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SubjectCatalogCourse TitleCourse DescriptionLast Semester OfferedNotes
AFRA3106WBlack PsychologyEmpirical and theoretical literature on psychological experiences of African Americans. Impact of race, culture, and ethnicity on psychological development.
CA 4.
1103Cross-listed with archived course (PSYC 3106W)
AFRA3131WAfrican American TheatreThe significant developments in African American theatre and its antecedents and an examination of selected play scripts that exemplify those developments. CA 4.-Cross-listed with active course (DRAM 3131W)
AFRA3224History of Pan AfricanismThe development of ideas of Pan-Africanism, beginning with the proto-Pan-Africanists in the nineteenth century; examination of the linkages between those ideas in Africa and the evolution of Pan-Africanism as a movement in the African Diaspora.0993Cross-listed with archived course (HIST 3770)
AH3020The Basics: Molecular TechnologiesLaboratory course in which students will isolate DNA and RNA from cells and bacteria, manipulate nucleic acids by restriction enzyme digestion and electrophoresis, and will perform blotting techniques and polymerase chain reaction.1118
AH3237Women's Health and Health CareExploration of topics in women's health from a holistic interdisciplinary perspective. Consumer and provider focused.1083
AH3501Diagnostic Techniques for the Biomedical SciencesTheoretical basis and practical exposure to modern laboratory methods used in the biomedical sciences for disease diagnosis.-Cross-listed with active course (PVS 3501)
ANTH2511Anthropology of MuseumsMuseums as locales for intersecting issues of identity, memory, place, power, ethnicity, history, representation, and ownership. Special focus on collectors, theories, and methods for the collection and display of Native American bodies, histories, art, and artifacts. Four museum field trips and related field research required.1128
ANTH3022Peoples and Cultures of South AmericaThe history, ecology, and culture of the native peoples of South America.1043
ANTH3025Contemporary AfricaAfrica since its partition in 1884. Urbanization, social stratification, racial and ethnic conflict.-Cross-listed with active course (AFRA 3025)
ANTH3101Culture, Power, and Social RelationsComparative and historical analysis of the sources and consequences of power in human populations.1095
ANTH3151Economic AnthropologyAn introduction to the comparative study of economic life in contrasting pre-industrial, tribal and peasant economies.1103
ANTH3303Parent Child Relations in Cross Cultural PerspectiveTheory and research on major dimensions of parenting in the U.S.A. and cross-culturally, parental warmth, control and punishment.-Cross-listed with active course (HDFS 3310)
ANTH3451Native American ArtsA topical survey of the arts of Native American cultures in the United States and Canada.1108Cross-listed with archived course (ARTH 3715)
ANTH3504New World PrehistoryThe entry of early hunters into the New World, the origins of agriculture and sedentary life, and the rise of complex civilization in Mesoamerica and South America. CA 4-INT.1085
ANTH3521WSeminar in ArchaelologyHistorical development of archaeology and theoretical controversies, past and present, that shape the field.1108
ANTH3704Experimental ArchaeologyMethod and theory of experimental archaeology, including hands-on study of past human behavior through experimentation with modern material culture, and the execution of an experimental research project addressing an archaeological question.1068
ANTH3903Archaeology of Eastern North AmericaPrehistoric cultures of the eastern United States and Canada from their earliest appearances to the arrival of the Europeans. Laboratory and field work projects.1103
ANTH3904WEthnohistory of Native New EnglandCombines archaeological and ethnohistorical data to reconstruct the lifeways of the Native Americans of New England from the prehistoric period to the present. CA 4.1125
ARAB1102Elementary Arabic IISelf-instruction in speaking, understanding, reading and writing elementary Arabic.1083
ARAB1104Intermed Arabic IISelf-instruction in speaking, understanding, reading and writing intermediate Arabic.1063
ARE3436The Economics of Integrated Coastal ManagmentExplores the theory and practice of integrated coastal management (ICM); introduces major concepts, processes, tools and methods of ICM; and analyzes United States and international experiences with ICM.1108
ARE3450Aquaculture EconomicsApplication of economic and business principles by firms engaged in aquaculture.Focuses on production economics, managerial analysis, investment analysis, marketing and public policy related to aquaculture systems.1083
ART2000Architectural Graphics IArchitectural graphics. Basic two- and three-dimensional delineation: axonometric, isometric and perspective drawing. A fee of $35 is charged for this course.1063
ART3060Art Outside the MainstreamAn examination of the range of contemporary art produced by self-taught artists working outside the mainstream in the United States, Europe, and selected global areas.0988
ARTH3005WMuseums and the Interpretation of CultureThe history and philosophy of museums.1043
ARTH3010Art History's FeminismsFeminist approaches to the theory and practice of art history.1103
ARTH3010WArt History's FeminismsFeminist approaches to the theory and practice of art history.1053
ARTH3015WWomen and Body ArtWomen's use of body art to express aspects of gender identity and interpretation of body art from a variety of cultures. "Body art" encompasses cosmetics, painting, hair styling, tattoo, scarification, clothing, ornaments, plastic surgery and exercise.1078
