Prompts for Kaleidoscope 2012
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ambyrWitch Hunter ROBIN | ウィッチハンターロビン | Wicchi Hantā Robin, Karasuma Miho | 烏丸 美穂, Dōjima Yurika | 堂島 百合香, Fanfiction<p>I would love femslash between these two, but female friendship gen would also be great if you're more comfortable with that! Maybe their first case together, or how Dojima helps support Karasuma in her early days as team leader?</p><p>If that doesn't interest you, I'm also interested in Masaki Tōko and would like to see her putting her life back together, post-series.</p>Sun Sword - Michelle West, Fanart, Fanfiction, Any Character<p>Pretty much anything in this fandom will fill me with squee. Alina/Mirialyn is my OTP, so anything (art or fic) involving their relationship would be wonderful. Or, really, anything about Alina; something exploring her relationship with Mareo's harem, and particularly Donna, could be cool. I've also always been curious about what happens with Laonis and Lissa between The Broken Crown and The Uncrowned King. I'd love a glimpse at their developing relationship.</p><p>In general, I find the culture of the Dominion fascinating, the subtle jockeying for power and attempts to find love in a society that on the surface dismisses it as weakness. Dig into its details and you can't go wrong for me.</p>Dí Rénjié | 狄仁傑之通天帝國 | Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame (2010), Wǔ Zétiân | 武則天, Shàngguān Jìng'ér | 上官靜兒, Fanfiction, Fanvids<p>Femslash would be lovely, but female friendship is good, too. I like stories where Jing'er isn't actually dead, but if you'd rather write pre-movie or even post-movie Wu in mourning I will like that, too. The two of them navigating their way together through court politics and intrigue would be great. This is one of the few fandoms where I'd also enjoy PWP, and I would love a look at the power dynamics of their relationship in that context. (But please don't feel like you have to bring on the porn if it's not something you're comfortable writing!)</p><p>As far as vids go, something focused on either or both of the women would be great.</p>Fēngshēng | 风声 | The Message (2009), Li Níngyù | 李宁玉, Gù Xiǎomèng | 顾晓梦, Fanfiction<p>I'm starting to feel repetitive, but--femslash or female friendship, please?</p>Inheritance Trilogy - N. K. Jemisin, Dekarta Arameri, Shahar Arameri, Fanfiction<p>I really just want to see character development for these two, who I thought (for main characters) were short-changed in the novel. Something that shows them growing from the children they were when we first met them to the adults we see later, something about Dekarta's quest for power. Happy sibling bonding moments. Angsty adolescent moments. Coming into their own as adults moments. How they feel about Sieh. Anything, really. I don't care whether the story is about both of them or only focuses on one or the other.</p>
Aris Merquoni GIRLS | アサルトガールズ | Asaruto gāruzu (2009), Kāneru | カーネル | Colonel, Gurei | グレイ | Gray, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanvids, Graphics<p>Anything with Gray and Colonel--bickering, femslash, their lives outside the game... I love their costumes and their tension.</p>Baempaieo Geomsa | 뱀파이어 검사 | Vampire Prosecutor, Min Tae-yeon | 민태연, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanvids, Graphics<p>Honestly I love all of the characters, and would be happy to see any of them, but I love Tae-Yeon's angst like it's candy. Delicious, delicious vampire angst, please.</p>Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa | The Malay Chronicles: Bloodlines (2011), Ying Ying, Meng Li Hua, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanvids, Graphics<p>All of the adventures of the princess and her faithful servant. I love Ying Ying's sensibility and her and the princess' camaraderie. Feel free to add any of the other characters, too; I love them all.</p><p>Het or femslash is okay with me as well!</p>Sleep Dealer (2008), Memo Cruz, Rudy Ramirez, Luz Martínez, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanvids, Graphics<p>Anything exploring their work and friendship. OT3 would be great!</p>Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, Katana, Fanart, Fanvids, Graphics<p>I would love anything about Katana and Ninjato, but for some reason she didn't wind up in the list? Oh well! If you are not interested in her, anything, really, dancing, the Ra, everything.</p>
Carmarthenùlán Shī | 木蘭辭 | Ballad of Mulan, Huā Mùlán | 花木蘭, Fanart, Fanfiction<p>First (this applies to all my requests), I tend to braindump ALL THE IDEAS AND FEELINGS in case you are the kind of creator who likes prompts and ideas (as I do). If you are not, please feel free to ignore my optional details without fear I will be cranky about it--I'm excited to find out what YOU love about these sources and characters.</p><p>If you go historical, especially the original setting of the poem, I'm really interested in the political and ethnic complexities of the time--the nomad conquerors threatened by other nomads outside the rather porous and moving borders, rather than the more simplistic Civilization vs. Nomad Barbarians of later versions. I love details of daily life, descriptions of nature (especially sweeping steppes landscapes), and characters who are rooted in their settings. Crossdressing is definitely something I find interesting, especially as regards the power of clothing and presentation to shape ourselves and our lives: is Mulan in drag the same person as Mulan at home? Themes of queerness are very welcome if you so choose, but there's no romance in the poem and I don't consider romance (either f/f or m/f at all obligatory); I'm interested in Mulan, in her dreams, her sense of duty, her fears, her relationships with family and friends and fellow soldiers.</p><p>If you'd rather not work in a historical setting, that's fine with me! What would a modern Mulan look like? Would she be a soldier? A human rights activist? I don't think the crossdressing is absolutely mandatory, and doesn't necessarily make sense in a modern setting as a practical choice--but maybe she likes it? Maybe she gains some kind of strength or confidence from it?</p><p>Or she could be Mulan in space! Exploring new frontiers! Turning back an alien invasion! Discovering the aliens might not be so alien! The possibilities are endless: I'm interested in what Mulan and her story mean to *you*.</p><p>If you are an artist, the above all applies, but adapt as you please to suit your medium. I'd be thrilled with anything from a simple portrait to a scene, historical or modern or in SPACE: I just want to know how *you* imagine Mulan. If you choose to draw romance (f/f and m/f both welcome), I prefer no nudity or minimal artistic nudity, and bonus points if there are elements of Mulan's male dress involved. (Also, I looooove armor. And clothing in general, especially historical clothing.)</p>Heian jidai | 平安時代 | Heian Period RPF, Sei Shōnagon | 清少納言, Fanart, Fanfiction<p>I love Sei Shonagon, in all her witty, irreverent, and sometimes mean glory: I kind of think she's the first blogger. I'd be thrilled with just about anything: some insight into her life, Sei Shonagon/Murasaki Shikibu f/f, Sei Shonagon and Murasaki poetry battles, SPACE AU, Pillow Book pastiche...anything that moves or inspires you.</p><p>As far as art goes, something illustrating or inspired by something she wrote, or a portrait (mmm pretty Heian clothes) would be lovely. (f/f also welcome if you are so inspired, but I'd prefer minimal artistic nudity if any.)</p>Dí Rénjié | 狄仁傑之通天帝國 | Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame (2010), Wǔ Zétiân | 武則天, Shàngguān Jìng'ér | 上官靜兒, Fanart, Fanfiction<p>I ship Wu/Jing'er as hard as one can ship something so damn tragic. It's been a while since I watched the movie, so I'm not sure I have a lot of specific thoughts in mind, but I'm interested in Jing'er's sense of loyalty, how her loyalty and love for the Empress conflict (possibly) with her other ties. I'm also interested in how Wu found (and perhaps shaped) Jing'er, Jing'er learning to navigate palace politics and her place in them, how they've navigated their relationship over the years (quite a lot of power differential between them), happy moments with the two of them, how Wu feels about her decision to sacrifice personal love for power--really, I'd be thrilled with anything about the two of them, romantic or not. (And I'm always down for happy AUs where people don't die.)</p><p>If you're an artist, I love portraits, I love clothing and interiors, I love scenery, and I would be thrilled with anything from a portrait of one or both of these women to something romantic or affectionate. If you choose to go that route, I would prefer no nudity or only artistic semi-nudity.</p>Hújiā Shíbā Pāi | 胡笳十八拍 | Eighteen Songs of a Nomad Flute, Cài Wénjī "Cài Yǎn" | 蔡文姬 "蔡琰", Cáo Cāo | 曹操, Fanart, Fanfiction<p>This is a pretty odd request for a vanishingly rare fandom, but the source is available online in original and translation! That said, Cao Cao technically does not appear in the poem, although his life did intersect with that of the real Cai Wenji. I'm very interested in any interactions they might have had, especially related to her third husband (whom he chose for her, and later tried to execute but spared due to her intervention). Might he have asked her about her time among the barbarians? How did she feel about being married off a third time? If you're not feeling inspired by Cao Cao, I'd honestly be happy with anything about Wenji: I have so many feelings about this poem and the scroll, and would love to see what moves and inspires *you.*</p><p>If you are an artist, I'd be happy with with anything involving Wenji (Cao Cao highly optional). I love the sweeping steppes landscapes, nature (the geese, the yellow grass of the steppes, the horses), Wenji playing the qin, the clothing (either that of the 14th/15th century handscroll or that of Wenji's actual period); a quiet domestic moment with her and one of her handmaidens or a nomad woman would be lovely, as would Wenji writing, or Wenji with her children and/or Liu Bao. I'm drawn to both the melancholy and the moments of contentment in the poem.</p>The Spirit Binders - Alaya Dawn Johnson, Akua | Aoi, Tulo, Parech, Fanfiction<p>I haven't reread recently, I'm afraid, but I remember being fascinated and frustrated by the building of the Aoi/Tulo/Parech OT3, and also wanting to shake the characters and demand that they TALK TO EACH OTHER ALREADY. Aoi's decision at the end seemed...baffling. So, I would adore an AU where they learn to use their words and build a happy OT3 and Aoi doesn't make questionable choices all over the place, but if that's not something you feel moved to write, I'd be happy with anything...adventure, a quiet domestic moment, anything about some or all of the relationships between the three of them. If you choose to focus on one leg of the triangle, I have a soft spot for Aoi/Tulo, but Aoi and Parech have the most unresolved, and we know the least about Tulo/Parech because the book keeps us in Aoi's POV, so I think there's interesting angles on all three pairings. I'd be down with porn for this fandom, but it's by no means mandatory, and I am perfectly happy with gen or lower-rated stuff, although I ask that the canonical relationships remain intact.</p>
comixologistNatsume Yūjin-chō | 夏目友人帳 | Natsume's Book of Friends, Tanuma Kaname | 田沼 要, Natsume Takashi | 夏目 貴志, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids<p>One of my favorite things about Natsume and Tanuma is their desire for normalcy. I'd love something where they try and fail to be normal around each other and with each other, but because they are together it isn't so bad after all - and maybe abnormal feels satisfying in the way normal is "supposed to". I ship them enthusiastically, but I am a multishipper and also love their friendship, so if you aren't feeling it, that's fine too! I love the idea that they could wind up working together/being close in the future, too, so don't feel shy about that. Just because I didn't select the other cast members in my request doesn't mean I wouldn't love to have them come along or show up, either - I'm mostly interested in the way Natsume and Tanuma manage to be connected to each other, and grow closer even without really trying (or even when trying not to tangle the other up in their issues - sorry boys, that red thread of fate sure likes to get twisted into knots!)</p><p>If you're also familiar with Kimi ni Todoke, and feel like writing or drawing or vidding or mixing a crossover involving Natsume and Sawako being adorably empathetic at one another while Tanuma and Kazehaya blush furiously and discuss what sweet wonderful people they are, that would be totally adorable too xD;;;</p>Kimi ni Todoke | 君に届け | From Me to You, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids, Any Character<p>I love everyone in this show, so I've selected "any" because I'll be really happy with any fanwork involving any of the characters in pretty much any combination - I think they're great and their friendships are great - but down to specifics, because "anything!" is a rough prompt: Yano is probably my favorite member of the supporting cast. I have some headcanons about Yano-chin and her attitude toward relationships (no pressure though, I just like to think about her and her role within the context of such a warm-and-fuzzy show) , so I'd especially love something with her in it - whether it's genfic/art involving she and Yoshida helping Sawako blossom into a maiden flower, or shippy fic/art with her and Pin (especially if he turns down her flirty vague advances because he's too much of a sparkling manly man to take advantage of a young girl's emotional vulnerability or something) or of her and Kento (both so good at reading other people, so bad at taking inventory of themselves), or shippy fic/art of Yano with Chizuru or Sawako (that's good for me too 8D) all the way to fic that's primarily about Ryu and Chizuru but features a snarky and/or helpful Yano cameo. </p><p>I would be just as happy with something involving the guys having a sleepover and talking about the girls, or all the girls arranging a cafe-date together or going to an arcade (Sawako playing with a catcher-machine, it'd be amazing, Chizuru could totally show her how and Yano could be deeply amused if/when they run into Kurumi and Sawako gives her one of the catcher prizes because they are FRIENDS and also RIVALS and FRIENDS how adorable).