TimestampWhat is the name of your Cape concept?What is your name?What is the e-mail address for queries?What is the concept and key features?What is the development phase?What is the purchase/information URL?
12/16/2011 10:14:37WeatherstationKoen Kooikoen@dominion.thruhere.netA cape with that can measure temperature, barometric pressure and ambient light. It has turned out to be similar to
12/16/2011 10:31:33Webradio CapeAnthony Harivelanthony.harivel@gmail.comThe cap feature an Audio Codec compatible with Linux and a output bus such as SPI for an LCD and some IO's for buttons.
And all in all, this made an awesome Webradio !
12/16/2011 10:49:06TriCape0Ross Morrisonross@newsink.comCape breakout board with on board 32bit PIC(TM) microcontroller. The PIC interfaces to the AM3359 via a SPI interface. The PIC is interfaced to a NXP RTCC with battery backup. The LCD lines from the AM3359 are routed to a 2mm pitch 50 pin header which enable connection to LCD personality boards we have built (Newhaven 320x240 and Optrex 800x480). This cape is primarily designed to provide user interface functionality to the Beaglebone.In-development or
12/16/2011 11:17:23FPGA V1.5Special Computinginfo@specialcomp.comXilinx Spartan 3A 200Kgate FPGA connected directly to the BeagleBone expansion connector signals for GPMC bus, SPI0 and I2C2. There are two pushbuttons and three diagnostic LED lamps with 24 FPGA I/O signals available on a pin
12/16/2011 11:31:37BeagleBone BreadboardBeagleBoardToyscustomer@beagleboardtoys.comThe BeagleBone Breadboard is designed to provide a simple but productive prototyping space. This prototyping cape is equipped with a patterned prototyping area, two general LED’s, two tactile switches, one 8-pin female header and two stackable 46-pin connectors. LED’s and switches are wired to an 8-pin header for convenient access. There are cutbacks for the Ethernet connector as well as LED’s and reset button on the BeagleBone board. The 46-pin headers are stackable so users won’t have to worry about losing this feature. With each purchase including an adhesive solderless breadboard and jumper wire kit (140 pieces in 14 different lengths), the BeagleBone Breadboard offers users a powerful prototyping tool without the needs of soldering.Production
12/16/2011 11:32:32BeagleBone Breakout CapeBeagleBoardToyscustomer@beagleboardtoys.comThe BeagleBone Breakout provides easy access to the BeagleBone components and test points during troubleshooting processes. BeagleBone’s are great with its stackability. However, when it comes to troubleshooting, access to some test points and components on the top side of BeagleBone and bottom side of the stacking capes are very limited. The BeagleBone Breakout cape solves this problem by separating BeagleBone and its cape. There are two cutouts on the breakout cape, and each cutout is equipped with a set of two 46-pin connectors. One connector set is for the BeagleBone board, whereas the other is for its capes.Production
12/16/2011 11:33:19BeagleBone DVI-D CapeBeagleBoardToyscustomer@beagleboardtoys.comThe DVI-D cape provides a DVI-D interface for BeagleBone boards. This board features a standard HDMI connector, which can be connected to a DVI-D monitor using a HDMI-to-DVI-D cable. When purchasing the BeagleBone DVI-D cape, customers have an option of adding the audio features to the cape. The BeagleBone DVI-D cape with audio features will include Audio In and Audio Out ports.Production
12/16/2011 11:36:06BeagleBone LCD CapeBeagleBoardToyscustomer@beagleboardtoys.comThe BeagleBone LCD is a top-level cape with touchscreen capability for BeagleBone boards. The top side of this cape features a TFT LCD screen, which can display up to 800x480 resolution, a resistive touchscreen, and four general buttons. The bottom side of the BeagleBone LCD leaves space for two sets of connectors and two more buttons. The set of male connectors is used to mount the BeagleBone board, and the female connectors are reserved for other BeagleBone capes. This LCD cape uses 16 LCD data signals and 4 LCD control signals on the expansion headers.Prototype
12/16/2011 14:53:46FlyingBoneJacek Radzikowskijacek.radzikowski@gmail.comProto board for BeagleBone. To make prototyping of new devices easier, the board can be equipped with an eeprom storing information about pin muxing.
OpenSource hardware design
12/17/2011 9:37:46Protection CapeAlistair of RF isolators and jumpers to enable voltage protection at high performance, protecting the Beaglebone.Concept
12/19/2011 12:59:10Dual Stepper Motor ControlDoug Boonebeagleboard@googlegroups.comUses dual TI DRV8825 and TI430 for real time embedded control. Receives I2C commands and set up data from BeagleBone J9 (19,20,29,30,31,32)
provides PWM microstepping motor drive with micro stepping indexer. Five bit winding current control provides 32 current levels, up to 2.5 A max at Externally provided 8 to 45 volt. Nchannel MOSFET dual H bridge drivers for bipolar stepper motors. Home and limit switch lines opto isolated.
12/19/2011 14:21:08Adafruit Proto Cape KitAdafruitbeagleboard@googlegroups.comAdd some circuitry to your Beagle Bone with our lovely Proto Cape. If you have a 'Bone you need one of these! This PCB fits neatly on top of a Beagle Bone, without getting in the way of the Ethernet jack, and provides a breakout to both 46 pin headers - with individual numbering to keep them straight. We also threw down some strips to access the 5V and 3V power supplies as well as two SMT breakouts, one for SOIC-8's and one for SOT-23's. Production
12/20/2011 1:12:41Bone sensor capeJoel Fernandesagnel.joel@gmail.comA board that comes with the most commonly used sensors - temp, pressure, humidity, light etc and an easy way to display readings on a 1.8" spi tft lcd display.

