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TimestampUsername Exam DateTotalC/P (Chem/Physics)CARSBB (Bio/Biochem)P/S (Psych/Sociology)Date (When did you take this practice exam? (approx))TotalC/PCARSB/BP/SDate (When did you take this practice exam? (approx)TotalC/PCARSB/BP/SDate(When did you take this practice exam (approx?))TotalC/PCARSB/BP/SDate(When did you take this practice exam (approx?))Total (Percentage)C/P (Percentage)CARS (Percentage)B/B (Percentage)P/S (Percentage)Date(When did you take this practice exam (approx?))Total Score (out of 120)C/P (out of 30)CARS (out of 30)B/B (out of 30)P/S (out of 30)When did you do the Section Banks approx?Section Bank - C/P PercentageSection Bank - B/B PercentageSection Bank - P/S PercentageWhen did you take the Question banks approx?Q Bank - CARS #1 PercentageQ Bank - CARS #2 PercentageQ Bank - Biology #1 PercentageQ Bank - Biology #2 PercentageQ Bank - Chemistry PercentageQ Bank - Physics PercentageAAMC flashcards scores /25What did you think about the AAMC Material for practice?Have you taken the MCAT Before?How many times (TOTAL including this time)?When was your first attempt?What was your overall score on your first attempt?Section wise break down of score of first attemptWhy did you retake after your first attempt?What did you do differently this time?Advice for retakers?When was your second attempt?What was your overall score on your 2nd attempt?Section wise break down of score of 2nd attemptWhy did you retake from the first time?What did you do differently from the first time?Advice for retakers who have taken the exam twice already?List all other attempts here Additional Comments and Remarks TPR Exam 1 Total ScoreTPR Exam 2 Total ScoreTPR Exam 3 Total ScoreTPR Exam 4 Total ScoreTPR Exam 5 Total ScoreTPR Exam 6 Total ScoreTPR Exam 7 Total ScoreTPR Exam 8 Total ScoreTPR Step Practice Exam Score w/ Breakdown (List all)What did you think of TPR Exams? NS Diagnostic Total ScoreNS1 Total ScoreNS2 Total ScoreNS3 Total ScoreNS4 Total ScoreNS5 Total ScoreNS6 Total ScoreNS7 Total ScoreNS8 Total ScoreNS9 Total ScoreNS10 Total ScoreNext Step Practice Exam Score w/ Breakdown (List all)What did you think of Next Step Exams?Altius FL 1 Total ScoreAltius FL 2 Total ScoreAltius FL 3 Total ScoreAltius FL 4 Total ScoreAltius FL 5 Total ScoreAltius FL 6 Total ScoreAltius FL 7 Total ScoreAltius FL 8 Total ScoreAltius FL 9 Total ScoreAltius FL 10 Total Score
1/9/2018 1:17:36iamnicholas (R)9/2/20185131291271281298/30/20175151291271301298/5/20175111271281301268/19/201782.7581898180I didn't start the AAMC until the last month before my test, and save AAMC FL #2 for 2 days before my test. AAMC did very well in offering the same question types as they did on the actual test, whereas the other resources I used were CLOSE, but never quite the same.No505502504506508FL1: (126/126/126/127)
FL 2: (124/127/126/125)
FL 3: (125/127/127/125)
FL 4: (125/127/127/127)
FL 5: (126/128/128/128)
Much harder than the AAMC material. Some interconnected questions. Passages were often longer than AAMC. They were definitely worth it, however, due to their difficulty setting you up for a confidence boost once you take your first AAMC.
1/19/2018 17:16:449/12/2018494124123124123No
1/27/2018 21:07:271/25/20185221301291311321/5/2018517129129129130No
1/28/2018 1:21:579/9/2017515128127128132507508831) section bank 2) sample test 3) practice tests 4) question bank 5) AAMC flashcardsYes1504506Valuable practice but not representative of the real exam; good practice for CARS (similar length to the real exam)
2/3/2018 22:28:23tarad95 (R)8/18/20175121281281271298/10/20175101271291271277/7/20175051261271271258/1/20177980No501504FL1: 501 (124/124/126/127) (Taken 7/13/2017)
FL2: 504 (124/127/126/127) (Taken 8/1/2018)
2/6/2018 18:36:44(R) McJude8/24/20175131281261281318/17/20175061271261271268/21/2017506127125127127I only took the practice tests, which I thought were the most useful practice testsNo495506509502504506502I thought the pysch/soci parts were fantastic, the physical sections were way tougher than actual test
2/6/2018 20:54:16DoctorateInD3Athletics (S)6/17/20175101291261251306/12/20175061281261261265/26/20175081301261271256/8/20177788.177.376.384.76/1/20178076.388.16/2/201871.462.5I felt like the format/types of questions were spot on to the real test. Also, the difficulty of the questions were on par with the MCAT (prep courses tend to be harder than the actual exam).No508FL1: 508 (128,125,128,127)(Taken: 5/31/17)I felt like the first test (especially since it is free) was well worth the time. The scoring and question difficulty resembled the AAMC practice FL. However, I feel like the passages were shorter than the other practice exams, even on MCAT test day.
