Grant NameBrief DescriptionWaveInitial ActionsDoes this fit with Balancer grant's mission?How does this add value to Balancer?If Other, what?Expected Value to BalancerGrant ValueIs this value for money?First Milestone PaymentGrant DifficultyProject Team CapabilityMilestone payment riskBLabs involvementTotal Grant Risk ScoreRisk RatingDecisionCommentsIf approved, Grant performance metrics
Mello DeFiSimplify process of getting fiat currency into Balancer pools through one stop UX/UI4Yes, app built on top of balancer to access Balancer poolsAdd TVL1000 new users / $500k TVL in 12 months$50,000No$20,0002 - Moderate3 - Moderate3 - Upfront 25-50%1 - Advise only14ModerateNoHigh upfront payment for unknown team
Deemed unlikely to return on investment.
BrewCreate mobile wallet to enable non-technical users to earn yield on stable coins from bank account through Cash App/Venmo/Google pay style UX4Yes, app built on top of balancer to access Balancer poolsAdd TVLTarget $5m TVL by 2023$70,000No$10,0002 - Moderate3 - Moderate2 - Upfront <25%1 - Advise only13ModerateNoCurrent pool USDC/DAI/miMatic/USDT
Pool on Polygon - last 24hrs -$279 in fees, * 365 = $101k yearly fees.
12.5% to Balancer Treasury = $12.5k/yr. Payback period ~ 5 years

Seems expensive with long pay back period.
Scope and budget reduced however after discussion, committee determined project is still in it's infancy with marketing and roadmap for adoption to be developed further.
Deemed unlikely to return on investment.
FortaSecurity for Balancer/DeFi. 15k Grant request, proposing to monitor several swap, flash loan, and pool characteristics, governance transfers / delegations & stablecoin depgging4Yes. Provides value to Balancer through securityOtherProvide security to Balancer and notifies BLabs and community of potential bad actorsHard to quantify. If it saves a single event, it will pay for itself$15,000Yes$02 - Moderate1 - Industry Leaders1 - no upfront1 - Advise only8LowYesSecurity potential is worth the investment. Ask is reasonable with no upfront cost risk.
ValorizeDAO/Javicreating/updating the SDK to allow anyone to use the Balancer SDK and generate pools through their frontend. This will enable things like a Balancer plugin (which is what we would use it for in Valorize) to generate a LBP for newly minted tokens4Yes, SDK for future devsCreate internal growth/ValueHard to quantify.
Removes barriers for entry for future devs/projects
$4,600Yes$1,0001 - Low3 - Moderate1 - no upfront1 - Advise only10ModerateYesIn line with grants ethos. Useful addition to Balancer SDK, milestones and value is reasonable
DAOism SystemsDevelop revenue sharing model or "FeeSplitter" contract4Yes, creates functionality and motivation to build on balancerCreate internal growth/ValueRemoves barriers to entry and incetivizes other teams to want to build on Balancer$60k USD
7000 BAL
Too high for grants4000 BAL
$19k USD
2 - Moderate3 - Moderate2 - Upfront <25%3 - Implementation to UI or audit15HighNoAsk is too high for Grants application. Encouraged to go through a forum proposal and community vote.
FormatLabsWe will be working on Balancer Portals; one-click migration of lp positions between different chains that balancers are deployed on. We will be building on top of Balancers Join/Exit & create pools and some other components such as Messaging protocols, bridges, and aggregators or SOR to provide a trust-minimized transfer of funds and sourcing of funds in destination chains. It will include a UI that can later be integrated into the balancer UI.5To be contactedYes, building on BalancerExpand BAL ecosystem$30,000-$50,000Not believed to be value for money$15k2 - Moderate3 - Moderate3 - Upfront 25-50%1 - Advise only14ModeratenoMove to call.
Deemed not value for requested grant amount and minimal background on the team from the call.
MultifarmBalancer Dashboard5Project startedYes, expands balancer ecosystem with better access to informationExpand BAL ecosystem$35k @ $4.6 USD/BALReasonable (breakdown in application)$5k USD @ $4.6 USD/BAL1 - Low2 - High2 - Upfront <25%1 - Advise only9Lowyes
Sentre ProtocolDue to the lack of Balancer-based AMM on Solana, the number of products like LBP, Index Fund, .etc, have no reliable foundation to grow. We would like to bring Balancer to Solana and build an ecosystem around it.5Not the right fitNo$30,000-$50,000noFriendly forks generally not funded by Balancer
MkflowWriting the weekly Balancer Newsletter. This latest developments/integrations of Balancer in the following aspects: Updates in TVL/LP revenue for networks where Balancer is deployed, Changes to LM incentives, Ecosystem updates on what happens "around" Balancer, latest governance updates & occasionally contributions from individual contributors.5Project startedYes, expands balancer ecosystem with better access to informationCreate internal growth/ValueEase of access to information around the Balancer ecosystem, encouraging adoption$2k @ $4.80 USD/BAL5 reports totalling 20hrs.
Hourly rate is high end of ask, but deemed justified.
$0 upfront1 - Low3 - Moderate1 - no upfront0 - None9LowYesRequested grant amount and justification of hours.
20hrs for 5 newsletters
$4.80 USD/BAL
MangosOur goal is to build Mangos, a social recovery wallet where the users keys live on their devices and uses them as a way to sign transactions on the contract, while also having a backup guardian in charge of restoring funds ownership in case of need. By the end of the development stage, Mangos will give the chance of holding and sending ERC-20 tokens, fiat on-ramps of crypto and access to earning and investing protocols, plus the ability to connect to other dApps via wallet-connect.5Not the right fitNo$50,000+noNot building on Balancer
ProgotiMy Grant proposal is for eashtablished the Progoti Foundation.5Not the right fitNo$5,000-$12,500noNot building on Balancer
HotDAOHot DAO’s goal is to leverage real world assets generating a new stable coin on Balancer and allowing people to exchange between the two. This is similar to Real Estate Exchange’s current project. Team is robust with 10+ years experience for various team members in TradFi and web development5To be contactedYesAdd TVLAdd TVL through stable coins back by real world assets$50,000Similar scope and ask as previous grantees - Real Estate ExchangeUnspecified3 - Hard3 - Moderate2 - Upfront <25%2 - Testing Assistance16HighnoAsk for more information and detailed application.