Also featuring 4 seven segment leds and buttons for additional control and display.
In-development or review
12/22/2011 14:03:38BBT-DisplayPaul Marshallbeaglebone@clanm.netThis cape was originally intended as a HMI and sensor interface for a advanced HVAC zone system but can be used for much more.

Primary feature is a 4.3" 480x272 TFT display with resistive touch but the PCB is ready for the following:

* TMP275 temperature sensor
* SHT21 Temperature/humidity sensor
* Ambient light sensor
* 4 pin I2C 0.1" header (VDD, VSS, SDA, and SCL) for additional sensors.
* 6 GPIO controlled LEDs
* RS485
* Back side 6-pin connector for RS485 signals along with +5V & GND

12/27/2011 4:52:51Tenet Technetronics's Beaglebone Capes ramram@tenettech.com1) Protoshield for the beaglebone : Bread board working area for the beaglebone.
2) Load cell breakout for beaglebone
3) Thermal printer interface for beaglebone
4) Motor cape for running DC motors
5) Relay cape for home automation
6) SPI LCD cape (still testing)
7) RF (UART based) cape for Beaglebone
8) LED Matrix cape for beaglebone
9) Bluetooth cape for Beaglebone
10) Beaglebone Bot (Robotic plug and play cape for beaglebone)
12/27/2011 20:21:05Universal Motor DriverRene vd Vossenbergr.vandeVossenberg@upcmail.nlThis is a feature request,

How about a Cape for a Stepper/Servo/DC-AC motor
You should be able to add an "unlimited" amount of Capes on a beagle and address them seperatly.
Perhaps through USB using a hub to save IO pins (for eg sensors)
Perhaps connect them together in a serial way using connectors
or any other way

Motor Power should not be drawn from the board but externaly supplied so it supports high end motors. (Relais??).

Anything you want "moving"
Industrial Machines
CNC devices
Models (train, car etc)

Such a feature would be a selling point for me (and a lot of others)

PS as far as I know there isn`t any Motor Driver for beagle yet.
If you know any please inform me
Feature Request
12/27/2011 21:51:06BeagleBone NAND memory CapeHenrynandbone@gmail.comThis cape is designed to interface NAND memory to BeagleBone. The cape is equipped with an 8-bit NAND IC, jumper to allow boot from NAND. 16-bit memory can be used. There is also an option for SPI Serial Flash IC.Prototype
12/28/2011 0:06:11FalcoreDavid Elromdavid.elrom@gmail.comA cape intended for UAV applications. Would include 3d accel. 3d. gyro. and 3d magnetometer, at the very least. Perhaps also include:
(or perhaps two versions will exist)
12/30/2011 19:42:07HDMI and 4x SPDIFD for high end audio applications.

1x HDMI output OR LVDS
1x Touch screen header
4x stereo SPDIF header connected to McASP0 in DIT mode
(maybe an option to have a variant with i2s headers)

Currently working out the various pin mux settings to see if this is actually possible. I believe mcasp0_axr* on D12,V4,C12,C13 are available for the SPDIF.

The SPDIF out will initially be direct from McASP0 in DIT mode with a line driver on each port. We will measure output jitter and take a view if we need to use a higher quality transmitters like 4x WM8804.

