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This spreadsheet was started on March 23, 2020 and is an attempt to document a period in time when anti-Asian incidents related to Covid19 are dramatically escalating. Please share this document with others whom you feel may have experienced similar harassment or abuse, at any scale. Always report any physical harassment to the police. Feel free to make changes as necessary and stay safe out there. Please email with any questions.NY STATE Hotline for reporting hate crimes/bias-based incidents 1-800-771-7755, or Email Stop AAPI HateCOVID19 RACIAL AGGREGATION MAPASIAN AMERICANS ADVANCING JUSTICENBCNYTIMESTHE GUARDIANTHE NEW YORKERWASHINGTON POST OP-EDABC NEWSGQPBS NEWS HOURJOHN CHO OPED FOR LATIMESMARKETWATCHCATHY PARK HONG FOR NYTIMES
What Happened?When?Were there witnesses?Reported?What did you do/say in the moment?Where? (Try to be specific)Gender(s) of those targetedWas the incident resolved?Your name (optional)Contact info, please leave if you are open to being contacted to share more about your experience.
I was in class and coughed when I choked on my water and then a student got annoyed that I coughed and said "don't spread corona and go back to your country", starting saying about how America is only for Americans and stuff like that. (White person)FebruaryMy classNoTold the student that he technically wasn't from America since his great grand parents or something among those lines must of came from europe. The real people who are Americans are the Natives. I then proceeded to cough on him after class to scare him. He dropped the class afterwardsMCPHS University, BostonMaleYes
Was sitting on the last car of the downtown 6 train. Nearly empty with few people. Sat down in a seat which happened to be next to an old white woman. The woman moved away from me down two rows of seats as she saw that I was wearing a mask. Experienced this many times on the Jamaica-bound E train as well. FebruaryYesNoNothing.Manhattan/QueensFemale, teenagerNo
I took a seat on the subway and the woman sitting next to me took a double take to then quickly move across to the other side of the train.Early FebruaryYesNoI quietly laughed at her response to me out of discomfort.Upper West Side 1 trainLu
I was crossing the street and a person who was trying to sell comedy specials told me I needed to get tested as I walked by. Early February, afternoonNoNoNothingSoho
I was bumped physically walking with a friend on an empty street. Feb 4, afternoon
Was in an uber ride going to a Bernie rally with a friend. I cleared my throat (because sometimes you just need to do that), and he said "don't give me the virus". Seemed visibly upset and uncomfortable.February 17Yes, my friendNoI awkwardly chuckled and said "I don't have the virus. I was just clearing my throat."Berkeley, CA
While sitting in Brooklyn Navy Yard with my husband, a woman behind me started taunting me and growing increasingly loud, calling me a "smelly Chinese c*nt" and spewing the classic "Ching chong" slurs. No one else was around. After several minutes we decided to get up and leave. As we were walking out of the Navy Yard, a security guard asked me if I was being haarrassed and I reported it to him. February 23Only a security guard, who witnessed at the end as I was leavingNo, only to security guardNothing, as I felt it would only agitate her moreBrooklyn, NYmale + female
I've experienced two incidences. The first happened before there was a confirmed case in New York but obviously there was alot of media coverage about the situation abroad. I was alone and waiting in line to pick up my order of food at a place near my apartment, and I sneezed once into the bend of my elbow. Two women were waiting in front of me. One of them turned around and acknowledged my presence. The other turned around and said, "That's disgusting." The second happened when the situation in NYC began to escalate -- the week when people started to work from home. I had just gotten onto the 6 train, headed to work, and I was standing at the end of the car with my earbuds in. The train was still relatively crowded, but I was the only person in my vicinity who represented as Asian. Sitting down near me was an elderly couple who were wearing disposable gloves and masks. I noticed that the woman started to talk to me so I took off my earbuds. She started by saying how she liked my shoes, but then immediately started explaining to me, and only me, how I really should be wearing a mask and gloves. This lecture continued for 4-5 stops until they got off. I don't think they spoke to anyone else.End of February & Mid-March 2020YesNoAfter the first incident, I didn't say or do anything. During the second incident, I responded as minimally as possible until they left. I wish I had advocated for myself more in both situations.Midtown ManhattanfemaleNora
