops.
Throughout the fight you will also be getting constellations. These will do damage to people in the raid and will need to be kited into the black holes. The catch is to not close all the black holes however, because they will be required for the big bang ability. The off tank, when not on the boss should be gathering the constellations and feeding them to a black hole, ideally he will put all the constellations into a single black hole.
Every 90 seconds Algalon will cast Big Bang. This move will wipe the raid, unless everyone but the current tank, or someone who can survive the blast, (Who must pop a big cooldown that is NOT an immunity cool down) goes into (hopefully the same) black hole. Please be aware that you're only shifted for a short time. So do not enter the hole until he's about halfway through his cast. While shifted you will be taking damage so using personal cool downs as necessary to avoid dying will help your healers out. Also there will be adds wandering around that will hit you with damage, you will need to avoid the adds, they hurt and your best defense is to run from them. After the big bang goes off threat is reset. So it's very important that the tank picks him up and re-establishes threat. My advice - A big cd on the tank like icebound, guardian of the ancient kings, savage defense, or even healer cds like pain suppression will work. A rogue is able to stay out for the blast with feint and with it talented, be careful using this method though you will often have to also use a healer cd and/or evasion because tanks will drop threat when they go into the black hole.
This will continue until 20%, at this point you will switch into phase 2. In phase 2 everything will despawn and Algalon will summon 4 black holes in the corners of the room (ha...circular room, I know) every 30 seconds an add from the other realm will come out of the holes. The tank not currently tanking Algalon will be required to pick up the adds and tank them away from the group while the group burns down the boss. It's recommended that at 20% you switch tanks, so you have a fresh tank on the boss, and have almost a full minute before he would be phase shifted and have a messy swap. It's important you kill Algalon before this point because 1 of 2 things can happen. 1) you'll have to tank swap with multiple adds, or 2) you'll have so many adds up, your raid will be overwhelmed. My advice - Lust/drums at this point (if you didn't lust at pull) and blow everything. This is a major dps race at this point. If healers can afford it they should also be dps'ing.