UK Footwear Manufacturers
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2 is a UK shoe shop that buys and sells british-made shoes. To encourage the trade to stay in business, this list is public to anyone. Other lists exist on the trade association - the British Footwear Association's - web site but list only members. UK manufacturers have to be very lean and of course won't often belong to a trade association any more than they will advertise or lobby or pay for PR or have a receptionist or do sales. The British Fashion Council and similar groups do similar work on government grant but they are trade associations of clothes importers and subsidising them them is a bit like subsidising a fox to look after chickens. Their "Value of Fashion" report from Oxford Economics is a work of propaganda in small print with all the admimssions of falsehood hidden at the back, and their "database" of UK suppliers lists only three shoe factories, one of which turns out to make wool socks. And another of their acolytes, Ethical Fashion Forum, has a page warning people not to buy British-made goods for a list of muddled reasons called "The Issues". Any help closing them down would be appreciated.
3 has a link to this page via Own brand and web siteminimum order for own brand – or for wholesale prices ex stockminimum made to order per style and colour with a slight variation, such as a private label or a combination of styles and materials used in the pastmaximumtypical waiting listmoccasinsewndirect mouldedcementedpatternsprice range / contact
Mainly Sewn
Altberg Ltd 02563160 and mtorcycle £90+ wholesale2b Racecourse Road, Richmond, DL10 4TG. email info at. Factory shop has a glass screen to the factory
Barker Shoes Ltd 00133893 instock servicemoccasingoodyear weltedcemented "barkerflex" 3 layermens classic. Military styles used to be shown on and the names if not the photos can be tracked-down on web.archive.orgUpper / Station Road Earls Barton Northampton NN6 0NT email barker at
Blackthorne Shoes Ltd 31449 dissolved 2005Blackthorn Shoes Ltd. Coes rd Dundalk Louth. (042)9334741 ... (01)2940064.
Conchas et Freres (Portugal)http://nevermind4u.commid price/London Edge trade show
Conker Shoes Conker Shoe Company
28 High Street, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5RY email info at or web form
Church / Cheaney ?00133893Church, Cheaney hand-made?< 3 monthsgoodyear weltedmainly classic menshigh end
Crockett and Jones Ltd and Joneshigh end
Daisy Roots??all hand made but the design is simpleBag-like soft shoes for babies and toddlers up to 4 years. Alternatively, make a sole out of anything and sew it onto the bottom of a pair of stocks. Synthetic chamois leather is good for indoors; add rubber solution for outdoor use.
Denric Footwear Ltd footwear 15 staff makeing 2,000 a week in 2004. No catalogue but can make a range of coloursDenric Footwear Ltd.
Lever Street BB4 7QB
Tel: 01706 214650 (registered office) trading 63a Bank St Rowtenstall BB4 7QN (Hatton & Co are on ground floor)
Dubarray sewn, glued, moccasin, gore-tex linedtall boots, traditional shoes, thick-sole moccasins (boat shoes)high end / Dubarry of Ireland Ballinasloe County Galway Ireland
Tel: 00 353 90 9642348 or trade @ dubarry com for a wholesale account
Essanti SlippersEssanti,
askstitchdownslippers: indoor mules with cloth soles, similar to an oven glove. Materials include bamboo fabricRetail £8-£9 / Essanti Textiles, 14, Ddole Road Ind. Est. Llandrindod Wells, Powys, LD1 6DF Tel: 01597 825 825
Florida Group 00319106Van Dahl, Brooks,?Phone call 2010 "small production unit in the UK ... wouldn't touch anything under 300 pairs". Video on shows them working with a wholesale customer to customer designs in 2017. There are videos on the Van Dahl site toothousands?cemented?womens upmarket shoes in a massive range of styles; the usual range changes each year. The factory shop in Norwich displays mainly court shoes with rubber soles and a few mens standard office styles. No tall boots on show.Factory shop sells "seconds" @ £20 so wholesale is probabably simliar.
Govan Originals Ltd SC438998Govan Originals (handmade in Scotland) to availabilitysewncementedContemporary, fashion, classic and quirkytop end / contact Kevin Sefton and Diana Currie email founders@
GREEN SHOES OF TOTNES LTD 04567324Green Shoes 1 day shoemaking classesRetail £120+ / GREEN SHOES

Dart Mills
Old Totnes Road
TQ11 0NF
United Kingdom
Grenson Ltd 1967176Grenson weltedQueen Street, Rushden, Northants NN10 0AB.
