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What are AAA games good for? Healing from transgender surgery! Killing 60 hours is nothing when you need to kill 12 weeks.;Dilating Destiny is a Twine game that weaves together language from the game Destiny with the experience of recovering from Genital Reassignment Surgery, during the Baltimore Uprising. The game focuses on blending the language of action, sci-fi and fantasy games with the experience of care after gender related surgery. I hope to shift the image of who gamers are and why we play games.;Dilating Destiny is an art game, as I am an artist. I made this game for the Devs with Ferguson bundle to raise funds for the Baltimore Algebra Project, part of the Baltimore United for Change coalition, to support ongoing efforts to end racism and racial violence in Baltimore. Now, I'm releasing it here as a standalone game, and the funds will go to my own survival and future game development.;I am an artist/theorist who works in media art, performance art and poetry. While I have made game interventions as art in the past, this is my third game I made from scratch. I have always played games intensely, from Metroid to Counter-strike to AD&D to Destiny. I find my art practice moving towards making more games, because I love creating experiences for people to play.;More info about me, and other games and art I've made is at
gaming, journalistic, meta, personal, Transgender, Twine
65 kB
Alchemist's Compendium;Take on the role of a wandering alchemist settling into a new laboratory and fulfil the needs of your local town by completing orders. Your creativity and ingenuity will be key to discovering new and fascinating ways to completing these requests.;Be an Alchemist;Experimenting and creating new potions is a costly business and completing orders will not only give you feedback on your alchemy, but earn you much needed money that you can use to create a lab suitable for a master alchemist. Books can also be exchanged for your hard earned cash which will be very useful for learning new techniques.;Complete the Compendium;Harvesting is a unique experience to this game as it stays as true as possible to the Alchemists of old. Interesting ingredients can be harvested from the strangest of places, urine for one hell of a time collecting samples from the outhouse. Charting the stars is a breeze with the astrolabe and will inform you of interesting effects on your gardens yield depending on the season. All the new ingredients you discover will be logged bringing you one step closer to completing the Alchemist’s Compendium.;Download;Download the.exe file and enjoy!;Other Games;Make Sure to check out these other O8 games;;;
alchemy, the-tudors, tudor
1 GB
Bullet Candy Perfect is a fun shoot-em-up game, with sharp, super smooth 3D graphics and a cool techno soundtrack. The game is all about honing your skills to perfection as you attempt the perfect run!;To help you on your way to the perfect run, Bullet Candy Perfect keeps track of your skills as you improve with it's Perfect Points system, and assigns a ranking based on your ability in game. There are also 20 challenging achievements to obtain, as well as a global online high score board.;Features;50 awesome levels!;20 achievements to unlock;Score attack gameplay;Online hi-scores;Tactical suicide score mechanic1
Windows, macOS, Linux
A few minutes28 MB
The world is ending around you and you’re trying to make your way to some place you consider safe. You’re not sure if it is safe but you’ve heard rumors.;As The World Ends... probably won’t end happy. It isn’t meant to. It’s a chance to explore things we normally don’t allow ourselves to. Things we hide. Things we cling to. Moments we live for. Sadness. Regret. Hope. This is about hoping against hope. By the end, you may have nothing physical left. But you might have some feelings that you finally dug into and examined. Hopefully, that gets you something or somewhere you may not have otherwise.;A GM-optional tabletop roleplaying game for 3+ players.
gm-less, gm-optional, Post-apocalyptic, tabletop
Windows189 kB
Overview;What lies beyond The 4th Wall?;Support Notes;FALSE POSITIVE: Some Anti Virus' will flag this game as a virus. This is a false positive. Updating your virus definitions to the latest can solve this, if not, you will have to ignore the warning or disable your AV when installing.;WINDOWS 7: If the game doesn't install correctly, be sure you allowed the program to make changes to your system when first opening the setup. If you still have problems installing it, right-click the setup file and choose "Run as Administrator".44th, gz, gzstorm, wall
Windows, macOS
About a half-hour14 MB
Click Challenge with a facebook community to organize challenges and view high-scores...challenge, click973 kB
BURGERWAVE is a fast-paced, arcade-style Hamburger sliding game inspired by 80's and 90's fast food nostalgia. Featuring a Vaporwave soundtrack by Zadig the Jasp;(Bandcamp:;BurgerWave provides fast-paced, fast-food entertainment for the price of something off the dollar menu!;WASD to Move;SPACE to Jump;F to Pause;ESC or on screen buttons to Quit;Completed for the One Week Food themed Game Jam 20171
3D, Abstract, Arcade, Casual, Cozy, Fast-Paced, Food, hamburger, vaporwave, weird
Windows, macOS, Linux
52 MB
I'm so sorry.;[ Only requires usage of Arrow Keys for play. Headphones recommended. ];[ Content Warning: Haunting Music, Usage of Screen Shake, Flashing Imagery. ]
2D, Abstract, Arcade, artgame, Atmospheric, Dark, Experimental
Windows, macOS, Linux
Days or more37 MB
Want to play Consentacle with a group of friends? Find out who's the most compatible... or who thirsts the most for satisfaction? This 13-page PDF contains guidelines on how to set up and run your own Speed Dating tournament, including abridged rules for a shorter game and a teaching script.
consentacle, Co-op, group-play, round-robin, speed-dating, tournament
Windows741 kB
A text game about the stillness of being awake at 3AM, despite all efforts.;To be enjoyed patiently, like a cup of tea.;This game was funded by Patreon. If you'd like to see me make more games and get access to early builds and exclusive content, please consider becoming my Patron. Your support helps me make more games like Fragile Soft Machines and Visual Out.;It's not much, but if you'd like, consider tipping me what you'd pay for your favorite drink at a cafe. Thank you! =D3
artgame, Relaxing, Text based
Windows, macOS, Linux
A few minutes38 MB
Overview;Have you ever wanted to learn Japanese? Are you studying Japanese and want to improve your skills? Then Let's Learn Japanese: Deluxe is for you! Designed for beginners and those learning Japanese, you will learn about the language basics, the 3 character sets, common words, and pronunciation.;Features;- Information for beginners to help get started.;- Hiragana and Katakana, Grade 1 through Grade S Kanji, and over 1700 common words.;- Spoken pronunciation for all words and Hiragana / Katakana.;- Stroke count and stroke order for every Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana.;- Test yourself using a flashcard or quiz interface.;- Easily choose which areas you would like to test yourself on, with recorded progress to indicate your retention.;- Excellent as a study aid.
gz, gzstorm, japanese, learn, storm
Windows18 MB
Platform: Windows only;Edge Of Horizon is a scifi turn based action game.;Game location is in space on a rotatable cube, with chess like gameplay (with spaceships).;Game modes: single player vs computer, 1 vs 1 (offline multiplayer);This version DOES NOT include online multiplayer.;Gameplay: At the start of the game, player selects units and places them on the cube. Each turn, the player can move their units, attack enemies units, or rotate the game area (cube rows) to strategically position themselves to a better situation to win.
Windows, macOS
A few seconds335 MB
It is basically 2d topdown creative mode Minecraft, and it has teleport blocks and a sign block.building, minecraft
Windows, macOS
1 MB
The protagonist of game, the wanderer by name of Terret, finds a certain letter in which it is told about the trouble which has comprehended the far land of Dasthir. After some days, Terret arrives to Ganzer Village where the local aged man tells to it a legend about the land of Dasthir, about its trouble and about a prophecy. He tells that this land the vampire by name of Leon terrorising all Dasthir now corrects. The old man gives Terret cross as a talisman and asked the wanderer kill a vampire. Small travel of Terret also begins with it;- About 1-2 hours of a gameplay.;- Game contains enough of secrets.;- The ability to come up with the character's own name.;- Simple and fascinating gameplay.;- Difficult and interesting bosses.;Click here to follow us on Steam;Follow us on Twitter;Follow us on Facebook1
2D, Action RPG, JRPG, LÖVE, MMORPG, RPG Maker, Tactical RPG
148 MB
A clicker game like any other out there. Only this time around you click to sell bundles. Launch different bundles multiple times to generate more sale. Hire staff from Groupees to increase the overall output of the Bundles.;In short just click and have fun, and also waste some time in the process.;System Requirements;OS: Windows xp / 10.5.6 / Ubuntu;Processor: Intel 1.2GHZ;Memory: 256 MB RAM;Graphics: Any;DirectX: Version 9.0;Hard Drive: 50 MB available space3bundle, Casual, clicker
Windows, macOS
46 MB
Play the game and try to beat your record.