2/12/2018 18:33:11oliver13168/25/20175201281311301328/18/20175161281301281308/4/2017513126130127130No501503505503508508510511Harder than the real thing, good practice for when you're stumped
2/23/2018 12:43:351/20/20185191271321291311/15/20185181281301301301/14/20185191301301301291/13/20185121291271291271/7/2018831/8/2018No504504505513
2/23/2018 12:51:57528mcat1/19/20185181321261301301/16/201851213012412912912/28/20175121311251281281/4/201851613112513212712/23/201786.25858392851/15/2018898973FL3 was way more representative than anything elseYes28/19/20170
2/23/2018 12:57:04OlfactoryHues555 (R)1/20/20185071281261281251/10/201851212813012712712/20/201751713012813012912/1/2017507128126128125NoHarder and different than actual mcat
2/23/2018 13:03:03Severedbox53 (R)1/20/20185111271301271271/13/20185111281281281271/11/20185021261261261251/9/201850512612812612512/31/201774638980641/1/20188017281817No
2/23/2018 13:15:31R_guest1/19/20185151281281291301/13/201851312/16/20175121/9/2018509Great use as much as possibleNo
2/23/2018 13:28:551/20/20185151281281281311/13/20185131/8/20185091/2/2018506AAMC material is so so so important to get used to the passages and the way they ask questions. Do every full length, do the sample test, and the section banks are very very helpful. I also liked the Q banks because they were a bit easier, but it was good for identifying weak content areas and just more practice.No
2/23/2018 13:30:34uconn191/20/20185201321281291311/10/20185181301271301311/13/201851913013013012912/29/20175141301281291271/8/2018101202727271/3/2018857275No512515510FL1: 512 (128/127/128/129) FL2: 515 (129/128/129/129) FL3: 510 (128/125/128/129)Great prep but CARS is not representative
2/23/2018 13:49:59diego278651/20/20184921211221231261/19/20185111291271261291/17/20185081271261291261/15/2018495123122126124Was not prepared for CARS whatsoever. No
2/23/2018 13:53:38puffball1986 (R)1/19/20185161271291301301/11/20185111291261281281/13/20185141291311291251/7/20185101291261281271/8/201890No504500503507They were great to get me going, exposed and gave a general idea of how I was doing.505The diagnostic was not a good litmus for how I would actually do. After months of further preparation, my scores dropped in TPR tests.
2/23/2018 14:17:19SophistRS (R)1/20/20185251321291321321/18/20185221321271321311/13/20185191321291311271/9/20185231321321311281/6/2018838372Very goodNo
2/23/2018 14:18:06prairiemusic (S)1/19/201851612713012713212/29/20175101251301261291/14/20185141291301271281/12/20185091271301251271/9/2018755892638886182717241/15/20186060631/7/2018808173727368Section Banks > FLs >>> QBanks. Wish I'd incorporated AAMC material earlier, especially the section banks. I saved them for the last week and should have started them three weeks out.No502Free FL: 502 (122/127/124/129) (Taken 12/27/17)Trash. Don't bother with this one even though it's free unless you're just using it for pacing - they don't let you review the exam afterwards.504505HL: 504 (123/129/123/129) (Taken: 12/12/17) FL1: 505 (127/127/124/127) (Taken: 1/3/2018)They were definitely worth the price of free. Not sure if I would have paid to take more (I was on a budget). Good practice.
2/23/2018 14:18:59superspanishquad (R)1/19/20185151281271301301/14/20185181311281281311/7/201851212912812912612/31/201751113012812812512/28/201791242322226269631/5/201889828384Section banks were most important, as well as the AAMC full-length tests.No
2/23/2018 14:19:16dodolol211/20/20185201291281321311/15/20185211311311311281/13/20185171301301301271/10/201851512913012812812/26/201781768980801/9/20181002526242512/30/20176977681/10/2018838675788888No
2/23/2018 14:23:35plankclown1/20/20185221311291311311/13/20185261321321321301/6/201852213113213012912/16/201752213213213012811/18/201787.3909290781072626272812/6/201778807011/10/201790938790All very helpful and relevantNo516520Diagnostic: 516 (129/129/128/130)(Taken: 12/25/17), FL1: 520 (131/130/130/129)(Taken: 12/30/17)Fine, not as realistic
2/23/2018 14:25:57MotherofallNoobs (R)1/20/20185251321301311321/13/20185191301301301291/9/201852413113113213012/24/20175181301291301291/5/201890859890901/3/2018992526232512/26/201781836912/13/2018858478839188Do this. If you don't do all the AAMC material (except maybe Qpacks and flashcards) before taking your exam, you aren't ready to take the examNo505511512511FL1: 511 (128/128/128/127) FL2: 512 (129/128/128/127) FL3: (129/126/127/129These were probably the most helpful out of all of the FLs I took. The formatting and long experimental based questions were very similar to the real deal. Only thing is that the C/P on NS was much harder.
2/23/2018 14:26:171/19/201851412912712813012/20/20175121291281301251/12/201852013112913013012/10/201751413012712812911/20/201785.278918592Yes26/17/20170512
2/23/2018 14:29:53epicacx3(R) (chilly) 1/19/20185191301281301311/11/20185171321251301301/6/201851613012613112912/26/201751213112312912912/8/20178285838375No511509510509
2/23/2018 14:35:36smores_on_fire (R)1/20/20185171251321291311/12/20185161281301281301/6/201851712913012912912/24/201751112812912712712/29/2017799180937978787483FL3 was probably most representative of the real thing. Used AAMC materials in the last 6 weeks out of my 6 months of studyingNo505511I only used the free services. Really liked their easy to navigate website and great answer explanations
2/23/2018 14:38:25The_Wise_Ewok (R)1/19/2018519128132130129No
