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MygollyMycroft Holmes Gregory LestradeMolly Hooper
the NHS, the Yard, & the British government fall in love during a drug intervention and play chicken over who makes the first move.
JohnlockJohn Watson Sherlock Holmes
a grumpy bi gets StockHolmes Syndrome from his unstable gay flatmate, dissolve into a contest over who the worse influence is.
SaltheaSally Donovan Anthea
my-boss-is-better-than-your-boss-enemies-to-lovers story, without the friends bit in the middle. Hatesex that gets all starryeyed
ShigginsSherlock HolmesBill Wiggins lowered inhibitions meets lowered expectations. Literal filth.
JoltoJohn Watson James Sholtopain in a desert, lines written in a warzone safehouse
MystradeMycroft Holmes Gregory LestradeJ Alfred Prufrock Gets A Bit of Rough, does wonders for his self esteem
MollcroftMolly Hooper Mycroft HolmesJ Alfred Prufrock Dares To Eat That Peach, discovers he was just hangry all along
ShuddersSherlock HolmesMartha Hudson
Mummy issues writ large, but at least the bleedin housework gets done and Sherlock get scones with tea
SholtolockJames SholtoSherlock HolmesCaptain Watson's Lonely Hearts Club Band
SherlollySherlock HolmesMolly Hooper
dates by the light of the mass spectrometer, both stop mid coitus to check vitals and endocrine function
JollyJohn Watson Molly Hooperjoining forces over mutual Sherlock hot beverage acquisitions
MarylockMary MorstanSherlock Holmes
pretend-I'm-John on both sides, also kiss-it-better on one. "You Give Love A Bad Name" blares self-consciously in the next room.
JoltolockJohn WatsonJames SholtoSherlock Holmes
follow-up to Captain Watson's Lonely Hearts: We'd Like To Take You Home With Us. The English army has just won the war.
AnderlockPhilip Anderson Sherlock Holmes
Helevetica lets itself go a bit wacky and comic sans is secretly Sherlock's ~thing~ so hero worship meets praise kink.
GollyGreg Lestrade Molly Hooper
Slow dancing to The Cure in a morgue, gallows humor power couple. Adventures in previously undiscovered record stores and libraries.
HolmescestSherlock HolmesMycroft Holmes
because the rules don't apply when you can outthink them, and that family is dysfunctional and no one else understands how much.
JamfordJanine HawkinsMike Stamford
the best guy for Janine is the one who skipped that wedding. Cupid gets a hot date who deserves the world, and he delivers.
SherstradeSherlock HolmesGregory LestradeGreg Lestrade likes to be called Daddy by twinky geniuses
SholstradeJanes SholtoGregory Lestrade
2 lonely men with nice butts. "Too busy checking you out to notice your murder, wanna get a drink absolutely any time at all?"
JohncroftJohn WatsonMycroft Holmes
John Watson would do anything for his country, including having it over a desk or getting on his knees for it in a backseat.
MollreneMolly Hooper Irene Adler
a domme shows a masochist how to demand the thrashing she wants, not just accept the thrashing she gets; Molly does fab aftercare.
JohnstradeJohn WatsonGregory Lestrade
4 pints into bitching about Sherlock and he gives you this look. Furtive handjobs in the alley are the way to a man's heart.
Mycroft Holmes John WatsonSherlock Holmes
Gregory Lestrade
Everybody Loves Sherlock. Like, Yes, That Way. From Behind. Economy sized lube bottles with pumps on them. Daisy chains!
SheriartySherlock HolmesJim Moriarty
Keep your enemies closer. Really, super close. Close enough to find out what else Jim likes to lick. Sticking your dick in crazy.
ViclockVictor Trevor Sherlock Holmesyou never forget your first friend/ dog/ love/ asbo
MorkinsMary MorstanJanine Hawkins
while the camera was focused on the Johnlock sads, the hen do wasn't interrupted. Or, Janine Has A Maladaptive Danger Boner Too
MollryMolly Hooper Mary Morstan
Molly Hooper has seen some shit and wants to see some more, and Mary is way too cool for John. The lingering scent of moral decay.