Document receieved incomplete.
NomisNomis bases a credit score on mathematical prediction models and artificial intelligence. It offers users with a positive credit score crypto loans on DeFi platforms with better terms (less interest, less collateral) depending on their scoring5Not the right fitNonot building on Balancer and loans are not in Balancer's current trajectory
OptimyzeLooking to create “Risk Vaults” for users to stake assets similar to how Balancer has diverse pools. They will span assets across various pools and protocols to maintain safety and risk adjusted yield for users. Think a one stop shop best place to pool certain assets.5To be contactedRequest to send scope doc, is this being funded by multiple protocols? Is this concentrated on Balancer only? Yet to hear back
AlastorOur proposal is for Alastor to prepare a formal monthly budget and quarterly strategic review, and to present and discuss the reports on pre-scheduled town-halls with the Balancer community. Our objective is to establish a long-term relationship between Balancer and Alastor, and the intention of this grant is to provide a cost-effective and transparent way for the Balancer community to see the value Alastor will drive before committing to a longer-term engagement.5Not the right fitNo$12,500-$30,000Financial reports currently completed by Messari. More reporting not required.
OndawayDapp5Not the right fitNo$12,500-$30,000Incomplete application / no information
TrutsTruts is enabling discovery of web3 communities in an efficient manner by combination of providing right information and reviews to help new people join the community and make it easier for them to explore the ecosystem.5Not the right fitNo$12,500-$30,000Grant to create a Balancer page on Truts not value for money. These can be made by anyone in a few minutes.
IthilIn a nutshell, Ithil empowers DeFi users to run complex strategies in a single click, using their own and/or borrowed funds on a variety of external protocols. We want to create a strategy using Balancer and Aura to allow more people to LP into Balancer and earn single-sided APY.5Project startedYesExpand BAL ecosystemAdds functionality to Balancer and additional source for increased TVL$12k @ $6.00/BALYes$4k2 - Moderate3 - Moderate1 - no upfront1 - Advise only12ModerateYesDetailed application requested and received.
Project approved - interesting concept building on Balancer, team is competent and deemed value for money
Compass LabsCompass Labs is building an dynamic liquidity provisioning system for Balancer by optimising for the users' risk-adjusted return. Compass goal is to enable all retail investors to participate in liquidity provisioning. At the core of this solution are on-chain asset vaults that work as an intelligent optimisation layer between liquidity providers and the DEX. Each vault has a strategy that decides how to allocate assets within the vault, where the strategy itself is given by novel machine learning and statistics, which we implement by applying our backgrounds in math and AI and by using open-source data from blockchain systems.5To be contactedYesAdd TVLAdditional TVL, fees from pools$12,500-$30,000Potentially$3k3 - Hard3 - Moderate2 - Upfront <25%1 - Advise only15HighNoAdditional information and scope doc received.
Concern with non-open source application and GTM strategy. Team appears competent to undertake research however deployment lacking details and uptake uncertain due to non-open source nature.
jameskbhTo update the docs' walkthrough section of with screenshots and short clips (Update current content and add Portfolio, veBAL and Claim sections)5Not the right fitNo$0-$5,000Not deemed required at this stage
Boot FinanceImplement a customised swap curve that allows two different swap curves to be separated by a price floor. Pool will allow projects to do custom market making around supporting a particular price floor for their project token. This will be implemented on top of a custom pool on Balancer. An example simulation can be seen here startedYesNew / Unique implementationAdds functionality to Balancer and additional source for increased TVL$30k /
4800 BAL
Yes$5k / 800 BAL2 - Moderate2 - High2 - Upfront <25%1 - Advise only11ModerateYesInteresting implementation and additional functionality for Balancer. Moderate delivery risk, however deemed value for money and a worthwhile custom pool addition.
YSchoolWe will be creating an educational video series about Balancer. This video series will help in creating a high level awareness about the project.5Sent to Marketing$12,500-$30,000Send to Marketing
Alcancia.ioSavings application geared towards Latin America. Plan on integrating for stablecoin yield under their app making it easy for non-crypto natives to earn yields without accessing our application. (Aave, Mastercard and Coinbase partners).5To be contactedSlightlyAdd TVLAdditional TVL$20kNo$10k1 - Low3 - Moderate3 - Upfront 25-50%1 - Advise only12ModerateNoRequest for more information and scope doc
Model relies on custodial wallet and lacks decentralisation. Implementation is very simple, grant funds majority to marketing only.