Before the lock down, I (asian) was riding the bus with my 2 year old son, when two asian men got on the bus with their suitcases. These two asian men were wearing masks, which is not uncommon in some asian countries to do so when traveling(even before Covid-19). I moved to another seat in the back to make room for them as the bus was very crowded. A (non-asian) man, who was sitting in the back, looked at me horrified that I was moving close to him. He yelled with eyes wide in disbelief- How DARE you sit close to me, full of disease!! He proceeded to shout belligerent remarks-- something about how you people shouldn't take the bus. I knew that by "you people" he meant Asians. This man was using an age old racist playbook- racial scapegoating. In this case asians as dirty/diseased perpetual foreigners. There was palapable anger/fear in this man's eyes and remarks, I felt that he would be willing to inflict harm. I was truly afraid for the safety of my son and myself. March 2nd, 2020Yes, bus full of people. No one said anything NoNo. I moved away and just held my son close to me and sang him a little song to distract him. Ridgetown, NYC Female and malenoCatia
Was asked to stop touching broccoli while grocery shopping by a nervous hypochondriac white ladyEarly MarchnopenopeStared back at her in silence and saw she was shopping with mittens onWhole Foods, Gowanus, BrooklynmaleKenneth Tam
Lyft Driver drove to my pick up spot and then as soon as he reached me drove off. Did not answer any of the calls or attempts to contact. March 6NoYesI contacted Lyft support right awayManhattan,
I was refused service by Uber. It was Uber pool. I was first to be picked up, and immediately told the driver that I was sniffling because I was at a friend's place that had a cat. I told him clearly that I was not feeling any symptoms otherwise. We then drove and picked up 2 other people, and then before crossing the Manhatttan Bridge to Brooklyn, the driver cancelled my trip, pulled over and asked me to get out. I showed the two other passengers a photo of the cat and my friend holding it, explaining again that I was experiencing allergies. The driver repeated that he was sorry, but that he believed I was sick. I told him I was not lying, and that I was as scared as anyone else of the virus. I got out of the car.March 8, 10pmThere were 2 other passengers in the car.YesI had to get a refund since I was charged for the short ride. I told the company what happened, but I was concerned about penalizing a driver who has no benefits and is understandably concerned for his health.East VillagefemaleJamie
My husband and I were driving, with masks on, at the crossroad of Franklin Ave. and Atlantic Ave., waiting the red light, a middle-aged white guy approached to us by the driver's side of the car while cursing: "I see you wearing masks, you Chinese! I want nothing from you Chinese..."March 9Not sureNoMy husband yelled back to him: "Fuck off!"Brooklyn,
I wore a mask a few weeks ago and on the 4 block walk to my friend's place, I saw a person cross the street when they saw me, another man in his 30's looked like he was going to cry in fear when he looked at me and another strange man pointed at me and followed me till I got inside. This is a continuous occurence, espeically the looks of fear and revulsion. It was before mask wearing was as common as it is nowMarch 9-13nonoI tried to stay away from anyone that I thought might hurt me. Garment district, West Village, Ft Greene
A middle aged white woman screamed at me from afar in the parking lot at Whole Foods on Fairfax in Los Angeles, to go back to my diseased country. March 10 (not sure)?NoNoWalked away, confused and startledLA, CAFemaleNoChristine
A seemingly mentally unstable man sat down across from me on the subway and yelled "YOU PEOPLE BROUGHT THIS VIRUS HERE" before lurching over to another part of the car.March 10, 2 PMyesno Subway, 59th St femaleBeverly
