The WWE SuperCard Mini-Spreadsheet by Mike/ShiningDown
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This is the mini version of the main spreadsheet
This mini sheet is also by ShiningDown, I made it as a resource for people to find out where the featured event cards (Epic to SS) rank, to save mobile people time from dealing with the main spreadsheet
Main Spreadsheet Link
Form Responses 1
S1 Pro WrestleMania (Superstars)
S1 Pro WrestleMania (Divas)
S1 WrestleMania (Superstars)
S1 WrestleMania (Divas)
S1 Pro Survivor (Superstars)
S1 Pro Survivor (Divas)
S1 Suvivor (Superstars)
S1 Survivor (Divas)
S1 Pro Legendary (Superstars)
S1 Pro Legendary (Divas)
S1 Legendary (Superstars)
S1 Legendary (Divas)
S1 Pro Epic (Superstars)
S1 Pro Epic (Divas)
S1 Epic (Superstars)
S1 Epic (Divas)
S1 Pro Ultra Rare (Superstars)
S1 Pro Ultra Rare (Divas)
S1 Ultra Rare (Superstars)
S1 Ultra Rare (Divas)
S1 Pro Super Rare (Superstars)
S1 Pro Super Rare (Divas)
S1 Super Rare (Superstars)
S1 Super Rare (Divas)
S1 Pro Rare (Superstars)
S1 Pro Rare (Divas)
S1 Rare (Superstars)
S1 Rare (Divas)
S1 Pro Uncommon (Superstars)
S1 Pro Uncommon (Divas)
S1 Uncommon (Superstars)
S1 Uncommon (Divas)
S1 Pro Common (Superstars)
S1 Pro Common (Divas)
S1 Common (Superstars)
S1 Common (Divas)
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