Masoud ShokohiI am looking to build a dapp to maintain the balance and integrity of all financial accounts in any cryptocurrency network and also intelligently earn tokens for better profit5Not the right fitNo$12,500-$30,000Incomplete application / no information
Airstack.xyzAirstack is developing a novel new way to discover, browse, and consume blockchain activity. Before Airstack, blockchain data was trapped in silos: A person might transact with a bunch of dapps, or interact with different protocols, or earn various currencies, or trade different tokens, or participate in various DAOs, or be a member of several NFT communities, and each of those transactions happen in isolation. Airstack brings those transactions together in virtual stacks of data. For example, with Airstack you can easily pinpoint that 5040 people all used a specific dapp today, that 807 of them used that dapp plus a specific DeFi protocol, 145 of them hold a certain NFT, 257 of them are members of investment DAOs, and that 53 of them are also attended the 2022 conference. Here you can see the UX we are currently building be contacted$30,000-$50,000Requested document to define scope of work
Baguz Foundation’sBalancing our lives together5Not the right fitNoUniversalNot building on Balancer
yes, I represent DeFi TellerWe propose to make a video explainer about the technological aspects of Balancer and how exactly they function and allow the protocol to offer advantageous terms to users. For example, if we compare WhiteboardCrypto's video about Balancer to what we would like to make, instead of explaining what AMM is, our video would be aimed at a more advanced viewer who may have already had experience using DEXes but does not fully understand what technology is behind the protocol interface. Our goal is to make DeFi education accessible and comprehensible to everyone, and make learning easy and more popular, while shifting the paradigm from "what coin to buy to make money (and what buttons to press to do that)" and motivating new users to learn the technology behind DeFi projects. We'd like to talk more about the protocol and thus create internal growth for Balancer. The video produced as a result could also be used for the documentation of the project. The video will be published on the DeFi Teller website and YouTube channel, as well as promoted on our social media; here's the link to the DeFi Teller YouTube channel, where you can check out what we do.5Sent to MarketingThe total amount needed to produce one video (5-minute long) is about $5,000. This, however, is a rough estimate, and the final estimate could only be provided once the script is agreed on. We see our development in line with the spirit of decentralization - we would like to continue to talk about the most interesting DeFi projects and do so with nice graphics and quality scripts. We're not looking for profits coming directly from the teams, nor are we looking to create entirely commercial videos, reserving the right to choose the topics and angle of their coverage. All we need is to cover the cost of the video and support us in distributing the content (retweets, adding to documentation, and so forth).Educational / marketing content sent to Orb Marketing team
Nicolas MI am applying for this RFP : "Minimal and alternative opensource/community Balancer UI/interface"5Project startedYesOtherAlternative means of accessCreates locally available access to Balancer pools in case the main UI is unavailable.I estimate the grant at $9,000. Divided into 3 milestones of 3000 dollars: 1. pool creation screen 2. join/leave feature 3. swap screen. I plan to make the application with these technologies: React or Vue.js, Bootstrap framework, ethers.jsYesNil1 - Low4 - Low1 - no upfront2 - Testing Assistance13ModerateYesResponse to existing RFP, useful application, value for money, may require assistance for implementation however low difficulty grant
PicodesIntegrate Balancer in a simulation tool (, and in an incoming serie of research articles about AMMs5To be contactedYesCreate internal growth/ValueUnsure5kPotentiallynil1 - Low3 - Moderate1 - no upfront0 - None9LowNoList of questions sent for clarifications. Determine requested milestones and an agreed BAL rate. Will advise that grants has no entity for invoicing.
Double up of existing tooling, not deemed required.
TexochatWe are developing Texochat a blockchain based messaging app in which we are willing to add BalancerFi's Investment Pool from this grant.5Not the right fitNo20,000Not building on Balancer
OmniBTC, the first omnichain financial platform for web3, including BTC omnichain lending and omnichain swap.Integrate Balancer into OmniBTC(have integrated Uniswap V2), so that our users can realize omnichain swap through Balancer. Balancer can enjoy users and funds on other more chains. be contacted$35kNoSent list of questions. No information received.
Term FinanceFixed Rating lending protocol. Will require AMM and would like to use balancer. Can also add balancer LP positions as collateral.5In reviewModeratelyAdd TVLIncreased TVL$50000 USDPotentially$25k2 - Moderate2 - High3 - Upfront 25-50%1 - Advise only12ModerateNoBalancer not looking towards utility for the boosted pool tokens in this way. Currentl focus is to expand the yield sources boosted pools make use of, however fixed rate lending is not something we view as scalable or the right market fit
Yes, OpenCurrntOpenCurrnt is a movement of fresh knowledge creators & learners made up of people seeking continual relevance in a wide array of fast-moving and highly nuanced topics. OpenCurrnt is the world’s first knowledge networking platform with an intelligent coordination layer that attracts and connects the best people, validated by their peers, and operating in a trustless incentive structure designed to unlock a deluge of latent talent that the world has never seen before.5Not the right fitNo$100,000-$120,000Not building on Balancer. Very high ask.
DynamoThe grant proposal covers our infrastructure development for two senior Solidity developers. We estimate that the integration with the respective Balancer V2 boosted pools will take some time, and we hope to work closely together with you guys to design the best possible solution. We estimate the overall development time roughly at 4-5 months. If we hire a senior engineer for this with a salary of 90-100$/h, this works out to a total of 14,400$-16,000$ for a workload of 40h/week every month. So the estimated total development costs range from $57,600 to $80,000. This is why we are requesting a grant of 70k. TL;DR on Dynamo: Dynamo runs a yield aggregator based on the Nirn vault implementation of Indexed Finance. Dynamo generates yield on decentralised stablecoins, ETH, ETH staking derivatives etc by aggregating lending markets such as AAVE, Compound and Euler and takes the APY changes between lending markets into account when shifting TVL in order to generate the most optimal return. At the same time, Dynamo runs a base liquidity pool for decentralised stablecoins by using Balancer’s boosted pool mechanism aiming to expand later into a base pool for ETH and ETH staking derivatives, in order to attract sticky liquidity by developing yield bearing liquidity pools. Then Dynamo aims to develop a series of metapools on top of it's boosted base pools for decentralised stablecoins and other assets by using Balancer’s asset management capabilities in order to generate yield from the base pool LP tokens and the native asset of each respective metapool through the use of the corresponding Dynamo vault. In the future, vaults will become permissionless, so anybody can add a vault for an asset as long as there is sufficient lending market liquidity while opening a metapool at the same time turning Dynamo into a decentralised liquidity grid. Dynamo is like Curve if Curve was running a yield aggregator on behalf of its liquidity providers.5To be contacted70k0LowSent list of questions. Document received
DeFIREDeFIRE’s first protocol, BLAZE, is a multi-chain, low-touch wealth optimisation protocol that offers a path to financial independence through DeFi. We aim at utilizing Balancer product line in order to build risk-adjusted DeFi strategies for our users. More here: the right fitNo40,000 USD
Autonolas startedYesNew / Unique implementationExpand ecosystem with new implementation and open-source tooling. Will add TVL$55kYes$02 - Moderate2 - High1 - no upfront1 - Advise only10ModerateYesNew interesting implementation of managed pools. Creating an MVP and open source tooling for others to build on. Competent team and value for money with no payment until completion.
