WeblinkLink TitleOrganization NameLink DescriptionStatistics TypeData FrequencyFree or Subscription basedCountriesSubjects
2 retail market in New ZealandNew Zealand Retailers AssociationNZRA report 2013. Note : Some reports can be requested, whilst there is a fee for other reportsRelated StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandLeisure and sport,Magazines and newspapers,Public opinion,Retail trade,Trade
3 Zealand banks quarterly reports Centre for Financial Services and Markets, Massey University The Centre for Financial Services and Markets is active in research on the New Zealand banking sector, with a key regular publication being the review of the quarterly performance of New Zealand banksRelated StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandBanks and banking
4 of pastoral care of international students New Zealand Qualifications AuthorityThe Code of Practice advises education providers on the standards of care that they must provide to international students living and studying in New ZealandOfficial StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandEducation - tertiary
5 trends - environmental informationWorld Resources InstituteData tables are under each of the topic headingsOfficial StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandEnvironment
6 countsNew Zealand Ministry of EducationStatistics on Early childhood education, Schooling, Tertiary, Maori, Pasifika, Special education, International educationOfficial StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandEducation - truancy,Education
7 childhood education, schooling, tertiary, special, Maori, Pasifika, indicator dataMinistry of Education website, click on relevant link Official StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandEducation,Pacific Island ethnicity - education,Maori
8 loss ratesNew Zealand Ministry of EducationOutline trends in teacher numbers, teacher loss rates and reasons for teacher losses Official StatisticsOne-OffFreeNew ZealandEducation,Education - teachers,Education - tertiary
9 supply key statistics reportNew Zealand Ministry of Education2008 Teacher numbers and loss rates are reported with breakdowns by age, teacher designation, region and school decile. Data for the past five years is presentedOfficial StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandEducation - teachers
10 into and out of child poverty in New Zealand: Department of Economics, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Connecticut Results from the linked income supplementRelated StatisticsOne-OffFreeNew ZealandChildren,Poverty
11 International study of asthma and allergies in childhoodUniversity of AucklandISAACRelated StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandAsthma
12 a librarianUniversity of AucklandFor staff, students and affiliated groupsOfficial StatisticsOne-OffFreeNew ZealandLibraries
13 bulletin of statisticsUnited Nations. Statistical OfficePrinted copy location: General library, Level M, Call number: S1/UN STAm + [electronic resource]Related StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandEconomic indicators,Economy,Population
14 cost surveyUniversity of Otago, Department of Human Nutrition Annual survey by the Department of Human Nutrition at the University of OtagoRelated StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandFood,Food costs
15 Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence ReportAC NielsenProvides a view of current consumer marketing and trends through market intelligence and links to related reportsRelated StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandConsumer spending,Fastfood ,Food
16 information and measurementAC NielsenRelated StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandAdvertising,Food
17 of Airline Representatives New ZealandNew Zealand GovernmentRelated StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandAviation
18 Massey University Real Estate Analysis UnitMassey University Real Estate Analysis Unit MUREUA. Includes home affordability report and New Zealand residential rental surveyRelated StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandHousing,Housing - sales,Rent
19 environmental performance reviews, New ZealandOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and DevelopmentOECD's periodic review of New Zealand's environmental policies and programmesOfficial StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandEnvironment
20 Business Reports ASB BankASB produces regular economic reports to give a snapshot of developments in the New Zealand economy Related StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandBusiness
21 International crime victims survey University of Lausannekey statistics from the industrialized countries, urban Europe and developing countriesRelated StatisticsIrregularFreeNew ZealandCrime
22 Social report, annual since 2001Ministry of Social DevelopmentAlso s2/NZ SOCr & NZP 306 S67. Health, knowledge and skills, safety and security, paid work, human rights, culture and identity, economic standard of living, social connectedness, environmentOfficial StatisticsOne-OffFreeNew ZealandHealth,Housing,Labour,Regions,Social wellbeing,Standard of living
