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\BaronyModern nameSCA namePhone numberEmailFacebookWebsite / blog, if anyInterestsContact me for (playdates, learning, teaching informally, teaching one-on-one, teaching classes, judging)Expert inLevel in other interests / skillsOn which topics can you teach classes?Affiliation, if any
11/25/2014 11:42:42DMSharon RoseTullia Saturnina503-964-3422sharon@rosecityacupuncture.com Roman, esp. Late Republic. Clothing, jewelry, shoes, weaving, dyeing, food, religion, etc. Playdates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, Judgingorganizing :)Pretty good at research. Expert / intermediate at Roman clothing, jewelry assembly. Beginner for the rest, including metalsmithing, my new passion.Roman clothing, research & documentation, Roman sexual imagery, daily life in ancient Rome, making Roman jewelry Sma-Mjolk household Student to Eulialia Piebakere
11/26/2014 11:20:42InlandsSara UrdahlJulia Sempronia509-663-8581julillasempronia@mac.comJulia SemproniaRoman cuisine, customs, habitat, clothing, language, literaturePlaydates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingRoman LifeVindolanda tablet recreation, Roman Dining, Status & Etiquette, Using Literary Sources to recreate Roman cuisine, Roman Clothing, Choosing a Persona, SCA 101, Historical Hairpieces Students Connor Dogshanks, Dalback MacDara. Master Ulrik Grimwolf "peer/student"
11/26/2014 16:46:11DMTamra PriorClare O Tarran(425) 241-7137rangertam@gmail.comKnitting, spinning, dyeing, bookbinding, calligraphy, sewing, cartographyPlaydates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingIntermediate at knitting, sewing, beginner at spinning, bookbindingknitting for sure, I've never tried teaching anything elseLaurel is Master Sven Odin-eye (Steven Gatke), camp with House Caput Felus (CDV)
11/26/2014 18:53:16DMPatrick Cauldwell Refr Fiachson Patrick Cauldwell Http:// Medieval and Viking Food, glass beads, Viking daily life, brewing Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingMedieval and Viking Food, brewing, skyr, researchApprentices Eulalia Piebakre, Bessetta Wallace, Robert Stallarifanskr
Student Gy Darke
11/26/2014 20:27:02DMLaurel Grasmick-BlackEulalia PiebakereCLOlaurelkblack@gmail.combriwaf.blogspot.comHistorical food, especially pies. Medieval England, especially York, 1250-1350. Women's history and lives, daily life of commoners (peasants, craftspeople, etc.) Medieval urbanization. Scribal arts, Clothing makingPlaydates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingFood/ Research LaurelEverything listed under interests. Also:
-Entering A&S competitions
-How to do research / writing documentation
-Encampment improvement
-Herbalism and botany (eg edible wild plants)
-Medieval biology and medicine
Household: Smamjolk (Small Milk)
Apprenticed to His Excellency Refr Fiachson
11/26/2014 21:37:073MCynthia LeyArlys o Gordon (OL, OP)503-257-2533Cley56@comcast.netCynthia Leyquatrefoil4.wordpress.comMusic, storytelling, period paranormal ("signs & wonders"), crytozoology, games, embroidery, weaving, scribal, researching stuff, bookcraftPlaydates, Learning, Teaching classes, Judging, performing, how to run A&S competitions & displaysMusic, researchingIntermediate: embroiderer, beginner weaving, bookcraftPeriod paranormal, cryptozoology, bookcraft, weaving. Embroidery styles: blackwork (Eng, Ital, Germ), Assisi, Florentine (bargello), long armed cross stitch. Music: Vocal/choral, history, appreciation, philosophy. Newcomer classes, games, SCA courtesy, & mentor aspects of the Sargentry trials. Running A&S activities.Two apprentices, Lady Kate the Candelmaker, and the Honorable Lady Havoise de Rohan
12/1/2014 13:44:433MRuss Gilman-HuntConchobar Ua Muirchertach503-863-8369rgilmanhunt@gmail.comRuss Gilman-HuntHot Glass (lampworked beads)
