Framework Action - Set the 2013 Red Snapper Comm and Rec Quotas and Modify Rec Bag Limit
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1/8/2013 15:46:04Robert Shultssrds1230@aol.comRaise the limits to 10 per dayFreeportPrivate Recreational Angler
1/8/2013 21:40:08Chris Weinbergmrfirly2@att.netThe though of lowering the limit to 1 Red snapper is sickening to me and many of my fellow recreational fishermen. For the average recreational fisherman, it will not be worth the trip in gas money to only be able to catch 1 fish. I think that you are purposely trying to limit recreational fishermen by doing this because you know for a fact that most cannot afford this for the small number of fish. In addition to that, as with everything else that a government agency has their hand in, it will be very hard for the limit to go back up. We ALL know that the snapper population is at very high levels. It is nearly impossible to do any type of drop fishing without snapper taking the bait. I cannot believe that this is even being considered. Also, you need to think about what it will do to charter boats. What average person is going to pay to go 50 mile out and catch 1 fish? It will kill the charter business. Whoever is in charge of making these decisions needs to consider the recreational fishermen MORE and the commercial harvest less. This is just another way for a gov't agency to control us. It is ridiculous. Be realistic and think about your "average joe" who wants to be able to enjoy this great sport.Fairhope, AL 36532Private Recreational Angler
1/9/2013 12:51:59Cedric Wilsoncedric_wilson@hotmail.comI would like to see Alternative 2 - Use the 2013 recommended quota for Action 1 and Alternative 1: No Action for Action 2.

It is not benefial to me as a angler to rent a boat in order to caught one red snapper through out a whole day. I would rather prefer to keep the length of the season the same and keep the bag limit the same.
Missouri City, Texas 77459Private Recreational Angler
1/9/2013 13:06:15Angelo DePaolaDepaolaangelo@yahoo.comNone of the options seem like they are going to be very popular. I would suggest a new study and updated data on redsnapper populations if I had to choose it would be to take no action. One fish per person benefits nobody but the charter boats. Daphne, AL 36526Private Recreational Angler
1/9/2013 13:14:23Bobby KellyParasailbobby2@gmail.comMore days please, 1 fish per personElberta al 36530Charter/Headboat For-Hire
1/9/2013 13:49:43Rick Cookelariverdog@yahoo.comNone of the 3 choices would be my preferred option, but by defult option 2 is the only 1 I can support. Again, there is no way the data is correct both in total number of fish in the GOM as well as an account of how many rec ARS were caught last year. I cannot understand why there is a complete refusal to move forward with options to ensure fair opportunity to catch ARS among the rec side. I'm pleased that a count is supposed to be underway, but I would like to know when that is supposed to be completed as well as the method being used. Ultimately, I would like to be able to catch my share whenever I choose as I work for a living and my off time does not always agree with mother nature. How hard can it be to have a rec reporting system?Mobile, AL, 36605Private Recreational Angler
1/9/2013 13:55:04Michael Linnmlinn83@gmail.comHow about a proposal of a tagging system?
Last year anglers were given a 46 day season with a 2 fish bag limit which would amount to 92 fish per person per year. Due to work and financial reasons I was able to get offshore maybe 10 times this season thus catching nowhere near the limit allotted to myself. What if a system was put into place that would require anglers to purchase no more than a selected amount of tags? Say 30-40 tags max per angler per year for a small fee allowing us to catch no more than that number of snapper in a single year? We would be able to fish throughout the entire year, no more than 2-3 fish per trip per angler. Once you’ve filled your tags you’re done. With the end of the year remaining tags not used are voided. They use a similar system for hunting big game and I feel this would help the council in obtaining factual numbers as well as well as help fund further research in fish populations. That being said, I feel that what the council is proposing has no benefit for the normal class working man whose heart and passion truly lie offshore.
Katy, TX 77493Private Recreational Angler
1/9/2013 14:01:37Gary Emersonalgulfdiver@aol.comI would have to go with the 1 fish for 60 some odd days being a spearfisherman, but if I were a rod and reel fisherman I would say the 2 fish w/40 some days.
What about doing 2 fish for 40 some days on Fri, Sat
and Sunday only?
36561Private Recreational Angler
1/9/2013 14:10:15Patrick Motebhamagent1@yahoo.comI am in no way tied to the fishing industry, other than the fact that I, on a regular basis, charter boats to take customers out fishing. I cannot see paying the price of a charter to catch less than 2 fish per person. If the bag limit is lowered, I will find somewhere else to spend my money. I don't know what scientific data you are using, but I have been snapper fishing in the gulf for over 30 years. From what I have experienced, your data must not be accurate. The fish are more plentiful, and the fish are larger, than at any time in the past 25-30 years. I do not believe there is a need for a reduction in days or bag limit. You have a flawed system that hurts the fishermen, and their customers. Birmingham, AL Other
1/9/2013 14:37:18Sean dickensswdickens@mobileso.comI have owned a gulf boat and snapper fished for the past 15 years. I am also an avid diver. I have never seen more snapper than now. There is no doubt the snapper data is flawed. I can't speak for Texas or Florida, but the northern gulf is loaded with big fish. Last year we had 46 days of snapper season. If I fished every day I could catch 92 snapper. Here in Alabama deer season starts October 15 and runs through January 31. That's 109 days of deer season. I can legally harvest 2 deer per day. So if I killed my limit of deer every day that's 218 deer. My point is are you telling me that there are more deer in the woods than snapper in the gulf? Have your biologists contact me. I will happily take them fishing/diving and show them an abundance of red snapper. By these excessive restrictions, fishermen are being forced to cull the 8-10 pound fish in hopes of larger fish. Despite circle hooks and venting tools, a lot of the fish die. Amberjack and trigger fish will be closed during snapper season. It's just frustrating, and I'm afraid it might be time to sell my boat if something isn't fixed.Semmes al 36575Private Recreational Angler
1/9/2013 15:02:01Hunter P. Forethforet@towerenginc.comOption 2 on the video is the better one of the bunch. There are many people who still fish by themselves. The fishery off the Louisiana coast is thriving actually becoming over populated. We are certified diver's and dive many rigs, wrecks, and natural reef's. The snapper are out competing several other key species such as trigger fish, amberjacks, blue runners and grouper. I watched big sow snapper eat 8"-12" trigger fish and not one but 3-4. It is ashamed on how the fishery is being balanced. We use to never catch snapper in 500' of water but we are and lot's of them. Some of the 1000' rocks and ridges we drop for snowy grouper are covered in snapper 80-100 miles offshore.Something needs to be done and this is not the appropriate direction to take. lafayette,la 70507Private Recreational Angler
1/9/2013 15:28:07Joe Wegmannjwegmann1@cox.netI hope you all realize that everyone of you that works for and helps push these draconian measures under false pretenses will be most responsible for not only crushing a sacred family past time and heritage of fishing with your family in a time when kids need these positive outlets the most, but you are also single handedly delivering a financial curse to local businesses and communities who have been the true stewards of this great resource when they need it most.

