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Satan compels you!
Reference NumberPromptTurner's Selection (track - artist - album)Turner's Justifications for his choicesJon's SelectionJon's NotesFeatured in Podcast Episode #
1Great non-album song by all-time great bandhang onto your ego - beach boys - bonus track to Pet SoundsWhile this song is identical to "I know there's an answer" in instrumentation, its drugged-out lyrics are superior and much more intellectualyou know you're right - nirvana - n/a I considered "Love Will Tear Us Apart" for a long time, but decided on this since I knew that, like me, Turner has already listened to the Joy Division classic more times than either of us cares to countx
2best song from all-time great band's worst albumdramamine - modest mouse - this is a long drive for someone with nothing to think aboutthis is the song they based their following career ontight connection to my heart (has anybody seen my love?) - bob dylan - empire burlesqueMaybe not his WORST album--I mean, the guy did give us Street Legal, Saved, and Dylanx
3best instrumental by a normally vocal bandall world cowboy romance - mission of burma - signals calls and marchesmy favorite kind of romance is wester-themed and takes place everywheregreen arrow - yo la tengo - i can hear the heart beating as oneTurner once said that if he listened to this song in the right circumstances, it would make him cry. That about sums it up.x
4best song with the dumbest nameRe: Stacks - bon iver - for emma, forever agothe song title means 'with regard to stacks'.funkula - johnny 'guitar' watson - ain't that a bitch"It's a friendly boo!" So sassy and slick, but the name sounds like Count Chocula's younger brother who ignored his father's advice about the cereal industry and pursued his dream in contemporary R&Bx
5cover/mashup which improves on the original where did you sleep last night - nirvana - MTV unplugged in New Yorkthis leadbelly cover works PERFECTLY for Cobain's voiceceremony - galaxie 500 - blue thunder EPThe Joy Division version feels rushed (for obvious reasons) and cloudy, but Galaxie 500 give the song room to stretch to its full majesty. Still, Ian's vocals would have a deeper resonancex
6great song under 30 secondsone last 'whoo-hoo' for the pullman - sufjan stevens - illinoiswhoo-hoo!sitting still (fast version, incomplete) - REM - Cassette SetIt feels remarkably complete for a song that lasts 8 secondsx
7great song with a misspelled titlethe times they are a-changin' - bob dylan - the times they are a-changin'so many misspellingsseptember gurls - big star - radio cityAt least they didn't call it "September Gurlz." The essence of jangle pop distilled into a 2:49 sugar rush, complete with melancholic comedownx
8great song sung by band member who doesn't normally singthe garfield el - fiery furnaces - rehearsing my choirit's mostly the grandmotherkennel district - pavement - wowee zoweeSpiral Stairs rockin' the micx
9song from a canonically 'classic' album that you think proves that classic isn't so goodthe jitters - dismemberment plan - emergency & Iso slow, boring, dumb lyricsclimbing up the walls - radiohead - OK computerI don't know why I didn't get this the first time around. I thought the song was dull and plodding the first few times I heard it, but when it came up when I played this playlist for Turner, I reevaluated. It's amazing, chilling like the corridors of the Ice Wizard's castle, where his long, tendril fingers run down your spine (image courtesy of Turner)x
10remix that totally ruins the originalromantic rights (the phones lovers remix) - death from above 1979 - romance bloody romancethe original has visceral power that goes away when you chop it up like some house musicsatisfaction - the residents - third reich 'n rollThe Wire: "a blowtorch evisceration of Jagger and Richards's song that reduces their original to a piece of marketable rebellion fluff (Wham!'s "Bad Boys" with a better riff)." Turner: "A disgusting little gem."x
11remix that does NOTHING to the originalkiller mirror (mysplice the third remix) - arcade fire/killers - ?they put a killer's chorus into an arcade fire song.waitin' for a superman - flaming lips - the soft bulletinI can't spot the differencex
12great non-english song with a title that's in englishmelody - serge gainsbourg - Histoire de Melody Nelsontechnically it's a proper namecomputer world 2 - kraftwerk - computer worldThey say a couple numbers in Germanx
