Grant NameBrief DescriptionWaveInitial ActionsDoes this fit with Balancer grant's mission?How does this add value to Balancer?If Other, what?Expected Value to BalancerGrant ValueIs this value for money?First Milestone PaymentGrant DifficultyProject Team CapabilityMilestone payment riskBLabs involvementTotal Grant Risk ScoreRisk RatingDecisionCommentsIf approved, Grant performance metrics
Mello DeFiSimplify process of getting fiat currency into Balancer pools through one stop UX/UI4Yes, app built on top of balancer to access Balancer poolsAdd TVL1000 new users / $500k TVL in 12 months$50,000No$20,0002 - Moderate3 - Moderate3 - Upfront 25-50%1 - Advise only14ModerateNoHigh upfront payment for unknown team
Deemed unlikely to return on investment.
BrewCreate mobile wallet to enable non-technical users to earn yield on stable coins from bank account through Cash App/Venmo/Google pay style UX4Yes, app built on top of balancer to access Balancer poolsAdd TVLTarget $5m TVL by 2023$70,000No$10,0002 - Moderate3 - Moderate2 - Upfront <25%1 - Advise only13ModerateNoCurrent pool USDC/DAI/miMatic/USDT
Pool on Polygon - last 24hrs -$279 in fees, * 365 = $101k yearly fees.
12.5% to Balancer Treasury = $12.5k/yr. Payback period ~ 5 years

Seems expensive with long pay back period.
Scope and budget reduced however after discussion, committee determined project is still in it's infancy with marketing and roadmap for adoption to be developed further.
Deemed unlikely to return on investment.
FortaSecurity for Balancer/DeFi. 15k Grant request, proposing to monitor several swap, flash loan, and pool characteristics, governance transfers / delegations & stablecoin depgging4Yes. Provides value to Balancer through securityOtherProvide security to Balancer and notifies BLabs and community of potential bad actorsHard to quantify. If it saves a single event, it will pay for itself$15,000Yes$02 - Moderate1 - Industry Leaders1 - no upfront1 - Advise only8LowYesSecurity potential is worth the investment. Ask is reasonable with no upfront cost risk.
ValorizeDAO/Javicreating/updating the SDK to allow anyone to use the Balancer SDK and generate pools through their frontend. This will enable things like a Balancer plugin (which is what we would use it for in Valorize) to generate a LBP for newly minted tokens4Yes, SDK for future devsCreate internal growth/ValueHard to quantify.
Removes barriers for entry for future devs/projects
$4,600Yes$1,0001 - Low3 - Moderate1 - no upfront1 - Advise only10ModerateYesIn line with grants ethos. Useful addition to Balancer SDK, milestones and value is reasonable
DAOism SystemsDevelop revenue sharing model or "FeeSplitter" contract4Yes, creates functionality and motivation to build on balancerCreate internal growth/ValueRemoves barriers to entry and incetivizes other teams to want to build on Balancer$60k USD
7000 BAL
Too high for grants4000 BAL
$19k USD
2 - Moderate3 - Moderate2 - Upfront <25%3 - Implementation to UI or audit15HighNoAsk is too high for Grants application. Encouraged to go through a forum proposal and community vote.
FormatLabsWe will be working on Balancer Portals; one-click migration of lp positions between different chains that balancers are deployed on. We will be building on top of Balancers Join/Exit & create pools and some other components such as Messaging protocols, bridges, and aggregators or SOR to provide a trust-minimized transfer of funds and sourcing of funds in destination chains. It will include a UI that can later be integrated into the balancer UI.5To be contactedYes, building on BalancerExpand BAL ecosystem$30,000-$50,000Move to call.
Deemed not value for requested grant amount and minimal background on the team from the call.
MultifarmBalancer Dashboard5In reviewYes, expands balancer ecosystem with better access to informationExpand BAL ecosystem$35k @ $4.6 USD/BALReasonable (breakdown in application)$5k USD @ $4.6 USD/BAL1 - Low2 - High2 - Upfront <25%1 - Advise only9Lowyes
Sentre ProtocolDue to the lack of Balancer-based AMM on Solana, the number of products like LBP, Index Fund, .etc, have no reliable foundation to grow. We would like to bring Balancer to Solana and build an ecosystem around it.5Not the right fitNo$30,000-$50,000Friendly forks generally not funded by Balancer
MkflowWriting the weekly Balancer Newsletter. This latest developments/integrations of Balancer in the following aspects: Updates in TVL/LP revenue for networks where Balancer is deployed, Changes to LM incentives, Ecosystem updates on what happens "around" Balancer, latest governance updates & occasionally contributions from individual contributors.5In reviewYes, expands balancer ecosystem with better access to informationCreate internal growth/ValueEase of access to information around the Balancer ecosystem, encouraging adoption$2k @ $4.80 USD/BAL5 reports totalling 20hrs.
Hourly rate is high end of ask, but deemed justified.
$0 upfront1 - Low3 - Moderate1 - no upfront0 - None9LowYesRequested grant amount and justification of hours.