HoopkinsMolly Hooper Janine Hawkins
2 beautiful & capable statistically bi women realize they can both do better than a little boy who never calls when he's sober.
WigglyBill WigginsMolly Hooper
Sherlock's suppliers have good chemistry and Know Things. Six Feet Under + Breaking Bad = Pushing Daisies.
ShycroftJames Sholto Mycroft Holmes
2 proper British gentlemen kiss each other with their Stiff Upper Lips. Polite shagging among the heirlooms.
StamstradeMike StamfordGregory Lestrade
The last 2 honest men in London meet in the park for sandwiches & coffee to discuss the football. Then affable blowjobs happen.
JohniartyJohn WatsonJim Moriarty
Pot who runs a blog about his flatmate has the nerve to call the kettle obsessed. Match made in heaven for John's danger kink.
JimcroftJim Moriarty Mycroft Holmes
tfw you wanna bang a Holmes (figuratively for now) but you want someone ~experienced~ (who can top). & maybe he likes brunets idk.
HoopervanMolly Hooper Sally Donovan
Sally & Molly unlock each other's tragic SH backstories. Molly learns about boundaries. This ship is a chai latte for the soul.
MormorJim Moriarty Sebastian Moran
Sexy and adorably evil, gun oil used as lube. More like black treacle than tar. If a teen au, this is the couple that runs Hot Topic
MormormorJim Moriarty Sebastian MoranMary Morstan
[Bananarama reference] Prob doing awful things, but mostly to other people so that's all right then. Oddly balanced power dynamic
JollockJohn Watson Molly HooperSherlock Holmes
folie à deux with another person involved. Sherlock gets attention 2x and Molly & John cuddle on the couch when he's busy/stroppy.
MytheaMycroft Holmes Anthea
Mixing business with pleasure. Who knows you better than your handler? Sharing hotel rooms for treaty negotiations saves $
LessonGreg Lestrade Martha Hudson
like Mummy & Daddy finally getting together. Martha Hudson starts feeding up that poor inspector and Greg helps her hang some shelves
MyjohnlockMycroft Holmes John WatsonSherlock Holmes
Mycroft interferes in absolutely everything, and all that melancholic brainpower in one place really does it for John.
MystradelockMycroft Holmes Gregory LestradeSherlock Holmes
tmw you turn to your bf and go "your brother's kinda hot..." Or, Sherlock Is The Reason We Can't Have Nice Things
MyjohnstradeMycroft Holmes John Watson
Gregory Lestrade
coming together over shared frustrations, then coming together, full stop. Disgusted fits & trolling when Sherlock finds out.
ShycroftstradeJames Sholto Mycroft Holmes
Gregory Lestrade
bc Greg & Mycroft need holidays & Sholto has a place in the center of nowhere with enough scotch to loosen some things up...
IrateIrene AdlerKate
professional lesbian dabbles in her very personal assistant and also bdsm sexwork. A splendid time for all, or your secrets refunded.
MollfordMolly Hooper Mike Stamford
what's a couple more naked bodies in a morgue this size? Petal-soft and sweeter than sucrose yet quietly nastier than aspartame.
Lady E. A. Smallwood
Mycroft Holmes
unequal power dynamic on both sides. Spiritually less May/December, more October/next January. Keeps it so real it's nihilistic.
MytheoryMycroft Holmes Anthea
Gregory Lestrade
Anthea fancies Gregory. So does Mycroft. They determine shagging one another too will make it ~fair~. Dubious math. No one minds.
StradlerGreg Lestrade Irene Adler
Irene likes detective stories. And detectives. Greg knows what she likes. And he brought his own handcuffs.
VicstradeVictor Trevor Gregory Lestrade
Victor is basically Sherlock's best character reference. Greg starts out trying to get insight, ends up trying to get inside.
RedcatRedbeardUgly Cat
A dead dog meets an ugly cat, has an existential crisis. Decides to stop pretending it's a dead human kid. Buys a dog dish to share.
MolliartyMolly Hooper Jim Moriarty
Molly can make the bad guys good for a weekend. Or she can make them more focused and better organized ffs. Either way.