Hot metal (soapstone-cast pewter)
Soapstone carving (adjunct to Hot Metal)
Bardistry (poetry, storytelling)
12th century pre-Norman ireland
Playdates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingMostly mediocre in listed skills, lampworking beginner.I generally think of myself as a workshopper rather than a teacher. I've lead storytelling workshops and soapstone/pewter workshops.I'm apprenticed to Ollamh Lono in Adiantium. I'm a member of House Smal-Mjolk
12/3/2014 14:50:27DMMelody SchechMeliora of Snowshill503-515-5862melody.schech@gmail.comSpinning, weavingPlaydates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingHandspinning (40 years)
I am interested in putting together a display for upright loom weaving
Advanced Sewing
Would like to learn how to make turnshoes
Maybe weaving
12/3/2014 15:18:283MAmanda EckardBeak Bell of Dumfries971-570-8041beakbellofdumfries@gmail.com, calligraphy, nalbinding, knitting, cross stitch
some sewing, embroidery, inkle weaving, spinning, silk fan painting
Playdates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classesintermediate Oslo Stitch Nalbinding, knitting, Scribal, some calligraphy

beginner inkle weaving, spinning, embroidery, sewing, silk fan painting
I feel comfortable teaching basic Oslo Stitch Nalbinding to a small group.Apprenticed to Master Randal Fitz Alan the Redowtable for scribal.
12/3/2014 15:45:563MLaura MinnickLiutgard of Luxeuil503-331-9194lcm@jeffnet.org, cooking, Canon Law, Carolingians, etc! I have a degree in Medieval Studies, so I usually know where the bones are buried or know how to find out!Playdates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, Judging8th-9th c Franks, 12th England/Normandy/France, late 14th-early 15th c England & France. History & literature. Material culture.College-level history and literature, period cookery, some costuming.2 students- Gemma Northwode and Laurence of Damascus. 2 apprentices- Morrghan O' Siodhachain, Ayla Roth.
12/3/2014 18:50:003MMeagn MaguireElizabeth Blackdaneemail meTudorLdy@aol.comMeagn Maguire16thC clothing, generally. I can also embroider a little. But basically, almost anything involved in day to day 16thC life. Playdates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingI can sew and embroider. I'm also a (pretty seriously) trained rider, but less experienced in SCA-type equestrian activities.Beginner wood turning.16thC womens' clothing
basic embroidery
basic horsemanship/equitation
I am about to become a Laurel (1/10/15). List Owner's note: YAY!!!
12/3/2014 21:28:053MChris KnutsonEleanor de Sackville503-287-0987cknutson3@aol.comChris Knutsonscribal, nalbinding, embroidery, ceramics, sewing, bookbindingPlaydates, Learning
12/8/2014 13:42:54Canton of KaldornessLaura McCoyAlexandria DK503-473-4884illughmin8@gmail.com, Ambiance, Architecture, Scribal (Roman to High Mid-Ages), Banners (silk, tempera), Floorcloths, Medieval Ital 11-14th Cent, Byzantine Europe, Furniture, Games, toys, Largesse, Bags, baskets, sachels, SCA Camping, Beading, pearling, embellishment, Music & DancingPlaydates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classesArchitecture & StructuresDilettante in everything elseBanners
Architecture & Structures (Rome through Renaissance)
Workparties for A&S activities
Medieval Byzantine Empire
Roman History
Baronness of Three Mountains
12/15/2014 5:18:17DMChristina CatoPrudence GoodheartCLOCLOCostuming, Punto in aria lace, Cutwork lace, Bobbin lace, Embroidery, Tablet weaving, Tapestry weavingPlaydates, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classesCostuming
Punto in aria lace
Cutwork lace
Beginning - tablet & tapestry weaving. Intermediate- bobbin lace
& embroidery
Punto in aria and cutwork laceApprentice to Mistress Siobhan Medhbe O'Rourke and member of House Cinquefoil.