13A really creepy song (Creep by radiohead not permitted)doll's polyphony - Geinoh Yamashirogumi - Akira Soundtrackjust watch the doll scene from the movie and you'll know what i meanthey told me i was a fool - jandek - ready for the houseDon't say I didn't warn you. But don't be discouraged, either...x
14Rap song where the beat is much better than the rappingPOWER - kanye west - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasyanyone who samples King Crimon is okay in my bookthe breaks - kurtis blow - the breaksThe rapping is standard-fare old-school party-jammin' but the (live) instrumentals are like a groovetastic lost Chic masterpiece x
15rap song where the lyrics are much better than the beatfollow the leader - erik b. and rakim - follow the leaderthe beat is dated and corny, the rapping will never be matchedain't no joke - Eric B. & rakim - paid in fullFunny, but not surprising, that we both picked Eric B. and Rakimx
16song that sounds decades ahead of its timescary monsters and nice sprites - skrillex - scary monsters and nice spriteswe can already see that bass drop all over the place in musichere comes the judge - pigmeat markham - jive talkI'm pretty sure that's hip-hop in 1968x
17great song that includes something meta-referential (in lyrics or song title)your blood - destroyer - destroyer's rubies"never had to choose, your blood versus your blues" - referring to this song as well as a previous album titled 'Your Blues'rock and roll - the velvet underground - velvet underground live, vol 1A rock song about rock and roll--that's meta, right? Even if it's not meta-enough for you, the live version of this song kicks so much ass, you'll think you've been lifted to a meta-world where all signifiers are hyper-chargedx
18Obvious filler song by a great bandpimple zoo - guided by voices - alien lanesBrinx Job - Pavement - Wowee ZoweeThey got the money. That's basically it. A failed experiment, though noble in its intentions, on a great albumx
19great song from a genre you only have one artist ofchop suey - system of a down - toxicityNu-metal!Je n'attends plus personne - Francois Hardy - Mon amie la roseFrench Pop. Don't worry--I'll get some morex
20great song which is the shortest one on a sub-40 minute albumbreaking glass - david bowie - lowsee, bowie doesn't have to touch his nipples in space to write a good songintro - bad brains - bad brainsThe album is a shot of adrenaline: pure, fast, and righteous. This song rocks hard, never mind the fact that the "Intro" is the second-to-last on the albumx
21great song you know I have never heard beforelet it go - araabmuzik - electronic dreamyou are now listening to araabmuzikPremonitions--The Fantasy - Bobb Trimble - Harvest of DreamsI knew Turner hadn't heard it but needed to. The circumstances of its production are bizarre--trippy, weirdo 80's outsider neo-psychedelic folkster rises to prominence in the Boston punk scene backed by a group of kids (until suspicious parents disbanded them)--but the sheer beauty of the song transcends the contingencies of its production.x
22song that sounds most like the cover of the album it's onwet and rusting - menomena - friend and foeweird and squiggly and graywhat you want - my bloody valentine - lovelessIt's exactly what I want. It sounds all pink and smudged, like the album cover. But just like the cover, the powerful guitar is still recognizable at the song's nucleus.x
23great song with a literary/poetic/historical referencescythian empire - andrew bird - armchair apocrypha"routed by sarmatians, and thwarted by the thracians"dinu lipatti's bones - mountain goats - the sunset treeEarly 20th-Century Romanian classical piano prodigy--that's a hell of an obscure allusion, there, Mr. Darniellex
24great song that would wake you up with its first few notesjellybones - unicorns - who will cut our hair when we're gone?i have used this as an alarmonly shallow - my bloody valentine - lovelessAs soon as the drum hit finishes and the guitars roar in, busting down the doors, I'm standing at attentionx
25song that isn't the last one on the album, but it should belove love love - mountain goats - sunset treewe can debate the merits of this song versus 'pale green things' but only one reduces me to tearsmaggot brain - funkadelic - maggot brainWhy would you START an album with a ten-and-a-half minute soul-cleansing epic? Because George Clinton's up in this mutha!x
