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I've noticed a lot of trolling and flaming in game, forums and Reddit /r/swtor. I'd like to encourage the nice people to speak up and help make this a great community TY, DorjeeVajra.Most of the Info on here is 4.0 so some may not be relevant anymore but there should still be a lot of information that is still relevant or can be used as a referance point. Maybe some of the older info can be used as templates for new info with updated stats. Remeber to give credit to original creator when continuing someones work
Happy to see people still using this. Anyone want to take over this project? Please contact me at reddit. -->
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My SWTOR Referal link ~ DorjeeVajraMy Referal LinkReferal BenefitsReferal FAQsSpecial Thanks to those who have used my referal code, hope you are enjoying the game and the guides.Not necessary but if you would like to help me out clik on my Swtor Referal Link. Cheers ~ DorjeeVajra
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The Ultimate Guide of Guides for SWTOR 2018 (4/42018)5.0+Guides4/4/2018LinkSwtoristaDorjeeThis is a recent Ultimate Collection of Guides formated by Swotorista / LadyAdmiral. It is a collection of some of the latest guides available.
Swtorista.com5.0+Great source6/18/2018LinkSwtoristaDorjeeMade by one of the Mods at SWTOR Reddit. SWTORISTA. Good source of up to date info.
vulkk.com5.0+Great source6/19/2018LinkKinguinDorjeeNice up to date guides 5.0+
Rambol.net5.0+Great source10/202018LinkRambolDorjeeNice up to date guides 5.0+
12 5.0+Great source10/26/2015LinkDulfyDorjeeNice up to date guides 5.0+
Google Sheets Visual Tutorial
Google Sheets 101
(Picture tutorial on how to use Google Docs)
ReadyTutorial10/26/2015LinkDorjeeDorjeeI am sure there are some of you that are new to Google docs don't worry. This sheet will take you through an easy to follow picture tutorial of the various functions of google docs starting with the most basic things and progressing to the more advanced things.
Links to Guides, Sources and other Spreadsheets.
Class - Guide LinksReady 4.0Class10/26/2015LinkDorjeeDorjeeList of great Class Specific guides. Please help add more.
Crew Skill - Guide LinksReady 4.0Crew Skill10/26/2015LinkDorjeeDorjeeList of great Craft Specific guides. (Not filled yet) Please help add more.
Companion - Guide LinksReady 4.0Companions10/28/2015LinkDorjeeDorjeeList of great Companion guides. Please help add more.
GSF - Galactic Starfighter - Guide LinksReady 4.0Sapce Combat1/28/2016LinkDorjeeDorjeeList of great GSF - Galactic Starfighter guides. Please help add more.
Events - Guide Links Ready 4.1Events1/28.2016LinkDorjeeDorjeeList of great SWTOR Event guides. Please help add more.
KOTFE Story - Guide Links ( Spoiler Alerts )Ready 4.0KOTFE Story2/11/2016LinkDorjeeDorjeeList of KOTFE Story Guides. Spoiler alert do not look at these if you do not want to know what happens in the story lines.
Miscellaneous Guide - LinksReady 4.0General10/26/2015LinkDorjeeDorjeeList of great Miscellaneous guides for the game. Some of the guides / sources are pre 4.0 but still relevant. Just look at the patch note for content that is pre or post 4.0. Please help add more.
Source - LinksReady 4.0Source10/26/2015Link DorjeeDorjeeList of websites providing content for Swtor. Please help add more.
Spreadsheet - LinksReady 4.0Spread Sheet10/26/2015LinkDorjeeDorjeeList of links to other SWTOR spreadsheet collections. Please help add more.
Spreadsheets and Tables
4.0 Class Guide to all 24 Disciplines, Stats and GearingReady 4.0Class11/9/2015LinkLinksolowookieDorjeeThis has tables for all 24 class variations, showing the best ammounts of and types of Augments, Enhancements and Crystals for your gear according to the rolls of DPS, Healer or Tank. It also has DPS and Heal stat comparisons between appropriate classes. These tables were created from Optimal Stats for all 24 Discipline guide listed above. Makes it easier to view and digest the information.
Companion Gift Likes Table 4.0.2 (Easy Flow)Ready 4.0.2Companions10/26/2015LinkDorjeeDorjeeTable of what Companions like for gifts, Has all available companions also has hyperlinks giving more detail on each companion such as stats. Links on how to obtain Companions received from Packs, Contratcs or Missions.
Crew Skill - Materials List (Table) 4.1
Has images of materials and info links for each material.
Ready 4.1Crew Skill2/11/2016LinkDorjeeDorjeeThis is a table which shows Materials gathered from Gathering and Mission crew skills as well as sold by vendor and crafted by Craft Skills. All materials have images and hyperlinks which show what items are made with that material. There is also a UF (Used For) column that shows what Craft skills use that item.
Crew Skill - What Skill Makes What (3 Tables) alphabetical order.Ready 4.0Crew Skill1/11/2016LinkDorjeeDorjeeWhat Skill Makes What.. Conatins 3 tables in alphabetical order; by Item, by crew skill and by type.
Crew Skill - Mission Discoveries Table 4.0 ( Images and Hyperlinks )Ready 4.0Crew Skill1/26/2016LinkDorjeeDorjeeA table that shows what Mission Discovies are available for each crewskill. Contains images from and Hyperlinks to more information @ Created by DorjeeVajra
Bounty Contract Event Tracker @ Guide LinksReady 4.0Events1/27/2016LinkLinkDorjeeDorjeeThis is a Tracker for the Bounty Contract event it also has Achievent Table and Guide Links. Created by DorjeeVajra
Showcased Sources
(Some of the best SWTOR Sources)
Swtorista.com5.0+Great source6/18/2018LinkDorjeeMade by one of the Mods at SWTOR Reddit. SWTORISTA. Good source of up to date info.
vulkk.com5.0+Great source6/19/2018LinkDorjeeNice up to date guides 5.0+
39 5.0+Great source10/26/2015LinkDorjee
Rambol.net5.0+Great source10/202018LinkDorjee
TORCommunity.comActiveGreat source10/26/2015LinkDorjee
42 ActiveGreat source10/27/2015LinkDorjee
43 ActiveGreat source10/28/2015LinkDorjee
44 AcitveGreat source10/26/2015LinkDorjee
Tor FashionActiveFashion11/1/2015LinkDorjeeTOR Fashion is a visual database for all of the armor sets, weapons, mounts, pets, color crystals, Galactic Starfighter customizations, companion customizations, dyes, emotes, and toys.
Tor DecoratingActiveStronhold11/1/2015LinkDorjeeTor Decorating: Tor Decorating is a visual database of all the decorations available in the game. In-depth details, maps videos for all strongholds There are also guides on Conquest crafting
SWTOR SWTOR Community Guides and Resources -
SWTORCG (3.0) ~ Pre 4.0
Still 3.0
Great source10/26/2015LinkDorjeeDorjeeThis is the original version of this sheet. Altho a lot of the information is Pre 4.0 there is still good information there that is still relvant to the new changes. I am converting a lot of the Pre 4.0 tables there and bringing them here after they are converted to reflect the new changes.
Submit information using a form.
SWTORCGR Input Form - For people to submit links easily
if they are not familiar with spreadsheets.
ActiveForm to submit information.11/10/2015LinkDorjeeDorjeeThis form was created to provide an easy way for people to share links with the community, that are not so familiar with spreadsheets. The information automatically gets added to the SWTORCGR Form Responce sheet.
SWTORCGR Form Responces -
SWTORCGR Form Responce Sheet
ActiveResults from the Live Form11/10/2015LinkDorjeeDorjeeAll information provided by the community by filling out the SWTORCGR Form automatically gets added to this sheet. At some point I or a Colaborator / Moderator will add the information to the appropriate area.
Add New Content Below - All Ranges above are protected from edit. I will move new content people add into the protected range as I have time.
Contact Info ~ DorjeeVajraSome sheets are still 3.0 and will state so untill they have been updated to reflect 4.0 changes they have been copied over as a template.
Contact @ sends me a message to my email best method.Most Pages on the far right will have three tables for, List of contributors (add your name if you help in any way filling info making corrections etc...), Comments, Change Notes.
Contact @ via message.This will be a lot of work for one person to do in a timely manner so please help, adding 4.0 Info, make corrections and such.
Remember it's a community effort, the more all of us share the more we all benefit. Thank You.
Contact @ via message
My Referal Link if you would like to help me out. :)Due to a large amount of accidental breaks areas of sheets already filled will be protected from edit. New content may be added below the protected areas.
Welcome to SWTOR Community Guides - SWTORCG 4.0.