ALSA patches to follow for up to 8-ch 24-bit 96khz output.
1/1/2012 5:46:58DMX capeWim Van Goolwim@phyx.be3 DMX universes with opto isolation.In-development or review
1/1/2012 17:47:16Power CapeCraig Berscheidtcraig.berscheidt@gmail.comJust a stacking cape with a Li-po cell connected to the PMIC expansion port. All pins will be brought through, including the PMIC expansion to allow access to the backlight pins. Possibly an advanced version (Power Cape Plus) will include a fuel gauge IC accessible via the I2C
1/10/2012 13:32:36BeagleBone Serial CapeBeagleBoardToyscustomer@beagleboardtoys.comProvides CANBus, ProfiBus, and RS232 interfaces for BeagleBoneIn-development or review
1/10/2012 13:35:46BeagleBone Battery CapeBeagleBoardToyscustomer@beagleboardtoys.comA cape that is used to power BeagleBone and can also be rechargableIn-development or review
1/10/2012 13:38:17BeagleBone LCD Lite CapeBeagleBoardToyscustomer@beagleboardtoys.comProvides a 3.5" LCD interface for BeagleBone. This cape is also capable of touchscreen. This is a smaller version of the BeagleBone LCD Cape.In-development or review
1/12/2012 8:27:16Can CapeTower Technologiesinfo@towertech.itMultiple channels CAN bus capeProduction
1/16/2012 5:00:12NavTimCapeMichele Bavaroinfo@onetalent-gnss.comCape for precise navigation and timing, using the most advanced GNSS receivers in the martket, and possibly other sensors such as pressure (for altitude) and gyros (for short term heading).Prototype
1/17/2012 4:22:53oteros2000Antoniodev@satelspain.comI want to use a BeagleBone for one of my
2/2/2012 1:54:19RadarcapeGuenter Koellner (dl4mea)dl4mea@yahoo.deThis is a 1090MHz radar modem, capable of receiving Mode-A/C and Mode-S formats. It has one onboard RF receiver and one external signal input for extension to either other signals or additional receivers.
The powerful Linux backbone can be used for example for simple network interfacing, for a kind of pre-filtering, for offline server supplies or even for triangulation/multilateration purposes. For last, the board offers connectivity to a Trimble GPS module for nanosecond accurate time stamps.
Together with display capes, it can even be used as standalone handheld receivers.
In-development or review
2/7/2012 16:44:48NFCDavid Weberdavid@embeddedtoolbox.comNear Field Communication cape utilizing NXP PN532.Concept
2/29/2012 15:16:50XBeeCapecpiggott@gmail.comcpiggott@gmail.comA cape featuring an XBee adapter to allow the Cape to function as a ZigBee coordinator, primarily for the purpose of home automation
In-development or reviewNone yet, will update soon
3/23/2012 11:25:00BlinkenCapeJörg Hoppej_hoppe@t-online.deConnect vintage computer hardware:
- gives access to all 4 UARTs with MAX3232 level converters and on-board DSUB 9 connectors.
- interface to a massive digital I/O array: 19 GPIO's are used to form a parallel peripheral bus, called IOBUS. Over IOBUS, up to 32 parallel I/O boards each with 128 digital I/Os can be connected.
4/16/2012 9:02:45DSE_BBCPLD_1Guillermo DSE_BBCPLD_1 will connect the BeagleBone board to a CPLD in order to expand some functionality and add the possibility to write custom hardware or processing using VHDL/Verilog Code.
It will have an expansion bus to connect other associated hardware and some led´s with pushbuttons as test device.
In-development or review
4/18/2012 7:10:17XBee CapeGuyzmoguyzmo@hackable-devices.orgBind a XBee module and 3 LEDs (to show communication statuses) on top of the Beaglebone.In-development or review
4/25/2012 20:32:17SolarBoneBlake Morgankaektech@gmail.com

No EEPROM, because it is a dumb cape that just supplies juice. May upgrade that soon. It *just* supplies 5v through header pins. Currently waiting on FedEx. Should be cool paired with the LCD cape and a WiFi /or WAN dongle. No need to plug it in, ever? ICS? OK, the ICS is slow, and could use some optimization, but I'm from Missouri, and I say "Why not try?"
In-development or
6/1/2012 21:30:10Beada Frameesky-sh" TFT LCD Screen with a resistive touch screen for BeagleBoard and BeagleBone Board. A plastic(ABS) frame will be included also to contain the screen and touch for easy mounting.Production
6/4/2012 16:10:03Beagle BroDave McCoydave.mccoy@cospandesign.comSpartan 6 FPGA board with on board LPDDR memory. The cape will allow users to access the FPGA through the GPMC port as well as breaking out the Processor Peripherals and ADCs

The expansion headers allow users to access arbitrary hardware devices through the remap-able header.

