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FirmInvestment StageGeographic FocusNon profit and Cooperatives eligible?Min. InvestmentMax. InvestmentAssets Under ManagementInvestment CriteriaSectorsPortfolioExits, Success StoriesContact for entrepreneursSubmit a investment opportunityFundsLimited Partners TypeLimited PartnersHeadquartersKey contactsRequires a seat at the BoardValidation
INCOVenture Capital, Growth CapitalFrance and internationalNon profit ; Cooperatives100,0005,000,000150,000,000- Sales > 100K€
- Nov'ESS : > 3 years and > 6 years for investments >= 1M€
Sector AgnosticLa Varappe, Centimeo, Petit Bain, Vasi, Archer, Alyl, VAE Les 2 Rives, Scopelec, Le Relais, Phitec, Etic, Phénix, Moulinot Compost Biogaz, Bretagne Ateliers, Ethiquable, Sunna, Upcycle, UCPA, Castalie, Fermes de Figeac, Karethic, Café Michel, Lemon Tri, 1001pact, Darwin, YouOrder, Jimini's, RogerVoice, Sineo, Réseau Cocagne, OncoviaN/Afinance@inco-group.cofinance@inco-group.coAviva, CDI, NovESS (co-managed with Mandarine Gestion)Institutional Investors
Aviva, Caisse des Dépôts, Amundi, Thales, Axa, Crédit Coopératif, IRCANTEC, BNP Paribas, Retraites Additionnelles de la Fonction Publique, MNT, BNP Paribas Cardif, Humanis, Corem.
NovESS : Caisse des Dépôts, BNP Paribas, BNP Paribas Cardif, CNP Assurances, Crédit Coopératif, Ircantec, Mutuelle Nationale Territoriale
ParisJean-Michel Lecuyer (CEO)N/ATo be validated
Citizen CapitalVenture Capital, Growth CapitalFranceCooperatives; (Non profit: currently studying eligibility via Social Impact Bonds)1,000,0004,000,00065,000,000- Sales between 1M€ & 50M€
- Impact Business Plan
Sector AgnosticDeuxièmeavis.Fr, Naskeo,, Telegrafik, Open Classroom, Ulule, Business Table,, Bazile, Eat Sushi, Trace, G2J, Certideal3 exits : OpenClassroom, Trace TV, G2JYoussef Belatar – youssef.belatar@citizencapital.frcontact@citizencapital.frCitizen Capital I, Citizen Capital II (closing novembre 2016)Institutional InvestorsEuropean Investment Bank, bpifrance, CNP Assurances, Retraite Additionnelle de la Fonction Publique, Amundi, AG2R La Mondiale, Groupe Agrica, Mirova, SMABTP, Revital'EmploiParisLaurence Mehaignerie (President)
Pierre-Olivier Barennes (CEO)
YesValidated on the 12/02/2018 by Youssef BELATAR, associate @Citizen Capital
Impact PartenairesSeed Capital, Venture Capital, Growth CapitalFrance & EuropeNo100,0004,000,000110,000,000N/AJobs & Skills
Inclusive Education
Circular Economy
Ageing & Disability
Non-exhaustive list: iRaiser, Holding Montessori 21, Comerso, Webforce 3, Hightek Way, Prorobs, Auxi'life, Sabooj, Shopîles, Archideco, Wrung, Centre Est Peintures, Plus Que Parfait, Recyc'matelas Europe, Artère, STS, Urbilog3 Prime, Ecolotrans, Sécuriview, TH ConseilN/A IMPACT croissance 1, IMPACT croissance 2, IMPACT croissance 3, IMPACT création 1, IMPACT création Île-de-FranceInstitutional Investors and IndividualsImpact Création : BNP Paribas, bpifrance, Française des Jeux, European Investment Fund, Ile de France, Revital'Emploi
Other : bpifrance, European Investment Fund, BNP Paribas, Bouygues, Axa Investment Managers, Malakof Mederic, Swen Capital Partners, Crédit Agricole Brie Picardie, Crédit Agricole Centre-Est, FFP, Crédit Agricole Ile de France, Crédit Agricole Aquitaine, CNP Assurances, Ardian, Vivendi
ParisMathieu CornietiN/AValidated by Lara Ngo Van, Project Manager on the 28/06/2019
Alter EquityVenture Capital
Growth Capital
FranceNo500,00010,000,000100,000,000* The activities of the portfolio companies must have a positive impact on environment and/or people, helping to solve social and environmental challenges;

* Portfolio companies also have to be committed to continuous progress in terms of responsible business practices, through the implementation of an ESG Business Plan;

* Sales > 800K€.
