Lesson 1 Activity 1: All About Narratives
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TimestampUsernameFull NameIndex NumberClassShare with your teacher what you already know about writing narratives.Share with your teacher what you would like to know about writing narratives.
20/03/2012 01:53:06cheong_ching_yong_timothy@s2012.sst.edu.sgCheong Ching Yong Timothy7S1-01Writing narratives means that the writer takes the role of the narrator of the story.The story is shown from an person who is not in the story's point of view , that means that you don't really know how the characters in the story feels , you can only see it .
20/03/2012 02:26:27nurul_hannah@s2012.sst.edu.sgNurul Hannah Binte Azman5S1-01Narratives are written accounts of connected events. They can also be spoken accounts of a story.What is the best way to expand sentences?
What is the difference between narratives and other types of essays?
Are there different types of narratives?
20/03/2012 02:32:10hong_yi_en_ian@s2012.sst.edu.sgIan Hong Yi En 8S1-01A narrative is the main storyline of a story. It is important to make the narrative as exciting as possible to capture the attention of the reader.I would like to know how to make a narrative exciting so that the reader can imagine himself/herself in the scene if the story. ( Are 1-word paragraphs allowed? e.g He Ran as fast as his heels could carry him but he stopped.
Silence. )
20/03/2012 02:35:23lim_wei_feng@s2012.sst.edu.sgLim Wei Feng14S1-01I have learnt about personal narratives and a third-person narratives.Everything from famous writers that I did not know, especially those from Stephen King and Enid Blyton.
20/03/2012 02:39:06siao_boon_kiat@s2012.sst.edu.sgSiao Boon Kiat21S1-01A narrative is a format of storytelling that describes about non-fictional or fictional events. Narratives are written by people to communicate with people. You can write narratives with one or more points of view.I would like to learn how to write good narratives.
20/03/2012 02:42:40chiam_jing_han@s2012.sst.edu.sgChiam Jing Han2S1-01It is a written or spoken account of a story. You have to give your own opinion and "voice" out your character's feelings. Have good beginnings as well as endings. And also watch your sentence structure and use of dialogues.I want to know what is a good ending of a story. do we use flashback? Or a lesson learn? Which is the best method? and also how to make the reader feel that they are in the writer's shoes. Do we only use good vocabulary?
20/03/2012 02:54:21jericho_fiesta_manguan@s2012.sst.edu.sgJericho Manguan10S1-01I know that narratives are stories that the author tells from the his own perspective or when the author directly communicates to the reader.It is written with sensory details and vivid descriptions to involve the reader. I would like to learn how to start a narrative using a climax and also I would like to learn tips on how to end a narrative smoothly and not abruptly unlike how I always do.
20/03/2012 02:11:29muhammad_zahid_afiq@s2012.sst.edu.sgMuhammad Zahid Afiq BMA18s1-01i think that narratives are different accounts of different people involved in a situation. Such as the three little pigs but instead go to the account of the 'big bad' wolf.i want to know whether i am correct... because i think i am wrong...
20/03/2012 02:39:22yeo_jun_yang@s2012.sst.edu.sgYeo Jun Yang24S1-01Narratives tell the sequence of events in a story and is usually used in movies as a mysterious voice who would start and end the story.HOw dialougues can be used in a narrative in a story and how to make it more interesting and realistic.
20/03/2012 02:39:23yeo_jun_yang@s2012.sst.edu.sgYeo Jun Yang24S1-01Narratives tell the sequence of events in a story and is usually used in movies as a mysterious voice who would start and end the story.HOw dialougues can be used in a narrative in a story and how to make it more interesting and realistic.
20/03/2012 03:10:12muhammad_danish@s2012.sst.edu.sgDANISH M17S1-01A narrative has a climax and a problem.I want to know more about narratives like what make a narrative a narrative.
20/03/2012 03:10:12muhammad_danish@s2012.sst.edu.sgDANISH M17S1-01A narrative has a climax and a problem.I want to know more about narratives like what make a narrative a narrative.
20/03/2012 03:44:33lim_chin_yong@s2012.sst.edu.sgLim Chin Yong13s1-01Narratives can be presented in speech, writing, movie, or television and they describe either non-fictional or fictional events. Why is narrative divided into different genres, such as poetry, short stories, and novels?