2/23/2018 15:11:11dumham (R)1/19/20185211321261321311/13/20185191301291301301/6/201852113112913113012/28/201751513112512913012/21/201785907292851/3/20181012427252512/24/201780767912/15/2017647881848890The Full Lengths were AMAZING! I highly recommend doing them ~3 weeks out, and reviewing each one thoroughly. These are 100% the closest thing to the actual exam that you will ever take. The Section Banks are a little difficult, but these are very very very good for figuring out the reasoning and the question style of AAMC. The Science Question packs were not very representative but very good content nonetheless. The CARS question packs were probably the best material out there for CARS and one of the most helpful resources out there for that section. The official guide also had some good questions that I felt like were representative. If I were to rank the AAMC material I used it would be AAMC Exams (FL3 > Fl2 > Fl1 > Sample) > Section Banks > Question Packs = Official Guide. I start AAMC Material about 1.5 months out and did the Section Banks twice and CARs QP's twice! You should 100% most definitely do AAMC material, and I'd recommend doing both the SBs and CARS QPs 2x!! AAMC makes the exam so it would be smart to do their stuff ;)NoI did not take the TPR exams because I heard they were unrepresentative and very hard as a whole. I would caution anyone to use these exams. 509509507510509508FL1 - 509 (128/126/128/127) (July 2017); FL2 - 509 (128/127/128/126) (Aug. 2017); FL3 - 507 (128/125/126/128)(Sept. 2017); FL4 - 510 (128/125/129/128) (Oct. 2017); FL5 - 509 (128/127/127/127); FL6 - 508 (127/125/128/128)These 3rd party exams were closest to the AAMC ones, and they were actually in my opinion more difficult, which made it a breeze when doing AAMC full length exams. They were very math heavy in C/P, which made me very well prepared for AAMC C/P. CARS was kind of lacking, but good practice nonetheless. B/B was pretty good too, and gave me very good experimental analytical reasoning skills. P/S was kind of a hit/miss because they asked some obscure terms and some of their passages were too easy. I think it is 100% worth doing NS1-5, but 6 dropped in quality, kinda wish I didn't take it. Overall, I'd recommend the NS exams to anyone looking for the rigor and style of questions that match AAMC. I averaged a 508.67 on the NS exams, and I've heard the higher you score in the 505+ range, the more deflated they are, so after scoring pretty average on these with the difficulty they had, it gave me a real confidence boost when I took AAMC.508
2/23/2018 15:19:371/20/20185221311311301301/18/20185221301301311311/6/201851412812913012712/31/20175151301271291291/12/2018869186851/16/2018807785Most helpful out of everythingNo50150812/26/17 - TPR FL 1: 501 (124/125/125/127)
1/4/18 - TPR FL 2: 508 (125/127/127/129)
I stopped doing these because they weren't as helpful imo51051451312/28/17 - NS FL 1: 510 (128/126/127/129). 1/10/18 - NS FL 1: 514 (130/128/129/127). 1/14/18 - NS FL 2: 513 (129/126/129/129).Representative of the real exam
2/23/2018 15:20:01Tcom23 (R)1/19/20185251321321301311/12/20185121291281291261/5/201851212912912812612/27/2017511129129127126No497500503More content specific and less conceptual than actual MCAT/AAMC. Good starting point for material but question structure not similar.
2/23/2018 15:25:541/19/20185191301301291301/8/20185161291291281301/17/20185171301311281281/12/20185181301301301281/10/2018788776SCORED PRACTICE TESTS, and section banks were useful but definitely harder than the real dealNo506508
2/23/2018 15:26:50eatenbread(R)1/19/20185221301321301301/9/20185191311301291291/13/20185171301291281301/5/201851512913012812812/20/201783928578101242525271/8/201871776812/26/201780838886Best material for practice. QPacks great for content review to see what holes you're missing. Start them 6 weeks out. Section banks great for testing how you handle tough passages. Do them 4 weeks out, and maybe redo them closer to the exam. Full lengths, do one a week before the exam. Most accurate gauge on what your score will be.No511507
2/23/2018 15:26:59R1/19/20185061251241291281/16/20185061271251291251/12/20185041281241271251/8/20185031291221261261/5/20187512/20/2017646765The Best for the prepNo499FL1: 499 (124/125/124/126) (Taken: 12/11/2017)Nothing to write about home506506FL1: 506 (127/124/127/128) (Taken: 12/4/2017) FL2: 506 (128/126/127/125) (Taken: 12/18/2017)They made me feel too confident too early with their inflated scores, but I still scored the same on the real thing somehow.
2/23/2018 15:28:40otheruser1/20/201850512812212712812/23/20185101281251281291/12/20185081291241271281/5/2018942220232912/20/201870708012/1/2018707075757575Yes27/8/2018504504 (127/122/127/128)Improve CARSJack Westin Course, Read books, TS 30 day guide, Uworld, AAMC qpacks and SB, Tons of Khan, TBRDon't do what I did1/20/2018505505 (128/122/127/128)Improve CARSJack Westin Course, Read books, TS 30 day guide, Uworld, AAMC qpacks and SB, Tons of Khan, TBRDon't be me497terrible
2/23/2018 15:30:19Brulerule641/20/20185151281251301321/7/20185151291281301281/2/201850512712612512712/10/20177353917580AAMC was the most important, then Khan academy practice passages,, Psych Soc use the quizlets that are from the Khan academy summary word documentsNo498503They are good forms of content review. I do recommend that you acquire practice tests. I would have preferred Kaplan because there are more practice tests. I prefer to review content in test format, so keep that in mind.
2/23/2018 15:46:30iamgronkulus (R)1/19/20185221311321301291/1/20185201301301291311/15/20185211301301311301/8/201852113113113012912/23/2017No
2/23/2018 15:50:49cooalmostchilly (R)1/19/20185251321301321311/10/201852313212913213011/17/20175191311281321284/12/2016520131131131127No
2/23/2018 16:13:48(anonymous)1/19/20185181291311281301/16/20185151291301271291/11/20185141291301281271/9/2018512128129127128No504514512512FL1: 514 (128 /127 /129 /130) (Taken 1/8/18), FL2: 512 (128 /128 /128 /128) (Taken 1/12/18), FL3: 512 (128 /127 /129 /128) (Taken 1/14/18)CARS was harder than the real test, and P/S was at times very esoteric. C/P is hard, but preps you well for the actual test. I did some detailed research before choosing practice test companies because I didn't want to waste my money or my time, and NS was the one that I found would work best for me. It predicted my AAMC scores well, but I did ~3-6 points better on the actual test than both AAMC and NS.
2/23/2018 16:31:57ecoffey11/20/2018504127126126125No494493495493497FL1: 494(123,124,122,125) FL2: 493(123,124,121,125) FL3: 495(124,125,121,125) FL4:493(120,126,123,124) FL4: 497(123,126,124,124)These were very specific questions. The CARS was a lot denser than the actual exam. However, the Psych section was more like common sense, so I think that you need to practice content and not just rely on these practice tests for it.