26Best track that opens a great albuma more perfect union - titus andronicus - the monitornow imagine listening to this while driving around NJ!teen age riot - sonic youth - daydream nationIf you think this song's great, you should hear my a capella cover!x
27Great track by a normally mediocre bandswim - surfer blood - astrocoastSWIM TO REACH THE END!interstate love song - stone temple pilots - purpleSomehow these Pearl Jam-aping simpletons managed to shit out a classic riff and actual vocal affectx
28A band's overall best track that is not on their best album (You know sometimes the best song an artist has overall is found on a less-than-best album)rattled by the rush - pavement - wowee zoweecrazy lyrics, amazing guitarhow soon is now? - the smiths - meat is murderMorrissey's self-loathing/self-pitying lyrics at their best as Johnny Marr arpeggiates a golden ladder. Add in weird whooshing 80's studio effects, and you've got the best of the Smiths. But we all know The Queen Is Dead is their best album... x
29great song from a compilation (that compilation is the only thing you have that artist on)de-orbit - speedy j - artificial intelligencemost really old electonica sounds dated, this doesn'tqhude manikiniki - umahlathini nabo - the indestructible beat of sowetoTHIS is why the beat is indestructiblex
30Great song over 10 minuteswalk on by - isaac hayes - hot buttered soulgotta leave room for the horns and choir of ladieshallogallo - neu! - neu!Rubbery bass and chicken-scratch guitar set the stage for a rollicking Teutonic reinterpretation of American rock and funk x
31Most epic songit's all gonna break - broken social scene - broken social scenethe massive horn buildup at the end is the definition of epicignition (remix) - r kelly - chocolate factory"I'd be nothing without you my darling, please don't ever leave!"x
32Best-written lyricsthe splendor of the bender - deadly gentlemen - the bastard masterpieceI cannot describe how tightly written these lyrics are. I have never seen anything else like itit's all right ma (I'm only bleeding) - bob dylan - bringing it all back homeRapid-fire, spit-fire, fire-and-brimstone poetry from the man who blended popular music with French symbolism. There are so many golden lines in here that I feel guilty quoting just one, but here goes: "he not busy being born is busy dying."2
33A song that would fit on a playlist called "Jangly Noise for Gangly Boys"bigmouth strikes again - the smiths - the queen is deadso jangly, so ganglyi'll feel a whole lot better - the byrds - mr. tambourine manWell, it's not necessarily for gangly boys--the Byrds were country fellas, after all--but no one can deny the jangle. Listen carefully and you can hear Big Star, R.E.M., and all of jangle-pop being born.x
34Your most-played song in the last year that I have not heardthe vowels pt. 2 - why? - alopeciaweird, good to rap/sing along toemma's house - the field mice - where'd you learn to kiss that way?For some reason, this song hits me with a strong emotional resonance. It has a lovely pop jangle tinged with a tugging wistfulness to it that glosses over the pure melancholia of the vocalsx
35Great indie/rock track with a female vocalistcamp out - an horse - rearrange bedsyou may want to camp out, but she wants to fuck the darkfairytale in the supermarket - the raincoats - the raincoatsThey're all women! It's like a less-tribal, more unhinged Slits doing some crazy folk jam-outs over a hefty helping of power chords. Throw in the yelping vocals, and you've got a winner.x
36Great song from the side-project of a great artistfor rainy days - conor oberst/britt daniel - split EPDouble side-project: Bright Eyes and Spoon!quiet waters - William S Burroughs and Kurt Cobain - The priest they called himLong, impressionistic, and utterly unlike anything else Cobain ever didx
37Song where the remix is bettermoney folder (four tet remix) - madvillain - four tet: the madvillain remixesfour tet's calm electro-jazz is better for this one than madlib's frantic hip-hop jazzignition (remix) - r kelly - chocolate factoryDoes anyone even know the original? Subtly was never R. Kelly's strength; luckily, rhythm is.x
38"Loudest" song0078h - M83 - dead cities, red seas and lost ghostsgets so much better when played super loudyour pretty face in going to hell - the stooges - raw powerThe Iggy Mix is especially loud--angrier and more virulently feral than the softened David Bowie-produced version. Even at low volumes, the loudness shakes walls.x