-74 Configurable I/O
-Programmable using the BeagleBone
-128MB LPDDR Memory
-2 User Buttons/2 User LEDs
-Processor Peripherals (UART/SPI)
-Processor ADCs (AIN0 - AIN6)
In-development or
7/19/2012 8:50:27LVDS LCDAce Jeanglesales@chalk-elec.comPCB board for LCD panels with 18-bits or 24-bits LSB LVDS interface. Offered as assembled PCB and in bundle with different LCDs with integrated touchscreen.Production
8/20/2012 6:40:41LON & KNX interfaceraimon ribalraimon.ribal@gmail.comProvides LON & KNX interface(TP) for beagleboard.In-development or review
8/24/2012 22:49:46baosendaaachenbaosend@gmail.comlinuxccbConcept
9/10/2012 3:14:34BeageBone-HDMI CAPEWells Tutuww@embedinfo.comThe BeagleBone-HDMI Cape is designed by Embest to provide HDMI interface for BeagleBone. This board features a standard HDMI connector that can be connected to a monitor through an HDMI cable. The cape also provides LCD display capabilities for using with BeagleBone. Embest offers 4.3 inch and 7 inch LCD panel for selections. However, the display functions of HDMI and LCD are multiplexed, that is to say, customer cannot use the HDMI and LCD display functions at the same time. Cutbacks are made for the Ethernet connector so the BeagleBone-HDMI Cape can fit perfectly on the BeagleBone.Production
9/12/2012 15:17:10Calandria CapeDanko are developing a new Home Automation system and we want to have a Cape for the Beagle Bone to be able to communicate with the rest of the modules.Prototype
9/27/2012 2:22:55BarkBeau Dudleydudleyb@gmail.comUART to Duplex Fiberoptic Prototype
10/4/2012 7:47:54KNXCapeRobert Budderobert@projekt131.deThe Cape adds a KNX interface to the BeagleBone, which allows it to be used as a KNX-IP-Router. Furthermore, a DS2482-800 Onewire-Busmaster is added to serve up to 8 Onewire-busses. A DS2323 RTC allows timekeeping while the board is not powered. Two UARTs are made available, being complemented by a protection circuit. In a first revision, a footprint for a HC05 bluetooth-module was added. Later revisions will have an onboard 868 MHz rf-module instead.Prototype
10/17/2012 19:22:24Blank Canvas CapeEric Brombaughebrombaugh1@cox.netA true Beaglebone Cape (full ID EEPROM support, board shape, etc) with a Xilinx FPGA directly connected to the GMPC for fast access and 24 uncommitted off-board I/O. User LEDs and buttons are provided on the board for simple status and control.Prototype
10/23/2012 6:27:10QiCapeVictor Sluitervsluiter@yahoo.comConcept: add Qi wireless energy transfer to the BeagleBone
- Qi receiver, providing 5V power to the 5VDD.
- Possibility to use the on-board charger of the BeagleBone to charge a LiPo battery (connector provided)
- Boost converter to use this battery when no Qi power is available
In-development or review
10/25/2012 20:46:52Power over ethernetScott Coppersmithrscopper@aol.comPower over ethernetConcepthttp://
10/30/2012 Qi wireless power, Lithium battery, USB OTG supportConcept
10/30/2012 Qi wireless power, Lithium battery, USB OTG supportConcept
11/6/2012 6:19:30Gateway CapeRaul Alvarez Torricoraul-at@hotmail.comA cape containing XBee and RFM12B (433/868/915MHZ) transceiver, with a SIM900 GSM/GPRS Module. In conjunction with the Ethernet port already present in the Beaglebone, this cape can be used as an XBee - ISB RF - TCP/IP Gateway for home automation, with redundant Internet connection.Concept
11/15/2012 10:01:23BeagleAG-BoneCOURTOUXbeagleboard@googlegroups.comThe concept is to make a cap which is able to get Accelerometer and Gyro information.
This Cape is useful for example to directly use beaglebone in a project. It will be useful for my own project to make a quadcopter with my beaglebone.
The URL is only an example. The price is under 100$ and for arduino and other board it's already in product. So why not.
11/22/2012 1:45:10My Cape on steroids to combat attacks on mobile phones Mahesh Patilmaheshp@cdac.inWith embedded processors capable of immense computing power, we plan to use Cape to execute most frequently used machine learning algorithms and use it for interfacing to Android Phones to analyze various events occurring on the phone so as to predict malicious behaviors. Cape would serve as a security module capable of detecting malicious behaviors on Android based mobile phones.Committed
12/27/2012 19:18:008 Port 1-Wire CapeBryan Youngbryan@by-innovation.comThe 8 port 1-Wire® BeagleBone Cape provides eight independent 1-Wire® interface ports to a BeagleBone board. Each 1-Wire® port can be accessed from eight RJ11 jacks on the top of the board. This cape features two 46-position headers which can be easily mounted onto a BeagleBone. In addition, the 1-Wire® Eight Channel BeagleBone Cape also supports EEPROM for cape identification and pin muxing configuration.Production
1/7/2013 11:24:13Epic CapeChris Wilsoncwilson@flyingcampdesign.comThe Epic Cape uses the open source Epic module ( which allows the cape to act as a compact egress router for low power sensor networks. The Epic module is fully supported by the open source TinyOS ( sensor network operating system and features a complete 6lowpan/RPL IPv6 stack ( that allows transmission of IPv6 Packets over IEEE 802.15.4 networks. The Epic Cape will allow you to develop an 802.15.4 wireless sensor network with IPv6 connectivity to each low power mesh endpoint.Prototype
1/7/2013 15:26:30RoboCapeCarlos Asmatinfo@carlitoscontraptions.comThe RoboCape provides electrical connectors for:
* A LiPo Battery
* A power supply
* Dynamixel smart servo motors
It also gives mechanical connections for:
* Dynamixel smart motors
* Bioloid Brackets and accessories

