2019 CSIP
StrategyPerson (s) ResponsiblePerson (s) Responsible for ImplementationStart DateCompletion DateFunding SourcePlan to MonitorProgress Progess
GoalThe Board of Education will maintain and update approved policies and procedures via MSBASuperintendent/Board PresidentSuperintendent11/202004/2021Board budgetAgenda and minutes of meetings
Action StepReview at least five policies at each regular board meetingSuperintendent/Board PresidentSuperintendent1-Jul-19OngoingNone requiredAgenda and minutes of meetingsSuperintendent will provide monthly updates on policies, a full maintenance review was done in 20-21Superintendent will provide monthly updates on policies
Action StepMSBA/Lumen ensure policies are appropriately updatedMSBA/Lumen/SuperintendentSuperintendent1-Jul-191-Jul-20Board budgetMSBA feedback/policy handbookCompletedOn-going
Goal The District will strive to always improve on community relations
Action StepImprove communications between public and school and community understanding of rules and regulations that govern school funding and policy management.Superintendent, building principalsSuperintendent, building principals1-Jul-19OngoingNone requiredBoard agenda, Board minutes, Facebook, Twitter, Newspaper, Website, Electric signMonthly chamber and senior citizens mtg, monthly newspaper articles, handbooks are on-line, visiting local businessesMonthly chamber and senior citizens mtg, monthly newspaper articles, handbooks are on-line, visiting local businesses
Action StepYearly evaluation of CSIP as required by state statute.  Superintendent, board of educationSuperintendent1-Jul-19YearlyVarious budgetsAgenda and minutes from board meeting.In-ProgressIn-Progress
GoalThe District will Adopt a PD Plan Annually
Action StepA PD Plan will be created by staff and approved by the board.Superintendent, principals, staff, board of educationSuperintendent, principals, staff, board of education1-Jul-19YearlyPD BudgetPD reportsThe board does not approve the plan, they approve the report that was done in May 2021 - on goingThe board does not approve the plan, they approve the report that was done in May 2021 - on going
Action StepPD will be district wide to the extent that is possible and realisticPD committee, principals, superintendentPrincipals, superintendent1-Jul-19YearlyPD BudgetPD ReportsThis will vary on the needs of the staff, 2021, the need was virtual learning due to COVIDFiredUp group working on curriculum and mapping Priority Standards.
GoalAll programs will be monitored and status shared with the board and community as required by state mandate
Action StepReports will be given at school board meetings annually or biennially as required by law Superintendent, principals, staffSuperintendent1-Jul-19Annually and bienniallyNone requiredBoard agenda and board minutesEach department has an opportunity to report out a designated monthEach department has an opportunity to report out a designated month
Parent and Community Involvement
StrategyPerson (s) ResponsiblePerson (s) Responsible for ImplementationStart DateCompletion DateFunding SourcePlan to MonitorProgress
GoalMaysville R-1 will promote, collaborate, and enhance positive parent, student, and community involvement.
Action StepParental involvement in student education.  Includes calling systems and student information systemsAdministration, staffAdministration, staff, school board7/1/2019OngoingGeneral budgetParticipation of parents and community at all school eventsUtilized School Messenger, Facebook, the school website, Twitter, school signage, and Lumen to inform parents and families of progress and events. Utilized School Messenger, Facebook, the school website, Twitter, school signage, and Lumen to inform parents and families of progress and events. Add the
Action StepAdvisory committees with community stakeholders will continue to be a focus, as needed.The leader of each group, school board, administration, staffEach group, such as FFA, FCCLA, counseling7/1/2019OngoingLittle expense expectedActual number of community participantsNeeds to take place, want to be in place by December 2021, Community stakeholders were apart of the 4 day calendar process. Booster clubs are more active. ie Elem, band, Ag.
Action StepAcademic data will be provided to parents as provided by the state, and through our own student technology programs.Tech staff, counselors, administratorsAll staff is responsible for spreading information about opportunities for academic feedback7/1/2019OngoingTechnology budgetStudent success based on parental information.ABC Wall, MAP data sent to parents, P-T-C, Lumen, Grade Cards, Mid-Reports, EOC Data, SPED Progress Reports, The process of sharing information will be revamped during the 22-23 school year.
