Basil Downy Mildew Monitoring Records 2010
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Date Plants SeenOnset DatePresent/ AbsentReporter NameReporter E-mail or other contact infoLocationField, Greenhouse, or GardenPlant and Planting SizeSeverityHow DiagnosedAdditional Description and Comments
There is a sheet for 2012 at
AKJune 2010May 2010present (unconfirmed)Diane Huebnerdchuebner@alaska.eduFairbanks, AlaskaGreenhouse12" pots on MONA irrigation hold 3 to 4 plants each; plants <6" highslight to moderateleaf color, wiltingplants grown from seed (sweet basil variety bought from Fred Meyer's, approx 2 dozen plants, no plant deaths) started indoors in April; first noticed on first true leaves in May and removed leaves; in June second removal of 1-2 leaves per every 4 plants in June; in July plant growth slow (plants less than 6" high)
AL8/15/20106/1/2010AbsentCindy cpgmar@centurytel.netAnniston ALgreenhousestarts in 4" containerseverevisualnoticed a batch of young Genovese seedlings started with yellowing leaves. Sprayed Serenade and eventually stopped it, moved plants to a new location with better air flow and new growth was dark green and ok. Tried growing Caesar Basil, no difference, same occurrence of mildew.
CA9/2/2010about 8/20/2010PresentKatie WagnerLa Jolla, CAhome garden1 plant 2 ft highmoderatevisualbought 1 plant from Trader Joes 2 months ago. Noticed leaves yellowing first. Ignored mildew for a while, thinking it was dirt. Inspected closer today and discovered it resembled the mildew sporulation.
CA9/12/20109/1/2010PresentDave Andrewsdavemandrews@yahoo.comHuntington beachGarden1 plant 1.5 ftSeverevisiualPurchased plant from Home Depot 1.5 months ago. Saw yellowing of leaves and found fungus when removing flowers.
DE7/8/2010Day or twopresentHattie Allenhattie_allen@yahoo.comLewes, DEGarden2 50 ft. rowsJust startingLeaf color and visualPlants grown from seed and got good harvests. Either blowing in or possibly brought plants to Farmers market and some came home...Might have brought it home. Using Oxidate.
DE10/6/20109/21/2010presentBob Mulrooneybobmul@udel.eduNewark, DEfieldsentinel plot 12 plantsslight microscope
FL11/30/2010estimate Oct 2010PresentCari Welshfree2flycari@hotmail.comLargo, FLindoor pot2 plants/1 potseverevisual (sending to University to be checked)whole plant is covered after 1 month of observation
ILJune/JulyunknownpresentKimberly LingafelterMokena, Illinoisgreenhouse400 +severevisualorganic seed, overhead watering, Italian sweet basil, Spicy globe basil also affected
KY7/1/20106/23/2010presentKenny SeeboldDanville, KYgardengardenmoderatemicroscope
KY7/6/2010unknownpresentKenny Seeboldkwseebold@uky.eduDanville, KYgarden20 plantsmoderatemicroscope
LA3/10/2010unknownpresent (unconfirmed)Kenner, LAfield1200 4" potsmoderatevisuallower leaves had symptions of necroisis, lack of fertilizer. seed source was gourmet seed, importer of seeds from italy. unusually cool spring. diagnosis was internet search and discovered it was downy mildew. increased spacing and generally cleaned plants. were able to save most of the crop. will do preventative spraying in future crops with actinole. not an organic grower but biological control seems the most logical
LA7/4/2010unknownPresent (confirmed)Don Ferrindferrin@agcenter.lsu.eduEast Baton Rouge Parish, LAGarden2 plants about a foot talllower leaves, moderate severityVisual, spores clearly visible to the eye; confirmed microscopicallyPlants purchased approx. 2 weeks prior from a local garden center just as plants were being delivered.
MA5/31/2010Present (unconfirmed)Arlington, MAPotted outdoor6" potModerateVisualBought from local farmstand in April 2010. Sweet Italian basil. 75% of leaves affected. Was growing very well.
MA9/17/2010within 1 week of first observationErinn Robertserinn@communityfarms.orgWaltham, MAfieldmultipleseverevisualAll plants started from seed in greenhouse on premises. Thai and Sweet are affected. Symptoms noticed are yellowing leaves, small angular necrotic spots and gray sporulation on underside of leaves.
MD6/2/2010Present (unconfirmed)priorgarden6"1/2 of all leavesOn purchased plants and plants started from seed
MD6/9/20102 weeks agoPresent (unconfirmed)Prince Georges County, MDfield450 plantsmoderatevisualseeded plants and were in a greenhouse with basil plants that developed downy mildew. Isolated my plants from the others. They showed no sign of having the fungus until they were placed in the field.