23 cooking to takeawaysMassey University, Department of Food TechnologyChanges in food consumption in New Zealand during 1880-1990. Has some tables including tea/coffee drinkers, types of food eaten at meals

Print copy location: General library, Call number: 641.3 B15
Related StatisticsOne-OffFreeNew ZealandFood
24 statisticsCancer Society, Ministry of Health1996. Sales, prices, harmful constituents by brands, tax revenue. Print copy location: General library, Level M, Call number: S2/NZ SMOt 1996 (Earlier edition in 1991 at S2/NZ SMOt)Related StatisticsIrregularFreeNew ZealandSmoking,Tobacco
25 per capitaStatistics New Zealand2003 New Zealand per capita GDP compared to the OECDRelated StatisticsOne-OffFreeNew ZealandGross domestic product (GDP),Labour
26 providersMinistry of Health2004 primary health care delivered by doctors and nurses / Sue Crengle, Roy Lay-Yee, Peter Davis. The study covered private general practices (i.e. family doctors), community-governed organizations, and accident and medical (A&M) clinics and hospitalRelated StatisticsOne-OffFreeNew ZealandHealth,Maori health
27,+1986-2001.+Hospitalisation+and+some+related+health+facts+&SL=None&Search_Code=TALL&CNT=20New Zealand regions, 1986-2001. Hospitalization and some related health facts Population Studies Centre, University of Waikato2006. NZP 362.11 P82 + [electronic resource]Related StatisticsOne-OffFreeNew ZealandRegions
28 of New Zealand for the Crown Colony period, 1840-1852Auckland University College. Dept. of Economics1955. Printed copy location: General library, Call number: NZP 319.95 A89Related StatisticsOne-OffFreeNew ZealandHistory
29 contemporary atlas New ZealandKirkpatrick, Russell2nd ed. Index of deprivation. There are also maps of the Far North TLA and Christchurch city by meshblock by index of deprivation. Printed copy locations: General library, Level M, Call number: S2/NZ STAz 2005, and 912.95 B32 2005 (map room) Related StatisticsIrregularFreeNew ZealandDeprivation
30 of deprivation in New Zealand an atlas of socioeconomic differenceCrampton, Peter2nd edition, based on 2001 and 1996 census data. Print copy location: General library, Level M, Call number: S2/NZ CEN 2001de and NZP 305.569 C88d 2004Related StatisticsIrregularFreeNew ZealandDeprivation
31 contemporary atlas New Zealand [cartographic material] : the shapes of our nationBateman2005. Printed copy locatsions: General library, Level M, Call number: S2/NZ STAz 2005 and 912.95 B32 2005Related StatisticsOne-OffFreeNew ZealandRegions
32 and disparity : New Zealand household incomesMinistry of Social Development2001. Printed copy location: General Library, Call number: NZP 339.41 M93d + [electronic resource]Related StatisticsOne-OffFreeNew ZealandIncome - disposable income,Income - income differentials,Income
33 Statistics on alcohol consumption Health Promotion AgencyContains statistics on alcohol facts, alcohol and crime, road traffic crashes and deaths, New Zealand drinking patterns, health and injuryRelated StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandAlcohol
34 Explanations for Suicide in New Zealand New Zealand Ministry of HealthMOH 2001 - 2004 reports explore a range of possible social explanations, analyses and evidence about New Zealand’s suicide trendsRelated StatisticsOne-OffFreeNew ZealandSuicide
35 in AotearoaUnity (Wellington) NZ1987. Printed copy location: General library, Call number: NZP 301.4120995 W87aRelated StatisticsOne-OffFreeNew ZealandWomen,Maori
36,1&Search%5FArg=new%20zealand%20journal%20of%20employment%20relations&SL=None&Search%5FCode=TALL&CNT=20&PID=D6SbcoBcqlZq4jb98b0vy8Mjxlod&SEQ=20071030215624&SID=4New Zealand journal of employment relationsER Publishing2004 [electronic resource]Related StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandLabour,Trade unions
37 Briefing on the New Zealand macroeconomyOxford University Press1960 - 1990 Related StatisticsOne-OffFreeNew ZealandEconomic growth
38,1&Search%5FArg=New%20Zealand%20property%20journal&SL=None&Search%5FCode=TALL&CNT=20&PID=8Usxb6O19hk9D66gEnVdsT7FVSj1&SEQ=20071030220915&SID=2Australian and New Zealand property journalAustralian Property Institute and Property Institute of New ZealandARCHITECTURE LIBRARY SERIALS Related StatisticsOne-OffFreeAustralia,New ZealandHousing
39,12&Search%5FArg=economic%20outlook&SL=None&Search%5FCode=TALL&CNT=20&PID=5H4S8ggZqSv0KSy-12dPl6FSnRK2Z&SEQ=20071030211407&SID=2SourceOECD. Economic outlook database Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development [electronic resource] link through University of AucklandOfficial StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandConsumption,Economy
40 to Maori : does it really have to be like this? Department of Preventative and Social Medicine, University of Otago1999, Ngai Tahu Maori Health Research Unit and the Injury Prevention Research Unit. Printed copy location: General library, Call number: Call Number: 617.1008999442 L24 and Philson Library, Call number: WA300 B875i + [electronic resource]Related StatisticsOne-OffFreeNew ZealandMaori health