20/03/2012 04:21:15jeremiah_ong_ray@s2012.sst.edu.sgJeremiah Ong9S1-01A narrative is similar to a personal recount and is in a first-person viewpoint. In a narrative, opinions and feeling are usually included.I would like to know how to write narratives well and add feelings and emotions to my narrative as I am quite weak at adding feelings.
20/03/2012 05:02:45sim_jun_you@s2012.sst.edu.sgSim Jun You22S1-01I know that narratives have a complication/problem at first, then the climax, after that the resolution. At the end of narratives, there might be a conclusion.Would narratives be better if the conclusion was written? Also, is it okay for narratives to have more than one problem and resolution?
20/03/2012 05:24:04ivey_erika_armani@s2012.sst.edu.sgIvey Erika Armani3S1-01Narratives are used to tell others about the writer's experience. It's to let the reader be able to empathize with the writer. Narratives can make a reader laugh, create a dramatic affect or instill fear in the reader. A narrative story be a flashback sequence or in a reflective mode.

-How I can make it more realistic.
-To make the conversations in narratives more casual.
-Be able to portray feelings.
20/03/2012 05:02:28pang_cheng_feng@s2012.sst.edu.sgPang Cheng Feng20S1-01I know that narratives are a series of events that happened in a story. There are a few steps for narrative texts. First, start with the orientation, complication, climax, resolution and coda. After you follow these steps to write, your writing should be a narrative.Are narratives fiction or non-fictional?
20/03/2012 08:13:04ng_tze_wei_bruce_mitchell@s2012.sst.edu.sgBruce Ng19S1-01A narrative is a very detailed story which allows readers to imagine the story and is usually written in the first person. I would like to know how to write more vivid narratives so as to not bore readers, instead allowing them to imagine themselves in that particular scene without effort.
20/03/2012 08:22:10puteri_nur_huda@s2012.sst.edu.sgPuteri Nur Huda6S1-01Narratives are stories which describe a sequence of events in chronological order. Sometimes, a narrative story can be told by another character.Must a narrative story specifically be fiction, non-fiction, or can it be both? Like in one story tells about the biography of a person and another story tells about a girl celebrating her birthday.
20/03/2012 08:59:49leong_jia_hao_gabriel@s2012.sst.edu.sgGabriel Leong Jia Hao12S1-01I learned that narratives can be made more vivid by adding in sophisticated adjectives and describing a character or object as much as possible. A writing narrative could also be more appealing if the author made the story, if fictional, seem logical so it makes the reader think.Some features that make novels or fictional films interesting are how the author or narrator describes the character or object in his or her own style and words. Also, novels are made more realistic by the author's description of the surroundings, making it as if you were really in that environment.
20/03/2012 10:00:30marco_ajay_gerard_obe@s2012.sst.edu.sgMarco Ajay Gerard Obé15s1-01A narrative is an account of a fictitious or non-fictitious event. It is used in books or other literary works. I think it may be usually written from the perspective of a third person, using 'he' instead of 'I'.How to write the best narrative? Are there certain 'good phrases'? Does one write in past or present tense?
20/03/2012 11:06:43tan_zhi_en@s2012.sst.edu.sgTan Zhi En23S1-01Using connectorsHow a good narratives should be like
22/03/2012 00:49:31lorraine_keow_jingwen@s2012.sst.edu.sgLorraine Keow4s1-01A narrative is a way to construct a sentence, speech, song ect...Do we need to plan when saying narratives?
20/03/2012 09:00:03leong_jia_hao_gabriel@s2012.sst.edu.sgGabriel Leong Jia Hao12S1-01I learned that narratives can be made more vivid by adding in sophisticated adjectives and describing a character or object as much as possible. A writing narrative could also be more appealing if the author made the story, if fictional, seem logical so it makes the reader think.Some features that make novels or fictional films interesting are how the author or narrator describes the character or object in his or her own style and words. Also, novels are made more realistic by the author's description of the surroundings, making it as if you were really in that environment.