12/15/2014 18:16:31Tigard, ORKatie HenshawRaithnat O'Braonain971-732-3558henshaw.klh@gmail.comKatie Henshaw, inkle/tablet weaving, rigid heddle 4 & 8 shaft weaving, knitting, nalbinding, felting, dyeing, KumihimoPlaydates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingSpinning, inkle weaving, rigid heddle weaving, nalbinding, kumihimointermediate tablet weaving, 4 and 8 shaft weaving
beginning felting, dyeing
Spinning, inkle weaving, basic pick up techniques on two shed systems, nalbinding, kumihimo, rigid heddlePirate Thunder North- Household
NO belted relationship yet. :) there is time yet
12/15/2014 19:09:143MJill MasonJill Blackhorse503-328-9033blkhrse@comcast.netJill MasonScythian stuff, horse, norse, & Chinese stuff, tablet weaving, nalbinding, garb, embroidery, woodworking, lacquer work, 14th century stuff, banners, heraldry, heraldic garb, scribal, musicTeaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingJill of all trades- expert at none.
Any- I can teach anything including teaching, tablet weaving, banners (silk painting and sewn), wood carving, sewingMy Apprentice is Brigitta Rigers
12/15/2014 19:16:273MCarina Lawson-WilliamsKattera Giese503-206-4706aurorasouthern@hotmail.comHeraldry, Stained Glass, wheat weaving, net lacePlaydates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingNoneMid beginner - wheatweaving. Intermediate- Stained Glass, Heraldry, net laceAll the aboveNo affiliations
12/15/2014 19:17:333MJennifer BerryJacqueline de Lioncourt503-422-8534jenb1996@yahoo.comJennifer BerryLJ: arwen_Lioncourt15th and 16th century German, French, and English stories and songs
Jesting and fooles (Juggling), Legerdemain, Children's entertainment, Dance
Playdates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingJesting and tomfoolery
Children's entertainment
16th century English broadsides
Beginning: Naalbinding, Inkle weaving. Intermediate: Dance, Middle Eastern Dance, playing recorder, drummimg, 15th century French songs and stories, Brass dress accessoriesAny of the aboveI am a Pelican with two apprentices: HL Barbara Svardhardt and HL Amia Turner
12/15/2014 21:16:233MChristine Kowalczykchris8kow@yahoo.comI'm so new to this I'm interested in anything and everything.Playdates, Learning
12/16/2014 10:07:13DLKris LeetMadrun Gwehyddes360-373-3231caldera@olympus.nettablet weaving, book binding, research, textile archaeology, embroidery, applique, cloth weaving, spinning, dyeing, Iron Age culturesPlaydates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, Judgingtablet weaving, research, embroidery, weavingintermediate book binding, spinning, dyeing, kumihimotablet weaving, tapestry, cloth weaving, types and uses of various looms, Coptic and Anglo-Saxon book binding, applique, embroidery, leather tooling, kumihimo List owner's note: 2014 Kingdom Arts & Sciences Champion
1/6/2015 18:26:07StromgardMary FogartyMira Alegria360-901-2630maryhfogarty@gmail.com20 yrs teaching, performing Middle Eastern dance, drum. Classes include percussion. Dance class max. 8 ppl. Wide range of styles with historical development. 8 classes, 1 1/2 hours each @ $100 or drop in @ $15/class.Playdates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classesCabaret, folk, ancient Egyptiancostuming for different eras and locations
regional percussion instruments from the Middle East
court dancing, Medieval and Rennaisance.