TwigginsTom Bill Wiggins
Sherlock Lite! gets a bit of a crush on his weed supplier. Wiggins think Tom's pretty cute when he's a little stoned and giggly.
MollnussenMolly Hooper
Charles A. Magnussen
Chaotic Good & Lawful Evil. He tries to blackmail her over her promiscuous misspent youth. She shows him why it wasn't misspent.
SalcroftSally Donovan Mycroft Holmes
Next Level sass. Sally is treated to the finer things at last and Mycroft learns what a weekend is. How Sherlock Learned to Knock.
TomlockTomSherlock HolmesIt's Not Gay If You Look Alike. Sherlock takes Tom shopping for clothes that fit their frame, shenanigans in the fitting room.
MormorlockJim Moriarty Sebastian MoranSherlock Holmes
Sherlock and Jim fight for dominance. Seb allows it bc it's cute. And in the end, it doesn't really matter anyway, does it?
AdlockIrene AdlerSherlock Holmes
a couple unburdened by good sense. Casual nudity for fun and profit. Sometimes Sherlock asks to be taken down a peg. Or pegged.
JohnovanJohn Watson Sally Donovan
John takes a shot (of course he does) and to their mutual surprise, Sally accepts. She actually ~likes~ competing with Sherlock.
WarstanJohn Watson Mary Morstan
love somehow conquers everydamnthing. Yes even that. And that too. What happens when unstoppable meets immovable: kink negotiations
DimmlockDimmockSherlock Holmes
using each other to get ahead & get off. Switchy but definitive. Thin current of resentment like a ribbon of licorice in ice cream
JokesJohn Watson Sebastian Wilkes
Seb Wilkes is a prick. John has a prick. Maybe John can have Seb too, and work off a little guilt over the whole "colleagues!" thing.
Sebastian Moran
John Watson
if Moran & John are pets, this is puppy love. Actually scary when these 2 team up & turn the tables on their respective geniuses
MyreneMycroft Holmes Irene Adler
if you can't beat them, chillax & let them beat you. Subspace is good for Mycroft's stress levels & Irene gets the best protection.
JohnlockaryJohn Watson Sherlock HolmesMary Morstan
when you want your ex's new marriage to work so much that shipping leads to self-insertion (ahem). Strap-ons in every gay color
MycockMycroft Holmes DimmockMycroft is really feeling Dimmock's eagarness. Dimmock enjoys sucking up and kissing arse
MycocklockMycroft Holmes DimmockSherlock Holmes
the Holmes brothers learn to share their toys and play nice. Sherlock wonders who is in charge. Mycroft doesn't.
Sebastian Moran
Sherlock Holmes
when your ex blogger is screening your calls and your rival's dead, adopt his tame sniper and make a few anagrams with "assassin"
SireneSally Donovan Irene Adler
Sally goes to the wrong club. Can't decide if she's dizzy from Irene's fumes or the recent inverted suspension. Sparks fly.
SarollySarah SawyerMolly Hooper
Molly bumps into John's ex-gf/boss. She takes her home and continues to bump into her, but with purpose. Medical play a possibility
SarohnSarah SawyerJohn Watson
if you're going to date your surprisingly accommodating and remarkably ginger boss, make it stick. She can do better. Be grateful.
SalstradeSally Donovan Gregory Lestrade
Lestrade gave Sally pointers on being a good detective. She uses her skills to figure out that he fancies her. Tender sizzling.
MormormollJim Moriarty Sebastian MoranMolly Hooper
an army of three with Molly as general, lbr. Potentially devastating to the status quo. Explosive dynamic, in the truest sense.
MoriadlerJim Moriarty Irene Adlerpower games and petty vengeance. So much fun. The id unleashed.
SallockSally Donovan Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock stops letting Sally down and they reconcile the past. Tongues as sharp as their cheekbones. Companionable snark and steam.
JohnstrallyJohn Watson Gregory LestradeSally Donovan
John's crime-solving kink is more scattershot than advertised. He helps Greg & Sally when Sherlock won't, then they do sex
MygginsMycroft Holmes Bill Wiggins
Mycroft really is happy when Sherlock brings his little friends 'round. And if Sherlock is revolted, all the better.