20/03/2012 01:02:40rachel_mark_yuen_yee@s2012.sst.edu.sgRachel Mark Yuen Yee4S1-02A narrative is a story or recount with deeper explanation of what led to the characters actions and understanding.How to write in such a way to make a person understand the narrative without having to explain a lot.
20/03/2012 01:19:53nah_yee_cher@s2012.sst.edu.sgNah Yee Cher14S1-02When writing narratives, one must always use the past tense. A narrative is a constructive way of describing a sequence of non-fictional and fictional events.I have noticed that in all my narrative books, the characters always have a defined personality.
20/03/2012 01:37:40chee_en_cheston@s2012.sst.edu.sgCheston Chee En5S1-02I only learnt verbal narratives and not written narratives.EVERYTHING!
20/03/2012 01:46:47muhammad_daniel@s2012.sst.edu.sgMd Daniel Rosli13S1-02I know that there has to be at least four paragraphs. There also should be an introduction, ending, setting and lead character. There must also be a problem. For example, there is a fire and the lead character manage to help put it down by calling the firefighters.I want to know some useful phrases that can help me get higher marks so that I can pass my english subject. I would also want to know the strategies on writing a good narrative.
20/03/2012 03:07:31siddhant_chaurasia@s2012.sst.edu.sgSiddhant Chaurasia17S1-02A narrative is a spoken or written account of connected events to form one story.How to write narratives that are mind-blowing.
The structure of a narrative.
20/03/2012 01:49:03francis_yeo@s2012.sst.edu.sgFrancis Yeo7s1-02I learnt that a narrative should be in third person's point of view and it have little dialogue and it will have many detailsI would like to learn exposition, argumentation and description, narration, broadly defined, is one of four rhetorical modes of discourse
20/03/2012 02:48:07tan_hiang_khai_joshua@s2012.sst.edu.sgJoshua Tan 18S1-02from my understanding, narrative is telling a story where you are a character or you just talk about a story that you do not have to be in, like a narrator.i would like to know if you can be a non living thing or animal . like for example, if it were a robbery, are you allowed to write in the perspective of the stolen item. then you could write about how the event were to be experienced by the object if it were alive.
20/03/2012 04:27:47low_jiacheng_pides@s2012.sst.edu.sgPideslow12S1-02There are a variety of ways to structure your narrative story. The three most common structures are: chronological approach, flashback sequence, and reflective mode. I would like to strengthen my skills in writing narratives. Especially on my ending of the narrative essay.
20/03/2012 04:31:20kabir_krishaan_bhugtiar@s2012.sst.edu.sgKabir Krishaan Bhugtiar9S1-02All I know is that a narrative is a constructive format.
I do not know anything else.
I would like to know more about writing narratives so that i know what they are and can use them in my essays and in work in the future.
20/03/2012 04:40:02nur_qadirah@s2012.sst.edu.sgNur Qadirah Bte Abdul Wahid3S1-02A narrative is an account of events or experiences that could be true or fictitious. When you write a narrative, try to think about your own experiences that are true, to make it easier to write because you do not have to think so hard about what happens next, as you already knew what happened next. In your narrative, express your feelings with phrases and words. Use an extensive set of vocabulary to emphasise on how you felt in your story. Make the reader feel like they were 'you' in your story, make them feel how you felt in the story. Finally, end your story with a coda, lesson learnt, or a quotation. The ending of your story should make the reader feel that they have learnt something or at least it should mean something to your reader.What other ways are there to end your story in an outstanding way?
20/03/2012 04:42:24oliver_tan@s2012.sst.edu.sgOliver Tan15S1-02We should describe the scene,expression and how the character/s look like.We should use desciptive words and use words that are complicated with the same meaning as the words that you were using originallyi would like to know how to use the more complicated words properly and how to descibe the character/s better
20/03/2012 04:53:39ryan_goh_kai_en@s2012.sst.edu.sgRyan Goh16S1-02When writing Narratives, you cannot use I or me
you must write in past tense
I want to know the tips on writing a interesting narrative story that can help me to excel in my O levels
20/03/2012 05:18:44christopher_you_yi_rui@s2012.sst.edu.sgChristopher You Yi Rui6S1-02you should not include yourself in the narrative, you should explain it with vivid detail.the narrative is vividly narrated, good vocabulary is used and everything is clearly narrated.