Hashbon PassHashbon Pass by Hashbon FiRe is an ERC-721 series token and a decentralized protocol for reusable identity verification on EVM-compatible networks that allows its holders to enjoy services requiring KYC user verification without having to share their personal and sensitive documents with service providers, as the data would be securely stored by licensed verifiers. With Hashbon’s NFT passport, you will have to successfully pass KYC verification only once. You would then be granted a verified status by the verifier (whom you’ve chosen) in the form of an NFT Passport. You can then use this passport in order to pass verification and start using services without having to share any sensitive data.5Not the right fitNo$50kNoNot building on Balancer
MetaFramesNFT studio creation platform and marketplace. Creation and sale of assets will mean that our users require a way of depositing and borrowing. [15:10] Stephanie Seruna Working capital until initial mint revenues of 1,000,000 USD5Not the right fitNo100,000 GBPNoNot building on Balancer
Yes, Indacoin We are improving two of our products - crypto payment gateway and telegram bot It resolves problems for early-stage web 3.0 projects to list their tokens and implement our widget to their main website/ landing page. We woold like to: - empower our team (developers and IT support); - expand our presence through marketing company (crowd marketing, banners and promo in different channels such tg, fb, discord etc.; - add diversity payment methods.5Not the right fitYesCreate internal growth/ValuePotential relationship for future dev work$ 50 000TBDTBD3 - Hard3 - Moderate2 - Upfront <25%1 - Advise only15HighNoPayment gateway unlikely to return on investment
Youtube DAOWe believe that Balancer is a platform that needs to be talked about and popularization will have a beneficial effect on the economics of the protocol

We are the group of enthusiastic bloggers who will share both general things for newbies about ecosystem, as well as deeper and more complex intricacies of Balancer. Information and population support.
5Sent to Marketing$4k USDOrb marketing to determine if project is to be engaged.
I'm with Freeflow ( run a blockchain developer marketplace, our dev network would be interested in picking up some grants!5To be contactedYesCreate internal growth/Value5-100kAwaiting information from Orb to determine if any projects are suitable.
BlocksmithAs this is a retroactive request for funding, please find our completed grant report on treasury management here: Our grant proposal is the proposal of a framework to effectively diversify Balancer Labs’ treasury to ensure the DAO can support the protocol in perpetuity (retroactive funding). Current treasuries are heavily weighted in their native token and the volatility of a nascent industry means these values can fall 50-90% in a matter of months, creating operational issues around forecasting, planning and budgeting - an opportunity cost that could see protocols not live up to their full potential. Our proposal is for $24k, this report took us two months to complete and our daily rate is £500 ($600 x 40). We hope our funding amount is reflective of the potential value a well-diversified treasury can have for Balancer, however, if not we’d be keen to hear your feedback on any areas to improve. Lastly, this report was put together by Charles. I am the only member of Blocksmith that doesn’t directly produce revenue-generating activities. My joint Geography & Economics degree has led me to research underdeveloped sectors in web3, and DAOs as a new phenomenon in social coordination and highly volatile treasuries was the inspiration for this report. Other research I’ve done: the right fitNo$24KReport does not take into consideration nuances of Balancer's treasury and treasury management is already carried out by an external party.
Protofire.ioCurrent Balancer UI presents good usability and mostly focuses on Investor's (Liquidity Providers) needs, addressing well the Supply side of the problem/solution Balancer tackles. However it still lacks advanced features for Trading/Swapping, that represent the Demand side of the ecosystem. Boosting demand by offering a more attractive UX for traders would generate additional trading fees, ultimately creating more space/need for Liquidity, increasing Balancer relevance as a whole. Our proposal is to build an alternative, independent, open sourced UI, focused on Trading/Swapping, that would complement the current one as Yin and Yang. Features would include Trading view with Candle Charts and automations for Trade, with similar usage of limit orders and stop-loss, however, running on frontend only.5Not the right fit$ 76,500. This amount could be reviewed based on the feedback from Balancer's team.a more robust trading UI and advanced trading orders do not fit the grants focus at this time. Not deemed good value for Balancer
NFT.SOHONFT.SOHO is a large UK based web 3 community and events agency, founded in September 2021. NFT.SOHO quickly gained prominence by hosting the largest regular web 3 events held in Soho, London, gaining a cult-like following for our innovative, wacky and creative events, which drew the prominent figures in the web 3 space. The ethos of NFT.SOHO is to bring web 3 to the masses and be the voice of diversity through representing the BAME, female and underrepresented communities; in order to bring web 3 to the masses. the right fitNo10,000 USDNot building on Balancer
Xeonus reviewYesCreate internal growth/ValueImportant maintenance on Balancer FE and analyticsRange of 2500-3000 BALYes, 2,500 BAL is a reasonable ask for time involved with some BAL slippage tolerance for grantee02 - Moderate2 - High1 - no upfront2 - Testing Assistance11ModerateYesNecessary maintenance for
Clear scope and deliverables for new functionality.
Final amount confirmed @ 2500BAL
MrJKellyI'm wanting to help the whole movement.In as many ways as possible. By spending, moving, holding, coins and by representing the movement and supporting it in any way.5Not the right fitNo2000Not building on Balancer
AirstackAirstack is developing a Protocol and DAPPs for browsing, discovering, and consuming on-chain data across projects and across blockchains. Our motivation for creating Airstack is to enable common ways to organize blockchain data and make it universally consumable, ushering in a new cohort of data aware apps and services. To do so, Airstack is helping standardize blockchain data, aggregating it, mapping relationships, and providing protocols and APIs to access it and build data-aware applications. Grant proposal: be contacted$30kNoBalancer SDK is still in development and very complex, do not believe standardisation is appropriate at this time.