Environment : energy efficiency, cleantechs, preservation of natural resources & biodiversity, recycling, reduction of pollution, plant-based chemistry, organic agriculture, biodiversity protection, etc.

People/ Social : education, lifelong learning, employability, culture, fair trade, services to individuals, healthcare, well-being, organic food/ products, etc.
Bo.ho Green, OpenAirlines, Green & Biz, Eficia (ex. ECO GTB), Remade Groupe (ex. Green Creative), NED Energie, Nino Robotics, Sports Etudes Acadmy, InnovaFeed, Wild Code School, Behring, Magic MakersN/AFélix Mounier (Directeur d’Investissement) :
Alter EquityInstitutional Investors, IndividualsBpifrance, Caisse de retraite de la Caisse des Dépôts, BNP Paribas, Predica.ParisFanny Picard (Founder)
Marianne Siméoni (Investment director)
YesValidated on the 19/05/10 by Tania Placido, Office Manager @Alter Equity
ESFIN-GestionSeed Capital, Venture Capital, Growth Capital, Capital transmissionInvess'IDF : Ile de France
IDES, Impact coopératif : France
Non profit ; Cooperatives10,0007,000,000137,000,000N/ASector Agnostic163 Investments :
Equisol : Biocoop République, Biovivéo, ...
IDES : 95 Investments including Citiz, Bioluz, Aquabio, SET, Probiolac, Acted, Simplon
Cooperatives : 15 target investments. Scopelec (Scop réseaux télécom)
Impact Coopératif, Ides, EquisolInstitutional Investors Esfin gestion is a subsidiary company of Crédit coopératif
ESFIN holding:
the fund was created by combining all the investments of Crédit coopératif /health insurance companies (MAIF, MACIF, MATMUT, MAAF et FNMF)
IDES : ESFIN holding (34%), State/PIAESS and CDC (38%), BPCE,...
Equisol : Conseil régional d'Ile de France (46%), Banques coopératives, ...
Impact coopératif : Bpifrance, le Crédit coopératif, la
ParisPascal Trideau (President)N/ATo be validated
Investir &+Venture CapitalFrance ; SpainNo250,0002,500,0009,000,000- Company Age > year
- Proof of concept
- Strong traction or Scaling phase
- Strong growth and scalability potential
Sector Agnostic Yuka, Recyclivre, Sparknews, Deuxiè, Étic, Auticiel, Accès inclusive tech, Les opticiens mobiles,, Les talents d'Alphonse, Hello Charly, Wefight, ClariaHelloAsso, Simplon, Foncière Chênelet
N/AInvestir &+EntrepreneursFamily office Mulliez and SparParisVincent Fauvet, Antoine Michel, François Gazel-Anthoine, Mari KameyamaYesValidated on the 01/01/2019 by Antoine MIchel
Phitrust PartenairesGrowth CapitalFrance, Europe, Africa and South East Asia.N/A200,0001,000,00030,000,000- Strong social impactSector AgnosticFrance : La Varappe, Lemon Tri, Foncière Chênelet, Chênelet SAS ; Etic, Ecodair, Main Forte,, TagPay,
Europe (hors Fr) : PerMicro, Swiss Fresh Water, Ethical Property Europe, Tale Me, Koiki
Afrique / Asie SE : La Laiterie du Berger, Cameroun Breuvages,
Fonds : Amsi, I&P Afrique Entrepreneurs, I&P Développement ; CoopMed, ISF Solidaire, Microfinance Solidaire, Schneider Electric Energy Access, Phitrust Asia,
N/A Davina MacPhail (Investment manager) : davina.macphail@phitrust.comN/APhitust Partenaires, Phitrust Partenaires EuropeInstitutional Investors, Fondations, IndividualsHNWI, CDC, FEI, BNP Paribas, Natixis, Crédit Coopératif, FondationsParisOlivier de Guerre (President)N/AValidated on the 28/09/2018 by Davina MacPhail
XAnge (Siparex)Venture CapitalN/ANo500,00010,000,000N/A- Starting at Series A investmentsTech for good20 Investments as of March 2017: MDoloris Medical Systems, microDon, La Ruche Qui Dit Oui, Arcure, Link Care Service, Amoeba, Examples of exits : Docea (by Intel) Amoeba (IPO), La Ruche Qui Dit Oui Mathias Flattin (Investment manager): Impact (S'FAIR)Institutional Investors, Entrepreneurs,N/AParisAndréas GallN/ATo be validated
France Active InvestissementVenture CapitalFranceNon profit ; Cooperatives5,0001,500,000360,000,000N/ASector Agnostic39 Investments equity investments c. 9,3M as of December 2016 : Rue de l'Echiquier, Rezosocial, Solidarités Nouvelles Contre le Chômage (SNC), La Louve, Enercoop, UCPA, Microdon, ADIE, etc.