It features a LiPo charger, power and communication lines for the motors, and the ability to mount it to motor or other mechanical devices. The objective of this board is converting the Beaglebone into an advanced robot controller
1/13/2013 20:36:47NC-WIFI-LSR1Nick Newellsales@nupointsystems.comProvides a leading WIFI module capable of access point mode operation while not using the USB host interface. Users can create their own AP Wifi device built around their favourite Beaglebone. Driver patch files are available along with full SD card images for Ubuntu and Angstrom. Production end of January 2013, pre-orders welcome.pre-production
5/2/2013 10:38:30BeagleBone GPS/3G capeDuarte Caronaduarte.carona@exploitsys.comThis cape adds GPS and GSM/3G capabilities to the BeagleBone making it suitable for tracking and M2M scenarios. The cape uses the Telit GE864, a high quality module with proven performance and reliability. This cape supports the Quad band GSM/GPRS (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz). Prototype
6/11/2013 10:47:12BeagleBone BeamerPaul Kangpaul@paul-kang.comA pico projector for BeagleBone. Projecting image from the micro-HDMI or LCD interface on the extension slot.In-development or reviewhttp://beagleboard.oeg/discuss
6/18/2013 8:13:54Industrial CapeLouiscompeoree@gmail.comProvide optically isolated digital inputs (15) and outputs (16), RS-485/RS-422 ports (2), and analog output (2) support to a BeagleBone. This cape uses every available pin on P8 and P9, except for the LCD and eMMC1 pins. The board does not support analog input at this time.Prototype
7/2/2013 19:07:06GPS CapeDeWittbeagleboard@googlegroups.comThe ability to receive GPS signals from DoD satellites to provide location and mapping functions.
7/14/2013 13:09:43SensorCapeMichael Leonardmaybeillrememberit@gmail.comEasily add extensive sensing capability to the BeagleBone or BeagleBone Black.Prototype
7/25/2013 10:32:06StormCapeNicknipri@ncicomp.comThis is a variation of the Weather Cape that will employ a lightning detector that can estimate it's distance from the leading edge of a thunderstorm using it's built-in algorithm. Standard sensors include temperature, RH and barometric pressure. Additonal inputs will be provided for optional rain gauge, wind speed and wind direction, ambient light and UV measurement. Software will be able to calculate dew point, frost point, UV index and estimated time to storm arrival.Concept
7/28/2013 9:00:18BeagleDroneRon Battlesinfo@andicelabs.comThe BeagleDrone is an IMU cape for the BeagleBone. It provides power regulation, sensors, servo control, and the IO necessary to connect optional external modules such as GPS, current sensors, telemetry, etc.Prototype
8/29/2013 8:07:29IR CapeAnthony Myattme@anthonymyatt.netIR control cape allowing the control of IR devices in up to three different zones.Prototype
9/15/2013 11:42:13B3C-HABA-KNXCALAO Systemsinfo@calao-systems.comHome And Building Automation CAPE with one KNX/TP1 interface and one RF module (KNX/RF, M-BUS or Zigbee), maybe one BlueTooth Low Energy module,
n dry contacts inputs and n relay output.
10/6/2013 15:43:41BrewboxNicolas Jouanincontact@beerfactory.orgBrewBox consists of hardware and software components combined together to monitor and control a home brewery. BrewBox hardware is mostly an interface between electronic sensors and actuators fitted in a home brewery and BrewBox software used to monitor and control it.Concepthtttp://
10/11/2013 0:47:46CryptoCapeJosh Datkojbdatko@gmail.comExtend the cryptographic capabilities of the BeagleBone Black with hardware RSA, ECC, SHA-2, a RTC, additional EEPROM (for keys), and hopefully a TPM.