Br, La 70817Private Recreational Angler
1/9/2013 15:36:48Ron Hamiltonhamilton@wcnet.netI fish out of Matagorda Texas. Every wreck that I drop down on its solid big snapper. We do not use the 16" limit, we use 24", and it still is a quick limits. And these are on public wrecks, not private numbers. Snapper are now coming up from the bottom biting the floating bait we use for kingfish. Trying to target a grouper or AJ is really hard because of the numbers. I understand that Triggerfish numbers are declining. I do not know a single person that keeps a triggerfish...they are considered trash to us. Maybe the snapper are eating the triggerfish. A long time ago the problem was getting your bait past the triggers to catch a snapper, this is now reversed. The limits established years ago have definitley helped the population and size but I believe that they are more prolific than the council gives them credit. We may end up with so many that they start hunting the bottom and kill the gulf shrimp market. They have to be eating something. The lesser evil of the alternatives is no. 1. The other two are absurd. Gas is way to expensive to go out for one or one half a fish. Ever thought about closing the season Monday thru Thursday? I think the State of Texas has done a great job managing the snapper within the 9 mile limit. Take a look at their program. And lastly ask the administration to quit destroying reefs. Cut the rigs down, but leave the structure alone below 50 feet or drop the structure on its side. They are clean sweeping the rigs now leaving nothing. One would think that the council would be all over this.Wharton, TX 77488Private Recreational Angler
1/9/2013 16:05:58Jim BoykinJim.bohkin@yahoo.comThe gulf should be regulated on more of a local level. There are so many snapper off Alabama's coast they are taking the reefs over. It is nearly impossible to drop a line in the water and catch something besides snapper. If this keeps up we will have a serious problem with other species. We need a six month season two per person at least. 36561Charter/Headboat For-Hire
1/9/2013 16:08:11Michael Barkermbarker46@yahoo.comWith red snapper being so common, a one fish a day individual limit would result in fishing trips of two hours or less! There would be absolutely no enjoyment in spending the fuel money to run out, spend 15mins fishing and then running back in @ $5/gal!!

The fishery needs to be run for the betterment of the public, with substantiated science, and a reasonable expectations on what you can catch and bring home. The overal total allowable catch needs to be increased, and 3 fish per day individual limit instituted. If lengthening the season is a problem, open the fishery on alternate days, or one weekend and two weekdays per week
Nashville,TN 37221Private Recreational Angler
1/9/2013 16:40:00David TurnerDtcarpentry@aol.comLet me offer some real science that will more than likely be recognized by others who read this thread. On the days that I am able to fish on my 25 ft cc offshore boat I am able to without fail catch a red snapper every drop. Lets say in 110 ft that is one snapper ever ten minutes. That would equal 6 fish per hr all day long. 8 hrs on an artificial reef could produce 48 fish that average 8 lbs each. That is 384 pounds of fish per angler per trip. Usually I have a 4 man crew so that comes out to be 1536 pounds of fish per trip. We fished a total of 25 days in 2012 so we caught 38,400 pounds of red snapper. All of this occurs over about 4 or 5 of my favorite artificial reefs...very seldom over any natural bottom. That is allot of red snapper just on 5 of the many thousands of artificial reefs throughout the Gulf. If you are listening you should hear me saying that My crew and I are not seeing this shortage of ARS that everyone is speaking of. Actually we are seeing shortages of most of the other species that used to be caught on these same reefs before the red snapper overpopulated them. So...the claim that the ARS is overfished just does not fly with me... At all! It is bogus. Here is another fact, i am just a rec fisherman with no commercial fishing background whatsoever. I have learned how to patter the ARS and when I fish in the place where they live I catch fish. If i fish where they dont live I dont catch fish.
If I can find this kind of mass of fish I would certainly expect a paid professional marine biologist to be able to do the same...granted he is looking in the right habitat for them.
Based on my findings in the real world the experts have totally dropped the ball on calculating an accurate biomass if the ARS species and just refuse to hear what the fishermen who are finding them everywhere they look are saying.
David T
Navarre, FL 32566Private Recreational Angler
1/9/2013 18:11:18Richard Meyersrskcm@yahoo.comI only get to fish 4-6 times a year and usually during snapper season, in the last 4-5 years the fish have only gotten bigger and more plentiful and I have a hard time believing there is a population problem. The average trip this last year comprised of an hour and a half ride to the rig and 20-30 minutes of fishing before we had a limit (this years agerage weight was around 10 lbs) and a hour and a half back in due to not being able to catch anything else but ARS. The last day of the 2012 season we were drifting a rig (with 15+ other boats) and caught our limit(5 people) in less than an hour with an average size still in the 10 lb range.I would like some better data first, there seem to be plenty of ARS in TX. Maybe a "tag" system would be better for you to account for the fish. In 20+ years of fishing I have never met anyone that gave any data to anyone about how many fish they caught.

If I have to pick one of the options I pick number one.
Midlothian Texas 76065Private Recreational Angler
1/9/2013 18:17:36Steve Davenportscdavenport@hotmail.comHow can the federal fisheries managers be so out of touch with reality regarding red snapper populations? I fish out Freeport Tx and the ARS population here is out of control. Anyone who fishes our area can tell you that your ARS population data is obviously flawed and needs to be revised before any changes are made. Making decisions with flawed data is bad for the fish, the coastal economy and the fishermen.Sugar Land, TX 77479Private Recreational Angler
1/9/2013 19:23:17Marlin Creig Poole Lcpoole1843@yahoo. ComI don't think any of you have the fish or fishermen best interest in mind. You don't ever listen to any input from any of us . Only a select few who benefit from most of your agenda . No real science or creditable study's. just guesses and lopsided agenda of the select few who usually benefit. Shame on all of you 3755 county hy 35 Horton alPrivate Recreational Angler
1/9/2013 19:59:58Denorris Hallnorriisjr2@bellsouth.netI'm in a fishing club that visits the gulf once a month from April till October. Since the snapper regulations have been so tight it makes it hard for a man like myself that has a family of 6 to spend that kind of money to travel down there for 1 fish.BirminghamCharter/Headboat For-Hire
1/9/2013 20:28:34Jon Pinneyfishintek@cox.netThere is not a shortage of Red Snapper in the Gulf of Mexico. There IS a shortage of common sense and lack of integrity and ethics on the Gulf Council. Do away with the gulf council and allow the states to manage their anglers and fishery. I support a full independent investigation into the gulf council. I hope to see you all go to prison. Pensacola Fl 32506Private Recreational Angler
1/9/2013 20:45:35Lee BrumlowLeebrumlow@yahoo.comI am a commercial diver that work throughout the gulf of Mexico and fishes and dives recreationally out of Freeport, TX. Here is what I see literally:
- I have never seen the numbers of red snapper that I have seen in 2012. Snapper are OVERLY abundant.
- 2012 was the best season I have ever had for catching RS. It was totally easy!!
- I've noticed less trigger fish, aj's and grouper.
- cut trigger fish out of the stomach of snapper
- snapper were the biggest Ive seen in 2012
The data is surely wrong!!!!!
I love the fact that it is SO easy to go out and catch someRS, but it seems like there is an over abundance of them. We need to thin them out. Reducing the limit seems ridiculous!!!!
Get some accurate data!!!!!!