The remaining 350m of assets under management are made of quasi-equity loans. Examples : La Ruche Qui Dit Oui, Simplon, etc.
N/ATrouver le fonds territorial le plus proche de chez vous sur (SAS à Capital Variable), INNOV'ESS, FCPIED (managed by Mirova and sourced by France Active)Employee Savings Plan ( 90/10 Fund), Institutional InvestorsSIFA holds 118 mutuals funds managed by 20 General Partners for c.166m€ of AuM.MontreuilJean-Marc ALTWEGG (President)
Clémentine Blazy (Investment Director)
On a case by case basisTo be validated
QuadiaVenture Capital, Growth CapitalEuropeCooperatives1,000,0005,000,000170,000,000- Turnover > 0
- Strong Traction
- Profitable or profitable soon
Renewable Energy
Sustainable food system
Circular products and materials
Aventron, Banque Alternative Suisse, La Ruche Qui Dit Oui, Cavendish Kinetics, Glo, Maven, Orcan Energy, Pakka, Venture South International, Winnow, Olio, Almondgy, Ynsect, Omnum, O'Poisson, INfarm, Beendhi, Farmstand, Bou'Sol, Algrano, Aduna, Compagnie Royale des Indes Orientales, PlairN/Acontact@quadia.chN/AN/AIndividual Investors, family offices, fondations, Institutional InvestorsN/AGenèveGuillaume Taylor - Cofounder & Managing Partner
Aymeric Jung - Managing Partner
On a case by case basisValidated by Marion Schuppe, analyst, on the 5/10/2018
Creas- Creas Impacto : Growth
- Creas Desarrolla : Seed
- Creas Inicia : Venture
- Creas Impacto : Spain (min.80%) & Europe
- Creas Desarrolla : Spain
- Creas Inicia : Spain
N/A- Creas Impacto : 0,5M
- Creas Desarrolla : 25K
- Creas Inicia : 10K
- Creas Impacto : 3M
- Creas Desarrolla : 250K
- Creas Inicia : 25K
30,000,000N/AEducation, Health, Environment, Professional & social inclusion, Social innovationWhatsCine, Koiki, disJob, JumpMath, Sadako, UpSocial, Emzingo, Bluemove, IWOPI, CiviClub, Impact Hub Madrid, Smileat, Sensovida,Bluemove, Impact Hub Madrid, Up Social Luis Berruete (founder) : Creas Impacto
- Creas Desarrolla
- Creas Inicia
N/AFundacion Botin, Telefonica, SaniTrade, SoroMadrid, Spain
Zaragoza, Spain
Luis Berruete - Founder and Director, Pedro J Armentia - Founder and PresidentTo be validated
Engie Rassembleurs d'énergieSeed Capital, Venture Capital, Growth CapitalWorldwideN/A100,0002,000,00050,000,000- Investment duration : 5-7 years
- Minority Investments
- Board seat required
EnergyIn France / Belgium: Habitat et Humanisme, Les Toits de l'Espoir, La Foncière le Chênelet, Living Stones, Estera
In emerging countries :
- Solar home solutions : Simpa, Rural Spark, Ilumexico, PEG, Bboxx, Kingo
- Micro-grids : Mera Gao Power, Husk, CDS
- Cooking solutions and green energy solutions : Biobolsa, Simgas, Green Bio Energy, ATEC
2 exits : Fenix et AusarN/A

FCPE "Solidaire"' ENGIE Rassembleurs d'Energies Flexible, ENGIE Rassembleurs d'Energies S.A.SCorporateENGIEParisAnne Chassagnette (CEO)
Loic de Fontaubert
Schneider Electric Energy AccessSeed Capital, Venture Capital, Growth CapitalWorldwideN/AN/AN/A5,500,000N/AEnergyAmped Innovation, Fenix International, Simpa Networks, SunFunder, Foncière Chênelet, Envie SudEst, Incubethic, LVD EnergieN/AN/AN/AN/ACorporate, Fund of fundsSchneider Electric, Schneider Energie SICAV Solidaire, PhitrustParisChristophe Poline (Sustainable Investments Director)N/ATo be validated