Sales Office: 44 (0) 1933 354 300
Facsimile: 44 (0) 1933 410 106
Email: enquiries at
Amanda Barker trading as Joes Toes kitfelt kits to shrink and stitch downalso a pattern cutter and shoe designer9 Field Lane, Brighouse, HD6 3NX01484 44 31 61
JL & Co LtdJohn Lobb made to orderN/AN/A?
£2,000 a pair / Westminster Works, Oliver Street, Northampton. Retail shop at St James' St., London
R Griggs Group Ltd


Doc Martens since 1986 (previously a shared brand despite current statements such as "made like no other shoe on earth")via sales reps, UKD wholesalers, Gardner Brothers (Leathers) or just some of the steel toe boots from safety boot wholesalers including Briggs Industrial, Leicesterunlikely: UK production was resumed at their head office building just for top-ups and "Doc Martens made in england" batchesthousands?goodyear welted, heatsealclassic DM styles£35+Retail £70 / R GRIGGS GROUP LIMITED
NN29 7SW
Loake Brothers Ltd 00043081Loake12?12thousands< 3 months variesgoodyear weltedclassic mens – see, say ? 50 / Loake Bros. Ltd. Wood Street Kettering NN16 9SN
New BalanceNew Balanceaccount customers only; supply depends on what's ordereddo not make to order or via wholesalers - sell through own network of sales repsthousandsIn-stock to one month? Delivery varies as they get orders together from different sources. Styles change slightly every year or so for example a different colour.strobel stitched, cemented, ? otherscemented, varying colour styles of trainer patterns; large choice of widths35
Norman Walsh Footwear Ltd 04683613Walshsome styles “almost from stock”?thousandsmost popular style “virtually from stock”Norman Walsh have their own constructionlight weight fell-running shoesNORMAN WALSH FOOTWEAR LTD
Company No. 04683613
NPS (Shoes) Ltd 05678953NPS, Solovair. Also make for White and Co (1890) ltd's Tredair and Gripfast ranges, and George Cox boots + sewn brothelcreepers + some John White styles36 from factory. UKD wholsalers sell some styles from stock - any combination, £250 minimum order for free delivery. Minimum orders of components such as soles increase the minimum for some styles. Ask NPS for other wholesalersthousands - current production 1,000 a month, rising< 3 months variesgoodyear welted, heatseal PVC with felt mid-sole including heat resistant soles for firefighters, leather soles including the "country classics range", screw soles including punk styles
Rays Veldts Footwear Manufacturers Rays Veldts? 12 or 30ask - usually hand cut their own uppers. Have a clicking press. Hope to buy knives and cementing equipment7-14 dayscemented or stitchdown. in 2013 there are two businesses; another does clogsDerby shoe, monk, desert /chukka boot. Euro sizes Retail desert boot £79 wholesale £40 including hand-cutting and £<2 for leather upper. / Ray Velts Footwear Manufacturers, 15 High St, Saxmundham, Suffolk, IP17 1DF. 2 hrs from Liverpool Street station
The Scottish Dance Shoe CoScottish Dance Shoeusually sell direct to the public or " A lot of the shoes are sold and dispatched to America""Three machinists, three cutters, one packer and two assemblers work in the factory.." - sales have transferred to a London based company on the owner's retirement; production continues in the north of England (according to an email April 2012)turned inside-out; little or no solepump and ghillieRetail £30 + postage
Wheelanshoes.ieInishfree dance shoes - may make some of the irish-owned susst range? Used to make their own Drifters range of mens leather sole classics - see their pages on for picsprobably keep their own styles in stock?????Dance shoes, line dancing sandals, classic mens? / 15 High Street
Mainly Glued ("cemented")

Carisma Dance Shoe Ltd
wholesale made to order only, but dozens are not a problemGIbsons Oxfords and sandals for ballroom dancing. Several trims and colour combinations in stock or easily available107, Dorothy Rd, Leicester, Leicestershire LE5 5DS

Tel: 0116 273 9836
Castle Footwear Ltd 3891563 a small UK based manufacturing company Castle Footwear can react quickly to produce small volume orders in a variety of styles, sizes and fittings at very competitive prices.

Bulk orders also available. Please contact for details.