20/03/2012 06:28:18lim_guan_qun@s2012.sst.edu.sgLim Guan Qun11S1-02Writing Narratives Allow you to share your live with others and experience things that was happening around you. I Would Would Like learn more about description, narration and argumentation.
20/03/2012 06:58:43justyn_lim_ding_sheng@s2012.sst.edu.sgJustyn Lim Ding Sheng8S1-02I have learnt that writing narratives need to be straight forward to let the readers understand the context clearly.I would like to learn how to write well-written narratives so that i can score in my exams and tests.
20/03/2012 07:52:52lee_ning_beatrys@s2012.sst.edu.sgLee Ning, Beatrys1S1-02Narratives are stories that have a sequence of events lined up in it.
How do we use the right words for a narrative story that will make the story clearer to readers?
20/03/2012 11:05:57kenneth_he_zhi_jing@s2012.sst.edu.sgKenneth He Zhi Jing10S1-02Narratives Writing is about composition having an entertaining beginning,building suspense,action,ending,putting good vocabulary,good sentence structures,good grammar.I would like to know more how to write a story based on fire because I would like to know more about the vocabulary used and how the story goes.
20/03/2012 08:49:21lek_jan_yee_lois@s2012.sst.edu.sgLek Jan Yee Lois2S1-02It should be filled with at least 10 good words or phrases which you have learnt.
There is a problem, climax and solution.
How to write it so that readers will continue reading until they finish reading it. How to write it so that it is not so much in point form.
20/03/2012 04:05:55michael_chun_kai_peng@s2012.sst.edu.sgMichael Chun 10S1-03My perspective of narrative writing is that it is a recount on what has happened before. I think narrative writing is what I did when I was in primary school.I would like to know good techniques on how to write narratives. I would also want to know how good narratives are written
20/03/2012 01:24:22dylan_tay_shijie@s2012.sst.edu.sgDylan Tay Shijie7S1-03A narrative is a constructive format that describes a sequence or non-fictional or fictional events. I would like to learn how these authors made narratives so that I can learn from their footsteps and be a good writer.
20/03/2012 02:16:13ain_nuha@s2012.sst.edu.sgAin Nuha Hazlan1S1-03Writing Narratives are writing in the point of view of the narrator which tells and continues about the story. It may also be a main character in the story. In that way, the main character is the narrator of the story.I want to know whether we can write 2 narratives or more in a story. I have come across a number narrative compositions before though.
20/03/2012 02:41:37berwyn_low_zong_xun@s2012.sst.edu.sgBerwyn Low Zong Xun6S1-03 Narrative writing is writing that tells a story, whether true or fictional

There are three basic types of narratives:personal biographical and fictional.

How do we write narrative writing,important points and tips to write narrative writings.
20/03/2012 02:48:52muhammad_ikmal_hakeem@s2012.sst.edu.sgMuhd Ikmal Hakeem12S1-03We must let the reader smell, see, hear, feel and taste what we are describing in the text. We must not explain our opinions and feelings to the reader.I would like to learn everything about writing narratives so that I am prepared if in the exams, I have to write a narrative.
20/03/2012 02:49:12irfan_izzuddin@s2012.sst.edu.sgIrfan Izzuddin Bin Yusman9S1-03Narratives are stories. They have an introduction, body, climax, ending. They can be fictional and non-fictional. It can also be in movies or playsI would like to know how to write narrative stories better. I would also like to learn the tips and tricks of narratives so that I can write it easily.
20/03/2012 02:49:46yeo_tzun_kai@s2012.sst.edu.sgyeotzunkai21s1-03I have learnt that narratives is describing the sequence of events in a story.It is like someone telling the story .I would like to know how to write good narrative and know more about the different types of narratives
20/03/2012 02:52:15tan_ek_hern@s2012.sst.edu.sgTan Ek Hern18S1-03They have to engage the readers and be exciting. They also have to sound as if the story is talking to the audience.Everything else that I do not know.
20/03/2012 02:56:21tan_ek_hern@s2012.sst.edu.sgTan Ek Hern18S1-03Narratives have to be engaging and they must excite the reader and make him/ her want to carry on reading to the end. Narratives also have more dialog in them.Everything else that I do not know about narratives.