Gaia Impact FundSeed Capital, Venture Capital, Growth CapitalSub Saharian Africa and South East AsiaNo150,0001,000,000NA- Proof of conceptEnergyHybrid Solutions, Solaris Offgrid, Oolu solar, upOwa, Easy Solar, Canopy Power, CandiN/AGuilhem Dupuy
Directeur d'investissement
En ligne
Gaia Impact Fund SASFamily, individualsN/AParisHélène Demaegdt
Managing Partner
YesValidated on 27/02/2019 by Victor Beulque, Investment Officer
DÉFIOBIO (Biocoop)Seed Capital, Venture Capital, Growth CapitalFranceNon Profit ; Cooperatives50,0001,000,0006,000,000Organic Food, Organic Agriculture, Organic Innovative CompaniesFood and AgricultureBioBurger, SolidarMonde, Jean et Lisette, Biogam, Tossolia, Laiterie Lemance, Biocer,No exit neededClément Ben Hammou c.benhammou@biocoop.frN/ADEFIBIOCorporate100% BiocoopParisClément Ben Hammou (Head of Investments - Biocoop SA)YesValided on 06/04/2019 by Clément Ben Hammou
BNP Paribas Asset Management Growth CapitalN/ANon profit ; Cooperatives300,0003,500,00068,000,000- Scale-up of mature social businesses or NGOs
- Company Age > 3 years (generally > 10 years)
- Sales > 10M generally
- The company is or has been profitable
- Equity > 0
Sector AgnosticLa Varappe, Le Relais France, Réseau Cocagne, Wimoov, Adie*, Initiative France*, Phitrust Partenaires*, SIFA*, Foncière Chênelet*, Foncière Habitat et Humanisme*, SNL-Prologues*, SOLIFAP*, Entreprendre pour humaniser la dépendance, Siel Bleu, Café Michel, Darwin-Bastide, ETIC, Foncière Terre de Liens*, ACTED, SIDI, N/AContacts in France :
N/A8 funds dedicated to impact investing, one strategy (5 FCPE, 2 FCP, 1 FPS)Employee Savings Plan, Bank SavingsN/AParisMarie-Geneviève Loys Carreiras (Head of Social Investments). N/ATo be validated
GarrigueVenture CapitalFranceCooperatives20,000100,0002,800,000- Investment Duration 5 - 7 years
- Minority Investments (5-30%)
Sector Agnostic57 Investments, including : Agari Compost, Alg & you, Andines, ApiNapi, Arcadie, Ardelaine, Autonomie & Solidarité, BioEnsemble, BioCoop du Mantois, Bionat, Chaïla, Citiz Besançon, Citiz Provence, Combrailles Durables, Coopaname, Dom'Innov, Ecce Terra, Enercoop, Esis, Ethicphone, Etic, ETS Fontaine, ETS Navarro, Evosense, FADEV, Fleuron Bio, FM2J, Garance, Habitats Solidaires,...N/Acontact@garrigue.net Société Anonyme Coopérative à Conseil d'AdministrationIndividuals (cooperative members)900 cooperative membersParisFrançoise Révellat (President)N/ATo be validated
ECOFI (Crédit Coopératif)Growth CapitalN/ANon profit ; Cooperatives100,000N/A33,000,000Mature organisationsSector AgnosticACTED, Caisse Solidaire NPC, ADIE, SIDI, Croix Rouge Française, BGE Paris Ile de France, EPHD, BGE Sud Ouest, Entrepreneurs du Monde, Breiz, SA Coop Est, BK FUR SOCIALWIRT, SCOP Ethiquable, Société Européenne d'Hotellerie, Basiliade, Main Forte, Forum Réfugiés COSI, Habitats Solidaires, Entrepreneurs du Monde, SOLIFAP, Chantier Ecoles, Accès Reagis, Solidarités international, Scierie Palettes du Littoral, Vacances Tourisme Familles, Pierre Angulaire, Inserim, Le Relais Nord Pas de Calais, Agrovet, Louis BrouillardN/AContact for companies :

Contact for evaluators :
N/AFCP Contrat Solidaire (pur solidaire), Fonds 90/10 : SICAV Choix Solidaire, Confiance solidaireIndividuals, Associations, CorporatesIndividuals, associations, corporatesParisChristophe Couturier - CEON/ATo be validated
Mirova (Natixis)Venture Capital, Growth CapitalFCP IED : France

