TimestampEmail AddressFirst & Last NameWhat is your weight?
What position do you normally sail?
What is your keelboat experience?
What is your general sailing and match racing experience?
Where do you live? Full address please.
Will you sail for free?
What is your contact info? Email & Phone.
Anything else you want to mention?
4/25/2018 15:59:31Peter BaileyMatch racing and team racing mostly with Sonars and SM40s. Sail some J Boats as well
Dighnies in college at Brown and post college all match or team racing. Working to become a certified umpire
NYC/CTYes and 203-520-8762
I have a car in CT as needed
1/15/2019 11:25:41
Ashley Love
I have sailed in the Santa Maria Cup (Grade I Women's Match Regatta) twice, the US Women's Match Racing Championship several times and countless match racing cliniregattas all in J22s. I have been fleet racing in J22s, J24s, J70s, J80s, Etchells at the national level for the past 10 years. Most recently, the J80 I am strategist for won the Annapolis NOOD and the J70 I call tactics on returned with good results in the Davis Island, FL series.
I have crewed in the Santa Maria Cup (Grade I Women's Match Regatta) twice, the US Women's Match Racing Championship several times and countless match racing cliniregattas all in J22s. I am a member of the Annapolis Match Race Center. I am also a videographer in the sailing industry (7+ Congressional Cups, US Match Racing Championships, Nations Cup, and other match racing events at Oakcliff Sailing Center and Chicago Match Race Center).
14 Hill Street, Annapolis, MD, 21401
(443) 765-2492
I am willing to sail for free with some help on expenses. Willing to sleep on couches or blow up mattresses and eat cheaply! If there is a regatta in Annapolis, I have two guest rooms and a couch to offer my team.

The majority of my experience in match racing is on the bow of a J22, but I've also trimmed and done tactics for match racing and am currently tactician on a J70 at the national level in fleet racing.
1/15/2019 18:11:36ppotts@gmail.comPearson Pottsextensive
Sailing 50+ years, Match Racing 3+ Years
Newport, RIMaybe 631-830-7152
1/15/2019 19:15:09
Peter “The Organizer” Bailey
6 years of match racing, mostly on SM40s. Some sonar experience and minimal J22 experience. Mostly middle and driving, some bow experience (comfortable doing bow)
2017 USMRC champion tactician/main, 2018 2nd place Oakcliff Intl. tactican/main. Sailed over 20 events and attended over 10 clinics over the past 6 years
142 E27 st, new york, new york
Yes and 203-520-8762
Have a car in Fairfield, CT. Prefer sailing events in the Northeast but would be open to events elsewhere
1/15/2019 20:33:26avilessman@gmail.comAvi LessmanExtensive: 4+ intense seasons of match racing at Oakcliff, 3+ seasons team racing with Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club, Various regattas including buoy, inshore and offshore, over 5000 offshore miles.
Extensive, see above, plus: frostbiting (laser).
28 Allenwood Rd. Great Neck, NY
Cover my expenses, 516 603 1587
I like yachting.
1/16/2019 1:23:43marly.isler@gmail.comMarly IslerExtensive international Etchells, ICSA match racing, and east coast keelboat team racing experienceI like to sail.
801 Amsterdam Ave, Apt. 6G New York, NY 10025
Yes; 8587529972
1/16/2019 4:45:35
John Holmbergvaried from IC24 to Maxi
many years in many classes- and several regattas with brother Peter
North CarolinaMaybe 252-678-5775
willing to travel
1/16/2019 5:37:32Jeff@JGlennYachts.comJeff Drechsler Club Swan 42, J22, J24, J80, J105, Many larger yachts.Long list
38 Andalusia Court, St Augustine, FL
Maybe 941-735-8363
1/16/2019 8:40:30tomdailey15@gmail.comTom DaileyExtensive middle crew E22, J24, and sailed my own Sonar and Rhodes 19. Don't like to sail anything bigger.
I'm longtime local active in Laser racing. As skipper I twice won the USSailing POW Area ladder event, and once won the next level to get to national champs 1996.
Marblehead MAYes617.230.2767
I'm a fit 55. No age jokes.