2/23/2018 16:38:31The_Voices_of_Reason (R)1/20/20185161301281301281/9/20185111281301271261/14/20185131291291291261/5/2018777970Sections banks >>> No505506505505NS3: 505 (127/125/127/126) (Taken 12/27/2017) | NS4: 506 (127/126/126/127) (Taken 12/9/2017) | NS5: 505 (126/126/127/126) (Taken 12/02/2017) | NS6: 503 (126/125/125/127) (Taken 10/29/2017)meh. did not seem similar to actual MCAT. CARS was especially off. good for just solidifying the test taking habit, but scores were definitely demoralizing/too low.
2/23/2018 16:36:51Dragonblaz9 (R)1/20/20185231301321301311/15/20185191291301301301/8/20185171291321281281/4/201852213013213112912/28/201781.7669676901/7/2018722677Overall, AAMC material was useful. SB was the most difficult, Qpacks were easiest. While not as useful as the full lengths, both were more useful than any third party material. I found that, in terms of difficulty, the real deal was somwhere in between the two, but they were both fairly important. (I think it's important to train both easy and hard questions). Also used the flashcards, which were easy and had spotty coverage, but the areas they did cover got really solid. AAMC material is not as user-friendly as a lot of third party stuff and has less analysis features provided than some, but not by a huge degree. Began with AAMC materials after finishing content review (first two weeks) and used it throughout my study. I took the three section banks (in order above) on 1/3, 1/14, and 1/11.

(note I did not insert qpack scores above for various reasons but mostly because effort).
No509FL1: 509 (127/127/127/128) (Taken: 12/21/2017)Only took the one as sort of a diagnostic. Was in the middle of my content review at the time and wanted to check on my progress. Overall was closer to the real deal than Kaplan, but still not great. Was first full length I took, so my memory of it is not amazing. FL1 is free, and I think a 509 is pretty representative of where I was at the time, so I'd say it's worth taking if you only want a strict measure of how much progress you are making, but it's not great in terms of checking where/what you should study
2/23/2018 17:19:31gunzzta (R)1/20/20185171311251301311/13/20185151301251301301/6/201851413012713012712/23/201750912912412912712/2/2017818183887312/31/201798252325251/8/20188379651/2/2018667684838792GO OVER CARS QPACK THOROUGHLY. I regret not figuring out the AAMC mindset and that burned me on the actual exam. The Cars qpacks are the best way to get in their heads.No500505506508Did this during content review, helped solidify concepts
2/23/2018 17:30:311/20/20185231291311321311/7/20185211301291311311/14/201851812813013112912/7/20175191301291301301/17/2018787872No
2/23/2018 17:50:12jgoette (R)1/19/2018512126129127130No
2/23/2018 17:55:24sillyblackkids (R)1/20/20185171301281291301/13/20185191311291311281/7/201851313012712812812/23/201751412812613112912/30/2017888694819012/25/201771737411/25/2017668282849289Obviously the most important material for the exam. The question banks are easy, but that does not mean to just disregard it. A lot of the MCAT will have questions that are seemingly hard, but the concepts they cover are the same concepts covered in the question banks. The question banks are a great way to make sure you have all the fundamental concepts down, so that you can adequately tackle the questions on the real thing. The Section banks are great practice, my MCAT felt about the same difficulty as the section banks. No509509509509511FL1: 509 (127/126/128/128) FL2: 509 (127/128/127/127) FL3: 509 (128/125/128/128) FL4: 509 (127/127/127/128) FL5: 511 (128/127/128/128)These were the best exams to use to prepare for the AAMC full length exams. The C/P was definitely more difficult, but I thought it prepared me the best for the C/P section of the MCAT and really helped me always get in the 130-131 range. CARS is the only weakness for Next Step, but the same can be said for all other third party exams. B/B and P/S were pretty good practice as well, there has been a noticeable shift in the style of questions P/S asks on the MCAT so I'm not sure if next step exams actually give good practice for the P/S section.
2/23/2018 17:57:50Endocytosis01/20/20185121281281271292/4/201850612712512712512/20/201750312512512612512/17/2017It's the most important material you can buy.No509It was okay, but AAMC tests were definitely a leg up.
2/23/2018 18:00:56BTC0821 (S)1/19/20185071271261261281/6/20185111271251291301/16/20185061261261271271/13/201851012712812912612/28/2017807683818112/23/201785202418231/4/201853506312/30/20176882798074Their FL exams are the best. Understand those inside and outYes28/24/2018Voided; didn't have enough studying done to feel comfortable.Focused on practice passages2/3rds of studying should be practice, the other 1/3rd should be enough for content review498FL1: 498 (123/123/124/128) (Taken: 7/15/2017)I had more access to other exams of theirs but didn't take them. I can't really recommend them, they just aren't that representative. Too content heavy compared to the real thing.498504502504
2/23/2018 18:29:00isouth971/20/20185121271291271291/16/20185071251281281261/6/201850912612912712712/29/201750612512712912512/22/201753817380The Practice Exams and Sample Tests were extremely good indicators of how your studying is coming along. I saw pretty good improvements through the month that I was studying 8-10 hours/day, 5 days/week. They also do an amazing job in preparing you for the type of questions that you will see on test day, more so than any other practice material.No
2/23/2018 18:44:46TristenDaRedditor (R)1/19/2018514128130128128No
2/23/2018 18:47:251/19/20185191311301281301/14/20185201301291311301/12/20185171291301291291/3/201851612913013012712/13/201782808783781/10/20187173No
2/23/2018 19:13:08HelpingHand_ (R)1/20/201852012912913013212/24/201752413213013213012/21/201752013113013012911/25/201751213012612912712/28/201787.88687889012/12/20171062627242912/9/201776828712/6/2017808492929189Approx: BioChem (22/25), Bio (23/25), Chem (21/25), Physics (24/25), Psych (20/25), Sociology (19/25)Obviously best. Hands down. Start with some AAMC material early (Like FL1 for example) but use the rest later in your prep, still a good month out from your test. That's what worked for me. No509 (126/127/126/130)Waste of time. The Demo exam I took did not even come with explanations for the answers. If I had known that I wouldn't have even taken it. Mistakes were made511513514513512512511I took NS FL1-FL5 over the summer, super early! FL1: 513 (128/127/129/129); FL2 514 (129/127/130/128); FL3 513 (128/126/130/129); FL4 512 (128/127/128/129); FL5 512 (128/127/129/128); Took FL6 12/15/17, 511 (127/127/128/129)Definitely the best non-AAMC practice material our there in my opinion. I created an Anki Flashcard for every question I got wrong, which became a huge part of my prep. Scores were deflated, but that was expected. It still gets you thinking the right way
2/23/2018 19:21:051/20/20185181271311281321/12/20185211311311281311/9/20185181291321291281/5/20185171301311291271/1/201868928590No504504503510514505
2/23/2018 20:04:281/19/20185171281301271321/6/20185151291281291291/15/201851512912812912912/21/201751012912612812712/25/2018807385788312/17/20181042628242612/22/201877696612/23/2018859183888684FLs>>>>>everything else
I started AAMC material about a month before my test and I wouldn't change a thing. I had finished content review and so instead I spent my time going over the AAMC practice material in great depth. I hand wrote all my notes on exams and looking back I think that really helped in remembering random facts. I took FL 2 last because I knew that it was said to be representative of the exam and didn't know if FL 3 was representative since it had just been released. However, the CARS passages on my actual test seemed much longer than any practice test and the B/B section had way more anatomy than I was used to seeing.