Beverly, where you on the same train? Same day, same thing happened to me but at the Union Square Station. A seemingly mentally unstable man stood next to me on the platform and yelled "YOU PEOPLE BROUGHT THIS VIRUS HERE -GO BACK TO CHINA" in my face, lurched towards me, I jumped, backed away. He walked away.March 10, around 1pmyesnoI didn't say anthing. Just having come out of a site meeting, deep in thought. I was too shocked and scared and just backed away.Subway, Q train at Union
After I cleared my throat on the N train, a woman approached me and asked if it was really the best idea for me to be out in public, asking if I "had been home recently." When I asked her where she thought "home" was for me, she failed to give me a straight answer. Embarassed, she moved to the adjacent subway car at the next stop. March 11YesNoI replied calmly to her insensitive question, and when I didn't get a response I continued about my dayAstoria, NY. N train at Ditmars Blvd.FemaleNo
On my (unknowingly) last day of class on campus, I had to stop at Walmart before class to pick up some supplies for me and my classmates. I was afraid to go alone, so I brought my fiancé with me but we ended up getting separated amongst the crowd of panicked shoppers. As I made my way to the crafts section, a black man stopped in front of me, pointed and screamed "YOU STARTED IT ALL!" I was so shocked all I could respond with was a DISGUSTED look at this man--to which he responded with, "Nah, just joking" and patted my shoulder. No one was laughing. Right as I started walking away, I heard him shout again through the aisles, "YOU STARTED THIS. You look like you have some Chinese in you." I couldn't see him at this point but he did this without anyone stopping him for a good 2-3 times after me to other individuals who appeared of Asian descent. ...WHY ARE YOU POINTING OUT THAT HE IS BLACK??? YOU ARE JUST AS RACIST!!! SO, NOW YOU KNOW HOW RACISM FEELS! GOOD LUCK!!March 12Possibly, none that I could see though. Yes, Staff apologized for the incident and said they would handle it. I was absolutely speechless. All I could do was react with a nasty GLARE. Kinda glad I didn't feed into his behavior or else it could've escalated into something more dangerousTrenton, NJallMegan Mattino-Levine
The Advocate released an article titled "L.A. Pride Postponed Due to COVID-19" using a group of gay asian friends juxtaposed to the article. The one time they decide to use Asian faces to represent LA Pride is associated to COVID19. We wrote letters and Advocate responded and updated the photo.
March 12online yesNathan Ramos / Charles Lee wrote a letter to the publisherLos AngelesallAdvocate issued an apology and follow up article written by Nathan Ramos on how the imagery is harmful
One of my coordinators is a 26 year old Canadian Chinese working in NYC. She was on the phone waiting for the train at the East broadway subway platform when a man came up to her, spat his gum at her and yelled Stay Away. She was shocked and gave him the middle finger and then he spat at her again. She stayed on the phone and the man walked away.Mar. 12 7:27 PMNot sure but most likely on the E.Bway subway platform No.NYC NYfemaleCynthia

Trinh Duong
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We went over to drop off a few grocery items that we bought for our friends in the H Building. Walking past the security guard booth, Dave saw that a few of the security cameras were blacked out on the screen, and went up to the security guard to introduce himself as a member of the Board. He asked if all the security cameras were working and if the security guard reported the ones that are not working so that we can get them fixed. This is intended to help keep Hillman safer. The security guard got defensive and began saying, "You are from China, right? Is that right?" Dave asked, "What's that got to do with anything?" The security guard said, "But, you are from China." That's when I took out my phone to record.

For the record, Dave was born in NJ, and I was born in Vietnam. There's nothing wrong with that at all, but why is this something that people bring up or question when it's not germane to the topic?

I am not trying to pile onto the security guards, but I want everyone to be treated fairly and professionally.