This cape will offload the CPU for cryptographic operations (usefully for a networked device that makes heavy use of VPN/TLS/SSL). It can also be used to enhance the security of an existing project.
10/21/2013 18:03:57DMCC (Dual Motor Controller Cape)Paul Tansupport@exadler.comHigh power dual H-Bridge (7A per motor continuous) for control of two DC MotorsProduction
10/22/2013 4:52:00USB HUB/Battery capeYuichi Expand USB host port by 4 port HUB
- USB plug for Panasonic USB Battery.
10/28/2013 10:18:21M2M CapePriyank Kumarpriyank@yantrr.comM2M Cape for Beaglebone provides seamless internet connectivity to the Beaglebone via GPRS or 3G network anytime anywhere. It also has an optional GPS add-on for location and time synchronization (1pps signal, 2 microsecond jitter accuracy).

This cape is compatible with many sensor capes available for Beaglebone black. Thus, this cape can convert your beaglebone to a true "internet-of-things" gateway, and one can upload sensor data directly to the cloud using this Plug-n-Play addon.

Also included is fully supported device driver and middleware for Anstrong Linux BBB and Debian Wheezy, plus support for standard software package for internet connectivity, sending / receiving SMS, GPS location, and time synchronization to get you going in a jiffy.
11/3/2013 0:13:11BreadboardinatorAmber Catheyamber.cathey@saltlakescientific.com1) Compatible with both original BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black (BBB)
2) brings P8 and P9 headers pins out to solder points
3) brings P6 header pins out to solder points (original BeagleBone only)
4) 15pin screw terminal for board-to-wire connector
5) brings screw terminal pins out to solder points
6) fits BeagleBone Cape outline
7) mounting holes
8) ships un-assembled
a) easy access to solder pin field
b) only add headers and connectors you need
9) solder field features
a) access to P8 and P9 headers
b) access to P6 header (original BeagleBone only)
c) 22x12 solder field
d) 4x 22x1 power strips
e) 44x 4x1 signal strips
f) 0.1"x0.1" spacing
11/21/2013 11:04:56JBC-10LN Systems Limitedenquiries@ln-systems.comThe JBC-10 provides a UART interface to the NXP JN5168 IEEE802.15.4 RF transceiver, which in turn supports NXP's JenNet, JenNet-IP and ZigBee PRO protocol stacks.
12/21/2013 11:27:13Screwshield CapeJoao Alvesinfo@aqualedsource.comStackable cape to alow access to IO's through ScrewterminalsIn-development or review
12/27/2013 1:42:59Plastic Logic EPD CapeIljya Kalaiiljya.kalai@gmail.comA cape for use with Plastic Logic flexible electrophoretic displays.In-development or review
1/10/2014 16:29:20CBB-eeprotoRichard St-Pierrerichard.stpierre@logicsupply.comThe Logic Supply BeagleBone EEProto Cape provides an easy workspace for creating protoypes. Through-hole solderpoints are spaced at 2.54mm (0.1") pitch. It includes two 46 pin headers (soldering required) and supports SOT23 and SOIC IC's. The GND, 3V, 5V, SYS5V and P8-P9 trace banks are all clearly marked on the PCB for easy identification. Prototype quickly with surface-mount EEProm pre-installed. Includes write-protect jumper and dip-switch for easy addressing. Has support for up to four capes.The Proto Cape works with both the original BeagleBone and the BeagleBone Black.Production
1/10/2014 16:30:44CBB-ttl-232Richard St-Pierrerichard.stpierre@logicsupply.comThe Logic Supply BeagleBone EEProto Cape provides an easy workspace for creating protoypes. Through-hole solderpoints are spaced at 2.54mm (0.1") pitch. It includes two 46 pin headers (soldering required) and supports SOT23 and SOIC IC's. The GND, 3V, 5V, SYS5V and P8-P9 trace banks are all clearly marked on the PCB for easy identification. Prototype quickly with surface-mount EEProm pre-installed. Includes write-protect jumper and dip-switch for easy addressing. Has support for up to four capes.The Proto Cape works with both the original BeagleBone and the BeagleBone Black.Production
1/17/2014 22:04:50EZasBoneWilliam Henningmikronauts@gmail.comDesigned for the Beagle Bone development boards, EZasBone provides more than twice the prototyping area of competing bussed prototyping boards and includes extra tall stacking headers. EZasBone features black soldermask, mounting holes, servo header and screw terminal friendly with dual Mikronauts I2C header pads. Specs: FR4,ENIG,1oz copper,86mm*54mmProduction
1/22/2014 12:51:49 SITMMatthew J Harmonmjh@itys.netLooking for two ethernet ports and two wifi in addition to the single on-board ethernet and power over USB for a prototype (investor discussion in 2mo) "Security in the Middle" router/ids/strongbox device currently in development. Existing RasPi build in production uses multiple USB dongles but 1 in every 4 packets gets dropped due to differences in ethernet frames vs. usb frames.