Seabrook, TX. 77586Private Recreational Angler
1/9/2013 22:36:21Jason Whitakerjason.whitaker@engilitycorp.comOn Action 1, I support Alternative 2. On Action 2, I support Alternative 2. Please continue to refine your fish counting and catch estimation methods. Red Snapper are plentiful in my local waters. I don't believe the fishery is under too much pressure in my area. I also don't believe recreational fisherman catch the amount the Council estimates that we do. We desperately need more accurate methods for estimating the number of fish and how many fish recreational anglers catch.Panama City, FL 32409Private Recreational Angler
1/9/2013 23:47:15Bob Tranzocorstatin@gmail.comYou guys are complete idiots with this red snapper management nonsense. There's so much red snapper that's all catch. Fish the rigs int he gulf and just about any rig you pull up to in 70+ ft of water and snapper becomes a nuisance. biloxi, ms 39532Private Recreational Angler
1/10/2013 9:11:12James CoppleJcopp71@gmail.comYour biomass estimation is way off, get out of your comfy office chair and go see for yourself the snapper are almost overpopulated in the area off Freeport TX, coming to the top of the water column, because they are not getting enough to eat, too many fish. Please throw out your "alternatives" do a proper estimation of Biomass, and come back with a same 2 fish limit, over 90 days, or 120 days. Houston, TXPrivate Recreational Angler
1/10/2013 22:34:36Stephen Smithmasterdiversteve@yahoo.comI reccommend:
Action 1: Alternative 1 (No Action)!
Action 2: Alternative 1 (No Action)!

To say that myself and other weekend angler friends are frustrated with this information is an understatement. One fish is not worth the time, fuel, and expense it takes to catch it. We should be extending bag limits and seasons, instead of reducing. I have never seen the red snapper population as healthy and plentiful as they are right now. I have children, whom I would love to see catch a few of these fish, but these conditions and restraints make it almost impossible.

Marianna, Fl 32446Private Recreational Angler
1/11/2013 20:19:09Brian Edgerbedger219@yahoo.comI have noticed over the past several years an increase in Red Snapper populations. You cannot fish over artificial reefs without catching ARS. Reducing the bag limits to 1 fish per angler or even to 1 fish for every 2 anglers is completely ridiculous!! I do not know how your data is so skewed, but the gulf council needs to rethink how they are collecting their data on the ARS populations. I catch more snapper and bigger snapper than I ever have before. As a recreational angler it would not be worth the time and money to go offshore for only 1 fish per person. Think of how much money is lost to coastal towns due to less recreational fisherman. The economy is in the dumps already, reducing the bag limit on ARS would devastate coastal communities!!!Macon, GA 31216Private Recreational Angler
1/11/2013 23:09:54Greg Lawrenceglawrence1@gt.rr.comHow about a 6 month season and a 6 fish slot limit with one over "X" inches. The fishery can support this and everyone knows it. Your data and science is flawed. Go fishing once and a while and see what is really happening. Or sit behind your desks and eventually eliminate the recreational sector completely. We are not naive. We see exactly what you are doing. Incremental reduction of all citizens rights is a common theme in our lives today. Make no mistake this trend has crept into all sectors of all our lives. I would not be surprised if the council claimed that the 2013 recreational harvest incurred an "overage" of 700,000 pounds. Next year the council could propose a 20 day season with a 1 fish per 4 angler bag limit. I suggest you open the season in the worst part of the year as well. In 2015 You would then be able to claim all the fish that the recreational fishery was allocated had collapsed from overfishing. It would mandate a 28 day season with a 0 fish per 4 angler bag limit for 2015. However the commercial allocation was doing just fine and they could keep their allotment. If your going to just make stuff up, you might as well get creative. Eventually, any boat out on the water would be suspect of breaking the law!Beaumont, Texas 77707Private Recreational Angler
1/12/2013 7:09:57Captain Henry HauchCaptain_Henry@ACME-Ventures-Fishing.comHello, I fish primarily in the SA, but Recreationally in the GOM. We have the same problems in the SA as the GOM is faceing with ARS. That problem is with the growing stocks and decreased access. Despite claims of increased quota being offset or rather diminished by growing average sizes, the math just does not add up. The 27 day estimate, provide by the NMFS BEFORE the stock assesment was complete is a very troubling scenario, but one we have come to expect.

Its time to start getting management of our fisheries back to being "Science Based". The "Best Available Science" is not good enough, when incomplete data is allowed to be used, not to mention know faulty data! Our SA ARS fishery was closed as a result of flawed data, flaws that the courts agreed with...yet we remain basically closed. The GOM seems like policy from DC is pushing it that way. A lot of "New and Novel" schemes have been pushed by eNGO's, and supported by a very small group of Charter captains. Though opposed by the overwhelming majority of all user groups, it seems someone is still manipulating matters to move management this direction. Its time for something New and Radical to take place in US Fishery Management. Something not yet tried.....Useing RELIABLE SCIENCE!

When experts, even on the GC call out the failures of accuratly assesing the stocks of OUR fish, it speaks volumns. Of coarse we only need to go fishing to see the health of the stocks, perhaps something policy makers in DC should try. Their 'Determining' stock levels from behind the desk is not working. Several good idea's to collect real time data on Recreational User Participation has been brought to the table, but basically dismissed. Since the methodology used to determine Recreational Participants in federal Waters has been identified as being overestimated by between 350% and 400%, little has been done to corrent this extreme blunder. This subsequently overinflates the estimated recreational harvest rate by hundreds of percentage points! Despite converting to a new Recreational data collection program, the methodology used to determine user participation numbers remains the same.

Of coarse this is only one of the major failures in the process. Reef fish on artifical structure. Most people know well the health of our ARS fisheries. Most people understand the sampling process in stock assesments, and how they use natural hard bottom primarily to determine biomass estimates. We also know the geat abundance of fish on these structures, and how little consideration thay are given when determining stock levels. Well, they are considered....but in estimating how many fish are caught from these structures against the ACL...but not so much in determing actual biomass to set the catch levels with. Its a 2 edged sword being used to cut access to our fisheries with, by not properly assesing fish on artifical structure, but still counting them against our quota.

Add these two factors togeather, overestimation of recreational participants, and failure to properly access stocks on artifical structure, and we have as Dr. Shipp stated a likely Underfished stock, rather than the "Overfished" status we continually have being sold to us. Its seems quite possible that with a couple decades of tight limits and restrictions, and a half century of artifical structure creating extremely diverse marine habitat, we may now have a ARS stock that exceeds the Historic Virgin stock levels. Yet...our acess is systimatically being eroded away.

If NOAA's vision 2020 is being played out, well they are doing it well. On this track, ARS in the GOM will be Catch and release only for recreational anglers by 2020, and if you want one for dinner, you will be forced to go to the store, like WalMart and buy one. This may seem far fetched, but what else explains the healthy and growing stocks we all know exist, but our ever diminished access to it? From 2006 to now, the average fish size would have had to increase over ten fold to diminish the days to what is now being suggested, and that still does not account for overestimating recreational participants or failing to access fish on artifical structure.