Endless, Runner, Unreal Engine
Windows, macOS, Linux
589 MB
Adlib is a fast paced word game which challenges the player to quickly spell words before the board fills up. I originally created Adlib for MochiMedia’s “Word Play” contest where it went on to win an “Honorary Mention” and be featured by To date, Adlib has been enjoyed by over 500,000 people!;Fast Paced Action;In Adlib words are automatically found and collected;as you spell them. Over time new letters are pushed up from below. You have to;be quick if you want to reach the later levels or the letters will reach the;top!;Build for Language Lovers;Unscrambling letters and finding that;perfect word is incredibly fun. Adlib is jam packed with those moments and many;other surprises. If you enjoy word games, once you start playing Adlib you’ll be;hooked!;Gorgeous Artwork;Adlib features awesome illustrations to accompany;its great gameplay
letters, scrabble, spelling, word, Word game
Windows442 kB
English;Tower defense is a game in which you need to go through many levels and prevent enemies from reaching the base.;At the moment the game has 13 levels, 7 types of enemies, 5 types of towers and the ability to put a fence on the way from the enemy, the ability to accelerate, pause the game (pause).;It is planned;15 levels, 9 types of enemies 5 types of towers, the ability to accelerate, suspend the game. The opportunity of passing mini-games will be added.;русский;Защита башни - это игра, в которой вам нужно пройти через многие уровни и не дать врагам добраться до базы.;На данный момент игра имеет 13 уровней, 7 типов врагов, 5 типа башен и возможность поместить забор на пути от врага, возможность ускорения, приостановки игры (паузы).;Планируется;15 уровней, 9 типов врагов 5 типов башен. Будет добавлена возможность прохождения мини-игр.
2D, minigames, Real-Time, Singleplayer, Space, Tower Defense
Windows129 MB
Fakespearean: Overdramatic;Congratulations! You now own the Globe Theatre! Set in the Tudor period, Fakespearean: Overdramatic gives you the chance to run one of the most famous theatres in the world before it reached the popularity it's known for today. It's up to you to put on a show and bring success to the Globe. Can you make it to be the number one theatre in the world?;MANAGE;Spend time at the Globe to plan the perfect play. Your writer can write you an exciting play to put on. Hire actors to perform in your theatre. Upgrade your theatre to improve it's looks. You can also hatch eggs? Work hard to get your play to be perfect. If it does well you can earn money to upgrade the Globe and progress to becoming the best theatre in the world!;PERFORM;When it's time for a play you must don the mantle of Stage Hand. Keep the play running smoothly as you perform quickfire tasks to keep trouble at bay. Play music, keep torches lit and scare off hecklers as you dart around the stage to protect the performance. Just try not to get overwhelmed!;RISE;Control the difficulty with modifiers. Control your experience so you can play to your skill level. Will you risk a harder game for better rewards? Only you can decide as you journey to become the greatest theatre in the world!;DOWNLOAD;Follow these Instructions to download the game;- Download the Zip file;- Extract the file;- Launch Fakespearean_Overdramatic.exe;(please don't edit or move the data files - they contain information about the game like fonts and statistics.);OTHER GAMES;Check out these Octopus 8 Games;;;
Casual, Management, octopus-8, shakespeare, theatre, tudor
I've been working on this for the last year by myself, initially it was going to be way simple, no score, no background, no exploring, but i ended up adding more and more to it and this is the end result. I learned a lot, but i don't expect to go back in blender game engine in this state, or at least doing projects with this complexity, though it might seem simple, BGE's node system can be hard to manage even on a project like this.;If you like this kind of content, consider visiting my patreon, and support me over there so the US doesn't rip me off.;Source files;Music by;EDIT: I was made aware of some glitchy textures, while i couldn't properly fix it, i'm adding a version of the game with simplified materials as a workaround.2
3D, Anime, Cute, Feel Good, minigames, moe, relationship, Virtual Pet, Walking simulator
Android82 MB
first u.s. civil war pinball game done in unity featuring little known zouave! Authentic music! More!;Copyright © 2017 Gabriel Walter...;Made with Unity/Pinball creator.;Civil war classic soldier models and Music by Copyright © Porticodoro/SmartCgArt. Site:;Louisiana Tigers Zouave modlel by VirtualArchitect;Ironclads render by;contact for more info.civil, north, south, WarWindowsAbout an hour134 MB
A Breakout/Arkanoid Game style. Based on Block Breaker game, part of the Unity Developer 2D course (2018 update), by " by Ben Tristem".;-Sprites made by myself, using Gimp software.;-Audio from artists and make on Bfxr software.;Gameplay;-Move mouse left and right to move paddle;-Press left button mouse to launch the ball;-Details about blocks and power-ups now in game!!;-For now there´s only 5 levels. Level layout could be changed during the game development.;Show your suggestions and/or opinions about game visual, layout, mechanics, sounds, bugs...;The game will keep growing as i improve my game developer abilities.
2D, Arcade, arkanoid, Breakout, Pixel Art, Unity
A few seconds16 MB
You are a magical creature, a Magician’s bonded familiar. Your Magician left you some time back and just a moment ago they died. You know this because you have been pulled into the Land of the Dead after them.;You don’t remember anything of your life before except for a single, quickly fading feeling -- and the Magician is not here but you can feel your attachment to them. You know that you must journey through the Underworld to find them again.;While you search, the Underworld will slowly return your memories to you of your life before, in shadows and fragments. When you recover your final memory and find your Magician, they will have to answer you truthfully -- but what will you ask? And once you know the answer...;What will you choose to do?
Windows, macOS, Linux
128 kB
Small Arcade game, which is fun and easy to play, physics based bomberman like game with gore theme and gloomy atmosphere.
bomberman, clone, Unreal Engine
97 MB
Animations of a succubus in the night.;Contains 5 short pixel animations, each composed of several sub-animations;Approx. 2:30 minutes runtime;1 - Blowjob/handjob;2 - Cowgirl;3 - Reverse Cowgirl;4 - Missionary;5 - "Prone Bone;Settings in App;Change scaling: 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x. Animations are drawn at 200x200px, minimum scaling is 400x400px.;Toggle vignette effect;Toggle background visibility;Interface;List of the 5 animations on left side. Collapsible list.;Controls for playback;Previous - Go to previous sub-animation;Play - Start playback;Stop - Stop playback;Next - Go to next sub-animation;AUTO toggle - Toggles automatic playback;LOOP toggle - Toggles repeating same sub-animation indefinitely;Built using Godot Engine. Expect updates in the future.