</p><p>I also really love Sawako and Ryu's budding friendship, and the way they seem to be able to confide in each other - so anything involving the two of them hanging out/talking would be awesome. (Ryu could then tell Kazehaya about how he, idk, braided her hair or something and Kazehaya would be jealous because HE DOESN"T KNOW WHAT HER HAIR FEELS LIKE idek) </p><p>As you can tell, I'm full of ideas. I hope something's sparked you and you can run with it! Suffice to say, if there are more fanworks of any kind for Kimi ni Todoke, I'll be delighted. :D</p>Hōrō Musuko | 放浪息子 | Wandering Son, Doi Shinpei | 土居伸平, Nitori Shūichi | 二鳥修一, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids<p>I love these two! I love their relationship. One of my favorite tropes in any fandom is the "Bully-becomes-Protector" character arc, and I'd really love to see something that involves Doi's developing feelings for Nitori. I ship them, but if you don't I'd be happy with anything about the development of their friendship. In my fanwork fantasy, I totally imagine something about Doi realizing that he sees Shuuichi as the beautiful girl she is and maybe being a bit shocked at himself for feeling that way. I love the bold way he told Nitori how cute she looked when she was performing her true gender identity, and that Nitori was so angry with him for saying that after making her life at school more complicated. I'd love to see something where Doi tells Shuuichi that he wants her to be his girlfriend, and is persistent about the word -- but even if it isn't a shippy fic, imagining how much it would mean to Nitori to hear Doi, who used to be the boy who bullied her, become a man who respects her and sees her as she is, and will support her emotionally with friendship makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I could also see a scenario in high school where Nitori is going out and passing, but Doi goes along or runs into her by chance, and ends up chasing off some persistent guys who are hitting on her or making her feel uncomfortable (and if Nitori wound up protecting Doi from them, or getting irritated because she doesn't need some boy to protect her, that would also be awesome).</p><p>If you'd like to focus on the roughest part of their friendship, when Doi is mostly just a bully, I only ask that you temper the angst with a hopeful ending.</p>Kurosagi Shitai Takuhaibin | 黒鷺死体宅配便 | Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, Sasaki Ao | 佐々木 碧, Fanart<p>I am dying for something like a Sasaki paperdoll, or a template for one! I know that paperdolls are super complicated and difficult. If you are looking for a less imposing idea, I'd stick with her fashion sense as a theme - I'd love a pinup of her trying a dress on, for example (I love her little belly), or her in a mannish suit (or a smoking jacket?!), or in her pajamas on the computer. I know this is a longshot request, but my heart has been crying out and I can't seem to draw them myself!</p>FAKE | フェイク | Feiku, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Any Character<p>I love the whole cast, so feel free to include anyone! As for my main focus, though, I'd request something that involves Bikky's parental/friendly relationships with Ryo and Dee. Something like, Bikky stumbles across a low-level case with the kids on the basketball court and solves it with Dee and/or Ryo's help, or something about Dee's past and his parallels with Bikky, or something about Ryo teaching Bikky how to cook something nice for Carol, or involving Dee and Bikky trying to do something nice for Ryo and possibly failing but that they worked together is ~the gift Ryo most wanted~ ... that sort of thing! </p><p>If you're not comfortable writing Bikky, or would rather have him in the background, that's okay too! In that case, anything involving Dee's daydreams about Ryo being assertive, or Ryo adjusting to his feelings for Dee.</p><p>If you'd like/don't mind to focus on serious issues, I'd be really interested to see something related to the story arc covered in the OVA and Dee and Ryo's conflicting feelings about Ryo's ability to pass (Ryo appears to consider it an advantage - or at least as unimportant, but I got the impression Dee doesn't like that he uses "Randy" and has so thoroughly assimilated; but maybe Ryo admits later his ability to pass made him less worried about the killer-of-Japanese-tourists going after him so he let his guard down, and Dee's feeling both angry and relieved that Ryo was able to stay out of danger as long as he was because of his ability and willingness to pass as/be mistaken for caucasian)? If you'd like to be more serious and feel comfortable focusing on Bikky, something about his identity as a blonde, blue-eyed, brown-skinned mixed-race kid with a Jewish last name (and two adoptive dads?), that would also be really interesting. :D</p>
cordialcountòugōng zhēn huán zhuàn | 後宫甄嬛传 | The Legend of Zhen Huan (TV), Zhēn Huán | 甄嬛, FanfictionThe Paper Menagerie - Ken Liu, Mom, Fanart, FanfictionScandal (TV), Fanfiction, Any CharacterZhōngguó shénhuà | 中國神話 | Chinese Mythology, Fanfiction, Any CharacterPapurika | パプリカ | Paprika (2006), Fanfiction, Chiba Atsuko "Papurika" | 千葉敦子 "パプリカ" | Paprika
dharmavati | ちはやふる, Wataya Arata | 綿谷 新, Wakamiya Shinobu | 若宮 詩暢, Ayase Chihaya | 綾瀬 千早, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids, GraphicsKahaani | कहानी | Story (2012), Vidya Bagchi | विद्या बाग्चि, Satyaki "Rana" Sinha | सत्यकी "राणा" सिन्हा, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids, GraphicsKitāb alf laylah wa-laylah | كتاب ألف ليلة وليلة | One Thousand and One Nights, Perí-Bánú | شبه بانو, Ahmen | أحمد, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, GraphicsSeirei no Moribito | 精霊の守り人 | Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit, Balsa Yonsa | バルサ, Tanda | タンダ, Fanart, FanfictionThrone of the Crescent Moon - Saladin Ahmed, Zamia Laith Banu Badawi, Raseed bas Raseed, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Graphics<p>I actually became interested in this book because I was intrigued by the pairing of Zamia and Raseed, so I'm just very much would love anything shippy for them. How do they negotiate their differences and general awkwardness to become a couple (and how do Adoulla and the other react)? If you would rather not write romance, I would be perfectly content with any sort of fic that explores their backstories and personalities.</p>
DoubleCorncakeChì bì | 赤壁 | Red Cliff (2008), Fanart, Fanmix, Fanvids, Any Character<p>I love how all the characters are larger than life</p>Nemu Nemu (Comic), Fanart, Fanfiction, Graphics, Any Character<p>I like the pups in particular! Differences between them always are fun!</p>Sukippu Bīto! | スキップ・ビート! | Skip Beat!, Rōri Takarada | ローリィ宝田 | Lory Takarada, Fanfiction, Fanvids, Podfic<p>I love how over the top Lory is! The Lorier the better! : D</p>Scott Pilgrim, Kyle Katayanagi, Ken Katayanagi, Fanart, Fanfiction, Graphics, Podfic<p>Would be great to see what goes on with them during the normal day to day. Being all snooty and well dressed and awesome...</p>Tonari no Totoro | となりのトトロ | My Neighbor Totoro, Nekobasu | ネコバス | Catbus, Fanfiction, Podfic<p>I think this can only be weird and glorious!</p>
EncyclopediacGenius (Comic), Destiny Ajaye, Fanfiction<p>Mostly I just want more story, since it seems like Top Cow is never actually going to publish the series even though they said they would. Destiny being fucking awesome, and wrecking havoc, s'il vous plais.</p>Petshop of Horrors | ペットショップ オブ ホラーズ | Pettoshoppu obu Horāzu, Lau Wu-Fei "Taishi" | 劉武飛 "太子" | Lau Wu-Fei "Taizu", Fanfiction<p>No one writes Woo-Fei, okay? Just write me some Woo-Fei being all mafia-ish, and maybe having UST with Count D, and I'll be happy. Plotty gen is a bonus, but I wouldn't mind sooooome sexual chemistry with D (much to Woo-Fei's eternal chagrin).</p>Otomen | オトメン, Masamune Asuka | 正宗 飛鳥, Tachibana Jūta | 橘 充太, Fanfiction<p>Someone finds out Juta is Jewel, and there is blackmail! Or... something, yeah? Maybe slashy something, or maybe just, Asuka baking delicious cakes for Juta. Or strange mysteries or Magical Girl AUs or something. General silliness.</p>Toshokan Sensō | 図書館戦争 | Library War, Dōjō Atsushi | 堂上 篤, Fanfiction<p>Less shoujo relationship drama, more serious exploration of librarian ethics, please!</p>Fainaru Fantajī Sātīn Tsū | ファイナルファンタジーXIII-2 | Final Fantasy XIII-2, Fanfiction, Any Character<p>Lightning is super badass. Preferably, I slash her with Fang and Vanille but anything involving her kicking some ass is good.</p>
FranzeskaChee and Leaphorn Series (TV), Joe Leaphorn, Jim Chee, Emma Leaphorn, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanvids<p>I liked the books as a kid, and rereading them, they're still pretty good, but I have the same problems now I did then: The women seem to be absent or only there as sources of angst for the male leads, and usually prissy, irritating ones at that. The male characters feel destined to grow old alone. God, it's depressing. I know they're murder mysteries and they touch on realistic social problems on reservations, class issues and poverty, etc., but it feels like they do all that and then add a heavy layer of pessimism and unnecessary tragic plot twists on top.</p><p>And then I watched the tv version. Suddenly, Emma is around, smiling her wicked little smile every time she gets the better of Joe or watches him bristle at yet another of Jim's attempts to gain his approval. The three of them are adorable. Those books never gave me any slashy vibes at all, but I was a hardcore OT3 shipper within about five seconds of starting the tv versions. Just look at Janet Peet talking smack about Leaphorn to Chee and his reaction. Or Emma bursting in on them to ask Jim to search for her husband. (And kudos to the tv versions for making me actually *like* Janet Peet even if she's still every bit as wrong for Jim as in the books.)</p><p>TV Chee and Leaphorn hit all of my corny oldschool cop show slash hotbuttons. They show they care in dumb ways. They run off to save each other all the time. One's all gruff and grumpy and closed off, the other all desperate to be acknowledged. If you vid this, you really cannot get corny enough. Journey? Super over the top country? Trust me: I will love it. Ditto if you write fic: These two are just crying out for every ridiculous, over the top slash trope out there from rattlesnake bite h/c drama to presumed dead scenarios. But please don't kill Emma off or write her out. Art I have less definite opinions about, but I tend to like illustrations that look like part of a plot more than straightforward portraits.</p><p>C'mon, after that little exchange of "You need a wife." and "If you're offering Emma, I accept.", can you really resist the OT3ness? (And if you haven't watched these, don't you want to now? You know you do.)</p>Smoke Signals (1998), Victor Joseph, Thomas Builds-The-Fire, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanvids<p>Aww, they're super cute. (Oh my god, baby Adam Beach. Now I feel old. Yes, I know he's older than I am; shut up.)</p><p>Anything about these two would make me happy.</p>Trese (Comics), Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanvids, Any Character<p>Trese is the coolest! I love the look at fairly unfamiliar-to-me folklore. I like how the magical and supernatural things are woven into daily life. I really like the art style. I don't have a favorite character or part, and I don't have any shipping preferences. I won't be bothered by shipping either though. For fic, I'd love to see a case if you can manage it; I like missing scenes and slice of life things too. For art, there's just so much potential here. You could definitely branch out from the main characters. I often prefer illustrations that reveal a glimpse of plot rather than just straight up portraits, but if you choose a minor character we don't see much of on the page, a plain portrait could be really cool too. Don't feel restricted to the art style of the comics. For vids, go crazy. Comics vids are really fun: you can alter art or not, use full pages or single panels, replace text with whatever you want...</p>DreadfulWater Mysteries - Thomas King, Thumps DreadfulWater, Fanart, Fanfiction<p>I love the humor in these. The hero is a lazy bastard who knows nothing about tracking and being one with nature and everything about snoozing on the couch with his cat. His relationship problems are realistic, not horribly depressing, and don't make me wonder if the author has never met a real live adult woman before. Given how on-again, off-again his relationship is though, you're welcome to put in or leave out whatever romance you want. (Well, except... please do not break up Beth and Ora Mae.) I have no idea how many of these the author is intending to write or whether he'll ever wrap up the Tragic Backstory, so if you want to write a whole casefic to do that, go for it, but I'd rather you didn't go hugely depressing places in a vignette. For art, I like illustrations of stories (canonical or not), but since these are books, it could be interesting to just see what you think these characters look like too.</p>Onmyōji | 陰陽師 | The Yin-Yang Master (2001 2003), Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanvids, Any Character<p>When I say 'any', I really mean it. What I love most about these movies is the general Heian milieu and the onmyodo and various magical and ceremonial elements. I'd love something shippy with Seimei and Hiromasa, but I'd also be happy with one of them paired with someone else or with something about the setting or focusing on another character.</p><p>For art, wow, Heian stuff offers so many possibilities. I like plotty illustrations, but you could also have fun with imitating traditional Japanese arts or Okano Reiko's manga version. And, hey, I'm not a purist: if you want to make me some shunga, I am not going to bitch about anachronistic artforms.</p><p>For vids, dude, have you seen these movies? They're a vidder's wetdream. The colors, oh my god. The Pietà Plagiarism!</p><p>For fic, I generally prefer plot or porn to character study. Atmosphere is everything here though, so a slice of (magical realism-filled) life could be interesting.</p>