39"Fastest" song (not to be confused with shortest)playing with pink noise - kaki king - legs to make us longerOne woman, one guitar, incredibly fast fingerworkNY state of mind - nas - illmatic"the rapping is fast but the assonance and consonance and internal rhyme scheme is even faster" Turner wrote that description, but I wholeheartedly agreex
40"Slowest" songmaggot brain - funkadelic - maggot braintechnically not slow, but contains the essence of slowness in its guitar workwords - low - i could live in hopeEver watched a glacier for hours to see if it moves?x
41Saddest, most depressing, soul-crushing songjohn wayne gacey jr. - sufjan stevens - illinoisWowthe eternal - joy division - closerI imagine this what Ian's suicide would have sounded likex
42A song of fragile beauty that makes you feel contemplativea stone - okkervil river - black sheep boy"You love a stone"nightswimming - REM - automatic for the peopleThis song came at a low point in high school. I didn't listen to much music, but occasionally, I'd throw on one of my brother's driving mix-CDs. This song grabbed me right away with its understated piano beauty. The affect in Michael Stipe's voice--the strained melismas--just punches me pensive wistfulness.x
43A song you feel "set the world on fire (while nobody was listening)" (similar to, but not on, the Wire's playlist)such a color - shugo tokumaru - night piecejapanese indie folk that deserves to be one of those songs everyone knows from a popular movieepitaph - the kaplan brothers - nightbirdJewish lounge-singers cover King Crimson and imbue it with meaning-of-life-level seriousness and profundity. We get to hear a weird, mistranslated conversation between 2 musical languages. Why don't more people know this?!?!x
44"Avant-garde" or super strange songvictory - daan - simplewtf?Can I Poke You There? (On Facebook) - J.J. Kitty and the Jimbel ExpressIn which Jonathan soundtracks a social anxiety attackx
45Song with great instrumentation but terrible lyricsgoldie - A$AP rocky - singleI love this beat, but when he starts rapping in falsetto about motorboating some tits, I give uplive forever - oasis - definitely maybeRhyming "fly" with "die" and "sky?" Come on, Liam, read some P.D. Eastman and get up on your game2
46Song with best guitar solodown by the river - neil young - everybody knows this is nowherethis sparse, massive guitar solo is my favoritewhipping post - the allman brothers - at fillmore east 1971The song IS a guitar solo. Duane Allman and Dickie Betts interweaving heavy Southern-rock helices for 20 minutes--guitar solos don't get more epic than that.x
47"Blippiest-Bloopiest" electronic songuntrust us - crystal castles - crystal castlesbleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepdripsody - hugh le caine - OHM: the early gurus of electronic musicIt sounds like ping-pong balls bouncing, but bleepy-bloopierx
48Best drinking songtheme from 'cheers' - titus andronicus - the monitor"talk about our grandkids as we stroke our gray beards, funny we're still doing carbombs after all of these years"here comes a regular - the replacements - timNot a good song to drink to, but the best song about drinking. When the piano comes in at the end, I'm ready to do buy the whole place a roundx
49Best, most conclusive closing track on an albummy body is a cage - arcade fire - neon biblewhen those organs start up the tension builds and can only be successfully released by the album ending immediately afterwardsAll Apologies - Nirvana - In UteroCloses not just an album but a career and a man's life--all so beautifully and uglily at the same time. How's that for conclusive? x
50Song that most defies genre classificationbring on the lettuce - factory of angst - plague years: the best of factory of angst"bring on the lettuce, bring on the salad"myr myr myr - jgimblypuff and the house cattz - tracks and tricks to slay the compsbeastJonathan: "Jared, this is gold! All it needs is a honey bottle lid played as an instrument..."x
51First part of the best one-two punch on an album (consecutive songs that just hit you hard)love -> building on fire - talking heads - the name of this band is talking headsa simple but fun new wave/post-punk track given new life in live form...while my guitar gently weeps - the beatles - white albumThese 2 songs are the reason that the White Album is so awesome. A straightforward rocker featuring Eric Clapton doing what he does best while George Harrison sits firmly at the top of his songwriting game. x