Yes, name is AudireOur project aims to motivate people to take care of their ear health using web3 technologies. According to World Health Organization, 15% of people on the planet have ear health problems, and if nothing is done in this area, one in four people on the planet will have serious hearing problems by 2050 (source: Audire will motivate people to listen to music without harming the health of their ears by rewarding them with tokens. We have already developed an alghoritm that tracks audio volume and time spent while listening to music on all platforms (spotify, apple music, etc.) We have a rendered application concept(UI/UX), a white paper, a roadmap, a rendered nft collection, financials model, marketing plan. Our team consists of 9 people. This allows us to close all technical areas, such as back-end, solidity development, mobile development and data analytics. Also in our team there are two designers, one marketing specialist with his own marketing company. In the future, when the project can exist independently, it is planned to make a pivot towards streaming, which will help monitor the health of your ears. At the moment we are looking for any kind of financial support to develop a project that can help millions of people stay healthy and to receive rewards for listening to music. Our pitchdeck Our WP the right fitNo$40k-$70k 3-4 months for development and SMM campaign tranche in the amount of 15-20 thousand (first month), allowing you to start a marketing campaign in social networks and complete the development of the application second milestone tranche in the amount of 15-25 thousand (second month) - development and maintenance of content content in social networks, participation in the blockchain summit is possible third milestone tranche in the amount of 15-20 thousand (third month) - completion of the development of the MVP and maintenance of content filling in social networksNot building on Balancer
Anatolii Shehrin"The Product The vision is to unite a decentralized crypto world with the economy of existing world. The current infrastructure of the existing world will be used as a base layer of the fully decentralized application. Augmented reality stands out as a marketing tool for product tokenization where the main focus is the benefits to the environment. Pokemon-Go like gameplay stands as a base tool of player interaction with Augmented Reality around him."5Not the right fitNoMyGlobal DEMO concept, 15k$ Marketing, feedbacks, website, social media etc.,10k$ MyGlobal app v1.1 (onboarding design developing testing), 50k$ Crypto community marketing, 20k$ Debug and revise, 5k$Not building on Balancer
NoI'd like to help the lost girls living on the streets5Not the right fitNo300kNot building on Balancer
CasamaOur proposal is to build Casama on top of Balancer. Casama is a SocialFi product that enables users to pool capital and swap tokens together in mini-DAOs. Our objective is to replace Quickswap with Balancer DEX in the short-term, build a hybrid liquidity pool swapping product in Casama in the mid-term and fully integrate Balancer Managed Pools afterwards. be contactedYes~25k / month for a 3 month scopeFurther information required
Notional FinanceWe have developed strategy vaults that will allow users to borrow from Notional and deposit directly into select Balancer liquidity pools. Here is some more detail on what we have built: We believe that this has the potential to drive significant TVL to Balancer and we are asking for a grant to help us offset the cost of the cost of auditing the Balancer strategies we have written.5To be contactedYesAdd TVLLeveraged vaults from major lending protocol has high potential for increased TVL and trading fees~75k USDYes$01 - Low1 - Industry Leaders1 - no upfront0 - None5LowYesGrant request approved. Notional is a long time integrator of Balancer and new vaults have potential to significantly increase TVL and income through fees.
Grant delivery is low risk as work in complete with audits only remaining.
Using BPTs as liquidatable collateral is a novel use case with high potential for success on low risk investments.
Accelerate Web3Dapp to inspire people to use personal emoney. Create your e-wallet by sending a text on mobile. Add liquidity and exchnage your coins on DEX. Accept crypto payments for your business in a few clicks. Offer a crypto-based customer loyalty program - choose the rewards for your followers. Project overview: the right fitModeratelyAdd TVLSome addition of TVL / Fees$50k Budget overview: a huge ask, however returns uncertain$01 - Low3 - Moderate1 - no upfront1 - Advise only10ModerateNoDo not see value to Balancer at this stage.
Pink PaperPink Paper is a decentralized and permission-less publishing platform for individuals and communities worldwide to express their opinions and share the information with the rest of their communities. Users can come and publish blogs and other forms of content on the platform and showcase it to the world. At the same time, one can raise funds for their endeavors on the platform allowing donating to world-changing technologies. Pink Paper will provide a decentralized and censorship-free platform for everyone to use and express their views about different topics.5Not the right fitNo$5,000Not building on Balancer
TOKEN CITYМы хотели бы узнать, что такое Balancer распространять информацию об идее и цели проекта в криптовалютной среде. Наша работа, позволяющая быстро находить сообщества web3, дает правильную информацию и обзоры, помогает новым людям приобретать к сообществу и облегчить им изучение экосистемы. Наш образовательный контент помогает и облегчает понимание того, что такое Balancer, как он работает, как правильно использовать, в чем транспорт Balancer и другое. Єтот грант очень поможет Украинскому и Русскому сообществу в доступной форме разобратся и вникнуть в проект как можно больше. Что должно было превести к более раннему распостранению обхвата и увеличению сообщества Balancer. Так же после завершения работы, мы хотим распространять этот материал в социальных сетях. Наша цель — создать серию обучающих видеоматериалов на 2, видео будут вкоюбчать в себе механиз работы, токеномика, управление, риски и другое, что важно знать о Balancer. Мы хотим создать этот материал на уровне (украинский, русский) и сделать запись в блоге для каждого из видео, чтобы понять материал не только на слух, но и эффект. Также мы предлагаем перевод технической документации Balancer на украинский и русский языки, для более глубокого изучения специалистов в области криптовалют с более чувствительным языком восприятия.5Not the right fitNo$7,500-$10,000Forwarded to Ambassador program