fresne Beetle (Comics), Jaime Reyes (2011), Fanfiction, Fanvids<p>I've been loving Jaime in both the New 52 and in the "Young Justice" cartoon. Day in the life (with a Beetle on his back) or epic adventure, either would be lovely.</p>Bride and Prejudice (2004), Fanfiction, Fanvids, Any Character<p>I love the mix of the genre's that this movie plays with. That moment on the beach when it's African Gospel/Bollywood. The sheer joy of tweaking the storyline. Something that expresses that bend and cross of genres.</p>Sengoku jidai (Nihon) | 戦国時代(日本) | Japanese Warring States Period RPF, Fanfiction<p>How about something that embodies</p><p>Oda Nobunaga<br />Toyotomi Hideyoshi<br />Tokugawa Ieyasu</p><p>Nakanu nara, koroshite shimae, hototogisu (If the cuckoo does not sing, kill it.)<br />Nakanu nara, nakasete miyou, hototogisu (If the cuckoo does not sing, coax it.)<br />Nakanu nara, naku made matou, hototogisu (If the cuckoo does not sing, wait for it.)</p><p>Or something Oda Nobunaga focused, as I'm very fond of the ruthless tradition breaker. Maybe he lives and there's no period of isolation. </p><p>Or set the whole period in space.</p>Kitāb alf laylah wa-laylah | كتاب ألف ليلة وليلة | One Thousand and One Nights, Any Character, Any Freeform<p>A story about storytelling.<br />A woman's story.<br />A story of survival.</p><p>There are many things to delight in this tale of tales.</p>Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, Any Character, Any Freeform<p>I've danced ballroom (socially) for years. Beautiful dance is a wonderful form. How about an adventure of that league of extraordinary dancers. Averting danger with the power of danceon.</p>
GramaryeGyeongseong Seukaendeul | 경성스캔들 | Capital Scandal, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Any Character<p>I'd love backstory fic, a missing scene from canon, or an alternate perspective on a canon scene. I adore the platonic relationships in the show (especially Cha Song Joo and Na Yeo Kyeong, Seon Woo Wan and Cha Song Joo, and Lee Soo Hyeon and Na Yeo Kyeong), so anything that focuses on these relationships would be most welcome. Gen-fic preferred. For fanmix making, if you can provide me with a mix of 1920s-1930s big band/jazz music that fits the characters and their relationships, I would be delighted -- especially if it's in Korean (or Japanese)!</p>Toshokan Sensō | 図書館戦争 | Library War, Fanfiction, Any Character<p>What is it like to live in a Japan where censorship is accepted as a given, if not exactly liked? We know what incident prompted Iku Kasahara to join the Library Force, but what encouraged her fellow librarians to sign up for a career that in their world is as dangerous as joining the military, if not more so? Canon characters and gen-fic greatly preferred.</p>Toaru Kagaku no Rērugan | とある科学の超電磁砲 | A Certain Scientific Railgun, Fanfiction, Any Character<p>I'd like to see a story about the Ability Development process, focusing on one or more of the four main Railgun characters. What kind of testing and training do they have to do to develop their powers, and what does it feel like to succeed -- or fail? (Alternately, wacky mystery-solving hijinks with the entire cast will be equally welcomed!)</p>Genshiken | げんしけん, Fanfiction, Any Character<p>The narrative tension between the original cast of Genshiken characters and the Nidaime cast intrigues me, because it shows an interesting shift from the 'classic' male otaku (with a focus on videogames, model making, and male-oriented doujinshi) to the fujoshi type (especially involving cosplay and female-oriented doujinshi). A story that explores this transition would be especially welcome. Gen-fic preferred, though established canon relationships are also fine.</p>Sōdo Āto Onrain | ソードアート・オンライン | Sword Art Online, Fanfiction, Any Character<p>For this series, I'm most interested in friendship-fic (especially with Kirito and Klein) or introspective pieces, though the content is wide open. How do different players work to build their skill sets? To what extent do people start to forget about their life before the game, or confuse in-game life with real life? Gen-fic preferred.</p>
handyhunter Mosque on the Prairie, Layla Siddiqui, Fanart, Fanfiction<p>I really love Layla and I think it's unfortunate that the show didn't do more with this character. I love her relationship with her father, especially, and also with Fatima and Rayyan. I've written something here about my ideal Layla spin-off -- -- but really anything about her would be awesome!</p>Scandal (TV), Any Character, Any Freeform<p>I'm not sure why the sign-up isn't allowing me to write in Olivia Pope, so I picked 'any'. Anyway, I would really like something about Olivia Pope! What she does on her days off (does she even have days off/vacations), how she put together her team, why Harrison is her favourite (this might just be from my perspective...but he does seem like her go-to guy), does she ever think about doing something else, etc. I would rather not have Fitz in it, or at least nothing uncritically shippy between him and Olivia (I'm a little less bothered by the cheating as I am by, well, him). I am all for Olivia/Mellie power couple (platonic or sexual), but that's not mandatory either.</p><p>I would also be totally ok with anything about any character of colour on the show, even (or especially? :D?) something from the POV of Morris (the guard booth guy) or Alissa (David Rosen's assistant )or the medical examiner who shoots down Harrison.</p>The Middleman (TV), Noser, Wendy Watson, Any Freeform<p>I'd be happy with anything about Wendy or Noser! I don't ship them, but I don't mind if you do. I don't mind if you make up something about Noser, either, like how he and Wendy met, about the songs and guitar he doesn't play, his background, etc. Or whatever you would like to write about! </p><p>As for Wendy, I'm fine with canon ships or if you want to pair her with Lacey. I like the tone of the show, but if you want to go in a different direction from that I'd be ok with it, as well, as long as the focus is on her (and/or Noser).</p>Chì bì | 赤壁 | Red Cliff (2008), Any Character, Any Freeform<p>Sun Shangxiang is my favourite, but I would be happy with fanwork about any of the characters. I love the overall movie a lot, except for the battle scenes because I am squeamish.</p>Dí Rénjié | 狄仁傑之通天帝國 | Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame (2010), Any Character, Any Freeform<p>Basically, I ship Empress Wu/Jing'er and think it's great that Empress Wu got to be scary and ruthless all the way through the movie. But I really would be happy with fic about any of the characters, including Pei Donglai and Detective Dee (like, the two of them having adventures! or something). I'd also be ok with the resurrection of Jing'er, so she can have more adventures too.</p>
innerbrat Beetle (Comics), Paco Tejas (2011), Jaime Reyes (2011), Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids, Graphics<p>I'd love to see something that focuses on Paco's relationship with the posse. Fanart or a fanmix would be fantastic.</p>Chì bì | 赤壁 | Red Cliff (2008), Zhūgě Liàng | 諸葛亮, Sūn Shàngxiāng | 孫尚香, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids, Graphics<p>I love the mentor/mentee relationship between Zhuge Liang and Sun Shangxiang and would love to see this explored. i have a huge competence kink that both these people set off something fierce. </p><p>I'm not interested in anything shippy between these two, though.</p>Gyeongseong Seukaendeul | 경성스캔들 | Capital Scandal, Chu Geun-deok | 추근덕, Seonu Wan | 선우완, Na Yeo-gyeong | 나여경, Lee Su-hyeon | 이수현, Cha Song-ju | 차송주, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids, Graphics<p>I LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERS. Even the ones I didn't pick. I'm very interested in backstory and motivations for all the characters. What happened between their childhood and now? What happens to them after canon?</p><p>Some specific ideas:<br />- Seonu Wan, Na Yeo-gyeong and Lee Su-hyeon post canon, having adventures. I'm interested in shipping Su-hyeon with either of the others beyond being the best older brother ever.<br />- Chu Geun-deok. What's his history? How did he get involved in the resistance? What does he really feel about Cha Song-ju's exploits? Bonus points for long suffering uncle-like feelings.<br />- The Na family. Yeo-gyeong's childhood and her relationship with her parents. Is her mother involved in the resistance in any way? I'd love to see her take a secretarial, code-breaking or encoding role.</p>Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids, Any Character<p>I'm a massive fan of P&amp;P and I love this interpretation. Charlotte is an awesome character and I'm keen to see something from her PoV. Maybe what she thinks of Bennet romance, but also her relationship with her family and her sister. She obviously adores Maria and I'd love to see Lu family shenanigans.</p><p>I love Caroline as the villain of the piece, but I'd like to see her motivations explored a little more. If you're inclined to explore her as an exaggerated villain character, that's awesome. If you're interested in a sympathetic side, that's even better!</p><p>A Lee sibling backstory is, as with any sib relationship backstories, more than welcome.</p>Seonggyungwan Seukaendeul | 성균관 스캔들 | Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids, Graphics, Any Character<p>I'd love to see something post canon exploring their ongoing lives. Particularly Jae-shin and Cho-seon having ongoing conflict of interests and TENSION and mentoring on the sly while pretending to try and catch her. All the while with the rest of the quartet being their ongoing selves.</p><p>I ship Yung-ha and Jae-shin very strongly, with an open relationship caveat.</p><p>Alternatively, I'd just love to see a fanvid or fanart exploring Jae-shin/Yong-ha or the entire quartet.</p>
Izilenūni Kokuki | 十二国記 | The Twelve Kingdoms, Fanfiction, Any Character<p>There is nothing I would love more than a story about Yoko in relation to the other rulers, and how they all must, necessarily, work together for the advancement of the Twelve Kingdoms, very much in line with what happened in 'The Shore in Twilight, the Sky at Daybreak', and taking on ideas from what little we saw of the Sou royal family in 'Kizan' (Dreaming of Paradise), but that if for whatever reason is not your cup of tea, then I would love to see anything about Yoko and the court she makes for herself (in particular Shoukei and Suzu) and how she continues to adapt to the reality of being a ruler.</p><p>Other things I would absolutely adore: Yoko/Rakushun, anything!, Yoko and Shoryuu being excellent friends and allies, anything at all about Shushou (if this included Rikou I would be over the moon), anything at all about Sourin, Bunki and the rest of the Sou Royal Family. But really, dear Kaleidoscope writer, if you are writing Twelve Kingdoms at all for me I will be satisfied.</p><p>A couple of things, though, that I think you ought to know: I am very much requesting from book canon; I love the anime but as a rule I prefer the books wherever the anime differs. I do not find any King/Kirin pairings at all appealing, on account of the imbalance of power, and so would prefer those not to appear. While I love many of the dudes from the Twelve Kingdoms dearly I really love ladies and want stories that have ladies in them. I am seriously not interested in receiving PWP/NC-17 for this fandom.</p>Chihayafuru | ちはやふる, Ōe Kanade | 大江 奏, Ayase Chihaya | 綾瀬 千早, Wataya Arata | 綿谷 新, Nishida Yūsei | 西田 優征, Komano Tsutomu | 駒野 勉, Yamamoto Yumi | 山本 由美, Wakamiya Shinobu | 若宮 詩暢, Ayase Chitose | 綾瀬 千歳, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix<p>For Chihayafuru, what I would most like is works about Chihaya herself and her relationships with the people closest to her. I was enchanted by her capacity to learn from others in both the manga and anime, and her boundless optimism and empathy, and I can't help but want more of that. </p><p>More specifically: I would love more about her friendship with Kanade, and how despite their differences in personality and playing style they get along, help each other grow and support one another in their ambitions to be become queen and professional reader. I would also adore seeing more of her with the rest of her team! Alternatively, I would love to see works about her relationship with the other people who've influenced her life: Arata, her rivals in karuta, and her sister. </p><p>For full disclosure: I really ship Chihaya/Arata, so any works about those two would be very, very, very welcome. I'm not particular about the inclusion of any other ships (I enjoy most of them, with the exception of Taichi/Chihaya). I love pretty much every character in this series, and would be delighted to see any others included, particularly other lady karuta players.</p>Gokusen | ごくせん (Manga), Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Graphics, Any Character<p>Getting any fanworks for this manga would be SUCH a treat. There's any number of things I would really enjoy getting, and I'm having trouble pinpointing any one of them, so here's some ideas:</p><p>Yankumi/Shin, ANYTHING. I just want more of these two and their excellent relationship. I loved what the manga did with them, and I would not change a thing, but I would dearly enjoy any works which explore their relationship during or after canon.</p><p>Anything about Yankumi and Fujiyama-sensei would be MOST welcome. I was very impressed by how very different they are, and how their particular modes of teaching and personalities allow them both to deal effectively with their students and their workplace, and would like to see more of that. </p><p>Anything about Yamkumi and her BELOVED STUDENTS. Teaching them, rescuing them, getting into trouble with them, anything would be amazing.</p><p>Anything about Yankumi balancing her tied with her family with her passion for teaching.</p><p>And of course, any combinations of the above.</p><p>As a note: I haven't watched the drama and am not familiar with its characterisations or plot - my requests are definitely based on the manga. I am okay with pretty much any rating for this fandom, but would prefer not to receive gore or porn without plot. Otherwise, really: make me something about Gokusen and you will have my love forever!!!</p>Kaze Hikaru | 風光る, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Graphics, Any Character<p>I will come clean and say that I am an unabashed shipper of Sei and Okita and would love seeing anything about them. Mostly I would love more of the characters acting as they do in the manga, and maybe possibly kissing.</p><p>If you'd rather not make any shippy fanworks, that is also great! I would particularly also love seeing anything about Sei and Akesato's relationship with one another, or anything at all about Sei's life in the Shinsengumi and her interaction with any of its members, or the people who surround them. But really, anything about Kaze Hikaru would be amazing.</p><p>If you are writing a story, dear assignee, then I would really really really like it if you took it as an opportunity to explore gender identity and 'sexual orientation', too, particularly in the context of Edo Japan and the Bakumatsu. If you happen to be interested in politics or history then I would really seriously enjoy any story that uses the characters of Kaze Hikaru to explore the time period and the critical changes that occur in the time it was set. I would not object to future-fic where these things are examined looking back or as memories.</p><p>I would love you forever and ever if you chose to do anything relating to Bakumatusu Japan's relationship with the outside world, in particular with the Western world, and would really appreciate any thoughts about "modernity" and "tradition".</p><p>I am not interested in NC-17 in this fandom! Not for porn and not for gore or violence; anything up to the level the manga itself reaches should be okay.</p>Otoyomegatari | 乙嫁語り | The Bride's Stories, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Graphics, Any Character<p>What I enjoy the most about Otoyomegatari is its depiction of filial and communal relationships, and that's what I would love seeing in any derivative works. </p><p>I would be especially delighted at receiving works about any of the following things: Amira's relationship with Karluk, in canon or in the future. Amira's relationship and daily life with her new family, and her role in the household. How she gets along with her mother and sister in law, etc. Amira's life as part of the village, and her friendship with Pariya. Furthermore, I am utterly enchanted by Laila and Leyli: anything at all about them and their family would be most welcome.</p><p>I would really prefer nothing terribly dark or explicit in works about this manga. I would really prefer things generally in keeping with the tone of the series, and am absolutely not interested in porn without plot (though references to sex are okay).</p>