The bottom line is....WHO is failing to do their job? Is this a matter of gross incompetance, or deliberate and willfull manipulation of the numbers and policy? So we all know the health of the ARS stocks in the GOM is far greater than what the NMFS data suggest. And we all know that if the fish were properly assessed, a much greater season would be likely. And we all know that despite the obvious, what should be happening is not. Why is that? Until Reliable Science that is independantly verifyable in both process and quality can be done, no further decreases in access to our fisheries should take place.

No "New and Novel" management schemes should take place until the obvious problem of the science is corrected. Continuing to put the "Cart before the Horse" is not working! Fix the Science FIRST, and then the management will be much easier. Its time to start listening to the stakeholders that know these fisheries the best. Tune into the various forumns and even your own FB page to see what is really happening. Its time to stop hiding behind the "Constrained by Federal Law" catchphrase, and start useing your ability to "Omit or Ammend" Unreliably data. Its time to answer to the stakeholders that are actually involved in these fisheries, and not to NGO's that have exerted undue influence in the process from behind their desk. By the way....continuing to allow the ARS stock to go in a likely "Underfished" condition places unnecessary burden on other stocks like Amberjack, grouper, Trigger, etc.

Its time for change, either in the process or those manageing our fisheries. We need someone willing to stand up to those seeking to unnecessarily deny access to our resource. We need someone willing to stand up for our stakeholders that depend upon these fisheries. We need someone willing to do whats right. The policy and science comming from DC (Silver Springs), is failing us and the fisheries. The ARS has been shut down in the South Atlantic because of Junk Science, and is now on that way there in the GOM. Its time to correct this glaring problem.

I oppose any action taken that fails to address the overestimation of recreational participants, fails to fully consider the biomass of the stock found on artifical structure or in any way further reduces days and fish without being supported by reliable data that includes these items.

Captain Henry Hauch
ACME Ventures Fishing
Private Recreational Angler, Charter/Headboat For-Hire
1/12/2013 22:31:11Alan
I will personally invite you and whomever you like, to come to my area, the area that has a great plethora of these "Artificial Reefs",(rigs) that don't get counted, I'll cover fuel, bait, rods, hell I'll clean the fish and boat after, and if you can tell me that they are still in distress
Orange beach,al. 36561Private Recreational Angler
1/12/2013 22:35:00Rose Martinmrtnajsmom@aol.comWhen your very own Dr. Bob Shipp tells you the Gulf is full of American Red Snapper and you blow him off, why the hell would any of us think you really give a damn what us peons think? If you stick that scope up NOAA's collective ass you'll probably find their heads. I take that back. Their heads are buried up the enviro's ass. This has really moved beyond ridiculous. The meetings and your position are a waste of the taxpayers money.Orange beach,Al. 35661Private Recreational Angler
1/12/2013 22:58:27Hal Lambwysiwygpos@yahoo.comNo action/No action(1&2). We fished longer and had a higher limit in the past Quota met,,hmm. We fish shorter and have a lower limit Quota met,,hmm. Oh wait we need to add 6 days to the season because we know they have been shorted Quota not met,,hmm. I find people that are smart really don't have common sense. EVERYONE is telling this council there is NO shortage of RED SNAPPER!! Oh, scientifically we need to have 1 fish per 2 anglers(option 3)****ALERT**** Now the council is to smart to just go ahead and put the fish on the Endangered Species Act,, hmm!!! By the way council, There are less snapper fisherman these days because of your SMARTNESS,,hmm!!!!Folsom,LA, 70437Private Recreational Angler
1/13/2013 12:28:00Gerald Motleymotleycru@att.netTo all members:
The one fish per two anglers amy be the stupidest proposal I have ever heard. If you will follow the scientific data your own biologists provide, you will see that the stocks are rebounding. The quota for recreational fishing does not need to be reduced at all. The data for recreational landniggs is guesswork and conjecture. I have never been asked or checked in my fifty plus snapper trips. That, and the fact I never met another angler that has been checked, leads me to this belief.
I strongly urge you to not reduce the quota, bag limit, or season for recreational shapper fishing. Please look at your data and be realistic.
Recreational fishing puts more into our Gulf Coast Economy than commercial fishing ever thought about. Please don't shut that down because of your bad data.
Thank you.
Gerald Motley
Chattanooga, TN 37406Private Recreational Angler
1/13/2013 20:30:43Steven Wayne Earleswearle@cox.netPlease do not decrease the red snapper limit. Instead, adjust the season to be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of each weekend for the number of days of fishing to be allowed and keep the limit at no less than 2 per person. The one fish for two people is ridiculous. The proliferation of snapper makes it almost impossible to target other species such as grouper and even amberjack. Offshore fishing has become so expensive that it is hard to justify a trip. When we target tuna or dolphin, it's always "hit of miss". The option to pick-up a couple of snapper really helps relieve the pressure and can at least help a little to salvage a bad trip. The economic impact of recreational fishermen is much higher than most people understand. I only have a small boat, but we will burn 100 gallons of fuel in the boat, 30 gallons in the truck, $75 in bait and ice, then add in launch fees, maintenance, insurance, boat shed fees, tackle, etc.. The impact to our budget is tremendous and so is our commitment to the sport. However, we are at a breaking point. The economy is a disaster and the fishing limits have gotten ridiculous. Any more cuts and I am out.Metairie, LA, 70002Private Recreational Angler
1/14/2013 5:41:00Ron Clementronjon40@gmail.comThere is an abundance of American Red Snapper in the Gulf areas. There is so many red snapper that they are starting to destroy some of the other reef fish species. Your scientific studies and data methods are outdated. Your decision is already made even before you hold these public meetings. The only reason you hold these public forums is to follow protocol. Your own people have stated that even with the public's overwhelming negative responses to changing the ARS limits you will do what you see fit. Where is the fairness in that? Being a 23 yr disabled retired veteran probably means very little to your council. But, it's sad to say that you people make fishing far more stressful and less enjoyable for those of us that look to recreational fishing as a form of clinical therapy. What little we have to look forward to why not take it away completely. With the economy tanking and the tight restrictions on fishing I guess I will just have to look to other avenues of therapy. Thanks for your lack of support to the disabled verterans of the Gulf Coast. What a bunch of hypocrites.Pensacola, FL 32506Private Recreational Angler
1/14/2013 15:36:48Michael f We have caught more and bigger red snapper for 10 years now. 10 years ago we had to measure the fish to make sure they were 16", now we do not keep any under 10lbs. We catch over 100 in a 12hr trip and I have released many over 20lbs! How in the world can you tell us the red snapper are being overfished???????? The red snapper are wipping out the gag grouper.