MD6/18/2010unknownPresentKate Everts for Dave Clementkeverts@umd.eduEllicott City MDhome gardenfew potsunknownmicroscopepurchased infected - unknown source
MD7/10/2010June 2010Present (unconfirmed)kbshedd@netscape.netMontgomery Co, MDgardenseveral plantsslight to moderatevisualyellowing of upper surfaces of leaves; plants grown from seed indoors and transplanted into the garden.
MD 6/18/2010unknownDestroyedKate Everts for Dave Clementkeverts@umd.eduClarksville MDpublic gardenunknownmicroscopeFrom Hillcrest Nursery
mt2/21/2010p (unconfirmed)greyfield
NC7/6/2010presentSue Coluccisue_colucci@ncsu.eduLeicester, NCField50 ft rowmoderatermicroscopeCommercial organic producer in western NC. Interestingly, we have been very hot and dry. There is also another grower in the area who has downy mildew in greenhouse - not confirmed by agent.
NC8/5/2010July2010presentSusan Coluccisue_colucci@ncsu.eduBethel, NC (Haywood County)commercial fieldat least 1,000 plants on black plasticmoderate to heavymicroscope Variety is Genovese. Thai and Lemon basil does not look as severely diseased.
NC8/5/2010late July 2010presentSusan Colucci/ Mike, mike_adams@ncsu.eduMills River, NC (Henderson County)downy mildew sentinel plots10 plantsslight to moderatemicroscopeThis is part of the cucurbit downy mildew sentinel plots. Plants are checked weekly. No downy mildew was noted on this basil last week.
NCJune6/2010presentD.H. DavisAsheville, NCgarden2severevisualvery fast decimation, already nearly half the plant 1 week after first observation
ND7/23/2010June5presentHolly MawbyRamsey County, NDfield18 - 75 foot rowsmoderate to severevisual this year - last year samples sent to NDSU - identified as colletotrichum but I am not convinced of this diagnosis - thinking it is downy mildew instead based on visual inspection and symptoms. Based on experience with this problem for four years - it seems to come on when we have cool night temps and heavy dew. This year in June we had 9 nights in a row with night time temps below 48 (some down to 36) and heavy dew. Plants came out of it when the weather warmed and were harvestable through Sept. with harvest of 50-60 pounds per week.(currently) Plants are beginning to show symptoms again now that night time temps are dropping. Using a combination of A2 seed and Genovese - both from Johnny's. Have used no chemical or organic controls.
NH8/16/20108/3/2010present (confirmed UNH)Michael Smithmlebsmith@earthlink.netPlainfield, NH organic commercial field9000 plantsfrom a few scattered yellowing leaves to completely down in 8 daysspore visible, confirmed by state pathology labVariety Aton, transplant grown on farm sprayed some beds with Actinovate, some with a Oxidate, both slowed advance for a couple of days, a repeated spray with a mist blower might have helped.
NJ6/4/2010Present (confirmed)Samulissamulis@NJAES.Rutgers.eduMt Laurel, NJgreenhouse5"Lower leaves, moderate severityMicroscope, visual, pictures, consultationPlants to be sold by greenhouse producer
NJ7/9/2010PresentAndy Wyenandtwyenandt@aesop.rutgers.eduCumberland County, NJcommercial fieldmoderatespores abundant and clearly visible without microscope.planting of 'Superbo' in a commercial field started from seed. This is the first report of BDM in NJ this year.
NJ7/20/20107/15/2010presentKris Holmstromholmstrom@aesop.rutgers.eduHunterdon County, NJfield1/1 acre plantingmoderatesymptoms on leavesgrower has appx. 1 acre of basil. Has destroyed oldest planting to limit subsequent infections. Was treating regularly with labeled fungicides.
NJ7/29/2010presentAndy Wyenandtwyenandt@aesop.rutgers.eduMorris County, NJcommunity gardenslight to moderatesymptoms on leavesdowny mildew was found on sweet basil growing in a community garden.
NY5/25/20105/20/2010Present (confirmed)Maire Ullrichmru2@cornell.eduOrange Co., NYgreenhouse5"30% of all leaves on 50% of plantsvisual, confirmation with photos e-mailed to pathologistssome varieties worse than others
NY6/4/2010estimate 5/21Present (confirmed)Meg McGrathmtm3@cornell.eduSuffolk County, NYgreenhouseSevere, most leavesSpores abundant and clearly visible without microscope.Severe on organically-produced plants; not those treated with phosphorous acid fungicide.