No500504FL2: 500 (125/125/124/126) (Taken 10/10/17);
FL3: 504 (125/127/125/127) (Taken 11/12/17)
The TPR exams were a LOT harder than the real deal. I didn't bother with the demo test since everyone told me it was difficult but I took just the C/P section two days before my exam and ended up getting a 123 on it so just know that it's obviously very deflated and significantly harder. I did find that doing harder practice tests like TPR was helpful when completing the AAMC practice material. 500506506509FL 4: 506 (127/125/127/127) (Taken mid- Novmber); FL 5: 506 (127/128/125/126) (Taken: mid- October); FL 6: 509 (127/126/128/128) (Taken: late October)Next Step Exams were my favorite and also had my highest practice test scores besides AAMC. CARS was a little bit lengthier than it should be but I think that may have been what helped me on the actual test. They throw out some information that is way too detailed but I think the best Next Step material is their Qbanks. I did two a week for my fall semester of college and that helped me learn a lot of concepts I didn't know about.
2/23/2018 21:06:03Reader88(S)1/20/20185171281301281311/10/201851912813013013112/23/20175161291301281296/5/201751312713212712712/2/201773947585No511511510
2/23/2018 22:05:28Schrecken (R)1/20/20185111271281281281/7/20185041251281261251/14/20185091251281291277/1/20184951231251241231/5/201868918576No
2/23/2018 22:51:28AirRick213 (R)1/19/20185241321291321311/11/20185231321291301321/1/20185201311301301291/15/20185271321321311321/17/201891929190921/6/2018No511512512515510Very hard. Asked low-yield recall questions that they happened to specifically mention in their lectures. Some answers did not seem justified.
2/23/2018 22:59:48It's Lupus1/20/20185021271241261251/8/201850512612612712612/3/201850612512912612612/18/2017500123127126124Yes25/19/2017496122/126/123/125Knew I could do better and wanted to retake despite getting an acceptance.Next Step Tutor and much more heavily dedicated studying time. Next Step Tutor1/20/2018502127/124/126/125499504Cars was more difficult and chemistry was easier.
2/24/2018 1:02:16neither1/20/20185211301291321301/15/20185201281311311301/6/20185161301301291271/13/2018511130124130127Practice Exams #2 and #3 are accurate, but Practice Exam #1 was not! I wish I wouldn't have taken it because it just stressed me out, but was nothing like the real thing.No511510
2/24/2018 1:08:08necessarybullfrog (R)1/20/20185241301321301321/15/20185211301311291311/11/20185161301311271281/3/20185091281281281251/8/201885968885No513
2/24/2018 1:43:40GGFW1231/19/20185081281271261271/12/20185031271261261241/15/2018504127126125126AAMC material by far the best.No
2/24/2018 2:15:20snaildown (S)1/20/20185121271291281281/18/20185111261291271291/15/20185061231311271251/8/201850712612812712612/14/201756876373Practice testsNo
2/24/2018 2:56:47michelise (R)1/20/20185151271271301311/13/20185121271281281291/6/201850812712612712812/31/201750812712712712712/28/20186068741/9/20187380FL > SBank > Qbank but do them all!!! Obviously the most representative of the actual exam itself, my FL3 closest to my actual score. I saved them till the last month of the exam so I can get into the way AAMC thinks and expects answers, which could be different than 3rd party companies. Their material prepares you the best for that. No508505FL 1: 508 (127/126/126/129) 12/17/17 FL2: 505 (126/127/126/126) Taken 12/20/17 FL 3: B/B 128 (1/6/18)Their explanations were very detailed, something that is sorely lacking in a lot of other test prep companies. The B/B section was helpful in preparing for the MCAT but exactly representative. CARS was good too. P/S and C/P, not so much. It's still good practice though and it's one of the cheapest you can buy.
2/24/2018 3:46:47capriccio (S) silver_eyes (R)1/20/20185251301321311321/16/20185241301321321301/8/201851713013212812712/3/201851913013013012911/11/201883809280801/7/20187379801/3/2018868489FLs>SBs>QpacksNo503504FL1: 503 (124/126/125/128) (Taken: 11/27/2017) FL2: 504 (126/127/125/126) (Taken: 12/28/2017)They test a wide range of material which is great for identifying your weaknesses, but I thought the question styles poorly reflected the MCAT's and after taking two, I felt the returns diminished very quickly. It was much MUCH harder than anything AAMC offered and the actual test.