1/16/2019 9:46:29jfweb@johnfryer.comJohn FryerWide variaty, including fleet, match, and distance racing
I used to do a fair bit of match racing at a pretty competitive level but haven't done much in the last couple of years
241 East 76th St Apt 10G NY NY 10021
Cover my expenses 6462866492
1/16/2019 12:25:51
Isak PetersonOffshore/inshore, 2017 Oakcliff Sailing Grad. Currently sailing Melges 24s
Match racing training and regattas at Oakcliff sailing in Match 40s
Atlanta, GAYes414 426 5230
Happy to crew at Oakcliff or really any other venue in the US. I'm from Wisconsin so Chicago is easy for me as well.
1/16/2019 13:05:00
Mark TeborekExtensive: Tom 28, Etchells, J70, Melges 24, Sonar, etc.
Skipper at Chicago Match Race center and J70 and etchells skipper
1/16/2019 15:53:31
Zach RunciJ/70, Sonar, Farr 40, Swedish Match 40 etc...
Extensive: College sailing coach, most experienced in dinghy sailing and small keelboats. I have match raced at Oakcliff in Swedish Match 40’s quite a bit, and have match raced on sonars and IC-24’s. Coached collegiate match racing.
Sea Cliff, NY Maybe 339-832-3092
Sailing is fun!
1/16/2019 16:20:24treseler@gmail.comcolin treselercurrently ranked 65th in ISAF match racing rankings
Match racing for 4 years, previously a college sailor.
Stockholm SwedenCover my expenses+ 46 70 724 9026
If any teams are coming over to the EU to compete and need a person - hit me up!
1/18/2019 0:01:52rseago@umich.eduRyan T Seago180Helmmatch racing and various random classes
Mostly U20 match racing at bayview, but have sailed at most other US match racing locations once or twice
86 Lochmoor Blvd. Grosse Pointe Shores, MI 48236
Yes 313-401-5772
1/18/2019 14:30:18muieen@alumni.ubc.caMuieen Cader145-155
Comfortable with anything
J105 (Breakaway in Annapolis MD + Gryphon in Chicago IL), J42 (Allegiant in Friendship MD), J33 (Delirium in Friendship MD)
Match racing experience: Reading through Dave Perry's Match Racing Playbook. Sitting through hour long lectures on everything match racing from this one guy on the team who was really into match racing. I still need to get real world experience, but it has been hard to find boats in Annapolis that do Match racing.

General Sailing Experience: Sailed J105s out of Annapolis with Breakaway. Had the opportunity to sail with Bruce Stone in Chicago NOODs in 2018. Also sailed with Delirium (J33), Thistle Fleet and Allegiant (J42). Mostly, I am just looking for every opportunity I can take to be out on the water and using those opportunities to improve my sailing skills and continue to learn.

Theoretical Experience: Reading through the "Physics of Sailing" by John Kimball.

Other experiences: Worked on Worlds' best autonomous sailboat having one the International Robot Sailing Regatta numerous years in a row, and then we tried a trans-Atlantic Crossing (boat survived, but ended up going from Newfoundland to Florida instead of Newfoundland to Ireland).

I also teach US Red Book Sailing with DC Sail.

Secured sponsorship deals with Gill and Zhik for sailing gear representing the majority of Canadian Collegiate Sailing teams, back when I was in charge of fundraising and sponsorship for the Canadian Intercollegiate Sailing Association (CICSA).
3513 S Street Washington DC. 20007
Cover my expenses 202-256-7376
The intention I have getting involved in Match racing is to make me a more competent sailor. I see Match racing as a stepping stone for sailing more competitively in other classes/forms of racing and perfecting my abilities as a Sailor to the fullest.

Regarding will I sail for free:

I am going to be starting an MBA program in July, and am thus saving as much money as I can for the moment. My sailing budget for Match racing is capped at $125 per event assuming I sail in four events.

This means I should be able to cover flights, but you need to give me a minimum of three weeks notice (preferably four) to book the flights. Using DC to Chicago as an example, tickets from DC to Chicago departing three weeks from now are currently $100. When I look at buying a ticket for flights departing today those same tickets are $600+.
1/22/2019 0:20:11
Doug Shannon156Helm10 years Match 40's, 8 years J105's, 6 years Sonars, etc, etc.
25 years racing Long Island Sound, East coast championships, etc. Over 80 graded match race events.
NYCYes 917-617-9471
Ranking 106 as of 1/19. Need crew all Oakcliff match racing events.