20/03/2012 03:09:08shaun_neo_kay_hean@s2012.sst.edu.sgShaun Neo Kay Hean17S1-03When writing a narrative composition, you must know that you are writing a story, which may be something that happened to you before, or to someone else, etc. Also, there must be a meaning/point in the story, like what have you gained or learnt from this event. The body of the story should give the reader a clear view on what happened, and isWhen I read novels or books that I enjoy, their writing creates images in my mind that helps me imagine what is happening in the book. Also, they make the experience personal in a way that makes me feel as if I was the person in that story.
20/03/2012 03:12:32muhammad_nurshaquille@s2012.sst.edu.sgMuhammad NurShaquille Bin Shazahri13S1-03I know that narrative writing, we have to write a story, telling a story. Whether made up or was an actual event. It is written in past tense.I would like to know whether we could use dialogues in narrative writings. I am not too sure about that.
20/03/2012 03:12:37goh_soong_wen_ryan@s2012.sst.edu.sgGoh Soong Wen Ryan8S1-03I know a narrative is a spoken or written account of an event, and that i am not that good in writing them.I would like to know the PROPER way to start a good narrative so as to improve my narrative writing.
20/03/2012 03:15:03nur_afif_azfar@s2012.sst.edu.sgNur 'Afif Azfar bin Noor Izwar14S1-03Narrative writing is something like telling a story but you write instead of verbally speaking. It is usually written from the author's point of view.Must narrative writing be fictional or can it be non-fictional?
How do authors make us visualise what they are writing about when they are writing narratives?
20/03/2012 02:29:56lim_ing@s2012.sst.edu.sgLim Ing3s1-03I have learnt that Narrative writing is writing that tells a story. I t can be true or fake.I would like to know how to captivate a reader and how to make a reader feel the story.
20/03/2012 03:34:46muhammad_ibrahim@s2012.sst.edu.sgMuhammad Ibrahim Bin Azmansah11S1-03To me writing narrative is a format of writing whereby someone is telling a story. Writing narrative does not focus on details, instead, it focus on what that is happening generaly. Most of the time, writing narrative is always non-fictional and seldom fiction.I would like to known how to make writing narrative more interesting and i also would like to enquire a few things about writing narrative.
20/03/2012 03:35:07ui_wun_juan@s2012.sst.edu.sgUi Wun Juan20S1-03When I am in my primary school, I still remembered that my primary school teacher had taught me to start writing narratives by describing the place, dialogue, describing the character or start with a sound or question.I would like to know more about the methods and strategies used to write better narratives.
20/03/2012 05:41:25ong_jun_kai@s2012.sst.edu.sgOng Jun Kai15S1-03I'm not sure what it means , but i think it may be sometime about elaboration or maybe inter[retation.I have not idea what is the meaning of writing narratives , and therefore i cannot share annot features
20/03/2012 04:17:54liew_yee_theng@s2012.sst.edu.sgLiew Yee Theng2S1-03Narratives are written in our own point of views. Examples include having our own feelings and thoughts inside the story.I would like to know what makes a narrative story a good one aside from the good vocabulary.
20/03/2012 09:01:32tan_ming_chuan@s2012.sst.edu.sgTan Ming Chuan19S1-03 I have written a few books in primary school, where i think could be a narrative. We were also asked to write some narratives in Primary school.I would like to know how to write a real narrative, as my storybooks may not be a type of narrative. I also want to learn how a narrative is thought of, and how to write a good one.
20/03/2012 09:50:40ben_cheong_wee_joon@s2012.sst.edu.sgBen Cheong5s1-03A narrative structure consist of an orientation, complication(the main problem), a climax, resolution and the coda. -If writing narratives can include multiple problems?
-If different stories of a person can be included in narratives writing
21/03/2012 08:51:26ong_zhi_kai_douglas@s2012.sst.edu.sgOng Zhi Kai, Douglas16S1-03Narratives have a starting, climax and ending. It is a detailed write-up of events that can be made up or true.Is narratives the longest type of composition to write
Are narratives supposed to have a big climax?