2/24/2018 8:28:12smileyfacegirl27 (S) (TheCasualBeatdown (R))1/20/20185181301271291321/15/20185201291301301311/8/201851513012912812812/29/20175101281261271281/8/2018819181881/1/20181/12/001859687512/27/2017818583758285I thought the Q Packs are underrated and should really be utilized as a resource. No504506510
2/24/2018 8:44:59ppr21 (R)1/20/20185211301281311321/15/201852713213213113212/30/201852013013113012912/3/20185181301291301291/10/201882837212/18/2018889289979391Obvs the most representative! Thought that the curve on FL3 was a bit generous. Found the qpacks useful for rudimentary review, the section banks were def much harder but representative of some of the passages on my exam. I didn’t use these resources until the last 1.5 monthsNo503506510Lots of minutiae. I still think that these were really useful, and some of the passages/discrete were similar to my actual exam which was surprising. Great to practice sitting down and just taking the exam, and paying attention to detail.
2/24/2018 10:40:09walflowr (R)1/20/20185101291251261301/13/20185131291301261281/7/201850912812712712712/21/2017507129124127127Practice tests most important; did not use other materialsNo500504500Really hard. Not very representative of AAMC.504Slightly more representative than TPR
2/24/2018 10:50:04geauxduke (s)1/20/20185141281281291291/14/20185071281271271251/8/201850412812312712612/31/20175041271241281251/17/201866No497499505507507
2/24/2018 10:59:44(R)ImNotYourDoctor1/20/20185151271281301301/13/20185121281271291281/10/20185161291291301281/7/20185101291261281271/1/2018636612/28/20178080Obviously the best resource and the most accurate predictor of score. I noticed if looking at raw questions right I would get about 10 more right per section on AAMC physics compared to 3rd partYes27/18/2015509126/131/127/125Because I got rejected from 24 schools with this scoreI did a lot more practice (ie practice exams, practice sections,) from a variety of different sources the first time I just used Kaplan this time I used Kaplan, TPR, EK, Khan, Altius, NS, AAMC.Use a variety of materials and just keep grinding away, my score is definitely attainable I am not smart. If you are smart you can hit 520. 496These are good to do very early on in your practice to get a wide range of topics that you are weak on. Then use that list to study your weak points and eliminate them. If you break 500 on one of these you are a God511506FL1: 511 (127/127/128/128) (Taken: 12/23/17) FL4: (126/126/127/127) (Taken: NYE)I thought these were decent tests, they def help build up your confidence after getting destroyed by TPR or Kaplan. Their P/S is weak and just asks for too much direct recall and not enough critical thinking. As with any 3rd party their CARs is trash 503512
2/24/2018 11:58:58N/A1/20/20185161271281311301/15/20185131271271291301/12/20185081251291281261/5/201850812712712712712/21/201872.353896978THE BEST. FL3 was the most accurate (especially p/s) but section banks are extremely helpful.No
2/24/2018 12:24:461/20/20185061241261281281/14/20185081251271271291/6/201849912612512412412/27/201750112512612512511/11/2017def use!No
2/24/2018 12:29:42r/MassaF1Ferrari1/19/20185181291291321281/8/201851513012812912812/31/201751713012912912912/19/20175151291301301261/14/201883.5699181931/2/2018807170Most important. Do the section banks within 3 weeks prior to the test and really focus on them. Yes24/28/2017508(130/123/127/128)This was severely unbalanced and not representative of my actual abilityNothing, I just got too tricked up during the original CARS section. This time, I made sure I understood every question for all sections, though (especially BB)Keep your head down. You don't need to spend a lot of time reviewing since you know it all. I suggest doing some practice two months prior but nothing too intense (especially if the new date isn't too far from the last one). Start intense practice a 1-1.5 months prior and really go hard on the AAMC material. They're good. Best of the non-AAMC material
2/24/2018 12:44:35(R)rjlucker1/20/20185121281281281281/15/20185081271251281281/12/20185061261261271291/6/20185081271261271281/6/2018Very Helpful No501501501Very hard
2/24/2018 13:17:51pupsamups (R)1/20/20185281321321321321/13/20185261321301321321/6/201852713213213213112/29/20175251311321321301/10/201894959497921/12/2018106262625291/5/20188491761/11/20188690AAMC full lengths are a little easier than the actual exam (the actual exam for me had some more esoteric/"low yield" discretes), but the scaling is really representative. FL3 is of course the most representative of actual test questions. C/P and B/B section banks are good; I thought the P/S SB was weirdly hard and tested a lot of random concepts. No520FL1: 520 (132/128/130/130) (Taken: 1/14/18)The free full-length was pretty good. CARS not that representative (but I don't think any third party CARS that I did was good). 514515519
2/24/2018 15:36:51_Shibboleth_1/19/20185231301321311301/14/20185221311301301311/7/201851912913113112812/31/20185221311321311281/6/20187882811/11/20189590.8395FLs>SBs>QPs. I started taking the AAMC material two months prior to test date. I think the Section Banks are a much more difficult challenge mode than the real thing, while the Question Packs can be a little too straightforward and the Full Lengths were right on the money.No514511509509NS FL#1 - 514 [127 / 129 / 129 / 129] NS FL#2 - 511 [128 / 128 / 128 / 127] NS FL#3 - 509 [127 / 127 / 128 / 127] NS FL#4 - 509 [127 / 126 / 127 / 129]Needless to say, I was a little disheartened / disappointed in how my trend was downwards in these Full Lengths! After each and every practice test, I would make a spreadsheet of each test, by question, with attention paid to the topic category, difficulty, time spent on it, whether I got it wrong, and why. I would then try and study not only the missing material, but material I thought wasn't covered in case it appeared on the next test. I did this through a combination of NextStep QuestionPacks, SectionBanks, flash cards, and re-skimming Kaplan chapters.

IMO, these scores and plenty of other evidence demonstrate that while NextStep may be recommended as the best of the third party full length providers, it's still no AAMC and at the higher levels I think it can actually be detrimental, as testing strategies start to differ from what the NextStep test writers know/think/feel about really complex science. I found myself writing little notes to the Nextstep people via the "feedback button" over and over and over again about how their questions were worded weirdly or poorly representative of the real thing.