March 14thyesThis happened to my neighbourgh, not me.Lower East SidemaleTrinh Duong
I was called "corona" by a group of teenagers. A man on the sidewalk told me "Why don't you go to another neighborhood?" March 15, 4pm2 friends accompanying my walk.noI didn't say anything. I was in a converation w two white friends walking and I kind of looked at them to see if they noticed, which it seems they hardly did. What can be done anyway? Those making comments are minorities and uneducated. I've hardly left my house since then. Brooklyn, Von King Park and nearby"""
At Wegmans, a woman berated a fellow Asian couple for serving themselves food from the hot food bar, saying to them "you are standing too close to the food with your sickness, step back and staay away from the food". I happened to be standing right across from her and intervened, as the couple were understandably shocked. March 15No, only meNoI interrupted her and asked her to leave the couple alone to get their food in peace. She was ready to escalate things with me so I walked away. Brooklyn, NY
My asian boyfriend and I were walking down the block below my apartment and a guy (who was with a girl) coughed really loud and yelled "corona!".March 15ishYesNoNothing, nothing good comes out of engaging with ignorant behaviorFort Greenemale
Someone smashed the front window of a Chinese Hot Pot restaurant in my neighborhood. There is little to no vandalism in my neighborhood apart from small/negligible graffiti. It is along a divided-lane road, ruling out a vehicular accident or something similar.~March 15Not sure; I saw the window's shard getting removed and the damage being repairedNot Sure if it was reported or received as racially-motivated vandalismBrookline, MA
On a near-deserted 4 or 5 train going to the Bronx - a woman of indeterminate race, probably Latina, is sitting across from me in one of the short seats by the door. I clear my throat and take a sip of water. She gets up, makes a show of looking up at the ads on the top of the train car, and sits down again in the middle of the car. Whatever. I notice out of the corner of my eye that she is staring at me. I look over to make sure I'm not imagining it, and she is totally glaring at me. I say to her loudly, "Is there a problem?!" kind of smiling, but aggressive-smiling. She, surprisingly, smiled back in a way that was hard to read, and looked away.Around March 16 (not sure - def before March 20)Not sure; I saw the window's shard getting removed and the damage being repairedNoI said to her, loudly, "Is there a problem?!" I am so tired of our not saying anything back to people out of fear of escalation. I'm not judging anyone on this list and I grew up getting harassed and I know sometimes you're just too startled to react, but I am also convinced that one reason people feel free to bully us is because they think we won't push back. uptown 4 or 5 train somewhere between 59th and 149th, around 10 am, on a weekday that was either Mon March 16 or a weekday the week prior.femaleTo the extent that she was just glaring and I got her to stop looking at me, I guess so.
A friend (based in NY) was recently in Guayaquil, Ecuador. When she was in the neighborhood, she experienced children in her vacinity lifting their t-shirts to cover their nose/mouth if anyone on their group (mostly Asians) coughed.

At one point, a small child looked at her and did the hand gesture where they took a finger and slid it across their throat to threaten the group.
~March 18Her tour group and localsNot sureGuayaquil, Equadorall
I saw a stockperson at my local Key Food scold an Asian woman for touching too many vegetables. She was apologetic and walked away immediately. March 19, 4pm No No She walked away so I let it go. Woodside, NY female
It didn’t happen to me personally, but my friend who manages a building in K-town said she got a call from her tenants (who are both asian) because a man chased after them with a shovel while verbally harassing them. He waited outside their building for a while and they took a picture of him from their window.March 21styesKoreatown, Los AngelesfemaleJuka
Last night I encountered verbal harassment on the street. I just stepped out for a little walk. An unknown man my age yelled at me, "Why aren't you wearing a mask, Ch____!?" I pretended like I didn't hear even he said it twice. He walked away eventually. March 22
I am Asian American and have a bi-racial child, we went hiking in the great outdoors (one of the few activities that we are allowed in LA). As we walked by a woman on the trail, she pulled out her hand sanitizer to her hands for being in the mere presence of us. My son is too young to notice, which I am grateful for. March 22, 2020YesNo Pacific Palisades, CA