41 Zealand alcohol consumption statistics Alcoholic Liquor Advisory Council1955-1991. Beverage share of market based on total absolute alcohol consumed (%) for beer, wine, spirits, total consumption in litres and estimated consumption per head of mean population, and international comparison of spirits, beer and wine consumption per person by top 31 ranked countries for 1987. (Ranking updated in 1995 New Zealand Official Yearbook p.195) Print copy location: General library, Level M, Call number: S2/NZ ALCsRelated StatisticsOne-OffFreeNew ZealandAlcohol,Wine
42 Census of population and dwellings: Work, education and income tablesStatistics New Zealand2001 Census data - click on table 21 for Highest qualificationsOfficial StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandEducation,Education - tertiary
43,2&Search%5FArg=quarterly%20predictions&SL=None&Search%5FCode=TALL&CNT=20&PID=F6rDm2pRE3gQzJ9bMgr3-jbvg8oB&SEQ=20071030212727&SID=2New Zealand industries and regions : outlook and issuesNew Zealand Institute of Economic Research(NZIER) 2002/06, Printed copy location: General library, Call number: 339.395 Q1a + [electronic resource]Related StatisticsOne-OffFreeNew ZealandIndustry,Regions
44 publicationsStatistics New Zealand1840 - 2000. Printed copy location: General library, Level M, Call number: S2/NZ A1 sp 2004Related StatisticsOne-OffFreeNew ZealandHistory
45,5&Search%5FArg=new%20zealand%20macroeconomy&SL=None&Search%5FCode=TALL&CNT=20&PID=icD3w19pIMXm-lNDHSVtdwlgcKaZ&SEQ=20071030215946&SID=2The New Zealand macroeconomy : striving for sustainable growth with equityOxford University Press2004. Printed copy location: General library, Call number: NZP 330.995 D15 2004Related StatisticsOne-OffFreeNew ZealandEconomic growth
46 of Ethnic AffairsNew Zealand Government. Office of Ethnic AffairsNew Zealand ethnic data including 2013 Census resultsRelated StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandCensus,Chinese ethnic group
47 Zealand Parole Board New Zealand Parole BoardThe annual report contains statistics for the year Official StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandCrime
48 Zealand Audit Bureau of CirculationsNew Zealand Audit Bureau of CirculationsPrint edition ceased 2002. Printed copy location: General library, Level M, Call number: S2/NZ SOCmc and S2/NZ SOCmcnOfficial StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandMagazines and newspapers
49 statistics, 2008-9Accident Compensation CorporationACC claim numbers and costs; work, sport and motor vehicle claims; accidents in the home. Printed copy location: General library, Level M, Call number: S2/NZ ACCiOfficial StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandAccidents - work,Falls
50 Compensation CorporationAccident Compensation CorporationACC provides comprehensive, no-fault personal injury cover for all New Zealand residents and visitors to New ZealandOfficial StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandAccidents and accident prevention,Accidents - work
51 communitiesAuckland District Health BoardADHB a wide variety of topics covered Related StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandAuckland,Health,Regions
52 Reports - National Women's HealthAuckland District Health BoardAnnual report combining obstetric and neonatal data. Click on Newborn component link Official StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandBirths,Births - birth weight
53 databaseNZX Agri-Fax LimitedDatabase from 1987, covering farm and export prices for lamb, beef, venison, dairy products, wool, wheat, forestry, seafood and horticultural products. Some data available on website. PLEASE NOTE any requests for specific data will be charged at a minimun FEE of $200+GST

Official StatisticsIrregularSubscriptionNew ZealandAgriculture,Commodities
54 statisticsAirways Corporation of New Zealand LimitedAirport takeoff and landing statisticsOfficial StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandAviation
55 Zealand statistics - alcoholAlcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand ALAC Select from Crime, Road traffic, Health tabs for data.Print copies location: General Library: NZP 362.292 B85 and Level M, S2/NZ ALCdaOfficial StatisticsOne-OffFreeNew ZealandAlcohol
56 job adsAustralia New Zealand BankANZ monthly data for Auckland, Wellington Christchurch, Otago.Official StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandLabour - job vacancies
57 analyst toolkitAustralia New Zealand BankANZ quick facts and some comparison with other banks. Also on Datastream, Mnemonic NZVACTOTP, from January 1990 onwards, monthly data, actual, volume not seasonally adjustedOfficial StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandLabour
58 price indexAustralia New Zealand BankANZ New Zealand and world index, monthly data. Select from various tabs including: economic, financial, agricultural and propertyRelated StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandCommodities
59 and New Zealand Organ donor registryAustralia and New Zealand Organ Donor RegistryANZODOfficial StatisticsContinuousFreeAustralia,New ZealandOrgan donation
60 in New Zealand : national surveys comparison 1995 and 2000Alcohol & Public Health Research UnitAPHRU Host responsibility, abstainers, alcohol-related problems, location of drinking, consumption and drinking patterns. Printed copy location: Epsom Library, call number: 362.29209932 CAS NZ Official StatisticsOne-OffFreeNew ZealandAlcohol
61 Use in New Zealand Comparison Surveys, 1990 & 1998Alcohol & Public Health Research UnitAPHRU report compares the results of regional surveys of drug use, carried out in 1990 and 1998Official StatisticsIrregularFreeNew ZealandDrugs
62 in New Zealand national survey 1998Alcohol & Public Health Research UnitAPHRUOfficial StatisticsIrregularFreeNew ZealandDrugs
63 Ao taru Kino drug use among Maori, 1998Alcohol & Public Health Research UnitAPHRUOfficial StatisticsIrregularFreeNew ZealandCannabis,Drugs,Maori health,Smoking
64 Region : Business and EconomyAuckland CouncilARC Annual plans, region report. 2014Official StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandBusiness ,Local authorities,Regions
65 health in AotearoaAuckland Regional Public Health Service(ARPHS)Based on the 2002/3 New Zealand health surveyOfficial StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandHealth - Asian ethnic group
66 Needs of Asian PeopleMinistry of HealthAsian and migrant health publicationsOfficial StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandHealth - Asian ethnic group
67 and migrant health publicationsNew Zealand Ministry of HealthMOH Publications on health needs, immunisation, and mental health. Select the relevant resource listedOfficial StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandHealth - Asian ethnic group
68 tutorial, Overseas arrivalsStatistics New ZealandSNZ short (1 - 2 minutes) online tutorial for statistics New Zealand web pages, home page, census, table builder, overseas visitor arrival, accommodation and household economic surveyOfficial StatisticsIrregularFreeNew ZealandMigration,Tourism
69 tutorial, Household economic surveyStatistics New ZealandSNZ short (1 - 2 minutes) online tutorial for statistics New Zealand web pages, home page, census, table builder, overseas visitor arrival, accommodation and household economic surveyOfficial StatisticsIrregularFreeNew ZealandPopulation
70 tutorial, Statistics New Zealand websiteStatistics New ZealandSNZ short (1 - 2 minutes) online tutorial for statistics New Zealand web pages, home page, census, table builder, overseas visitor arrival, accommodation and household economic surveyOfficial StatisticsIrregularFreeNew ZealandStatistics
71 tutorial, TableBuilderStatistics New ZealandSNZ short (1 - 2 minutes) online tutorial for statistics New Zealand web pages, home page, census, table builder, overseas visitor arrival, accommodation and household economic surveyOfficial StatisticsIrregularFreeNew ZealandCensus,Housing,Tourism
72 in New ZealandAsthma FoundationStatistics about Asthma in New ZealandOfficial StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandAsthma,Maori health
73 of Auckland economic contribution to the Auckland RegionNew Zealand Institute of Economic ResearchNZIER reportOfficial StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandAuckland,Economy,Education - University of Auckland
74 traffic updatesAuckland International Airport LimitedAIA. Passenger and aircraft movements, and selected demographic figures. From February 2005Official StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandAuckland,Aviation,Transport
75 and economy in AucklandAuckland CouncilAuckland business and economy, trends and innovation Related StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandAuckland,Economy
76 countsAuckland TransportAuckland traffic counts from 2008 -Official StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandAuckland,Traffic counts - Auckland City
77 and empolyment equityNew Zealand Tertiary Education UnionTEC Commentary on University and tertiary salariesRelated StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandEducation - tertiary,Income,Remuneration
78 exchange ratesBank of New ZealandOfficial StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandBanks and banking,Exchange rates,Foreign exchange rates
79 Zealand Internet statisticsAuckland University of TechnologyStatistics New Zealand and Commerce Commission provide links to statistics on New Zealand Internet useRelated StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandInformation technology (IT),Internet
80 Aviation AuthorityCivil Aviation Authority of New ZealandOfficial StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandAviation,Transport
81 status of Maori Children and young people in New ZealandUniversity of Otago2012 Health of Maori and young children in New ZealandRelated StatisticsOne-OffFreeNew ZealandChildren,Health,Maori health,Youth