52the second part of #51memories can't wait - talking heads - the name of this band is talking heads...leading into a weird dissonant song with a massive vocal finishhappiness is a warm gun - the beatles - white albumAnd now we get to the crazy, experimental portion of the punch, where John Lennon inadvertently writes "Paranoid Android" 30 years before Ok Computer. This one-two punch is sublime, and strong evidence for the whole "Beatles are the greatest band ever" line of thinkingx
53a song that somehow indicates (title/lyrics/other) how awesome it isneighborhood #1 (tunnels) - arcade fire - funeralit says it's #1!greatest of all time - archers of loaf - vee veeBut they drowned the drummer of the WORST band! I don't get it...x
54a sad song that should have the title of the following songtired of sex - weezer - pinkertonthese categories...the confidential agent - american music club - everclearAnything by American Music Club requires immediate treatment with SSRIsi dont wanna cover this
55a happy song that should have the title of the previous songthe sound of settling - death cab for cutie - transatlanticism...don't make sensethe saddest song - streetlight manifesto - everything goes numbThis song is not the saddest--just listen to how upbeat those horns are--but it's part of a concept album about a heist, which could almost certainly have benefited from the addition of a confidential agent. i dont wanna cover this
56unintentional sexual referencedeeper than inside - rites of spring - rites of springhow deep?come and close my eyes - flying saucer attack - furtherWhat most men do after a minute of penetration...x
57song you've never listened to (don't listen to it while picking)hold it in - jukebox the ghost - live & let ghostsnot bad, now that i've heard ita stare like yours - the thermals - fuckin' AI've been really into the Thermals lately, so I wanted to pick a track of theirs that I hadn't heard. It sounds embryonic--the tissues are there, but they haven't arranged themselves into the body plan of the beautiful best that is The Body, The Blood, The Machine x
58song featuring someone who is better than the band hosting them on that songthe death of chris palko (ft. Camu Tao) - cage - hell's winterupon relistening, i'm not sure either guy is that good on this songlive at the barbecue - main source - breaking atomsStandard-fare 80s rappers make the mistake of asking Nas to guest, thus reserving themselves a room in the Hotel Oblivionx
59song that gets much worse when taken out of its album contextfitter happier - radiohead - OK computerit's amazing how contextual this song iseclipse - pink floyd - dark side of the moonIt's still awesome out of context. But really, it's the perfect capstone to the amazing tour-de-force of a concept album that is Dark Side of the Moon. It sums up the album mesmerizingly and just doesn't hit with the same impact when taken away x
60best song whose length is exactly the average of your whole collection (total runtime/total songs)lisztomania - phoenix - wolfgang amadeus phoenix my average length was 4:08two doves - dirty projectors - bitte orcaMine was 3:42, so Turner's iTunes average song-dick is bigger than minex
61the best song you have that is track #15 on its album (bonus tracks not eligible)man ray - the futureheads - the futureheadsmost artists put their best songs early in the album, and 15 is too few tracks for a double album to have recovered yetsprawl II (mountains beyond mountains) - arcade fire - the suburbsJust when you think the album's winding down, Arcade Fire hits you in the gut with a huge last hurrah before the Suburbs theme closes off the loose endsx
62worst song you listen to regularlypromises - nero - welcome realityi can't explain it, because I detest the parts of this song individually (party-style dubstep, squeaky girl vocals, etc)take on me - a-ha - hunting high and lowHey, when he hits those high notes, I get chills. Or maybe they're from the icy synths puttering around. Point is, they're Scandinavian and they're sexy; what's not to like?x
63that one song from a great band's first album that sounds out of place on their debut but is totally standard for their following albumshere - pavement - slanted & enchantedthe least noisy and lo-fi, it would have fit in just right on Crooked Rain, Crooked Rainabout a girl - nirvana - bleachThis song is Nevermind In Utero! The underlying pop sensibility and relatively clean and crunchy guitars stick out on an album of Melvins-esque sludge and much. Lengthen the solo, and you've got a nice complement to "Lounge Act"x