As I was leaving my neighborhood supermarket, I was approached by an angry man who yelled at me "Go back to China and tell your government to take back whatever you brought here". He followed me at the parking where my partner was waiting for me. As he was very aggressive and threatening, my partner called 911 but was told they couldn't help since the guy wasn't attacking me physically. March 22Yes YesI told him this is California and he should get a grip. Pasadena,
Heard some lunatic ranting and raving to himself on the street about the different animals Chinese people eat. The tone was obviously derogatory, but I wasn't sure what to say or do since I didn't see him addressing or harrassing any people in particular. Which is not to say he didn't go onto to hassle or attack other people of Asian descent later, a disturbing but not unwarranted thought. March 22, late afternoonNoNoHad gone into Manhattan just to pickup/transport artwork and was afraid to spend too much time on the streets or in the general public before the 8pm city shutdown. I am not of Asian descent and wondered what my responsibility was in the moment. The context of the timing and being in public during a pandemic made me reluctant to confront someone, especially one who seemed mentally disturbed, but on another day I think I would have.Canal and Elizabeth Streets in Chinatown, NYC
Guy stocking shelves at the grocery store sees me and says, "Better stay away. I don't want to get the Kung-flu." March 22, morningNopenopeNothing. Thought about it but wanted to get my groceries and leave quickly.Jackson Heights grocery Store
Two incidents from Asian Americans I know. 1. A Japanese family walking in their own neighborhood was reported by some neighbors for "spreading Coronavirus." The police came and questioned them. 2. A Chinese jogging at the local trail was spat on by two women and yelled "Go Back to China" and was hit on his leg by one woman.Mid-March, 2020Yes.Happened to two people I know, not me.North and West suburb of Chicago
Approached by a white male in his fifties who said "six feet, OK?" His wife (white) was tremendously emabarrased and told him that it was rudeMid-March, 2020YesNoI said take care and walked away to de-escalateBayfront, Ringling Musuem of Art, Sarasota, FL maleKent
This is a unique situation: I was on a live streaming app called Yubo (go on there out of curiousity here and there) that is basically a platform that allows strangers to talk (you have to get invited to speak, so if you are not speaking, you just listen/send live comments). I remember when I joined, a non white person said "oh we got an asian on here!" and two of them put their masks on. They then started yelling out derogatory words, calling me "ching chong" and that they "don't want to get the virus from ling ling". I sent a comment that said "I would never call you guys racial slurs, you guys are fucknig rude". They all bursted into laughter and kicked me out of the live room.March 2512 other viewersNoI did comment and respond, but I remember feeling my whole body heat up. I was feeling sad in that moment, becuase I like to send postivity out onto that platform. It felt like everyone was ganging up on me, and the 12 other viewers (who could not speak, but heard everything) did not stand up for me in the comments. It was silent.Livestream app called Yubo
I was jogging by Court Square area with a mask on. An older caucasian male locked eyes with me. As we passed each other, he mumbled something along the lines "f-cking chinese people". Had airpods on so I didn't catch the full context. March 26Not sureNoLong Island City, NY
Was looking around CVS and someone told me that I was lucky that he didn't break my neck. I was standing still waiting for a prescription and did nothing to provoke the guy. March 27YesNoDid not want to get into an altercation so I stayed silentManhattan,
a woman said "get away from me you guys all carry diseases" and i said excuse me? and she said again "you people all carry diseases! get away from me!" i called her a "fucking rascist" and kept going. March 27noreported to the hotline i just called her a rascist and kept walking. she was an older white lady that look a bit nutty i didn't wanna engage and i was late for an urgent appointment for my dog long Island City, NY 11101femalenah. what does that even mean? vera, i'll talk wherever. i've had enough.