dubstardI am a one man army phishing hunter. My goal is to proactively monitor for and report fraudulent content off all types as fast as possible to the relevant entities, in order to circumvent the cyber criminal threat actors and stop them in their tracks! I focus primarily on phishing - this is my top priority!My reports reach: ➡The affected companies / organizations being targeted; ➡The affected companies, who provide services for the fraudsters to use like VPS hosting, Domain registration, SSL/TLS certificate issuing and the likes; ➡The responsible authorities like the IC3 institute, NSA, Interpol, European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), Europol or the concrete CIRT anti cyber crime division for the particular country. I do this in my free time. I also use twitter for additional exposure, awareness and engagement with the affected companies. I am aware that one sole person can barely make a difference, but the combined efforts of many contributors have a cumulative impact!5In reviewYesOtherPrevents users losing money to scams and maintaining Balancer namePrevents users losing money to scams and maintaining Balancer nameAny amount works. As it is a constant whack a mole game it gets tiresome. However grants change that and motivate me. I have already gotten some BAL as a token of appreciation, but i decided to try my luck in the BAL grants program.--Not a grant, however will add to DAO coordinape circleBaller coordinape compensation deemed more appropriate compensation. Forwarded to DAO
Cron FinanceWe’re building TWAMM on Balancer leveraging custom pools. TWAMMs enables large trades on Ethereum L1s in a gas minimal & permissionless manner. We included a overview and benefits of TWAMMs in our previous proposal — see here: reviewYesNew / Unique implementationTWAMM is exciting new functionality that will entice DAOs and other large institutions to make large trades without major price impact96,0003 - Hard2 - HighMove to call
Cosme Fulanito reviewYesExpand BAL ecosystemProvides information about Balancer ecosystem to wide audience4400Yes11001 - Low2 - High2 - Upfront <25%0 - None8LowYesGrant approved. Reasonable ask for Spanish translations and community engagement. Long term aim is to be part of an Ambassador SP
GoodDollar be contactedYesNew / Unique implementationPotential tooling for new usecase for Balancer in ReFi80kFollow up with call
Currently Fei ProtocolWe got informed that Balancer DAO is looking for a newsletter team. Dio and I have been writing and publishing the Fei Newsletter ( for a year and attracted thousands of readers monthly. We would be happy to work out the needs of the Balancer DAO and start creating a similar product for you.5Not the right fitYesExpand BAL ecosystemProvides information about Balancer ecosystem to wide audience$1,000 per monthly issue, based on previous experience.Potentially$01 - Low2 - High1 - no upfront0 - None7LowNo, invited to join discord and coordinapeInvited to join Balancer discord to contribute to the newsletter
https://kassandra.financeKassandra is a launched application for decentralize asset management, we've forked Balancer on Avalanche and developed a few auxiliary side smart contracts. With this grant we plan on going multichain and using Balancer as our core liquidity partner.5In reviewYesExpand BAL ecosystemExpand usability for Managed pools$50kYes, with now reduced milestones$5k on delivery of intial deployment2 - Moderate2 - High1 - no upfront1 - Advise only10ModerateYesMore information requested and received.
Strong technical team. Building out a managed pool controller is important tooling for wider adoption of managed pools and project will be an excellent test case. Milestones reasonable and de-risked being weighted heavily towards mainnet launch.
GovernmentENTERTAINMENT , news , media company also dabbing in the xxx biz really just pursuing promoting positive vibes check web2 guys running that side I'm trying to implement take an Bring here5Not the right fitNo50k for 300k following population an another 40k-50k for startupNo proposal
Roll ( builds social token infrastructure for creators and we recently launched Roll Staking to incentivize liquidity providing for social tokens. Roll Staking as an extension of the traditional creator economy, we would like to partner with Balancer to plug Balancer into the web3 creator economy, help Balancer expand its ecosystem into the social token category. With more liquidity pools starting on Balancer, it will increase TVL, start social token index funds and help Roll’s creators create liquidity of their tokens. Win-win! Please see detailed project proposal - the right fitNo$100,000Not building on Balancer, grant funds would be handing out incentives for adding social tokens to balancer pools, payback uncertain
GameFi CornerHi Balancer, Interested in expanding your reach to 15 thousand monthly readers? As a sponsor of our newsletter promotion you will have access to promote your ecosystem to our audience. In return we will provide exposure for your company. This is a great opportunity for companies who are interested in acquiring new users by exposing them to information about what they offer. Your company's values seem to be a good fit for our audience, hence this proposal outreach. Best regards, GameFi Corner5Sent to Marketing2400
the-lambduckAn energy facilitator that allows consumers to transact wireless energy as an asset and utility. Connected to Balancer Pools and BAL accepted in the-lambduck ecosystem. the right fitno88,000
BattleBrainsWith BattleBrains we want to build a sandbox for users of Balancer which mimics the Mainnet of Balancer and enable users to learn how to use balancer in a live environment, with updated data source, and all the functionalities are in a guided manner. This will enable new web2 users to explore balancer protocol for free through simulation and enable them for an easy onboard, thereby increasing the active user base of Balancer and its dominance in the market. Here is a demo of the sandbox we made for aave: . A full proposal for the grant is given in this link: the right fit$25000
Paul barwickGetting the information digital currencies to the masses down with centralized currency an up wayup to bitcoin ect. to the working class people from fast food employees to sea ray boat manufacturing manufacturing employees want to empower the common people with information they're need to start minning bit Coin to opening up a mata mask wallet its. Time to get digital cu5Not the right fitNo100,000.00Not building on balancer
yesI want to promote the idea of invariants of liquidity pools with an animation video. The video should educate founders, investors and the community about the nature of an invariant and their impact for the future of DeX's. the right fitno5k
YesMy Grant Proposal is to create, establish, build and grow the Balancer ecosystem in Uganda through a partnership with the Blockchain Club of Uganda which i lead5Not the right fitno$8000Not building on balancer
Realhephziba-itC LimitedTo expand Balancer Ecosystem through Trading by providing liquidity to individuals to invest and trade on Balancer Exchange5Not the right fitno$50000Not building on balancer
CryptomaniacMake the system easier to use and understand5Not the right fitno3000No specifics listed
Joshua WrightI'll contribute good positive vibes strong morals. I want to more active in my environment to ensure safety and wellbeing for all.6Not the right fitno3000-5000No project
MultifarmThe money is for me to get the fuck out of here. I need a vacation straight up.6Not the right fitno100kNo project