kyuuketsukiruiōrō Musuko | 放浪息子 | Wandering Son, Nitori Shūichi | 二鳥修一, Takatsuki Yoshino | 高槻よしの, Suehiro Anna | 末広安那, Oka Takanori | 岡孝典, Ariga Makoto | 有賀誠, Doi Shinpei | 土居伸平, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Graphics<p>I would love fic about Nitorin and Anna (especially future fic). Or anything about Takatsuki-kun, whether gen or shipping him with someone (of any gender). I also love the idea of Mako-chan getting with Oka or Doi as an adult, or even just running into one or both of them after not having seen them since graduation or something like that. Slice-of-life friendship fic with the whole gang is an option, too.</p>Urutora Maniakku | ウルトラマニアック | Ultra Maniac, Tateishi Ayu | 立石亜由, Sakura Nina | 佐倉仁菜, Fanfiction<p>After Nina transforms Ayu into a guy, I was hit with the urge for fic about Ayu as a trans guy and what transformation would mean to him in that context. If you're not interested in that idea, something cute about Ayu and Nina and Nina's magic would be good, either friendshippy or femslash.</p>Kimi ni Todoke | 君に届け | From Me to You, Yano Ayane | 矢野あやね, Yoshida Chizuru | 吉田千鶴, Miura Kento | 三浦健人, Fanfiction, Fanmix<p>I would love anything with Ayane being either asexual or lesbian. I love Kent as her gay best friend (or ace, I could totally buy Kent as ace, too). I love Aya and Chizu either as BFFs or as a couple. And of course I love Sawako, too, and totally want her included in the BFF goodness; I just would prefer not to have her as the main character.</p>Kodomo no Jikan | こどものじかん, Kokonoe Rin | 九重りん, Kokonoe Reiji | 九重レイジ, Aoki Daisuke | 青木大介, Usa Mimi | 宇佐美々, Kagami Kuro | 鏡黒, Fanfiction<p>I know I shouldn't, but I actually find myself rooting for Rin and Daisuke, so if you want to go that route and write future fic about them, that would be cool. Or if you want to write Rin and Mimi and Kuro friendship fic, that is also awesome (with them as kids, or teens, or even adults). I could also go for Daisuke/Reiji, either a one-time thing or an actual relationship.</p>7SEEDS | セブンシーズ | Sebun Shīzu, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Any Character<p>I would just love a story about anyone in this cast being queer! I love all the canon het entanglements, but wow, so much het. Also so many cis people. This is a massive cast, so there needs to be some queer representation.</p>
lastingdreams 2: SPEC | ケイゾク 2: SPEC | SPEC ~ First Blood (2010), Ninomae Juuichi | 一十一, Touma Saya | 当麻紗綾, Sebumi Takeru | 瀬文焚流, Chii Satoshi | 地居聖, FanfictionPuropōzu Daisakusen | プロポーズ大作戦 | Operation Love (TV 2007), Fanfiction, Any CharacterQ10 | キュート | Kyūto, Q10 | キュート, Fukai Heita | 深井平太, Kubo Takehiko | 久保武彦, Kageyama Satoshi | 影山聡, FanfictionGung | 궁 | Princess Hours, Shin Chae-gyeong | 신채경, Lee Shin | 이신, FanfictionWǒ kě néng bù huì ài nǐ | 我可能不會愛你 | In Time with You, Li Dà Rén | 李大仁, Chéng Yòu Qīng | 程又青, Fanfiction
lightningwaltz | कहानी | Story (2012), Vidya Bagchi | विद्या बाग्चि, FanfictionМонголын түүх | Mongolian History RPF, Alaqai Beki, Hö'elün | Өэлүн, Batumöngke Dayan Khan | Батмөнх Даян хаан, Checheyigen, Töregene Qatun, Mandukhai Khatun | Мандухай хатан, Sorqaqtani Beki, Fanart, FanfictionKitāb alf laylah wa-laylah | كتاب ألف ليلة وليلة | One Thousand and One Nights, Dunyazad | دنیازاد | Dinarzade, FanfictionKeizoku 2: SPEC | ケイゾク 2: SPEC | SPEC ~ First Blood (2010), Touma Saya | 当麻紗綾, Sebumi Takeru | 瀬文焚流, FanfictionBollywood | बॉलीवुड RPF, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids
littledustBring It On: The Musical - Miranda/Kitt/Green/Whitty/Blankenbuehler, La Cienega, Danielle, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix<p>I totally, completely, and utterly love La Cienega and would be happy to hear more about her character! What about that kiss they threw in at the end of the show, eh, EH? I also love Danielle's driven nature that's (mostly) balanced by her willingness to have fun. Anything focused on these characters would be wonderful. Gen, het and femslash are welcome!</p>Paradise Kiss | パラダイス・キス | Paradaisu Kisu, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids, Graphics, Any Character<p>Paradise Kiss is one of my favorite manga series. I'd be happy for anything about any character. Wacky fashion adventures! Quiet character introspection! I realize that's an extremely broad request, but I adore this universe and would be happy for more of it. :)</p>D.E.B.S. (2004), Max, Dominique, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids, Graphics<p>Anything on Max and/or Dominique's backstory would be wonderful. Or maybe something about what they do after graduation! Does Max get the recognition she deserves? What on earth does Dominique DO, anyway? Gen, het, or femslash welcome!</p>Sukkar banat | سكر بنات | Caramel (2007), Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids, Graphics, Any Character<p>Caramel is one of my favorite movies because it has women and women's stories at its heart. What happens to their group after the movie? Do Layale and Youssef make it happen? What about Rima and Siham?</p>Scott Pilgrim, Knives Chau, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids, Graphics<p>Okay, so I would love the tale of Knives Chau's indie-tastic college adventures. Or, really, anything about Knives!</p>
lyrykEnglish Patient - Michael Ondaatje, Fanart, Fanfiction, FanvidsBollywood | बॉलीवुड RPF, Any Character, Any Freeform<p>I'd love some Shabana Azmi+/Nandita Das, femslash or gen.</p>Chak De! India | चक दे इंडिया (2007), Any Freeform<p>Anything with female characters being awesome would be fabulous. Gen or femslash.</p>Literary RPF, Any Character, Any FreeformMidnight's Children - Salman Rushdie, Any Freeform
maat_seshat Mandei | ブラッディ・マンデイ | Bloody Monday, Asada Aoi | 朝田あおい, Fanfiction, Fanvids<p>I love Aoi fiercely for being a young woman trying to both live up to what's expected of her and be loyal to her friends. I love that she teams up with Otoya to bully Fujimaru into accepting help, and I love that she tells him several times during the insanity that was Season 1 that they're not going away, no matter how hard it gets. I'd be delighted to see anything about her, pre-series, mid-series, between series, AU, post-series, whatever. Give her a chance to pass Bechdel with someone or show the intricacies of her relationships with Fujimaru, Otoya, and all their baggage and I will clap my hands with glee. Femslash, gen, het, poly, all good!</p>Gangjeok-deul | 강적들 | Powerful Opponents, Cha Yeong-jin | 차영진, Fanfiction, Fanvids<p>I watched this series as an exploration of family: born family, chosen family, various permutations of family, with the core “family” being the three main characters and Ggot Nim, so I'll love anything exploring ways in which the four of them are family. I also watched it for Cha Young Jin finding herself, discovering what she can do, what she's willing to do, and what she will *learn* to do, so anything with Young Jin+Career is guaranteed glee. Ditto Gwang Pil and being a single father, if the Young Jin bunnies aren't biting. And I’m a total threesome shipper for Young Jin, Gwang Pil, and Soo Ho, so if you want to go that route, please do.</p>GōGō Sentai Bōkenjā | 轟轟戦隊ボウケンジャー | Rumbling Squadron Boukenger, Mogami Sōta | 最上蒼太, Fanfiction, Fanvids<p>I fell in love with Souta early in Boukenger without even noticing it. I love that he's self-contained but still as strange and zany as the rest of his teammates; that he is very good at finding information; that he kept insurance files on his teammates and that he deleted them when he chose to re-commit to the team. I'd love to see pretty much anything, pre-series, mid-series, or post-series, though I particularly love him interacting with Sakura. I'm also absolutely certain that Souta is both bisexual and not at all ruled by his hormones, so I'd be good with gen, het, poly, slash, or whatever else you can think of.</p>Nadeshiko Japan | なでしこジャパン | Japan Women's National Football RPF, Miyama Aya | 宮間あや, Fanfiction, Fanvids<p>I watched the "Laughter and Tears" NHK documentary after the London Olympics, and it spent the first half on the mentor-and-friend relationship between Miyama Aya and Sawa Homare, then the second half slashing Aya and Ogimi Yuki. I am not kidding. I would be delighted to get *anything* about Aya, but for specific suggestions: what it was like having to play on boys' and men's teams growing up, or what it was/is like being Sawa's protege, the excitement of women's football finally being taken seriously as the Nadeshiko team progresses, or the stress of handling TV appearances and trying to get the team together when most people still have day jobs. If you use Yuki, I'm good with a happyfuntimes universe where marriages outside the team don't exist or with a serious exploration of the effects of marriage in a society like Japan on team/professional dynamics, or anything in between. As usual, femslash, gen, het, poly, or anything else are all good, but I'd prefer the focus on the women.</p>Sengoku jidai (Nihon) | 戦国時代(日本) | Japanese Warring States Period RPF, Fanart, Fanfiction, Any Character<p>I nominated these two and I love them equally fiercely. I'm fascinated by Yoshihime and her strength of will and the way she navigated the dangerous waters of Sengoku family politics. I particularly love her relationships with her brother and her son, both when there's conflict between Mogami and Date and under Hideyoshi and Tokugawa when they're mostly on the same side. I'm intrigued by Kenshin and his penchant for adopting sons and treating them like they mattered, along with his distinctive Buddhist beliefs and interactions with his retainers. I'd prefer to avoid incest here (though I recognize that's complicated once you get into Sengoku adoptions), but femslash, gen, guyslash, het, poly, or anything else is great.</p>
mk_tortieRirī Shushu no Subete | リリイ・シュシュのすべて | All About Lily Chou-Chou (2001), Tsuda Shiori | 津田詩織, Kuno Yōko | 久野陽子, Hasumi Yūichi | 蓮見雄, Fanfiction<p>I would love to see fic about the relationship between Yuichi and the two girls - snapshots outside of what we see in the movie perhaps, or anything else you can think of! I'd love it if the fic could keep the same dreamy atmosphere as the movie as well, maybe even with the 'online' snippets still in there. Basically, I love this film, so any fic at all would be amazing! Other characters beyond those requested are fine too.</p>Fainaru Fantajī Sātīn Tsū | ファイナルファンタジーXIII-2 | Final Fantasy XIII-2, Sazzu Kattsuroi | サッズ・カッツロイ | Sazh Katzroy, Fanfiction, Fanvids<p>I would love to see fic with Sazh and Dajh, maybe with Sazh telling Dajh stories about his adventures?</p>Little Mosque on the Prairie, Rayyan Hamoudi, Layla Siddiqui, Fanfiction, Fanvids<p>I would love to see Rayyan giving Layla advice (welcome or unwelcome!).</p>The House of Aunts - Zen Cho, Eng Ah Lee, Fanfiction<p>I would love to see excerpts from Ah Lee's diary</p>The Kumars at No. 42 (TV), Sanjeev Kumar, Sushila 'Ummi' Kumar, Madhuri Kumar, Ashwin Kumar, Fanfiction, Fanvids<p>It would be great to see the Kumars with a new guest they never actually had on the show - i.e., snippets from a show that never aired! The guest is your choice - whatever you think would be most amusing! </p><p>Alternatively, a story set during Sanjeev's divorce or set during their lives prior to the show (Sanjeev's teenage years, perhaps?) would be great too.</p>