3/15/2019 14:45:48davperry@optonline.netHarvey test Wallbanger185
Comfortable with anything
555 Main St, New York, NY
Cover my
4/26/2019 19:13:31
Mike Scott200lb
Comfortable with anything
Some helm on J22, trim and bow on J70/Melges 24
Full time youth sailing coach, advanced dinghy knowledge, basic match racing knowledge but little practical experience in actual match racing.
3729 High St. Oakland, CA 94619
Yes 415.497.6343
Eager to gain some experience. Low drama sailor
5/2/2019 15:27:57jrcarminati@gmail.comJason Carminati165
Comfortable with anything
Lots of fleet racing on various keel boats. Lots of J22 experience.
Collegiate sailor from Navy. Skippered Navy to a win at ICSA Match Race Nationals in 2011. Did one Dave Perry Clinic before going to Collegiate Match Race Worlds in France. I have been busy with the Navy so have been unable to sail in the past several years but am open now and willing to hop in wherever I can fit in!
5/2/2019 15:33:11
Kelsey Wheeler125 lbs
Comfortable with anything
Skippering (some team racing, 1 match race, significant fleet racing), crewing in all roles (fleet and team racing), significant time calling tactics and strategy
College sailing Women’s skipper (all American honorable mention, 2x national champion), consistently fleet and team racing keelboat for past 5 years as skipper and all crew positions. Have skippered 1 match race (grade 3, placed 3rd). Significant team race umpire experience for keelboats and dinghies.
1361 Lexington Ave, Apt 1A, New York, NY 10128
Yes / 508-737-4141
Will sail for free locally. Happy to travel, but need assistance with expenses. Good vacation policy so high potential for taking days off work if needed.
5/2/2019 16:23:28michael.rivlin@gmail.comMichael Rivlin200
Comfortable with anything
Extensive experience on Express 27, J111, J22, Benetue 36.7, Match 40, etc..
Grew up sailing 29ers and 49ers. Match raced as a trimmer and helm a few times in college. Still team race actively.
853 Thornwood Dr., Palo Alto, CA 94303
Yes 650-799-5714
Generally very solid sailor, personable and always want to improve. Would love to get more into match racing.
5/2/2019 16:30:54marly.isler@gmail.comMarly Isler140
Comfortable with anything
I've mainly done helm or bow in etchells, sonars, and j22s. Some offshore experience (Rambler and Prospector). Lots of keelboat team racing in the New England area.
I was on the match race team during college at Yale. Lots of sailing in dinghies and skiffs.
801 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025
Yes (858)752-9972
5/2/2019 16:39:54
Rose Edwards140
Comfortable with anything
I am relatively new to keelboats but I grew up as a dinghy sailor and sailed at Georgetown. I did some match racing in high school (mostly floating on larger boats) and have started getting back into match racing since graduating. I have competed and practiced for 3 match race regattas as a bowman, and have also spent a little time trimming and doing pit. Outside of match racing I have competed a few times in keelboat fleet races, but mostly for fun!
My general sailing experience is based on dinghy racing growing up and in college. I used to do a little bit of match racing in high school, and have recently started getting back into it. I can do bow, trim, and do pit. I haven't tried helm before but I'm pretty open minded!
281 Avenue C, New York NY 10009
Cover my expenses (312-404-0897)
I'm psyched to keep sailing!
5/2/2019 17:09:30jcm530@icloud.comJames Mitchell165
Comfortable with anything
20+ years
Fleet racing: 20+ years on various dinghies and small keelboats - Match racing: participated in a handful of clinics, and would LOVE the opportunity to gain additional experience!
Fort Worth, TexasYes - (817) 271-1197
Let's go sailing!
5/2/2019 17:47:23ejug@my.smccd.eduEthan Jug150lbs
Comfortable with anything
I've sailed mainly 20ft fixed keelboats but I have also had experience with a 44ft catamaran
Only done small regattas in Harbor but looking to get experience with bigger races
3401 Bermuda Avenue Davis California 95616
It would be appreciated it if you covered my costs but I would consider sailing for free anyway
5/2/2019 18:35:50doteq@yahoo.comDan Nudelman190
Comfortable with anything
Sunny Isles, Fla and Boonton NJ
5/2/2019 20:43:49g.meagher@me.comGregory Meagher185Trimmer and PitJ120 (20+ years), J22 (2+ years), International One Design (10+ years)
Fleet racing (20+ years), Match Racing (1+ years), US Sailing Umpire in Training (2+ years), US Sailing Regional Judge (2+ years)
Berkeley and San Francisco, California, USA
Yes; 510-541-2543
Practice and sparring partner opportunities welcome. Able to travel with sufficient notice.