2D, adult, blowjob, handjob, nsfw, Pixel Art, sex, succubus
Windows7 MB
Quest of Decay is a randomly generated dungeon crawler that uses turn based movement and real time combat. Clear dungeons to get more equipment and loot, then use that equipment to clear more dungeons. The game features over 200 different pieces of equipment to keep things interesting, and randomly generated enemies, meaning you will never fight the same enemy twice.;Note that the demo version does not include all shop elements and only has easy difficulty and small dungeon generation;Be sure to copy your stat files (stats.txt,inv.txt and settings.txt) and paste them into the new versions folder when updating, or you will lose your progress!1
2D, Character Customization, Difficult, Dungeon Crawler, Endless, Hack and Slash, Violent
Windows, macOS, Linux, Android
A few minutes7 MB
Pixel Pop Defense Zone is an endurance game about defending the little space you have at the center of the screen from the relentless assault of pixels. Why are they attacking? No idea, just keep clicking them into oblivion!;Endless Gameplay: go as long as you can, see how well you can do!;Special Pixels: upgrade your defense, get rid of many pixels at once, and even stop time!;Adjustable Challenge: different difficulty settings for smooth play or crazy challenge!;Music by: CCIVORY
Arcade, Endless, vector
Android8 MB
Warning This game will Insult you (Duh!);Prepare to get insulted in the best of ways!;There will be loads of insults and they will change to the information you gave at the beginning, so there is loads of possible ways, you kind of also create your own Insults by that.;One more thing, the Insults are non-repetitive!
2D, Funny, insult, Ludum Dare 39
Android10 MB
Dish Invasion is a game about some weird looking food char trying to win the traditional games, no story,no plot,just a game with simple rules2D, Casual
Windows, macOS, Linux
60 MB
Do not raise your expectations. This was made for fun, and so I can make a quick buck and show my parents that game design can be a career for me.
ai, butterfly, computers, digity, Dreams, random, wierd
Windows, macOS, Linux
473 MB
Tap on screen to switch between three shapes i.e cube, cuboid and sphere and pass through different obstacles. The more obstacles you cross the more you score.;Good luck!!;By the way, what's your high score....:-P
3D Platformer, 3-shapes, Arcade, blocks, Casual, Fast-Paced, puzzle-game, Puzzle-Platformer, reflex, shapes
Windows, macOS
31 MB
0Space is a 2-4 player zero gravity deathmatch game.;It was the winner of the TIGsource Versus Competition, and was inspired by “Ender’s Game”, by Orson Scott Card.;This version contains extra content that can't be found in the free version on Teknopants.com15Action
Local multiplayer, Space, Versus, Zero Gravity
Windows, macOS, Linux
A few minutes9 MB
Meet Mayu Shirokawa! You can call her Mashiro! Today is her chance to grab the title as the CEO of the company she works for! How? Simple! Her CEO has been kidnapped. All she has to do is to save her CEO. Maybe the CEO will be convinced to give away the title at the end. But here's the catch. She's up against the deadliest black market dealers in the world. This means she'll have to fight crazy people with guns, mutated crab heads, and bio-engineered wolves! Players will be presented with a strange mixture of top-down hack 'n slash, beat 'em up, and bullet hell elements in this fast paced speedrunnable game.Action
8-Bit, Anime, Arcade, Beat 'em up, Bullet Hell, Cute, Hack and Slash, Pixel Art, Top-Down, two-colors
71 MB
Frogs, Local multiplayer, minigames, Multiplayer, Short, toads
Windows22 MB
A game about hitting cartoon zombies with a bouncing saw blade.;Something has gone terribly wrong, and they've broken free! Your;mission: defend each sector and prevent the spread of the zombie;apocalypse.;With your trusty state-of-the-art saw blades and paddles, survive on;your own or with the help of a friend through waves of adorable zombies.;Collect awesome powerups. Get combos. Get a high score. Make zombies go;splat!;Works best on devices running Android 4.0+.;Features;Powerups! Including Air Strike, Time Warp, Electrified Paddles, and Mega Blade!;30 levels of little square zombies.;Scoring modes for both 1 and 2 players (2 player mode best played on a tablet or larger device that you can lay flat between both players).;Local high score board with gameplay stats.;Unlockable Achievements.;Hand-drawn, cartoon art style.;DRM-Free;Contact;Cairn4 Homepage;Email me comments, questions, concerns:;Follow me on: Twitter - Facebook - Google+ - Tumblr1Action
2D, Arcade, cartoony, Casual, Local Co-Op, Zombies
Windows, macOS
A few seconds12 MB
An extremely difficult game with one simple rule - do not touch.;In Ne Touchez Pas 5, you navigate 100 different levels with six different characters, all with unique control methods, attempting to reach the finish in one piece. Dodge deadly fans, evade eviscerating laser beams, and manoeuvre around moving segments, hit switches to open paths, collect optional bits and throw yourself through the void at the end of each level to progress.;Play as;L'Oiseau, a french bird that flaps its little wings!;Jetpod, a tiny pilot with the lust for thrust!;Rockit, a rocket built for destruction but here to kick some walls!;Astro, an astronaut that doesn't know why they're here and is getting dizzy!;Car, with a full tank of petrol and a six digit milometer!;Square, just here to give people an easy mode!;Features 100 levels, 480 collectables, progress tracking, catchy music with a nostalgic easter egg for the four people that will remember the original Ne Touchez Pas games from the noughties, and a quit button for when you get stuck. You will probably get stuck.Action17 MB
In the darkest hour, when farmers are sleeping, you lurk in the shadows for innocent, delicious goats. Some say you're a demon, others say you come from outer space. But they only know your name: El ChupacabraAction
Fast-Paced, infinite-runner, Stealth
Windows18 MB
Volunteers fight in a bloody contest for freedom and money. You'll play as one of three volunteers armed with their favorite weapons. Survive waves of enemies with a large quantity of rounds, enemies and bosses.ActionWindowsA few minutes351 MB
Chiptune Runner is an indie music video game where an endless runner meets step sequencer.;Take your hero on an exciting journey through platform levels, fight epic battles against bosses, make your own chiptunes, be the Chiptune Runner!;The main features of Chiptune Runner game;- music endless runner;- real time chiptune music creation;- built-in step sequencer;- over 30 unique levels and more in updates;- 4 game modes;- epic boss fights!;- in-game level editor;- online levels sharing;- new heroes to unlock;- chiptune music instruments to collect;- play now on Windows, OS/X, Linux and Android devices!2Action
8-Bit, chiptune, evil-indie-games, Music, Retro, sequencer
Android18 MB
Feel the power of this legendary rifle and test your sharpshooting skills on the field. Fitted with the McMillan Long Range Scope, the McMillan TAC-338A rifle will be the prize of your sniper equipment.ActionWindows
Make The Ascetic protected from warrior sword.;CONTROL;Left click to jump.Action
2D, ancient, desert, ethnic, fresh, Funny, jumping, new, Singleplayer, stick
WindowsA few minutes2 MB
Game;As you play the game, you level up and unlock different fun modes that can be played and explored. There are many modes available to unlock and they are all different and challenging in their own way.;Modes There are up to 6 modes that can be unlocked and played. All of the modes are combined when playing in normal mode. Fast mode: Dots fall faster as time progresses, so it's more challenging to progress far.;Hexagon mode: Play with a hexagon cube and with two additional colors.;Words mode: Words of various colors fall, while the dot is in another color to mix things up.;Time mode: Don't stop the spinning cube or you'll lose.;Trippy mode: Colors change over time, so you have to keep eye on right colors to mix.;Flipped mode: Camera rotates and controls are reversed every time a dot falls.;Levels As you play, you will level up over time and as you progress, you will unlock new surprises and modes. Over time, levelling up will become harder, but also more rewarding as more interested modes become unlocked at higher levels. The game responds to game music. Beats cause the screen to shake and the amazing sound effects give a better feeling to game. There are many soundtracks available for the;different game modes in addition to soundtracks with voice overs.;As well, there is an endless level, where all modes are combined together into one. That's;more interesting and advanced, but also harder to keep on track since the game is randomly;generated.Action
2D, Arcade, Casual, dots, falling, fast, flip, hexagon, levels, modes
Windows54 MB