Action StepFamily events at school, for example:  Reading nights and math nights to bring community members to the school will continue.Principals, staffPrincipals7/1/2019OngoingSpecific budgets, example, Title budgetsIncreased parental opportunities to be involved.Athletic Events, Activities, Parent Meetings such as Grad Night, Title Family nights, Grandparents Day, Donuts with dad, Muffins with moms, Veterans Day, Athletic Events, Activities, Parent Meetings such as Grad Night, Title Family nights, Donuts with grownups, Veterans Day,
StrategyPerson (s) ResponsiblePerson (s) Responsible for ImplementationStart DateCompletion DateFunding SourcePlan to MonitorProgress
GoalEnsure appropriate technology is implemented to prepare students for life after school, everyday learning, and testing requirements
Action StepAdjust bandwidth as needed to meet student and staff needs.Technology directorBoard of education, administration7/1/2019OngoingTechnology budget, grants, general budgetAnnual reports to the school boardAs needed, bandwidth is good, not losing or dropping websitesIncreased bandwidth for 22/23, not losing or dropping websites
Action StepImprove instruction with practical use of  technologyTechnology director, staffTechnology director, staff7/1/2019OngoingVarious budgets, including PDEvaluations of academic progressin-service focusOn-going Offering a new technology elective in the 22-23- Katie Orr has surveyed the staff to see what needs there are. Elem staff sharing resources.
Action StepMaintain and introduce new technology for students and teachersTechnology director, administration, board of educationTechnology director, administration7/1/2019OngoingTechnology budget, general budgetAnnual reports to the board of education.New chromebooks K-3, Tablets to Pre-K, smart boards, projectors, wireless, i-Pads, doc. cameras, laptops, softwareNew & updated switches & Wifi for buildings, iPads for staff that wants them, laptops for staff, online onboarding forms & fees for students & staff
Action StepUse technology to increase distance learning opportunities as neededTechnology director, administrationTechnology director7/1/2019OngoingGeneral budget, building budgetIncreased student opportunitiesUtilized Zoom, Google Classroom, Chromebooks, Hotspots, and various other technology products to assist with distance learning. Winbooks for dual students to use; hotspots, Google classroom, Zoom is available, Chromebooks for K-12
GoalImprove safety and security for students, staff, and community
Action StepEvaluate locking systems, future use of badges for students and staff, evaluate ingress and egress optionsSuperintendent, technology director, SROSuperintendent, technology director, SRO7/1/2019 OngoingGeneral budget, technology budgetPeriodic safety auditsSRO is on siteCompleted in the summer of 2021, still have concerns about HS Lunch and students attending the AG Classroom
Action StepIncrease camera for review and safety.Superintendent, technology directorSuperintendent, technology director7/1/20119OngoingGeneral budgetPeriodic safety auditsAdding cameras to cover parking lot for staff & Ag/Art as well as gym.Getting quotes for adding cameras at the back of the property and the outlying areas like playground;
Action StepProtect school, student, and staff dataTechnology directorTechnology director7/1/2019OngoingTechnology budgetSafety audits, safe dataDiscussion, concerned with cyber security, changing of passwords, Ongoing safety measures and training for IT staff and school staff
Action StepsInclude regular staff PD about safe computer usageTechnology directorTechnology director with administration assistance7/1/2019OngoingTechnology budget, PD, general budget as neededInformed staffKnowBe4/Phishing trainingKnowBe4/Phishing training, IT Tips in emails; looking into new solution for next school year
GoalAchieve funding to improve or replace current facilities
Action StepFinish replacing roof.  Over band/ITBoard of education, superintendent, maintenance directorSuperintendent7/1/20199/1/2021General budgetOn-GoingNot at this time - do we need an timeline with this?21-22 listen to contractors will re-evaluate fall of 2022
Action StepRemove old ag shop currently used for PE/storage—Replace with appropriate building.Board of education, superintendent, maintenance directorSuperintendent7/1/20197/1/2024General budget/bond/ purchase service fundingProject completedIn progress - wish to be completed by August 16th, 2021In progress with a new multi-purpose building that will support maintenance
Action StepRepair or replace high school.  Determine how the money will be spent best and pursue that effortBoard of education, superintendent, communityBoard of education, superintendent, community7/1/2019Prior to expiration of current levy sunsetUndetermined at this time:  Possible bond or levy increaseOn-GoingDiscussion stages21-22 listen to contractors will re-evaluate fall of 2022