5/3/2019 14:15:54mgill525@gmail.comMadeline Gill135TrimmerLots (J70, Melges 20, Melges 24, Swedish Match 40, Tom 28, Elliott 6m, C&C 30, Tripp 41, Farr 40, Flying Tiger 7.5, IC37, Shields, J24, J22, J30, J105, Express 37, IC24, Melges 32, etc.)
Started fleet racing 22 years ago; started match racing 8 years ago. Raced in college (UVA). Tons of local racing in Newport, RI for the past 5 years. Have a good bit of team racing, coastal, and offshore racing experience as well.
Newport, RICover my expenses - (203) 939-2433
I haven't done much match racing recently and would love to do more.
6/17/2019 23:56:57
Soenke Jordan165
Comfortable with anything
2 years: J22 and Sonar
13 years of racing national and collegiate level, 2 years match racing as trimmer
Penasquitos, San DiegoMaybe 8586884001
7/21/2019 Pinder70kgHelmExtensive match racing and other keelboating. Largely helm but also trim
Extensive match racing experience (ranked #54). Also lots of team racing and fleet racing before that
Boston, MA (moving from UK)
Yes; +44 7592577729
8/6/2019 13:24:01thickey18@webb.eduThomas Hickey165
Comfortable with anything
Extensive from sonars to mini-maxis. Comfortable in any position typically more of a back of the boat guy, tactics/main, etc. Work in the industry as a naval architect. Good with correcting crew work issues.
extensive sailing in all aspects except team racing
Weymouth, MaMaybe please email for phone
8/6/2019 13:41:36
Hugh Dougherty220 lbs
Comfortable with anything
4-5 years. 2018 Grad from Oakcliff. Inshore and Offshore.
Competitive all around sailor. 2-3 years of match racing experience, mainly at Oakcliff on the Match 40's but also including Sonars and Ideal 18's. US Sailing Regional Race Officer, Club Judge, and Umpire in Training.
4 Trowbridge Place, Cambridge, MA 02138
Maybe | 857-2773227
8/6/2019 14:20:26
Megan Hayes155
Comfortable with anything
Regularly race symmetrical and asymmetrical keel boats. Comfortable in any position on a keel boat.
Junior dingy sailor in lasers, then college sailing. Coached junior racers for 5 years. College sailing and match racing on west coast in dingies, j22 and j105s for 4 years, competed in several grade 3 events at Oakcliff on the SM40s. Each event we placed top 3. Experienced, but always learning!!
1 Larkin Plaza, Apt 603, Yonkers NY 10701
Yes; 5103813263
I am originally from the SF bay, relocated to the east coast recently (2017). I am always looking to learn and have a great time on the water!

Open to travel for regattas!
8/6/2019 15:21:01painebryan@gmail.comBryan Paine157
Comfortable with anything
Offshore, fleet and match racing
30 years racing, team/match racing college sailing, sailing innovation with C Class Catamarans
3482 Monroe Ave. Unit 4 San Diego, CA
No 619.317.6680
8/6/2019 15:52:03
Christina Mayor 125
Comfortable with anything
15 plus years - Jboats , Melges, swan, mainly one design racing but also some phrf and csa división stuff
Started match racing at the bvi gill match racing event back in I believe 2010. Mainly race one design and match racing here and there. Sailed in the Caribbean/ east coast / west coast etc. Started sailing when I was 16 or 17 and taught sailing as a teen. Started racing when I was 18.
68 nehring ave Babylon NY 11702
8/6/2019 16:58:35
JIm Dorsey186 lbsTrimmerJ-22, J-105 and many other keel boats.
10 years Match racing and exerpienced fleet racer.
3503 Lowell St San Diego 92106
8/6/2019 17:47:25jefftholder@gmail.comJeff Holder210Trimmer30 years, mostly in Etchells
3 events, all in the past year
San Francisco
8/6/2019 18:53:56jzwinck@gmail.comJohn Zwinck150 pounds
Comfortable with anything
SM40, SB20, Sonar, Elan 350...