Non profit ; CooperativesFCP IED : BAO en direct min. 200,000

FCP IED : BAO en direct max 1,000,000

FCP IED : 500M€ including 36M€ dedicated to social impact (10M€ as direct investment + 26M€ in SIFA shares)

FPS : 170M€ including 120M€ dedicated to social impact
All stages except seed
- FPS : N/A
Sector AgnosticExamples : Energie partagée, Enercoop, Ethiquable,, Envie 2e, Moulinot Compsot & Biogaz, Groupe d'IdeesN/
N/AFCP Insertion Emploi Dynamique (IED) - 90/10

FPS Natixis Solidaire - 70% solidaire/30% cash
FCP IED : Open fund; Randail (25% AUM), Institutional Investors (50% AUM) and Employee Savings Plan (25% AUM)

FPS : Fund dedicated to Employee Savings Plan (150 ME à vérifier) and MAIF (20m€ TBC)
N/AParisAlix Faure (Product Manager)
Fabien Léonhardt (Fund Manager)
Emmanuel Gautier (Fund Manager)
N/AFCP IED validated by Fabien Leonhardt (fund manager) on the 20/02/2018

FPS to be validated (Alix Faure)
Renault MobilizSeed Capital, Venture CapitalFrance and internationalN/A50,000500,0003,000,000N/ATransportationAdie,, Clem, The Good Drive, MobilEco, Wimoov, Salvum, Titi Floris, EcovN/A contact@renault-mobiliz.comN/ARenault Mobiliz InvestCorporate, Employee Savings PlanRenault, Employees through the "Renault Mobiliz solidaire" mutual fundBoulogne BillancourtLaetitia SoulerotN/ATo be validated
MAIF Investissement Social Et SolidaireVenture Capital, Growth CapitalFranceN/A150 0001,500,00024,200,000Venture : proof of concept ; strong growth and scalability potential
Growth : Profitable businesses or soon to be profitable with strong growth potential ; growing market
Sector AgnosticMicrodon, Groupe ArcherN/ADirector : Josepha LE REST
Email :
Formulaire en ligne sur : : Anick Valette
Directrice : Josepha Le Rest
Yes if equity investmentTo be validated
Arkéa Capital Investissement (Crédit Mutuel)N/AFrance (regions)No300,0001,000,00020,000,000N/ASector AgnosticStart-up: Cozynergy, Osmia and Algo PaintN/AMorgan Carval (Investment Manager) : morgan.carval@arkea.comContact en ligne : POSITIVE INVESTDotation CorporateARKEA CAPITAL INVESTISSEMENTBrestMorgan Carval, Pierre-Emmanuel BOULICYesValidated by Morgan CARVAL on the 23/01/2018
Colam ImpactSeed Capital, Venture CapitalFrance and internationalNo50,0001,000,000N/A- Proof of concept + Turnover >> 0 for at least one year
- Demonstrated social impact
- Colam is a Family office with investment duration between 5 and 7 years
- Interest from Colam family members to spend time with investees

Energy, Water, Health, Education, Waste Management
Start-up: Deuxiè, UV+SolaireN/Anicolas.jacob@colamimpact.comPar mailColam Impact SAS Capital VariableFamilyHolding Colam Entreprendre (familles Coisne et Lambert)ParisPhilippe de Moustier
Augustin Debiesse
Nicolas Jacob
YesValidated on the 05/03/2018 by Nicolas JACOB, Investment Officer @Colam Impact
Mandarine GestionN/AN/AN/A20,000250,0001,596,251N/ASector AgnosticStart-ups: MicroDon
Property companies : Habitat & Humanisme, Habitats Solidaires, SNL-PROLOGUES, Terre de Liens, Solifap (Fondation Abbé Pierre)
Investment funds and & incubators : Autonomie & Solidarité, Bretagne Capital Solidaire, CDI Investments, SIFA, Les Boutiques de Gestion
N/APatrick Savadoux :
Augustin Vincent, ESG analyst :
N/AFCPR Mandarine
Capital Solidaire,