JohngollyJohn Watson Gregory LestradeMolly Hooper
3 people that care too much make it a homegame. Everyone drinks their weight in tea. Sex in front of the open windows or telly.
MormoriadlerJim Moriarty Sebastian MoranIrene Adler
nexus of pain. Someone is going to need a trip to the A&E every other week of so, but you won't hear more than light grousing.
LesaravanGreg Lestrade Sarah SawyerSally Donovan
a pair of detectives with real jobs meet a doctor who shows up for work. Paperwork by firelight with a bottle of wine & footrubs.
ChiplockChippersSherlock Holmes
Sherlock meets someone who'll feed him up and not just get fed up with him. They have lots of places to put books.
MareneMary MorstanIrene Adler
crash fancy dress parties as Anne Bonny & Mary Read: very much a self-portrait. Flinty & sultry, knifeplay & autoerotic asphyxiation
Sebastian Moran
Janine Hawkins
Janine knows getting a leg over with your brother's pet is probably a bad idea but it's fun so who cares?
MycakeMycroft Holmes Actual CakeMycroft has an oral fixation. It's not weird. Lots of people get excited over the shape of a bundt pan.
Moll-LinMolly Hooper Soo-Lin Yao
Soo-Lin's not dead, just napping very hard. Consummate piner meets a lady who's used to being pined for. Careful & thoughtful pair
InnryGaryBillyHenry Knight
Gary & Billy of the Cross Keys have an open, friendly arrangement with Henry Knight, and also share custodianship of a flying hamster
DimmersonDimmockPhilip Anderson
The Empty Hearse gets a new member and Anderson gets a new boyfriend who understands his obse..preciation for Sherlock.
JohlockfordJohn Watson Sherlock HolmesMike Stamford
Stamford introduced his old hopeless crush to his new one hoping they would take each other off the market. Luckily, not quite
DimmersonlockDimmockPhilip AndersonSherlock Holmes
2 fanboys slightly in awe, 1 idol awkwardly touched. Post sex: awe for a different reason, touching much less awkward.
JohntheaJohn Watson Anthea
Anthea & John start getting milk for their respective Holmeses together. The card Sherlock gives John is actually Mycroft's anyway
EuriartyEurus HolmesJim Moriarty
5 minutes can mean anything when you can reprogram your guards. Jim finds a Holmes with no inhibitions and a startling imagination
EurohnEurus HolmesJohn Watson
bc John is trash, and Eurus was actually pretty great at sexting. A long distance relationship that's literally crazy enough to work
MysherlollyMycroft Holmes Sherlock HolmesMolly HooperMolly does have a type: antisocial geniuses with lovely hands.
EucroftEurus HolmesMycroft Holmestmw you realize your last 4 one-off's have all been your sister who's much better at cosplay than you
HuddlerMartha Hudson Irene Adlerwhat happened in Sherlock's bed before Irene fell asleep? Martha got to hear that text alert in person
HugretMartha HudsonMargaret
Mrs. Hudson finally learns why her bff Margaret was so devastated by her marriage and sets out to win her back. Is successful ofc.
HenollyHenry KnightMolly Hooper
Molly meets a soft guy who's had a lot of therapy already, Henry finally gets to talk to someone else who's read The Silmarillion
HenlockHenry KnightSherlock Holmes
Sherlock was actually trying to ask Henry out for coffee and ended up making it instead. He keeps visiting til he gets it right.
Soo-MandaSoo-Lin YaoAmanda
Van Coon's secretary seeks an official appraisal of the jade pin and thinks Soo-Lin looks fetching in her not-dead shock blanket.
Holmesc3stMycroft Holmes Sherlock HolmesEurus Holmes
actually the rules apply even less with an extra person to help rationalize. 3 broken sibs passing the bottle of dub-con around.
HudgeloMartha HudsonAngelo
the boys take Mrs. Hudson out for dinner and Angelo falls flat-on-his-face in love. Martha loves all the candles he keeps bringing.
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