Still learning outside the frame of ME dance and drum Working with Cairith and Jennifer and Brian Olsen(Karsilama)
1/7/2015 9:36:063MIlonka WurtzHelena Bryenissa Raoulaina503-317-0132baroness.helena@gmail.comEmbroidery, Kumihimo, Lace, Knitting, Beaded Flowers, Byzantine, Parchment Craft, Quilling, Medieval Gardens and flowers, DocumentationPlaydates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingBlackwork, Knitting, Beaded FlowersBeginner: Lace Intermediate: Kumihimo, Byzantine, Parchment Craft, Quilling, Medieval Gardens and FlowersBlackwork, Knitting, Beaded Flowers, Documentation,
2/8/2015 11:21:24DMShoshana EdwardsEmma Randallsedwards1943@comcast.netShoshana EdwardsHeraldry ClothingTeaching classes, JudgingVoice HeraldryModerately skilled in armory, rolled hemsVoice Heraldry
3/15/2015 10:34:44StromgardBrian OlsonMalek of Samarqand503-757-8727malek_marlschev@yahoo.com - Central Asian, Mongolian, Indo-Persian
Garb - Central Asian, Mongolian, Chinese, Persian
Archery - Asian Thumbring and horsebows
Music - Middle Eastern, Renaissance, percussion
Campsite - improving appearance & disguising modern stuff
Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingMiddle Eastern percussion
Asian Thumbring archery
Intermediate: Armour making, garbing.
Beginner: Furniture making, cheese making,
Middle Eastern Percussion, beginning and advanced.
Armour Patterning
Rectangular construction garbing
Combat archery
Asian thumbring archery
Soft cheese making
Gambesons made easy
Period-looking camp furniture
Making bamboo arrows
Aucarius to Vardas Ersebet, OGGS
3/15/2015 10:35:05DMAndrea HardingDisa i Birkilundi503-847-8766disa.andrea@gmail.comAndrea HardingWire Weaving, Posament, Composite Antler Combs, Tablet Weaving, Lampworking, Norse Garment Construction and Embellishment, Pewter CastingPlaydates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingWire Weaving, PosamentBeginner: Lampworking, Pewter Casting; Intermediate: Composite Antler Combs, Tablet Weaving and Norse Garment Construction and EmbellishmentWire Weaving, Posament, Norse Garment Construction, Norse "Bling",
3/15/2015 18:59:00DLRandy WagnerRenart le fox de
Randy 'Renart' Wagner
SCA event management
Scribal Arts
SCA Food and Feasts
Playdates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingScribal Arts (Raised Gilding)
Feasts and Feasting
Event Planning and Preparation
Intermediate in research
Intermediate in hand sewing
Scribal Arts - Basic and Advanced, Raised Gilding. Gouache techniques
Feasts and Feasting - Planning and Preparation to Pulling it Off
Event Planning and Preparation
My Master is HE Ducessa Hlutwige Wolfkiller
3/16/2015 9:16:28Adiantum (Summits)Miriam PikeIdonia Sherwood541-554-2472idoniasherwood@gmail.comMiriam Pikewww.geekyyarn.blogspot.comFingerloop Braiding, costuming, spinning, KNITTING, lace makingPlaydates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classesKnitting, Fingerloop BraidingIntermediate costumer, spinner. Beginniner: lace making.Fingerloop Braiding, knitting, costuming (accessories mainly)
3/17/2015 10:44:16Stromgard/ 3MLois HaleHlutwige503-282-8274hlutwige@gmail.comLois Hale/HlutwigeCentral Asian Textile Arts with focus on the 1st - 5th C's AD
Cooking of all sorts, focus on Asian
Metal work, Target and War Archery (beginner)
Calligraphy and Illumination
Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingHeraldic Art
Calligraphy and Illumination
Pierced work (metal work)
Embroidery and Applique
Beginner Target and War Archery
Beginner Weaving
Intermediate Lampwork Beads
Chain Maille, Embroidery, Pierced work, Acid Etching, Applique, Calligraphy, Outdoor Cooking
4/2/2015 10:54:24DMBrian HuffmanFinn GrimWeaving, Costuming, Spinning, Fibers, Dying, FightingPlaydates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingInkle WeavingBeginner spinner
Intermediate Weaver
intermediate Costumer ( Early construction 9th-12 cent)
Beginning Embroiderer
Inkle Weaving
Basic Garb construction
Matheus Bane - My Knight (Laurel)
Brighid - My Pelican
Khalja - My Laurel
Megan - Pelican and Laurel
Laurels - Svava, Refr, and Katrine
5/6/2015 13:46:503MJessica Marya KargashinaKargashina at gmailTextiles, weaving, card weaving, illumination, onomastics, heraldry, dyeing, medieval russia, costumingPlaydates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingHeraldry, TextilesIntermediate: onomastics, illumination, weaving, dyeing, medieval Russia, card weaving, costuming, fabric printing.