Play as a mech warrior in a 8 bit action platformer navigating multiple area, battling mysterious enemies and fighting challenging bosses. Upgrade your player "Knight" with multiple weapon upgrades, shields, health, and more.Action
2D, Action-Adventure, GameMaker, Pixel Art, Robots
Windows, macOS
23 MB
Description;Rubber Ducky is a side-scrolling shooter adventure game with light arcade elements. One day, Rubber Ducky finds a Rainbow Gun and is told that the ambiguous Spikies love to be zapped, which is true. Ducky soon finds that the Spikies equally like having penguins hurled at them, experiencing exploding bananas, and being smacked with Stretchy Yaks (which are gifted to those who want them by donors).;Features;Side-scrolling shooter action to give the duck a meaning!;Ten frenetic environments to give the duck some space!;Sixteen costumes to give the duck some bling!;Voice-acted story to give the duck some context!;Snappy music by John and David Szymanski to give the duck some style!;Bounce-house to let the duck spend coins drops to create squishy versions of his Rubber Ducky friends!;How the immersion works!;Rubber Ducky includes backgrounds that are synced to the music so that characters can exist inside the beat! This system helps players immerse themselves in the Rubber Ducky world by wanting to mimic the moves seen done by such characters as the floating lizards. Other parts of the game also help to immerse the player, some of which require specific knowledge of the player for him/her to take advantage of it. For the player to fully take advantage of being immersed in the game, he/she must have the following skills;Jumping;Squeaking;Floating/flying;Teleporting;General knowhow of anti-matter mechanics;Cookie-dough;Liquid-like qualities If all of the skills on this list are met by the reader, the developer humbly encourages said reader to invest some energy toward seeing the game succeed and poke the "Buy Now" button below. If all of the skills above are met by the reader, the developer also humbly suggests that the reader contact Ripley's Believe it or Not and/or start a Vegas act.Action
Arcade, cr2cr, ducky, game, gun, rainbow, rubber, studios
Windows, macOS
About a half-hour65 MB
The tagline says it all, match colors to destroy incoming blobs of paint! Use the analog sticks to mix the correct color in this frantic defense game. Please note that this game cannot be played without a controller.ActionCasual
Windows, macOS
About an hour33 MB
TimeTekker is an arcade shoot em' up where your actions dictate the speed of time itself! When you don't act, time slows to a crawl.;Overcome the overwhelming hail of bullets and monsters at your own pace and become the ultimate ninja! Utilize your bullet deflection techniques and your ninja stars to outlast an ever-escalating onslaught of bug creatures!;Compete online against the world in a constant free for all score-fest! Players are awarded divisional rankings for their progress compared to everyone else, earning cool name plates and badges along the way. Rank up your ninja from Styrofoam tier to Silver, Gold, and beyond, beating down the opposition with your superior scoring skills!;All purchases come with a free Steam key!Action
Bullet Hell, Difficult, DRM Free, Female Protagonist, High Score, Ninja, one-hit-kill, Shoot 'Em Up, Top down shooter, Twin Stick Shooter
Windows19 MB
Almost 30 million players could not be wrong - featured as one of the best casual games.;Now new Timbermill Mode: 8 Players! And Dark Father as a new timber-hero!;Exclusively on Steam: now you can play multiplayer with friend(s) or random opponent from the Internet!;Timberman is an oldschool arcade style casual game. Become a Timberman, chop wood and avoid the branches. Sounds like an easy task? It's easy to play but hard to master.;4 variable environments and 32 + 5 exclusive Steam Timbermen to unlock. Master your skills for the top records on the leaderboards.;Take your axe as every lumberjack does and chop the tree as fast as you can!ActionWindows261 kB
The kids in the neighborhood were just playing in their backyard when...smash! Bullies hurl huge rocks at them! Protect yourself and your friends by picking up giant mallets and smashing back the rocks! Climb up to the bullies' tree-house to show them to pick on somebody their own size!;Featuring;Beautiful prerendered 3D graphics;7 Unique playable characters;3 Separate game modes;Up to three player local co-op;Hop-in-hop-out multiplayer;Soundtrack from Marcus D, member of the hip hop group Bop Alloy;Fun for all ages;RockSmash! was developed over 4 years, so it's been polished to a furious shine!;RockSmash! is a game for everyone. That means that it tailors itself to you. RockSmash! monitors how you play and adjusts the gameplay accordingly, with our unique Dynamic Difficulty system!;Because RockSmash! was made for everyone, it includes lots of features to make it accessible to all players. It has options for color-blind and low-vision players, Deaf players, and those with mobility impairments. These options can be accessed easily through the in-game "options" menu.Action
black, fun, irockthereforeismash, kids, rock, season, smash
Windows, macOS, Linux
264 MB
3D, Crime, First-Person, Funny, heist, Physics, Short, Unity
91 MB
Gully are supposedly deliver mail in the mountain, but the wind wont make it easy for him, each time gully will get a random amount of mail to deliver, can he deliver it all? How many mail does he able to deliver?;use the keyboard WSAD or the Arrow key to move around, use the spacebar to deliver. Gully can’t fly to low so the limitation is intentional.Action
delivery, Funny, gull, Singleplayer, Unity
Windows18 MB
Project currently under development.Action, Adventure
2D, Arcade, Local multiplayer, Space
WindowsA few minutes29 MB
Fly and solve the puzzles if you want to be alive.;Use F1 for help.
Action, Adventure, Simulation
2D, Experimental, Flight, Retro, Space
Windows, macOS, Linux
3 MB
SWORDLORD;A 2d sword swinging gladiator game!;Choose up to 4 different characters;Slay your enemies;Loot money and health;Buy weapons and armor;Win!;The Duke of War is a bloodthirsty warrior who conquered every nation on earth. Without the joy of war, he plays gladiator games with his peasants and slaves. Overcome your lot in life, overthrow the Duke, and bludgeon your way into history!;STEAM GREENLIGHT! Help me out!;EMAIL:;YOUTUBE;TWITCH;TUMBLR2Action, Fighting
armor, blood, gladiator, Lo-fi, Physics, Pixel Art, Retro, sword, weapons
Windows124 MB
You are going to have the racing challenge with special weapons and with 3 different kinds of levels in 3 difficulty modes in a nice 2D mode in space.;Please help us with your high rating and your opinions to improve this game.;Thank you.;We appreciate you and hope you enjoy the game.Action, Racing2D, Casual, CuteWindowsAbout a half-hour30 MB
You are a mercenary pilot fighting to survive in hostile space!;You got stranded in a asteroid field, filled with dozens of rival mercenary ships who want to collect the prize on your head!;Fight your way out and survive for as long as you can!;Official Twitter:;// Keep in mind, this game is in early development and there's a lot to be added //3Action, Shooter
Bullet Hell, Difficult, Fast-Paced, Futuristic, Hack and Slash, High Score, Sci-fi, Space, Top-Down
WindowsAbout an hour176 MB
Play face to face with another human in this new 2 Player space shooter epic!;Collect power ups, shields, health and more! The first player to take down the other player's health first wins the matchAction, Shooter
2D, 2-player, Multiplayer, Pixel Art, PvP, renderless-games, Space, star
Windows, macOS, Android
A few seconds10 MB
Alienstar is a space shooter in which you blast enemies off the screen that becomes more difficult over time can you make it to the boss?Action, Shooter
Pixel Art, Shoot 'Em Up, Space
Windows, macOS
73 MB
Hey guys!;This is my very first game.;I would like to create moblie games, so my target platforms gonna be touchscreeen devices even though my first project (the startpoint) is going to be published to PC. This is because of the costs which are reqired to start publishing games in App Store and Google Play Store.;This prise is absolutely nothing and i guess it is fair for a beta version game...;If u buy my game you help me to develop it but it is more the a donate program like kickstarter projects because you get a product for your money, even though you support me financially.;If you find my project interesting, please tell something to your friends about it or support my to finish it.;You can try out for free on this site;;If you want to play it on your mobile, please support me by downloading the paid version from!;Thank you and have fun!Action, Shooter
2D, Action-Adventure, ship, Space, War
Windows46 MB
Predict. Adapt. Obliterate.;Music by;Steam:;Buy on Itch to get a Steam key included!2Action, Shooter
8-Bit, Abstract, Arcade, Controller, gamepad, Procedural Generation
Windows, macOS, Linux
73 MB
Fun top down shooter in development. Please Donate to help further this project.