MailchainMailchain proposes to build a crypto-native communication feature (end-to-end encrypted, asynchronous messages, using blockchain addresses) so Balancer can send out alerts, product updates, and deliver portfolio reporting to its users. This makes it easier for Balancer investors and traders by enabling financial reporting and management features, including regular portfolio alerts and updates on financial positions. It enables new opportunities for Balancer user engagement in the context of the platform, for example trade confirmations sent to transacting-wallet addresses. Proposal Document: the right fitMailchain seeks the equivalent value of USD$9,500 in BAL tokens to complete the two milestones described in the proposal document.NoAlready looking at a web3 messaging service
Ricochet ExchangeRicochet Exchange (REX) is a tool for dollar-cost averaging into MATIC, WETH, and WBTC with USDC or DAI. This grant proposal is requesting funding to build an auto-compounder for Balancer LPs. This proposal requests a grant to fund the development of a Balancer REX Liquidity Pool product offering. Using this product, users can DCA directly into Balancer LP tokens. Balancer REX LP token holders will receive their BAL + rewards token distributions every 30 minutes as part of the auto-claiming functionality in REX LP tokens. Inbound BAL tokens can be swapped to USDC using REX’s same DCA method and then DCA'ed back to get more Balancer REX LP tokens.6Not the right fitYesAdd TVLMore TVL through adding liquidity$12,500NoAdditional auto-compounding tooling not deemed required.
OmniBTCOmniBTC is the first omnichain financial platform integrating with DEXs and omnichain interoperability.OmniBTC provides the best liquidity for users to borrow/swap any assets on any chain.6Not the right fitNoaround 50kBased on the current bridging infrastructure built out and swap capabilities on the market for WBTC, expanding on this type of product does not fit Balancer near term goals of building out current products.
Khaled GriraWe are applying to revamp, add to, and restructure (where necessary) the balancerv2cad library so that users can get the same granularity and an experience as close to running against smart contracts as possible but in a language that’s friendlier for simulations.
6To be contactedyesCreate internal growth/ValueAdding easier simulation environment infrastructure could allow more dev teams to optimise and test project implementations off-chain prior100000NoUnsure2 - Moderate2 - High1 - no upfront1 - Advise only10ModerateNoLarge ask for functionality that is unlikely to be widely used or add significant value to Balancer docs.
Bartrrmarketing / raising awareness: we're in talks with multiple well know web3 figures, including otteroooo, ZachXBT and AltcoinSherpa. They've agreed to share the protocol thanks to the double audit and in-depth docs, although they've all requested a financial contribution. We'll also be promoting posts on our Twitter.6Not the right fitNo15000 USDCGambling dApp
EveraveEverave is an entertainment application that allows to host and join physical, virtual events and parties. In addition to the chance to have fun and make new friends, we provide users the chance to make money by attending various events.

Finding sponsors or an audience is a problem that many event planners struggle with. Therefore, Everave offers them a platform where they may acquire an audience and collaborate with sponsors.

Everave also helps businesses to attract customers and increase sales by providing a platform where users can spend their earned tokens from events on goods and services of various businesses.
6Not the right fitNo$10k USDNoNot Building on Balancer
Shippooor teamWe propose to build a subgraph extractor for Balancer. This tool would allow anyone from the balancer community to easily download on-chain data to excel or csv format using custom filters. We already built a similar tools for Uniswap ( and Notional ( These tools have been useful to their respective communities allowing data scientist and analyst to easily get access to the protocol's data. We propose to build a similar custom tool for Balancer.6To be contactedNoBallpark $20,000-$30,000Not deemed required. Ask is very high for tooling which has already been developed for similar projects.
StableUnitWe are building a stablecoin with a built-in savings account: StableUnit - an overcollateralized stablecoin with super-sound economics. Diverge revenue streams from capital-efficient DeFi assets are distributed automatically to stablecoin holders.

Check it out

Our go-to-market strategy includes 3 directions:

- mass scale onboard to DAO with the help of our custom product Gamify DAO (it gamification framework that allows to automatically reward the community members with xp and levels for NFTs for accomplishing small tasks contributing to the success of SU) that we developing in collaboration with GearBox DAO

- growing SU user base via integrations with existing protocols (e.g. our product SafeTransfer has just received the Gnosis Safe prize at the ETH NYC 2022 hackathon for the integration with Gnosis)

- listing SU on CEXs and DEXs (Alina and Alex have established relations to global exchanges from listing our previous products, also two decentralized launchpads have already confirmed listing SU)
6To be contactedNo$15k USDFollowing up
CryptoStatsCryptoStats is seeking funding partners to help us sustain our operations. The funding being requested would cover annual costs for one of the sites that we have created.6Not the right fitNo24000NoNot deemed required
ClorophillaClorophilla Protocol will be an encrypted on-chain data sharing solution. By using the service, users will have the option to store encrypted data on-chain associated to their public address, and offer the decryption possibility only to certain beneficiaries6Not the right fitNo12950noNot deemed required
DeFi TellerWe propose to make a video explainer about the technological aspects of Balancer and how exactly they function and allow the protocol to offer advantageous terms to users. For example, if we compare WhiteboardCrypto's video about Balancer to what we would like to make, instead of explaining what AMM is, our video would be aimed at a more advanced viewer who may have already had experience using DEXes but does not fully understand what technology is behind the protocol interface. Our goal is to make DeFi education accessible and comprehensible to everyone, and make learning easy and more popular, while shifting the paradigm from "what coin to buy to make money (and what buttons to press to do that)" and motivating new users to learn the technology behind DeFi projects. We'd like to talk more about the protocol and thus create internal growth for Balancer. The video produced as a result could also be used for the documentation of the project. The video will be published on the DeFi Teller website and YouTube channel, as well as promoted on our social media; here's the link to the DeFi Teller YouTube channel, where you can check out what we do.6Not the right fitYesExpand BAL ecosystemEducational content5000 USDNo$02 - Moderate4 - Low1 - no upfront0 - None13ModerateNoNot deemed required. Team is unknown to Balancer with limited audience.