20hrs for 5 newsletters
$4.80 USD/BAL
MangosOur goal is to build Mangos, a social recovery wallet where the users keys live on their devices and uses them as a way to sign transactions on the contract, while also having a backup guardian in charge of restoring funds ownership in case of need. By the end of the development stage, Mangos will give the chance of holding and sending ERC-20 tokens, fiat on-ramps of crypto and access to earning and investing protocols, plus the ability to connect to other dApps via wallet-connect.5Not the right fitNo$50,000+Not building on Balancer
ProgotiMy Grant proposal is for eashtablished the Progoti Foundation.5Not the right fitNo$5,000-$12,500Not building on Balancer
HotDAOHot DAO’s goal is to leverage real world assets generating a new stable coin on Balancer and allowing people to exchange between the two. This is similar to Real Estate Exchange’s current project. Team is robust with 10+ years experience for various team members in TradFi and web development5Lost contact$50,000Ask for more information and detailed application
NomisNomis bases a credit score on mathematical prediction models and artificial intelligence. It offers users with a positive credit score crypto loans on DeFi platforms with better terms (less interest, less collateral) depending on their scoring5Not the right fitNonot building on Balancer and loans are not in Balancer's current trajectory
OptimyzeLooking to create “Risk Vaults” for users to stake assets similar to how Balancer has diverse pools. They will span assets across various pools and protocols to maintain safety and risk adjusted yield for users. Think a one stop shop best place to pool certain assets.5To be contactedRequest to send scope doc, is this being funded by multiple protocols? Is this concentrated on Balancer only?
AlastorOur proposal is for Alastor to prepare a formal monthly budget and quarterly strategic review, and to present and discuss the reports on pre-scheduled town-halls with the Balancer community. Our objective is to establish a long-term relationship between Balancer and Alastor, and the intention of this grant is to provide a cost-effective and transparent way for the Balancer community to see the value Alastor will drive before committing to a longer-term engagement.5Not the right fitNo$12,500-$30,000Financial reports currently completed by Messari. More reporting not required.
OndawayDapp5Not the right fitNo$12,500-$30,000Incomplete application / no information
TrutsTruts is enabling discovery of web3 communities in an efficient manner by combination of providing right information and reviews to help new people join the community and make it easier for them to explore the ecosystem.5Not the right fitNo$12,500-$30,000Grant to create a Balancer page on Truts not value for money. These can be made by anyone in a few minutes.
IthilIn a nutshell, Ithil empowers DeFi users to run complex strategies in a single click, using their own and/or borrowed funds on a variety of external protocols. We want to create a strategy using Balancer and Aura to allow more people to LP into Balancer and earn single-sided APY.5To be contacted$5,000-$12,500Detailed application requested and received.
Grant in review.
yesCompass Labs is building an dynamic liquidity provisioning system for Balancer by optimising for the users' risk-adjusted return. Compass goal is to enable all retail investors to participate in liquidity provisioning. At the core of this solution are on-chain asset vaults that work as an intelligent optimisation layer between liquidity providers and the DEX. Each vault has a strategy that decides how to allocate assets within the vault, where the strategy itself is given by novel machine learning and statistics, which we implement by applying our backgrounds in math and AI and by using open-source data from blockchain systems.5To be contacted$12,500-$30,000Request for more information and scope doc
jameskbhTo update the docs' walkthrough section of with screenshots and short clips (Update current content and add Portfolio, veBAL and Claim sections)5Not the right fitNo$0-$5,000Not deemed required at this stage
Boot FinanceImplement a customised swap curve that allows two different swap curves to be separated by a price floor. Pool will allow projects to do custom market making around supporting a particular price floor for their project token. This will be implemented on top of a custom pool on Balancer. An example simulation can be seen here be contacted$12,500-$30,000Request for more information and scope doc
YSchoolWe will be creating an educational video series about Balancer. This video series will help in creating a high level awareness about the project.5Sent to Marketing$12,500-$30,000Send to Marketing
Alcancia.ioSavings application geared towards Latin America. Plan on integrating for stablecoin yield under their app making it easy for non-crypto natives to earn yields without accessing our application. (Aave, Mastercard and Coinbase partners).5To be contactedRequest for more information and scope doc
Masoud ShokohiI am looking to build a dapp to maintain the balance and integrity of all financial accounts in any cryptocurrency network and also intelligently earn tokens for better profit5Not the right fitNo$12,500-$30,000Incomplete application / no information
Airstack.xyzAirstack is developing a novel new way to discover, browse, and consume blockchain activity. Before Airstack, blockchain data was trapped in silos: A person might transact with a bunch of dapps, or interact with different protocols, or earn various currencies, or trade different tokens, or participate in various DAOs, or be a member of several NFT communities, and each of those transactions happen in isolation. Airstack brings those transactions together in virtual stacks of data. For example, with Airstack you can easily pinpoint that 5040 people all used a specific dapp today, that 807 of them used that dapp plus a specific DeFi protocol, 145 of them hold a certain NFT, 257 of them are members of investment DAOs, and that 53 of them are also attended the 2022 conference. Here you can see the UX we are currently building be contacted$30,000-$50,000Requested document to define scope of work