Beginner: calligraphy, woodworking, metals.
Heraldry, Sca onomastics, Card weaving, Russian illumination, design for Sca uses, rectangular construction, dyeing, Shibori, basic costuming. Apprentice to Ælfflæd Ælfgarsdohtor.
5/6/2015 15:18:46StromgardJulie Ensign
Judita bat Ephraim Micas de Granada
(360) 991-1329jkamethyst2@gmail.comCulinary/Textiles/Herbal/Sephardic-Silkroad/Costume/Wood/Leathercraft/Astronomy/Maritime interests/Vintering and Distillery/Music/Scribal/Literature/ Theatrical/Carving and Sculpting/ Persona and Bardic/Campsite décor/SCA historyPlaydates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingPeriod foods/Embroidery/ Horticulture/ Persona development/Heraldry/ Children's activities/ Lesser-known Cultures, such as Asian, Meso- American, African-ArabicBeginning: Needlelace/Woodworking/Instrumental music. Interested in Bobbin lace, pottery, puppetry, toymaking, apothecary (See under "Expert In")no
5/6/2015 18:10:593MEllen CameronHavoise de Rohan503-654-1679havoiseroh@gmail.comEllen CameronEmbroidery, applique, couching, general costuming, beadwork, some Period cookingLearning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classesEmbroidery, especially split stitchAdvanced: Beadwork. Moderately advanced: Couching and applique,
General costuming.
Beginner: Period cooking
Beginning embroideryI am apprenticed to Mistress Arlys o Gordon.
6/15/2015 11:09:363MAnna FultzDawn SilverRose480-202-4937tygrkitn@gmail.com, Embroidery, sewing, singing, dancingPlaydates, Learning
6/15/2015 11:10:21DMCory MaronayRenna Ravenswald971-322-4784ravenswalds@gmail.comFiber, metal, ceramics, scribalPlaydates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingKnitting, Wire Weaving and Work, beading, fiber artsIntermediate-Expert Knitter, wire workerKnitting, Tree of Life Pendant Class (wire weaving).
6/15/2015 13:41:523MJan Hall971 706 garments, painting and designing scrolls, growing and using period herbsPlaydates, Learning
6/15/2015 14:04:383MBill HallGareth of Fenby503 758 2785janhall@onemain.com, Recorder music, Ballads and dance, Archery, fletching (limited by low vision, Boat building Playdates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-oneRecorder
Boat building
Recorder (with the help of my sighted assistant)
6/15/2015 14:20:303MMichael McSwineyAedan mac Suibne503 543 6133fingolfen@yahoo.comPewter Casting, Woodworking, Encampment, Vocal Music/Bardic, Recorder, Calligraphy, Illumination, Mamluk Sultanate, Castles / Fortifications, Equestrian, medieval Warfare, graphic heraldry, Roman & Japanese cultureLearning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingPewter Casting, Recorder, Calligraphy and Illumination, the Mamluk Sultanate, Castles and Fortifications, Equestrian, HeraldryIntermediate Woodworker, Intermediate Vocal (good voice, limited medieval repertoire), beginning encampment Pewter Casting, Recorder, Calligraphy and Illumination, the Mamluk Sultanate, Castles and Fortifications, EquestrianBaron of Three Mountains (for a few more months at least)
6/17/2015 18:50:323MP. MeyerY Blackhand OL OP KSCA503-230-9352SirB@Sirblackhand.comyesSirBlackhand.comPlaying with crossbows, combat archery, arms and armorPlaydates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, JudgingPrinting
Metal crafts
Former jeweler, Former armor maker, Former sword maker, Former crossbow makerone-on-one
Metal working
6/18/2015 15:24:013MJulie StrozykGiuliana Benevoli503-247-9338jstrozy@xprt.netwww.juliestrozyk.comStorytelling (laurel)
Music: Recorder, singing
Costuming, needlework, cooking, poetry
Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, JudgingStorytelling coaching and critiqueSewing, needlework: intermediate, willing to teachUkrainian easter eggs
Basic embroidery
Not at this time
7/6/2015 10:47:49StrGeri HoekzemaRosemarie Wintergarten360 (my music-only address), Singing - anything period but especially madrigals.