8 match race events, 4 Mac races, mostly 30-40' monohulls
Columbus Plaza 233 E Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60601
Yes 1-734-673-5650
In Chicago August 8 to Sept 13, 2019
8/7/2019 16:33:19
Jacob Bruce165
Comfortable with anything
Solings, sonars, a little bit of a lot of boats
3 yrs at Chicago match race center, college and high school racing
1919 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle WA 98109
Cover my expenses, 3602651873
8/13/2019 18:14:26
Keith Hankins155
Comfortable with anything
15 years experience racing at national and regional level in keelboats of all sizes. Won 2013 Ensign Class National Championship as tactician. Extensive experience as bowman and trimmer for competitive programs in Thistles, Lightnings, Ensigns, J-24's, SB-20's, J-109's, Schock 35, Beneteau 36.7, and 12 metres.
Extensive racing experience, primarily in fleet racing, but some local level match racing.
2743 E 1st St, Long Beach, CA, 90803
email: / phone: 520-312-0495
8/16/2019 12:54:03lizeduffy@gmail.comLiz Duffy130
Trimmer & Pit; can do bow on big boats if needed, as well as helm, but I am not your best option there.
Sailing with Oakcliff for 10+ yrs - SM40’s, Shields, Classics, Farr 40, Temptation, some Melges 24; J80, J24, J22; several big boats 48’-52’
Match racing (Oakcliff, grade 3-5, successful qualifiers, lots of clinegattas), team racing (SCYC), fleet racing (Brooklyn, Sagamore, Oakcliff, Hong Kong), a few Heinekens Race weeks, a few Antigua race weeks
Oyster Bay /
Capable and pleasant to sail with - not weird, obnoxious, too chatty or arrogant. Very mobile - physically and logistically.
10/1/2019 22:03:16
Geoff Pedrick150lb / 68kg
Comfortable with anything
I've raced keelboats my entire life. Everything from Sonars to Farr 40's and 12-meters. Mostly one-design. I've done and am comfortable with any position on most sizes of boat.
Match: 3 years training at Chicago Match Race Center, raced various events up to G3 as helm, G2 as bow. Intermittent racing since CMRC closed. Most of my match race experience is on Sonar and Tom28. Some U20 and J/22. Additionally, I have significant umpiring experience.
Other: youth sailing, competitive high school and college programs, extensive one-design racing, some handicap and distance.
Chicago, ILMaybe; 401-654-8271
Will sail for free nearby, will sail for expenses if traveling.
3/18/2020 13:19:47arc-ed@outlook.comAnne Corvi120Timmer and Pit when MRSwedish Match 40s, Sonars, J24s, Vipers, Melges 24s, J22s
MR for the last 5 years, fleet racing for 15 years. A few Fleet nationals, HPDOs, CRW, Noods, two MR championships, Womens keelboat nationals and many womens MR championships
Newport RI and NYC, NYYes 9178610291
3/19/2020 8:52:19nbarton@wesleyan.eduNathaniel Barton195
Comfortable with anything
Local racing in Annapolis and Connecticut on a variety of boats with both types of kites.
College sailing, youth team race coaching, umpiring match and team racing, 505 crew, star crew.
1 Silverwood Cir. Annapolis, MD 21403
Maybe 2036458745
4/26/2020 12:51:18robert@arseamarine.comRobert Capita165 lbs.
Comfortable with anything
I have experience racing all size keelboats as skipper/crew/coach and have been skipper in several match races using J-22s on west coast.
Racing all sizes of boats for 40 years. Started match racing in Etchells in Pittwater, Australia many years ago, then was involved with match racing setup at San Diego Yacht Club. Won a California Dreamin event in J-22 and spent some time on the water as umpire too with ISAF certified umpires. Recently I'm coaching UCSD students in match racing and looking forward to creating an event at Mission Bay Yacht Club in San Diego, CA.
4082 Nabal Drive, La Mesa, CA 91941
Cover my expenses 619-849-9850
6/29/2020 16:17:23simonhall08@gmail.comSimon Hall155TrimmerGrew up racing in Australia from dinghies (sabot, flying 11, 29er, 49er) all the way to sydney 38's and Farr 40's, usually as a helmsman, tactician or main trimmer. Haven't sailed much in the past 8 years since moving to the US though. Have around 20years experience total racing at a world championship level.
I've mainly raced fleet, but have done a few international regattas for match racing over the years. Would love to to more.
Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles
Yes, 3104254955
7/5/2020 12:32:37
Jonathan Bailey155TrimmerMatch racing practice as helm and main trimmer as the sparring boat for the wisconsin sailing teams match race nationals team.