Moontygerōzu Daisakusen | プロポーズ大作戦 | Operation Love (TV 2007), Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids, Any Character<p>If you're writing fanfiction, I see so many possibilities for stories because of the time travel element here. For example, all the changes Ken is making has to affect the others - they're around for a lot of them. How does it affect them? What do/don't they notice? What about changes we don't see? I'd love to see any of these time jumps from their point of view. </p><p>You could also consider how this affects his past self - something the fairy said about this made me wonder. When he jumps back, does the self he left behind remember what he's done? Does he remember why? What does he make of the 'I've come back from the future' stuff he's said? Honestly, a "day after" fic for any of the time jumps could be amazing. Or maybe something about what it's like for him now; his memories probably no longer exactly match what happened, perhaps in some surprising ways.</p><p>As for the fairy, if you'd rather write about him - he clearly sees the changes Ken makes. How does that work? What is it like for him? What has his past been like? Does he do this often?</p><p>Other possibilities could be considering the question of whether or not Rei (or anyone) would have been better off had Ken not changed anything. Would she have been happier or not? Or maybe a fic about their future if the fairy had never appeared could be interesting. And, of course, just plain future fic would be awesome, too, or even something that combines different possible outcomes.</p><p>As for fanvids, while I know vids are not slideshows, the slideshow was so important in this drama that I thought something playing with that concept could be really interesting.</p><p>Fanmixes, you probably don't need my help here. This drama just seemed suited to the medium. Maybe a song for each picture he changed or each time period? But that's just a thought.</p>Sun Sword - Michelle West, Teresa di'Marano, Fanfiction<p>Teresa is one of my favorite characters in this series; I'd love just about anything about her. Just a few ideas: maybe something about her early contact with the Voyani, maybe how she knew Yolanna or Evallen. Or how (and why) she learned to summon the Kovaschii.</p><p>While I'm only asking for Teresa herself, stories with her and some of the other nominated characters could be fascinating, too. Maybe a story about Sendari and Teresa when they were young? Or a missing scene with Teresa and Diora, either from Diora's childhood or maybe their journey on the Sea of Sorrows? Or even something with Teresa and Alina. They've both made choices that changed the entire expected course of their lives; I can see a lot of possibilities there.</p>Toaru Kagaku no Rērugan | とある科学の超電磁砲 | A Certain Scientific Railgun, Konori Mii | 固法 美偉, Saten Ruiko | 佐天 涙子, Fanfiction<p>While I like all the characters in Railgun, these two are my favorites. Konori is always there in the background and we only get those few episodes about her. I'd love to see more - maybe how she came to Academy City or what Judgement means to her. Maybe even just something about what it's like to be a girl with X-ray vision. Showing some of the events from her point of view could be interesting, too.</p><p>As for Saten, I'd love future fic. I do ship her with Uiharu, but you don't have to if you'd prefer not. Does she ever develop that ability she had with the Level Upper? Or, alternatively, <em>Index</em> and the fact that she was unaffected by Capacity Down made me wonder if she could learn magic.</p><p>Obviously you do not have to write about these two together, but I wouldn't mind if you did. Maybe they have to deal with something/solve a case together, for whatever reason? Or maybe they just hung out together sometime when Uiharu wasn't at the Judgement office - that could be fun, too.</p>Urutora Maniakku | ウルトラマニアック | Ultra Maniac, Sakura Nina | 佐倉仁菜, Tateishi Ayu | 立石亜由, Fanfiction<p>I'll admit right up front that I prefer the manga to the anime, but I'm familiar with both, so feel free to use either.</p><p>I'd love to see more about the Magic Kingdom - we get so many tantalizing details, but there's a lot we don't see. Maybe Ayu could go visit Nina there? Or maybe she could be an exchange student for a semester! I would still prefer her to be in the fic, too. (And I adore Ayu/Nina, but they can be just friends if that doesn't work for you.)</p><p>Alternately, I'd love future fic here, too. Remember that aging spell? It would be interesting to see what they're really like at that age, when it's natural and not just a spell. What are their lives like? How have they changed?</p>Baempaieo Geomsa | 뱀파이어 검사 | Vampire Prosecutor, Yu Jeong-in | 유정인, Fanfiction<p>Yu Jeong-in is absolutely amazing and I would love a story about her. Maybe more about how she became a prosecutor? A case where she's the lead instead of Tae-yeon! Or maybe more of her perspective on one of the cases in the show, or something where she's finally figuring out the secrets being kept from her. How does she react once she knows the truth?</p>
paperwar | タンブリング | Tumbling, Nippori Keiji | 日暮里圭児, Fanfiction, Fanvids<p>Please see</p>Natsume Yūjin-chō | 夏目友人帳 | Natsume's Book of Friends, Taki Tōru | 多軌 透, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids, Graphics<p>Please see</p>Otome Yōkai Zakuro | おとめ妖怪 ざくろ, Hōzuki | 鬼灯, Bonbori | 雪洞, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanvids<p>Please see</p>Purinsesu Nain Kisaragi Joshikō Yakyū-bu | プリンセスナイン如月女子高野球部 | Princess Nine, Hotta Koharu | 堀田小春, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids<p>Please see</p>Yozakura Karutetto | 夜桜四重奏 ~ヨザクラカルテット~ | Yozakura Quartet, Isone Kotoha | 五十音 ことは, Kishi Tōka | 岸 桃華, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids, Graphics<p>Please see</p>
phiBlue Beetle (Comics), Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanvids, Any Character<p>To avoid the dreaded "Anything is fine!" request ;) I'll make some suggestions, but really almost anything is fine. I have a pretty big squick around humiliation, but otherwise, I like all kinds of stories -- angst, fluff, curtains!fic, backstory, slice of life, AUs, you get the picture. I like friendship fic/art with Jaime and any of the other teen heros, awkward but sweet first time fic/art, or fic/art showing Jaime and his familia.</p>Throne of the Crescent Moon - Saladin Ahmed, Litaz, Miri, Zamia Laith Banu Badawi, Fanart, Fanfiction<p>I would really prefer fanworks that don't center the canon het relationships. I'd like to see any or all of the ladies having awesome adventures on their own, or having slashy relationships (possibly with OCs).</p>Lunar Year's End - Jaymee Goh, Fanart, Fanfiction, Any Character<p>I'd really love a story that shows Gen Wei trying and failing to court Siew Fei (no humiliation of the good captain though, please), or art featuring any or all of the characters celebrating Eid or Diwali, or art depicting the unwise game of marbles. And if none of those ideas inspire the muse, really, anything is fine. Optional details are optional!</p>Noah's Arc, Fanart, Fanfiction, Any Character<p>I'd like anything that's not the Noah and Wade show. Some suggestions: Alex hits it big in the drag world (maybe he ends up on Ru Paul's Drag Race?), Chance being adorkable (maybe art of him giving a lecture? Genfic with him mentoring a student? Although mentoring is definitely not a euphemism in that suggestion. Student/teacher relationships are another squick of mine)</p>Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Charlotte Lu, Fanart, Fanfiction<p>All I want is Lizzie and Charlotte being adorable together, either as a couple or as BFFs. Some ideas/scenarios: freshman orientation at college, first date, silly awkward double-date, shopping for their first car(s) together.</p>
piecesofalice 2: SPEC | ケイゾク 2: SPEC | SPEC ~ First Blood (2010), Sebumi Takeru | 瀬文焚流, Touma Saya | 当麻紗綾, Fanfiction, FanvidsKeizoku | ケイゾク | Unsolved Cases, Mayama Tōru | 真山 徹, Shibata Jun | 柴田 純, Madarame Shigetomo | 斑目 重友, Kido Aya | 木戸 彩, Asakura Hiroto | 朝倉 裕人, Fanfiction, FanvidsMidnight Circus (Music Video), Akodieon banjuja | 아코디언 반주자 | Accordion Player, Lee Seung-a "SeungA" | 이승아 "승아", Lee Mi-sung "Mi-sung" | 이미성 "미성", An Jin-a "Kota" | 안진아 "코타", Kim Eun-yeong "JuB" | 김은영 "주비", Kim Jang-hyeon "Jang Hyun" | 김장현 "장현", FanfictionSutoroberī Naito | ストロベリーナイト | Strawberry Night, Yuda Kohei | 湯田 康平, Kikuta Kazuo | 菊田 和男, Ishikura Tamotsu | 石倉 保, Himekawa Reiko | 姫川 玲子, Hayama Noriyuki | 葉山 則之, FanfictionNazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de | 謎解きはディナーのあとで | The After Dinner Mysteries, Hōshō Reiko | 宝生 麗子, Kazamatsuri Kyōichirō | 風祭 京一郎, Kageyama | 影山, Fanfiction, Fanvids
Qem | げんしけん, Fanfiction, Fanvids, Any Character<p>Genshiken! Genshiken is one of my long term favourite series, but it's also one of the few series I feel became more enjoyable with a sequel.</p><p>I really love the second series more, where they introduce the next generation of girls which I found really identifiable as in real life, my anime experience was going through a similar transformation. (Although the club I was in was much larger so not quite so extreme).</p><p>I would be quite happy with pretty much anything from this series!</p><p>If you want to write femslash, I put up some prompts in my yurichallenge letter earlier this year over here:<br /></p><p>But here are some bits and pieces that I think might be interesting to explore.</p><p> </p><p> Hato Kenjirō | 波戸 賢二郎<br />HATO! I LOVE HATO! I love his duality of personalities, his soft words combined with lethal grip. I love his humour, and the way he gravitates towards Madarame, and his developing relationship with Yajima. I like him being one of the girls, and I enjoy seeing the rare opportunities to have him bond with the boys.</p><p> Yoshitake Rika | 吉武 莉華<br />Rika! I love her relationship with her litte sister, and I love how she's so composed about other women (and dresses nicely to make an impression with other women). I wonder about her time as a ronin, and back in the history club. I love her mischievious attitude.</p><p> Madarame Harunobu | 斑目 晴信<br />Madrame is the character I was not expecting to like in the first series, but I love how much he has grown over time. I ship him with Hato, Saki, Kousaka and the Sasahara's. XD I also enjoy watching Susanna being friends with him. XD</p><p> </p><p> Kasukabe Saki | 春日部 咲<br />She was my favourite character in the original series, although I'm not quite sure why. XD I love her style and her sense of humour. I also love her being dragged into otaku activities like cosplay.<br /> </p><p> Ōno Kanako | 大野 加奈子<br />You really can't go wrong with Ono and cosplay shenanigans. I also think it would be quite interesting knowing about her time in the usa.<br /> </p><p> Ogiue Chika | 荻上 千佳<br />Ogiue - has so much trauma in her past, and has grown so much in the short amount that we've seen her from a wild spit fire to the responsible club president. Having her indulge in talking about yaoi, or her relationship with Sasahara Kanji? Being friends with girls!<br /> </p><p> Sasahara Keiko | 笹原 恵子<br />Crazy antics in her after job? Bonding with her opposite in Madarame?</p><p> Sasahara Kanji | 笹原 完士<br />Sasahra Kanji's has been such a positive influence on the club, expanding on that or showing ways that others have changed him in positive ways as well would be awesome!<br /> </p><p> Yajima Merei | 矢島 美怜<br />Oh her poor maiden heart. I'd love it if she got a chance to indulge in it some more. XD I ship her with Rika and Hato, if you wanted to go down a shipping route, or maybe previous to genshiken she was used to being the confident one - helping her to find her way again?</p><p> Kōsaka Makoto | 高坂 真琴<br />Is Kousaka really as easy going as he seems? In the first series I thought that he was somewhat subtly trolling on occasion, but he also seems to genuinely have an excellent sense of humour, volunteering as a trap for their own video game. He's rather scarily intelligent too, given how quickly he picked up programming. I'd love to see that explored.</p>Ore-sama Tīchā | 俺様ティーチャー | Oresama Teacher, Kurosaki Mafuyu | 黒崎 真冬, Fanart, Fanfiction<p>I ship Mafuyu with basically everyone but her teacher (and if you don't believe me, here have a massively flailing post on shipping here:, and I've softened my stance since then on Saeki-sensei, as rereading the viz translation in random order helped him come more into a context for me, so please feel free to go wherever you want with the shipping or gen, gen is great too. :) So Mafuyu/GIRLS, Natsuo/Okegawa, Mafuyu/Shibuya, Natsuo/Hayasaka, Usa-chan-man/Hayasaka - any dynamic if it has a Mafuyu, I AM SO THERE.</p><p>I would especially love to see something that focuses on her secret identities, especially Natsuo, whether it's a more serious questioning of her own identity, or madcap adventures, or just her hanging out as a guy with the guys, or Usa-chan-man to the rescue! Anything about her secret identities would be great. :)</p>Koko Kara Dou Suru? | ここからどうする?, Fanfiction, Shiraki Sakae | 白木栄, Asanuma | 浅沼<p>Shiraki Sakae | 白木栄 &amp; Asanuma | 浅沼<br />The relationship between these two is quite cute. I'd love to see back story in how they became the people they are, or what happens after they start their relationship. Back story with Asanuma realising more about his developing focus on Shiraki Sakae would be fascinating.</p>Kuragehime | 海月姫 | Princess Jellyfish, Fanfiction, Any Character<p>I'm mostly interested in femslash or gen. Het with Tsukimi is fine too. Other than that, feel free to go crazy!</p><p>I love the geekiness of the amars, and their madcap antics! I'd love to know how they got into their hobbies or some focus on their specific geekiness, or how they became a household together - it seems like such a fun place to live. I have some character specific prompts below if you need some help focusing on a particular character.</p><p> </p><p>Kurashita Tsukimi | 倉下 月海 </p><p>Tsukimi's imagination when it comes to Jellyfish is really magical. Seeing her share that magic with other characters like the other Amars, Kuranosuke and his brother. I think it would also be interesting seeing her eventually become comfortable with Kuranosuke in his "boy" form.</p><p>Koibuchi Kuranosuke | 鯉淵 蔵之介</p><p>Aha, I am always a sucker for madcap cross-dressing adventures. XD I love his sense of style and the way that he alternates between seeming wise and worldy and going crazy with his shopping. I think it also would be quite interesting to see something along the lines of his relationship with his family. Demonstrating the similarities between the amars otaku dedication and his own obsession with fashion would be quite cool too.</p><p> </p><p>Chieko | 千絵子<br />Some memories of how she became obsessed with traditional Japanese clothing and dolls. Or her relationship with the other amars as it seems she often needs to take on a responsible air around them and yet they are clearly good friends. (Or maybe some of the people who were declined a place to rent in the Amamizukan?)</p><p> </p><p>Mayaya | まやや<br />Mayaya, I LOVE Mayaya's crazy antics, but she sometimes shows a more serious side - mostly trauma from the past. Seeing more in those things would also be quite interesting.</p><p>Banba | ばんば<br />My grandfather collected trains, so listening on to train enthusiasts is something I can find nostalgically enjoyable. XD</p><p>On Banba herself- it must of been tough growing up with a natural perm in Japan, as it seems like that is often taken as a sign of a delinquent. She's always cheerful and very fun.</p><p> </p><p>Jiji | ジジ</p><p>In a way Jiji could be described as the amar with the most amount of comfort around men? :3 Watching her indulge in her own brand of obsession I think would be quite fascinating.</p>Fanfiction, Graphics, Natsume Yūjin-chō | 夏目友人帳 | Natsume's Book of Friends, Fanart, Fanvids, Any Character<p>I've been very fortunate with earlier exchanges and receiving lovely Natsume works, but I'd always love to see more. Any pairing is fine, although if you are particularly interested in doing femslash, I have some general prompts from a femslash exchange earlier this year here:</p><p>I'd love it, if stories for this series ended on a postive note. Angst and AU's are fine though! (Any pairing</p><p>Fujiwara Tōko | 藤原 塔子<br />I would love to see something that shows her actually knowing something about the spirits. Maybe she met Reiko once before long ago?