Action, Shooter, Survival
awesome, cool, deathmatch, Singleplayer, Top-Down, Top down shooter, Unity
Windows, macOS
957 bytes
THIS PROJECT IS NO LONGER IN DEVELOPMENT;This project is no longer in development however any purchases from for this game will go into developing Myether:;Make your way through infinite dungeons in the fight to survive and upgrade your character. rid of enemies, loot the chests and overcome the difficulty. Use gathered weapons and items to your advantage to be one up against the challenge that is The Corridor!;Features;Fight your way through The Corridor against 14 different enemy types;using 15+ weapons looted from chests. Upgrade your character with;accessories and claim the 4 areas of The Corridor (The Dungeon, Lava;Pits, Necro Waste, Overgrowth) face off against endless levels with increasingly;difficult enemies.;Controls;W,A,S,D - Move;Left Mouse Button - Attack with sword;Right Mouse Button - Attack with spell;Space Bar - Dash;F1 - Toggle full-screen;I hope you enjoy the game. If you have any feedback or comments about the game i would love to hear them. Please let me know of anything you would like to see or anything you think needs changing in The Corridor. Thank you.2Action, Survival
Dungeon Crawler, Endless, Fast-Paced, GameMaker, Hack and Slash, Pixel Art, Roguelike, the-corridor
Windows, macOS
4 MB
The Great Depression hits many major US cities. The Gangston is no exception. Cosy and careless living is no more for many commoners. Banks are eager to cash out housing loans or force a foreclosure in pursuit of greater profit. Along with employment catastrophe, criminal activity is on the rise with many gangster syndicates forming up.;Caught up in the middle of events, Frank Dunn-Kruger, a common cab driver, is trying to keep his house and family safe by clinging to any chance of earning a little extra cash with what he seems to do best - driving. Will he be able to pull through the ordeal and potholes on the road is completely in your power.;Money Run is a comic book story driven arcade experience that will submerge the player in the atmosphere of vintage noir, dark humour, gangsters and corruption.;Our team's first time entry for Ludum Dare 43. Original game created in 72 hours with theme "Sacrifices must be made;Now that was some challenge to make it all in time. Like in action movies we were jumping on a train when it was already leaving the railway station.;;#moneyrun #ludumdare #talltroll #indiegames #gamedev #indiedev #game #gaming #indie #videogame #talltrollgames3Action, Survival
Arcade, Funny, Ludum Dare 43, Shoot 'Em Up, Singleplayer, Violent
Windows, macOS
127 MB
NOW FREE TO PLAY!!;BREAD 2 is an expanded world from the first BREAD. You play as a young kid named Johnny on his quest to retrieve his stolen bread. But, who could of done such a thing?;In this amazing journey, meet new friends and old friends, heck even visit a local burger joint if you want. If that isn't a selling point, I don't know what is!;NOTICE FOR PLAYERS WITH NOT GOOD PC's This might not run the greatest for you. You've been warned!;GAME ART ALL MADE IN MICROSOFT PAINT FOR THAT EXTRA SPICE.;BREAD 1 got over 2k downloads in less than a month, so production on BREAD 2 started immediately.;UPDATE: BREAD 1 HAS OVER 3K DOWNLOADS! THANK YOU!!;UPDATE: Sadly sales have been terrible. So now it's free to play! ENJOY!:)1Adventure
3D, bread, Feel Good, First-Person, friend, Funny, good, joshimations, studios
Windows, macOS, Linux
91 MB
The trains will be leaving at 12:00. To all citizens, if you have been cleared by the quarantine team, the trains will be leaving at 12:00. Do not be late, the trains will not be returning.;Into The Mist 2 is a horror fps set in an abandoned town covered in mist. After being captured by the cult, you must try and escape!;The game is about 40 minutes long, but also includes the original Into The Mist, with added features.;Controls;WASD to move;Enter/E/Left Click to interact;Esc to open menu;R to reload;F to change weapon;Left Click to shoot;Q to check health;[Also the non-install version may have bugs.];[Also the game seems to be causing false virus warnings, the game isn't a virus.];Update 1.6;Added better lighting;Fixed a few issues related to FOV;Fixed some random bugs;Update 1.5;Added the ability to change FOV;Added the ability to change mouse speed;Fixed an issue in with collisions in quite a few areas;Fixed a bug with player weapons/model;A slight balance to arena mode;Added more arcades in the menu area1Adventure
Atmospheric, First-Person, FPS, Horror, mist, Pixel Art, Spooky, Survival Horror
Windows, macOS, Linux
About a half-hour129 MB
Game jam à l'eesi 2018Adventure
Windows, macOS, Linux
12 MB
Perfect if you want to to have an extremely short and different experience.;The Master is a first-person stairs climbing game. The goal is to reach to top.;Warning: You may find this game boring!;Contains hidden secrets.;Contains online features: place panels that others can see when they play. You can see their panels too!Adventure
Exploration, First-Person, master, Short, stairs, Walking simulator
Windows142 MB
Power on your machinery and dive into Upsolom. Jump, hover and find things.;Upsolom is an minimalist adventure focusing on exploration and atmosphere. the game was produced in 20 days.;The experience is roughly 1 hour long and should be finished in a single sitting play session, we instead advise you to take more time in short relaxed sessions to get all secrets.;We recommend the use headphones for better enjoyment.;If you like it please support us by donating or buying the game at suggested or higher price.:);Attention!;Read below if you want to know about the game functioning in advance. Otherwise, if you like to discover things by yourself, and can stand some frustration, just play the game;** The game saves automatically at each Sphere location;** The Secrets are saved when you return to the Vessel;** Press "esc" when inside your mech to pause the game and call your interface;** The Red Icon reset your progress;** The White Icon is the Exit option;** The Teleport Interface cannot be operated outside the mech;** Use the right mouse button when inside your mech to switch your Lights on/off.;Follow us;Facebook;Twitter15Adventure
3D Platformer, 7dfps, Atmospheric, Cyberpunk, Exploration, jetpack, Minimalist, mood-piece, walking-sim, Walking simulator
WindowsA few minutes17 MB
alundra, a-saga-das-relquias, dragon-quest-6, final-fantasy, final-fantasy-6, grandia, harry-potter-e-as-relquias-da-morte, momodora-3, star-ocean, valkyrie-profile
WindowsAbout a half-hour63 MB
The Chills is a 2D Top-Down Survival Horror game based on the paranormal activities experienced by Jim, who lived in a room in one of the most Haunted hotels in America without knowing that the place has a dark history. In the 19th century, before the hotel was built, there was nothing but a burial ground of Native Americans. But in 2005, the Hotel was built on the same site and many rituals were performed by some Devil worshipers in the basement of the hotel. It had definitely opened a portal to the spirit world which could not be undone. Jim explored the Hotel to find out more evidence of the Paranormal. But when he discovered the presence of many evil entities he was desperately looking for a way to escape the Hotel.;Will Jim be able to escape the place unharmed? His life is in your hands now.;KEY FEATURES;Explore the Haunted Hotel and Experience the Paranormal.;Lots of Dark Entities and Demons lurking in the shadows!;Nearly Half an hour duration of Paranormal Investigation!;Face your fears while you go through creepy Dungeons!;Note: This game is created by me, a solo indie game developer and I have worked on all the aspects of the game except for the music.;Warning: This game contains flashing lights.Adventure
2D, Dark, Horror, Pixel Art, Survival Horror, Top Down Adventure
Windows14 MB
Causeway is an award nominated experimental branching narrative experience in which even the smallest decisions make big waves. The path you walk reflects your choices and the world evolves around you. Where will you end up?;Credits;Emma Houghton - @AllTimeEmma95;Andrew Lindsay - @The_Piode;Alexander Tarvet - @TaleOfGenius;Jamie K King - @JamieKKing;"Causeway is interactive fiction, but with a fun, novel input system." - PC Gamer;"It's a short and impactful little game that may make you think about what's really important in your life." - Free Game Planet;"You’ve left home following some unspoken altercation with your parents – anything after that is a series of binary decisions for you to make. Oh, it’s a CAUSEway. I get it." - Rock, Paper, Shotgun;"Causeway is not the first game of this kind, but it is the best implementation of this idea so far." - Games.cz15Adventure