Looking to beef up, get a bit more open and migrate to BeagleBone.
2/2/2014 21:24:57WerewolfJoey Carlinimoocow1452@gmail.comThe GPIO pins are routed into an adapter that can read cartridges from SNES, Genesis, and other compatible systems. Concept
2/10/2014 6:51:11BB-GPS-2SPerry Cassonperry@rtkbox.comRTKLib compatible NVS08C GPS/Glonass receiver, 2 RS-232 ports, bluetooth module (RN-42) and 9-28V DC input. Paired with a BBB produces a low cost but extremely flexible, open, high precision GPS device.
2/21/2014 2:58:57BluWiPrasad Panditprasadp4009@gmail.comA Bluetooth as well as WiFI dual cape. Speed upto 250MBps, can be interface through I2C, SPI, UART, SDIO. Has extended IOs in addition to BBB IOs. Which also includes Analog IOs.Concept
3/1/2014 9:55:29BiosFlasherJosua Mayerjosua.mayer@jm0.euThe Cape will be able to flash 4-pin bios chips using the SPI bus.Concept
3/3/2014 13:47:59POTS CAPENathan Crouchflyboy@camaa.orgPOTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) interface to BeagleBone Black.
Asterisk and FreePBX
•Caller ID
•DTMF Reception
•DTMF generation
3/19/2014 18:29:05Argus carrierJoe Dryerjdryer@breakawaysystems.commounting for BeagleBone processors providing enclosure for BeagleBone. Includes electronics for a POE interface with battery backup using a embedded control to perform WDT and orderly shutdown to prevent SD card failures. Also provides battery-backed real time clock and indicator and alarm outputs outside the
4/9/2014 13:08:57SoundsCapeCory Hendersoncory@simplemedianetworks.comAdds Analog I/O (Line In, Line Out, Headset IO) and Bluetooth 4.0 (A2DP Sink/Source, AVRCP, SPP, HFP) to the BeagleBone (or BBBlack). Compatible with LCD capes too!Prototype
5/31/2014 21:43:54Tracking capeCamilo Rojascamilo@ciudadoscura.comThis is a cape with two modules on it: GPS and GSM+GPRS.
It is designed for tracking your Beagle Bone where you have GPRS reception.

Other functionalities:
- Make/Answer calls.
- Hear and speak through handsfree connected to the cape.
- Send/Recieve SMS.
- Get current location and time (GPS data).

This is a prototype ready for production.
6/2/2014 2:06:39Bee CapeJohan Kortenjakorten@jksoftedu.nlI'm working on a cape for XBee and/or other Bee's (like a bluetooth 4.0 module). It would feature two XBee form factor footprints connected to:
- UART 2
- UART 5
In-development or
7/14/2014 10:22:13iCOM industrial I/Oqinnoinfo@qinno.deThe qinno iCOM extension module is a CAPE specifically designed for the Beagle Bone Black (BBB). The iCOM provides RS232,RS485,4-DIGIN,4-DIGOUT,Temperature Sensor, 1MBit EEPROM, Status LEDs RTC and battery.
It is designed for direct usage in industrial environment.
7/21/2014 11:27:51DroneCapeJacob Koldingjacob.kolding@juvul.comIMU / Servo / RC control for quad-rotors and other drones.Prototype
8/5/2014 13:18:04RedCapeRoelof van Silfhoutsales@pentabee.comFPGA development cape with extensive set of inertial sensors. The RedCape cape allows users to closely link the Beaglebone processor with a feature rich Cyclone V GX FPGA and use its high speed transceiver links to create hard disk and camera
8/5/2014 22:24:32Ublox GPS CapeBrenton GPS Cape making use of the Max7 Series of GPS Chips with Pulse Per Second for a Precision NTP Server