Orthopedic and wide fit slippers; gibson shoes in 3 width fittings
Chancery Footwear Ltd 01803215Cotswold Golf - distributed by Gardiner Brothers (Leathers) Ltd. Customers brands include collection - race boots, bowls, boxing, lots of golf, rugby, Chelsea, moccasin to size 15 @ £15-20, dance shoes, safety toe cap or standard 1" court shoes, customers / brands include Cotswold Golf and EquitectorMr Christopher Woodward
Fantasy Shoes Ltd 05875113Fantasy Shoes now closed but see ... now closed ... the address at No 31 used to be a cobbler but is now an archetect office.http://www.fantasyshoe.com12ask. The company shows at London Edge trade show under the Retrosole namecementedWebsite categories are goth, fetish, glam or modMr Bambos Stylianou
Freed of London 02693052Freed of London http://www.freedoflondon.comcementedDance shoes, strappy womens' sandals, balerina shoes
JA FootwearQuick Step. (Customers may include Fyna Dance Shoes and Dancesport) shoes picturesdance shoes mens and womens. Mens style has a toe-cap front and lace tabs. Womens style is a high heel sandal. shoes have special soles for dancing and usually the glossiest top available. Two widths/ Also 2" heel court shoes. Minimum say 30 pairs.Able to source gloss PU or leather for uppers. Walking distance from Haddon Costello resin sole cutters and GB Thompson shoe lining and upper suppliers. Also lots of knitwear factories in the same road as Haddon Costello according to Google street view.No web site but see the sepate company Fyna Dance Shoes for styles. Neighbouring company Leicester Shoe Components / Leicester Shoe Building is no longer trading.
June Graham Shoes June GrahamWedding Shoeson say 30 pairs the price could be about £30?All D-fitting. Various heel heights
Ken Hall Ltd 00867455Ken HallModular construction orthorpedic shoes
Leatherworks Footwear Ltd 06913173Leatherworks London 12 - "Leatherworks has been designing and manufacturing its own exclusive styles since 1992 and welcomes inquiries from Retailers and Wholesalers. We have produced shoes for Prince, Vivian Westwood, Stella McCartney, Dolly Parton and Robert Lyndsey to name but a few.

We supply heel sizes at 4", 5.5", 7" Stiletto with 2" Platform. We are proud to announce that we have designed a new range of shoes using our brand new removable heel"
Can make quantities eg 12 according to phone call 2.3.10 but only very high heel; not 1" small factoryask - probably variescementedwelcome inquiries from retailers & wholesalers. We supply heel sizes at 4", 5.5", 7" Stiletto with 2" Platform. Wide range of materials. Own system of removable heels available.Unit 8 Stephen House, 1B Darnley Road, London, E9 6QH
Pro Footwear
Pro Footwear,Unit G, Tollbar Buisness Park,Newchurch rd,Stacksteads, Rossendale, Lancashire, OL13ONA
RE Ormerod & Co related to June Graham next door?small factory?womens shoes and bootsR E Ormerod & Sons
Union Mill Bacup Road, Rossendale, Lancashire BB4 7JN
01706215391 f: 01706210368 - someone answers the phone but says "it
used to be the number for oirmerod but ormerod is no longer a business" -
not sure if this is still a footwear business number
DB Shoes Ltd 00163960DB Shoesask for wholesalers. Increasingly sell retail via their website which also lists stock levelsprobably not if they have to find the uppersthousands. A video on Youtube and their website shows a very automated process for directly moulding plastic soles onto bought-in womens shoe uppers.?direct mouldedcementedmid-market, range of widths
Reed Medical 02593748
REECO, medical footwear manufacturer£75 upwards retail
Mike Barnes Trading Company 9 London Road Woollaston NN29 7QPMakes shoes for chain stores wholesalers and mainly niche markets such as Dance and Vegan, used to make for Regent riding boots & some George Cox styles.over 24. 500 is a big order.A new set-up using some of the tools from the former William James Shoes. ?cementedsmall collection of good quality mens classics, winklepickers, wedge shape and classic shape25 / ( 07973 ) 490 189
subcontract wide fitting shoes, little boots. Same address as Apex Closing. Now has a health clinic as a tenant - so closed or moved?The site houses a sports injury clinic now which seems less useful. New contact details welcomesmall workshop - usually booked up to capacity?