3D, Action-Adventure, artgame, artistic, First-Person, meaningful-choices, Singleplayer, single-player, Story Rich, Walking simulator
Windows, macOS
507 MB
A game about a young wolf who has to face creatures made of pure Earth energy, deal with his own violent evolution and destroy ultimate creature!;SEQUEL (CODE: EVOLVED - WHITE WOLF 2) PAGE:;WHITE WOLF COLLECTION (White Wolf 1 & 2 + ton of bonus content);Gameplay inspired by an old PSX "Tomb Raider" games. Exploration is the main thing but you will not explore the whole world but rather stage by stage. No backtracking. Collect key items to progress and fight to stay alive!;In the end, the only thing that wolf want is to be himself again...;FREE VERSION CONTENT;GAME FILE (WINDOWS);GAME / SOUNDTRACK COVER;DOWNLOAD AND PRINT YOUR OWN SEMIDORI WOLF / OWL ON;SUPPORTER VERSION CONTENT;GAME FILE (WINDOWS) + LINEAR PATH MOD;GAME / SOUNDTRACK COVER;USER MANUAL.pdf;SKETCHES AND IMAGES.pdf;6 WALLPAPERS BY ANDRIJA DRENOVAKOVIC;POSTER IMAGE;Facebook page;Twitter;Official page2Adventure
16-bit, 2D, Action-Adventure, Metroidvania, white, windows, wolf
Windows, macOS, Linux
About an hour134 MB
Seasons is a game to get cubes on each level. There are 10 fully playable levels and the last level is quite different from the one you started playing.;The game builds up being better and better by each level, but bear in mind that it is also a difficult game because there are cubes hiding all over the place!;By buying my game, you truly support my game development career and I have put all passion into making this game, so thank you!;Enjoy!AdventureWindows69 MB
In the game you will play for the forester, you will receive various tasks. Also in the game you will be given a moral choice, which in the future affects the game and its ending. The game will be different locations and changing weather. Our game will force you to think about the nature and meaning of life, as well as show the world in all its glory.1Adventure
16-bit, 3D, Action-Adventure, nature, Unreal Engine
Windows, macOS, Linux
453 MB
Thank You For Choosing To Download Journey Of The Gems.;Journey of the Gems is a 3D dungeon crawler where you play as Prince Sam as he battles through hordes of monsters to collect all of the gemstones from the Gemstone Masters to stop the evil villain Dark Spear from taking over the castle.;Features;-Full Single-player Experience;-Unique 2.5D Visual Style;-Open World;If you enjoy Journey Of The Gems please be sure to let us know. Like us on Facebook and Twitter at Divided By Zero Laboratories. Don't like Journey Of The Gems? No problem, just let us know what we can do to make better games for you. Customers can email us at Thank you again for your purchase!AdventureWindows23 MB
FAITH: Chapter II is a pixel horror game inspired by the era of MS-DOS, Apple II, Atari, and ZX Spectrum classics.;Check out the original FAITH !;TRY BEFORE YOU BUY: The FAITH: Chapter II Demo is a stand-alone, spoiler-free demo that is a separate experience from the full game. It is meant as a "vertical slice" to show off new features/mechanics etc. and allow you to detect any technical issues. IT IS A SEPARATE EXPERIENCE FROM THE FULL GAME. If you would like to donate, please do! It's basically it's own game in itself:) Scroll to the bottom of this page to find the demo!;On September 21, 1986, two priests arrived at the Martin Family home in rural Connecticut to investigate an apparent case of demonic possession. Only two people would leave the house alive.;After confronting unspeakable dark entities and narrowly escaping with his life, a young priest descends into a new nightmare.;FAITH: Chapter II takes place during the "Satanic Scare" of the 1980s, a period of widespread paranoia of devil-worshiping, witchcraft, and occult practices. There was no Internet, no text messaging, and no GPS. Forget blue-and-pink neon. The 1980s were scary.;Controls;Movement: WASD / arrow keys;Action: Space;Pause / Review notes: Esc;It is recommended that you play with an Xbox controller.;WINDOWS 8 USERS: FAITH is known to have game-breaking graphics issues for Windows 8 users with onboard Intel HD graphics cards like the Intel HD Graphics 4000. I highly recommend downloading and playing the demo to see if you get any graphical issues.;To report bugs or compatibility issues, please send an email to: Airdorf(at)gmail(dot)com. Please don't report bugs or crashes in the comments!;Follow me on Twitter:;Thanks for playing the FAITH: Chapter II Demo! Check out Airdorf Games on Facebook for news, updates, and more!38Adventure
2D, 8-Bit, atari, Exploration, GameMaker, Horror, Retro, Survival Horror, Top-Down, Top Down Adventure
Windows53 MB
Do you remember when as a little child you were sent to fetch something from the cellar and you were always afraid that something's lurking there in the darkness? Cellar will allow you to go back to these days and face the greatest fears from your childhood - join Lily on her quest to find her missing teddy, Blackbear the Pirate!;Cellar is a short, casual game created in pixel art. Gameplay is presented in top-down view (like Bomberman or early Zelda installments). At the core, the game requires you to find your way through a maze of crates and other stuff stocked in a basement and get the key that unlocks the door to next level. The ultimate goal is to find your lost teddy bear while avoiding dangerous traps and monsters that lurk in the cellar.;You're still here? OK, so here's some hard facts about the game;It's a fine variation of Bomberman/Dyna Blaster in the world of Sokoban (you know, because of all the crates);The game auto-saves only at the beginning of each level. Deal with it.;There are 8 levels. That's right, 8 of them.;It's a perfect choice to boost up your completion / achievement rate on Steam. You can get a nice, round 100% in about 1 hour, unless you turn out really bad at this game.;We actually said this already, but the expected playtime is about 1 hour. Enough for a refreshing break from all those well-known, repetitive AAA titles, but still short enough to keep you from getting frustrated.;You CAN actually speedrun through the game in 15 minutes, even though you're in a cellar and not a vault. Are you up for a challenge?;Speaking of challenge, there's also an additional, time-based difficulty setting that becomes playable after you beat the game once.;There are Steam Achievements, including those horrible hidden ones that you'll be dying to figure out before someone finally posts a guide for this game.;You can play it with a controller from the comfort of your couch. Or you can keep standing, that's fine too.;If you're still reading this, then we'd suggest you get the game, cause it seems we seriously got your attention.Adventure
Arcade, Casual, maze, Pixel Art, Retro, Stealth, Top-Down
Windows, macOS
About an hour11 MB
Catmouth Island is a low-poly point and click:3D adventure game based on the old adventure games from the 90's.:3;It's simple: You point and click where you want the character to go, and the same goes for all kinds of interactions. You can choose between two zoom-levels and rotate the camera to get a better view of things.;You play as Mya, a 19 year old student who also has a thing for solving puzzles, and must guide her across the three islands that collectively form the Catface Islands (Catmouth Island being the biggest). Meet and interact with the local population, trek in the mountains and go to the beach, all in the search for that next quest object to complete.:3;Key features of the game;Over 60 NPCs to talk to, ranging from human to non-human, and around 2000 lines of dialogue.;Unique location based theme music.;The feeling of playing an oldskool adventure game but with a different graphical twist.;Nintendo 64-style low-poly models combined with today's technology. Every human NPC has a polygon budget of less than 300.;Two classes of NPCs: Relevant and irrelevant, with a lot of things to say.;Relevant NPCs can have long dialogue trees.;Episodic progression. Each episode will advance the game and the story through its characters and surroundings.;Just like the old adventure games you can take, use, combine, give and receive items