NY6/23/20106/19/2010Present (unconfirmed)Chris Simschris.r.sims@gmail.comRochester, Monroe County, NYGarden2 plants75% of leavesVisualPlanted from seed, started indoors in seed trays
NY6/25/2010unknownAnne Stowersgstowers@frontier.comOswego Co, NYPotted Plant1 plant ~10" high, 6" potSevere, most leavesVisual, spores visiblePlant purchased from greenhouse in Polaski, NY
NY7/24/2010recentlypresentNancy Cornwellncornwell@ithaca.eduTompkins Cty, NYgardenall plants in potsbadvisualnoticed it recently and learned about disease online. Have sprayed with a fungicidal mixture of baking soda, dish soap and bleach. Depending on outcome may dispose in trash. Purchased from Ithaca Farmers market and Trader Joe's. No noticeable symptoms when purchased. Basil grown from seed and in garden raised beds seem okay still.
NY8/12/20108/10/2010Present (confirmed)Meg McGrathmtm3@cornell.eduRiverhead (Suffolk County, NY)Field: downy mildew sentinel plotsLarge plants at flowering; about 150.1 leaf seen on aout 50 plants examined.confirmed with microscope, but not necessary as spores clearly visible.Symptom seen looks new.
NY8/12/2010PresentMeg McGrathmtm3@cornell.eduRiverhead (Suffolk County, NY)fieldseveresymptoms on leavesDiagnosis based on description of symptoms from grower with downy mildew in his crop; too severe to harvest. Subsequently another grower in another area of the county reported also having downy mildew.
NY8/12/2010recentPresentMeg McGrathmtm3@cornell.eduChenango Cofield, gardenmultiplewidespreadsymptoms on leavesdiagnosis based on description of symptoms from a grower who has downy mildew. Gardeners in area have been reporting same problem with their basil.
NY8/12/2010recentPresentMeg McGrathmtm3@cornell.eduChenango Cofield, gardenmultiplewidespreadsymptoms on leavesdiagnosis based on description of symptoms from a grower who has downy mildew. Gardeners in area have been reporting same problem with their basil.
NY8/19/2010unknownpresentJennifer Stenglejjs95@cornell.eduBrewster (Putnam County) NYcommunity garden3, 3' plants, raised bedsall beginning to yellowmicroscopelooked ok last week
NY8/26/2010mid-AugustPresentSheryl Swinksns7@cornell.eduIthaca, Tompkns Cocommunity gardenmultiple plants in various plotsbeginning to yellow, newest leaves still green with little or no mildewvisual comparison with extension photosEspecially Genovese, beginning to show on Thai basil. Plants generally purchased as 6-pack starts from assorted sources, garden stores and local organic growers
NYJune6/25/2010presenth kernstillson, nygarden3moderatevisualgrown from last year's seeds which were fine. Can't find the 2010 sheet
NYPresentMeg McGrathmtm3@cornell.edugreenhouse
OH5/21/2010UnknownPresent (confirmed)Nancy J. Taylortaylor.8@osu.eduHamilton County, OHGreenhousePotted, Reported widespreadMicroscopicReported to be widespread in sweet basil varieties large leaf Italian, sweet nufar
OH6/7/2010unknownpresentTed Emerytedemery@sbcglobal.netFranklin County OHGarden4 plants circa 1' tallcirca 30-40% of leavesVisual, spores clearly visible to the eyePlanted from seedlings, small amount of sectional yellowing on one seedling when purchased. Didn't know about DM when I bought them, and severity of problem not evident until two or three days after planting. Seedlings bought at farmer's market, grown by Millcreek Gardens, Ostrander OH.
OH7/6/2010early julyPresentElaine Grassbaughgrassbaugh.1@osu.eduFranklin County, OHfield at research farm25moderatevisualstarted from seed in spring and transplanted to field Mid-June
OH8/23/2010recentPresentMeg McGrathmtm3@cornell.eduAthens Cofieldmultiplewidespreadsymptoms on leavesdiagnosis based on description of symptoms from a grower who has disease. Plants too severely affected to be salvaged.
PA4/23/2010p (unconfirmed)maunzgreenhouse2"online photos
PA7/26/2010week agoPresent (confirmed)Alyssa Collinscollins@psu.eduManheim, PAdemonstration garden at Penn State research farmraised bedsmoderateMicroscope, visualSweet basil, (Ocimum basilicum), container plant from garden center planted in landscape in May. Sporulation observed under dissecting scope. Sporangia/sporangiophores observed under compound scope. Photos available. Interplanted with a non-flowering variety ('Pesto perpetuo') that appears to have some resistance.