64song that answers its own questionwhat would i want? sky - animal collective - what would i want? sky EPThey want sky.are you experienced? - the jimi hendrix experience - are you experienced?The very act of hearing the song answers the question--you become experienced as you listen. It's the closest pop music comes to J.L. Austin's speech act theory. x
65first song that made you fall in love with a great bandradio cure - wilco - yankee hotel foxtrotThis was the one that made me realize how awesome this album was.baba o'riley - the who - who's nextWhen I first heard the piano come in, I knew the Who and I were going to get along just fine. And when the guitar came in, I knew it was time to start making wedding plansx
66song you totally hated until you didn'tanthems for a 17 year old girl - broken social scene - you forgot it in peopleI had been a long-term hater until recentlysvefn-g-englar - sigur ros - agaetis byrjunWhen I first got into music, I liked lots of straight-forward rock a la Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time--Bruce Springsteen, Boston, the Who, the Stones. My brother used to belittle me by saying that it wasn't "musically complex" enough to be respectable and held Sigur Ros up as the poster-child of musical complexity. I felt like Sigur Ros was the musical equivalent of the New Yorker cartoons: humorless, pretentious, and sometimes impenetrable. I've since gotten over the teasing and come to appreciate the music qua music and found that Agaetis Byrjun is brilliantx
67live cover songcrazy (gnarles barkley cover) - cat power - a concert on 11/09/06this is actually a hilarious version involving a huge posse of singers from nashvillewhere did you sleep last night? - nirvana - unplugged in NYIf you're going to pick a live cover, you might as well go whole-hog.x
68highly pretentious song titleUpon Viewing Brueghel's 'Landscape With the Fall of Icarus' - titus andronicus - the airing of grievances it's not even a very cool painting...A Conjunction of Drones Simulating the Way in Which Sufjan Stevens Has an Existential Crisis in the Great Godfrey Maze - sufjan stevens - illinoisThe song is shorter than the amount of time it takes for the title to scroll across the iPod screenx
69best vocals that aren't saying any words (ululations and such)hounds of love - the futureheads - the futureheadsah oh oh, ah oh oh!homeless - paul simon - gracelandTrills and ululations that introduced African music to the Western marketplace. The purity of the Ladysmith Black Mambazo's voices is unmatched.2
70best misdirection of the listenersweet jane - velvet underground - loaded"Jack is in his corset, and Jane is her vest,
And me I'm in a rock'n'roll band"
smoke it the pot - gene marshall - i like yellow things: MSR madness vol 5"you had to run like hell, when you smoked it the grass / you slipped and fell on your little limbs" Also, the song sounds like it would be pro-drug but turns out to be cryptically antidrug1
71song that is much better than it should be because of emotional resonance to you personallyhigh and dry - radiohead - the bendsSimon's Rock College of Bard Summer 2004, I love yousemi-charmed life - third eye blind - third eye blindIn 1997, I was in third grade. That was probably the last time my baseline mood was something approximating happy, and this is the song that defined that era. Add in some "doo doo doo's" and you can't go wrong. The song gained additional resonance when it became the lead single off of my Tween Years compilation I made as a moving-out present for my brother. That obscenely comprehensive compilation became my gateway into a love of music. So this song packs an emotional punch greater than it's run-of-the-mill post-grungery would suggest. x
72song depicting an alternate realitywhen i died - the thermals - now we can seehe turns into a fish!heaven - talking heads - stop making sensex
73song depicting a horrifying aspect of realitydeath to everyone - bonnie prince billy - i see a darkness"death to everyone is gonna come"dachau blues - captain beefheart and his magic band - trout mask replicaI can't think of a reality more horrifying than the Holocaust. The problem with this song is that I can't tell if the enigmatic Beefheart is being sympathetic or irreverent to the memory of those who perished. If he's being irreverent, then fuck that fucker!x