While my husband and I were walking on the street in Downtown San Francisco, a guy in a running car yelled us "fuck you." We are both Asians and were wearing masks, safely being distanced from other people. I couldn't expect to have this kind of situation in one of the towns that are less racist than the other parts of the world.March 28, 2020nonoSince the person was in a running car, we couldn't say anything.In front of Ferry Building in Downtown San FranciscoMale and femalenoShinhwa
My grandmother's helper (Korean American woman in her 50's) was walking down the sidewalk with a mask on, and a while woman was walking on the same sidewalk towards her. When the white woman was around 6 feet in front of her, she screamed, "Get away from me! Walk on the other side of the road!"March 28Not sureNoShe crossed the street. La Habra, CAFemaleNoEllie reporting for
Was walking down the street in East Village alone to the rental car company when a black guy in his 30s/early 40s rode towards me on his bike, saying "Hey Ms Lee (FYI idk him and my last name isn't Lee..), I'd be into you if you didn't carry the virus."March 29some bystanders on the streets, probably 6 maxyesI told him to fuck off, and then he followed me for 3 blocks yelling derogatory things at me. Had to call the cops to get him to leave me aloneManhattan, NYFemaleIda
My grandmother and disabled uncle's helper (Korean American woman in her early 70's) was shopping at Costco for supplies. She asked an employee where the baby wipes were, and the employee responded loudly, "NOPE!" and walked away.March 30Not sureNoShe walked away and did not end up finding the wipes. La Habra, CAFemaleNoEllie reporting for
My godbrother's friend was attacked by a man on a motorcycle while walking around their neighborhood in Pasadena. The person was screaming "fucking asians brought the virus here" and drove his motorcyle onto the sidewalk to try and run them over. (my mom forwarded this to me from my godbrother's instagram)April 2020YesYesa witness in a car pulled over and called the cops for them. Pasadena, CAMale (2)Amy Yao
A woman crossed the street to avoid walking past my father and yelled at him "ARE YOU CHINESE?"April 2020NoKoreatown, Los Angeles, CAMale
I was standing outside of my building in Harlem. A man passed me and (non-Asian) friends on the sidewalk and said "go back to wherever you came from" as he was walking away.April 4Neither of my friends heard it.Yes - I called the NYS AG Hotline.Nothing.In Manhattan on 139th Street and 5th AvenueFemaleNoStephanie
I was walking to my apartment building, a black male in his 20-30 stood on the sidewalk right in front of the gate of the building and smoking. When I approached him, he said if he can ask me a scientific question, I responded with sorry and headed to the door. Then he started to repeat that my haircut looks like shit. I was opening the gate and ignoring him. Then he said, fuck you, and I said the same without looking at him. He suddenly mentioned that he was going to shoot me. "I gonna shoot you. I'm going to die anyway. I don't care." I looked to him while turning the key and said: "who doesn't?" He yelled, "Yeah. I gonna shoot you. I gonna fucking shoot you. I'm going to die, I don't care. I gonna shoot you." As the door opened, I just walked into the building and shut the gate.April 6, 9:25 PMNoNoLooked at him, walked away, got into the buildingBed-Stuy, Brooklyn,
Police Report: Two people who worked at my institution were confronted by an unknown male who asked if they were Chinese, then asked if they were Chinese or Japanese, saying, “If you are Chinese or Japanese, I’m going to kill you.” The perp then lifted his shirt and showed the two people a handgun in his waistband. The two people continued walking with the subject following and again asking the same question. One person then told the subject they were “here to help” and work at the hospital. At this the subject said, “Oh, you’re here to help.” The subject then held out his fist and bumped it against the affiliate’s, turned and walked away.
April 7YesYesNothing.New Orleans, LouisianaMaleNot sure
White woman kicked my mom's dog after telling her to get out of the way. Mom was sticking to one side bc her dog is blind in one eye and likes walking to her left.Mid-April, 2020NoNoHonolulu, HI. Under the scaffolding (now gone) by Kolowalu (no video interviews sorry!)