Supadance commission to dance teachers?some shoes are hand made so askvariesCemented – hand made and machine lasteddance styles of mens classic shoe and womens high heel – see web site
Taurus Footwear and Leathers Footwear retail stockists are welcome. Please contact us if you would like a trade brochure or to arrange to see our collection of equestrian footwear. ? Footwear is "sourced" as well as made so different styles may have different minimumscemented
Baby sizes only - probably turned-inside out after sewing or glued together
Starchild Shoes Limited
Mainly Direct Moulded
T.GROOCOCK & CO.(ROTHWELL)LIMITED 00351563 holders only - ask? do not usually make for other brandsthousandsdirect mouldedmens and womens mid-range comfort footwear
Softwalker owned by Ceased footwear production or large scale contracting-out in late 2009. Still have plenty of Kalahari sandals available or ask for other designs. Urofoams un-affected. Small tools are in store in case the buyer of the moulding carousell at DCR machines wants to buy the lot. Asking price for the lot is £35,000?longdirect moulding of foam soles onto cloth uppers – this can use cheap resin mouldswomens comfort£36 wholesale
Haynes and Cann Ltd 00158033

now taking offers on equipment till the end October 2012 for sale to the highest bidders in September - ask for a list
Haynes and Cann / unbranded for forces - use to see usually busy on miltary ordersusually busy on military orders600 a week (?) according to web sitevariesfixed styles of airforce boot - see web sitedirect mouldedtwo boots; can be made as shoes. Production technique doesn't allow variation of soles or upper thicknessHAYNES & CANN,LIMITED
Beaconsfield Footwear Ltd 00641365Hotter Shoes - see "about us"possibly for largest customers?not surewomens comfort – specialise in rubberised joints
Rosebank Slippers Ltd 01244125 dissolved by receiver October 2010; vulcanising presses scrapped or via ask for other wholesalers and local cash-and-carry stockists including their own factory. Also sell shop fittingsThere are several cash-and-carry wholesalers in the area360. Some styles stocked. Postage is for 360 but can send lessthousandsvariesvulcanised foam rubberdirect moulded spongey rubberindoor velour or cotton slippers: see adverts in£6.00
R&M Hays, slipper manufacturers, Old Market Hall, Chapel Street Haslingden, Rossendale, Lancashire BB4 5QR
Tel: 01706225051
S32 4TD
Company No. 00787586 Rufflander, AL White, Arturo (cycle shoes). Also manufacture reproduction World War 1 styles, sherpherd's boots and tug-of-war bootsOne or two foundry boot / direct moulded mens boots stocked at UKD wholesalers, Gardner Brothers (leathers) and other wholesalers - minimum order for free delivery £250 at UKD wholesalers, buyer's choice of sizes and styles - minimum made to order from the factory ?12 or some standard styles made as single pairs for web retail.askthousandslow monthsvulcanised rubberdirect moulded boots; rivited boots, stitchdown, cememtedMens & unisex boots; cadet boots, furnace boots, traditional mens country styles, 1930s cycling shoes, "78TC Traditional Work Boot"
Comfy Toesmoccasins and womens sandalsMr O Trainor 1 Ernest Street LL18 2DR
Danecrafts. Ask them for wholesaler suppliers if their minimum is too high ask for wholesale stockists including UK Distributors and Gardiner Brothers (Leathers)360??moccasin. Soles are stitched-on through a groove in thin plastic sheets made by Gillson Bros of Taunton£6-£10
Dubarray's subcontractors - in 1998 they employed "150-200 stitchers who work from their homes. About 10% of the work is done by 8-10 inmates of Mountjoy Jail in Dublin. These are usually medium term inmates and are paid the same rate as the homeworkers. The arrangement has been in place since 1997" (quote from Sole Survivors, Anton G Kerins)
Sheepland Ltd
Celtic Sheepskin Co 03265058formerly The Original Ugg Boot Co
Sandalhouse or 36 for best deal on delivery; web mail order is geared to pre-packs fixed size ratios 3-8. Cash and carry may be available in , Birmingham -dropping in is OK 9-5 weekdays and Sunday 9-2 but there's no harm in ringing in advance. The pressing factory and warehouse is labelled "Cromwell Trading Estate" Adderley Road, Saltley, Birmingham, B8 1DXstrappy femenine sandals including asian styles on low or higher heelsMr ZP Arshad 1-5 Alum Rock Rd, B8 1JB
British Footwear Association has a list of hard-to-find footwear suppliers. Some also have machines to stretch material over lasts or moulds and tack it on to soles.