to complete puzzles.;Explore the whole island group from the start. Everywhere is accessible at any time (with the exception of Guinea Peak).;Use the overlay map teleport function to quickly move from area to area in case you are impatient, but will only work with areas you have already visited.;A bit more logical puzzle system that addresses the shortcomings of previous adventure games.;Horizontal camera rotation to look around the surroundings.;A zoom-in function to study things up close.;A highlight-function to help you show what you can click.;A scrapbook with a task list that you can refer to if you don't know what to do in case you should get stuck or return to the game at a later time.;The game's requirements are quite low since it is a retro-type game, but we will advice people to at least have a semi-decent CPU and a few megabytes to spare of RAM and some video memory. The game is only about 50 MB compressed but a bit over 110 MB uncompressed for the Windows version.;Regarding versions, if you don't know which version to play, use the 32-bit version. If you know what you are doing, use the 64-bit version of the game.;This game has been tested on Windows 7, Windows 8, Mountain:3 and Gentoo Linux.;If you require help or want to give us feedback or anything else, please contact us by any means, and we will see what we can do. You can contact Quakeulf by e-mail.;We hope you will enjoy the game.:3;The game was patched on the 14th of July 2014 to fix some minor spelling errors. Please download the fix if you already have the game.:3c2Adventure
Blender, colonthree, Point & Click, Unity
52 MB
Help Alice escape the isolated log cabin by discovering clues and solving puzzles.;Cabin Escape is a short and sweet game designed for our fans while they waited for Episode 3, if you enjoy it and would like to help support us please consider purchasing the full series or simply tell your friends about the game.;The game is a prologue to the Forever Lost series but don't worry, you don't need to play either game to appreciate the other. They will both compliment each other nicely though so it is encouraged.;Features;Set in the world of Forever Lost, learn more about Alice and Jason!;Awesome artwork;In game camera so you can take photos of all the clues;Music by Richard Moir;Auto-save feature with 8 separate save slots;Links;Website:;Facebook:;Twitter:;Newsletter:
Atmospheric, Episodic, First-Person, glitch, Horror, Point & Click, Story Rich, weird
136 MB
An exciting adventure in which you will have to try on different roles to move forward in your difficult but interesting way. Any mistake can be very expensive …;Made by Atmosphere Games.Adventure
16-bit, 2D, 8-Bit, Action RPG, Fantasy, quest, Roguelite, secrets, sprites
Windows16 MB
Hey hello, welcome to this page!; is purely used for donations, the game can be downloaded for free on steam.;Reward amount explanation:;About the game;Floaty flatmates is a co-op vr game where communication and teamwork is key. You are playing as Sam or Dan, one of the two survivors trapped in your apartment because of a major world flood. The other survivor is trapped in a different building across the street. Only by working together both of you can reach a boat and get to safety.;The team and project;We are Jesper van den Ende and Jurgen Hoogeboom and we developed Sam and Dan: Floaty Flatmates which is a co-op VR game. We wanted to make a game that was centered around communicating. We also didn't want the game to be too stressful, but rather funny with beautiful weather in the apocalypse and focused on team play, not competitiveness. The project initially started as a graduation project at the Netherlands film academy, but wasn't completely finished after one year of work at school. So after graduation we teamed up and started a company named Pelican Party ( A few months of work and some VR festivals later, the game is ready to be released.;Donation;If you like the game and decide to donate, your contribution goes to supporting the Pelican Party in maintaining Sam and Dan: Floaty Flatmates and giving Jesper and Jurgen a chance to develop new projects.;Reward;As a reward for your donation you will be given an in-game party hat and for the non-VR player you will receive a paper printout of the party hat. The party hat is a token of our appreciation and does not give you any advantage in the game.;Thanks;Pelican Party;Follow us on social media!;Floaty Flatmates;;;Pelican Party Studios;;;;;
Adventure, Action, Puzzle, Survival
Comedy, Co-op, Funny, Multiplayer, Post-apocalyptic, teamwork, Virtual Reality (VR)
2 kB
DreamQuest IX is a Dungeon Crawler RPG with a compelling story, great action, and plenty of enemies. Go deep into the dungeon and find your way out. Unravel the truth of the mysterious dungeon and its keeper, Lord Drakus.;Fight your way through;30+ Action-packed floors;10+ Boss Battles;40+ Enemies;Features;-Ability to retread previous levels;-Turn-by-turn combat with plenty of attacks and special moves;-Shops, loot, insane weapons, and golden chests;-Cast of colorful characters along your journey;Note;Version 1.0.4;Controls: Both keyboard and mouse controls compatible
Adventure, Action, Role Playing
16-bit, Dungeon Crawler, Exploration, Fantasy, indie, story, thrilling
360 MB
Episode 3: Animals at School;Theresa Doyle is pretty excited about going to school today, because Prince Philip Farnham will be coming to the Brown Forest Elementary School to give a presentation about some rare and fascinating animals. Unfortunately, a brief lapse in supervision has allowed them to get loose in the school. Hopefully Philip can round them all up and still have time to give his presentation!;Do you like, or at least, are able to tolerate;Point-and-click adventure games?;Simple yet honest 216-color graphics?;An 800x600 windowed resolution?;The ability to go full screen with either stretched or un-stretched pixels?;A single EXE file that's less than 6 MB?;Lots and lots and lots of reading?;A unique response for every single possible interaction?;Fantasy creatures?;Tasteful nudity?;Lizard girls?;Farnham Fables is a series of short point-and-click adventure games, presented like a TV series, where every single possible interaction will give you a unique response.;Quick Update: September 10th, 2018: Fixed some very minor typos.;Quick Update: August 26th, 2018: Fixed some very minor typos.;UPDATE: August 14th, 2018;Some very important code clean-up and typo/interaction fixes.;Quick update: Necessary tweak to the keyboard commands.;UPDATE: March 30th, 2018;It's the update nobody asked for but a number of people must surely have wanted!;Every Episode can now be played with just the keyboard!;Arrow Keys = Move mouse cursor;Hold Shift = Move mouse cursor faster;Z = Left Click;X = Middle Click;C = Right Click;On top of that, the number keys 1 - 9 can be used to select the Verbs.;Even better, I FINALLY fixed that awful flickering that happens in fullscreen mode whenever moving to another frame.;I'm, also pretty sure I fixed that glitch where, if you click really really fast, you can;somehow skip, uh, stuff.;Sorry to anyone who loves harmless bugs in their games and know just what the heck I'm talking about.;UPDATE: December 19th, 2017;Fixed a game-breaking bug where it wouldn't end if you have your Profile loaded.;Also fixed some interactions that were missing;and updated the Heart/Pineapple poster to the proper latest version.;
Adventure, Interactive Fiction
2D, Fantasy, Mouse only, nudity, Pixel Art, Point & Click
Windows, macOS, Linux
5 MB
An interactive fiction about having a massive crush on a cute girl. Also: lesbian sex, succubus, BDSM, anger issues, pumpkin spice latte, and sidecuts.;Be warned: it's 100% NSFW, and not suitable for youngest players.8
Adventure, Interactive Fiction
Erotic, LGBT, Twine
Windows, macOS
About a half-hour474 kB
Consume is an action platformer, heavily inspired by the original Mega Man games, and is set in various locations of Africa during the 1820s.;You play Sebel, a villager who, in order to defend his village from local bandits, will travel the continent in search of power from various legendary and historical figures.;And eat them.Adventure, Platformer
2D, cannibalism, deconstruction, Nonlinear, Parody, Short, Side Scroller, Singleplayer, Violent
WindowsA few minutes101 MB