15 years of racing experience
6 years coaching youth sailing- Head Instructor
4 years of High School Sailing- 420 skipper, Team Captain, A skipper
2 years college sailing- 420 skipper, Laser, Team Racing, Nationals Team (Wisconsin sailing team Techscore
4 years Melges 17- skipper (USA 131)
1 year E scow Middle (V-177)
1 year A scow Main Trimmer/Tacticition (V-6)

Match Racing
Minimal Only to practice with the wisconsin sailing match race team to prepare for Nationals
W307 N6952 Club Circle East Hartland, Wisconsin 53029
Yes (262)-337-3931
9/10/2020 15:32:14
Kelly McMurray150
Comfortable with anything
Mostly Melges 24s but I've recently started doing J35 and J22 sailing
Ive been sailing for 4 years but haven't done any match racing yet but I'd love to learn
Ocean City, New JerseyYes 8569386763
11/7/2020 13:36:27ljyao@hotmail.comLillian Yao125-130Ibs
Comfortable with anything
J22, Catalina 37, Shields 30, various others 34-42 ft
Jan 2020 Dave Perry seminar, Cal Dreaming LBYC 2019, fun practices
9791 Bird Court, Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Yes & (714) 801-0427
I've been crew for club races for 20+ years. Would be great if my expenses were covered.
2/24/2021 11:00:04
Albert Nichols165TrimmerExtensive small keelboat sailing and match racing
Extensive MR from college sloops to Grade II
Jamestown, RIYes 2077522883
4/27/2021 0:19:17nidosail@gmail.comNick Dorn145
Comfortable with anything
One design, handicap, offshore and match racing at all positions in various classes, including Etchells, J22 and Lightning
Raced C420 circuit in high school as well as high school sailing, competitive third year college sailor with good fleet and team racing results as a skipper, match raced in high school at various Grade 3 and 4 events.
5240 Bloch St., San Diego, CA 92122
Cover my expenses, 310-694-7446
Will bring a winning attitude, competitive drive and strong tactical and technical skills in any position to your boat.
7/21/2021 17:35:04
Patricia Bazan165
Main/Tactics or Jib/Chute or Helm
I can provide resumeI can provide resume
4085 Crystal Dawn Lane #102 San Diego, CA 92122
Yes, 858.692.7088
Looking to do more match racing!
8/18/2021 14:23:23
Robbie Upton154BowIc37, I’mx45, figoro 2, J105, J109
Won grade 3 in Sm40 as main trimmer.
Won grade 3 in oakcliff SM40
788 Stratfield rd Fairfield Ct
Cover my expenses and 203-814-4690
I can do most positions on most boats excluding tactician and navigator.
9/10/2021 0:21:40davide.lasi@gmail.comDavide Lasi56 kg
Comfortable with anything
10+ years
Competitions with Asso99 boat
1700 Mission St, Unit 6, 91030 South Pasadena (California)
Yes 857 285 0652
1/19/2022 20:21:55anne.dangy@gmail.comAnne dangy87kg
Comfortable with anything
Growing up sailing Various keelboat racing experiences from one design to offshore.
Very experienced in general sailing, beginner in match racing
160 riverside boulevard apt 16g New York NY10069
Yes 9178212492
Will to sail all years a long
3/21/2022 13:44:44salenstuart@gmail.comSalen Stuart155TrimmerI have raced with Bruce Cooper on a J105 in Beer Can and Oil island races out of Newport Beach. I also have experience on Harbor 20’s, RS ventures, and began my Match Racing education on the Soling under the direction of Dave Perry and Max Brennan.
I have been sailing for many years now and work as a youth sailing coach for beginner sailors. I have also recently begun my journey into Match Racing and learning the playbook. I am hooked now and want to learn more!
345 Broadway, Costa Mesa CA 92627
Yes (949)274-0361
I feel I bring a good attitude to the boat along with my desire to learn! I have spent most of my Keelboat experience as a trimmer and while I am comfortable in that position I would also love to become a tactician.
6/6/2022 3:27:14
Graham Eger210
Comfortable with anything
Former college sailor, top-level amateur in one-design, offshore, and doublehanded racing on boats of all shape, speeds, ages, and sizes.
Sailed a few ungraded events and a grade 4 in 2021 as bow, trim, and tactics leading up to me having sailed in in Seawanhaka Cup 2022 at LBYC on the Catalina 37s with the Chicago Yacht Club team. This event has me hooked on Match Racing. Would love more opportunities to sail.