ARTH3040Ethnicities, Sexualties, ModernismsTopics in twentieth-century visual culture (film, advertising, fine arts, crafts, literatures) with emphasis upon matters related to social construction of ethnicity and sexuality, and upon issuesraised by feminist and postcolonial theories.-Cross-listed with archived course (WGSS 3209)
ARTH3320Art of the Italian RenaissanceItalian art and architecture 1400-1600.1113
ARTH3320WArt of the Italian RenaissanceItalian art and architecture 1400-1600.1068
ARTH3520Architecture of the Twentieth Century1098
ARTH3715Native American ArtsA topical survey of the arts of Native American cultures in the United States and Canada.1063Cross-listed with archived course (ANTH 3451)
ARTH4010Art Historical MethodsAn introduction to the methods of Art Historical analysis.1055
BADM3002Mobile Computing Lab IIRegistering for this course continues the student's participation in the Mobile Computing Initiative for the School of Business. The student will continue to have access to the leased computer provided in the semester they registered for BADM 3001. May be repeated.1053
BADM3006Mobile Computing Lab IVRegistering for this course continues the student's participation in the Mobile Computing Initiative for the School of Business. The student will continue to have access to the computer they had certified in the semester they registered for BADM 3005. May be repeated.1055
CAMS1105Greek and Latin in Bioscientific TerminologyThe Greek and Latin elements most used in the technical vocabulary of the biological and health sciences, with practice in the analysis of representative terms. Taught in English.1008
CAMS3214Greek Lyric PoetrySelections from the early Greek lyric, elegiac, and iambic poets, including but not limited to Archilochus, Mimnermus, Solon, Sappho, Alcaeus, Anacreon, Xenophanes, Theognis, and Simonides.1033
CAMS3252Roman ArtHistory of Roman art and architecture.-Cross-listed with active course (ARTH 3150)
CE3300Environmental Engineering LaboratoryAqueous analytical chemical techniques, absorption, coagulation/flocculation, fluidization, gas stripping, biokinetics, interpretation of analytical results, bench-scale design projects, written and oral reports. A fee of $29 is charged for this course.-Cross-listed with active course (ENVE 3200)
CE3320Water Quality EngineeringPhysical, chemical, and biological principles for the treatment of aqueous phase contaminants; reactor dynamics and kinetics. Design projects.-Cross-listed with active course (ENVE 3220)
CE3620Basic Structural DesignLoads; design of principal components - beams, columns and simple connections-of steel and reinforced concrete structures.Design projects1093
CE4310Environmental ModelingSystematic approach for analyzing contamination problems. Systems theory and modeling will be used to assess the predominant processes that control the fate and mobility of pollutants in the environment. Assessments of lake eutrophication, conventional pollutants in rivers and estuaries and toxic chemicals in groundwater.-Cross-listed with active course (ENVE 4310)
CE4620Reinforced Concrete Structures DesignDesign for flexure, shear, torsion, and axial loads; two-way slabs; serviceability considerations. Applications to buildings.1098
CE4630Steel Structures DesignBeam columns, composite members, plate girders, connections; introduction to plastic design. Applications to buildings. Written reports.1103
CE4800Hydraulic Engineering LaboratoryTests of the flow of water in pipes and open channels. Theory and calibration of flow measurement devices. Generation of flow measurement devices. Study of velocity profiles. Generation of pump performance curves. Physical hydraulic modeling and similtude.1053Cross-listed with archived course (ENVE 4800)
CE4820Hydraulic EngineeringDesign and analysis of water and wastewater transport systems, including pipelines, pumps, pipe networks, and open channel flow. Introduction to hydraulic structures and porous media hydraulics. Computer applications.-Cross-listed with active course (ENVE 4820)
CHEG4141Process Design and EconomicsChemical engineering process synthesis and design; comparison of alternative processing steps; instrumentation; cost estimation; economic analysis; process optimization; emphasis on conceptual design in application of chemical engineering principles.1008
CHEG4162EngineeringEntrepreneurshipStudents assume the role of engineer as entrepreneur and develop a business plan to launch a new technology as a business; course includes topics on intellectual property, venture capital, market analysis, advertising, incorporation, contracts and web development.1093
CHEM1101Chemistry for an Informed ElectorateBasic concepts and applications of chemistry. Contributions of chemistry to our everyday lives.Chemical issues and problems in our society Designed for students in fields outside science. Assumes no prior knowledge of chemistry. CA 3.1113
CHEM3216Selected Topics in Inorganic ChemistryA systematic study in special topics format of the theory, bonding, and structure of the transition metals and their compounds. The correlation of structure and electronic states with physical properties will be developed.0903
CHEM3335Instrumental Analysis IIAnalytical aspects of electron, X-ray, vibrational, and other spectroscopic methods. Analysis of surfaces. Advanced topics in data analysis and modern analytical methodology. A fee of $75 is charged for this course.0883