It makes people question the methods of stock assesment or if the council has been fishing out on the Gulf. The council's statments border on insanity and are a joke to fisherman. If you want to outlaw recreational fishing just do it, do not hide behind fruad science and crooked stock assesments!
atlanta, ga 30338Private Recreational Angler
1/14/2013 17:26:40Oscar HerdociaOherdocia@aol.comYour approach is totally wrong for the Freeport TX area. The bag limit shall be increased, not decreased. The over population is snapper does not allow other species to be cough and result in many snappers to be killed and wasted in the ocean. The only group benefited with a reduction of the quotas are the dolphins who eats all the snappers that are released in the surface. It is painful to release beautiful fat 20 pounds snapper just to feed the dolphins or even worse, just to float away dead over the water. No puncturing method save a snapper that is quickly brought to the surface. You also need to consider the cost of fuel as getting to fishing grounds is far more costly in TX than in other States. You shall make rules that are appropriate for the specific location.Houston, TX 77459Private Recreational Angler
1/15/2013 10:09:42John McCrossen Jrjmccrossen@rtconline.comRIDICULOUS
None of your proposed options are worth a crap. Your "science" behind these meager limits is questionable and the economic impact it will have will be devastating to the businesses supporting the recreational fishery
Laplace, LA 70068Private Recreational Angler
1/15/2013 16:59:46George Ghiorseghiorse@comcast.netFirst let me start by stating that I have a college degree in wildlife and fisheries biology. That said, whomever came up with these management ideas should be fired! Every rec fisherman who targets red snapper knows that the data is inadequate to make proper decisions and until more accurate data is collected no significant changes should be made. Based on an overwhelming number of reports in the past 2 years, there is reason to believe that not only are numbers of red snapper increasing but so is their avg size. While this is not a scientific poll, one could and should be done to verify these findings. One of NMFS problems is that you are trying to manage both rec and commercial quotas by weight but daily limits on rec fishermen rules are done by quantity. It does not take a genius to figure out that if rec fishermen are catching the same number of fish but their avg size is larger, then the quota will be reached more easily. The rec quota should be increased based on the increase in size of fish being harvested while keeping the estimate number harvested the same. As many others have said, this is also an economic issue as well. We all know that the rec fisherman create a much larger economic impact on a whole host of related industries than do the much smaller number of commercial fishermen. Therefore, you have no data to justify changing the limits reducing the daily catch or season length. If anything, the season should be extended. If you want to see an economic boom in the coastal areas, classify the red snapper as a sportfish. Richmond, TX 77406Private Recreational Angler
1/16/2013 12:50:21Gary H Parsonsparsonskg@cox.netRecommend you consider alternatives such as implementing a slot---perhaps 16-22 inches---but you could easily model several ranges. The benefit would be a reduction in the mortality of larger snappers and more fishing days because the lbs/angler/day would be about 1/2 of what we are seeing now.

A concern would be that it might be very difficult to find small snappers. I know we find a lot of 18-22 inch snappers in shallow water but catch and release all lip hooked fish until we get our limit at 25" or greater.

This option could double the number of fishing days. You could not use recreational angler data in the stock assessment, but you should not be doing that now since virtually all the anglers are culling.

Niceville, Fl, 32578Private Recreational Angler
1/16/2013 15:44:01Kenny SoulantKsoulant@gmail.comIf the season were a 3 day a week season, say Fri. Sat & Sun only (this is when most recreational anglers fish anyway), the season can be much longer with same 42 available days to fish. The season would be 3 days a week for 14 weeks. I know the Charter Captains would argue the point but they are not losing any days to fish red snapper, they would still have 42 days to fish just spread out over a longer time period. They target other fish when the season is closed now so they would be doing the same thing they are doing now accept they would have more choices on what to target over a longer period of time.
As for the bag limit if kept the same you can fish the same 42 days over 14 weeks. If 1 fish per angler per day would increase the season length by 60% that would result in 22.4 weekends of fishing. If 1 fish per2 anglers per day would increase the season length by 169% that would result in 37.66 weekends of fishing.
I am not in favor of reducing the bag limit, not many people would spend the time or money to target red snapper especially the anglers that charter. I fish the south La. area and I know I kill more fish releasing them in the off season (and yes I use circle hooks and use a deflator) than I catch and keep during the season it makes no sense. The fish here are so thick they are a nuisance.
Please a 3 day a week is the answer.
Belle Chasse La. 70037Private Recreational Angler
1/16/2013 16:58:29Berry Benson Tuckerbent@barriere.com3 day weekends with 2 fish limit per person. Red Snapper are overtaking other fish populations. Establish a federal/state reef fish license(recreational and private/head charter) to find out how many people are actually reef fishing. When we take your surveys you already assume we are lying 50% of the time. Get good economic and scientific data on reef fishing (all species) before you implent tighter restrictions. New Orleans LA &0131Private Recreational Angler
1/16/2013 19:26:53tim oestreichcrystal.oestreich@yahoo.comthese people are truly cluelessport aransas tx 78373Charter/Headboat For-Hire
1/16/2013 20:11:06Gerald Motleymotleycru@att.netTo all Gulf Council members:
Rather than reducing the catch limit, season or quota, please get out and realize how many snapper are out there. I don't want you to reduce any quota but if you do it should be the commercial side. They catch more than we do and have more by kill that they are not held accountable for.
It would be so much better to open the season for three or four days a week because that keeps fish being caught over several months and allows the stock to recover and at the same time keeps it in check. If you left the season at 40 days but only opened on the weekends, you would be fishing for thirteen weeks instead of six. The charterboat captains should appreciate that as well.
The snapper are ultra aggressive and are creating some of the issues we are seeing in grouper, AJs and maybe triggerfish.
Thank you for your time.
Gerald Motley
Chattanooga, TN 37406Private Recreational Angler
1/16/2013 20:35:31Gary Falgout2falgouts@cox.netI fish the waters off Southwest Louisiana, primarily south of Marsh Island. We have to run 45 miles offshore to get to water deep enough to hold red snapper, so we don't have any fishing pressure here. The snapper are so thick here, we can't catch anything else. They are not overfished here, yet you continue to punish us for the actions of other areas. You said as much yourself when the state of Texas proclaimed they weren't going to abide by the federal regulations in state waters. They still don't and according to the web page that used to be up on estimates of recreational landings, Texas brought in 2.5 million lbs. of the 3.9 in the TAC. I made a request in September, when this web page showed 700 thousand pounds left in the TAC, about weekend openings. I received a response stating that you hadn't received the estimates from Texas yet even though the "season" had been closed since July. Shortly after that, you pulled the page down. So much for transparency in Government. Now you're telling us the TAC was exceeded by 1.8 million lbs. Texas had 2.5 and the other 4 states, combined, brought in 3.2 million according to your estimates. Regional management is the only fair way to go. I'm not going to take 4 guys 60 miles offshore for a boat limit of 2 fish. Run the numbers. See what those fish would cost per pound. At least with a 2 fish per angler limit we would each end up with a meal. If you try to supplement the catch with anything else, you end up killing snapper regardless of what gear or vent and release equipment you have onboard. And be the way, release weights work the best. Do what's right guys. You have marine biologists telling you there is more snapper in the Gulf than ever
before. Bring some common sense back to fisheries management.
Carencro, La. 70520Private Recreational Angler
1/16/2013 21:29:34Joseph Brian Hagmannhagmann@cox.netKeep the season short and leave it at 2 fish per angler. This already makes a red snapper fishing trip almost not worth doing. Second choice, 1 fish per angler - at least this way everybody on board gets a fish. 1 fish per two anglers is the stupidest thing I've ever heard, especially if you have 3 people on board and can only take 1 fish. I fish to a freezer limit, as do many others. I would encourage you to think "green" and consider all that extra gas I'll have to burn (4 times as much) if I can only keep 1 fish per two anglers every trip...Port Allen, LA, 70767Private Recreational Angler
1/16/2013 22:01:41David Wallace Gilbertgilbertdw247@gmail.comLast year was the first time I fished for Snapper on my own. Short season and rough seas limited my days of fishing. When I did get to go, I caught the limit. It was a fun experience. I'm for regional management. Maybe AL on its own sector or paired with MS. Fla has too many fisherman and to big of area to control. Creel limits would be controlled by a tag system similar to what we use to do with anterless harvest in the 70's and 80's. Charter/head boats should be moved into the commercial class and given the 51% quota. Our economy is dependent of tourists and recreational fisherman. By the way, I am an AL native living in Orange Beach now full time. Orange Beach, AL36561Private Recreational Angler
1/17/2013 10:20:41Jason P. McCrossenjpmccros@gmail.comI have viewed your video and have to say that I have no idea where your agency gets your information or how they interpret it. To think that the Feds again will cut Red Snapper season is unthinkable. If you would start considering oil rigs and platforms as essential fish habitat you would know there are an abundance of Red Snapper. Do you know that I kill more Red Snapper outside of Red Snapper season fishing for other reef fish than during Red Snapper season? I use all the required de-hooking mechanism and take great care with the fish but there isn’t much you can do when they go belly up and float away. It’s called by-catch.