Playing - Sop. & Alt. recorder, some mountain dulcimer
Playdates, Teaching informally / One-on-oneHigh: Ensemble singing, duets & multi-part music. Sang with madrigal group for 13 years.
Intermediate: Playing Ren. dance music. Played with Starfollower Consort (3M) and informal small groups.
Beginner / learning: Leading or facilitating vocal ensembles
(At some point I'd love to hold group singing workshops - part songs, madrigals, etc - but don't think I have the expertise yet)Jorunn the Oblivious (3M) and I are a recorder duet (Beltania) looking for more players in search of a musical home.
7/29/2015 14:32:57StromgardJennifer OlsonKhanzara of Samarqand360-448-7409jennyannefoley@comcast.net & Persian period instrumental music - performance and theory, Celtic music
Renaissance instrumental dance tunes, Ottoman percussion - finger cymbals and drums, Embroidery, Persian/Turkish woven buttons, period Middle Eastern and Moorish cooking, Byzantine style beaded chain jewelry, period fruit trees and shrubs in Europe and Asia
Playdates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingOttoman/Persian/Middle Eastern historical instrumental music & percussion, performance, music theory. Performance & technique for Hammered Dulcimer, Harp, Oud. Finger cymbals - performance and teachingIntermediate: Celtic music, woven buttons, Middle Eastern cooking, embroidery, mandolin, mandola, mountain dulcimer, bowed psaltery, hummel Beginner - viola, pennywhistle, bodhran, period fruit trees in Europe and AsiaOttoman/Persian instrumental music theory and improv
Middle Eastern music theory
Historical rhythms for finger cymbals
intro to Renaissance dance tunes
How to make: Ottoman saffron rice pudding, Byzantine beaded chain necklaces and bracelets, Persian/turkish woven buttons
woman at arms - Katrina Spillman
7/31/2015 8:11:253MMichael WarrenWilliam Morwarren1333@msn.comWoodworking, pyrography, heraldic design, chinese gardens, architectureLearning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, JudgingWoodworking
Heraldic design
Chinese gardens: beginning
Architecture: beginning
Woodworking, Pyrography, heraldic design Courtier of 3M,
Apprentice to Volundr Alfric Rolfson
Inn of the Blue Boot, founding member
10/15/2015 21:26:363M,DMTony McCormickTitus Antonius Archelaus503-330-2239titus@notebene.net Arts
Wood working
Shoe Making
Everything else
Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classesPeriod, simple tool leather carving, Calligraphy, Illumination, Gold Leaf (raised and flat), Courbouilli - Wax Hardened Leather Armor, General Leather constructionPeriod, simple tool leather carving
Gold Leaf (raised and flat)
Courbouilli - Wax Hardened Leather Armor
General Leather construction
Apprentice to Master Esugenus
Squire to the former Duke Manfred Kriegstriber
10/20/2015 9:38:20StromgardLynda FjellmanIlaria Veltri degli Ansari360-247-5980lyndafjellman@yahoo.comilaria.veltri.tripod.comMaking anything, tools, clothing, woodworking and turning, jewelery, farming, horses, bees, embroidery, leatherworking, scribal. . . .Playdates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingLaurel nearly 30 years for clothing, embroidery, etc. Many experiments. No one is truly an expert as the more you know the more you need to know.I have experimented with making all sorts of stuff. Currently learning sharpening tools.I'll teach just about anything I do, or am interested in. Current "In the bag" classes: Gloves, Goldwork Embroidery, Beginning beekeeping, cloth hose, basic fitting, simple turnshoe slippers. Can teach millinery, wood turning, lace.Havoc, Iron Ring, Several students and apprentices.
