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Hey guys, sorry I'm off Diablo III for a bit, and as such, these sheets won't be as up-to-date as I'd like.
If there's anything that needs to be added or changed, please shout at me on Discord
Discord: https://discord.gg/CsxmAWR
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RGsA list of Rift Guardians (GRs only), their skills, spawns they may summon and strategies on how to deal with each- Learn how to handle spawns and tricky RGs
- Understand how the team can coordinate to make RG fights (relatively) painless
17/10/2018thisisamatt, slaygrim, winforce, hunktan, biasedobsrvr
Mob ProgressionA list of Monsters that can spawn in GRs, their behavior, special skills and value to the rift's overall progression- Know which monsters to stay for and which to avoid
- Identify monsters that can be pulled
02/08/2018silec, sVr, LouLou, Chewingnom, wudijo
AffixesA list of all affixes that are available to blue and elite packs, their effects, threat levels and strategies to handle them- Know which affixes can complicate a fight and how to militate against them28/07/2018d3wiki, Bagstone, Nagash
GR TilesA list of all Tiles (maps) that are can spawn on GRs, their attractiveness to a team running the meta game and some common aliases they have- Be able to communicate with the team about the coming map for better decision-making
- Learn which maps are worth skipping or "ripping" a key over
PylonsA list of all pylons that can spawn in a GR, their duration, effect and strategies on using them- Learn when (and when not) to pop a pylon so the team can best benefit28/07/2018zbyxzh
Channeling PylonAn illustration showing how and when to use a Channeling pylon against an RG- Find out when to pop a Channeling pylon to get the most out of it20/08/2018
Channeling + Power PylonsAn illustration showing how and when to use a Channeling and Power pylon against an RG- Find out when to pop a both pylons to get the most out of them20/08/2018
BiP & CDRA table for Necromancers showing sheet CDRs with different gear and their interaction with "Blood is Power"- Learn the benefit of running BiP with different sheet CDR in order to get as many high damage rotations while sacrificing the least damage20/08/2018
CHC Cap TimingAn illustration showing the relative benefits of applying Crit Cap at different points of the Wizard's CoE cycle- Know when to begin a Crit Cap rotation based on mob density to provide the Wizard the best debuffed monsters21/08/2018
RGK SnapshottingA table for Necromancers showing different damage outputs based on current stats points and any snapshot that has been applied- Understand the snapshot mechanism for the Necro RGK20/08/2018biasedobsvr
Rift Guardian HPAn interactive chart of the RG's HP from GR 1 to GR 15015/09/2018
SABA list of skills that can be used together with Strongarm Bracers that will work against the RG- Know which skills you can use to help the necro RGK achieve its damage potential09/09/2018
RGK: Attack SpeedA table of different scenarios related to attack speed and the impact on an RGK's damage output- Optimise your RGK based on the gear you have22/10/2018
Help MeHelp me, help you! Loads about gear, monsters and game mechanics remain a mystery to me. If you have the time, join me in finding out how things work and how to make them work for us. - It won't. :(28/08/2018
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