</p><p>Maybe something idle where she talks about old folk laws that prove useful to Natsume. Or she finds out exactly how special Natsume is and still loves him just as much and makes him feel welcome.</p><p> </p><p>Hiiragi | 柊</p><p>Hiiragi has such a sad past, I'd like to see moments of happiness for her or possibly ways that she keeps Natori in line, while still following him. Knowing more about how she got captured could be interesting too.</p><p> </p><p>Hinoe | ヒノエ<br />Oh Hinoe! XD Hinoe is lovely and self assured and whimiscal in her love of Reiko. I'd like to see her being bad ass, or having fun tormenting Natsume or a pretty girl. XD</p><p>Kai | カイ</p><p>I love Kai and Natsume manage to repair their relationship stories! Or seeing Kai intereact with people around him. I hope life can be less boring for him than it was before!</p><p> </p><p>Misuzu | 三篠<br />Misuzu is amusing with the games he plays and he has many followers. What is it like in his court? How was his relationship with Reiko? What other history does he share with Madara?</p><p>Natori Shūichi | 名取 周<br />Natori seems very much Natsume's foil - they both started out kind and are both considered good lucking. Natori seems to have mostly shallow relationships though and very much doesn't like youkai, where as Natsume's been developing deep relationships with humans and youkai in the series. AU's of what could of been, or focus on their relationship together would be very cool. Having Natori train Natsume's human friends would also be amazing. XD</p><p> </p><p>Natsume Takashi | 夏目 貴志<br />Natsume is such a sweetie. I want so many good things to happen to him, and seeing him deepen his relation with others is awesome. &lt;3 (I also love seeing him dress up in the hozukigami outfit. SO PRETTY. *________*</p><p> </p><p>Nyanko-sensei | ニャンコ先生<br />Nyanko-sensei is one of my favourites, I love his dual forms gorgeous and fun and the way he can alternate between serious and silly. I'd love to see more about his relationship with Reiko, Natsume or youkai that we see in the series.</p><p> </p><p>Taki Tōru | 多軌 透<br />Taki is one of my favourite characters. I'd love to see something about her studying youkai or her relationship with her grandfather, or building connections with Natsume and Tanuma. I ship her in all combinations of Natsume/Taki/Tanuma, but I'm also intrigued and find hilarious Hinoe/Taki (with Madarame laughing in the background as the tables are reversed).</p><p>Tanuma Kaname | 田沼 要</p><p>I'd love to see him being able to develop his powers and/or his relationship with Natsume. XD I'm particularly fascinating by the image of him in glasses. Friendship with Taki is also awesome too.</p>
reapingfolkWǒ kě néng bù huì ài nǐ | 我可能不會愛你 | In Time with You, Li Dà Rén | 李大仁, Chéng Yòu Qīng | 程又青, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids, Graphics<p>Anything with these two would be good with me!</p>Seonggyungwan Seukaendeul | 성균관 스캔들 | Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Lee Seon-jun | 이선준, Kim Yun-hui | 김윤희, Fanvids, Graphics<p>I would love to read about the period before Seon-Jun figured out Yoon Hee's secret -- their budding friendship and his growing attraction. Thanks!</p>Gung | 궁 | Princess Hours, Shin Chae-gyeong | 신채경, Lee Shin | 이신, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids, Graphics<p>If fanfic -- I would really love an alternaverse where the crown prince didn't die and so Chae-gyeong is still engaged to Yul, but Shin falls in love with her anyway. Thank you!</p><p>If not fanfic -- anything would be great!</p>Gyeongseong Seukaendeul | 경성스캔들 | Capital Scandal, Seonu Wan | 선우완, Na Yeo-gyeong | 나여경, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids<p>Anything with these two would be great!</p>Puropōzu Daisakusen | プロポーズ大作戦 | Operation Love (TV 2007), Yoshida Rei | 吉田礼, Iwase Ken | 岩瀬健, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids<p>Anything with these two would be great!</p>
redredrobinThe House of Aunts - Zen Cho, Any Character, Any Freeform<p>How each of the aunts came to be as they were, and live together.</p>Goodness Gracious Me (TV), Any Character, Any FreeformThe Middleman (TV), Any Character, Any Freeform<p>Gen vastly preferable! Anything with Wendy and Lacey's friendship, Wendy and the Middleman fighting crime, another Art Crawl, etc.</p>Chak De! India | चक दे इंडिया (2007), Fanfiction, Fanvids, Graphics, Any Character<p>Team-building within the team, particularly Komal-focused, do not mind shippy but would prefer gen. No coach/players please.</p>Kitāb alf laylah wa-laylah | كتاب ألف ليلة وليلة | One Thousand and One Nights, Any Character, Any Freeform
Rhi Trilogy - N. K. Jemisin, Fanmix<p>Any characters, really, I just like Oree or Yeine/the Grey Lady, with the rest of the Three (and maybe Madding, if you're so inclined) for focal points. Female character centred would be amazing.</p>Lunar Year's End - Jaymee Goh, Yap Siew Fei, Ching Seow Fen, Lu Gen Wei, Fanfiction<p>I love this story and universe so much that I'm asking for it again. Fic's preferred and these characters are preferred as focal points, but I'll take anything.</p>Patternist Series - Octavia E. Butler, Mary, Anyanwu, Rachel Davidson, Fanfiction<p>Mind of My Mind was my favourite of this series, so anything set in that section of the narrative or shortly thereafter would be great.</p>Throne of the Crescent Moon - Saladin Ahmed, Zamia Laith Banu Badawi, Miri, Pharaad Az Hammaz | The Falcon Prince, Adoulla Makhslood, Fanfiction, Podfic<p>Happy to see this on this list omg. I'd like most to know what Zamia did next (though yeah, I figure Ahmed's going to tell us eventually), or perhaps Adoulla opening a teashop?</p>The House of Aunts - Zen Cho, Fanfiction, Any Character<p>I'm willing to go wherever with this one, I just loved the protagonist and the concept.</p>
ryfkah | セブンシーズ | Sebun Shīzu, Fanart, Fanfiction, Any Character<p>I would love pretty much anything for this fandom! But I know that is unhelpful, so here are a few ideas:<br />- I love how Team Summer B (TEAM ADORABLE FAILBOATS) have become such a functional group and how they manage to have <i>fun</i> with life; anything about their team dynamics would be great. Natsu and her arc of growing into herself as a person is one of my favorites, but . . . I really love all of them . . . I'M SORRY THIS IS HARD<br />- I am very curious about how things are going in the Team Summer A/Spring/Autumn village now! Haru and Koruri are adorable and I would be happy to see anything with them; I also love Ban and find him hilarious; I also also really love Ran and Nijiko (and I totally ship them, although you don't have to. But amoral architect lesbians!) But in general stuff about rebuilding society makes me very happy, and the village seems the place at the moment where that's most likely to happen.<br />- anything focused on any of the ladyfriendships! Ran and Nijiko I already mentioned, but also Natsu and Matsuri, Hana and Fujiko and Chisa, Koruri and team friendship bracelet (*sob*)...</p>Gyeongseong Seukaendeul | 경성스캔들 | Capital Scandal, Cha Song-ju | 차송주, Fanfiction, Fanvids<p>I love everyone in this show and would be really happy to receive fanwork featuring any of them, but Cha Song Joo is well in the running for favorite character of all time and I would be especially, incredibly thrilled to receive either a fic or a vid that focused on her - her relationship with Lee Su Hyun hits all my id-buttons like crazy, but I also really love her close friendship and mentoring of Na Yeo Kyeung and Young Ran, her teamwork with poor long-suffering Geun Duk, and her hilarious friendship with platonic soulmate Woo Wan. Any and all of the above! Or none of the above, for that matter, since Cha Song Joo by herself is just as awesome. </p><p>(...I would also welcome AUs/contorted contrivances/denial logic for "she totally isn't dead," if you wanted to go that way. Just saying.)</p>Seonggyungwan Seukaendeul | 성균관 스캔들 | Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Cho-seon | 초선, Ha Hyo-eun | 하효은, Kim Yun-hui | 김윤희, Fanfiction<p>Okay, I actually do have a very specific request for this fandom: what I would really love is post-canon fic about Cho Seon's life as a SUPERHERO VIGILANTE PAMPHLETEER. In my heart, Hyo Eun becomes her sidekick (or maybe . . . girlfriend?) and gets the excitement and adventure she always wanted. And there can be cameos from everyone else post-canon too! I am all about that. (Moon Jae Shin being hilariously unsure whether he wants to stop her, or just teach her how to have better handwriting!) But I am especially all about Cho Seon Being Awesome, Hyo Eun Being Awesome Too an amazing extra bonus. </p><p>However if this does not float your boat I would ALSO love to receive any postcanon fic about Yoon Hee's postcanon life as a awesome crossdressing scholar and her academic rival husband, so please feel free to run with that as well and I will be equally delighted!</p>Dragon of the Lost Sea - Laurence Yep, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Any Character<p>I have been wishing for some kind of fanwork for these books for almost as long as I can remember, so anything will make me incredibly happy. If you'd like some more specific prompts, then for fic, I'd love to see anything that deals with the emotional and political complications as Shimmer, Thorn and Indigo rebuild postcanon. But I would also love to get a close examination at Civet at any time during canon, and anything in Monkey's voice is always excellent too! OR ANYTHING THAT INSPIRES YOU. As far as art or fanmixes go, man, pretty much anything would make me happy. I realize that is unhelpful, but it's true!</p>Jūni Kokuki | 十二国記 | The Twelve Kingdoms, Nakajima Yōko | 中嶋陽子, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids<p>I love almost everything about Twelve Kingdoms, but Yoko is hands-down my favorite thing about it - character growth is a huge thing for me, and I love that her biggest flaw is that she always wants to try to please everyone, that this is recognized as a flaw, and how hard she works to overcome it and grows into a stronger person. I also love how important responsibility is in these books, and how everything about the magically-destined-king-of-a-magical-land trope is complicated and not at all easy. So I would love to see her ruling, and coping with the problems of government, and being an amazing king! If you decide to go the Yoko/Rakushun route, I will be thrilled - I very rarely see fic for them (MYSTERIOUSLY, what fandom there is for this series seems to prefer the stoic blond bishounen or the suave playboy king to the cheery giant were-rat! PUZZLING), and I always love seeing relationships that grow out of genuine respect and trust and encouragement. I also really love that Yoko gets female friends her own age, and how Suzu and Shoukei and Yoko all parallel each other in their character development - so anything about these three girls just being teenaged friends, in the aftermath of all the serious events of the series, would make me very happy. (For the record, I emphatically do not ship Yoko/Keiki, given the backstory; I emphatically do ship Keiki/hilarious social incompetence.)</p>
RyuutchiBaempaieo Geomsa | 뱀파이어 검사 | Vampire Prosecutor, Min Tae-yeon | 민태연, Hwang Sun-beom | 황순범, Fanfiction, Fanvids<p>Honestly, I like all the characters, but I really enjoy Tae Yeon and Sun beom's relationship. They rely on each other a lot, and it's very sweet. I ship them a little, and would love them exploring a relationship and trying to figure out where they stand as friends and partners and possibly lovers. </p><p>BUT if you're not into it, then gen casefic is always acceptable. I love action-adventure stuff, and I enjoy the show for the supernatural elements AND the cheesy court drama. Following them during a court case would be amazing, since some of the legal stuff is always a little glossed over in the show (for... obvious reasons).</p><p>The only thing I don't want is something super-angsty. I mean, the show can get a little angsty sometimes, but please, nothing that really dwells on their ~pain~.</p>FAKE | フェイク | Feiku, Bikkī | ビッキー | Victor "Bikky" Goldman, Rai Supensā | ライ·スペンサー | Rai Spencer, Fanart, Fanfiction<p>This is possibly the rarest pairing I could have asked for, but I love Rai and his weird powers that make no sense in the context of FAKE. He and Bikky have that rough-and-tumble relationship where they're always trying to one-up each other, and it's interesting because they're so different (Bikky being a deliquent and Rai being a genius billionaire). Again I ship them, but I love Carol and Lass too, so I don't mind friendship stuff.</p><p>As long as there is banter and hanging out and making fun of each other, I'll enjoy anything, but what I'd REALLY like is some futurefic. Bikky getting out from under Dee and Ryo's shadows, and Rai coming into his own and taking over his brother's company, and maybe working together.<br />Generally, happy, smart aleky fluff.</p>Kurosagi Shitai Takuhaibin | 黒鷺死体宅配便 | Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, Fanfiction, Any Character<p>This series cries out for gen fic. Maybe a mystery where they don't use their powers? Or a huanted house that's not a haunted house. Scary stories are my bag, baby. If you like that sort of thing, go for it. Feel free to try and scare me. If you like to write non-scary stories, crime-fighting adventures are nice, but a totally fluffy "here's how they hang out in their free time and keeping failing to hold onto jobs" fic is also great.</p><p>ALTERNATIVELY, I ship everyone/everyone-- SERIOUSLY. So, if you'd rather write shippy fic, I'd be happy. I know the series doesn't like to do that kind of fanservice, but sexytiems or awkward first dates (or Numata and/or Karatsu and/or Yata getting really drunk and sloppy makeouts) also appeals.</p><p>I guess my only thing is that I'm not big on really really angsty fic. Some angst is okay, but happy endings, plz. Certainly no main character death, even if it is a series about dead bodies.</p>Obsidian and Blood Trilogy - Aliette de Bodard, Mihmatini, Teomitl, Fanart, Fanfiction<p>Mihmatini is a fabulous character and Teomitl as adorabloodthirsty. I would really enjoy them feeling out their relationship as their political positions make it harder for them to be together. Something full of politics and machinations and, IDK, an assassination or two would be awesome, but if you want to just write or draw them sneaking out for a midnight picnic and being fluffy and sweet in ways they can't be in public, I will be most happy too!</p><p>If you don't want to write shippy fic, I really do enjoy gen politics fic. Mihmatini trying to grow into a role as priestess that she was never expecting to take one, and Teomitl supporting her. Or Teomitl getting hurt in an uprising. Or something to do with gods. I like gods, and the fact that sometimes Chalchiuhtlicue bleeds through Teomitl would be an interesting aspect of his life to explore in either a gen or shippy thing.</p>NU'EST | 뉴이스트, Fanfiction, Fanvids, Any Character<p>If you don't really like any of the other fandom options, NU'EST is easy to pick up, since they're a band with three music videos out. (If you already like NU'EST, then be my friend. :D)</p><p>I sort of ship Ren with everyone, but that's beside the point. You can do silly, behind the scenes stuff with Ren being bloodthirsty and moody and Baekho being scared of him and JR being bossy, and Minhyun and Aron being generally adorable. </p><p>OR OR OR you could do something set in the world of one of the music videos-- I happen to think FACE has a particularly interesting young-toughs-at-school setting, where it seems like Baekho and JR are recruiting members in a sort of mildly dystopian delinquent school setting. OTOH, Not Over You is adorably doofy, what with puppies running everywhere and Ren shaving his face even though he's more clean-shaven than any guy has a right to be, and all that rolling around on the grass. So, basically, if you want to run off and explore the world of one of the music videos, that would be awesome too.</p>