Nov'ESS (partnership with Le comptoir de l'innovation)
Institutional Investors, individuals, Employee Savings PlanN/AParisChristophe Deconinck (Head of Social Investments)N/ATo be validated
PlaneticN/AFranceNo0100,000400,000- Planetic is a Startup Studio, interested entrepreneurs should be ready to partner up with Planetic
- The company shouldn't be created yet
Food and AgricultureAlterMassage, Planetic Lab (incubateur), Projets en cours : BIOTA, HeyJool, Tuto.schoolN/Ab.dhardemare@planetic.orgN/AOpen-end company acting as a Seed Capital Fund (ESUS and Finansol accreditations)Startup StudioAssociate EntrepreneursParisBenjamin d'HardemareLe Conseil des entrepreneurs rassemble les entrepreneurs engagés dans PlaneticValidated on the 21/02/2018 by Benjamin d'HARDEMARE, Founder @Planetic
Autonomie & SolidaritéSeed Capital, Venture Capital, Growth Capital, Capital transmissionNorthern FranceN/A075,00014,000,000- Companies that rely mainly on economic activity (and not on subsidies)
- Investment Duration : 5 years
- Portfolio companies benefit from a network of 100 skilled volunteers
Employment365 investments since inception. The current portfolio is made of 130 investments; c.30 investments p.a over 100 selected start-ups Capital FundSocially Responsible Savings, Institutional Investors30 % of Institutionals
70% of Individuals
LilleBruno Dupont (President)N/ATo be validated
Nef Capital PatientN/AN/AN/A50,000500,000En cours de levée de fondsN/ASector AgnosticN/AN/Alanef@lanef.comNef Capital Patient website : FundraisingN/AN/AVaulx-en-VelinN/AN/AValidated by Olivier Torrente on the 5/11/2017
Amundi Finance & SolidaritéVenture Capital, Growth CapitalFranceNon profit ; CooperativesN/AN/A221,110,000N/AMostly Employment and Social Housing34 investments including Adie, Agrisud, Autonomie et solidarité, Bretagne Ateliers, Chênelet, Cresus, Entreprendre pour Humaniser la Dépendance, Entrepeneurs du monde, Etic, Forest Finance, France Beguinage, Grameen Crédit Agricole, Habitat et Humanisme, Initiative France, Insertion Cohabitat, Laiterie du berger, La Varappe, Le Comptoir de l'innovation, Le Relais, MiiMOSA, Môm'arte, Multicap Services, One Heart, Résid'Social, SIDI, Siel Bleu, Sifa, Simplon, SNL-Prologues, Solifap, Terre de Liens, MyretailboxN/ADirector : Mathieu Azzouz
N/AFPS Finance et SolidaritéSocially Responsible Savings, Life insurance, Amundi Group and IndiviualsN/AParisMathieu AzzouzN/ATo be validated
HerrikoaVenture Capital, Growth Capital, Capital transmissionFrance (Pays Basque)N/A50,000N/A5,000,000- Headquartered in Pays Basque
- Committed to create or save employment locally
- Viable and sound projects
Sector Agnostic82 investments N/AGabrielle Chevrat: gac@sokoa.com, Région Nouvelle Aquitaine, Communauté d'Agglomération Pays Basque, CCI Bayonne-Pays Basque, BPI FranceMajority of individualsAnglet (France 64600)gac@sokoa.comN/ATo be validated
InventuresVenture Capital, Growth CapitalEuropeN/A250,00020,000,00065,000,000Companies must look for a coinvestment from a crowdequity platformSector Agnostic3D-Side, Turbulet, Univercells, Fluigent, Shiftmeapp, OncoDNA, Social Stock Exchange, Aproplan, Acarup, Opinum, Domoscio, Zencar, Santech, Elysia Raytest, Domobios, YouScribe,, AucteliaN/Ainfo@inventures.fund I (Venture)
Inventures II (Growth)
N/AN/ABrusselsOlivier de Duves - Managing Partner and Head of Investment ServicesN/ATo be validated