2/24/2018 16:12:051/19/20185161291261301311/3/20185081281251301251/14/2018512128128127129No
2/24/2018 16:47:22anon (R)1/20/20185231301291321321/14/20185191321281311281/6/201851913112813212812/29/201752213212913113011/25/20178391928611/19/2017942225232412/15/201775847311/27/201781.79785.891.7In order from most to least: AAMC FL's, Section Bank/CARS Question Packs, Other Question Packs, Third Party FLsNo508507508C/P was extremely difficult and demoralizing. Rest was difficult, but fine. CARS isn't super accurate.
2/24/2018 16:48:171/20/20185141301261281301/15/201851212912912712712/21/20175081271251291271/5/20185061281271271241/10/2018932424212412/13/20176971581/1/201878678278Yes19/7/2017500123/127/124/126I didn't do any practice before the first exam and was still confident in my ability to do well on the exam.I took practice tests and reviewed them thoroughly.Practice AND review.505499
2/24/2018 19:02:30lauren027 (R)1/20/20185231301301321311/15/20185211291301311311/10/20185181291321301271/3/20185191301291311291/5/20187377691/8/20188375The AAMC full lengths are by far the best in terms of similar content, question style, and difficulty as well as the most predictive. They are also nice to familiarize yourself with the testing interface. As for other material, the section banks are great. They represent the most difficult passages you can expect to see and were very helpful in learning to understand the format of difficult passages and the ways questions will be asked. Question packs are helpful but more content based than critical thinking. I used them to supplement my weakest areas.No
2/24/2018 21:36:49Ninza (S)1/20/20185171311281301281/10/20185131281271301281/15/20185151301291301261/6/201851613112813012712/31/201788838012/30/2017252625Pretty good prep materials that reflect the real MCAT pretty well in terms of the format and types of questionsNo510
2/24/2018 22:27:43Dr_Omnicient1/19/201851713112812912951713112813012812/1/2017510128126128128938990881/1/201876728012/23/2018748085859293It's the best material that you can find. Save it for lastNo510511506508512507508FL1) 128/125/129/128 FL2) 128/127/128/128 FL3)127/123/128/128 FL4) 127/126/127/128 FL5) 129/126/128/129 FL6) 127/125.127/128 FL7) 127/126/127/128They're great exams other than the CARS
2/24/2018 22:31:56ithrowtofu (R)1/20/20185261321301321321/14/201852713113213213212/11/20175201301311301291/9/201852613213113213112/15/2017859292971/17/20181092728272712/21/201786867712/20/2017819393949695VERY IMPORTANT!! Most important practice materialNo505Demo 505 (124/125/126/129)
2/25/2018 2:10:26wheresmymilkshake (R)1/19/201852113113012813212/30/201751313012812812712/16/201751812912913013011/18/2017877887939012/20/201773AAMC exams>section banks>q packs.
I thought AAMC was the best representative of the exam. I didn’t like the change in the browser format when you took the test. Like the AAMC sample had the purple background with the option to strikeout using the right mouse button and the AAMC 2 had the blue background where you had to highlight the text you wanted to strike out first and then click a button on the screen. I wish the format was consistent. So I took the test twice, but cancelled the first test. In my first round, I started studying in early June, started AAMC Sample test on 7/17/17, AAMC 1 on 8/7/17 and took the exam around 8/18/17. For my second round, I started studying in Sep 2017, started using AAMC materials 2 months after I went through my content review. In my first round, I completed the section bank in the last two weeks before my exam (chem/phys: 63%, biochem: 71%, Psyc/soc: 66%). In my second round, I used the section bank intermittently (only finished chem/phys) and did some of the q pack questions, but didn’t finish. I think the fact that I started using AAMC materials earlier the 2nd time helped a lot. The section bank had a lot of good questions relating to experimental passages.
Yes28/18/2017I cancelled my test, so I never got to see my first scoreIn my first attempt, I used TBR, it had a lot of good content. But then I started using the AAMC material during the last two weeks leading up to the exam and thought to myself “oh shit”, TBR didn’t prepare me very well for the experimental passages, so I struggled to really understand them. I understood what my general weaknesses were, I sucked at biochemistry and experimental passages. I became a part time biochemical research assistant and started to read and write a lot about science and perform more experiments. So this helped me out tremendously with reading experimental passages and I developed a stronger foundation in biochemistry. I also used new books from EK and the Kaplan Biochemistry bookIf you don’t feel ready, don’t take or score the exam. I know it really sucks to study for an extended period of time again, but its not worth it getting a bad score when you know you could have done better. Use a wide variety of prep material to cover more bases. Also, know your weaknesses, my first attempt really taught me what I needed to study. And utilize AAMC material earlier on, spread it out.503504FL1: 503 (125/126/125/127) (Taken 11/3/2017)
FL2: 504 (125/125/127/127) (Taken 11/23/2017)
Good general content exams, I used them pretty early just to see what I didn't know. Not really near AAMC's style or had a lot critical reasoning behind it. They were free, I think I just used the isbn # to get them, so they were worth it.511515508505512FL1: 511 (127/127/128/129) (Taken 7/24/2017). FL2: 515 (129/129/128/129) (Taken: 8/1/2017). FL3: 508 (127/126/127/128) (Taken: 8/3/2017). FL4: 505 (126/126/126/127) (Taken: 8/10/2017). FL5: 512 (127/128/128/129) (Taken: 12/1/2017)I thought they were really good. CARS was okay, I think the Chem/phys and biochem sections were better. Psyc/soc, like basically all other practice exams from company just felt like regurgitation. Sometimes the chem/phys sections felt kind of computation heavy, so it eats up more of your time, but good practice nonetheless. Yeah I think they were pretty worth it. For me personally, I got kind of cocky with my scores for NS1 and NS2, and got shocked when I took NS3 and NS4. I heard NS3 and NS4 were more representative of the exams. But my main point is don't get cocky if you get a high score for NS1 and NS2, I feel they test slightly different content areas.