22/03/2012 01:47:46zhou_li_ying@s2012.sst.edu.sgZhou Li ying4s1-03I have learnt in primary school that we can write narrative text writing in second person or third person. The introduction, important points and conclusion. We can use Action Verbs and Adjectives that describe objects, people.I would like to learn how to write good narrative, how to make the readers relate closely to the story and feels involved with the plot. I would also like to know how to write Active Beginnings, introduction to a narrative and characters. And also how to write and use a dialogue in it.
20/03/2012 01:26:17liew_jia_wen@s2012.sst.edu.sgLiew Jia Wen6S1-04narrative structures are the plot and setting. there would be the problem and the
can there be more than one problem? what if the problem stays unsolved?
20/03/2012 01:50:27tan_shi_jie@s2012.sst.edu.sgTAN SHI JIE21S1-04Narratives are a short story that are descriptive that describes a sequence of non-fictional or fictional events.i want to know how to write more interesting narratives.
20/03/2012 02:13:27liaw_xiao_tao@s2012.sst.edu.sgLiaw Xiao Tao15S1-04Narratives are dialogues in an essay that tells the reader about what is happening.I would like to know how to improve on the narratives to make them better. (e.g. vocabulary and sentence structure)
20/03/2012 02:18:07goh_qian_zhe@s2012.sst.edu.sgGoh Qian Zhe11S1-04It is like writing a story which is based on a first-hand recount of that thing that have happended before like as if in you. You would want people to know what you have gone through if you make that narrative intrestingI would want to let my narative to be expressed even more, to express my part of the story to the people so that people could understand more of what I am feeling at that state of that time.
20/03/2012 02:50:29angeline_yap_zhi_han@s2012.sst.edu.sgAngeline Yap 2S1-04A narrative essay consist of an introduction, complication, climax, falling action and conclusion.
The introduction consist of the 5W1H
Do we have to start a new paragraph for a new dialogue?
20/03/2012 02:54:30chiam_chuen@s2012.sst.edu.sgChiam Chuen10S1-04The introduction is the most important part of the story, for it has to attract the reader's attention for it to be effective. The introduction should not be too long, just one paragraph. The main part of the story, usually in the middle of the story, should build up towards the climax, which is the highest point in the story. After the climax, comes the resolution, which has to be perfected for a good ending. One of the most important point is that the story should have realistic, and not fictional.Most of the time, the novels start with dialogue, and it is usually an abrupt start. Then from there, any events that are supposed to happen before the start of the story is slowly revealed.
20/03/2012 02:57:55sarah_chan_siew_ee@s2012.sst.edu.sgSarah Chan Siew Ee3S1-04Writing a story with the main character as the narrator.How to improve on writing narratives
20/03/2012 03:09:37tham_chun_leong@s2012.sst.edu.sgTham Chun Leong23S1-04NothingI don't know what narratives is about
20/03/2012 03:21:41arjun_appavoo@s2012.sst.edu.sgArjun Appavoo9S1-04Narratives is a better way of writing than recount as it is more exciting.The key differences between narrative and recount, how to write in both methods and how to differentiate.
20/03/2012 03:32:34ng_keen_yung@s2012.sst.edu.sgNg Keen Yung18S1-04Descriptive word and phrases like idioms, similes etc are very good to use.More idioms, similes and other descriptive phrases and words.
20/03/2012 04:51:49koh_guo_feng@s2012.sst.edu.sgKoh Guo Feng13S1-04It is about writing in the third-person perspective and being able to show what all the characters are thinking,doing and saying and what is happening somewhere else where a normal first-person perspective would not have been able to know.I woud like to know how to incorporate narratives into stories to make them more interesting and suspenseful and to make the reader able to understand the story better.
20/03/2012 05:30:52chew_yun_hui@s2012.sst.edu.sgChew Yun Hui4S1-04-Writing narratives helps to enhance the story making it more interesting.
-Writing narratives will show the story not tell.
-Writing narratives will engage the reader in the story.
-Writing narratives is writing a form of speech.
-Writing narratives can express one's feelings.
Can writing narratives be like this?

More narratives infront
"Where are you?" Nonie asks.
"In the front row."