74a song hated by its original authortake me out - franz ferdinand - franz ferdinandyou don't think they'll be asked to play this at every concert they ever do, for their entire career?creep - radiohead - pablo honey"Come on, guys, really channel Kurt's spirit on this one" --Thom Yorke at the Ouija session that produced "Creep"x
75song containing a quote from a moviesledgerhammer! - invincible - shapeshiftersContains a sample of Kevin Spacey from 'Se7en'loser - beck - mellow gold"I'm a driver, I'm a winner. Things are gonna change for me; I can feel it" --from Kill the Moonlightx
76really juvenile song by an artist who should know betterboyfriend - best coast - crazy for youoh come on. you're an adult woman and this is some sub-teenie-pop middle school bullshitwiggle wiggle - bob dylan - under the red skyThe genius who gave us "Blowin' in the Wind," "Like a Rolling Stone," and "Tangled Up in Blue" instructs us to "wiggle like a big fat snake."x
77song that reveals a weird obsession of its authorlust for life - girls - albumhis weird obsession is to be truly normal - and not in an emo way but instead in an 'i wish i didnt grow up in a sex cult' wayno more hot dogs - hasil adkins - out to hunchWild, atavistic 50's woods-rocker wants to cut off his gal's head so she cain't eat no more hot dogs. He has a sustained obsession with cutting heads off. 1
78song that is way better than its simple structure would indicatethe orchids - califone - roots & crownsbare instrumentation, strange lyrics. It shouldn't hold up to repeated listens, but it doesblitzkrieg bop - the ramones - ramonesThree chords is all we need to have a good time. The structure is bludgeoningly, brain-damagingly simple, which is exactly why this song hits so hard. The nail in prog's coffin...x
79song where the singer assumes a new personaamerica's most blunted (ft. Lord Quas) - madvillain - madvillainyDOOM raps as himself and as Quasimotoziggy stardust - david bowie - the rise and fall of ziggy stardustThe most successful and quite possibly longest-running alter-ego by the man who made pop stardom what it is todayx
80song that you've never heard live but you're sure it would be amazingchristmas steps - mogwai - come on die youngit would blow my mind, then my eardrumscyclotron - electric eels - cyclotron singleSupposedly at their shows, the Electric Eels, dressed in leather and chains, would rev up lawnmowers on stage and pick fights with the audience. Imagine being in the depressed shit-hole that was Cleveland of 1975 and seeing that topping off a bass-less distorted, double-guitar attack. Hell yeah, I'd want to be there!x
81song that would be completely wrecked if performed livetubular bells (side 1) - mike oldfield - tubular bellsyou can't do the 'Tubular Bells' section live without it becoming a messdesolation row - bob dylan - highway 61 revisitedif performed by the shambling corpse that is today's bob dylan, this song would be an abominationx
82song including animal noiseshappy - wrens - meadowlandscrickets and stuff at the starta wood in the ile de france - jean C roche - a nocturne of nightingalesSong that IS animal noises--melodic, gorgeous noises that play with counterpoint, harmony, and timing in a way that still makes Messiaen jealous x
83hip hop skit that's actually funnyopen mic night (part 1) - Viktor Vaughn - Viktor Vaughn is Vaudeville Villainbut it's barely a skit at all, since real hip hip skits cannot be funny (Hip-Hop Act of 1983, Pub. Law 79-321)deez nuuutz - Dr. Dre - The ChronicThe song doesn't concern me here. What sells it is the opening. Every 7-year-old can see it coming, but when Warren G gleefully yowls "Deez nuuutz!!!" it's pretty entertainingx
84song that talks about eatingisraelites - desmond dekker - israelitesslavin' for bread, so that every mouth can beeeee fedEverybody Eats When They Come to My House - Cab Calloway - Are You Hep to the Jive?Rhyming names with food. Oh Cab, I see why you got a space on Sesame Street! Best line: "Pass me a pancake, Mandrake. / Have an hors d'oeuvre-y, Herby" x
85song that talks about drinkingsipping on the sweet nectar - jens lekman - night falls over kortedalayou've got to stop sipping on the sweet nectar of your memoriesWhatcha Drinkin' - Husker Du - New Day RisingBob Mould doesn't care what YOU'RE drinking. He's the only one that mattersx