Korean international students, studying architecture and voice performance. On Saturday night of (April 26,) they were harassed and assaulted on the U-Bahn by five perpetrators, who started by shouting at them such things as “Corona,” “Happy Corona Day” and “Corona Party.” When the couple said “you know, this is racist,” the perpetrators followed by sexually harassing the 25 year-old wife and physically assaulting her and spitting to the husband. She collapsed, and was admitted to the hospital and is now thankfully discharged. This incident was reported to the police, who at first, did not want register it, and even reprimanded the Korean couple to not call people racist. It is only when the couple got the Korean Consulate involved the police changed their position and registered this incident, which is now under investigation. ( April 26, 2020YesYesI was not presentBerlin, GermanyFemale and maleNot yet
I (asian) was sitting outside in chinatown, new york, conversing with a (white) couple and my husband (middle-eastern). The white couple began telling a story about an asian family he knew and mentioned that they were ''very asian'' and that they ''made kimchi in their backyard'', implying that it was disgusting and unclean.May 3, 2020Only myself and the victimnot yetI felt a strange mixture of shame and anger. My husband pointed out that my mother makes kimchi in her backyard and that it's perfectly normal, and not a health hazard at all. we had to move on from the topic quickly, it was extremely awkward Chinatown, NYCFemaleYesHiji
I just parked my car in front of my apartment at night and coughed to clear my throat (no one was directly near me). A man walking towards me took off his mask and stood directly in front of me staring me down angrily. He looked like he was about to spit at me. After a few moments, he walked away.May 5, 2020There was a Latinx couple at the next car over standing outside and he didn't approach them at all. I'm not sure if the couple saw this exchange. noKoreatown, Los AngelesKoreatown, Los
Outside Costco in Astoria, Queens, there was a long line formed on the sidewalk leading up to the store's entrance. Naturally, because of social distancing, some people chose to walk parallel to the sidewalk on the street instead. I watched from across the street as a white man with black mid-length hair, who was speeding down the bike lane, shout, "Get out of the way! Fucking Asians!" at two mid-age Asian women who were walking cautiously down the bike lane. The women said nothing back and kept walking. A few people shook their heads and I heard someone beside me say "fucking asshole". The guy continued to speed away on his bike.May 10, 2020. 4:30 pmYesNoI wanted to shout back at him but this man seemed unhinged, speeding on a bike, so I didn't think it was worth the possible altercation as I am an Asian woman myself.Costco in Astoria, Queens, on Vernon Blvd.WomenNo.Sunny L.
I was walking up Park Ave and 37th Street in NYC to meet a friend for dinner. As I was crossing the street a youngish white guy spat at me and yelled "corona virus" . YesNoManhattan NYfemaleAnicka Yi
On a bus in Queens, NY, my friend (Asian descent) asked the person next to her to put on a mask, very nicely. This person then proceeded to flip out, yelling "I'm American, I do not need to wear a mask. You brought it here, why do I have to wear a mask? I have rights. You all have green cards..." The rant went on. Interestingly enough, as part of her rant to her friend about "the Chinese", she somehow let it slip that she worked for the post office.July 4, 2020YesYes, to with a note that she's a postal workerI asked this person to say it to the phone and turned my video camera on. Temporary dead silence and then this person performed gestures to show her dominance. Could have gotten violent but I was cautious to avoid that.Queens, NYFemaleDefine "resolved". We got off the bus.
On my lunch break in Chicago. I had to go to an art supply store for some materials. I'm walking back to class -- at Monroe and Wabash, an unmasked stranger (white male in his 30's I am guessing) asks me for a cigarette. I nod my head "no" and stop at the crosswalk. He stays behind me and starts yelling at me, calling me a "little asian bitch" and that I can't even "say no verbally". I turn to confront him and say, what, I don't have a cigarette for you. He clenches his fists and walks up to me and tries to intimidate me and punch me. People just watch. The light changes and I walk away to get to class and he doesn't follow me.
Sept 11, 2020A group of people that just watched. One Latinx person walked alongside me afterwards and affirmed that they saw the whole thing.Yes, to campus securityTold him to back off and that I have to go. Crossed the street and walked away. Chicago, ILMaleThis is an ongoing issue and will probably always be an ongoing issueGregory Bae