It is Christmas Eve and you just want to go to bed and wake up on Christmas morning.;But the tree is broken, the house it too cold, Mr. Peabody's tacky Xmas display is annoying and as always your brother won't go to bed.;Explore, interact with your environment and solve puzzles in this old-school adventure game.;• Classic adventure game fun.;• Colorful retro-styled graphics.;• Explore a lighthearted and humorous environment.;• Use your wits and the items you find to get the house ready for Christmas.;Quiet Christmas" is the second game in our "Quiet, Please!" series of adventure games. Get all four here!;Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.Adventure, Puzzle
Casual, Christmas, Exploration, Female Protagonist, holiday, Non violent, Pixel Art, Retro, Short
12 MB
After an annoying day at school, you just want some peace and quiet. But everything at home is so noisy! Mr. Peabody is obsessively mowing his lawn, Dad is channel surfing and Mom is yapping on the phone.;Your pesky kid brother won't go to bed, and even your pet kittens are driving you crazy!;Classic adventure game fun. Explore, interact with your environment and solve puzzles. Three kittens included with every purchase!;Quiet, Please! " is the first game in our "Quiet, Please!" series of adventure games. Get all four here on !;Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.2Adventure, Puzzle
Casual, Exploration, Female Protagonist, Non violent, Pixel Art, Retro, Short
Windows, macOS, Android
About a half-hour14 MB
resta a bocca apertaAdventure, Puzzle
Alternate History, blocks, video
WindowsAbout a half-hour14 MB
Follow four heroes, a wizard, paladin, brawler, and ranger, on their adventure. It's 5+ hours of solid turn based monster slaying, macguffin collecting, and princess saving fun.;This is an old school NES style RPG. It's called Tropia for a reason. We're not trying to make anything revolutionary. If you find yourself thinking, "I'd love to play a game that's a lot like the original Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy games, but I already beat those games", then this is the game for you.;Try the Demo for free.4Adventure, Role Playing
2D, 8-Bit, Fantasy, JRPG, Magic, NES, Pixel Art, Retro, Turn-based
WindowsA few minutes14 MB
Spicy Deck is a strip tease and card combat game inspired by the strip poker videogames of the 1980's.;Like any card game, luck plays a big role in each turn's outcome, but thanks to its innovative strategy selector, Spicy Deck lets you influence which cards are dealt to you, so you have the chance to react accordingly. For example, you can hint the dealer for healing cards if you're running low on health, and there's a better chance you'll get one.;Features;Straightforward and addicting gameplay;Five gorgeous girls to play against;Five progression levels per girl, from fully clothed to nude;Oil painted art look;Deck of 40 cards;Strategy selector lets you influence your luck with the dealer;Small install size and low system requirements;(Hardcore version only) 3 extra levels per girl with boy/girl hardcore sex!;Purchase the game now to get access to all five girls and additional music clips!;Pay $2 or more and get the Hardcore version with three extra hot levels per girl!6Card Game
nudity, sexy, strip-tease, Turn-Based Combat
Windows, macOS
94 MB
Everything is like in life: bills, incomes, random events and the need to make ends meet.;Everyone has a chance to succeed, but not everyone will be able to use it.;Good luck in the game!Card Game
Windows, macOS, Linux
A few minutes9 MB
This is an educationnal game in hausa that helps you discover the nigerien culture.Educational
hausa, Life Simulation, mogmedia-design, niger
WindowsAbout a half-hour15 MB
BILLY'S BRAIN BUSTIN TRIVIA!;by Rare Jewel Games LLC (C) 2018;A fun, informative game for our beloved Trivia Community!;Billy’s Brain Bustin Trivia is a challenging, fun and exciting game!;There are 10 different categories with 100 questions each and 6 possible answer choices.;For the gifted at math that is 1,000 questions and 6,000 possible answers! The goal is to provide a fun way for current and future “Triviameisters” to hone their skills.;There are no in-app distractions nor do we collect any personal data.;Sit back, relax and enjoy pursuing your passion for learning.;Thank you and we hope you enjoy the game!;PLATFORM: Windows PC 32 Bit (x86);USE POLICY;You agree by installing and playing this game that Rare Jewel Games LLC is not responsible for any events, incidents or issues related to your use of this product.;Our privacy policy is simple, we do not collect personal information or data.;We simply provide games for others to enjoy worry free.;This is our first game release and we are working hard to improve your experience.;Please feel free to send us comments, suggestions and enhancements!;Rare Jewel Games;Thank you!;Rare Jewel Games LLC (c) 2018Educational
challenging, cognitive, exciting, fun, pc, player, trivia, visual, windows
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People of all ages can jump into Math Challenge to test their Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, or all Four at once in Mix Mode.;How many can you get right before you run out of time?Educational
challenge, kids, learn, learning, Math, mathematics
Windows, macOS
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Episode 2 picks up a day after Jeremy's ill-fated guest appearance at Mistress Melinda's Dojo, during which the rather unconventional, testicle-focused fighting style they employed left him clinging to consciousness--and his manhood.;Will his girlfriend Svetlana and the fine staff at the Testicle Trauma Unit be sympathetic enough to effect a speedy recovery? Or is he in more peril than he even imagines?3Fighting
adult, ballbusting, Dark Humor, Female Protagonist, femdom, humor, Kinetic Novel, nsfw, relationship
Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
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After a car accident leaves you stranded in the middle of nowhere, you need to find help as soon as possible. Your phone screen broken by the crash, you're unable to call for help, but can read incoming text messages from concerned family and friends as you make your way towards a distant cabin - the only sign of life around...;From the creators of Causeway, experience a beautiful yet harrowing story of love and loss.;While the game ends once I reached the cabin, its story lingered in my mind for a while. Games can be so loud and boisterous, No Response is a moment for quiet reflection that I greatly appreciated." - Shonté Daniels, Paste Magazine;Credits;Carrie France;Emma Houghton;Jamie King;Andrew Lindsay;Alexander Tarvet31Interactive Fiction
3D, artgame, Atmospheric, Colorful, Controller, Exploration, First-Person, Narrative, Story Rich, Walking simulator
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It's time you get to know YANY: who you are and who you aren't. Take a short journey through your self and discover what kind of entity you might be.1Interactive Fiction
Atmospheric, Experimental, Pixel Art, Text based
A few minutes33 MB
This is an interactive ghost story. Sit by the camp fire and hear the tale. Then, if you're brave, wander into the forest.;Best Played with headphones.;*Warning*;May contain brief nudity and scenes of horror. Not suitable for any under the age of 13.;Note for streamers and youtubers;There is some info in the main menu that confused some about the rules for streaming. To clarify, you can stream or make videos of the game, I just don't want anybody to stream the entire story that displays in the game with scrolling text and audio. You can summarize the story in your video, and it's okay if part of the text and audio shows up in your video, just don't record all twenty minutes of the story because your video would contain the entire experience. Thanks and if you have questions let me know.1Interactive Fiction
Atmospheric, ghost, Horror, scary, Story Rich
WindowsA few hours82 MB
Here’s Your Change is a video game that simulates the experience of a cashier at a liquor store, through ringing up and conversing with customers. As the game progresses, the player's world changes to mimic the process of gentrification. The customers, store, and items gradually change to cater to and reflect the newer, more affluent population as what was familiar to the player gets pushed out.Interactive Fiction
gameheads, Hand-drawn, Narrative, Non violent, oakland-gaming-scene, Point & Click, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Unity, Voice Acting
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