SturdySturdy is a DeFi lending protocol centered around leveraged yield farming. Today, users use Sturdy to farm Convex at up to 10x leverage. We want to integrate Balancer/Aura LPs and are looking for a grant to cover audit costs.6To be contactedYesAdd TVLLeveraged vaults with high potential to add significant TVL$30k (or however much the audit costs)Yes02 - Moderate2 - High1 - no upfront0 - None9LowYesFollowed up with call.
Leveraged vaults have high potential returns based on similar projects. Audit costs received and approved.
Yes, I'm applying for grant on behalf of GalaxyBlitzWe just went live with aptos and these grants can help us with operational costs on aptos and subsequent attraction of new users6Not the right fitNo$100,000Very high ask for unknown project. Limited relevance to Balancer.
KarmaAll the details are in this document the right fitNo$3000Not deemed required.
ENVELOP DAOWe are inventing a new class - programmable digital assets. Also could be named secured decentralized derivatives, performed in the form of tradable wNFTs with timelocks. They are able to unlock liquidity previously locked in vestings for years. This looks like tradable digital assets in the form of wNFTs (tradable allocations). Such an approach will increase liquidity in Balancer protocol and attract new users.6Not the right fitNo70k USD equivalentNot deemed required.
Yes, Fundle the right fitYesNew / Unique implementationNew use caseThe first step 60k (to finish and launch the platform)NoNoDuplicate of existing grant with less offered.
DoDAO The Balancer Academy will provide developers and non-technical individuals with the tools and resources they need to know about Balancer in detail. We want to create six guides which will empower developers and non-technical people to understand Balancer.6To be contactedYesCreate internal growth/ValueCreating documentation to make Balancer easier to build on for potential developers$3900Yes$02 - Moderate3 - Moderate1 - no upfront1 - Advise only12ModerateYesCompleted first pass of documentation, but did not fit with Orb docs. Paying out equivalent portion.
Belong NetworkOne year of curated engagement for Balancer collections on Belong + token-gated auth system through Balancer Wallet + monthly features of Balancer NFT collections minting on Belong6Not the right fitNo$49000Not the direction Balancer wants to go in
Mikeb89bI just want a little help getting the crypto market started6Not the right fitno5000No project
BlockfulIntegrate Balancer with Aztec6In reviewYesExpand BAL ecosystemopens up zk functionality for Balancer users $2kYes02 - Moderate2 - High1 - no upfront0 - None9LowFollowed up with a call.
Writing out spec for approval by Aztec
DALHI AbderrahmanBalancer Monthly Financial Reporting : Produce Monthly reports to inform the community about the state of the DAO. The reports will be produced on a monthly basis and include : Revenue (Trading Fees) , Expenses (Trading Fees to LPs + Operational expenses), Monthly volumes, Liquidity, Top pools trends & Market share...6In reviewYes1k USD in BAL per monthly report, the engagement period can be a quarter or year0LowMessari is currently filling this role and was voted in by veBAL holders through a governance vote and these reports are for the benefit of the community who voted, therefore it should not be a grants decision to fund an alternative. Grantee was recommended to post in the Balancer governance forum to propose their reporting as an alternative to Messari.
Artificial LeapAn avatar creator that will include accounts and storage for each personal avatar. Based on their inputs, the users will be able to create 3D avatars and gain access to their personalities. Finally, they will be able to mint their avatars or export-import them, connecting them to different clients.6Not the right fitNo25.000$No integration with Balancer
DALHI AbderrahmanBAL Treasury Management Strategies : Passive Holding, Lending, LPing and Single Sided LPing on bridges.6Not the right fitNo2000 USDCurrently have Karpatkey covering treasury management for BalancerDAO
Dr. Fennil ShahSleepBe strongly believes that a happy and healthy mind is the key to all your happiness and we aim to help people keep their minds relaxed and get a proper sleep so that the upcoming day becomes more energetic and positive. Our vision is to create a routine accompanied with a tracker helping the users to focus more on this neglected area of proper sleep and become more productive. In addition, our earning model helps the users to be efficient with consistent productivity and gives them the freedom to achieve health and mental calmness on the same platform. We are planning to do INO in the month of December and we need to accelerate our marketing to aware maximum number of people about this concept.6Not the right fitNoWe are looking for a funding of $200,000 from which we will use 40% for community building through sponsored Ads, 20% on Press Release, 30% on influencers & KOLs and 10% for Airdrop.Too high of ask and project not building on Balancer
HYPE SQAUDWe are building the first polish DAO community around blockchain and Web3 technology on various social media channels - Twitch, Discord, Twitter, etc. The main idea is to bring blockchain closer to the people, and at the beginning, members will not know that they are using blockchain to form, vote, and decide about the community's future. So the first part is to make the community use blockchain technology without knowing it's some new technology. I agreed with Warsaw government entities to host around 1h presentation in 100 high schools in Warsaw about Web3 - it will be the leading way to reach out to new DAO members and future blockchain users at the beginning. It gives me around 500 students and 50 teachers reach per school - 55000 in total. Lectures will start in January 2023. The first acquisition of the members will be grapevine in the web3 community, the next presentation at schools, and giveaways. After we reach a certain point of members, we will start influencers marketing (lives, interviews, etc)6Not the right fitNo15000Not in current grants mission