20/03/2012 07:13:43looi_chi_han@s2012.sst.edu.sgLooi Chi Han17S1-04In my primary school, I learnt to write a couple of idioms, phrases e.t.c. I have also learned how to make the story exciting so as to grasp the reader's attention.I would like to know how to have very good and attractive startings and endings as well as sayings/proverbs. Hopefully, I would also be able to learn how to make my context even more exciting.
20/03/2012 07:20:22kota_kiran_chand@s2012.sst.edu.sgKota Kiran Chand14S1-04It is a story and continous sequence of fiction or non-fiction.It represents a story.Narrative can be told by an character in the story.I want to know how to use the narratives and how to use in the properly through directly or indirectly.I have read in my storybooks that in narrative they express the characters mood,feelings and character.
20/03/2012 06:15:31anbarasan_subramaniyan@s2012.sst.edu.sgANBARASAN SUBRAMANIYAN8s1-04A narrative describes the sequence of any form of non fictional or fictional events. A narrative usually consists of an introduction, a problem, a climax(the longest and the most important part), a part whereby the problem is being solved and a moral.I would like to know some points to take not of when writing a narrative and the professional way of writing an narrative.
20/03/2012 08:04:40a_manicka_praveen@s2012.sst.edu.sgA Manicka Praveen7S1-04I know that narratives is a method of writing a composition. It is when you write a story of someone else and not yourselfI would like to know what how to write a good narrative story
20/03/2012 09:02:26ryan_chew@s2012.sst.edu.sgRyan Chew(20)20s1-04Writing Narratives is like writing a story that a storyline that excites your audience allowing them to picture what you write.What is a good Narrative?
What makes a Narrative exciting?
20/03/2012 10:51:48lim_zhongzhi@s2012.sst.edu.sgLimZhongzhiS1-04I could not identify what technique is a technique for writing narrative. 1) How do we write good and entertaining narratives?
2) Techniques and skills required to accomplish the objective above.
3) Purpose of writing narrative
4) How could we apply skills learned in this topic in our daily lives
21/03/2012 01:35:03poon_wai_kit@s2012.sst.edu.sgPoon Wai Kit19S1-04Writing a narrative is somewhat like writing a story or essay. Narratives can be both fictional and non-fictional. They can include biographies, short stories and novels.I would like to know how they manage to develop their stories so well, enabling them to write a really thick book. I would also like to know whether fiction and non-fiction could be combined.
21/03/2012 16:43:30leong_sin_yuen_lynnette@s2012.sst.edu.sgLynnette Leong5s1-04There is usually a beginning, climax and ending. There are the characters, the setting and the plot. It can written in first-person or third-person point of view.I would like to know how to write a beginning that is not typical and not something I can memorise from idiom and phrases dictionaries. I would like to know how to make an unpredicatable ending.
22/03/2012 01:20:00khor_ethan@s2012.sst.edu.sgEthan Khor12S1-04I know that a narrative can be a spoken or written account of an event. It also describes a sequence of events sometimes.I would like to know if narratives can also be stories or movies and how to write a good narrative.

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20/03/2012 00:12:20daniel_yeo_tze_wen@s2012.sst.edu.sgDaniel Yeo12S1-05-Narratives are an world-wide component of human communication.
-They are used as moral stories and examples to illustrate important points.
-Narrating stories was one of the earliest forms of entertainment.
-To entertain, writers often have to make a choice between style and content.
-Identify the narrative structure used by writers.
-Define direct and indirect characterisation.
-Analyse character traits.
-Create your own narratives using the appropriate structure and characterisation techniques.
20/03/2012 01:16:09lim_yan_zheng@s2012.sst.edu.sgLim Yan Zheng19S1-05Writing Narratives is explaining something or an event to someone.I would like to know more and have a deeper understanding about writing narratives.
20/03/2012 01:16:09lim_yan_zheng@s2012.sst.edu.sgLim Yan Zheng19S1-05Writing Narratives is explaining something or an event to someone.I would like to know more and have a deeper understanding about writing narratives.