I have talked to friends who dived next to rigs and the rigs are just full of Red Snapper. It’s more amazing that most of the Red Snapper at rigs don’t even bite on hooks. People are catching 10-20% of the Red Snapper at a rig because most Red Snapper stare at hooks with no interest.

This is another example of the federal government screwing up another fishery. I have worked for the federal government so I know what goes on. I can’t wait to fish the Gulf this year and watch those Red Snapper float away dead because I can’t keep them. I’m sure that breaks your heart as much as you guys over protect the Red Snapper. You know the fish wouldn’t be wasted if you lessen the restrictions. Until then, let them float away dead to be wasted. There’s no limit on how many float away.
Belle ChassePrivate Recreational Angler
1/18/2013 13:02:54stan First and foremost we are targeting larger and larger RS due to the limit being restricted to 2 per angler. We have witness on many trips waste. Waste is common due to injuries, being eaten by sharks, and improper venting. We have caught as many as 40 snapper in a two hour trip to keep 4 over 10 lbs. These size of fish would in turn show and increase in total weight consumed every year and your using a mass weight calculation to determine the total catch. That does not make sense. We are catching more reds snappers, and we are catching larger ones. It is not economical to fish for just RS and we must target other species (tuna, Amberjack, cobia, grouper, and wahoo) to complete a trip. To reduce the quantity to one red snapper has no scientific value as the catching will continue and we be targeting the larger fish again to increase the yield of a fishing trip. It is said the 90 percent of the fisherman catch 10 percent of the fish, and 10 percent of the fisherman catch 90 percent of the catch. These percentages are not true with red snapper in Louisiana waters around Venice. All it takes is a boat to go to the nearest rig and you will catch two legal snapper per person. I’m asking you to check it out. Go fishing yourself. The proof is out there. A true assessment of the stock needs to be performed. We are lacking on the assessment of the stock part, but somehow we come up with the catch of the recreational poundage part? I have never seen or witness any survey information or heard of anybody being asked about their catch. Let’s try and get this worked out.

gulfport, ms, 39507Private Recreational Angler
1/19/2013 10:59:21Jim Bramblettjimmy.bram@att.netYA'LL NEED TO GET SOME NEW EMPLOYEES!! The old ones are corrupt or very dumb not to mention bad science and information!!Pensacola, FL 32503Private Recreational Angler
1/19/2013 14:57:28Charles CallisDoneRightAC@Gmail.comThere is an extremely obvious common thread among the posters. Everybody who fishes the GOM are reporting the same thing - there are too many red snappers in the waters. Nobody is reporting a shortage and most are reporting overpopulation. The data the council is operating with MUST be flawed and failure to address this flaw is irresponsible. You cannot in good faith make policy without having accurate data. I demand that the council take no further action to restrict or control our fisheries until they have accurate and current data. I also demand that the council start truly protecting our fisheries by stopping the destruction of fish habitat and slaughter of millions of pounds of fish by halting the removal of decommissioned offshore rigs.

The oil companies built these rigs that became major habitats. Now, it is morally criminal to destroy these habitats that bolster the fisheries in such a strong way. It is wrong to destroy an environment and ecosystem, no matter who created it, once it has become a successful ecosystem.

We are all concerned with the fisheries. Everybody from the guy selling the fuel, the guy selling the tackle, the guy who cleans the fish @ the dock, and everybody in-between, above, below, and around is wanting what is best for the GOM fisheries. If the council continues down this path, it will be clear and obvious to all that the council is the exception to that statement and is operating under its own agenda and should be dispelled from government. My government was created for the people, of the people, and by the people. If the council does not match that criteria, they need to go.

As a taxpayer, employing the council with my tax dollars, I would like to cast my vote right now:

If the council proceeds with any further regulations or restrictions to private recreational fishing in the GOM - especially pertaining to the red snapper, I vote we fire all council members who voted to support such actions.
corpus christiPrivate Recreational Angler
1/20/2013 1:21:11DAVID I started fishing for red snapper about 5 yrs ago & got absolutely hooked. I go fishing for red snapper about 5 times during the season, but I now hear that the daily limit may be reduced from two fish to one per day. Limiting the amount of fish to one per day will send my red snapper fishing days into early retirement. As much as I love fishing for red snapper, I can't justify spending $90 and an entire day out at sea for one fish. If I feel this way I'm sure hundreds or thousands of other recreational fishermen feel the same way. When I go fishing on weekends, I meet people who come down for the weekends or longer just to go fishing for red snapper. I doubt they would continue to do this for only one fish, thus, not being considered is the economic/tourism impact to coastal cities like Galveston, Corpus Christi, South Padre Island, Port Aransas, etc., with a change in the daily limit. In summary, I think a one day limit will destroy the recreational/charter fishing industry. Since I started fishing 5 years ago, I have noticed the fish that I personally catch getting bigger and bigger every year. Even when out of season and bottom fishing for other fish it is hard to avoid catching red snapper. LEAGUE CITY, TX 77573Private Recreational Angler, Charter/Headboat For-Hire
1/22/2013 16:52:00Josh Leavellspecksunlimited@yahoo.comHow can a reduction in the red snapper bag limit even be considered? Red snapper are taking over. If anything the recreational bag limit needs to increase to make it even worth it to pay the cost offshore fishing. I went several times last year and there is absolutely no shortage in snapper. Snapper fishery is unreal. The unsupported rules only hurt the coastal economy. Its has been keeping me personally from purchasing an offshore boat.Private Recreational Angler
1/22/2013 18:52:21Brian McGuirlBmcguirl@govliquidation.comI believe that if the current limit was reduced it would be a bad decision. I go out as often as I can and vent and release all fish I do not want or can not keep due to limits/ seasons. I catch more red snapper than any other fish and do not see where a "Gulf Wide" restriction to 1 fish (red Snapper) per person and or boat would help, it is not needed. If I were going to do anything I would open the season longer and put a size limit (Slot) that all red snapper would have to be. I believe a slot limit would be a better choice and insure the bigger mature fish are released to continue to reproduce. The state of Texas, and I am sure others have similar limits on fish, has slot limits on trout and red fish, I would not be imposed if the same was done for the red snapper.