2555 N Clark St, Chicago, IL, 60614
Cover my expenses 3135154007
6/27/2022 11:04:52
Yona Adika180
Comfortable with anything
Swedish Match 40, J80, J30, J24, Beneteau 50, Jeaneau 51, Farr40.
2 Week Match racing intensive with Coach Hayden Goodrich at Oakcliff on Swedish Match 40s. Over 500 days as skipper on J80s and J24s in tidal waters in NY Harbor. Vinyard Race on J30. AYC in Farr 40. LYC regattas on Benneteau 50. Local fleet racing on NY Harbor tidal waters in J80s and J24s. Positions - bow, mast, pit, jib and spin trim, main trim, driver.
New York, NYYes 4435649523
6/30/2022 21:33:01ndolmsted@live.comNathan Olmsted158BowRange of boats mainly sonar, J22, J70 and big boats offshore.
16 years of sailing a range of positions. 2 Rose Cups as a Bowman. 3rd at 2021 College Matchrace Nationals as a skipper.
MN but go to school at the Coast Guard Academy (CT)
Yes (952)300-5114
7/8/2022 19:13:20omoskowitz@gmail.comOlivia Moskowitz 158TrimmerI’ve sailed on a J24 in some local regattas, I’ve recently been sailing on a J105 as the main trimmer or jib trimmer in a club summer series.
Grew up sailing on Lake Champlain (Hobie 16, Laser, FJ, Flying Scott and sometimes a J80). We sailed daily for 8 weeks at a time but never raced. I have a lot of time on the water in small boats but am learning tactics and strategies for racing. Now I race on Tuesdays in a women’s group during the Spring and Fall on a Sunfish. I’ve only been learning about how to race for about a year, but I love it.
815 Water St. Apt 1413, Tampa, FL 33602
Yes, 516-281-5545
I’m a 38yo female retired OB/gyn who is 5 feet 7 inches and 158lbs. My schedule is pretty flexible and can travel for races. I’m interested in getting as much sailing experience as possible. I do Pilates several times a week so I’m pretty limber and strong.
8/25/2022 18:15:54rbniland@gmail.comRyan Niland182
Comfortable with anything
Raced on the Keelboat and Offshore teams at St. Mary's College of Maryland '09. After that I continued all over the East Coast mainly on J/22s, J/24, J/80, J/70, M24, Farr40, Farr30. 2011 Lighting Boat Grant recipient and I was a sailmaker for North Sails Stevensville, and Hyde Sails Annapolis.
About 20 or so times. Mainly in the Chesapeake off Annapolis on J/22s.
5225 SW Richardson Drive, Portland OR 97239
Yes / 410-212-3146
I have a lot of racing experience but haven't been able to find the level of keel boat racing I want out here in Portland. I'm willing to travel to get out on the water in some high level competition.
9/27/2022 9:30:36
Kim stuart147
Comfortable with anything
Many years of one design in various sizes, all positions, variety of venues, both heavy air and light air.
NZ women's match champs, harken cup, mayor's cup, Sundance cup, ira Ross, Canadian women's nationals, big boat series, lbrw, yachting cup, cL race week, mexorc, Caribbean women's keelboat, numerous other regattas
Phoenix Arizona Cover my expenses 6025025467
10/18/2022 8:55:17
Rob Davis180
Comfortable with anything
I have been racing PHRF and one-design for many years. I have nearly completed my Club Judge and Club Race Officer requirements.
I have no match racing experience, other than acting as an apprentice umpire. I have been sailing for more than 45 years.
99 Pond Ave, Brookline, MA 02445
Yes, 6462863039
I am eager to gain match racing experience, as it is a new area for me.
11/2/2022 14:02:09
Bennett Waters140 LBSBowI have keelboat fleet racing experience on both a j88 and capri 22. I attended a keelboat national qualifier event this fall.
I am a high school sailor for New Trier High School in Chicago IL. I have extensive high school racing experience in the e420. Also I have racing experience in a c420 out of willmette harbor. I have little match racing experience but have done informal team racing for high school sailing
463 Willow Road, Winnetka IL 60093
Yes And 3129092191
I am a highly motivated individual who is willing to learn anything I can about Match racing
11/13/2022 14:10:07
Samantha Marihart190
Comfortable with anything
Some Sonar and Ideal sailing
no experience, just dinghy racing
6 Goodwin Place, Boston, Boston 02114
Yes 310-849-9755
Happy to continually learn