86song anthropomorphizing somethingSprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) - arcade fire - the suburbsthe 'city' becomes a living thingI Used to Love H.E.R. - Common - ResurrectionCommon tells a densely-rhymed story about a woman he used to love and her personal development. Turns out, "who I'm talkin bout y'all is hip-hop"x
87song that benefits from bad recording/productiontruly great thing - sebadoh - sebadoh iiiwithout the poor production the heartbreaking delivery of the awesomest line ("tryin' to figure out what i deserve / slashing line all across the earth") would be obscuredAndrogynous - The Replacements - Let It BeExhibit B (after "I Will Dare") in the case that the 'Mat's Let It Be trumps the Beatles'. The poor production, keeping the stumbles and stutters alive in the master tape, brings an achingly human edge to the song. It feels like you're there, listening to Paul Westerberg croon his heart out in a dark, smoky jazz lounge 'round about midnight. x
88song that is harmed by good recording/productioncalgary - bon iver - bon iverelevator music.Bastards of Young - The Replacements - TimGetting Tommy Ramone behind (or maybe to the left of) the dials was poor planning. Although the songwriting on "Bastards" is easily among the finest in the 80s underground, the 'Mats are meant to be heard through a sheen of shit, rough and tumble and visceral.x
89song with lyrics that actually offend youB.I.B.L.E. - Genius/GZA - liquid swords"women with wicked minds, who build picket signs, to legalize abortion"Let's Get Retarded - The Black Eyed Peas - ElephunkNo, it's the not generic also-ran funk backing and lifeless vocals that offend me. I'm a strong proponent of disability rights, and to hear the word "retarded" tossed around so bluntly and in an unavoidably pejorative way turns my stomach more than the shitstorm of music these purveyors of pap managed to conjure upxbrain bombs
90song about a murderbuzzards and dreadful crows - guided by voices - bee thousandi was being cleverVideo Killed the Radio Star - The Buggles - Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the 80sThe intent is still unknown, so it's possible that Video only committed manslaughter1
91loud/quiet/loud dynamic that isnt nirvana or the pixiespaint the rust - dodos - visiterunlike the pixies, these guys indicate very clearly that LOUDNESS is comingWould? - Alice in Chains - DirtBest non-Nirvana grunge song! When Staley crows, "Into the flood again," I get caught by the undertow of the gigantic wave of distorted guitar noise and tidal riffsx
92that amazing non-album song that, if you could construct an album of similar quality, would be an all-time albumIntervention (KCRW Live) - arcade fire - KCRW live performancei think arcade fire have another all-time album in themLove Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division - Heart and SoulWhy, Ian, WHY?!? Imagine an entire album of songs on the level of "Love Will Tear Us Apart," "Atmosphere," and "Ceremony," and tell me you're not ready to kill YOURself! x
93song that makes you feel like a BOSS!Planisphère (Part 1) - justice - planisphere EPit motivates meIt's Natural - Red Shadow - The Economics Rock & Roll BandBy explicitly (and quite clumsily) critiquing class structure and bourgeoise dominance, the band implicates the listener in the oppression of the proletariat. Which makes me feel an awful lot like a boss... x
94song that a party chicken would listen toLose Yourself (feat. Ann Saunderson) - surkin - USADon't listen to this. Party chickens have bad taste.Party Hard - Andrew W.K. - I Get WetLoud, stupid, and basically demands a chant of "CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!" When party chickens want to get buck-wild, they rock the roost with this shit!x
95song referring to someone you had to look up on wikipediajohn allyn smith sails - okkervil river - the stage namesapparently he was a professor who killed himselfSong for Dennis Brown - The Mountain Goats - The Sunset TreeThe Mountain Goats is a basically a portal for Wikipedia. Dennis Brown was a reggae king who died of a collapsed lung from too much cocaine.x
96an environmentalist songwar of man - neil young - harvest moonthis song actually did make me into an environmentalistThe Faucets Are Dripping - Pete Seeger - God Bless the GrassHey, save some water for the fish!x
97sleazy beatsyour retro career melted - the faint - danse macabreso incredibly sleazyEmerge - Fischerspooner - #1Electroclash is sleaze sculpted into a genre and crusted over with pretensionx