PA7/26/2010last weekPresentRich VanOverbergrvanoverberg@gmail.comMt. Lebanon, PAhome gardenplants in groundbadyellow lines, "fuzz" on backsildenoitced it the past Friday..just days prior the plants look very healthy. Removed all plants - made pesto and bag the rest of the plants for disposal
PAJune 2011early June?presentCarolyn Luskincarol@carolynluskin.comValley Forge, PAPots on deck3 purchased 4" pots were put into 15"severevisual, yellowing, inspection of undersideson std basil. also on nearby pots of spicy globe, variegated and dwarf purple. not sure which occurred first but std basil affected the most
SC11/9/2010late Oct. 2010PresentAnthony Keinathtknth@clemson.eduCharleston, SCfield sentintel plotflowering plants. 3 separated rows of 5 plants per rowslight to moderatemicroscopeAbundant sporulation
TX6/15/2010probably 6/1presentKevin Ongkevo@tamu.eduSan Antonio, TXfield4" potsslight to moderatemicroscopeGenovese - one plant submitted with mottling symptom to Plant Clinic. Plants were purchased for the farm. Only one variety was affected (Grower purchased several varieties). Source of plants = no information. Sporulation was observed on underside of majority of leaves following moist chamber.
VA6/10/2010unknownPresent (unconfirmed)Todd Jamisontjamison@observera.comLoudoun County, VAPotted outdoor2 plants, 8" tall, 8" potmoderatevisualPurchased from DeBaggio Herb Farm. Sweet Basil. Small amount of yellowing when purchased. Did not know about DM at the time. Probably had it when purchased. Subsequently DeBaggio reported massive Basil crop failures at its suppliers. New growth seems unaffected at this time. Perhaps temps are high enough.
VA7/19/2010prob. 7/15/10 or sopresentHelen Hollingsworthhchollingsworth@verizon.netVienna community garden8 plants 2"severevisualSome seed grown (Parks) others bought at farmers market. Had this last year and increased my spacing by 50%. I also pruned out a lot of branches to increase circulation and stayed on top of picking off infected leaves, but it didn't help. I sprayed with the baking soda remedy but I was too late to stop it.
VA8/2/2010July 2010present (unconfirmed)Ankit TejaniADTejani@gmail.comCharlottesville, VAhome garden2 plants in 12" pots, above groundslight to moderatevisual, spots on leaves, slight wiltinggenovese basil, both plants purchased from local farmers' market, multiple leaves plucked and used with no problem, noticed brownish spots on basil and mint in mid- to late-July 2010, brown spots become more widespread as leaves mature
VA11/14/2010Oct 2010PresentMilton Brooksskylandview@gmail.comFranklin/Floyd Ctyindoor pots8 plants/4potsseverevisualGenovese variety; started in-house. Plants spent some time outdoors before transplant to pots indoors in fresh potting soil. None of outdoor plants showed any symptoms thru end of season. First signs on one plant then rapid spread to others. Now all infected and the original plant totally wilted.
VAJune6/2010P SannerArlington VAgarden4moderatevisualbought from DeBaggio's herb greenhouse (Chantilly VA) which was reported in the Washington Post (6/16/2010) to have lost all of their greenhouse basil to the blight. Large leaves turning yellow with holes and handful with black spots. Found on sweet basil plant.
VT8/22/20108/15/2010PresentL. PorterWindsor County, VTPotted home herb garden2 plants, 12 inches highSevereVisualThai and sweet basil plants, from New Jersey. Both plants badly infected, the Thai basil less so.
VT10/6/20107/2010presentRachel Schattmanbellapesto@gmail.comBurlington, VTfield11 beds, 222 ft beds, plants 6" apart, triple row per bedseverePlant diagnostics lab, UVMGeneovese variety. severe flooding has kept us from incorporating plants since it was diagnosed...
WI5/4/2010week agop (unconfirmed)green countygreenhouse4" potbadvisualseeded two-three weeks prior to observation
WI8/14/20108/10/2010presentEve Emshwilleremshwiller@wisc.eduMadison, WIhome garden80-100 large plants, densely plantedmany beginning to yellowhand-lensNoticed yellowing beginning a few days ago, confirmed with hand lens today. Phooey. Genovese seed, but also purchased a single plant container grown in another part of the yard. Plants were large and looked healthy last week.
WI8/23/2010probably 8/15presentAlyson Thorntona.thornton@hmclause.comSun Prairie, WIfield and garden1-12 ft. row in the field and 6 plants in local gardenmoderate. lower leaves of every plantmicroscopethe field infection is on a sentinel plot at Harris Moran research station, 12 plants all infected; the garden plot is at my home (6 miles away)