This is an Open Source Community Spreadsheet Collection for the players of SWTOR, Star Wars The Old Republic MMO Game.

My SWTOR forums name is DorjeeVajra I also use this name at,, and a few other SWTOR sites, if you ever need to contact me. I normally start sheets like this when I start to play a game I really like so I can organize information I find as I learn and so I can share what I find with other players so they can get the most out of the game.

I reach out to the community and let them know about this collection so they can use it and also so they can share their knowledge with the community as well. Feel free to use and share the information you find here with your guilds and friends.

If you find any cool guides or bits of information or if you have created some guides, sheets, tools please share them with us. You can add links in the appropriate areas add a sheet to this collection. If you are not sure how to add things you can reach me at any of the contact sources and I will be happy to add them for you as well as giving you credit for contributing that infoirmation.

The more people share with the community here, the more people use this community resource. As more people use it the more likely some of them will contribute information, guides, tools, sheets,etc.

Due to the ammount of accidental breaks on the sheet I have put protective measures in the areas that are completed, this means people cant accidently overwrite information as they are navigating the sheets. The areas that are blank below the completed areas are open for edit meaning you can add information make changhes to the sheets in those areas. When I notice that new information has been added I then protect that information as well so people can't change it. You can add new sheets to the sheet and have full edit functions over the sheets you add if you want those sheets protected just let me know and I can make the necessary adjustments.

If you are new to google sheets I made a Google Docs 101 page where I add links to some basic google tutorials or I make some with pictures. There isnt a lot there yet but it will grow. Ive add a few to start to at least get you some of the basics enough to navigate through the sheets. It doesn't take long to learn how to navigate.

If you are experienced with google sheets and would like to help improve the sheets appearance, function, make corrections, protect information that is added by people. Contact me and I can give you elevated Colaborator status that will let you make changes to the protected areas.

Remember this is a community project contributions are not necessary but the more people share the more we all benefit as a whole.

Remember if you have information you want to share but don't know how to add it to the sheet just contact me and I can do that for you.

You can also help out by letting others know about this community resource let your friends and guilds know. If people are asking for help in game you can tell them to google SWTOR Community Guides, hopefully soon they can just google SWTORCG.

If you have a great website please add it on the SWTOR Sources Page or contact me. If you have a SWTOR website please mention us so we can get exposuer and reach more players.

If anyone has any suggestions on improving this project let me know.

If you need help using the sheets let me know.

Cheers have fun,
Comments: Leave any comments you wish to make here.
Hey could you maybe release some PvPGuides/ - How to Gear, How to play etc. ?
How about a guild managers 101? Like everything you need to know about guilds and how to run them.
is nothing set up for 5.0? I just got back and cant find any guides for my spec :(
Have you checked the class guides page? most of that stuff should still be relavent. I don't play anymore asked on reddit if someone wanted to take over no one replied yet