Ananda Impact VenturesSeed Capital, Venture Capital, Growth CapitalEurope, with a focus on DACH (Germany, Australia and Switzerland) and the UKN/A500,0007,000,00080,000,000N/ASector AgnosticAuticon, Third Space Learning, Company Bike Solutions, Arbor, IESO Digital Health, Insane Logic, Deutschland Rundet AUF, Kunterbunt, Little Bird, Media4Care, Repositive, Resq Club, Verbavoice, Vitabook, Careship, Action for Children, Hometouch,, Talea, Raremark, Open Bionics, MikaMealsaver (acquired by ResQ Club), Little Bird GmbH (acquired by Russmedia International)N/Ahelpmegrow@ananda.vc3 funds as of October 2018Institutional, Private InvestorsThird fund: European Investment Fund, Big Society Capital, The BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, and several private investorsMunich and LondonFlorian Erber, Managing Partner and FounderN/A
DOEN ParticipatiesVenture CapitalWorldN/A50,000500,000129,000,000Sector Agnostic65 equity investments + 11 fund investments. Portfolio: Seepje, Bboxx, Aqua-Spark, Jack Bean, Loop.a life, Fairphone, ZonnepanelenDelen, De Prael, Aectual, Landlife Company, MDIF, Koeckebackers, 3D-Hubs, BPI East Africa, GreenHome, Selco, BPI Southern Africa, Finch Buildings, ProCredit Holding, ResponsAbility Ventures, Chocolate Makers, Ecovative Designs, Tendris, ZeeWaar, Black Bear Carbon, Rockstart Smart Energy, SunData, Triple Solar, Volgroen, Taxi Electric, Rendiz, Rockstart, Climate Netural Group, RotterZwam, Borges 3D, ONergy, Bundles, Freyr, WeGo, Rural Spark, De Koekfabriek, Bio-Beans, Vigga, Fontier Markets, InReturn Capital, Wevolver, Simpa Networks, InspirafarmsN/Alinda@doen.nlN/APhilanthropic, InstitutionalDutch Postcode Lottery, the BankGiro Lottery and the FriendsLottery.AmsterdamDaan Laméris - Team ManagerN/ATo be validated
ETF PartnersLate Stage Venture Capital, Venture CapitalUK, EuropeN/A2,000,00010,000,000250,000,000N/A- Smart Industry
- Smart cities
- Smart energy
20 investments, including Cloud&Heat, Corporater, Eagle Genomics, ELeather, Flyability, Greenbird, Kebony, Metalysis, Movinga, Perpetuum, Phenix, QOS Energy, Telensa, Voltea, Vulog, Wirepass, Worldsensing, ZeeloEnablon, MWR, 4energyinfo@etfpartners.capitalN/A2 fundsN/AN/ALondonArne Morteani - ETF PartnerN/ATo be validated
Nesta Impact InvestmentVenture Capital
Growth Capital
UKAll legal structures (charities to companies limited by shares)150,0001,000,00017,000,000- Product that has been tested with evidence of impact and revenue generation
- Measurable impact (increase in number of elder people participating in economic life for instance)
- Sustainable communities
- Youth and employement
- Elderness
Arbor, CogBooks, ffrees, FuturoGov, Synopsis, GetMyFirstJob, Oomph!, reconnections, ThirdSpaceLearning, SumdogAI Media, Digital Access, Movellas, Elstub (CIO)OftenTo be validated
seed capital
Venture Capital
Growth Capital
Spain (Biscay)No60,000300,000N/A- Registered address and one plant or office in Biscay.
- It must be an SME
- Financial participation of the project promotion group: at least 25% of the share capital.
- Minimum share capital: €90,000.
- Industries covered: we will not invest in: financial institutions, real estate or marketing companies.
- The companies must be up to date with all tax and social security obligations.