SailorPtah | フェイク | Feiku, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids, Any CharacterKodomo no Jikan | こどものじかん, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids, Any CharacterThe Middleman (TV), Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids, Any CharacterPatternist Series - Octavia E. Butler, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids, Any CharacterPetshop of Horrors | ペットショップ オブ ホラーズ | Pettoshoppu obu Horāzu, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanmix, Fanvids, Any Character
sanguinity Expeditions RPF, Fanfiction, Fanart, Any CharacterTruth: Red White and Black, Fanfiction, Any CharacterNoah's Arc, Junito Vargas, Ricky Davis, FanfictionThe Legend of Tarik - Walter Dean Myers, Stria, FanfictionNight Wanderer - Drew Hayden Taylor, Fanfiction, Any Character
seekingferrethttp://seekingferret.dreamwidth.orgAutograph Man - Zadie Smith, Alex-Li Tandem, Any Freeform<p>I want more adventures with these characters, but in particular I would love Alex and Sarah sitting shiva for Li-Jin, Alex and Adam as teenagers doing hijinks, or something post-canon.</p>Midnight's Children - Salman Rushdie, Saleem Sinai, Any Freeform<p>Something horridly over-metafictional. Let the wankers call it self-indulgent and twee all they want. Or, you know, anything else you want to make. This book is so big and overflowing with stories.</p>Treemonisha - Joplin, Treemonisha, Zodzetrick, Any Freeform<p>For Treemonisha, I'd love to see post-canon, her continued climb and struggle. With maybe a little more realism and less didacticism. For Zodzetrick, I just want him canonized with Oberon and the Queen of the Night and all of the other great mystical beings of opera.</p>Throne of the Crescent Moon - Saladin Ahmed, Raseed bas Raseed, Adoulla Makhslood, Any Freeform<p>There are many crossovers that would delight me- none more than Chabon's Gentlemen of the Road. </p><p>I'd love to see a roc. I'd love to see djinns. I'd love to see all sorts of other Arabian folklore and how Raseed and Adoulla respond to it. </p><p>I'd love to see what Adoulla in retirement looks like. I'd love to see Raseed coming to terms with his feelings about Zamia, or Raseed realizing that he doesn't need the dervishes anymore. I'd love to see something super-scientific and alchemisty.</p>The Paper Menagerie - Ken Liu, Any Character, Any Freeform<p>Hm... I guess what I'm most fascinated with is the menagerie itself. Is it sentient? How do the creatures think, and how do they feel about the world?</p>
snowynightà táng hóng yán fù | 大唐红颜赋 | Tang Dynasty Girl Poem (Music Video), Any Character, Any Freeform<p>I like gen, het, or femslash. I like story focusing on friendship, or first times, romance, established relationships-- stories with no sex, or stories with vanilla or kinky sex-- I like missing scenes and stuff that takes place before, or after canon-- I like when characters sit and think by themselves, and I like stories about relationship between them and any other character. I like stories with hopeful endings-- but really, write anything! Anything is fine!</p>Huà pí èr lìng lèi yù gào piàn | 畫皮2另類預告片 | Painted Skin 2 (Alternative Trailer), Any Character, Any Freeform<p>I like gen, or femslash. I like story focusing on friendship, or first times, romance, established relationships-- stories with no sex, or stories with vanilla or kinky sex-- I like missing scenes and stuff that takes place before, or after canon-- I like when characters sit and think by themselves, and I like stories about relationship between them and any other character. I like stories with hopeful endings-- but really, write anything! Anything is fine!</p>Pumzi (2009), Any Character, Any Freeform<p>I like gen, het or femslash. I like story focusing on friendship, or first times, romance, established relationships-- stories with no sex, or stories with vanilla or kinky sex-- I like missing scenes and stuff that takes place before, or after canon-- I like when characters sit and think or do things by themselves, and I like stories about relationship between them and any other character. I like stories with hopeful endings-- but really, write anything! Anything is fine!</p>Kū yè zhī dié | 枯叶之蝶 | Love Story (Music Video), Any Character, Any Freeform<p>I like gen, or slash. I like story focusing on friendship, or first times, romance, established relationships-- stories with no sex, or stories with vanilla or kinky sex-- I like missing scenes and stuff that takes place before, or after canon-- I like when characters sit and think by themselves, and I like stories about relationship between them and any other character. I like stories with hopeful endings-- but really, write anything! Anything is fine!</p>Sleep Dealer (2008), Any Freeform<p>I like gen, het, slash or femslash. I like story focusing on friendship, or first times, romance, established relationships-- stories with no sex, or stories with vanilla or kinky sex-- I like missing scenes and stuff that takes place before, or after canon-- I like when characters sit and think and act by themselves, and I like stories about relationship between them and any other character. I like stories with hopeful endings-- but really, write anything! Anything is fine!</p>
springgreen (Comic), Fanart, Fanfiction, Any Character<p>I just want more in the world! I love the mix of mythology and real-world politics and how creepily and effectively Love combines them. I think I'd prefer something with more of the mythology than just Jim Crow south, since hey, depressing, but given the source, I suspect whatever's done here will be pretty hard hitting, so go for it! I would really also love icons or something for my journal in terms of graphics, or just... more of the world in terms of fan art.</p>Dòu máah dáan | 刀馬旦 | Peking Opera Blues (1986), Cou Wan | 曹雲 | Tsao Wan, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanvids, Graphics<p>I really really really really really want anything with Tsao Wan because Brigitte Lin is the best! Preferably it'd have the other two women as well, all of them being kickass together (during or after the movie), but her backstory or anything would be great too. Graphics/art-wise, Brigitte Lin being hot and awesome! OMG her cross-dressing outfits are all the best, from the military uniforms to the foppish stuff.</p>Dreamblood Duology - N. K. Jemisin, Tiaanet, Sunandi, Fanfiction<p>I love the world a lot for the worldbuilding. I really wish we got more about Tiaanat in Shadowed Sun, particularly what happens to her after, and I love everything we see of Sunandi.</p>Nemu Nemu (Comic), Nemu, Anpan, Fanart, Fanvids, Graphics<p>The pups are so cute! I kind of really want icons for my journal, especially of Anpan and his very expressive eyebrows, but really, anything pups is great. Um. I feel like I should write more for this, except it's mostly just "PUPS! SO CUTE!"</p>Night Wanderer - Drew Hayden Taylor, Fanart, Fanfiction<p>Art-wise, I think I'd love something with Pierre and things from his past and being Anishinaabe and being so far from home. Ditto with fic, or something with Tiffany's grandmother. I love the book for the sense of the history and the really cool way Taylor takes on vampire mythology with First Nations stuff.</p>
sqbr Bennet Diaries, Charlotte Lu, Fanart, Fanfiction, FanvidsKuragehime | 海月姫 | Princess Jellyfish, Fanfiction, Fanvids, Any CharacterFanart, Fanfiction, Fanvids, Day by Day (Music Video), Any CharacterShiawase Enikki | しあわせ絵日記 | Happy Picture Diary, Fanart, Fanfiction, Any CharacterD.E.B.S. (2004), Fanart, Fanfiction, Any Character
starlady Jin-i | 황진이 (TV), Hwang Jin-i | 황진이, Any FreeformSeirei no Moribito | 精霊の守り人 | Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit, Any FreeformScott Pilgrim, Knives Chau, Any FreeformThe Middleman (TV), Wendy Watson, Any FreeformSun Sword - Michelle West, Diora en'Leonne, Any Freeform
storiesfortravellersLiterary RPF, Fanfiction, Any Character<p>I would love to see different women of different time periods talking about their writing or their work or anything else. (I included a fictional woman too since she's also a storyteller). I included a contemporary writer, Smith, since if you wanted to, she could interview the others (since she's amazing at interviewing), but that's totally not necessary. I love the idea that writing is vital, and it would be cool if at least some of the characters really believe this, even if some might have become skeptical about the power of words. But they can talk about other stuff too - really anything is fine! Heck, seeing a couple of them on a wacky adventure AU where they're detectives or spaceship captains is fine. If you've always wanted to write Murasaki/Sor Juana porn, that's fine too :) Really anything with women writers of different time periods is great - funny or serious or in between.</p>Heian jidai | 平安時代 | Heian Period RPF, Murasaki Shikibu | 紫 式部 | Lady Murasaki, Fanfiction<p>Basically I'd like her talking or thinking about why she writes and/or what makes her writing different (what makes us today consider it a novel, for example). </p><p>If it's not too wacky, you could also do people of various time periods reading her work and thinking about what it means to them?</p><p>Or, Lady Murasaki making witty and possibly cynical comments about her society - pointing out flaws in human nature, societal hypocrisies, or whatever else. (No preference, just trying to give several options.)</p>Non-Zero Probabilities - N. K. Jemisin, Fanfiction, Any Character<p>I'd really like to see anything with worldbuilding - for example, Adele trying to figure out what caused the changes (would love it if it's not purely supernatural, or if you prefer, if it's a supernatural cause that still makes people talk about probability, randomness, or chance, etc.). </p><p>It could also be a fic about an OC who studies probability is totally excited by the situation. </p><p>Or what would happen if it were the reverse - and extraordinary events NEVER happened. </p><p>Or just how the society changes after a few more years of this situation - where is Adele in a few years? </p><p>Or what if the weirdness just suddenly stops and there are lots of people who are actually upset to have things back to normal?</p><p> Would prefer no romance and no strong religious themes.</p>Монголын түүх | Mongolian History RPF, Fanfiction<p>Anything centered on the female characters would be great, especially showing them being smart and negotiating political situations or dealing with cross-cultural interactions or being cool in any way. If you prefer more well-known characters , it would be cool to read about the same themes but with Temujin. I think it's cool to think about this part of history in the sense of them being an empire that made important moves toward the modern world in terms of politics, trade, cultural interaction, rights, a certain kind of 'globalization' in a sense (limited to a couple of continents of course), etc. But if you wanted you could also explore the ways that being important in shaping the 'modern world' mean that their actions foreshadow a lot of negative stuff that later empires or periods of cultural interaction would bring about, that's cool too. </p><p>But I'm just as interested in the personal side as the historical, so it would also be fun to have glimpses into moments of their lives, important moments or even just little moments that meant something to them personally. Basically, anything is cool by me. Prefer romance is not the main focus.</p>Dí Rénjié | 狄仁傑之通天帝國 | Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame (2010), Fanfiction, Fanvids, Any Character<p>I would love any of these: </p><p>Pei/Di slash - hate sex or angry sex or just sex-for-convenience or sex-for-manipulation. (AU where Pei lives is cool too). </p><p>Backstory on the Empress - not so much her backstory with other characters, but her rise to power, or even something wacky, like what if she wrote a book on political strategy and then gave examples from her life. Or maybe just some time in her past when she was a badass. Or, what if she commissioned someone to tell her life story? What would she think as she heard a PR-version of her life story?</p><p>AU where the Empress and Shangguan Jing'er have a different relationship (femslash okay but actually just close friends or mentor/mentee would be great) and the Empress cares deeply for her protegee. How does their relationship develop over the course of the Empress' rule? (shameless fix-it prompt, I know). </p><p>Genderswap AU</p><p>Modern-day AU</p>