1/19/2016 8:41:30Canton of Kaldor NessCatherine BestAppoline d'Avignonappoline_d_avignon@hotmail.comyesPlaydates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingT-Tunics and dresses - teaching, making
Cooking, south France
Heirloom gardening - medieval plants,
chickens, horses, fabric dyeing
intermediate: cordial making, wood working, sewing, origami, fire making, silk banner painting, heraldry,

beginning: pottery, finger weaving, spinning, horse back archery, archery,
T-Tunics and dresses - teaching, making
Cooking, south France
Heirloom gardening - medieval type plants
chickens, horses, fabric dyeing, 'Frog' knot tying
teacher: Alfric for wood carving
mistress: Kateline McFarlane
1/20/2016 20:50:20TillamookElizabeth503.840.4474elizabeth.arthur.tunstall@gmail.comElizabeth E. TunstallSewing, beading, music, writing, herbology. Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingSewing, Beading,Expert: Jewelry making. Intermediate: Herbology. Beginner: drum-making.Professional Seamstress, Professional Jewelry maker/Beader. Have taught classes in both to youth and adults.
3/17/2016 19:03:193MGuy Gascoigne-PiggfordFrancis Darcyguy@wrydrune.com costume. Embroidery.Learning, Teaching classes, JudgingElizabethan Male Costume.Intermediate blackwork embroidery.
Intermediate making aglets.
Using a sewing machine (sewing for dudes :) )
Basic hand sewing.
Elizabethan Male Costume.
Making aglets. Pinking fabric.
Apprentice to Dame Meagan Windemere of Oakwood
8/7/2016 15:40:213MCindy M.Freydísxauenanthropus@gmail.comBotanical dyeing, sprang, metalworking, recorder playingPlaydates, Learning. Seeking people to play with, eventing not in my budget right now.Intermediate: Botanical dyeing, handsewing
Beginner: embroidery, tablet weaving, Sprang, metalworking, musicking
Fjorlief is one of my teachers, Caer Lutris loosely affiliated household.
9/20/2016 16:23:573MChris TaylorPhilip de GreylondeCLOphilip@greylonde.comBrewing (especially beer and wild/sours), fermented foods, woodworking, culinary, beekeeping, Playdates, Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-oneBrewing, beekeeping, and fermented foodsIntermediate: woodworking, culinary
Beginner: sewing
Brewing, fermented foods, beekeeping
9/21/2016 21:12:03DMNancy Quade Esme de Nancy Sieger Quade Learning, Teaching informally / One-on-one, Teaching classes, JudgingCalligraphySewing intermediate
Calligraphy intermediate
And more
Sewing Basics
7/19/2017 1:58:57DMRyan DavidsonJosé Cabrera de Castilla971-227-2479malkom1366@hotmail.comJosé Cabrera de CastillaSewing, tailoring, embellishment, embroidery, music, dance, singing, poetry, woodworking, metalworking, Elizabethan era/latter 16th century Europe, illumination, calligraphy, scroll/charter design and painting, silk painting/banner painting, haberdashery, millinery, armoring (soft kit in particular)Sewing consultation/tutoring/assistance, poetry, prose, calligraphy, painting16th century tailoring (men's and women's)Sewing, pattern drafting, calligraphy, charter paintingBarony of Dragon's Mist
Iron Ring
7/19/173MDeane StittWilliam Tarrell503-730-5689deane.stitt.archery@gmail.comDeane StittWeaving, Thrown Weapons, Archery, MarshalingWeaving (Inkle or Tablet), Thrown Weapon InstructionInkle Weaving, Tablet Weaving, Thrown WeaponsApprentice/Protege` to Dame Meagan Windemere of Oakwood, Arcarii to Andrew Stiubhard
7/23/173MRainbow ColderAirmid, weaving, illumination, period children's toys/dolls, sewing, jewlery making, lampwork beads, learning new craftsinformal teaching, social sewing, possible work trades, profecient at all listed, looking to find something to focus on and masterinkle weaving, organizing a camp, cooking for groups, volunteer organization, facilitating conversations and informal gatheringsseeking mentors in crafts
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