82's Health Division annual clinical reportsChristchurch District Health Board(CDHB)Official StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandBirths,Health,Women
83 at schoolStatistics New ZealandFrom 2005- , a nationwide online survey for Year 5 - 13 students which provides real, relevant data and classroom activities to enhance statistical enquiry across the curriculumOfficial StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandCensus,Education
84 Zealand socio-economic indexStatistics New ZealandThis report details the New Zealand Socio-economic index.Related StatisticsIrregularFreeNew ZealandCensus,Economy,Labour - occupations,Social wellbeing
85 Zealand Parliament ElectoratesNew Zealand House of RepresentativesProfiles of New Zealand electoral districtsOfficial StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandPublic sector
86 Health of children and young people in Counties ManukauCounties Manukau District Health Board2008 report on children and youth health in Counties Manukau, South AucklandRelated StatisticsIrregularFreeNew ZealandChildren,Deaths - infant mortality,Health,Regions,Youth
87 government dataGuardian News and Media LimitedGovernment Data site enables searching through the government data of the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and New Zealand in one place, and compare country data

Related StatisticsIrregularFreeAustralia,New Zealand,United Kingdom,United States of AmericaGross national product - deflator,Government finance,Government stock yield,Gross domestic product (GDP),Gross domestic product (GDP): Contribution,Gross domestic product (GDP): Real,Gross national product
88 Manukau health statusCounties Manukau District Health BoardCMDHB links to data on the health status of the people of Counties Manukau, including children, diabetes, Maori and Asian peopleRelated StatisticsIrregularFreeNew ZealandChildren,Diabetes,Health,Health - Asian ethnic group,Maori health,Regions
89 Fund International Health Policy Survey of Sicker AdultsCommonwealth Fund2005Related StatisticsIrregularFreeAustralia,Canada,Germany,New Zealand,United Kingdom,United States of AmericaHealth
90 free to air data on New Zealand's electricity marketNew Zealand Electricity IndustryIncluding fixed price contract index, electricity price indexOfficial StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandEnergy
91 Comparison of household spending patterns based on the 1980 and 2008 CPI basketsStatistics New ZealandExamines how consumer spending habits have changed over the past three decades by looking at the differences between the 1980 and 2008 consumers price index (CPI) basketsOfficial StatisticsOne-OffFreeNew ZealandFamilies,Spending,Households
92 Zealand university library statisticsCouncil of University LibrariansCONSUL statistics produced annuallyOfficial StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandEducation - tertiary,Libraries
93 StatisticsDepartment of CorrectionsQuarterly prison statistics for each prison and breakdowns of the prison population Official StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandCrime
94 Poverty Action GroupChild Poverty Action GroupCPAG works to produce evidence about the causes and effects of poverty on children and their familiesRelated StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandChildren,Poverty
95 research and resourcesCreative NZ : Arts Council of New Zealand2011 Summary of survey results of a survey taken every 3 years, which includes Attitudes, attendance and participation. Link to the full report

An earlier edition is available as a printed copy location: General library, Call number: NZP 700.8 K25
Related StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandArt and culture
96 for Cultural Tourism: summary of research findingsCreative NZ2010 Attractions in demand by international and domestic visitorsRelated StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandArt and culture,Tourism
97 for Research Evaluation and Social Assessment Centre for Research Evaluation and Social Assessment CRESA National landlords' survey: preliminary analysis of the data. 2004. Click on Publications & Reports link, then CRESA's Sustainable housing series. (Centre for Research Evaluation and Social Assessment) Includes problems with tenants, frequency of property inspections, conditions placed on tenancies, disadvantages/benefits of rental property ownership, preferred/not preferred tenants, amenities, maintenance patterns. Print copy location: General library, Level M, Call number: S2/NZ BUIrl

Related StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandHousing,Social wellbeing
98 market researchCrockers Property GroupRelated StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandHousing
99 Minerals GroupMinistry of Economic DevelopmentRelated StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandMinerals and metals
100 Trials Research UnitUniversity of AucklandCTRUOfficial StatisticsContinuousFreeNew ZealandHealth,Research and development