Action StepFind a permanent place for pre-KBoard of education, superintendentBoard of education, superintendent7/1/20197/1/2024Potential locally fundingCompletion of the projectPurchased the trailer in March of 2021, $44,000
Action StepPotential sports facility upgrades—better bleachers, restrooms, concessions at softball/baseball field-- other improvements if needed.Board of education, superintendent, maintenance directorSuperintendent, maintenance director7/1/2019OngoingLocal fundingCompleted projects as needed.On-going, more concerned with lights at the football field, bleachers and the erosion issuesIn progress of writing a 50/50 grant that will support new bleachers for the softball and football complex along with sprinklers at the SB Field
Student Achievement
StrategyPerson (s) ResponsiblePerson (s) Responsible for ImplementationStart DateCompletion DateFunding SourcePlan to MonitorProgress
GoalQuality educational/instructional programs will be developed to ensure every student will be able to learn, graduate, and achieve their own educational goals
Action StepStudents will be able to read for knowledge, write coherently, and think critically about printed material, informational literacy, etc. across content areasAdministration, educational staff, studentsAdministration, educational staff7/1/2019OngoingGeneral budget, grantsAcademic evaluations, mandated test outcomesThis is our daily goal, difficult to measure, NEE 4.1 is critical thinkingThe district score for NEE 4.1 is an average of 4.7 out of 7.
Action StepTeachers will receive PD on various teaching strategies, supplemental approaches, authentic assessments, and performance based teaching and learning both on and off campusAdministration, staffAdministration, PD committee7/1/2019OngoingAll budgets, including PDStudent performance levels6 trait writing, Priority standards, Critical Thinking, assessments, lesson plansWith the FiredUp group the staff mapped priority standards and will be working on authentic assessments. Several staff members went to Kagan Training.
Action StepResearch and develop programs and practices that enhance personal, social, and civic responsibilities of all learnersStaff, administration, counselors, studentsAdministration, staff7/1/2019OngoingBuilding budgets, counseling budgetsStudent behaviors and outcomesLeader in Me, Biweekly classroom counseling, Highway Patrol on Cyper Safety, A+ =Civic Responsibilites, organizations support community prideDr. Kibler was brought in to discuss mental health with both students and staff. MHS Club and STUCO being more activity in the school and community.
Action StepIncrease enrollment in advanced level courses in the secondary.Principals, counselors, staffPrincipals, counselors, staff7/1/2019OngoingBuilding budgetsLarger enrollment in advanced classesOffering more advanced class opportunites such as calculus and physics. Counselor works with students to identify advanced classes that will prepare them for their future goals. Students have opportunities to take dual credit courses, attend HTC, more electives in ELA and Social Studies, Counselor will continue to meet with students (9-12) to discuss future goals.
GoalImplement effective, research based instructional practices across the district to eliminate achievement gaps
Action StepStudents will learn through vertically aligned curriculum that is relevant, aligned, rigorous, and comprehensiveBoard of education, administration, staffAdministration, staff7/1/2019OngoingAll budgetsStudent PerformanceEureka Math, 6 Trait writing, 21-22 vertical staff will be implemented during PD days, In progress
Action StepEnsure vocational programs and college prep opportunities are available.  Students will be made aware of career opportunities and will be able to explore careers, P-12.Board of education, counselors, staffAdministration, counselors7/1/2019OngoingAll budgetsStudent opportunities and performanceCounselor works with students on their ICAP to map out four years plans based on their career aspirations. In 8th Grade students work through MO Connections to identify career goals. On-going
Action StepAlternative instruction methods will be used in all classes so all students can be reached in ways they can learn. Principals, staffPrincipals, staff7/1/2019OngoingAll budgetsStudent performanceUtilization of technology and Google Classroom, utilization of various teaching strategies that encompass oral, tactile, and visual learningTitle and tiered instruction in the classroom. WIN time will be implemented in the 22-23 school year.