CHIN1102Elem Chinese IISelf-instruction in speaking, understanding, reading and writing elementary Chinese.1065
CHIN1103Intermediate Chinese ISelf-instruction in speaking, understanding, reading and writing intermediate Chinese.1058
CHIN1104Intermediate Chinese IISelf-instruction in speaking, understanding, reading and writing intermediate Chinese.1063
CLCS2214Introduction to World Cinema and Comparative Film TheoryIntroduction to the theory and criticism of film, applied to classics of world cinema. Comparative study of the development of cinematic techniques, and comparative approach to film as cultural production.1053
COMM3170Introduction to SemanticsThe relationship among people, words, and meaning.1058
COMM4340Visual CommunicationsTheory of design and creation of graphics for professional and technical purposes, to complement or supplement written and spoken communications.1103
COMM4420Communication and ChangeThe role of communication and communication technologies in social change, diffusion of new ideas, and education. Special application to third world development.1103
COMM4551WAdvanced Nonverbal CommunicationSelected issues and research techniques current in the literature. Research projects of kinesic, proxemic, and/or paralinguistic behaviors involved in communication.1138
COMM4620Information and CommunicationApproaches to studying communication including cybernetics, general systems theory, information theory, and human information processing.0918
CSE4901Digital Hardware LaboratoryAdvanced combinational and sequential circuit design and implementation using random logic and microprocessor based system. Hardware and software interface to the basic system. Serial communication, user program loading and execution. Microcontrollers - familiarization and inclusion in design.1023Cross-listed with active course (ECE 4402)
CSE4902Software Engineering LaboratoryA major software design project addresses specification through delivery phases of the lifecycle. The major focus of the course is utilization and application of concepts from CSE 2102 to a straightforward semester long project. This allows the student to explore programming-in-the-large with an emphasis on techniques for teamwork, walk through, design, documentation, implementation, and debugging. Data structures and algorithm alternatives for the design and implementation phases of the lifecycle are also stressed. Formal design presentations are required by all students.1043
CSE4903Microprocessor LaboratoryThe design of microcomputer systems, including both hardware and software, for solving application problems. Hardware and software design and implementation techniques for interfacing microcomputers to other systems. Use of modern microcomputer software/hardware development facilities. Projects to design and apply microcomputer systems.1098
DRAM2132Masterpieces of the Drama: Aeschylus to ShakespeareA study of masterpieces of Greek, Roman and Elizabethan drama with emphasis on analysis of form and content and attention to staging conventions.0958
DRAM2133Masterpieces of the Drama: Moliere to the PresentA study of masterpieces of French 17th Century; English Restoration and 18th Century; European, English, and Japanese 19th Century; and European, English, African, and American 20th Century drama. Emphasis on analysis of form and content and attention to staging conventions.0953
DRAM2712Introduction to DirectingEmphasis on practical staging experience, including casting techniques and rehearsal and performance methods.0943
DRAM2801Theatre Jazz Dance IBasic techniques, styles, and composition of jazz dance. Emphasis placed on technique.1113
DRAM2802Theatre Jazz Dance IIContinuation of Dramatic Arts 2801.1103
DRAM2811Performance Techniques in Ethnic ArtsPerformance study and practice in selected areas of ethnic and minority dramatic arts. Topics to be alternated may include Afro-American dance, Black Heritage theatre, Indian dance.May be repeated for credit with a change in course content.0983
DRAM2941Oral InterpretationAn intensive study of background and thought content of literary material and the development of techniques of oral interpretation.1103
DRAM3146Film WritingTheoretical and practical work in the content and form of the fiction scenario.-Cross-listed with active course (ENGL 3709)
DRAM3205Scenographic Techniques for the TheatreA laboratory course for designers and technicians in the techniques of preparing a scene design for production in a shop. Drafting techniques, sheet layout, conventions and symbols are stressed.1028
DRAM3206CAD for the TheatreComputer Aided Drafting techniques for theatrical applications. Use of design software for creating various 2-D plans, including light plots, set designs and technical shop drawings.1033
DRAM3207Advanced Computer RenderingComputer rendering for the theatre in 2-D and 3-D format.1038
DRAM3209Principles of Design and RenderingComposition and color theory for designers as well as an exploration of graphic techniques in mixed media for expression of design ideas.1028
DRAM3231Fundamentals of Television I0838
DRAM3232Fundamentals of Television II0843
DRAM3411Stage Make-Up0988
DRAM4139Environmental TheatreAn analysis of New Theatre concepts throughout the twentieth century, with workshops in performance. May be repeated for credit.0988
DRAM4801Theatre Jazz Dance IIIFurther work in techniques and styles of jazz dance. Projects in jazz choreography.1093
DRAM4821Musical Theatre DanceTap, free style, folk and social dance forms used in musical theatre. Integration of dance with song.1088
DRAM4941Oral Interpretation of the Drama1028