talibusorabatSeirei no Moribito | 精霊の守り人 | Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit, Chagum | チャグム, Fanfiction<p>How has Chagum's experience changed him as an emperor? Or how has Chagum's experience with Balsa changed his relationship with his mother? Anything post-series Chagum would be great.</p>Wǒ kě néng bù huì ài nǐ | 我可能不會愛你 | In Time with You, Li Dà Rén | 李大仁, Chéng Yòu Qīng | 程又青, Fanart, Fanfiction<p>We see how they butt heads in the past, but how did they actually become friends?</p>Scandal (TV), Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanvids, Graphics, Any Character<p>I would love anything that focuses on Olivia's awesomeness and not her relationship with the President.</p>Little Mosque on the Prairie, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanvids, Graphics, Any CharacterBaempaieo Geomsa | 뱀파이어 검사 | Vampire Prosecutor, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanvids, Graphics, Any Character
VampirePaladinō Suikoden Surī | 幻想水滸伝III | Suikoden III, Sanae Yamamoto | サナエ・ヤマモト, Kuīn | クイーン | Queen, Horutesu | ホルテス | Hortez VII, Fanfiction<p>I'd love awesome genfic about these three. I love all three and any fic involving them would make me happy. I don't have any ships for any of the three of them, but I also don't have any ships I dislike for any of them.</p><p>I want to know more about their backstories, the places they come from. While I own several Suikoden games I have only beaten Suikoden III so far.</p><p>Here are some totally optional ideas: Viki's teleportation going wrong + Hortez's lack of direction = ????. Characters remenscing about their homelands.</p>Kyūtī Hanī Za Raibu | キューティーハニー THE LIVE | Cutie Honey: The Live, Fanfiction, Any Character<p>I really will gladly take fic about any character in this series. I prefer het and femmeslash for shipping, but if you think you have an amazing slash story set here then go for that too. I will also more than gladly take an awesome gen story.</p>Power Rangers Turbo, Theodore Jay Jarvis Johnson, Cassie Chan, Fanfiction<p>I love TJ and Cassie so much. </p><p>TJ is one of my favorite red rangers. It honestly changes day to day whether he or Jason is my favorite red ranger. The fact that he has no problem at all giving up leadership in Power Rangers in Space yet is still there to take the reigns as needed shows just what I love about him. </p><p>I love how Cassie is a pink ranger, but is also the muscles of the group in battle. She is also such a fun character. I also adore her crush on the Phantom Ranger.</p><p>I will seriously take any fic focusing on either character. Feel free to include anyone you want in the fics.</p>Suīto PuriKyua♪ | スイート プリキュア♪ | Suite PreCure♪, Kurokawa Eren "Seirēn" "Kyua Bīto" | 黒川 エレン "セイレーン" "キュアビート" | Kurokawa Ellen "Siren" "Cure Beat", Shirabe Ako "Kyua Myūzu" | 調辺 アコ "キュアミューズ" | Cure Muse, Minamino Kanade "Kyua Rizumu" | 南野 奏 "キュアリズム" | Cure Rhythm, Fanfiction<p>I am weird, I don't consider Suite Pretty Cure to be the best Pretty Cure series, but it has three of my favorite cures.</p><p>I will gladly take any fic. I do have a desire to see Kanade/Ellen if you would like to write shippyness.</p>Wairudo Āmuzu Adovansudo Sādo | ワイルドアームズ アドヴァンスドサード | Wild ARMs 3, Gyarouzu Kyaradain | ギャロウズ・キャラダイン | Gallows Carradine, Shēn Kyaradain | シェーン・キャラダイン | Shane Carradine, Fanfiction<p>I want to know more about the Baskars, their relationship to Filgaia, to the Mediums, etc. I'd also love to see some brotherly fic.</p><p>Feel free to include any Wild Arms 3 characters you want, I love them all. I am also familiar with Wild Arms Alter Code F, Wild Arms 2 and Wild Arms 4 if you want to include anything from those games.</p>
viviolo Seukaendeul | 성균관 스캔들 | Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Mun Jae-shin | 문재신, Lee Seon-jun | 이선준, Kim Yun-hui | 김윤희, Ha Hyo-eun | 하효은, Gu Yong-ha | 구용하, Cho-seon | 초선, Fanfiction<p>Having not read the original novels, fanworks based upon the drama would be preferable! I enjoy gen, with strong emphasis on the friendship between the Jalgeum Quartet, and I LOVE romance, my ships of choice being Yoon-hee/Sun-joon and Yong-ha/Jae-shin (I like Cho-seon/Hyo-eun as well, but I understand there is no canon to base this upon).</p><p>Some general prompts: 1) How DID Yong-ha and Jae-shin become so close? 2) Jalgeum Quartet friendship shenanigans (more sleepovers! Always delightful!), 3) Anything to do with Cho-seon; her family, her friendship with Yun-hui after the reveal, meeting Hyo-eun (and subsequently FALLING IN LOVE? Okay no, you don't have to do that), what she decides to do with her life after the finale, etc.! 4) More exploration of Yoon-hee's relationship with her mother, 5) Professors Yoon-hee and Sun-joon form opposing debate teams, 6) Hyo-eun becomes a romance novelist GO.</p>Gyeongseong Seukaendeul | 경성스캔들 | Capital Scandal, Cha Song-ju | 차송주, Seonu Wan | 선우완, Fanfiction<p>As with Sungkyunkwan Scandal, I have not read the original novel upon which Capital Scandal was based, and as such, drama-based works are preferable! My ships of choice are Yeo-Kyeong/Wan and Song-joo/Su-hyeon, but what I most desire is fic about the friendship of Song-joo and Wan. Shipping can ABSOLUTELY be happening in the background if it takes place during the series (Song-joo mocking his love life while simultaneously matchmaking, Wan complaining about his love life while simultaneously being hideously in love, etc.), I would just prefer that their friendship be the central theme of the work. Something pre-series would also be great!</p>Siti Hyunteo | 시티헌터 | City Hunter, Kim Yeong-ju | 김영주, Kim Na-na | 김나나, Fanfiction<p>Ships of choice: Na-na/Yoon-sung and Young-joo/Se-hee. Na-na's determination to be strong and to protect Yoon-sung no matter what the consequences is a favorite theme of mine in the show, one that I wouldn't mind seeing fanworks about. Likewise, Young-joo and Se-hee's relationship is an aspect I'd LOVE to see explored! I also loved City Hunter's wide array of excellent ladies being friends (Se-hee! Da-hye! Eun-ah! Kyung-hee!), and would certainly enjoy something about Na-na interacting with any of them.</p><p>In other words, gen and shippy things are both fine by me.</p>Inhyeonhwanghu-ui Namja | 인현황후의 남자 | Queen In Hyun's Man, Choi Hui-jin | 최희진, Kim Bung-do | 김붕도, Fanfiction<p>My ship of choice is Hee-jin/Boong-do! And really, all I desire is shippy fic for this particular drama. I'd love to see more of Hee-jin and Boong-do navigating their vastly different experiences of social mores, and reconciling everything in a way that works for them.</p>Sukippu Bīto! | スキップ・ビート! | Skip Beat!, Mogami Kyōko | 最上 キョーコ, Kotonomi Kanae | 琴南 奏江, Amamiya Chiori, Fanfiction<p>My choice ship in Skip Beat! is Kyoko/Ren, but for this fanwork I would prefer that it take somewhat of a backseat to Kyoko's friendship with Kanae and Chiori. I'd love to see Kyoko acting alongside Kanae, and perhaps forming a mentor/mentee relationship with Chiori. I'd love to see Kanae and Chiori interacting! I'd love seeing the three of them tackle a new LOVE ME assignment together! And I'd enjoy all of their interactions with others like Maria, Yashiro, Ren, Hiou, and Lory!</p>
weiLittle Mosque on the Prairie, Fatima Dinssa, Baber Siddiqui, Fanfiction<p>Feel free to write about both or either character. I've listed a couple things I'd love to see explored about each character if you're interested, but write about whatever you're inspired to. I'm especially interested in the religious aspects of the show, and how Islam affects the characters.</p><p>Fatima:<br />1. I like how strong she is in her beliefs. She knows her own mind and lets everyone around her know it - and doesn't care whether or not the opinion is popular. Where did she get such strong convictions? I also find it interesting that, in contrast to all the other female characters on the show, she slants to be relatively more traditional/conservative. Is this a result of her immigrant background or something else?<br />2. At Rayyan's bridal shower, Fatima mentioned being the only black woman in town. Sadly, this is never followed up in the show. How does this affect her life and interactions with people? Similarly, it's also interesting that she's a minority-within-a-minority. I'm sure that there are differences between the way Islam is practiced in Africa and the more common-in-the-show Middle Eastern or South Asian Islamic traditions. Are there ever any conflicts between these traditions?<br />3. Fatima has a strong friendship with Fred Tupper, despite their vastly different beliefs and that they're both very outspoken about them. How did that start, and how does it continue to persist despite those differences? I think it's clear from "Sweet Sixteen" and "The Week of Dying Dangerously" that there might be some romantic feelings going on. Are either tempted ever to do something about that?</p><p>Baber:<br />1. Baber is kind of like Fatima's counterpart in the outspoken and traditional corner. However, while she's pretty respected, he's a bit of a laughingstock. What's the difference between the two and why are they perceived differently? Is there ever a time when his more traditional views are actually the better way when compared to the more progressive stances favored by others?<br />2. There's a common trend throughout the show of the younger generation running counter to their parents' beliefs. (ex. Amaar, Rayyan, and JJ end up much more conservative than their parents, while Leyla ends up more progressive.) How does this play out with Baber and Leyla's relationship, and is it more complicated than teenage rebellion?<br />3. For all his interpersonal ineptness in his social life, he's supposed to be a great teacher who connects well with his students. How is he able to do that? What is he like as a professor? How much of his ineptness in his social life is on purpose (ex. he's certainly doing it on purpose in "Destination Chicken.")?</p>Tonari no Totoro | となりのトトロ | My Neighbor Totoro, Fanfiction, Any Character<p>I adore this movie and its sense of imagination and imagery and the way it’s lighthearted and innocent without denying the harder realities of life. It would be amazing if you could write a story in keeping with the movie's style and tone.</p><p>I would love if you could write something about some of the other adventures Satsuki, Mei, and Totoro go on and about some of the other wondrous things they see.</p><p>Alternatively, I would also love it if you could flesh out some of the scenes in the ending credits. What happens after the movie, as Satsuki and Mei’s mother comes home, and they adjust to their new life? How does Totoro react to his snow sculpture?</p><p>But really, feel free to write about whatever you feel like. I love the fantastical events, the countryside atmosphere, the traditional Japanese culture, and all sorts of things about the movie, so I’m sure that I’ll love whatever you choose to write.</p><p>Please stay Gen and G rated. (Though hints of Het are okay – Satsuki’s mother and father probably love each other a lot, for instance, and I certainly wouldn’t want you to be forced to ignore that!) I mostly just want it to stay appropriate to the age of the characters and overall tone of the movie.</p>Applegeeks, Hawk, Fanfiction<p>Thanks for offering to write in this fandom! I've listed some ideas below if you're stuck, but write about whatever you're inspired to. I prefer gen stories, but if you want to explore some of the pairings that have shown up in the series, that's fine too.</p><p>I was so sad when Applegeeks stopped running, especially since it closed in the middle of such an interesting arc. We've seen some of Jayce and Gina's background, but what was Hawk's family like? How did he grow into an Apple-obsessed, mad-scientist, Batman-wannabe? Are there any parallels between his younger self and Ashley (supervillain-in-trainng)? How does he return to the present?</p><p>Alternatively, we've seen Hawk's experiences with Ramadan a number of times in the series, but never any other aspect of Islam. Is this the only aspect he practices? If so, why keep Ramadan? If not, a story exploring those other aspects would be lovely.</p>Lunar Year's End - Jaymee Goh, Fanfiction, Any Character<p>Thank you for offering to write a story in this fandom! I find the setting of this story fascinating and would especially like a story that explored that aspect more. I'd also prefer a gen story. I've listed some ideas if you want some prompting, but feel free to disregard if you have another idea. </p><p>The characters are all pretty diverse (Peranakan - Siew Fei and Seow Fen, Mainland - Gen Wei, Malay - Johari, etc). How did such a crew form? What are their backgrounds? There's a reference to Siew Fei running away from an arranged marriage in Malacca - what's the story behind that? Or Siew Fei and her wastrel of a husband? Why is Gen Wei in Malaysia? (and so forth with all the other characters)</p><p>There's a reference to kicking out the British (and more of an exploration of that in her other story, "In Between Islands", which makes Lunar Year's End not just steampunk, but kind of alternative history. What are the effects of this? Without Penang, do the British give up on establishing a base in Malaysia, or do they, for instance, acquire Singapore early? If the British end up with less influence, what happens to the racial dynamics in the region?</p>Xiǎohái Bù Bèn | 小孩不笨 | I Not Stupid (2002), Fanfiction, Any Character<p>For this movie, feel free to write whatever you feel inspired to. I know I'll be thrilled just to know someone else has watched it! However, here are some ideas if you're stuck.</p><p>What happens to the characters after the movie? Does Kok Pin go study in the States? What happens to Terry when he grows up and leaves his mother's benevolent dictatorship? Or, how are characters affected by some of the other contemporary Singaporean issues, like immigration?</p><p>Alternatively, I love the riffing among the advertisement agency staff. Their commentary on expatriates, Singlish, the government, censorship, etc was funny and insightful at the same time. I'd love to see more scenes with them, especially Ben.</p><p>One of the scenes that I found to be the most fascinating was the scene that went back and forth between the Chinese teacher's speech on why learning Mandarin was so important and the ad agency's boss explaining to John that in Singapore, one can get along perfectly fine with English alone. Although hints of this conflict are interspersed throughout the movie (ex. Terry being sent to live with his Taiwanese relative by his father), the movie doesn't definitively come down on one side or the other. I'd love to see the issue of language explored more - is there a difference between the way Mrs. Khoo and Selena see the world and themselves vs the way Mr. Khoo and Terry do? What about the different members of the ad staff (some of who seem to have English as a primary language vs Chinese)? How does dialect play into things?)</p>
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