Action StepThe evaluation or grading of student assessments will allow educators to adjust their instruction and provide timely and useful feedback to students based on student learning shown through results.Principals, staffPrincipals, staff7/1/2019OngoingAll budgetsStudent performancePrincipals utilzed fomative assessment on NEE evaluation tool to assist teachers on improving assessmentTeachers are working on priority standards which will be used to create meaningful assessments in the 22-23 school year.
Action StepP-6 will acquire information and make decisions based on data from assessment tools to show best practices.  They will conduct this evaluation a minimum of three times each year.Principal, staffPrincipal, staff7/1/2019OngoingAll budgetsStudent performance, teacher follow-through on dataBOY, MOY, EOY assessments, multiple progress monioring, SLO's for all staff K-12ongoing
Highly Qualified Staff
StrategyPerson (s) ResponsiblePerson (s) Responsible for ImplementationStart DateCompletion DateFunding SourcePlan to MonitorProgress
GoalHire and retain highly qualified staff that supports the school mission, vision, and goals
Action StepAttend hiring fairs as neededPrincipalsPrincipals7/1/2019OngoingBuilding budgetTeacher hiring and retentin successAttended Northwest Career Fair in person and Missouri Western Career Fair virtuallyOn-Going
Action StepProvide quality mentors for beginning teachers and “buddies” for experienced teachers new to our Maysville R-1.PD committee, principals, staffPD Committee7/1/2019OngoingPD and building budgetsMentors in place as neededAll 1st and 2nd year teachers along with teachers new to the District are assigned a mentor. On-Going
Action StepHave competitive salaries, extra duty pay, and other benefits (insurance, etc.) for our area and similar sized schools.Board of Education, SuperintendentSuperintendent7/1/2019OngoingGeneral BudgetSalary Schedule2021-22 pay raise was 3.09% and created a salary schedule for coaches that is calculated onto the base, 21-22 paying 100% health insuranceAdded $1000.00 to the base, school insurance
GoalPD  will be used to improve all staff members’ ability to utilize and/or support quality instruction 
Action stepQuality PD will be consistently made availablePD Committee, Princpals, SuperintendentSchool Board, Superintendent7/1/2019OngoingPD Budget, general budgetSurveys from PD CommitteeOn-going, varies on staff needs and district needs.All staff are attending PD provided by the FiredUp group. Teachers are also given the opportunity to attend PDs that are related to their content areas.
Action StepUse a quality DESE approved evaluation tool to assist teachers in providing quality instructionPrincipals, SuperintendentSchool Board, Superintendent7/1/2019OngoingGeneral Budget Buidling BudgetsStudent AchievementNEE Evaluation Model was used, non-tenured staff was evaluated 6 times while tenured staff 4 timesNEE Evaluation Model was used, non-tenured staff was evaluated 6 times while tenured staff 4 times
Action StepEncourage all teachers to earn advanced degreesPD Committee, School Board, Superintendent, PrincipalsTeachers7/1/2019OngoingPD Budget Completed DegreesSalary schedule provides incentives for staff to continue their education. Salary schedule provides incentives for staff to continue their education. 22-23 school year, the salary schedule will look at adding additional funding masters plus
GoalFoster a community atmosphere among the staff
Action StepWork with administration and board of education to find a meaningful way to recognize staff.Staff Committees, Administration, School BoardStaff Committees in conjuction with administrations7/1/2019OngoingGeneral BudgetRetention of StaffElem./JH/HS Social Committee has a "Shout Out" Board for teachers to recognize each other. Building principal sends several thank you cards to staff throughout the year. Verbal recognition of staff for a job well done. Retention Grant Committee, Staff member of the month, "Shout Out" board (semi-successful)
Action StepOffer staff more opportunities to participate in team building experiences.  This opens communication opportunities and data has shown it can help teacher and staff retention.Offer staff more opportunitities to particpate in team building experiences. This opens communication opportunities and data has shown it can help teacher and staff retentionStaff Committee and administration7/1/2019OngoingGeneral BudgetRetention of Staff NumbersStep challenge, monthly positive event, bowling event, would like more of these activities.Bowling event was successful. First annual staff golf outing on the last day of school. Board provided meals. Staff challenges ie. Step Off