20/03/2012 02:43:40thurga_kalaichelvan@s2012.sst.edu.sgThurga Kalaichelvan7S1-05I have learned that writing narratives are written in the point of view of the narrator. It describes a sequence of non-fictional or fictional events.One of my favourite novels is the Percy Jackson series. It is very exciting and I would like to write stories of that genre though I was not allowed to in primary school. I hope it in encouraged in SST. I also like the Hunger Games.
20/03/2012 02:52:45eunice_chan_pei_yee@s2012.sst.edu.sgEunice Chan Pei Yee1S1-05Writing narratives is a story in which either you or someone you know well was actually involved. A narrative is a moving picture. Like description, narratives need to have a rich texture of details which when read or heard, will make the listener/reader feel and experience the story.I would like to know how to write a good narrative and is narrative the same as stories? And what is the specific meaning of narrative.
20/03/2012 02:54:38lim_jia_yi@s2012.sst.edu.sgLim Jia Yi3S1-05I learnt in primary school that when we write a narrative story, we must be one of the characters in the story. We must not write the events that happened one by one or it will turn out to be a recount.I want to know how to write a narrative that has good content but the narrative will be fun and interesting to read. I also want to know how to write a narrative that the events are written in good order.
20/03/2012 03:13:25karl_luke_sciberras_okamoto@s2012.sst.edu.sgKarl Luke Sciberras Okamoto16S1-05The word narrative refers to "to recount" from its greek origin. It can be used in a number of things such as autobiographies, short stories, plays and essays.How to write them out effectively and correctly.
How to be able to know if something is a narrative.
20/03/2012 00:47:12lee_wen_feng@s2012.sst.edu.sglee wen feng18s1-05narrative writing is a detailed and descriptive story what are the descriptions we could use in narrative writing?
what are the ways of starting a narrative writing?
what should we include in narrative writing?
20/03/2012 03:54:12pradeep_kumar_priyadarshika@s2012.sst.edu.sgPradeep Kumar Priyadarshika6S1-05Narrative are stories that are used to describe someone from 3rd point perspective .1st point perspective cannot be used in such context.i would like to find out if it is possible to write a narrative describing something that is not a human.
20/03/2012 04:02:48marcus_chan_tuck_yan@s2012.sst.edu.sgMarcus Chan Tuck Yan10S1-05We must have a good descriptions like similes, metaphors,verbs and more. The story must have a complication and resolution. We should also describe our characters well and use dialogues.How to use incorporate more descriptive phrases into my essays. How to manage my time when writing an essay, to be able to write a long,with no punctuation mistakes and a good smooth flowing essay in the stipulated time. Also.....to write like James Rollins...
20/03/2012 04:03:37htet_wai_yan_linn@s2012.sst.edu.sgHtet Wai Yan Linn14S1-05Writing narratives require good introductions and endings. As it is told from the narrator's point of view, you would be able to view it in a whole. You also need to have a good setting and good vocabulary. Good vocabulary includes similes, idioms, etc. You also need a good sentence structure.I would like to know a larger range of vocabulary and I would like to know ways on how I can improve on sentence structuring. Most importantly, I would like to know how I can construct a better setting.
20/03/2012 05:00:14ian_joseph_acu_kang@s2012.sst.edu.sgIan Joseph Acu Kang15S1-05It is about writing a story or an event that could or could not have happened in a movie, book or anything else that includes a 'story' behind it.I would like to know how to write better Narrative writings for composition purposes.
20/03/2012 06:08:50g_k_netraa@s2012.sst.edu.sgG.K.Netraa2S1-05Narrative writing is something that describes a non-fictional or fictional stories or events. Narrative writing is like descriptive writing. It can be also said from 1st person perspective. It is can be a personal experience.I would like to know how to write a good narrative story. I also want to know if narrative stories must be very long like a film. I also want to know if narrative stories can be written from other people point of view.
20/03/2012 07:03:07lim_ming_hui@s2012.sst.edu.sgLim Ming Hui4S1-05A narrative essay is a piece of writing that recreates an experience through time. It can be based on one of your experience, either past or present, or it can be based on the experiences of someone else. It should communicate a main idea or moral. We should draft our recollections about the details of the experience before writing it. Rather than telling your targeted audience about your story, show them by using vivid details and descriptions.I want to learn to write descriptive narratives.