Education, health, environment, professional & social inclusion
Aparka Mobility Global, Insulcloud, Koiki Home, Evolv Rehabilitation Technologies, Urbegi Inserción, Kunsthal Koop. Elk.N/Aseedcapitalbizkaia@bizkaia.eusN/A- Fund I (seed fund)
- Fund BI (development fund)
- FEIS ( Entrepreneurship and social innovation fund)
- MIKRO (Development of microfinance)
Public sectorBiscay Regional Council’s Department of Economic Development and InnovationBilbao, SpainN/AN/ATo be validated
Fundación Ship2BSeed capitalSpainN/A- Impact Equity : 50K
- Equityforgood : 40K
- Impact Equity : 100K
- Equityforgood : 400K
4,000,000N/ASustainablity, education, social inclusion, infrastructure Quida, Adan Medical, Boolino, Dental residency, Ciclogreen, MJN Neuroserveis, Visualfy, Neki, Koiki, CebiotexN/Aship2b@ship2b.orgN/A- Impact Equity S.L. (0,5M)
- Equity4Good S.L. (4M)
- Impact Equity : family offices & business angels
- Equityforgood : Impact Equity S.L. & FEI
European Investment FundMadrid, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
N/AN/ATo be validated
Qualitas Equity PartnersAllSpainN/A500,0003M3,000,000,000- Growth Stage
Sustainability (energy, water & waste products), education, social inclusion, well-being
Auara, Un Inicio, Menorca 2020N/Ainfo@qualitasequity.comN/AQ ImpactN/AN/AMadrid, SpainJavier Olaguibel, Investment Director, Q ImpactN/ATo be validated
Meridia CapitalGrowth CapitalSpain, focus on Barcelona 100,000250KEducation, health & technologyinfo@meridiacapital.comN/AMnext Venture
IndividualsSpainTo be validated
Bethnal Green VenturesSeed CapitalUKNoN/A20 000 £29 M £3 month intensive support programme to help launch and grow early stage startups with ambition to scale and impact millions of lives :
- 20 000£ in exchange of 6% equity
- intensive three-month programme of workshops
Tech for goodEduKit, DrDoctor, GoodGym, How Do I, Air Public, Chatterbox, etc.Fairphonehello@bethnalgreenventures.comN/A- Nesta
- Nominet Trust
- Big society capital
LondonNoTo be validated
Gawa Capital - GAWA Microfinance Fund : South America, Africa & Asia
- Global Financial Inclusion Fund : South America & Asia
N/AN/AFinancial inclusion, financing, professional & social inclusiveness, gender & agriculture
info@gawacapital.comN/A- GAWA Microfinance Fund
- Global Financial Inclusion Fund
- GAWA Microfinance Fund : family offices, religious institutions, foundations, HNWI, SMEs, HNWI
- Global Financial Inclusion Fund : family offices, religious institutions, foundations, funds of funds, SMEs, Collective investment institutions, funds management companies, Spanish state (ICO as a representant of AECID)
Madrid, SpainTo be validated
Bridges Fund ManagementVenture Capital
Growth Capital
UK, USYes2,000,00020 M £1 bn £High-growth businesses
4 funds : Growth Businesses, Social Business, Property funds, Social Impact Bonds
Majority and minority stake
Healthcare, Education, Environment, Sustainable Livings, Undeserved MarketsImpact Food Group, Just Ask, World of Books, Vegetarian Express, Viva Gym, Alina Homecare, The Hub Pharmacy, Wholebake, the VetN/Ainfo@bridgesfundmanagement.comN/A- Bridges Evergreen Holdings (50 M £)
- Bridges Sustainable Growth Fund (80 M £)
N/AHSBC, Citygroup, etc.LondonN/AN/ATo be validated
Somos Rezinkers Growth CapitalSpainN/A25,00030,000N/AN/AEducation, health, professional & social inclusivenessN/AN/AN/AN/AN/APrivate investorMaría Sendagorta Ana SerranoSpainN/ATo be validated
Mustard SeedSeed Capital, Venture Capital, Growth CapitalUK, Portugal, EuropeN/A150,0003,000,000N/Abusiness and impact outcomes in lockstepEconomic inclusion, education, health, resource efficiency, family and community.What3Words, Tab, Winnow, Mush, Rubies, Stuffstr, AtoCap, Beulah, Switchee, Knok, Olio, Skin Analytics, Lifecake, Edukasyon, Hype Labs, Hire Hand, Food Clubs, Rapido, Fenton & CoN/A
N/AMustard Seed Venture Fund (London), Mustard Seed Maze (Lisbon)N/ABig Society Capital among othersLondon, LisbonN/ATo be validated
Big Issue InvestSeed Capital, Venture Capital, Growth CapitalUKYes20,0003,000,000170,000,000Advising communities, Collage Arts, MoneylineSocial Enterprises
Good employment promotion
New affordable housing
To be validated
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Impact funds to be added:
PEC Asset Management (basé à Genève, spécialisé sur l'Afrique)
Pymwymic (club d'investisseur qui s'est institutionnalisé, basé au Pays-Bas)
Persistent Energy Capital (Zurich, New York ...)
Schneider Electric Energy Access
Triodos Organic Growth Fund
DS Participations (Didier Superbielle)
Saviu Ventures
Angel Square Ventures
Future Positive Capital
Big Society Capital
Esmée Fairbairn
Social Finance
Numbers for Good
Bristol & Bath regional capital
Social Stock Exchange
Big issue invest
The FSE Group
Cuanimen Fund - Gala Capital
To be reviewed:
Spacehive (crowdfunding)
ClearlySo (financial advisory and assistance in raising capital)
Investing for good (structuring social bonds)