Thank You,
Brian McGuirl

Please stop the removal of the offshore rigs. That is killing the echo system that supports all kinds of marine life.
Corpus Christi, Texas 78411Private Recreational Angler
1/22/2013 19:37:36DAVID RODRIGUEZdrodrig33@yahoo.comYou can extend the red snapper season 169% (alternative # 3), but if an extended season is only if the daily limit is one red snapper for every two fishermen, charter boat captains are going to have a very difficult time filling the boat with paying fishermen/customers. Imagine 80 fishermen out at sea dropping lines in the water and within 10 minutes having to get them to stop fishing and reel in their lines because 40 red snapper have already been caught! You are going to have a lot of disgruntled fishermen on that boat wanting their money back. This is a very ill-conceived idea. It is hard to imagine that this idea (one snapper for two fishermen) was actually proposed with a straight face. Is this a joke? LEAGUE CITY, TX 77573Private Recreational Angler
1/23/2013 7:46:05Hector SalinasHz06@sbcglobal.netDaily limit on red snapper should be increased to at least 3 per angler, I think it is time for this to happen. There is just too many anglers angry at how we have been treated for the last few years. All I hear is corruption.Pasadena,tx.Private Recreational Angler
1/23/2013 9:11:38Michael J. Luchakmlhl1978@peoplepc.comI favor keeping the limit on Red Snapper at two per day per person. I also think you should actually survey the population of the fish, before you change anything related to the management of this fish.
Michael Luchak
Brenham,TX 77833Private Recreational Angler
1/23/2013 12:49:55Brandon kelemanSharpshooter_ hmr17@yahoo.comThe red snapper limits need to go up, there getting over populated
And are eating anything that hits the water , you can barely catch any
Other kind of fish because of them! I remember years ago you would get
Triggerd off meaning triggers would tear you up and now it's the snappers!
Comon really who makes these rules some person that's sitting at a desk
With a degree and has never even fished for red snappers. Comon get real
Snapper fishing is to easy there's so many snappers! If y'all do a servey go to a reef
Or rock and not fish in the mud they do like structure! And get out way beyond
The first rigs! Really snapper fishing has never been bad all the years I been doing it!
Just my 2 cents! Thanks
77566Private Recreational Angler
1/23/2013 17:19:41Charles Allencsllen2000@gmail.comFor me and my fishing habits, a 2 fish per day is best. Cypress TX 77429Private Recreational Angler
1/23/2013 18:12:20Andrew Hudginswahoo_man60@hotmail.comYour proposals are totally unfound due to incorrect stock assesments.
I've been fishing in the gulf for over 20yrs. and there are more red snapper than there has ever been. And yes there getting much larger.
I know Dr. Shipp has been saying the same thing for years.

The other problem is your creating other problems in the eco-system by the over population of the red snapper. This is causing a reduction in bait fish and other reef fish. At this rate you'll completely crash the gulf as a fishery. Here in Texas you can pull over any spot, artifical or natural bottom and your sounder will light up with snapper, unless a commerical boat has just left the area.

Another area that the nmfs is missing the boat on is we should be creating more habitat with artifical reefs all over the Gulf. Just take a look at what Alabama has created in ther waters. More habitat means more red snapper and other fish. But now good ole Obama is having rigs dismanteled at a alarming rate and killing fish in the process, and thats just crimminal in my book.

Recreational anglers contribute at least 20 times the dollars to the economy than commerical fisherman do, so the allocation makes no sense to me. Rod and reel fishing will never crashed a fishery, as were conservationist ourselfs. I don't feel the fishery should be managed by pounds of fish, but rather number of fish in the fishery.

If the fishery is so bad why aren't you proposing any cutbacks in the commerical quota. It was there reckless fishing practices back in the day that started this whole problem.

I will admit back in the 90's the red snapper needed help to recovery and they have made rebound now. Maybe to even a detrimental status now.

I feel that the recreational anglers have had the lion share of burden put on us for the recovery process. Its time to gives back what we deserve, 4 fish per angler per day for 6 months a year.

We also need to get the envro groups out of the regulation process and put it to the real scientist that have no axe to grind and or for personal compensation. I also feel there Gulf states should have the right to do there own stock assesments and set quota's in there waters for both recreational anglers and commerical fishermen. Also set there bag limits and days on the water.

Last but not least if the nmfs can't get it right then we need to get rid of the current officers and start over. This includes Crabtree and Obama.

As it stands now your going to make law abiding citizen into outlaw fisherman.
78654Private Recreational Angler
1/23/2013 21:19:28Curtis Luchakcaluchak@gmail.comThere is more snapper in the gulf out of Texas now, it's hard to target other fish do to the snapper out numbers all other fish. Why is the goverment doing this to the tax payers? It is killing the econemy down here on the coast, more jobs are being lost every day because of this!! Do something right for once.Freeport, Texas 77541Private Recreational Angler
1/23/2013 21:48:11Bythel Statonrobinlane3@gmail.comI believe the snapper limit is too low as it is. To go out on a party boat will cost $100 and to make it worth while you have to keep 2 large snapper. For eating 18-20" fish are better than 28-30" fish. Maybe a limit of 4 fish 16=20" fish or 2over 20" or 2 fish 16-20" and one 20+. I get to go out only once a year but, it is hard not to catch snappers. They are a pest when you try for something else. Willis, TX. 77378Private Recreational Angler
1/24/2013 9:08:24Troy Bryanttbryant@ardent-us.comWhy do you guys even have a venue for people to leave suggestions when you are going to do exactly what you want ????????Spring ,Texas, 77379Private Recreational Angler
1/24/2013 20:26:19Marc Wilkersoncaptainmarc25@yahoo.com1 snapper per personFreeport, TX 77541Charter/Headboat For-Hire
1/25/2013 10:49:25DAVID RODRIGUEZdrodrig33@yahoo.comAlternative #1: No Action. I don't think many anglers will pay good money for one fish. League City, TX 77573Private Recreational Angler
1/26/2013 12:31:02Jameson Bozemanbrsbassist@yahoo.comBasing states catch limits off of a Gulf wide quota is obviously not working. States/regions need to have the ability to manage their own quotas based on their own scientific data. On the coast of Louisiana, we are having a hard time catching any fish other than Red Snapper. In the 2012 Snapper season, every trip I took down to Venice Louisiana, I spent hundreds of dollars on gas, bait, tackle and ice just to get to rigs and limit out on red snapper under 30 minutes with 8 people in my boat. I would choose to raise a bag limit over lengthening the season, because as much as I love to fish this is beginning to not be worth it for recreational fishermen. Please let Louisiana and Texas manage their own quotas based on their own populations that have thrived in the past years. And please pay attention to who you should be representing, which are the countless fishermen that are asking for higher bag limits as opposed to the inaccurate scientists with their own special interests.Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 70737Private Recreational Angler
1/28/2013 12:36:04Richard Linnricklinn@mmaequipment.comAt the very least things there should be no action taken. I listen to the video and I found it very insulting for the Private Recreational Angler. I have no idea where you obtained your information from, but suggestions 2 & 3 are just totally irrational. My friends and I have always caught our 2 Snapper and released many more. And last but not least the Private Recreational Angler is not very well represented on the this board and could not possibly have any productive input into these meetings, to me it’s kind of like “Taxation without Representation”