Also has Dallas 1 wire connector for temp onboard
8/7/2014 21:09:40BBB-GVSsupport@land-boards.comsupport@land-boards.comBeaglebone Black cape which provides 5V GVS connections


Extensive I/O connections:

(5) 5V GPIOs: J14, J15, J26, J27, J28
(2) 5V UART connections (auto direction detection): J12, J16
(1) 5V I2C bus connections (auto direction detection): J13
(1) 5V PWM: J25
(4) 5V Timers: J29-J32
(1) 3.3V UART: J11
(7) 3.3V GPIOs: J9, J10, J17, J19, J20, J21, J22
(1) 3.3V SPI_D1: J8
(1) 3.3V PWM: J18
(7) 1.8V analog GVS connections with analog reference voltage/ground: J1-J7
5V pins are all ESD protected pins with 15 kV of protection
Fuses on 5V and 3.3V power protect the Beaglebone from miswired sensors
Selectable 5V source (SYS_5V or VDD_5V) - J22
Cape configuration EEPROM with address select jumpers J24
Beaglebone Black form factor
8/31/2014 21:04:59Live View Astronomy CameraThomas Clarketclarke.oviedo@gmail.comDevelop the horizontal and vertical drive signals for a sensitive large pixel CCD chip like the Sony ICX413AQ (formerly used in Nikon D70 and D100). The graphics accelerator will feed drive through GPIO to CCD driver chips on cape. An A/D on cape will feed pixel data through GPIO. Other features to be included on cape are CCD substrate generators and temperature sensor and Peltier driver for CCD ship cooling.
The Beaglebone Black will provide a real time NTSC/PAL display as the CCD captures images, and send image data to host computer/storage.
9/3/2014 8:33:56Home Automation Hublilstevielilstevie@lilstevie.geek.nzThe home automation hub is a concept cape for development of the unified home automation project.

The cape features a secure enclave, zigbee wireless chip, can transceiver and iButton reader.
9/27/2014 20:32:27AC Power Cape-closureTomm Aldridgetomm@ergsense.comFully isolated AC power cape and enclosure which makes BBB a wall wart.Concept
10/8/2014 13:00:58CapeLinkIvano Cunhaivano@link-electronics.comIndustrial Interface
Power Supply 12 to 48Vdc;
8 Optocoupled Digital Input 24Vdc with LED indicator and 4 Optocoupled Digital Otput 24Vdc @ 250mA (Optional +4 Input) with LED Indicator;
5 Servo Controller Output with own power supply (Opt);
1 Optocoupled High Speed Digital Input (Opt);
Serial Memory and Daughter Board Connector;
Serial Port Communication RS-232 and a Serial port RS-485 (Opt) with/without filters;
CAN Port (Opt);
2 Configurable Analog Input Port [4-20mA; 5V; 10V; 125mV];
1 Instrumentation Input [RTD, Strain Gauge, etc];
2 Analog Output [0-5V];
2 Optocoupled High Power Digital Output [100V@1,5A]

In-development or
10/29/2014 3:54:45ArtinDAQYaddatrancekenson@gmail.comData Acquisition cape for BBB Prototype
11/3/2014 18:01:29Skywire Beaglebone Black CapeGreg Nashgreg.nash@nimbelink.comThe Skywire Beaglebone Black Cape acts as a cellular gateway allowing users to connect their devices to the internet of things. The cape allows for the user to use any of Nimbelinks family of cellular modems (2G, 3G, 4G) with their Beaglebone Black while providing these additional capabilities:

• Built-in CAN transceivers allow for equipment and vehicle data connections
• Built-in socket for XBee modules for wireless communications
• NimbeLink’s 3G/4G Skywire™ modems provides GPS with a high speed cellular connection
• Verizon ODI certification eliminates the long wait for certification
• Two additional USB-A receptacles add flexibility
• NimbeLink’s optional bundled, no-contract cellular plans are easy and affordable
11/18/2014 23:06:36PXFPhilip RowsePXF@proficnc.comArduPilot on BBB
3x IMU, MPU6000,MPU9250, LSM9DS0
2x Baro, MS 5611 1x SPI, 1x I2C
all ports for use with Ardupilot
PWM protected output from the Ardupilot PRU code
1/2/2015 18:57:34BBB DigiSwitch QuadJody Whitlockbeagleboard@googlegroups.comQuad discreet output switch using transistors for over-current protection. Uses standard GPIO, no need for a special device tree overlay for pin mux.
This board is great for controlling external LEDs and relays. Interfaces with JST connectors.