2/25/2018 13:27:24uconn20171/20/20185051271231271281/13/20185011271221271251/6/201851012812512812912/30/201850612812512612712/23/201875.571757383didn't keep trackDO IT ALL - so helpful. Section bank was the most representative and FL 3. I felt that FL3 was almost exactly like my actual test. Yes7/21/2018500124/125/125/126too low for all scoresI took 14 practice tests and did WAY more practice questions instead of content review since I already had a pretty strong foundation. Do as many practice tests you can. I recommend Next Step for practice. Their CARS is not great but they have the most representative science sections in my opinion. However there are a few typos in their exams. Nothing major though. FL1: 125/NA/126/128; FL2: 125/NA/126/127; FL3: 125/NA/125/128; FL4: 126/NA/125/126; FL5: 126/NA/125/126; FL7: 126/NA/126/127; FL8: 125/NA/126/125When I did these exams I didn't answer the CARS questions. I took the Jack Westin course and his advice was to only answer the AAMC questions and just read/summarize the passages for all 3rd party prep companies - although I think this ultimately hurt me in the end. So, I only have scores for NS for the science sections.
2/25/2018 13:42:08_CanWeFixIt_ (R)1/20/20185191291291291231/13/20185261311321311321/6/201851812913112912912/30/201751813112813012912/18/2017868389888311/24/2017801627152212/20/20177068731/8/201880809090FL3 was most representative of my test, but in general these were good resourcesNo503503They were not at all representative of score or testing strategy, but good for content review491513they were ok. Closer to the strategy than others but not AAMC level
2/25/2018 16:13:16Asteriont (R)1/19/20185271321311321321/15/20185191321281311281/5/20185211311311291301/5/201851813013013012812/29/201791.588100889012/15/201710012/18/2017818481858982878994No514512511Good for sciences. Weird CARS.
2/25/2018 16:38:51/1/18/20185191301311291291/15/20185141281291291281/10/201851212712812713012/27/201750612812612712512/8/201868816981No506I liked it more than Kaplan exams, good to use early on in studying to get familiar with the test.
2/25/2018 18:56:26Keru-anon1/20/20185121261301281281/18/20185061271261271261/13/20185081281281271251/6/20185091271281281261/19/2018641/17/2018Yes21/28/2017508508(127/128/125/128)As a biology major, I needed to increase my BB score. As a ORM, I needed to raise my score to be more competitive.I used a variety of resources to keep me from getting bored and giving up. Used KA videos, kaplan books, next step tests, and aamc tests. Was also working full time instead of being a full time student working part time. Trying to study while exhausted from work is way harder than as a student (IMO). Don't hesitate to take breaks, you're training for a marathon--not a sprint! Plan out when you're going to take your full lengths, and make sure to block out time for all the aamc resources! I wish I had more time to hit the QBs and SBs. 507503
2/25/2018 19:38:241/20/20185231301301311321/15/20185221311311301301/8/201851713013012912812/18/20175151301291291271/13/20187482731/10/201883839186No
2/25/2018 20:47:53thegrind331/20/201851112712712713012/31/20174981281221251231/11/20185051271251271261/6/2018502126124128124No
2/25/2018 22:46:05turbobuffalogumbo1/20/20185161291291271311/11/20185131281291281281/4/2018512128128127129It was the most crucial part of my studying. No
2/25/2018 23:10:54mikeyzhit1/19/20185091271261281281/16/20185121291261281291/13/201850712812412712812/15/20175011271231271241/3/201883.2580818092656061No497498501503Too hard!! They're so focused on the little details and does not really help prepare for real MCAT strategy. Theyre good for content however! I reviewed the stuff I got wrong and practiced that. dont even look at the scores. Its super deflated and pointless. Do them earlier in studying, save AAMC stuff for later505506503505Pretty good. They're still different from AAMC stuff, but not as hard as TPR. Better on strategy but still not the same as AAMC. C/P and Bio harder than my real test. Cars OK, P/s a little different
2/26/2018 1:08:001/20/20185241311301321311/13/20185231321281321311/6/201852313212913113112/30/201752613213113213112/23/201792.593919393No516517512514 FL1: 516 (130/127/131/128) (Taken: 11/18/2017), FL2: 517 (130/127/128/129) (Taken: 12/2/2017), FL3: 512 (128/125/130/129) (Taken: 12/10/2017), FL4: 514 (130,127/128/129) (Taken: 12/16/2017)CARS was unreasonable and not close to what you should expect from the AAMC.
2/26/2018 11:05:481/20/20185121261261301301/2/201851712/28/2017516No507506503Don't let definitions send you back to content review
2/26/2018 12:03:101/20/20185121291251291291/16/20185141271271291311/12/20185141281281301281/7/20185101291241301271/3/201873837386AAMC FL's > Section Bank > OG > Q-bank No
2/26/2018 14:23:33(R)1/19/20185171301271301301/14/20185111281271301261/6/201851412912712912912/31/201751413012812812812/2/20177776928064Section bank and FL3 are most accurate representations because of P/S in FL3. Real thing was 1/2 SB and 1/2 FL-level difficulty. No510509510510Significantly harder than real deal but most accurate after AAMC material.
2/26/2018 14:43:00sadpremedlyfe(R)1/20/20185171291281291311/9/20185131301261291281/16/20185151301281281291/2/20185091291271271261/5/201888.75809488931/10/2018got most of them right, 1 or 2 wrong per section (after most of my studying was done)AAMC material definitely most accurate. I purchased it about 3 weeks out from my actual mcat, but I only had about 5 weeks total to study over my schools winter break so I would maybe recommend buying them a little earlier if possibleNo498trash. took the free one around the beginning of my studying. unreasonably detailed and challenging. motivated me though.511Closest to AAMC I used (but I only used Next step and princeton, 1 exam from each) but similar difficulty to AAMC imo.
2/26/2018 14:58:40CHANKO (YT)1/19/20185141311271291271/13/20185061281241271271/1/00011241/5/2018507130123130124No