Rick Linn
Katy, Tx. 77493Private Recreational Angler
1/28/2013 16:56:55Gerald Motleymotleycru@att.netPlease forward to all members of the Gulf Council
To all members of the Gulf Council:
Please do not reduce the quota per fisherman, recreational quota for the season nor shorten our recreational season. If someone is getting reduced it should be the commercial sector. What I think would be best is to listen to Dr. Bob Shipp and realize that the data being used to compile these numbers is flawed. The population estimates are very low and the catch is overestimated. These numbers are not real data but only estimates.
When you fish for other reef fish, it is difficult to get past the red snapper to catch anything else. The red snapper population is so high and they are so ravenous, they could be causing some of the problems that you feel you have with other species such as gags and triggerfish. I would propose that you extend the time to thin the snappers out a little by using a three or four day week and that would extend the time for charters and recreational fishermen alike to get out and catch them. By doing this it would give some of the other species a chance to establish themselves on rigs, reefs and natural structure.
In closing, please do not reduce recreational catch quotas or the number of days in the season. Get Texas on board with a two per person limit and that helps everyone out.
Thank you for your time.
Gerald Motley
chattanooga, TNPrivate Recreational Angler
1/28/2013 17:21:55Gerald Motleymotleycru@att.netPlease forward to all members of the Gulf Council
To all members of the Gulf Council:
If you don't want to listen to Dr. Shipp and you still think that the red snapper is overfished and you feel like you need to reduce catch, the answer is simple. Reduce the commercial quota. Why should you do that you ask.
Your numbers say commercial has not caught their quota. Use it or lose it. Commercial fishing adds alot lesss to the economy as opposed to recreational. There is more by kill from commercial than there is from recreational just because for them time is money and some of them are not going to take the time to properly release culled fish.
Do not reduce my season. If anything extend it by TAC and/or by reducing the number of days to fish per week to extend the number of weeks to get out and fish.
Thank you for yourtime and efforts.
Gerald Motley
chattanooga, TNPrivate Recreational Angler
1/28/2013 19:41:36Louis Hello,
I am a life long angler who is disgusted by the preposterous quotas placed on the various fish species. In the Gulf of Mexico snapper are far from rare in fact they are so plentiful they are a nuisance. I abide by the ludicrous rules because I have always been a law abiding person yet these limits don't reflect the size or quantity of the fish we catch. Please remove these moronic quotas and replace them with a more equitable number for these species in our waters.
Private Recreational Angler
2/2/2013 10:21:17Joseph Nashcaptjoenash@gmail.comwow all this public comments and they still wont hear us. They do but the old saying we are "bound to uphold the law and guidelines set before us our hands are tied" well while you continue to destroy the fish population in th GOM with a predator only status what will we do when ARS are the only fish left, you would think that biologists and scientist would be more apt to look at the whole ecosystem as one and not just micro manage a particular fish until they realize hey where are the vermillion, white snapper and triggerfish? I am a charter for hire owner operator and it does not matter at this point that you are killing an industry , WHAT ABOUT THE FISH? how can these people sleep at night knowing what they are doing is wrong and that they can do something about it, oh wait that would require going out of the way to do something for the FISH and the whole system would change and thats allot of work. Look outside the box its amazing whats out there , lots of ideas that could work, we offered a simple log system for the charter industry we were turned down, wow that would be a positive measure of at least what the for hire sector caught and what reef permits were not being used, something so simple, amazing.
I am for none of the proposed measures but if I have to choose MORE days .
sorry about venting but there is so much more that can be done and only you can do it.
Gulf Shores, Al 36542Charter/Headboat For-Hire
2/4/2013 17:30:00Daniel fortierDanielfortier123@gmail.comI wanted to voice my opinion for a 1 fish bag limit and a more than double fishing day season. This makes more sense as people have more oppurtunity to get thierfamily and friends out on the water. This will also leason te likelyhood of people going out only to target red snapper and 'picking through' and discarding smaller fish. It will also limit the needless bycatch created when people inadvertently catch red snapper while targeting other reef species. Destrehan, la, 70047Private Recreational Angler
2/6/2013 21:00:49Jason Baileyjbaileyortho@hotmail.comThe current regulations are unreasonable and unfounded. Despite all the evidence shows that there are more snapper off the coast of Alabama than any time in history. Even trying to avoid them I catch 6 to 8 snapper for every 1 other reef fish. Each state should be managed separateley and have its own region to control its share of the Federal Quota from state waters out to the 200 nautical mile EEZ Federal line. The states should have the ability to set their own season and bag limits independent of the other gulf states and each state not to be penalized if other states exceed their quota.
Orange Beach AL 36561Private Recreational Angler
2/8/2013 23:05:56Michael Banksmbanks@mindspring.comEvery spot that I fish offshore is loaded with Red Snapper. It is hard to get a bait through the Red Snapper to attempt to catch anything else. I and many of my friends travel to Florida for fishing trips 5 or 6 times a year. We spend money each trip on lodging, restaurents, bait, licenses, and fuel that add up to hundreds of dollars each trip to be able to go out and catch 2 Red Snapper per person. If the catch allowance is further reduced it will not be worth it to even go fishing. I recommend that the season be only for 3 day weekends for as many weeks as possible. This will bring in more revenue to the states from tourist like myself that enjoy fishing. This will also allow a prolonged season. The catch allowance should be increased.Sharpsburg, Ga 30277Private Recreational Angler
2/26/2013 16:19:40Tyle Kadlecekkadlecek47@gmail.comI believe that the daily limit should remain the same. People are the ones who are killing these fish. Not poping bladders or giving them some time to recover from a good fight. Game wardens should patrol offshore and rigs for these careless people.77554Private Recreational Angler
2/26/2013 16:20:22Tyle Kadlecekkadlecek47@gmail.comI believe that the daily limit should remain the same. People are the ones who are killing these fish. Not poping bladders or giving them some time to recover from a good fight. Game wardens should patrol offshore and rigs for these careless people.77554Private Recreational Angler
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