Baguz Foundation’sBalancing our lives together5#REF!UniversalNot building on Balancer
yes, I represent DeFi TellerWe propose to make a video explainer about the technological aspects of Balancer and how exactly they function and allow the protocol to offer advantageous terms to users. For example, if we compare WhiteboardCrypto's video about Balancer to what we would like to make, instead of explaining what AMM is, our video would be aimed at a more advanced viewer who may have already had experience using DEXes but does not fully understand what technology is behind the protocol interface. Our goal is to make DeFi education accessible and comprehensible to everyone, and make learning easy and more popular, while shifting the paradigm from "what coin to buy to make money (and what buttons to press to do that)" and motivating new users to learn the technology behind DeFi projects. We'd like to talk more about the protocol and thus create internal growth for Balancer. The video produced as a result could also be used for the documentation of the project. The video will be published on the DeFi Teller website and YouTube channel, as well as promoted on our social media; here's the link to the DeFi Teller YouTube channel, where you can check out what we do.5Not the right fitThe total amount needed to produce one video (5-minute long) is about $5,000. This, however, is a rough estimate, and the final estimate could only be provided once the script is agreed on. We see our development in line with the spirit of decentralization - we would like to continue to talk about the most interesting DeFi projects and do so with nice graphics and quality scripts. We're not looking for profits coming directly from the teams, nor are we looking to create entirely commercial videos, reserving the right to choose the topics and angle of their coverage. All we need is to cover the cost of the video and support us in distributing the content (retweets, adding to documentation, and so forth).Educational / marketing content sent to Orb Marketing team
Nicolas MI am applying for this RFP : "Minimal and alternative opensource/community Balancer UI/interface"5To be contactedI estimate the grant at $9,000. Divided into 3 milestones of 3000 dollars: 1. pool creation screen 2. join/leave feature 3. swap screen. I plan to make the application with these technologies: React or Vue.js, Bootstrap framework, ethers.jsRequest more information and define potential scope.
PicodesIntegrate Balancer in a simulation tool (, and in an incoming serie of research articles about AMMs5To be contacted5kList of questions sent for clarifications. Determine requested milestones and an agreed BAL rate. Will advise that grants has no entity for invoicing
TexochatWe are developing Texochat a blockchain based messaging app in which we are willing to add BalancerFi's Investment Pool from this grant.5Not the right fit20,000
OmniBTC, the first omnichain financial platform for web3, including BTC omnichain lending and omnichain swap.Integrate Balancer into OmniBTC(have integrated Uniswap V2), so that our users can realize omnichain swap through Balancer. Balancer can enjoy users and funds on other more chains. be contacted$35k
Term FinanceFixed Rating lending protocol. Will require AMM and would like to use balancer. Can also add balancer LP positions as collateral.5$50000 USD
Yes, OpenCurrntOpenCurrnt is a movement of fresh knowledge creators & learners made up of people seeking continual relevance in a wide array of fast-moving and highly nuanced topics. OpenCurrnt is the world’s first knowledge networking platform with an intelligent coordination layer that attracts and connects the best people, validated by their peers, and operating in a trustless incentive structure designed to unlock a deluge of latent talent that the world has never seen before.5$100,000-$120,000
DynamoThe grant proposal covers our infrastructure development for two senior Solidity developers. We estimate that the integration with the respective Balancer V2 boosted pools will take some time, and we hope to work closely together with you guys to design the best possible solution. We estimate the overall development time roughly at 4-5 months. If we hire a senior engineer for this with a salary of 90-100$/h, this works out to a total of 14,400$-16,000$ for a workload of 40h/week every month. So the estimated total development costs range from $57,600 to $80,000. This is why we are requesting a grant of 70k. TL;DR on Dynamo: Dynamo runs a yield aggregator based on the Nirn vault implementation of Indexed Finance. Dynamo generates yield on decentralised stablecoins, ETH, ETH staking derivatives etc by aggregating lending markets such as AAVE, Compound and Euler and takes the APY changes between lending markets into account when shifting TVL in order to generate the most optimal return. At the same time, Dynamo runs a base liquidity pool for decentralised stablecoins by using Balancer’s boosted pool mechanism aiming to expand later into a base pool for ETH and ETH staking derivatives, in order to attract sticky liquidity by developing yield bearing liquidity pools. Then Dynamo aims to develop a series of metapools on top of it's boosted base pools for decentralised stablecoins and other assets by using Balancer’s asset management capabilities in order to generate yield from the base pool LP tokens and the native asset of each respective metapool through the use of the corresponding Dynamo vault. In the future, vaults will become permissionless, so anybody can add a vault for an asset as long as there is sufficient lending market liquidity while opening a metapool at the same time turning Dynamo into a decentralised liquidity grid. Dynamo is like Curve if Curve was running a yield aggregator on behalf of its liquidity providers.570k
YesDeFIRE’s first protocol, BLAZE, is a multi-chain, low-touch wealth optimisation protocol that offers a path to financial independence through DeFi. We aim at utilizing Balancer product line in order to build risk-adjusted DeFi strategies for our users. More here:,000 USD
MetaFrames5100,000 GBP