Jane Saunders & ManningOrthopedic market, NHS we do is one-off; there is nothing off the shelf, and that makes it expensive
County Footwear, NorthamptonOrthopedic market & NHS since about 2000 given-up making ordinary shoes. Please let me know if not or change this
PR Cooper (Footline) Ltd Co.01106554
Orthopedic market but the site looks as though they could do a batch of shoes cheaper than a pair Cooper (Footline) Ltd
Sycamore Works, Melton Road
LE7 9LG 0116 259 7263
Aztec Footwear, Rushden ... closed?
They also make baby shoes as does a cobbler in Dublin who's name I forget
Corinium MerchantingVictory, Country, size range order 50Rubbermoulded rubber solesGL6 7NR
The Harborough Rubber CoDainitehttp://www.dainite.comRubber
W Smart and Sonhttp://www.materialcuttingservices.comRubber and material cuttersweb site is about cutting
Shoematt / TR LawmanTR Lawmanhttp://www.shoemat.comwill provide knives to cut in a new shape for 50 pair ordersNatural Crepe, microcell blocks or shapes, other materialsnatural rubber = crepe soles; leather soles
Davies Odell & Phillips Rubber part of CEPS PLC
Phillips, Itshide, Commando,
Stick-on sole units and sheets in rubber and PVC, no longer made in the UK
Twentieth Century Leather, Northampton officeAgents for an Italian moulder, selling min 500 pairs at about €4, ordinary size ranges "not 100 of one size and 500 of another"
Company No. 02725688
Ju Ju Jellies styles of PVC soles - prefer large orders - may supply as few as 100 for a regular customer round the corner from designs they have moulds for or from stock (not sure which). 500 pairs for a special production run of a style done before with the customer's moulds already in stock. For regular customers they will make less than 500 pairs with £20 set-up fee per size. If the order is say one pair they will either say "no" or wait until the same compound is moulded and charge £20+1 pair but for new customers they probably won't answer a question about this and for old customers they hint that this is uneconomic. Web site suggests they are making wellies in the UK again now.thousandsPVC injection moulding. Some styles are then combined with PVC welts with hot knives and carved to shape in shoe factories
Haddon Costello Ltd
Cutters of plastic & other sole materials including shaped soles for high heel shoeHADDON COSTELLO LTD
Tel - 07860 503 941
Fax - 0116 2338857
Spring Line Limited of lasts from their own collection of models, from other lasts in good condition, or computer cad-cam models.Ask. Some are on the web site. There is a charge for a half hour consultation. Good on broad fittings to suit North European and UK market.£30 plus VAT and £8.95 UPS delivery for a student offer. Multiple pairs may be £25. £500 charge for electronically cleaning-up a battered last model before copying. One pound extra per pair for wood.
Syston Components heels for high-heel shoes, heel tips - see website for the range. Also plastic trophies and garden cain holders103b High Street, Syston, LEICESTER, LE7 1GQ Tel: 0116 2608588Fax: 0116 2692951
E A Tailby
E A Tailby, plastic, rubber and wooden heels
Willow wooden soles using material from www.cricketbatwillow.com07713 563330
UK factory brokers: companies which can book factory time before customers are committed, deliver kits of parts to be made, use their own collection of small tools and designs, draw their own patterns, make their own samples, use ex-factory staff to make sure communication with factories is quick. Only George Cox and White & Co definately take orders this way; Equitector might
goodyear welted
George Cox Company No 05875113George Cox on some styles - it depends on the workshop and components usedno max; 500+ a typical large order.Fancy interlaced punky platform 1950s moccasins - often sell 500 at a time to Japan. Brothel creepers and winklepickersAdam Waterfield or Steve Gollins
White and Co 1890Gripfast Tredair, White, other classic styles eg "demob", 70s trainer, cricket style boothttp://www.whiteandco1890.com12 on some styles - it depends on the factory & components used; a moulded sole has a higher minimum unless in stock at a factoryvariesUnisex tough boots shoes and mary-janes, footwear designer, owner of a collection of shoe making tools including the moulds to make Tredair 3-layer bouncing solesNick White, - some stock may be held at Jackall Distribution in Wimbledon, South London
Equitector Ltd Company No. 06291040
Equitector - promoted as a manfufacturing retailer, but may want to help making orders for othershttp://www.equitector.comStrong riding boots, chelsea boots, hiking boots, some of them made at Chancery Footwear using the same small tools as the old Shoeco factory.Nico Katan
DIY factory space with use of tools near London